Change of duty

So the question is…what happened next? Did Roscoe return to Norfolk to receive his detachment orders or did he stay in Kentland until he was expected to report to Moffett Field in California on July 31st. If it were me, I would have picked up the phone and inquired whether or not I actually had to return to Norfolk, just to turn around and leave again.

The telegram did clearly state “leave canceled, return to Norfolk immediately”. So after taking care of some business in Kentland, Roscoe most likely began his journey back to Norfolk. The next question is…did Gladys go with him. On June 10, 1946, my grandparents received a payment of $36 for the “reimbursement for the transportation of dependent (wife), for travel performed from Norfolk, Virginia to Kentland, Indiana, incident to change of station orders dated July 17, 1942”. This would indicate to me that my grandmother did accompany my grandfather back to Norfolk. Did they take the train? Did they drive the car to Norfolk and back? Why would they be reimbursed for the travel almost 4 years later? Did my grandmother leave by herself on the train and travel back to Kentland alone? When…What… Why???? And to make things even more confusing there is a statement of travel from my grandfather that states he left Norfolk at 1900 hours on July 23, 1942 and arrived at Moffett Field, Calif. at 1145 on July 31, 1942. This would imply that he left Kentland as soon as he had his power of attorney notarized on the 22nd and high tailed it back to Norfolk by the quickest method of travel possible. If he did go back to Norfolk, he was probably able to pick up any personal items he might have left at Mrs. Evans’ boarding house and perhaps he was even able to retrieve some of his truant laundry.

After leaving Norfolk, my grandfather most likely returned to Kentland until he was required to leave for Moffett Field. At some point during the second half of July in Kentland, the family took some pictures.

1942-07-17 - Change of Duty, p. 1

Transcription of initial change of duty:

July 17, 1942

Navy Department

Bureau of Navel Personnel

Washington, D.C.

From: The Chief of Naval Personnel.

To: Lieutenant (jg) Roscoe S. Yegerlehner, MC-V (S), U.S.N.R., Naval Training Station Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Va.

Via: Commandant, Fifth Naval District

Subject: Change of Duty

  1. When directed by the Commandant, Fifth Naval District, in July, 1942, you will regard yourself detached from Va., and from such other duty as may have been assigned you; will proceed to Moffett Field, Calif., and report to the Commanding Officer, Cub 13, at the Naval Air Station, for the duty in connection with the establishment of Cub 13, for duty with the Base Section, Cub 13, for duty with that unit when established, and for duty outside the continental limits of the United States.
  2. Report also by letter to the Commandant, Twelfth Naval District, for this duty.
  3. You are hereby authorized to delay until July 31, 1942, in reporting in obedience to these orders.
  4. Keep the Bureau of Naval Personnel and your new station advised of your address.
  5. This delay will count as leave. Upon the commencement of the leave you will immediately inform this bureau of the exact date and upon the expiration thereof, you will return the attached form, giving the dates of commencement and expiration.
  6. The cost of this travel is chargeable to “Pay, Subsistence and Transportation”.

RANDALL JACOBS [his signature]

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