Rotary Dinner (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 20 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of July 11 came today – now the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 have to catch up, and I suppose they will be coming along in a few days. Went with Zell’s & Shirks to the Rotary dinner last nite. It was at Curtis Creek Country Club – North & East of Brook. We left town about 6:30 and after arriving waited until about 8:30 before dinner was served. The crowd was unusually noisy – had time to get what it takes – but finally after getting seated at the table (there were 50) the serving started – with tomatoe juice & crackers. I passed my juice on to Mr. Z. and nibbled on crackers. A salad was put on and it looked like something made from any available scraps.

[page 2] Finally at last the main course was brought on – It was good, fried chicken, etc. – I felt Bob sorry for Bob Shurtler – he & Dot were guests of Chet Van Scoyck. Bob had been shocking oats all day and was so hungry he could hardly wait, but he got along. I think our side was last to be served. Paul Funk was a guest to furnish piano music so we had some singing directed by Chet Van S. Art Burdick was present – he is a Sec. Lieut. In the Army Signal Corps – and is en route to someplace – so he was urged to sing & sang two songs. A group tried to get up a mixed quartet but it didn’t do too good. Some kept trying to keep songs going so Ralph Bower put a coin in the juke box and said he bet he would put a stop to that. Finally after much noise etc. the speaker was introduced. He was from Mexico City and to make his talk more effective donned native garb and

[page 3] had a guitar. Where he was about thru talking he sang some serenades. He is sort of good will ambassador from the Mexico City Rotary. After the dinner was over we came home but I think the rest of the crows stayed and danced. On the way home Mr. Z. said some of the fellows told that Sacky was going to take our Mexican guest for a poker game, but seems Roberto knew a little more about the game than Sacky. He told at the beginning of his talk something about it and we would have thought it just a gag in the speech, but guess it wasn’t after all.

Gladys Krull was there too. She says John is being sent out soon. She was feeling so badly about it & Mrs. Krull Sr. told her to think of me. Mrs. Shandy was invited but I didn’t see her there. I talked to Bob H. about your dues & he said they were taken care of for another year. – Bart was at the Party alone – friend wife being away this week – and was he having himself a good time – need I say more?

[page 4] I am planning to go to Laf. tomorrow to get Mother some medicine. It is the “Acidophilus Broth” & Dr. Cole said I could get it only at St. E. and it has to be kept on ice. Arlene wants to go along – she has an appointment with the dentist. Also Mary McGee – I think her last name is Arnold – is visiting Arlene now & she wants to go see Dr. Cole – She is going to have a baby before long.

Mark is out sunning David. Yesterday he picked, washed, broke & put into cans 4 qts of green beans – then I put them in the pressure cooker, so we have 4 qts green beans towards our next winter supply. This morn. I fed David without a bottle – gave him potatoes, egg yolk, apple sauce & what milk he would drink from a cup. I want to have him drinking from a cup altogether by Sept. John have him his bedtime bottle last night just after I left and put him to bed. I was so sleepy this a.m. but he was ready to eat at 7 a.m. so I got up – because Mother likes her breakfast early too – John has gone to take his piano lesson – It’s 11:30 – so must get lunch ready –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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The Check Is in the Mail (Roscoe)

Note: It appears that the v-mail of June 26th is not in the collection so the exact details of Ruthie Parttens’ accident are currently unknown.

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S.Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
July 19, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your v-mail of June 26 came yesterday and in it you told of the accident of Ruthie Parttens. I know you had from the way one of your later letters read.

I’m writing this out in the yard and the darn flies keep landing pretty heavy. They are the most persistent things – try to fly into your eyes nose and ears. They aren’t nearly so bad now as at first. A few sanitary measures really do help keep the critters down.

This is repeating and I’ll do the same again in one or two letters. I sent a check in the letter of July 17. It was issued July 16 by J. B. Condron of the supply core US NAB Navy 60 – check number 28 and symbol numbers 51209. I think that gives the dope so if it is lost we can reapply for it. I expect an answer from you that you have received it by Aug. 16. Giving one month for a

[page 2] letter to make the round trip.

Went to a movie last night the first on this place for me – It wasn’t a bad show but I don’t care for shows anymore than I used to at home. It was something to do but I’d rather read if there was something to read and some place to do it. I probably should write letters to a number of people but with subject matter so limited I just simply abhor writing other than to you and I might say a large part of the day I find myself thinking of what I might write and you can see what poor results.

Just weathered a long series of conversation from some of the neighbors dropping in but that is the usual rather than the unusual – It still doesn’t help letter writing.

You mentioned something about Joe Roberts setting Christmas as time to return. I’m not setting but hoping – Not placing a time limit.

Well that’s all for now.
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Homemade Ice Cream (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 19 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Monday and doing the usual week-day work. Just fixed Mother’s dinner & John took it up. Says she feels better today than yesterday. I put some broth, custard & potatoe soup on her trap. She got a little upset Sat. from something, and didn’t eat much yesterday. She can’t eat much in the way of vegetables yet, but think she will in time. Had a letter from Jim this a.m. He & Thelma couldn’t come home when he had a 9 day leave due to both being ill from sunburns. He thinks he is going to get a 10 day leave before he is sent out but I am not counting too strong on it. He is waiting now for placement.

[page 2] Zell’s and Shirk’s have invited me to go to Rotary dinner tonight entertaining the wives. It is out of town and Mrs. Z. said Shirks were wanting to take their car. I am not sure where it is, but north.

Mark went to the garden this morning and picked enough green beans to can 4 qt. and digged potatoes for two days. Sure is nice now to have the garden to get such substantial things. Soon will have cabbage & tomatoes. Will have carrots today too.

David is in his bed and not liking it too well. Mark had him out in the buggy & he didn’t want to come in. He is a little spoiled from yesterday. I didn’t have anything else to do so played with him a while and now he doesn’t like being put off in the nursery alone. He will be 10 months old Fri. He isn’t growing much now but he is holding his own.

[page 3] He works any fat he may get off. He is so busy all the time. I think from the quiet in the nursery he has decided to go to sleep.

John has been helping me wash & wash dishes. He made ice cream this morning. He likes to make desserts. I am glad he does. Saves me the trouble. Seems his voice is changing. His nose is covered with pimples, but he doesn’t care. He is reading now. Some new magazines came today and he usually devours them when they come.

Mrs. James is still in Ft. Wayne and I suppose will be for some time. Irene took Jimmy with her this morning. There is a nursery school for the factory workers in the grade building. Irene said it is to be discontinued so she doesn’t know what she will do then.

My new gas ration book came today. Nos. 7,8,9,10,11,12 The other book was numbered up to 6.

[page 4] Mark is munching on a raw potatoe. Sorry I can[‘t] send you a bite. It is past 12 and I feel it. I got up about 7 this a.m. and have been busy most of the time. I have a roast in the oven. I am saving a steak I bought over a week ago. It was 48 or 50¢ a lb – so we just don’t eat steak often. Chicken is cheaper. I promised the children a weiner roast so think I’ll try to make good my promise this week. There is a lot of brush accumulated from the storms I want to get burned.

Will stop put this in with the letter I wrote yesterday & hope you get it. Have to drop Jim & your folk a line. Keeps me busy writing as much as I have to. Will give you a report on the party in next letter.

Love Mother

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

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Love Fixer Upper (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

July 18, 1943
Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.

Dear Mother,

The chores all over for a while but I can’t say that I’m able to think of any suitable subject to write. It’s just one of those seemingly writeless days, and this is also the day for the regular letter to the home folk.

I was talking to an army Dr. yesterday whose wife after he left the USA joined the WACS. He has no other dependent so the government cut out his rental allowance and ½ his food. Of course his wife is drawing her pay but she quit a job with better pay than she is getting in the army so he really lost lots of “potatoes.” He swears he is going to divorce her when he gets home. So if he feels that way they probably weren’t too well satisfied before he left home. My observations of the marital

[page 2] states of men out here is twofold. Those persons who were married unhappily or lukewarm seem to drift farther apart. Personally I’ve had four people tell me they were either getting a divorce at present or intended to as soon as they get home. On the other hand there are those who were happily married and I think the bonds grow even stronger by being away. The above is just my observation being supported by my growing experience as “love fixer upper” as I have written as well as my own personal feelings for I’m tickled pea green I’m in the last group and by talking about families to other people I’ve had them tell me they envy me my wife and family. I don’t know how I got started on this tirade and it seems to be a little hard to get shut off but maybe I can end it by using a most beautiful phrase which carries with it a very sincere meaning to me.

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Roasting Weiners (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another lazy Sunday afternoon – John & Mark are playing croquet with the Zell girls. David is taking a nap. He got so he didn’t want to eat so I decided to change his eating times. I gave him a bottle of milk at about 8 this morning (the first) then at noon gave him mashed potatoes, apple sauce, custard and a little milk. About 4 I will give him some milk and at 7 cereal and put him to bed. He is slow about drinking out of a cup but I think he will come along by the time he should get along without a bottle. Donnie Funk gets along without a bottle

[page 2] now, but he has to hurry, with a new baby coming there in Dec. He has developed so fast. I think he will soon walk, but he must have known he had to hurry to make way, for maybe a little sister. However Arlene says she won’t be disappointed if there is another boy.

Mother is still in bed. She ate a piece of chicken, a cup of custard and a piece of cake for dinner. I put some mashed potatoes & gravy on her plate but she didn’t eat much of them. It is hot this afternoon so she may not get along so good. The heat makes her feel worse.

The rain we had over the week-end helped a lot. Link sprayed part of their back yard to kill out the crab grass and it looks like all the grass where he sprayed will die out. I think I won’t worry about our grass. We will just

[apge 3] keep it mowed and let it grow. I am going to take some more pictures in the back yard so you can get an idea how much the shrubbery is growing and see some of the flowers. Some of the spirea has grown up until they are almost 5 ft. The rains this summer have made everything like that grow so good.

There is an army program on this afternoon – there has been a lot about the invasion of Sicily. I wonder if you by any chance heard the Fibber program when they talked about Sicily – They were so excited & Molly asked what the excitement was about – Fibber said that was the first place he could pronounce – Then he pronounced it wrong, putting the accent on “silly.” – said anybody could pronounce “c-silly.”

I have been taking some pictures of David but don’t know whether they will be good. Our camera seems to have one sight broken.

[page 4] and I can’t see thru the other one. I want you to see how he stands up in his buggy – just wonder what you would say about that – probably spank him.

– I went to get Mark at Funks, he had run an errand for Arlene then stayed. They were roasting wieners and wanted me to stay and have one. They had Donald’s pen in the summer house so we put both babies in and I stayed long enough to eat a “dog’ then came back to feed David & put him to bed. When both babies are in the pen Donnie doesn’t see much larger than David. Being almost a month older he gets around the pen a little better, but David does alright. Donnie would pinch David and pull his hair. David didn’t seem to mind but Bill slapped Donnie’s hand – Donnie jabbers back when they scold him or slap his hands.

I am sleepy so will try to get to bed – getting up time comes around so soon.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

David standing in his buggy

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Boy Joins Navy (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

July 17, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran C.

Dear Mother,

Five letters yesterday from you – The latest July 1. Another was a v-mail along the last few days of June, and one with the picture of D. I’m inclined to agree with John. In comparing this with previous pictures I don’t believe it is a good picture. It was under developed or over exposed or something. As usual there are letters missing because you mentioned Dr. M. being mad at Parttens for taking Ruth to a specialist but didn’t say what was the trouble – but I just know you wrote that in a previous letter.

Needles to say you will find the several times mentioned check enclosed. That should be enough to pay off the Ins. loan and buy a few bonds. If you

[page 2] wish and think it worth while you might even start paying Mutch & Ruth a little now and then. That is providing it doesn’t run you short. I’ll be able to send some home from time to time but I’m keeping around 200 on the books just so I’ll have enough for transportation in case I should need it. I’m hoping! – when I get an accumulation over that amount I’ll send it to you and you can use it as you see fit.

I didn’t know about your mother was having bowel trouble and it’s hard for me to suggest. Does she have diarrhea all the time with blood? You went a little indefinite about the symptoms etc. She should be on a bland diet. The sulfa drug is OK for a time and a little Metamucil would not be out of the way. A blood count

[page 3] and hemoglobin are very essential. The sugar in the urine may or may not be important but worth keeping in mind. All those things are merely suggestive and things I would do if I were there. Of course a rectal exam would come first. That is about all I can think of not knowing the circumstances and a 6,000 mile consultation isn’t good so you will have to use your own judgment which I know you are capable of doing.

Is Glenn married again or is that the wife he had? If it’s the same onee they must have bit a spark not visible before in order to reproduce after this long a period of married life. Yesterday I found myself being drawn into another one of the love struggles. Boy married to girl 8 years – Boy joins navy – find himself on a South Sea Isle – girl’s letters

[page 4] become fewer and fewer – one come 3 days ago – without date – 4 pages and then stopped in the middle of the sentence – later another started – whole new page – and it ended in the same way – not signed an both letter about 4 pages each and both ended in the middle of the sentence and no signature. The whole thing is beyond me. He seems very much discouraged and I can’t seem to blame him either, but why write you that stuff.

The regular weekly inspection is due now most any minute so I’ll try to put a finishing note at least I’ll try not to end in the middle of the sentence.

Inspection done and I must say things aren’t in as good a condition as they should be. Guess more bearing down in necessary.

Hope your mother is feeling better and that the hot weather isn’t too hard on you and the boys –

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of Dorsey Hoagland

I have been fascinated lately by some of my slave owning ancestors (or potential ancestors). I am still working on building the case for Dorsey Hoagland as one of my ancestors but for now I will assume that he is likely my ancestor. I have been catching up on the show Finding Your Roots with Louis Henry Gates, Jr. I do not have any direct African American ancestry in my tree, however, I do have a few genetic cousins who are primarily African American. Many of the Finding Your Roots episodes explore the ancestry of prominent African Americans. I recently watched an episode with Derek Jeter as they traced his Jeter line to a white slave owner. They were able to prove that one of Jeter’s ancestors was the son of a white slave owner and his black slave. As I look over the inventory of Dorsey Hoagland’s estate, the document reveals that he owned seven slaves. Only one of the slaves was an adult, a female, with the rest being children with descending ages. It strikes me that the children were likely all siblings, or possibly related to one another, with the adult female as the mother to all but the eldest teenager. I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this issue. I am trying to learn more about researching African American history and ancestry in general.

Dorsey Hoagland, Inventory and Appraisement
Nelson County, Kentucky
Probate vol. H/2, p. 157-158
Inventory completed 20 July 1836; filed 9 January 1837

“Inventory and bill of appraisment of the property belonging to the estate of Dosey Hogland decᵈ appraised on the 20th day of July 1836.

  1. The following is a list of property that is not considered as assets in the hands of the administrators but reserved to the widow, and heirs under an act of assembly in that case made and provided which allows to the widow, and heirs the same property that is exempt from execution. [?]
One yellow horse 50.00
One cow and calf 10.00
One Bed Bedstead and furniture 20.00
One plow and Geer 4.00
One plow & lead one pot Head One axe & one hoe 3.00
One loom and apparatus thereunto belonging 1.50
One spinning wheel “.50
  1. The property that is considered as assets in the hands of the administrators
One Negro woman Sitter aged 26 years 350.00
One do[ditto] boy William do[ditto] 16 600.00
One do[ditto] girl  Maria do[ditto] 13 450.00
One do[ditto] boy John do[ditto] 11 450.00
One do[ditto] boy Snocuden [?] do[ditto] 8 350.00
One do[ditto] boy Isaac do[ditto] 6 250.00
One do[ditto] boy Harrison do[ditto] 4 175.00
Three pots 1.50
Three ovens & lead, & one pan & lead 1.00
Two spiders, & lead, & one skillett 1.00
Two pair Pot hooks & shovels “.50
One pair waufle Iron 1.00
One frying pan and ladle “.50
One Tea Kettle and [?] 1.12½
Two large kettles 6.00
Two small do [ditto] 1.50
One Copper kettle 2.50
One Lot of old Iron 1.50
One pair of [?] 2.50
One Copper Tea Kettle 1.50
One lot of Iron [?] “.50
One Lot of shoemaker tools 1.00
Eleven open tubs 1.25
One Roan mare 35.00
One Bay mare & colt 40.00
One wagon [?] and Geer Tar bucket & feed trough 65.00
One plow/Cary “.75
Two Shovel plows 1.00
Three axes one shovel & sprouting hoe 4.00
Two broad hoes “.50
One pair [?] & 3 [?] 1.50
One wooden Tooth harrow “.50
One Flax break and Two grind stones 2.00
One handsaw hand axe & drawing knife 1.50
Two Augers one chisel & anvil & cross “.50
One cross cut saw 1.00
One pair of Geer 2.00
Three blind bridles 1.50
One man’s saddle 5.00
One do [ditto] old “.50
One cutting box 1.00
Two large Tubs “.50
One Carey plow 4.00
One Iron fork 3 do [ditto] wood & 2 scythes 2.00
Twelve open Tubs 1.50
One wheat [?] 5.00
One wheat sive “.75
One lot of shingle & some Timber 4.00
One lot of Cooper timber 5.50
Thirty six [?] head of hogs 95.50
One lot of plank 3.50
One mewly [?] cow 8.60
One Red and White heiffer 6.50
One Brindle Do Do [ditto] 7.50
One Red steer 10.00
One Black steer 10.00
One spotted do [ditto] 10.00
Two stills & all the apparatus thereunto belonging 95.00
Four yearling Calves 14.00
Twenty Three head of sheep 28.75
One cow 10.00
One lot of Oats in the field 5.00
One Tight barrel “.37½
One Book case 1.50
One clock & one small squareTable 6f 2.00
One small bed bedstead & furniture 5.00
One looking glass 3f Two water 9pr [?] 2.00
Two Candle sticks “.75
One bed bedstead and furniture 8.00
One Trunk “.75
One bed bedstead and furniture 8.00
One lot of bedclothes 14 pieces 20.00
One bed bedstead & furniture 7.00
One sidesaddle and bridle 18.00
One powder Keg & some powder “.75
One side saddle & bridle 1.00
One cupboard and furniture 12.00
One Desk 5.00
One Fall leaf Table 1.50
One Square Table “.50
One Coffee mill “.50
Three Tin buckets 1.25
One Rifle Fun 10.00
Two hand Irons 2.00
Two smoothing Irons “.50
One [?] chest and fifteen “.50
Seven old chairs common 1.00
Two pot trowels [?] 1.00
Two open Tubs “.25
One lot of Oak flooring plank 12.00
One do [ditto] poplar 2.00
One do [ditto] do [ditto] “.50
One Keg of Tar “.50
Six Corks of hay in the meadow 8.00

John Overalt}
Thoˢ J. Hammond}
Henry A. Lewis} Appraisers

We do hereby certify that the forgoing list contains all the property a True account of all the property belonging to the estate of Dorsey Hogland deceased which has come to our hands as his administrators July the 27th 1836.

J.C. Hogland Admin.
Mary Hogland Admix.

At a County Court held for Nelson County at the Courthouse in Bardstown on the 9th day of January 1837. This Inventory and appraisment of the Estate of Dorsey Hogland decᵈ was returned and ordered to be recorded.
Attest Nathᴵ Wickliffe C. of C.C.”

©2014 transcription by Deborah Sweeney
Image via Family Search