Daniel Zenor

Zenor, Daniel - Obituary, 1890-03-28


An Old Pioneer Gone

Daniel Zenor died at the residence of J. M Boothe, his son-in-law, in Bowling Green, Ind., March 29, 1890, aged 78 years, 10 months, and 22 days. He was born in Harrison county, Indiana, and moved with his parents to Clay county when he was about 8 years of age, and has resided in Bowling Green, or its immediate vicinity, nearly seventy years. He was married to Elizabeth Leonard, August 16, 1832, and they lived together as husband and wife 56 years, 9 months, and 12 days. There were born unto them 8 children. Four of them are deceased. The four living are Mrs. Brad Orman, Mrs. J. M. Boothe, John H. and Joseph M. Zenor. Daniel Zenor was an honest, upright citizen, and his funeral was largely attended.

“An Old Pioneer Gone,” Clay City Reporter (Clay City, Indiana), 28 March 1890, p. 2, col. 1.

Sulfa (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another Sunday afternoon about gone. Seems I am about as busy as any other day. Last Sun. I didn’t get time to sit down & write. Mark has David out in the buggy now so thought I would take the opportunity to write. It is hot today but there is a cooling breeze most of the time. Mother ate a pretty good dinner but says she doesn’t want any supper. She looks so thin and pale today – Seems to me she looks worse today than usual. I will see Dr. Cole tomorrow and give him a report. If she would go I would take her back to the hospital but she says she couldn’t stand the beds & pillows. She is so thin I can understand why she wouldn’t be able to rest there. I told you a long time ago about the lab finding in her stool (strep, Staph & B-coli). She thinks the sulfa turned her against food and she doesn’t want anything to eat. Of course she can’t get better is she doesn’t eat, but she says she eats all she can.

[page 2] I am going to take David to see Dr. Cole tomorrow. He will probably reinforce the cast around the top – It certainly takes a beating – the way David gets around. I am to meet John. Your Mother & Dad are going to take him to Laf. T. H. & he will come to Laf. on the bus.

Mrs. Roberts was here last night. She said she had word from Joe and he had diahrea & last 7 lbs. She still doesn’t have any idea where he is. He sent his trunk back home and she has it now. She said it had a very musty odor. She said she couldn’t get beef in Watseka and their children wouldn’t eat pork. I had a sirloin steak – (Mark & I decided to be extravagant while John is away) and enough round steak for Mark & I today – so I gave her the sirloin. We don’t have steak very often because it’s hard to get and expensive. I have chicken to fry yet that your Mother brought up so thought I could get by without one steak.

I found last winter that I am allergic to sulfa – when I had the sinus infection – The other day I skinned my thumb on the furnace door – and by the way had been indulging in new tomatoes so had some breaking out on my fingers – and the

[page 3] place I skinned was broken out – I put sulfa powder on it and got a minor complication – the sore healed but that sulfa powder made my exczema so bed I can’t bend my thumb yet. It is better but I know now not to put sulfa powder on an irritated place again.

Eddie Ray Wilson sat down on a piece of broken glass and cut himself – It was so bad they had to give him ether to sow it up. He has had a time this summer. Margaret Kruman was here today & said Susan Clark caught her heel in the bike sprocket & injured her heel to the extent that she may not be able to walk on it. – Now I shouldn’t have written that because I didn’t have first hand information and when Ruth Parttens was injured the story was she wouldn’t walk again & Dr. M. said there was nothing to that. I didn’t mean to cast any reflection on Margaret but I don’t know where she got her information.

Dorothy keeps promising to bring their movie camera out to take some pictures of D. but so far she hasn’t shown up with it. Floyd & Ruth have taken pictures of him twice – at three & six months. They wanted to get him at 9 months but couldn’t make connections –

[page 4] I think you can almost see him grow in the pictures I have sent. I can’t weigh him until we get the cast off his leg – and that will be two weeks yet. He weighed 20 ½ at 10 months – I don’t know whether he will gain or lose by his 11th month – I thought he might gain – but he is about as active as he was before – I think he works just as hard – Maybe harder. He is a busy little fellow most of the time.

I told you once before – Arlene is having another baby in Dec. She has Donnie off the bottle and he isn’t a yr. old yet. She says he eats more than Bobby does. Mark has been building planes for Bobby. Bobby was up here this afternoon – He is as cute and witty as ever. Arlene thinks Donnie will soon outgrow Bobby – and at the rate Donnie is going he may.

David’s two upper front teeth are so near thru I think one edge on both will make it thru today or tomorrow.

The cricket are singing all the time now – I think the old saying is “6 weeks till frost when they begin to sing” – but you can’t always depend on old sayings – as hot as it is today I can hardly think of frost.

Love Mother –

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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Climbing the Stove (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Aug. 7, 1943

Dear Mother,

In thinking over your letters that I tried to comment upon yesterday. I remember one interesting incident I forgot to mention and that was D. ability to climb. It does seem a little odd that his mother would let him climb upon, of all things, here her stove. I thought the thing pretty cute. I’d have like to seen him myself. I sometimes wonder if he is spoiled much but I’m certain not too much wh with the mother he has – Of course she may give him a little range now and then but in the end he probably gets it in the end if he becomes too much opinionated for the best of society.

Yesterday after writing you I sent John

[page 2] a two dollar bill for his birthday. Hope he gets it in time. I must remember to send D. something in time for his birthday just the same as the other boys although he probably won’t appreciate it so much.

No need for this warning but just a little reminder about the coal situation for the winter – I think you told me you were keeping the bin full at all times.

Some of our officers who came out with us seem to be getting restless about going back to the States. Of course, I am also but not to the point where I become obnoxious about it. I just figure that when the times comes OK but I don’t know that there is a thing we can do to hurry it along only keep more or less contented and the time will pass more rapidly as I have often written before. I’d just as soon stay a little longer

[page 3] now and then have a little longer time in the USA when I do get back. There are lots of men who have been out lots longer than I so I don’t feel I have too much to complain about. What with all however I’d certainly like to be back – I hope you understand that.

Stopped for lots of conversation about the war, its course and affect and of course we have the whole plan all worked out in our own way but it might not be the way it goes nor the way other think, anyway it doesn’t bother to do some talking on our own.

Well, guess I’d better slow down and so something else
Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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To Be Married (Gladys)

1943-08-07 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of July 12 – 24 & 25 came today up to the 28th came earlier this week. The weather we have is something to write about – not then cool then hot again all in one week. It was cool last nite but is warming up this afternoon. Mark has David out in the buggy while I write. David is so full of pep – he wants action. John is to come home Mon. I am to meet him in Laf. Your mother said Tillie Z. – Earl & his bride are going to Whiting & had asked her to come this far – said she was afraid she would wear her welcome out but I am going to write her to come if she can. I suppose you know Earl is to be married Aug 15. Mark has been trying to get the lawn mowed this week but hasn’t finished it yet. John has done the lawn work this summer and Mark had the garden. John had the hardest job because he had to mow every week & Mark hasn’t worked that much in the garden. You mentioned talking to someone who had come out in June and how things have changed. When you wrote about Mark or John sending you an envelope of steak odor – we said “what steak” – that is about a memory with us – We indulge once in a while but not often – It takes one person’s entire week’s points to buy 1 lb steak. Plain round steak is 46¢ lb. Mother is about the same today – can’t see much change. The detasseling is over & camp broken up today. That project gets bigger every year. I see Mark coming with David.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Miss Lizzie Renalds

Reynolds, Lizzie - Obituary, Brazil Miner, 31 January 1885


Miss Lizzie Renalds, of Harrison township, passed from life to eternity Monday, January 26, at 7:30 p.m. She had the prevalent disease, lung fever. She leaves a new-born baby, Charlie, as she called him, and many friends to mourn her loss. Peace in eternity.

“Personal,” Brazil Miner (Brazil, Indiana), 31 January 1885, p. 1, col. 4.

Birthday Greetings (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran Calif.
Aug 6, 1943

Dear John,

This is one time when I’m not going to write Mark because it’s your birthday and you deserve something special – you will find a slight token of my regards to you enclosed in this letter.

I almost sent my dollar bill which entitled me to be a “Short Snorter” but that would cost me in case I were asked to produce it at some time.

When this arrives at home you will be getting ready for school and I’ll bet you will be glad.

From what Mother writes I believe you boys have really worked hard this summer and have made me proud of you.

Don’t forget the usual kiss you are supposed to give Mother for me and also tell her I still think lots of her.

Love Daddy

YEG1943-07 John and David

John holding David, summer 1943


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