Lena’s Postcards #69

December 20, 1926 3PM, Rushville, Indiana

Addressed to:
John W. & Lena Hackleman
923 Fayette St.

Rushville, Ind.
We are hoping you are much better & able to enjoy the Christmas Holidays. We are well as usual and wish me might be able to visit you some day.
With love
Julia Shortridge
Ollie McMillin

©2015 copyright by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/05/15/lenas-postcards-69/

1 thought on “Lena’s Postcards #69

  1. mamie case

    Hi- My name is Mamie Case and my Indiana relatives are on my grandmother’s side are Ollie McMillin and Julia Shortridge. I was very excited to find your website as I’m in in the process of doing my geneolegy for the Colonial Dames since we can trace our ancestory back to to 1600s through the Wikoff line but I’m stumped on Julia Shortridge. I believe the Shortridge last name was a second marriage? Her grave lists her as a Wikoff, which was her marriage that produced Ollive (Ollie, the other person mentioned in that postcard). Her daughter is Olive (Ollie Wikoff McMillin)… i believe Julia’s. 1st husband was Samuel Conover Wikoff Julia’s maiden name was McClure. Most family photos do a 4 generation female line of Julia Shortridge, Olive Wikoff McMillin, Clara Delia McMillin Lambert and my grandmother, Helen Lambert Biggs. Everyone that could help me with the mystery has passed away, so i guess I’m wondering where to look since it seems to me that her grave is listed Wikoff, and no mention is made of Shortridge as a last name, although she was known during her lifetime as Grandma Shortridge. i guess i’m asking you of where I should look at this point to just solve my Shortridge mystery. I did notice that your postcards had other Shortridge senders but none are connected through my family. Anyway thank you for your consideration to point me in the right direction Best, Mamie Case


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