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Lena’s Postcards #109 – Huston, Willard & Kitty

[Postmark: Appleton, Wisconsin, 5 July 1912, 3:30 P]

Address: Mr. & Mrs. John Hackleman, Connersville, Indiana, R.R. #2

Appleton, Wis.
July 3, ’12
Dear Mother & father,
All stood our trip
home fine, tho a
little tired. Our visit
with you folks in
Ind. did us all a
whole lot of good-
Abundance of love
to you. Huston, Willard & Kitty

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Lena’s Postcards #99 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Indianapolis, Ind., 23 February 1912, 2 PM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R.R. No. 3, Connersville, Ind.

My Dear Lena: Heard from a
recent letter that you have a
new auto. Congratulations. How
does this blizzard seem in country
Wed. a.m. hundreds of women [?]
week had to walk through 14
or 15 in drifted snow, 10 to 15 [squares?]
to work. Only two car lines working
& they kept snow scrapers at work
on track all night  Y & F were lucky
in living on one of these lines.
Ill think I never seen a worse
blizzard. Love—Bal.

Headline from the front page of the Indianapolis News, 1912-02-22

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Lena’s Postcard #96 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Sharpsville, Ind, 5 August [1912]]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R.R. No. 2, Connersville, Ind.

Sharpsville, Ind. Aug 4.12
My Dear Lena:—
It seems a long time since I
heard from you. I recently rec’d
from Clara, one of your PL pictures.
I am good. Laura & Frank enjoyed
seeing it as I did. Asked all
about you & Mr. H— They are in
average good health—Tho.—Frank
is not strong. Looks pale & thin, like
Sister Linda. Celia was here for
short visit in June—More like Celia,
[?] since before Mart’s death. Not
[?] Tell me how you & Ella are
in health. With love, Bal.

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Lena’s postcards #88 – Jen

[Postmark: 5 April 1912, Indianapolis, Indiana, 4 PM]

Address: Mrs. John Hackleman, Connersville, Indiana R.R.

Dear Lena: How are
you? Hope you
both are enjoying
life. Suppose you have staid at home
most of the winter I
have it has been too
cold to go very much
Hope you will have a
pleasant Easter, Jen

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Lena’s Postcards #19

December 27, 1912, Indianapolis, Indiana, 630 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John W. Hackleman

Dear Sister: Etta has been very near the danger line. Is now much better, and sat up much Christmas and yesterday. Got your card Thanksgiving but have been over loaded with many things
Love to all

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Lena’s Postcards #17

Connersville, Indiana, December 21, 1912 2-30

Addressed to:
Mrs. J.W. Hackleman
R.R. #2


Dear Aunt Lena. Glad to get your subscription for paper. You may give me the money the first time you see me. Wish you could get down to spend the day with us soon. Della moved down to Hyatt’s this week. Have rented his farm. We wish you both a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Clara S.

Clara was Lena’s niece, the daughter of Ella (Scofield) Kerschner. Della and Hyatt were two of Clara’s cousins on the Kerschner side of the family. Hyatt L. Frost was a prominent lawyer in Connersville. His sister, Della, was married to Carey E. Clifford.

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Lena’s Postcards #15

Denver, Colorado, April 4, 1912 4-AM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John Hackleman
Rural Route No 2

Denver, April 3, 1912
My Dear Lena
We were glad to have your cards for the birthdays. I think Sherman will write soon, he is busy for the first time in six months and is not feeling well either, has been so bilious all the year, have had a long cold winter is our[?] season/ I think, Leslie is teaching in the High school of his University & is pleased with his work. We are having meeting in the church just now./ with love, Florence

Florence was Lena’s sister-in-law, married to Sherman Scofield. Leslie Wiles Scofield was their only child. He became a history professor at the University of Colorado, and taught there many years. Sherman’s birthday was March 28th. Florence was also born in March, day unknown.

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Lena’s Postcards #13

Coweta, Oklahoma, January 12, 1912 5 PM

Addressed to:
Mr. John W. Hackleman
R.R. #2

Coweta Okla. Jan. 15, 1912
Dear John and Lena –
We have been having a fine time since we left home but missed you to help carry the luggage. We are at George’s but leave here Thursday for Cal. Will send you a card when we get there. We are both feeling much better than when we left home. If you had your apples here you could get something for them. They are selling for 30 cts. per doz.
Our best love to you both

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