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I feel better (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day to Laf- and that means not much done at home. Dr. Ade said my nose & throat looked better and they feel better so maybe I will be thru with treatments now – might have to go back once. I feel better so maybe I can get over this thing. It seems to drag out but it would since I have to go so far for treatments. I am glad I have been going to Dr. A. because if I had been going to M. I probably would have gotten discouraged and changed anyway (psychology). I have been to Laf. every other day since last Sat. Dorothy was going with me today and when I called her this morning she said the roads weren’t safe, but I knew the other day when we went (Mrs. Zell & I) the

[page 2] snow plows were working both sides of the pavement and I didn’t see how they could get bad no more snow than we have had. I knew she didn’t want to go, so I called her back and told her I was going to leave before she could get away from the restaurant. I decided I would try it and if it wasn’t safe I would come back but Mr. Zell had to do to Laf. to get some things for the office so John & I went with him and Mrs. Zell kept David. When we got to 41 it was dry and all cleaned off – as clean as in the middle of summer. So I got a trip to the Dr. on the County Agent’s gasoline. I still have 24 gal to use by Jan 21 and this is the 8th. Dorothy called me about 6 P.M. to find out how I made the trip. I don’t know where she got her information but she was so sure the roads were slick. Now don’t worry about me driving when the roads aren’t safe. If I had

[page 3]taken our car and the pavement had been slick I wouldn’t have tried to drive. So much for that. I got the Johnson baby a gift today, but didn’t have time to get it wrapped and ready for Ed to take to the hospital this evening. I have been “dripping” along with this nose & throat condition so haven’t visited Lucile at the hospital. I probably won’t get to see her until she gets home.

While in Loebs today I saw Alice & Stilly Berry – they stopped and talked but didn’t mention the balance of their account. They showed me the picture of their baby. They wanted Algood’s address.

Mead’s sent us a 50 cc bottle of Oleum Percomorphum. I talked to Byrnes over the phone about writing to the Co. and I thought he understood I wanted Dextri-Maltose, Pablum & Oleum but he just asked for the Oleum. If I had known

[page 4] that I would have written the letter myself but this 50 cc bottle will last a long time.

Monday when I was in Dr. Cole’s office & his nurse made a blood count the Hemoglobin percent was 81 red count 4,160,000 – and I had a shot of Liver & Vit B so I should be in pretty good shape. Mrs. Cole came in with Dr. Cole’s lunch while I was there. I think she does that every day. He asks about you every time I go in. I think I mentioned all this in other letters but maybe you missed them.

The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The bank bal. without the Ins. & taxes, etc., paid is around 500⁰⁰. I told you in a previous letter I got a new coat – $108⁰⁰. Last week I bought 6 bonds (37⁵⁰) – In yesterday’s letter I asked you about getting a piano I have a chance to get for $100⁰⁰. It is a small one like Ruth Mutchler’s. Let me have an opinion.

Mrs. Roberts called me last night. She hadn’t had a letter for over a week and was wondering why. I haven’t had one since Wed but probably will get two or three or tomorrow.

Love Mother

Your first letter came Sept. 22

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Answering questions (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 6 – 1942 [1943]

Dear Daddy –

Yours mailed Dec 31 (Dated 29) rec’d this morning. You will surely get lots of mail now. I called Funks to tell them about their letters and gifts rec’d but Arlene & Bill are in Missouri but will be back tomorrow or next day. They will probably write to you again. I just read your letter again to be sure and answer questions. The uniform money hasn’t come. I have had Mr. Monroe out twice to look at the furnace. I will have him go over the radiators again. He keeps it oiled. I have been keeping the car checked at Childress. I will have him take a look at the battery this week. In case you missed the letters I mentioned the baby’s feedings, I am giving him Vit C tablets. Now 3 tbsp pablum at 10 AM plus 5 oz milk. He acts like he is going to get fat

[page 2] but he has a good appetite and there isn’t much to do with a baby but satisfy their hunger. However he doesn’t take half the dextri-maltrose the Mead chart calls for. I am afraid he would look pudgy if I put in 6 tbsp instead of 2 ½ – 6 is what the Mead chart gives for 3 mo. old. I asked Jack Byrnes to write to Mead Johnson about baby food – since we use pablum dextri & oleum. I rec’d a letter from the Co. and said they were sending a bottle of Oleum but didn’t mention anything else. I haven’t talked to Byrnes about what he wrote asking them for. There seems to be a shortage of canned milk. I could only get 12 cans from Knowltons, 3 from Bairs, 2 from Fords, that is of Carnation. I went to Laf. again today so got a dz cand of Pet at a store there. If you get all my letters you will wonder about all the trips to Laf. I have been going to Dr. Ade for throat & sinus treatments. I asked him today why it was dragging along so and he said it was

[page 3] the nature of the “bug” that is around this year. I am not sick enough to go to bed but my throat & sinus keeps bothering me. I have been staying in very close – only go out to make the trips – I went Sat, Mon, today (Wed) and am to go Fri. I didn’t drive during Dec so still have enough gas tickets to make several trips is necessary. He told me today to take neopronticil. I told you in yesterday’s letter I am giving neo to the baby. Dr. Cole says he has a sore throat. He runs a little temp but seems to feel fine. His temp was running 100 every day and now since I have been giving him Neo it has dropped to 99 2/10. I suppose when I get my throat all well he will get over his. It doesn’t bother him. He sleeps good and after the 10 P.M. bottle sleeps till 7 A.M. (next morning). At present gains 1 oz a day, sometimes more. I sent you several picture just before Christmas. Maybe you have them by now. You didn’t mention the pictures Arlene sent, or did you get them?

[page 4] John doesn’t have to go to school tomorrow or Fri – due to exemptions from all exams. Now if you were the bragging type you would tell everyone that. Mark of course has to take all exams because that isn’t done in the grade school. John is going to do David’s washing in the morning – if you can call it that – putting the things in the Bendix & then taking them out – and by the way – the Borax does the trick for the ammonia diapers – we dissolve ½ cup borax and pour it in the last rinse and then we have no odor, otherwise the smell is bad the next time we remove a wet diaper. I am not bragging – just stating a fact. Mark tried out his skates today but didn’t do so well. We are having cold weather again. Just before Christmas it turned warm & the snow melted but it is cold again and there was snow today. Made slow driving but the snow plows were working both sides of the pavement. It seems like we are going to have plenty of cold weather this winter. The snow isn’t as heavy, unless it keep snowing, as it was before Christmas.

The Johnson’s named their heir

[page 5] James Edward or “Jimmy Ed.” I would like to go see Lucile while she is in the hospital but won’t go unless I get rid of this head condition. Now I’ll have to return the buggy and I only used it a few times. Unless the weather gets a lot warmer won’t need one till spring. I rec’d the comb & brush manicure set & flowers for Christmas. I told you that before in several letters – Also the money you sent. Do you think I should put all our money, we don’t use for expenses, in war bonds – Let me know. The bank only pays 1% – the Bldg L. – 4% or they did but that may be cut now. After I get the insurance & taxes taken care of – and all the other first of year expenses will send you a financial report.

Seems like I have covered a lot of paper & not said much either but it is hard to write when the boys (two eldest) are asking questions & talking all the time but I keep hoping I’ll do better next time.


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