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Lena’s Postcards #87 – Louise Wiles

[Postmark: Marion, Ind., 23 December 1915, 2 PM]

Address: Mrs. Lena Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R.

Dear Lena:—
My wish for every
one at this time and also
in the future is health and
happiness, so wish the same
for you and family.
Louise Wiles

Editor’s note: Louise Wiles was Lena’s half neice. Louise’s mother, Cecilia, was Lena’s older half sister.

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Lena’s Postcards #47

Marion, Indiana, December 21, 1917, 11 AM
Addressed to: Mrs. Lena Hackleman
R.R. near Harrisburg

Dear Lena: –
I am still tasting that delicious ham you send me this Summer by Mother. I appreciated it if I am slow saying so. With Christmas greeting to you and Mr. H.

Although Louise did not sign her last name, I am fairly certain that Louise was Louise (Updegraff) Wiles, one of Lena’s nieces. “Mother” would have been Lena’s older half sister, Cecilia (Scofield) Updegraff Hargrove. Cecilia and Louise lived for many years in Marion, Indiana.

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