The Cast

My grandparents interacted with many people throughout their lives. The years 1942-1946 were no exception. As we progress through the letters, it might be easier to have a quick chart of all the people mentioned. This page is very much a work in progress as more people reveal themselves.

The Family
Lt. (jg) Roscoe S. Yegerlehner, a doctor from Kentland, IN (Find A Grave) 1904-1989
Gladys R. (Foster) Yegerlehner, his wife (Find A Grave) 1905-1998
John F. Yegerlehner, oldest son, a talented musician (Find A Grave) 1930-2011
Mark A. Yegerlehner, middle son, (Find A Grave) 1933-1994
Michael Yegerlehner, 3rd son, born prematurely in June 1940 and died 2 days later (Find A Grave)
David A. Yegerlehner, youngest son, born in 1942 while Roscoe was overseas

The In-Laws
John Henry Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s father, a farmer in Clay county, Indiana
Lovina J. (Schiele) Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s mother
Samuel A. Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s oldest half-brother
Esther (Zurcher) Yegerlehner, Samuel’s wife
Clarence E. Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s oldest full sibling
Clara (Steiner) Yegerlehner, Clarence’s first wife
Ralph J. Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s brother
Mary (Zurcher) Yegerlehner, Ralph’s wife,
Ruth E. (Yegerlehner) Mutchler, Roscoe’s only sister
Earl Mutchler, Ruth’s husband
Raymond Yegerlehner, Roscoe’s brother who died in 1922
Floyd Yegerlehner, the youngest of Roscoe’s siblings
Ruth (Salter) Yegerlehner, Floyd’s wife
Emily “Emma” (Laughead) Foster, Gladys’ mother
James “Ned” E. Foster, Gladys’ father
Lydia A. (Foster) McCammon, Gladys’ sister who died in 1919
Jess McCammon, Lydia’s husband
Glenn E. Foster, Gladys’ brother
Pauline (Haladyna) Foster, Glenn’s wife
James L. Foster, Gladys’ brother, also enlisted in the Navy
Thelma (Mayrose) Foster, James’ wife

Extended Family
Silvester Schiele, Roscoe’s uncle, one of the founders of the Rotary Club, resided in Chicago (Find A Grave) 1870-1945
George Yegerlehner (Yegerline), Roscoe’s uncle, lived in Indianapolis (Find A Grave) 1864-1949
Dr. William Wymond Krieble, a cousin of Roscoe’s (Find A Grave) 1916-1987

Forrest S. Kline,  a first cousin of Roscoe’s, (Find A Grave) 1893?-1976
Gertrude (Tjepkema) Kline (Find A Grave) 1891-1967
Forrest S. “Bud” Kline, Jr., their son (Find A Grave) 1918-1976
Helen (Kline) Heindel, their daughter (Find A Grave) 1917-1993
Charles Kline, their son

Friends from Clay County, Indiana
David Ream (Find A Grave) 1871-1946

Earl Coan
Emma J. (Miller) Coan, his wife
Glenn Coan, son of Earl and Emma
Kenneth Coan, son of Earl and Emma
Dorothy (Coan) Bergmann, daughter of Earl and Emma
Chester Coan, son of Earl and Emma

David Mace, owner of a automobile dealer (Find A Grave) 1899-1963
Marie (Smith) Mace, his wife (Find A Grave) 1902-1991

Friends from Lafayette
Dr. Herman H. Ash
Dorotha Ash

Dr. Ira Cole, doctor from St. Elizabeth Hospital

Friends from Watseka
Dr. Joseph Roberts

Navy Personel
Dr. Edmund T. Lentz, a doctor from Pennsylvania (Find A Grave)
Dr. Maurice R. Walsh
Dr. Marvin H. Porterfield
Dr. Fred M. Williams

Norfolk Virgina
Mrs. Nannie Evans, landlady at 1026 Magnolia Avenue, widow of William Evans
Mr. Ferneau, resident at 1026 Magnolia Avenue

Denizens of Kentland & Newton County
J. Edward Barce, a lawyer
Hilda Barce, his wife
Betty Jane Barce, dau. of Ed & Hilda
Mary Barce, dau. of Ed & Hilda
John W. Barce, son of Ed & Hilda

Otto E. “Boonie” Boone, owner of Boone’s Drug Store (Find A Grave) 1889-1983
Jean Boone, his wife (Find A Grave) 1903-1993

Raymond Bowers, enlisted in Navy

Richard Egan, office manager of a restaurant
Marjorie Egan, his wife
Helen M. Egan, dau. of Richard & Marjorie

William Funk, Seed merchant
Arlene Funk, his wife
Robert Funk, son of William & Arlene
Donald E. Funk, son of William & Arlene

Alva Herriman, county assessor
Ethel Herriman, his wife
Bethel Wilson, Ethel’s dau. from first marriage
Robert Wilson, Ethel’s son from first marriage
Eugene Wilson, Ethel’s son from first marriage
Richard Wilson, Ethel’s son from first marriage
Marjorie Wilson, Ethel’s dau. from first marriage
Doris Wilson, Ethel’s dau. from first marriage

Robert Hufty, undertaker
Clarice Hufty, his wife, saleslady
Robert L. Hufty, son of Robert and Clarice

Howard E. Johnson, electrical engineer
Lucile Johnson, his wife
Jimmy Ed Johnson, son of Howard & Lucile

Arthur “Art” Kenney, pharmacist

Carl D. Koon, truck driver (1915-2003)
Helen Koon, his wife, waitress
Carl D. Koon jr., born 11 September 1942

Dorothy Krull, friend of Gladys
Nicholas “Nick” Krull, Dorothy’s husband and owner of Krull’s Restaurant
Elizabeth Louise “Betty Lou” Krull, dau. of Dorothy & Nick
Richard Krull, died June 1940, son of Dorothy & Nick
Nicholas P. Krull, Jr., son of Dorothy & Nick

Newell A. Lamb, Judge of the Newton County Circuit Court (Find A Grave) 1909-1988
Jeanette E. Lamb, his wife

Dr. Wilbur C. Matthew
Alta Matthew, his wife

Rev. John Edward McCloud
Etta McCloud

Elsaleah Miller, school teacher, in 1940, she boarded with Hume Sammons

Agnes Molter, lawyer/tax expert
Clara Molter

Joseph Mullen, Poultry dealer
Eura Mae (Hubbard) Mullen, his wife
Charles Patrick “Pat” Mullen, son of Joseph & Eura, tried to enlist in August 1942
Joseph William Mullen, son of Joseph & Eura
Joan Mullen, dau. of Joseph & Eura
Jack Lester Mullen, son of Joseph & Eura

Delbert Musselman, helper at Seed Corn House
Elizabeth Musselman, his wife,
Betty Ellen Musselman, dau. of Delbert & Elizabeth
Dean Musselman, son of Delbert & Elizabeth

Alba Myers, pharmacist
Mary Myers, his wife
Keith W. Myers (1924-1949), son of Alba & Mary, enlisted in 1942
Kenneth J. Myers (1924-1979), son of Alba & Mary, enlisted in 1942

Dr. James F. Openshaw, a doctor from Goodland
Virginia R. (Dart) Openshaw
Judith A. Openshaw, their daughter
James F. Openshaw, their son

Harlan Parr, former next door neighbor, teacher, county supervisor
Dorothy Parr, Harlan’s wife
Nancy Parr, dau. of Harlan & Dorothy
Caroline Parr, dau. of Harlan & Dorothy

Denver Perkins, laborer
Thelma Perkins, his wife, helps Gladys around the house
Donald Perkins, son of Denver & Thelma
Eleanor, dau. of Denver & Thelma
Elmer, son of Denver & Thelma
Merlene, dau. of Denver & Thelma

John Plummer
Ethel (Taylor) Plummer

Henry A. Reinhart
Grace Reinhart, Henry’s second wife
Henry W. Reinhart, son of Henry A., also enlisted in the Navy
Julius Reinhart, son of Henry A.

George Sammons, Judge of the county court
Eleanor Sammons, his wife
George Sammons, Jr., son of George & Eleanor
James Sammons, son of George & Eleanor
William Sammons, son of George & Eleanor

Hume L. Sammons, a lawyer (c1871-?)
Elizabeth Sammons, his wife

Rev. Voris Servies, neighbor, minister
Godie Servies, his wife

Charles Simons, farmer (Find A Grave) 1890-1967
Clara (Plunkett) Simons, his wife, (Find A Grave) 1894-1989
James “Jimmy” Simons, son of Charles & Clara (Find A Grave) 1929-2012
Nancy Lee Simons, dau. of Charles & Clara (Find A Grave) b. & d. 1931
Margaret Simons, dau. of Charles & Clara
Mary Alice Simons, dau. of Charles & Clara
Charlene Simons, dau. of Charles & Clara

Lloyd Kenneth Staton, sales manager at the county stone quarry (Find A Grave) 1904-1981
Irene Anna (James) Staton, his wife (Find A Grave) 1913-1979
James Lloyd Staton, son of Lloyd & Irene (Find A Grave) 1938-2013
Cora A. James, Irene’s mother

Warren Sullivan
Beulah (Yates) Sullivan
m. August 29, 1942, Newton County, Indiana

Russell Virgin, Secretary at Stone Quarry
Amelia Virgin, his wife,
Phillip Virgin, son of Russell & Amelia, classmate of Mark

John J. Walker, crane operator at stone quary
Alma Walker, his wife
Billy Lee Walker, son of John & Alma
James Walker, son of John & Alma

Bernard W. Walkup, a truck driver (Find A Grave) 1918-1980
Iva Jean (Schluttenhofer) Walkup, his wife (Find A Grave) 1921-2001

Harry Wright, machinist for the railroad
Myrtle Wright, his wife
Caroline Wright, dau. of Harry & Myrtle, stenographer
Arvilla Wright, dau. of Harry & Myrtle

Russell Zell, next door neighbor, moved into house previously owned by Harlan Parr, County Agricultural Agent (Find A Grave) 1907-1994
Norma Zell, his wife,
Virginia Zell, dau. of Russell & Norma
Elizabeth Zell, dau. of Russell & Norma
Martha Zell, dau. of Russell & Norma

© Deborah Sweeney, 2013-2014.

13 thoughts on “The Cast

  1. Steve Perkins

    Stumbled upon this as I was digging around. My grandparents, who I never knew, were Thelma and Denver Perkins, and my father Elmer. Asking about Thelma and Denver digs up skeletons that some aren’t willing to discuss: Thelma working at restaurant, Denver working for railroad, their children being taken away by child services. From what I’ve gathered it’s after WWII, so after what appears to be your focus. The darker things don’t bother me as I’m simply curious about family things that aren’t discussed. Any light you can shed would be appreciated. My direct email is

  2. Debbie

    This is a spectacular idea! I would love to learn more… especially about your grandfather’s sister Ellen/Helen (I’ve seen it both ways) She is my grandmother and I can’t find her after a 1930 census record in Hammond, Indiana.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am glad you are interested in learning more! I am confused about your comment about Helen/Ellen. My grandfather Roscoe only had one sister and her name was Ruth. Which Helen are you referring to?

  3. Kay Strickland

    What a great idea! I am thinking such a page might be useful on my blog, as I uncover the identities of folks found in the photo collection. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. Dan

    Any additional information you need on Robert Hufty or Clarice Hufty, you may contact me and I can put you in touch with their youngest son, John R. Hufty. Robert L. Hufty, (Bud) the son mentioned above, was killed in an auto accident with Robert Hufty (Bob) in 1950, I believe. Clarice lived to be 98. Their son, John Hufty (my dad), has four boys, Clarice and Robert’s daughter Myra (my aunt) also has four boys. John Hufty resides in Clearwater, Florida. Myra resides in Goodland, Indiana. John Hufty’s four sons are (Robert Lowell Hufty / residing in Columbus, Indiana, Ralph Daniel Hufty / residing in Belleair Bluffs, Florida, Michael Andrew Hufty residing in McCordsville, Indiana, and Ryan Patrick Hufty, residing in Greenwood, Indiana.) John R. Hufty’s wife, (my mom), Mary Elizabeth Hufty, also resides in Clearwater, Florida. Myra Hufty married Gordon Miiller (two i’s) and they had four boys: (Jeff Miiller, Keith Miiller, Ron Miiller, and Craig Miiller)

  5. David Madison

    VERY interesting. Most of these names are familiar to me, although not the Sammons family.

    This is incorrect: “Howard E. Johnson, next door neighbor” ….they did not live next door. Their home was in another part of town, a street or two north of the Methodist church. There were no neighbors east of our house (there was a street, on the other side of which was the Kent estate), and to the west were the Statons, the Folks, the Funks.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      It looks like Roscoe & Gladys did not move into the house on E. Dunlop Street until 1941. In 1940, they lived on 2nd Street in Kentland. The Johnsons were their neighbors on 2nd Street.


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