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Please use the form to email me directly. I will endeavor to reply in a timely manner. Please be advised that I am not connected to social media or my email 24/7. I am the sole entity behind Genealogy Lady, and I do not have an assistant (although a clone or two would be nice). I am a working educator in addition to being a genealogy professional. I do like to enjoy the occasional evening or weekend off with my family, spending time reading, knitting or binge watching science fiction or super hero programs with my children.

If you wish to inquire about my rates and research fees, please include a brief synopsis of your research, including a description of the question you are trying to answer, the geographic time and place where your family may have lived, and any ethnic or religious factors which may influence the assignment (such as knowledge of a foreign language). While I pride myself on my skills and level of genealogy education, I am not an expert in every area of research, nor am I the best person to retrieve records in a distant state library or repository. I am more than happy to review your questions and give recommendations for colleagues who may be better suited to pursue your research.