My Ancestors

The field of genetic genealogy is advancing quickly. I have DNA samples at several websites, including 23 and Me, Family Tree DNA, Ancestry and Gedmatch. In order to assist distant relatives in trying to find a connection or matching surnames, I have prepared this page with my direct lineal ancestors. Like most genealogists, I have many brick walls, especially the further back one goes (as well as crossing the pond back to Europe). I currently have 100% of my ancestors traced for the first six generations, 75% of the seventh generation and 43% of the eighth generation.

The Board for Certification of Genealogists now has a page on their website of genetic genealogy resources.

I just started using the program Genome Mate to track my matches. The program is currently free, and I recommend using it.

Blaine Bettinger is The Genetic Genealogist and he has some helpful hints on his blog about genetic genealogy. I especially love his X chromosome charts.

Judy G. Russell is The Legal Genealogist who writes weekly on DNA issues. She wrote this article discussing X chromosome inheritance was well as defining IBD (Inheritance by Descent) and IBS (Random Chance).

Roberta Estes writes the DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy blog. She wrote a great post about why predicated cousin matches are often wrong.

A new website called How-To DNA offers lots of advice and videos.


Generation Gap

To understand the ancestral lists below, be advised that names in bold type belong to my paternal ancestry, while those not bold are my maternal ancestors.

Generation One

  1. Deborah Sweeney

Generation Two

  1. Dad
  2. Mom

Generation Three

  1. Dr. Roscoe S. Yegerlehner Find A Grave
  2. Gladys R. Foster Find A Grave
  3. Rev. Eugene O. McGraw Find A Grave
  4. E. Louise Leonard Find A Grave

Generation Four

  1. John Henry Yegerlehner Find A Grave
  2. Lovina J. Schiele Find A Grave
  3. James E. Foster Find A Grave
  4. Emily H. Lawhead Find A Grave
  5. Oliver Jacob McGraw Find A Grave
  6. Ina L. Kerschner Find A Grave
  7. Malcolm W. Leonard Find A Grave
  8. Clarice Estelle Whitten Find A Grave

Generation Five

  1. Christian Yegerlehner Find A Grave
  2. Elizabeth Schwartz Find A Grave
  3. Michael Schiele Find A Grave
  4. Elizabeth Krieble Find A Grave
  5. James B. Foster Find A Grave
  6. Lydia C. Dicks Find A Grave
  7. James H. Lawhead Find A Grave
  8. Margaret A. Rea Find A Grave
  9. Robert McGraw Find A Grave
  10. Sara A. Troxell Find A Grave
  11. Daniel Kerschner Find A Grave
  12. Ella R. Scofield Find A Grave
  13. Fred W. Leonard Find A Grave
  14. E. Maud DeCoster Find A Grave
  15. George E. Whitten Find A Grave
  16. Hattie L. Boden Find A Grave

Generation Six

1. David Jegerlehner (Switzerland) Find A Grave
2. Magdalena Strahm (Switzerland) Find A Grave
3. Niklaus Schwartz (Switzerland) Find A Grave
4. Elisabeth Kunz (Switzerland) Find A Grave
5. Michael Schiele (Germany)
6. Mary Smith (Germany)
7. Isaac Krieble Find A Grave
8. Anna Haldeman Find A Grave
9. Benjamin C. Foster Find A Grave
10. Belinda C. Barker Find A Grave
11. Alfred M. Dicks
12. Ruth Reynolds
13. Joseph Lawhead (or Laughead)
14. Cassandria Harding
15. George Rea (Ireland) Find A Grave
16. Sarah A. Jewell Find A Grave
17. William McGraw Find A Grave
18. Martha Higgins Find A Grave
19. Jacob Troxell Find A Grave
20. Mary J. Carleton (Ireland) Find A Grave
21. Daniel Kerschner Find A Grave
22. Anna Maria Emerick Find A Grave
23. Sherman Scofield Find A Grave
24. Eliza Ross Find A Grave 
25. Albert Leonard Find A Grave
26. Lucy A. Hobart Find A Grave
27. Albert DeCoster Find A Grave
28. Sibbyl Howard Find A Grave
29. Orrin Whitten Find A Grave
30. Marcia Leach Find A Grave
31. William F. Boden Find A Grave
32. Averick E. Kelley Find A Grave

Generation Seven

1. Christian Jegerlehner (Switzerland)
2. Magdalena Moser (Switzerland)
3. Johannes Strahm (Switzerland)
4. Unknown, possibly Maria Maurer (Switzerland)
5. Niklaus Schwartz (Switzerland)
6. Anna Nussbaum (Switzerland)
7. Abraham Ludwig Kunz (Switzerland)
8. Elisabeth Blunier (Switzerland)
9. Unknown Schiele (Germany)
10. Unknown (Germany)
11. Unknown (Germany)
12. Unknown (Germany)
13. Abraham Kriebel
14. Christina Kriebel
15. Abraham Haldeman
16. Anna Bergey
17. George Foster
18. Beulah Coates
19. James Barker
20. Amy Bishop Find A Grave
21. Nathan Dicks
22. Eleanor Leonard Find A Grave
23. Jesse Reynolds Find A Grave 
24. Wellmet Lamb Find A Grave
25. James Laughead
26. Bathsheba Unknown, possibly Gibbons
27. Charles F. Harding
28. Ruth Wilcoxon Higgins
29. Unknown Rea (Ireland)
30. Unknown (Ireland)
31. John P. Jewell Find A Grave
32. Mary Hoagland Find A Grave
33. Unknown McGraw
34. Unknown
35. Unknown Higgins
36. Unknown
37. Abraham Troxell
38. Maria Rohrer
39. Daniel Carleton (Ireland)
40. Elizabeth Unknown
41. Johannes Kerschner
42. Catherina Roth
43. John William Emerick
44. Magdalena Reber
45. Silvanus Scofield
46. Ruth Reynolds
47. Unknown Ross
48. Unknown
49. John Leonard
50. Rhoda Warren
51. Joseph T. Hobart
52. Mary W. Shepardson
53. John DeCoster
54. Elizabeth Harris
55. Gideon Howard
56. Sibyl Harris
57. William Whitten
58. Mary A. Morton
59. Albert Leach
60. Eleanor Churchill
61. William S. Boden
62. Mary C. Thayer
63. Jeremiah Kelley
64. Elizabeth Thomas

Generation Eight

1. Abraham Jegerlehner (Switzerland)
2. Unknown (Switzerland)
3. Unknown Moser (Switzerland)
4. Unknown (Switzerland)
5. Unknown Strahm (Switzerland)
6. Unknown (Switzerland)
7. Unknown (Switerland)
8. Unknown (Switzerland)
9. Unknown Schwartz (Switzerland)
10. Unknown (Switzerland)
11. Unknown Nussbaum (Switzerland)
12. Unknown (Switzerland)
13. Unknown Kunz (Switzerland)

14. Unknown (Switzerland)
15. Unknown Blunier (Switzerland)
16. Unknown (Switzerland)
17. Unknown Schiele (Germany)
18. Unknown (Germany)
19. Unknown (Germany)
20. Unknown (Germany)
21. Unknown (Germany)
22. Unknown (Germany)
23. Unknown (Germany)
24. Unknown (Germany)
25. Andrew Kriebel
26. Susanna Yeakel
27. Abraham Kriebel
28. Rosana Hartranft
29. Christian Haldeman
30. Magdalena Kolb Fried
31. Christian Bergey
32. Anna Unknown
33. Unknown Foster
34. Unknown
35. Aaron Coates
36. Rachel C. Eastburn
37. Unknown Barker
38. Unknown
39. George Bishop
40. Unknown
41. William Dicks
42. Esther Williams
43. Unknown Leonard
44. Unknown
45. William Reynolds
46. Rhoda Elliott
47. Benjamin Lamb
48. Elizabeth Jackson
49. James Laughead
50. Mary Unknown
51. Unknown
52. Unknown
53. Elias Harding
54. Cassandra Ford
55. James B. Higgins
56. Verlinda Wilcoxon
57. Unknown Rea
58. Unknown
59. Unknown
60. Unknown
61. Samuel Jewell
62. Rachel Painter
63. Dorsey Hoagland
64. Mary Lydia Kurtz

65. Unknown McGraw
66. Unknown
67. Unknown
68. Unknown
69. Unknown Higgins
70. Unknown
71. Unknown
72. Unknown
73. Christian Troxell
74. Anna Julia Catherina Doerr
75. Christian Rohrer
76. Francis Unknown
77. Unknown Carlton
78. Unknown
79. Unknown
80. Unknown
81. Johann Conrad Kerschner
82. Unknown
83. Unknown Roth
84. Unknown
85. Johannes Emerick
86. Anna Gertrude Schaeffer
87. Unknown Reber
88. Unknown
89. Silvanus Scofield
90. Sarah Weed
91. Unknown Reynolds
92. Unknown
93. Unknown Ross
94. Unknown
95. Unknown
96. Unknown
97. Seth Leonard
98. Nancy Hall
99. Simeon Warren
100. Rhoda Harris
101. Nathaniel Hobart/Hubbard
102. Jemima Clark
103. Nathaniel Shepardson
104. Sarah Edson
105. Jacob DeCoster
106. Priscilla Rogers
107. Amariah Harris
108. Elizabeth Linfield
109. Gideon Howard
110. Molly Willis
111. John Harris
112. Abigail Edson
113. Jonathan Whitten
114. Lydia Green
115. Asa Morton
116. Margaret Grover
117. Finney Leach
118. Mercy Bartlett
119. Daniel Churchill
120. Sarah Collins
121. Charles D. Boden
122. Annis Shirley
123. Joel Thayer
124. Lydia S. Gleason
125. Unknown Kelley
126. Unknown
127. Isaac Thomas
128. Averick S. Thomas

©2012-2016, copyright owned & written by Deborah Sweeney

8 thoughts on “My Ancestors

  1. Cindy DeAngelo

    Hi~ we corresponded on 23 and me..but I dont know how often your on the site..
    I had a question..How can I go about finding out where I came from? I was adopted as a baby, I know where I was born, but the adoption was sealed..both adopted parents deceased and said they knew nothing about my birth parents.
    Do you, have you, run across this type of situation? Any ideas where I can start to look?
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Hi Cindy, There are several good options for you. I would start with the website They have lots of information and help for adoptees. They have people in all fifty states who are familiar with the adoption laws in each state and what is available.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      I have not yet made the foray into yDNA. I’ve been working mostly with atDNA. My family’s surname is rare enough that there haven’t been DNA mysteries I have needed to solve in that area yet. Someday though…

  2. jaggh53163

    Thanks for visiting my blog again. I’m glad you enjoyed the letter.
    This is a great idea. I may steal it from you. Since I have several story lines going right now from different time periods. it can get confusing. I hope the pictures are helping keep everyone straight. I’ll be visiting you again.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Thank you. Feel free to “steal away”! I got the idea to post my ancestors from another blogger too. I just need to figure out how to add some branches to the tree as well. I’ll get around to it eventually. 🙂


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