Lena’s Postcards #113 – Oliver and Ina McGraw

[no postmark, date, or address]

To Uncle John and
Aunt Lena from
Ina, Oliver and the boys

Editor’s note: In order for the card to be written from “the boys,” it would have been written after April 1911 when Ina’s second son was born.

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Lena’s Postcards #112 – Frank and Jennie Hackleman

[no postmark]

Address: Mr. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, R.R. No 2 Ind

Mar 14-10
Best wishes
From Frank & Jennie

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Fayette Friday – Eugene B. Scofield, 7 July 1905

Letter transcription:

Indianapolis 7.7.05

Dear Sister Lena:

I am just in receipt of a note from Ralph Eugene Scofield, Kansas City, stating that he has traced our “line” back to Daniel Scofield who came to Stamford, Conn. 1641, and farther back to Sir Cuthburt Scofield, Scofield Manor, Rochdale, England. He will soon have his work in

[page 2] shape for all who may want the genealogy.
I spent all last week in Illinois. Am spending this at home. Was with George and May at Mt. Summit, (together with Etta, who is still there) over the Fourth of July. Never enjoyed myself better.


[torn paper]

With love, and with best to Brother John
Your brother

Presume you knew of the death of Bro. J.M. Land. I held him in highest esteem and Christian love.



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Lena’s Postcards #111 – Huston Hackleman

[Postmark: Appleton, Wisconsin, 10 December 1915 [?] AM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Indiana

Appleton Wis. 12-9-15
Dear Folks: Received
card a few days ago.
Have quit work on
the house now until
after Xmas. All hands
at the store. Willard
takes care of the chickens
He says the boys at
school are telling him
there is no Santa Claus
Let us hear from
you as you can’t husk
corn now. froze up

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Lena’s Postcards #110 – Huston Hackleman

[Postmark: Appleton, Wisconsin, 25 June 1909, 10 AM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R. #2


Now I supposed
that would be the
question in order, when
you learned Althea
coming in Aug.
Don’t see how I can
spare my boy for
a visit to Ind. He would
enjoy it though. He
wanted me to get him
a pony this morning.
He hasn’t much time for
Grandma Miller. Huston

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Fayette Friday – Balzora Scofield

Letter transcription:

McComb Miss, Sunday—P.M.

My Dear, Dear Brother:—

Your interesting letter with enclosures would have been answered some days ago—but in the midst of house-cleaning, a union revival & a sick cook—a near neighbor was taken violently ill and had to be taken to New Orleans for treatment. It fell upon Mabel to take her. As Will is away upon a several days business trip—it kept me busy to push things in the house—see that George went to school—and did not stay out after revival services. Also had to look after lady who is wearing

[page 2]
magnetic goods, etc. In the midst of it all came a three hours call from Bro. Fares (Fa-rees) Christian minister here. He is young and very earnest. Said he had heard of you since his early boyhood and finally had the pleasure of hearing you speak at a St. Louis Con. La is his state but he has spent several years preaching in Tenn. & Ky. Was State Evangelist of Miss. several years. Is the most popular minister in McComb. I have not been out to hear him as all the pleasant weather has been devoted to this revival. Conducted by Rev. Jones of

[page 3]
Colorado Spring, Colo. He is a Columbian Pres. and a Englishman. Very eloquent but not of sound doctrine. Such meetings are too sensational for me so I have his news second hand.—The past week has certainly put me in sympathy with Etta’s house cleaning experience. 6 rooms—besides hall bathroom, storeroom lumber room & servants room—you can fancy the confusion & work. Mabel re-gilded all her large picture frames, enameled two frames—an iron bed & inside of bath tub, and inside of refrigerator. She sent to Chicago for new iron bed for my room—with best

[page 4]
steel-framed bed-springs. This with an Ost[?] mattress makes the best bed I ever [?truck] & I’ve slept in some fine ones. An electric storm last night kept us awake from 1 a.m. til almost 5 a.m. so I’m very nervous & unable to use pen today. Do you hear from Celia or her family? I am glad you have such satisfactory ministerial work for I know you do great good in that field as well as elsewhere with many thanks for you constant kindness to me. I must say goodbye for this time. Look for Mabel home tonight. Love to Etta Will & Guy—Most lovingly Zora

The letter was enclosed in this envelope, however it may not have been the original. Perhaps Eugene sent the letter on to Lena.

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Lena’s Postcards #109 – Huston, Willard & Kitty

[Postmark: Appleton, Wisconsin, 5 July 1912, 3:30 P]

Address: Mr. & Mrs. John Hackleman, Connersville, Indiana, R.R. #2

Appleton, Wis.
July 3, ’12
Dear Mother & father,
All stood our trip
home fine, tho a
little tired. Our visit
with you folks in
Ind. did us all a
whole lot of good-
Abundance of love
to you. Huston, Willard & Kitty

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Lena’s Postcards #108 – Frances and Chester Hackleman

[Postmark: Bentonville, Indiana, [2?] February 191[6]]

Address: Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R. 2

We hope you
are well, I am
at school today
Frances and

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Lena’s Postcards #107 – Huston Hackleman

[Postmark: Appleton, Wisconsin, 17 June 1909, 10 AM]

Address: Mr. J.W. Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.H.D. #2

Rained last night
but is fine this morning
all are O.K.

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Fayette Friday – Fannie Schenck

Letter transcription:

Hamilton O.
July 10th 1904
Mr. Daniel Kerschner
Dear Cousin:

I suppose you will be surprised to hear from me. I have thoughts of writing so often but just put it off. You remember some 20 years ago they were hunting up the Emmrick estate. Well the time is about to expire for the Will of John G. Emmerick in Penn. We were at that time found to be the heirs of the estate. So now they are hunting it up so

[page 2]
as to get ready when the time expires. Do you know anything about our Great Grandparents. They had but 3 brothers Christopher William and John. I could talk better than write they have it pretty straite now but I don’t know how it will turn out but to establish you heirship and get a chart of the Emmrick family you send to Attorney Tompson Centerville Iowa and $2.00 they he will send it the estate is valued at $35,000.00 but was not to be divided until 99 year after his death.

[page 3]
We are all well as usual and hope you folk are the same. We have been living in Hamilton for 3 year. I wish you folks would come and see us as you can come. On Sunday for $1.00 if you cannot stay any longer we would love to see you. I think it a shame so close and never see one another when we used to see each other once in a while. We are coming some Sunday. later on. Now I hope you will

[page 4]
come and see us. I had thought I would come out next Sunday and could talk better but I don’t know as I am not as well as I used to be and I cannot tell so thought I had better write. Now let me hear from you folks.

Love to all
Yours truly—
Fannie Schenck
Hamilton Ohio
Court St.

[Editor’s note: The tales of the Emerick estate filled newspaper columns for decades. I’m not sure anyone received any of the money, and it might have been a scam…The column below comes from The Tampa Tribune, 26 May 1928.]

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