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Fayette Friday – Eugene B. Scofield, December 21, 1882

Letter transcription:

Muncie Ind. Dec 21/82

Dear Sister

You will no doubt wonder why I have not written but had the opportunity to look in on me some day you would soon divine the reason. I have been so busy that I have not spent an hour with Minnie since I left home, or in other words since I came here. Ettie was there one eve. last week but as I went to prayer meeting I did not spend much time there.

Ettie staid alone last Sund−. Jeff came up in the afternoon he went through the whole house, said “You keep things

[page 2] pretty clean.” We have both been well ever since I’ve left home. We have our house fixed about—as we expect to have it—for some time.

I got a bookcase but will need another some time, for it will not hold all my books now. Our house is as nice inside as could be desired, but the yard is mudy enough.

I am to preach here 2 Sund− in each mo.− this year $[?]25. At Hillsboro once per mo. and the other Sunday at Bethel or Tabon, I don’t know which yet.−

I expected to come home last Monday but could not. I will be down Monday week.

There is one thing I wish to speak of i.e. we have no cistern here and I want get that big barrel

[page 3] for rain watter. I will name several things I want to get. Sugar Box, Thermometer, sealing wax ladel, starch can, those two parlor chairs, Father’s picture, old pair low shoes, lard can & C&C.

It about mail time can’t write much more at present− How are you along? When will you leave home? When will Uncle be home? How is Ella?[1] How do the people like Bro W.− Where will Bro. Wiles preach next year?

Write soon, love to all, Ettie sends love, When will you be able to visit us?

Your Brother

In haste.

[1] Likely a reference to their sister Ella, who just gave birth to her third child December 5, 1882.



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Random Records – Indiana vs. James Reed

Fayette County (Indiana) Civil Court Order Book G: 106-107 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch)

Fayette County (Indiana) Circuit Court Order Book G: 106

Fayette (Indiana) Circuit Court Spring Term 1850 7th Day 15th 
State of Indiana }
vs. }
James Reed } Procuring Abortion

Comes now the state of Indiana by [?] J. Burrows the pros. atty. and the defendant  comes in his own proper person and being arraigned before the Bar of this Court and it being demanded of him how he will acquit himself of said Indictment for plea there to says he is not guilty. And thereupon comes a jury to wit, A.F. Martin, Angelo Bennet, John Swift, H. N. Burgoyne, Levi Edwards, Daniel Cashner, Enos Carter, Josiah Piper, Levi Pike, Archilles Backhouse, John Stoops & William Moffat.
Twelve good and lawful men citizen householders of the County – who being elected tried and sworn, the truth to speak between the parties on the issue joined – after hearing the testimony, the argument of counsel and the charge of the Court, retire, in charge of a sworn officer to their chamber for deliberation. And after a deliberation of some thirty hours, failing to agree upon a verdict, by agreement of parties the jury are discharged and this matter is continued. And thereupon come into open Court the deft. James Reed and John Reed Sen. and acknowledge themselves each to owe and be indebted to the State of Indiana in the sum of two hundred ands dollars to be levied of their respective goods and chattels lands and tenements if default be made in the condition following that is to say that the said James Reed do, shall be and appear before the Judges of our Fayette Circuit Court on the first day of the next term thereof then and these to answer to an Indictment for procuring an abortion, and not depart without leave of court

The defendant – two possibilites:

James Reid, age 26, born in Indiana, living with a John (77) and Elizabeth Reid, in Columbia Township, farmer


James Reed, aged 16, born in Indiana, living with a John (49) and Margaret Reed, in Orange Township


John Reed, Sr. – either of the two above mentioned Johns, likely James’ father. There is a third adult John W. Reid, age 25, but he is unlikely to be referred to as “Sen.”

The jurors:

A. [Archibald] F. Martin, age 34, born in Ohio, resident of Orange Township, occupation Lumber
Angelo Bennett, age 54, born in Delaware, resident of Orange Township, farmer
John Swift, age 43, born in Ohio, resident of Connersville Township, farmer
H. [Horatio] N. Burgoyne, age 51, born in Virginia, resident of Columbia Township, sawyer
Lewis Edwards, 38, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Jennings Township, farmer
Daniel Cashner [possibly Kerschner], 49, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Harrison Township, farmer
Enos Carter, age 54, born in Virginia, resident of Orange Township, farmer
Josiah Piper, age 48, born in Kentucky, resident of Harrison Township, farmer
Levi Pike, age 29, born in Ohio, resident of Columbia Township, farmer
Archilles Backhouse, age 40, born in Ohio, resident of Jackson Township, farmer
John Stoops, age 48, born in Kentucky, resident of Connersville Township, farmer
William Moffat, age 36, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Orange Township, farmer

Information gleaned from the 1850 census records of Fayette County, Indiana.

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Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield, July 14, 1882

Letter transcription:

Bloomington, Ill. 7/14/82
Miss Lena Scofield
Connersville Ind.

Dear Aunt:

This evening while I have few leisure moments to write I will try to answer your letter, I want you to write oftener for you can tell me more than any other person there. “James” rece’d a letter from Chas. Gilchrist this week – They moving off the Hill makes another great change there. Is Fannie & Conn living in the country yet? I suppose her baby is quite a large boy now.

[page 2] We live in a very pretty place. The porch extend along the front of the house and is high. I am even sitting on tip stelps. The front faces the east. The family are all well and all at the table but me. Minnie is calling me to supper, so I must go. I have eat my supper and made a call and entertained three callers who have just left.—They are now old acquaintances—have known them since the first time I cane in City. Last night—my fellow came, he will leave the city tomorrow—how lonesome I will be—You ought to try to come to see me soon. I think now that I cannot come to see you all very soon. “I would if I could.”


[page 3] I’ve have had little Tad picture taken and is just like him. Thaddie is smart—he does not act like a baby three years old—more like a boy twelve. He always his hat on back part his head and he came in the other day in that way—said to Ma [Can I have the can?] Ma said not a word, then he said, [I’ll bring it back!] [I won’t brake it, when I get done with it I’ll bring it back.] He looked so straight at Ma, his eyes were sparkling. We think him a great boy. He must always walks so important. He had to sit three times to get his picture, for when we asked him to look, he would raise on his tip toes. When ever he

[page 4] does anything he ought not too he goes to Ma [says] Ma I want to kiss you. She of course must give up—and laughs. Minnie has grown so much and Floy is taller not so fleshy. James is very tall I can stand under his arm. And Lee is as tall but very heavy large. I feel so small beside them. This is yesterday after-noon I will finish my letter—I got sleepy last night before I could wri finish. I wish you was here to go up town with me. I am so home sick. The teachers institute is going on now. Why can’t you come soon, if you don’t I will die. Sure, it will not cost much and not take


[page 5] long to come. Start here at half past Seven and get to Indianapolis at half past Eleven in night—get to rest there one hour before you could start for B. Then arrive here at half past five in morning. I would meet you at Depo—which is only two blocks from where we live. You I know would enjoy the visit we live in a very pleasant place—we have five rooms & kitchen—I am now in “parlor.” I wish I had your picture please send me one. I am going to get mine taken next week. I had mine taken with a friend here but mine is not good so I will not send you one of them. All the boys are working—and Pa. Lee

[page 6] is is commission business for himself. “James” is clerking in Notion & Millinary store, but [?] like any thing at “home” on larger scale. James gets four & half a week. Lee makes sometimes five dollars a day and Pa make four dollars a day and Arthur he has been living in country but came home the “fourth” to day this summer, he is selling paper & now until he can get business to work which pays more. I am going to clerk in fall or soon as I can get a place—All girls work here the Vanbuskirk girls clerk when they can—but now it is dullest time. The girls here which are highly respected and go in best society clerk—clothe themselves and do safe some besides. I live to clerk. Hope

[top of page five] you will write me a letter soon. I want you to give my love to all Pa’s folks and keep a share for yourself. I have not heard from my friends only as you tell me. I would like to see [?]

Yours lovingly
Eudora R. Scofield

[top of page one] I sent two of Thad’s pictures one for Aunt Minnie

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Gladys – September 20, 1970


Letter transcription:

Sept. 20-1970

Dear David,

Since I sent your birthday gift with Bonnie’s, this will just be words. Have been rather busy since coming home, and having Mark’s three here one week kept me occupied that week, haven’t had much time to write but will hope to catch up on things when we come in Oct. I have to attend a regional meeting in Oct.-2-3-4 in Chicago. Also should attend a Conference Meeting (Division of Christian Outreach – of which I am a member) on the 5th so am not certain right now whether we will get to start on the 6th or 7th. Will try to get off on the 6th – If I can find time to get things ready for Dad. He thinks we won’t be able to come. One of the M.D.s at the Health Center suffered a broken hip and won’t be back to work until Nov. 1 so he thinks it wouldn’t be right for him to try and take off in Oct. We shall see.

Looking forward to seeing you in Oct. Don’t forget to write to Mrs. Myers. It means so much to her to get your letters.

Love Mother

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Gladys – September 2, 1970


The check is for both of you. Will try and get David’s card out before his birthday.

Have been quite busy since coming home, but did have a most enjoyable trip. Met a young girl who was coming to U.S. last year. She was on the staff of U. of I. last year – (Sept ’69 to June ’70) and is now returning to Japan. She couldn’t be back in Tokyo when we were there but her Mother and a sister and husband (Dr. Yamada – with Univ. of Tokyo) entertained us one day and evening. We attended Kabuki theatre together – 11 am to 4 pm – then went to a Japanese dinner. 10 courses. Quite an evening. We took pictures while in the restaurant. If I can think about them, will bring them along.

Love Mother

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Fayette Friday – Eugene B. Scofield, May 29, 1882

[Editor’s Note: I searched the Connersville Times, published May 31, 1882, and nothing appears to have been published about Eugene. So it looks like he might have been saved from Uncle seeing whatever it was…] 

Letter transcription:

Oakville May 29-82

Dear Sister

I drop these lines for the purpose of telling you that—I am well, and also that you may do me a favor viz—There will be a clipping in the Con’ers’lle papers from “Summit—“ that I would rather Uncle would not see—so if you get the Times before he reads it please do not show it to him. I would rather have the pleasure of telling him myself in a year or so. It may not be in C— papers but as it is in the N—Castle paper the C—papers are

[page 2] likely to clip.
A letter will reach me at New Castle on Friday. Will be home Monday.
Your Brother
(in haste) Eugene

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Random Records – Circuit Court Case from 1837

Fayette County (Indiana) Courthouse, 1920 (Image courtesy of the Indiana Historical Society)

I love court records! They provide so much more information than the standard birth, marriage, death, and census records that many budding genealogists cling to. Typically these records are not found online (yet!). I access court records at my local Family History Search Center. And if one happens to live close to a local court house, even better!

How do you know if your ancestor was a nice guy? Census and vital records will not reveal our ancestors’ personalities. On a side note, I also love newspapers. Why? Because you can learn the dirt, the gossip, and the minutia of our ancestors’ lives. But today I want to talk court records. While I research several groups of ancestors for my BCG portfolio, I come across all sorts of engaging court cases. This week I stumbled upon a rape indictment from 1837. The plaintiff was a spinster, Mary Ann Veatch, and the defendant was John Caldwell, laborer, late of Fayette County. As far as I know, I am not related to either. However, what caught my eye was the name of one of the jurors, Jacob Troxell—my ancestor. (Someday I really do hope to finish the book I am writing on him and his descendants.)

So far, I have not found any conclusive records about who Mary Ann Veatch or John Caldwell were beyond this trial. Both of their surnames belonged to families who had settled in Fayette County, Indiana, in the early part of the 1800s. What do you think really happened?

Fayette County Complete Circuit Court Record, vol. E: 300-301 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch)


Fayette County (Indiana) Complete Circuit Court Record Book E: 300-301
September Term A.D. 1837—

State of Indiana }
vs. }
John Caldwell } On an Indictment for a Rape—

Be it remembered that at a Term of the Fayette Circuit Court begun and held at the court house in Connersville in the County of Fayette and State of Indiana on the fourth Monday and twenty fifth day of September in the Year of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and thirty seven before the Honorable Samuel Bigger President Judge of the Sixth Judicial Circuit of the State of Indiana and Edward Webb and Stanhope Royston Associate Judges of said of said [sic] Court within and for said County of Fayette, upon the Oath of Joshua McIntosh foreman, John B. Tate, Nathaniel Hamilton, Aaron Perrin, John Louder, William Alger, David H. Munson, John Lester, Samuel Shortridge, Jeremiah Conwell, Hugh Reed, Zenas Powell Senr Levi Trowbridge Hugh Dickey Junr & Elias B. Stone, good and lawful men of the said County of Fayette who being empanneled and sworn as Grand Jurors at the term aforesaid to inquire within and for the body of the said County of Fayette, it is presented, “That John Caldwell late of said County, Laborer, on the ninth day of May in the Year of Our Lord one thousand Eighteen hundred and thirty seven, with force and arms at the County aforesaid and within the jurisdiction of said Court in and upon one Mary Ann Veatch spinster in the [?] of said State, then and there being unlawfully, forcibly, violently and feloniously did make an assault, and her the said Mary Ann Veatch, there and then unlawfully, forcibly, violently and against her will feloniously did ravish and carnally know, contrary to the form of the Statue in such cases made and provide and against the peace and dignity of the said State of Indiana S. W. Parker Prosecuting Atty., And Afterwards to wit at a Term of the Fayette Circuit Court began and held at the Court house in Connersville in the county of Fayette and State of Indiana on the fourth Monday and twenty fifth day of September in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven before the Honorable Samuel Bigger President of the sixth judicial Circuit of the said State of Indiana, and Edward Webb and Stanhope Esqrs Associate Judges of said Court, within and for the said County of Fayette and now here comes Moses Lyons one of the recognizance Bail of said John Caldwell comes and surrenders into Court the body of the said John Caldwell in discharge of his said recognizance and is there upon comes the said John Caldwell and Benjamin H. Hanson, Stephen Gordon, James Bolton, Elisha Vance and Samuel K. Ross, and acknowledge themselves to have indebted to the State of Indiana as follows to wit, the said John Caldwell in the Sum of two hundred dollars, and the said Hanson, Golden, Bolton, Vance and Ross in the like sum of two hundred dollars, to be levied on their Goods and chattels lands and tenements respectively if default be made in the following conditions which conditions are that the said Caldwell shall appear before the Judges of this Court from day to day during the present term, and answer the State of Indiana upon the above charge and not depart without leave—HC

And afterwards, to wit, at the Term aforesaid of the Court aforesaid began and held as aforesaid before the Honorable the judges aforesaid and continued from day to day before the said Judges until Tuesday the eighth juridical day of said Term, Samuel W. Park Esqr – Attorney prosecuting the pleas of the State of Indiana in this

[page 301] behalf now comes, and the said Defendant in his own proper person and by Vance and Test his Attorneys come also, and being arranged upon the Indictment aforesaid and it being forth with demanded of him how he will acquit himself of the charge in said indictment specified for plea thereto says he is not Guilty as he stand Indicted and for trial thereof he puts himself on the County, and the said prosecutor doth so likewise and thereupon comes a Jury to wit, Stephen Moore, Jacob Troxell, Denis Springer, Nathan Robinson Thomas Reed, George Stanley, Joel Williams, Thomas J. Davis, Dany Tyner – James P. Hamilton, Hiram Messersmith, and Abraham Conwell Twelve good and and [sic] lawful men of the County of Fayette who being Elected tried and sworn the truth to speak in the premises, after hearing the evidence as well in behalf of the said defendant as on the State, the arguments of counsel and a charge from the Court retire to their room to deliberate attended by a sworn Officer of this Court, and day is given H.

And afterward, to wit: On Wednesday the ninth judicial day of said term the said Samuel W. Parker, Esqr Prosecuting Attorney now comes and the said defendant in person and by her Attorneys come also and thereupon the jury empanelled in this behalf on yesterday now returns into Court the following verdict in this behalf, to wit: “We the Jury find the defendant not Guilty” It is therefore considered by the Court that the said defendant, as to the Indictment aforesaid do go hence acquit without and discharged without day. HC—

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