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Lena’s Postcards #105 – Ed and Annie

[Postmark – none, but stamp is crossed out with a pencil]

Address: Mr. John W. Hackleman, Connersville Ind, R.R. No 2

Marth 14 – 1913
We wish you a
happy Birth day
Ed and Annie

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Lena’s Postcards #91 – Mrs. John Crayton

[Postmark: Falmouth, Indiana, 19 February 1913, [?] PM]

Address: Mrs. Lena Hackleman, Connersville, Ind. R.R. 2
You are invited
to attend a C.W.B.M.
Social at the home
of Mrs. John Crayton,
February twenty

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Lena’s Postcards #73 – Florence (Wiles) Scofield, 1913

[Postmark: December 22, 1913, 5:30 PM, Denver, Colorado]

Address: Mrs. John Hackleman Connersville Indiana RR no 2

A merry Merry Christmas
from one who loves you
Florence Scofield

[Editor’s note: Florence Scofield was the wife of Lena’s brother Sherman Scofield.]

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Lena’s Postcards #37

December 22, 1913, [?], Indiana

Addressed to:
Mrs. & Mrs. J. W. Hackleman

12/22 – 13
Best Wishes from Frank and Jennie Hackleman

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Lena’s Postcards #36

December 22, 1913, 9AM, Sharpsville, Indiana

Addressed to:
Mrs. J.W. Hackleman
Connersville, Ind
R. Route No. 2

E.B. ?? My[-?-]stie Publishing Co. Ind. [?]
Dear Lena: Another Year and I am still in S.ville [Sharpsville] doing my best to “help along.” Am anxious to hear from you. Thanks for your card. Mattie wrote me about Aunt Lou Kel[?]. Ella Y. is in Chicago to be operated upon. With love from all & much from Bal. 12.21.13

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Lena’s Postcards #35

North Webster, Indiana, August 6, 1913, 10AM

Addressed to:
Mr. J.W. Hackleman

Webster Ind
Aug 5th 1913
Dear Father & Mother,
Haveing a fine time and catching some nice strings of fish.

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Lena’s Postcards #33

Postmark:Indianapolis, Indiana, January 10, 1913, 11:00 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John Hackleman
R.F.D. Indiana

My Dear Sister Lena:
This is a bear a greeting for your birthday, and the wish for another good year to you and yours. We have just passed a great crisis, but Etta is now so much better. Much love to all
Your brother
Indianapolis, Jan. 10. 1913

Eugene B. Scofield (watermark)

Eugene Scofield

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