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Fayette Friday – Eugene B. Scofield, December 21, 1882

Letter transcription:

Muncie Ind. Dec 21/82

Dear Sister

You will no doubt wonder why I have not written but had the opportunity to look in on me some day you would soon divine the reason. I have been so busy that I have not spent an hour with Minnie since I left home, or in other words since I came here. Ettie was there one eve. last week but as I went to prayer meeting I did not spend much time there.

Ettie staid alone last Sund−. Jeff came up in the afternoon he went through the whole house, said “You keep things

[page 2] pretty clean.” We have both been well ever since I’ve left home. We have our house fixed about—as we expect to have it—for some time.

I got a bookcase but will need another some time, for it will not hold all my books now. Our house is as nice inside as could be desired, but the yard is mudy enough.

I am to preach here 2 Sund− in each mo.− this year $[?]25. At Hillsboro once per mo. and the other Sunday at Bethel or Tabon, I don’t know which yet.−

I expected to come home last Monday but could not. I will be down Monday week.

There is one thing I wish to speak of i.e. we have no cistern here and I want get that big barrel

[page 3] for rain watter. I will name several things I want to get. Sugar Box, Thermometer, sealing wax ladel, starch can, those two parlor chairs, Father’s picture, old pair low shoes, lard can & C&C.

It about mail time can’t write much more at present− How are you along? When will you leave home? When will Uncle be home? How is Ella?[1] How do the people like Bro W.− Where will Bro. Wiles preach next year?

Write soon, love to all, Ettie sends love, When will you be able to visit us?

Your Brother

In haste.

[1] Likely a reference to their sister Ella, who just gave birth to her third child December 5, 1882.



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David’s Diary – October 8, 1970

Thursday, 8 October 1970

This turned out to be the morning to make a baby! I.E. yesterday Bonnie’s temperature was down sharply—indicating ovulation—hopefully. So we followed Dr. Settle’s [1] method for sex selection. Douche with water and baking soda—we tried to time it as close to the time of ovulation as possible—and we had abstained for two weeks to increase the sperm count—so if all went well, it’ll be a boy in 9 months. Θ+. Bonnie stayed in bed to remain in a horizontal position. I got up, gave Debbie her breakfast, also brought Bonnie hers in bed. During the morning I worked on the Deacon’s Bench. Bonnie got up about 2 hours after we’d had sex—but she was very lethargic—about 1:00 she fixed lunch. Early in the afternoon I finally finished the bench—sanding and all. I then cleaned up the dining room. Also earlier I’d received a phone call from Gary Wait, more details re: Sunday Service—and he’s coming up tomorrow so that we can leave for Schenectady on Sat. In the afternoon Bonnie stained the deacons bench, and I did some surveying and calculating concerning the shelves Bonnie wants in the kitchen. Went to the building center shortly before 5:00—got advice, tomorrow materials; I fixed supper when I got home. We watched TV—CBS news. Early in the evening we called Paul + Marty; went to Patriquins to watch Ironsides; Kay informed me that Scobe is baptizing the Harris baby—which I had refused; came home about 10:30—called Don McGaw; bathed, OBLO c 12:25.

Friday, 9 October 1970

Θ with foam—up about 8:30?—we had breakfast, then all got into the car and went to the Building Center. I bought a beautiful level—$9—but it’s a good one. Also bought the odds and ends for making the kitchen shelves—plus pine—the plywood for the doors will have to come next week. Just as we were arriving home the mail-man arrived—so I looked through Life magazine + I.F. Stone. Then I got to work on the shelves—we ate in the carpentry mess about 12:30. For the whole afternoon Debbie either played in her room or slept—and I went ahead on the shelves. I took a break around mid-afternoon. Bonnie got home about 5:15—then I went about rounding up my work—when I finished we cleaned up the dining room. I got the planks in place—next week I’ll do the framework and mount the doors. We worked on getting the house in order until about 6:45—then I went to the train station. As usual, the train was late—about 7:10. Picked up Gary Wait, who is here for the weekend to house sit, cat sit and preach for me on Sunday. Gary had never been to our house before—and it has been a long time since we’ve seen him to visit for any length of time. After supper we conferred on the Sunday service and bulletin—but we also had a chance to visit before and after I did the bulletins; we started heading for bed about midnight. Bonnie and I bathed together—OBLO, c. 12:45.

Saturday, 10 October 1970

Up about 8:00—we were eager to get on the road, but several things had to be done. After breakfast, I shaved—2 days worth—then Gary and I went up to the garden. We wanted to bring some vegetables with us to Paul + Marty. Got several eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers. When Gary and I got home, we then walked down to the church—I wanted to show him where it was, the procedures for the service, etc. We then came home, a few minutes after 10:00. Then Bonnie and I busily began loading the car. We had wanted to get off by 10:30. But we didn’t quite make it. We didn’t leave Rockport until about 10:45. We made several stops on the way—for lunch at a lousy Howard Johnson’s—for a rest stop, for gas. We finally got to Paul and Marty’s place about 4:15. Their boat, the Abi Yoyo [??] is setting right outside their home—so the first thing we did was take a tour of it. Debbie seemed quite interested. We unloaded the car, relaxed—then set about fixing supper—I gave Marty some assistance. We ate about 5:45—a delicious chicken dish—with pecan pie for dessert. In the evening we viewed slides of their trip up the St. Lawrence River. Kay and Ellen came over—but everyone was rather tired, so it wasn’t a late night; OBLO by 10:30.

Sunday, 11 October 1970

Up about 6:45—hardly my idea of sleeping in on Sunday on vacation—but we wanted to get an early start to the lake—we left here just after 8:00—had to stop a couple of times to find a service station to get air in the tires. But we finally were whizzing on our way—the 5 of us in Paul’s car—in rain + drizzle. But by the time we arrived at the launching place (called “topaz”) near Lake Geo Village—the rain had stopped. There was still heavy overcast, fog. But we launched anyway—there was plenty of wind, which was rather chilly. Debbie seemed to enjoy the sailing, but the boat proved to be too small for someone so active. We sailed probably for more than 3 hours—we had lunch shortly after setting out. When we got back to the launch place, where we left the boat for overnight, we were pretty tired. Marty drove back to Schenectady—we piled into the house. Paul + I collapsed. Debbie was active since she’d slept in the car. Bonnie + Marty fixed supper. We ate about 5:30. The evening was spent “rotting our minds”—as Paul puts it, i.e., watching TV. We did this until about 9:00—then turned it off. Then we just sat around gabbing for a while—too pooped to do anything else—finally we headed for bed. OBLO, c. 10:55.

[1] Actually, Dr. Landrum Shettle— updated version of his book

David’s Diary, October 11, 1970

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David’s Diary – October 4, 1970

Sunday, 4 October 1970

[Top panel:   3 photos]

Up about 8:15. Shaved, dressed—my class arrived about 9:20 on. About that time I got a call from Esther McLaughlin—cancelling play-reading which had been set for tonight here at our house. Too many people away or sick—then too, Bonnie has a nasty cold. My class was over about 10:15, I went to the church. We had an average sized crowd—today was communion. Got home about 12:30? —had lunch. Then we tried to nap a while—I refused to let Bonnie go the Open House for the Sunday School—she needed more to stay home and take care of herself. So I went about 4:00. Mailed an order to Cokesbury for several items. The Open House was not well attended—I had an opportunity for chatting with Ed Nutting and Dick Bamforth. Came home about 5:00—and started right to work on the Deacon’s Bench. We removed the rug from the dining room—it is now my work shop. I drew all the pieces on the wood, which I brought in from the garage. We then had supper, about 7 o’clock—in the living room—Debbie seemed somewhat bewildered. Then all evening I spent sawing, Bonnie knitted—I took 3 pictures as the work progressed, the[n] after midnight. We worked (Bonnie knitting) in the dining room, watched Johnny Carson, as I began assembling the bench. I bathed about 2:00; OBLO 2:20.

Monday, 5 October 1970

[Top panel: one photo of bench with Debbie]

Up about 9:30—not too enthusiastic to greet the day in view of the hour at which we retired last night. After breakfast I got right back to work on the Deacon’s Bench. Bonnie went to Gloucester, to Action, Inc., to apply for surplus food program—she also got groceries on the way home. She arrived home exhausted, she’s fighting a cold. I called the Lab to let them know that she wouldn’t be in to work. I went on some errands of my own—to the Eagle office with the church article, then to the Building Center for some more odds and ends. We ate around 1:00. Early in the afternoon I called Jerry Lewis at the Fisk Organ Co. I needed some drilling done on the arms of the bench—for the dowels—my bit can’t do the job properly. About the middle of the afternoon I went over there. Stopped [at] a grocery store on way home for orange juice. I went back to work on the bench until about 5:30. I went over to Lewis’—Jerry had brought home the tool used to smooth edges of wood. After supper I worked on the bench again—this was the way I spent the evening with the TV on [???] 7:30 went to get Carol Lewis—she went to Community Chorus with Bonnie. I had problems with splitting wood, mistakes on the blueprint. I returned the tool to Jerry about 11 o’clock. Worked on bench until about 12:30. Bathed, OBLO c. 1:35.

Tuesday, 6 October 1970

The phone rang about 8:00—Mrs. Paradis wanting to know if our electric power had just gone out—I turned on the lamp and reported NO—back to bed—15 min? later she called back to say everything was alright—I wasn’t too happy. Back to bed; got up about 9:30. After breakfast I spent some time getting one of the dining room chairs back together. Bonnie recovered the seats. Then I worked a while on the Deacon’s bench. Late in the morning I went to the Building center to pick up odds and ends. Got home, returned to work on the bench. We’d had a late breakfast, so didn’t have lunch. Bonnie went to work, and I continued on the bench. About 2:00 I had a couple of sandwiches for lunch. Started the spaghetti sauce for supper. Debbie wasn’t napping, so about 3 o’clock we went outside. I was occupied clearing the tomato patch and taking up the fences, getting the picnic table off. Debbie played around me while I worked. It was a beautiful afternoon—we had a pleasant time together. About 3:45 we came in—she was quite ready for bed. I then did a lot of sanding on the bench, then cleaned up the room after glancing through the paper. When Bonnie got home we invited Jerry + Carol Lewis over for the evening. We had supper; I baked + iced a cake, watched CBS news; Lewises arrived about 8:10—left about 10:30—it was an enjoyable evening; relaxed; bathed; OBLO; 12:20.

Wednesday, 7 October 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Fixed myself a hearty breakfast because my morning schedule included working at the garden. I got to the garden about 9:30. Carol Lewis came over too, with Chris in the buggy. We first of all took down the long stretches of chicken wire on stakes which the peas had been on. The whole area was terribly overgrown with weeds + grass—so extricating the wire wasn’t easy. Then we set about trying to clear the grass and weeds. With one break, when Amelia brought us a great drink (ginger ale with tang, plum juice + mint leaf!) I worked through until about 12:45—and I was simply exhausted. After I got home I bathed, then had lunch. I immediately just wanted to flop—take a nap. Debbie was in a lively mood however—so there wasn’t much quiet. But I finally shut myself in the front bedroom downstairs—got some sleep. Got up about 4:30—read the paper—about 5:35 Jerry Lewis dropped by the house with the two arms for the Deacons Bench. These were replacements. B, D and I then went to Gloucester to Stop + Shop. Bought steaks for supper—came home, fixed it. Watched CBS news—TV all evening—as I worked on the deacons bench. Watched Nixon at 9:00—nothing new. Watched mediocre movie, Carousel—off to bed, LO 12:22.

David’s Diary, October 7, 1970

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David’s Diary – September 30, 1970

Wednesday, 30 September 1970

Up about 9:00. What a tedious day. I had a slight breakfast, then got back to my reviewing. I am so discouraged and worried about this test—I need months yet to study. But still I’m eager to get it over with. I don’t know how I’m going to pass it. I’m afraid that by tomorrow evening I’ll be no further along the road to my Ph.D. It wasn’t difficult for me to be distracted today. I took my time looking through the mail when it came. Bonnie took Debbie out in the morning on errands—one of which was to get fall car inspection. We had lunch about 12:30—I got back to work. About 1:30 Bonnie and Debbie left again. This time they took Carol Lewis shopping down the line—for groceries. Bonnie also came back with a beautiful new bed spread. The[y] didn’t get back til late in the afternoon. I helped her put groceries away—and we fixed a very simple supper of left-overs. Read some more after supper; then watched CBS news at 6:30. Nixon’s in Europe, Nassers sudden death rather steals some of his thunder. About mid-afternoon I went over to the congregational church to sign 75 letters (from 3 pastors re: SS open house on Sunday). I worked all evening on reviewing; also prepared transfer of credit forms; bathed about 10:30—OBLO c. 11 o’clock.

Thursday, 1 October 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Shaved a two day beard, had breakfast, prepared to leave for Boston—left the house about 10:00; caught the 10:15 train, did a little last minute reviewing while riding in, but then tried to relax. I got to BU about 12:00—I went to the bookstore to buy a copy of Playboy. Then I went to Beck’s office. It turns out that he was unable to have lunch with me; so I went on down to the refectory, found Lloyd Carr, whom I hadn’t seen in ages—so I ate my lunch with him. Then at 1 o’clock, I went up to the library, picked up the exam and began work. It wasn’t too bad; there were some areas in which my answers were weak, but I think I passed. I handed it in shortly after 4:00. Then I checked out a couple of books and headed for North Station. I was able to catch the 4:55 train—just made it. Read Playboy on the way home. Got here shortly after 6:00. David Herlihy was here proudly displaying his honorable discharge papers. We had supper—then the evening was spent relaxing for the most part. We watched TV part of the time—Ironsides—then I began the process of getting some arranging done in my study. About 11:15 I bathed, then we watched Johnny Carson, his 8th anniversary show—the LO about 1:05.

Friday, 2 October 1970

Up after 9:00. Had breakfast, then shaved—was ready when Jim Bussey, John Dunnack and Gladys Haskell arrived at 10:30—we talked about C.A.M.P. and what it can be doing. Jim disclosed that Mac White will probably consider holding only one Annual Meeting on Cape Ann—that certainly won’t be popular with some folks. We broke up about noon. Bonnie and I had lunch—Debbie was sound asleep. Bonnie left for work as usual, but I didn’t have ambition to do much of anything. I tried to nap a while, did odds and ends, read an article in Playboy on pornography in Denmark—a country which seems to have a much saner approach than the U.S. At 3 o’clock Rev’s. Bailey, Bamforth and Nutting arrived, and we talked about the JYF and other matters for about 1½ hours. When they left I began tending to supper. Bonnie got home shortly after 5:00. Debbie had just gotten up. She’d been napping most of the afternoon. She hadn’t had her lunch, so she ate supper early. We fixed supper, watched CBS news. Don and Lawry arrived about 7:20. We had supper together, had a very delightful evening of visiting and games. First we played Group Therapy—which can be devastating—then we switched to password. It’s hard to give up when you’re having so much fun—but, OBLO, 1:32.

Saturday, 3 October 1970

I was up briefly to change Debbie—and to put her socks and shoes on—she can insist on some pretty weird things and weird hours! As soon as she got them on, I put her back to bed—she was content! and then I went back to bed. Between 9:00 and 9:30 the whole household came to life. We had a leisurely breakfast with Don and Lawry. Then we went to the garden together. We got a heap of stuff to give them. We got back to the house about 11:00—they left very soon. They had to be in Brookline by 12:30 for a Dr’s appt. I then tried to nap, without much luck. About noontime I put the chicken in the oven, then began studying the plans for the deacon’s bench I’m to build. After lunch I shaved, then went over to see Esther Longley at the nursing home. I stayed with her not quite an hour. Then came home. I had planned to do more calling, but just didn’t have the stamina. So I took Bonnie + Debbie along to the lumber yard to get the wood for the deacon’s bench—also picked up a few new tools. When we got home we all sacked out—from about 5:00 to 7:00. Homer Orne’s phone call got us up. Then we fixed supper. I then spent the evening working on sermon and bulletins. At one point we had a grand hilarious time playing with Debbie in her room; bathed c. 12:20. OBLO 12:36.

David’s Diary, September 30, 1970

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Random Records – Indiana vs. James Reed

Fayette County (Indiana) Civil Court Order Book G: 106-107 (Image courtesy of FamilySearch)

Fayette County (Indiana) Circuit Court Order Book G: 106

Fayette (Indiana) Circuit Court Spring Term 1850 7th Day 15th 
State of Indiana }
vs. }
James Reed } Procuring Abortion

Comes now the state of Indiana by [?] J. Burrows the pros. atty. and the defendant  comes in his own proper person and being arraigned before the Bar of this Court and it being demanded of him how he will acquit himself of said Indictment for plea there to says he is not guilty. And thereupon comes a jury to wit, A.F. Martin, Angelo Bennet, John Swift, H. N. Burgoyne, Levi Edwards, Daniel Cashner, Enos Carter, Josiah Piper, Levi Pike, Archilles Backhouse, John Stoops & William Moffat.
Twelve good and lawful men citizen householders of the County – who being elected tried and sworn, the truth to speak between the parties on the issue joined – after hearing the testimony, the argument of counsel and the charge of the Court, retire, in charge of a sworn officer to their chamber for deliberation. And after a deliberation of some thirty hours, failing to agree upon a verdict, by agreement of parties the jury are discharged and this matter is continued. And thereupon come into open Court the deft. James Reed and John Reed Sen. and acknowledge themselves each to owe and be indebted to the State of Indiana in the sum of two hundred ands dollars to be levied of their respective goods and chattels lands and tenements if default be made in the condition following that is to say that the said James Reed do, shall be and appear before the Judges of our Fayette Circuit Court on the first day of the next term thereof then and these to answer to an Indictment for procuring an abortion, and not depart without leave of court

The defendant – two possibilites:

James Reid, age 26, born in Indiana, living with a John (77) and Elizabeth Reid, in Columbia Township, farmer


James Reed, aged 16, born in Indiana, living with a John (49) and Margaret Reed, in Orange Township


John Reed, Sr. – either of the two above mentioned Johns, likely James’ father. There is a third adult John W. Reid, age 25, but he is unlikely to be referred to as “Sen.”

The jurors:

A. [Archibald] F. Martin, age 34, born in Ohio, resident of Orange Township, occupation Lumber
Angelo Bennett, age 54, born in Delaware, resident of Orange Township, farmer
John Swift, age 43, born in Ohio, resident of Connersville Township, farmer
H. [Horatio] N. Burgoyne, age 51, born in Virginia, resident of Columbia Township, sawyer
Lewis Edwards, 38, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Jennings Township, farmer
Daniel Cashner [possibly Kerschner], 49, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Harrison Township, farmer
Enos Carter, age 54, born in Virginia, resident of Orange Township, farmer
Josiah Piper, age 48, born in Kentucky, resident of Harrison Township, farmer
Levi Pike, age 29, born in Ohio, resident of Columbia Township, farmer
Archilles Backhouse, age 40, born in Ohio, resident of Jackson Township, farmer
John Stoops, age 48, born in Kentucky, resident of Connersville Township, farmer
William Moffat, age 36, born in Pennsylvania, resident of Orange Township, farmer

Information gleaned from the 1850 census records of Fayette County, Indiana.

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David’s Diary – September 26, 1970

Saturday, 26 September 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work preparing the C.A.M.P. service for tomorrow night. I hadn’t got very much done when Jerry Lewis arrived with his trailer—to cart away the piano—and he really started demolishing it in earnest, what a racket! Finally it was all stripped down—we kept most of the bigger pieces for scrap lumber. He was just interested in the sound board. What a heavy thing it was. I helped him get it into the trailer, then went to his home to help him unload it. Came home, got back to worked—also called my SS class to remind them that we begin tomorrow. After lunch I shaved, then paid a call—went up to see the Hannibals. I cancelled two other calls, and I’m glad I did—seeing now that I would never have had time. When I got home I got back to work preparing the C.A.M.P. service. When most of this was done, Bonnie and I contemplated the blank wall in the dining room where the piano used to be. I went to the building center—got a bulletin board—mounted it 4X7 feet. Bought a rocking chair from neighbors who were moving. Had supper. Worked all evening on various things: Camp service, Sunday school lesson, painted a red border on the bulletin board. I prepared a fun quiz for my Sunday School class; quit about 12:30. Bathed. OBLO, 1:05.

Sunday, 27 September 1970

Up shortly before 8:00; shaved, dressed, practiced the sermon; my class arrived about 9:30—6 girls—a certain degree of uneasiness—but as the hour passed, with the taking of the fun quiz, things loosened up. We quit shortly after 10:30. I headed for the church; had a brief and not too pleasant conversation with George Marr re: the banners. Preached Part III on the women of the Bible. Got home by 12:30. The Garcia’s were piling into the cars to leave for NY for the winter; we loaned them our cat cage to transport Ming in. After the[y] left we ate lunch; then I had about a half hour to work on my statement on C.A.M.P. for tonight’s service. At 2:00 I went to the church—the 3 clergy were interviewed by an Eagle reporter on the joint Sunday School. From there I went with Ed Nutting to the Congo church to put the evening bulletins through the folding machine. Got home about 3:10—worked on, finished the C.A.M.P. statement. At 3:45 went to St. Mary’s for meeting of the 4 clergy of the JYF. Home at about 5:00. Shortly thereafter Busseys, Dunnachs, and White arrived. We had supper and fellowship together until about 7:15, then we all left for Wesley church. Service was at 8:00. Pouring rain, not too well attended—a tremendous, dynamic sermon by White. We got to Patriquins to pick up Debbie about 9:40. Came home shortly after 10:00; relaxed, bathed; OBLO, 11:40.

Monday, 28 September 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got my article written for the Eagle; I took it over to the Eagle office, came home, began looking over exam reading lists. I wrote a letter to Cokesbury ordering 8 books. I then tried to prepare myself for the mammoth task of reviewing all my reading since June 15. We had lunch shortly after 12:00. Before Bonnie left for work she put Debbie down for a nap—and she slept almost the whole afternoon. About 1:00 I was going to start my review. But I was feeling weary and lethargic from yesterday’s pace. So I napped from about 1:00–2:45. I got up, felt revived, got a cup of coffee, then finally began my review. I worked at it until about 5:00, when I quit to get supper ready; Bonnie got home early, and we ate about 5:30. I reviewed for a few minutes before 6:30, then watched CBS news: NASSER DIED SUDDENLY TODAY—what a shock. And Nixon had audience with Pope Paul—from what Nixon said he seems unable to think except in terms of military might and the power of his office. About 7:30 I turned to reviewing again. After 8 o’clock I called Beck to tell him that I would be in to BU on the 1st of Oct to take the exam; we had a nice chat. I spent the evening studying. I stopped before 11:00 to watch news; then mailed (drove to P.O.) letter to Beck with the reading list I’ve been working on; he requested it; home, OBLO, c. 11:54.

Tuesday, 29 September 1970

Up about 9:15. Shaved—2 days worth; had breakfast—my main concern today was to press ahead with my review. I had hoped to have two whole weeks to review, but here I’m trying to cram it into 3 days—and I’m not too happy about it. The reviewing is very tedious, and I also find it emotionally draining; there is so much to know, and I’m continually formulating questions in my own mind which I know I can’t answer. In short, I’m worried, nervous. It’ll be a miracle if I pass the test. We had lunch about noon. Then Bonnie left for work. She put Debbie in her room, but she didn’t settle down to sleep for some time. I read downstairs. About 4:30 I began to work on and off on supper. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home from work. I got a little reviewing done before CBS news at 6:30. In the evening Bonnie went down to Patriquins after putting Debbie to sleep, and I continued working. I went through Mowinckel’s Psalms in Israel’s Worship in about 2 hours—which shows just how speedy and inadequate this review is. Today Bonnie mailed a letter to Blackwell’s—I ordered R. H. Charles Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha—I’m tired of being without it. After Mowinckel I started in Lindblom Prophecy in Ancient Israel—I stopped about 11:00 to bathe; Bonnie got home; relaxed; OBLO, c. 12:15.

David’s Diary, September 29, 1970

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David’s Diary – September 22, 1970

Tuesday, 22 September 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. This was another day devoted largely to reading. The exam is scheduled for Oct. 1—and I need time to review after finishing Eissfeldt. So I got to work reading. Late in the morning I took a break—walked down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—I put up an announcement of the joint Sunday School. When I got back Bonnie was preparing lunch; we ate—early—by 12:15 I was back to reading. After Bonnie left for work, Debbie went down for a nap—I returned to reading, I got sleepy—and stretched out for a few minutes on the bed in the front room. I wasn’t there too long, but it was enough to revive me. So then I spent the afternoon reading—worked on supper late in the afternoon—we ate as soon as Bonnie got home. After supper I strolled down to Mrs. Cooney’s with the Joint SS programs—she has to address them for mailing. Came home, watched TV—CBS news—the Middle East crisis is getting worse—with speculation that Mr. Nixon might intervene—we can’t seem to resist the role of world’s policeman—when will we ever learn? —The evening was spent with reading again—made pretty good progress—listened to radio, Wagner’s Gotterdammerung—finally gave up about 11:30. Bathed, then OBLO exhausted, LO, 12:40.

Wednesday, 23 September 1970

[Top panel: took 3 photos of tomato]

Up about 9:00 after Θ+ —an agreeable way to begin my birthday. Immediately after shaving I met Mrs. Cooney at the back fence—she handed me the Church School programs which she had addressed, and I immediately took them to the Congregational church office to be sorted for mailing. I had a visit with Ed Nutting—further reflections on the blow-up meeting last Sunday. I didn’t get home til about 11:00; the mail was here, I read I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly—the first issue since his August vacation. Then turned to reading for a brief while [before] lunch. After eating I again turned to reading, but the heat again got to me—a beastly hot day—in the low 90’s on this first day of fall! —so I napped. I was out longer than I had intended—didn’t get up til almost 3:30, but I got right to reading. Then Bonnie announced that she had arranged with Carol to go swimming. So I read until 4:30, then we went to Lewis’, and from there to the pit. They invited us to stay for supper—especially when they discovered that it was my birthday. We went home to change—then returned to their place—they even baked a birthday cake! We had a nice visit—came home shortly after 9:00. I then read in earnest til after 12:30. Bonnie scrubbed floors! OBLO, c. 1:15.

Thursday, 24 September 1970

We were not all settled down for the night until about 2:00 AM—so it wasn’t very easy to get up this morning. And we had to get up—at least I did—about 8:45—because Phil Parker was planning to come by about 9:30 to pick up Sunday School materials—which he did. After he left I prepared to run some errands. Shaved. I went to the garden, also to Lewis’ to pick up my unique tomato which I’d left there last evening. On the way home I stopped at the Building Center to check on swing set for Debbie—also stopped by the church—the 3 SS superintendents were getting set up for Sunday. Got home about noon—Bonnie was sacked out—so I read for a while. We had a late lunch, then I read some more while Bonnie went shopping. She returned in time for me to go to a 3 o’clock appointment at the Eagle office to ask about some good publicity on the opening of the joint SS. Then went to Ed Nutting’s office. When I returned home, I got back to reading—and I finally finished—i.e., Eissfeldt and thereby the entire Summer’s reading list! Fixed supper, filled out selective service info form, watched TV, CBS news. Got a little up-straightening done in my room before 8:30. Mrs. Myers called to wish happy birthday. Watched Ironsides—then cleaned up my room—bathed after midnight. OBLO, c. 1:00 A.M.

Friday, 25 September 1970

Not up til about 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then made some calls—on Winnie. Kay was there, so we had a nice visit; then on Mrs. Smith—who seems to be bouncing back marvelously after her operation to install a heart pacer. Got home about noon. Had lunch. Before Bonnie left for work, she put Debbie down for a nap, so I was able to turn my thoughts to the sermon, and this was my main concern for the afternoon. I napped very briefly in the early afternoon—“napped”—didn’t fall asleep. But I made good progress on the sermon, had it 80% done by supper time. Had supper ready when Bonnie got home. After eating we relaxed in the living room, watched CBS news. I then turned to finishing the sermon and preparing the final draft. For a while we stood in the yard and watch[ed] lightening to the NE. Then we debated about the piano in the dining room; we’d like to get rid of it. I called Homer; he agreed. Bonnie called Lewis’—and they came right over to look at it. While they were here the thunder-storm struck—wow! Carol became quite frightened. After they left I went back to work on the sermon. I got it finished, then turned to do the bulletins—got the stencil typed. Finished about 12:45—bathed; OBLO, 1:21.

David’s Diary, September 25, 1970

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