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David’s Diary – April 4, 1970

Saturday, 4 April 1970

Up shortly after 8:30. My first concern was to get leaflets to the young people of the JYF who have their work-day today. I took them down to the Baptist church—also changed my own wayside pulpit. When I got back I had my breakfast, and then got to work on my sermon. Mail man brought a letter from May Federick—they seem to have accepted Alan as more or less already dead—for their own mental health this might be just as well. Got more work done on the sermon—about half—when I stopped for lunch—went to Richdales for bread + milk. Came back, ate—Bonnie not feeling very well—headache. I went out calling for the afternoon—saw Rip Hannibal—his wife is in Florida, Esther Longley, Lucy Patience. I was home by 5. Finished sermon. Then we had supper. Watched NBC news. Bonnie left for dress rehearsal, Community Chorus. I played with Debbie—got a phone call from Maria—she was over at Alan’s—is returning tomorrow to NY. Wants to get her stuff. I did my bulletins—she arrived; we had a long chat (a girlfriend of hers was along). Bonnie arrived home shortly after Maria left. I worked on the service, then prepared my Sunday School lesson.  Stopped to bathe 11:35.

Sunday, 5 April 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Maria arrived to pick up her TV set + plants. She didn’t stay very long. My Sunday School class—both Karen + Bill arrived. We met until about 10:30. I left for the church. An average sized crowd again; communion Sunday. When we got home about 12:30 the Sestos were home. After lunch I got to work doing some more reading to revise my seminar paper. Bonnie spent most of the afternoon with the Sestos—helping them pack. About 2:40 I left for the C.A.M.P. meeting at Wesley church—took Gladys Haskell along. This was over by 4:30. We tended to details re: the April 18 drug program. When I got home the Sestos were just finishing getting the car loaded. We saw them off—then I got back to work—then napped very briefly before we had supper. Mrs. Paradis came over while we went to Community Chorus—I sat with the Bamforths—of course Bonnie was in the chorus. It was a good performance—especially the Orff Carmina Burana. Bonnie was the “cat’s meow” for the last number. This was over before 9:30—we stayed around chatting—but we were home by 9:45. There was a message for us to call Paul + Marty. We did. They’re coming out to see us later in the month. And Marty’s parents around May 1—his health is deteriorating. I bathed about 11:00 after more reading; watched news; OBLO, 11:40.

Monday, 6 April 1970

We got up in the middle of the night—about 3:30—to view the comet in the eastern sky—plainly visible with the naked eye. In the morning, Θ before arising. I got up about 9:30 to answer the phone—a call from Don McGaw with details about where we’re to send money for our theatre tickets. While eating breakfast Ellie Martin called—wanted to talk to me. I shaved, arrived at her apartment about 10:40. She was depressed, feeling low—so we had about an hour’s chat. From there I went to get a list from Gladys Haskell. Came home—a post-card from Uhlinger—the request for FFR grant for the drug program was rejected. We fixed lunch. Bonnie left for work—just as she was leaving Debbie was waking up. I gave her her lunch. Watched TV coverage of the vote to send G. Harold Carswell’s name back to committee—this was defeated; final vote Wed. My afternoon was devoted to my seminar paper. By supper time I had finally gotten to the point where I’m ready to cut stencils. We had an early supper—as soon as Bonnie got home. At 6:30 we took Debbie to Patriquins—went with Lewises to see What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? [1]—very explicit nudity—very funny. We went to Patriquins; had mug-ups. At 10:00 I went to see Margaret Reilly—she’s finally home. Reported fully on Alan. Arrived home c. 11:15; watched rest of news, Johnny Carson; OBLO 12—

Tuesday, 7 April 1970

Up about 9:00. My main concern today was the seminar paper—getting the stencils typed. I got to work on this in the morning. Bonnie went shopping with Carol Lewis (now 2 days overdue). When she got home we fixed lunch. She mentioned that Leona Mitchell wants drug program leaflets to give to the doctors. So I called Rev. Bailley and he brought some up from the Baptist Church w[h]ere they were left on Saturday. When Bonnie left I shaved—then got back to work at the typewriter. At 2 o’clock Alice Mae Heslin arrived to interview me re: the drug program for an article to appear in the Rockport Eagle. While she was here I gave Debbie her lunch. She was gone, and I was back to work by 3 o’clock. I worked on until Bonnie for home—but I didn’t quit until about 6:30. Then I fixed supper—watched CBS news. Got back to work at 7:30—worked steadily all evening. During the evening I got a call from Marty in Schenectady. Marilyn + Arthur will let us know if we can stay with them in New York City on the 20th—Paul + Marty are coming to see us that week—Marty’s father + mother might be visiting us on the 30th of month. About 10 o’clock I’d finished the main body of the paper—but still had footnotes, bibliography, tables to do. Did]n’t] finish til about 1:10. Bathed, together, OBLO 1:45.

[1] A hidden-camera reality film by Alan Funt, released in 1970

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Gladys – April 3, 1970

Letter transcription:

Apr. 3-1970

Dear Bonnie –

The wrap-around came, and I have used it every time I cook or clean the kitchen. I like it very much – even the colors.

I am attending a training session in Cincinnati (Missionary Education – Christian Social Relations – Spiritual Growth). Will be here until Sunday noon. May 7-10 will be going to Houston to assembly. Incidentally, is anyone from your area going to assembly? N. Indiana Conference is chartering a plan for our women. Will be going to Valparaiso next Wed. for Ind. Conf. Meeting.

We had a snow storm yesterday morning and we were not sure I could come – but by the time to come here the roads were all clear and by the time we got to Cincinnati we could see no snow, but lots of green grass. Dad drove me to Frankfort and I came with a Wesleyan Service Guild member who was coming. Her husband is manager of Wesley Manor (Home for retired).

Love Mother

Hello David & Debby

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David’s Diary – March 31, 1970

Tuesday 31 March 1970

Up before 9:30—snowing again! Had breakfast, shaved, puttered at my desk until about 10:45—left for the cemetery for the brief committal ceremony for Louise Bailey. Home by 11:10. The mail man brought a letter from May Fedrick, Alan’s mother—mailed last Wednesday—before the crisis came to a head. She expressed her gratitude to me and her foreboding—well justified foreboding as it turned out; I await word on how his father is getting along after such a grueling week. We had lunch about noon—Bonnie left for work. Debbie played very hard! I worked on my II Isaiah lecture. On one visit to her room I opened the dormer window, set her on the window sill, and we played in the snow—big fluffy flakes—we got about ½ foot during the afternoon; I took some photos in the yard. Late in the afternoon I finished the lecture—also I practiced reading through my paper for seminar. Then read the evening paper. Started working on supper. We ate shortly after 6:00. Watched CBS news 6:30-7:00. Then prepared to leave. The Sestos looked after Debbie. Due to the snow my crowd was cut down at St. Mary’s. My lecture was over shortly after 9:00. Then we came on home after socializing for a while. Visited with the Sestos. I worked on bibliographical recommendations for seminar tomorrow; we bathed together; watched news + a few minutes of Johnny Carson. OBLO 12:15.

Wednesday 1 April 1970

Up about 9:00. After breakfast my main concern was to get the stencil finished with the reading list for next week’s seminar. I ran off several copies. I rode into BU with the Sestos, who were taking a load of things in to their new apartment. Ezra stayed with Bonnie + Debbie. I was let off at BU—just about 12:00. Bill Sesto drives too fast, very unsafe, and no seat-belts. At BU I had lunch with Kent Millard and Elaine Follis—Dr. Rowlingson joined us as we were finishing up. Between 1:00 and 2:00 I did some errands—got 2 books on Pope John 23rd , to prepare my sermon coming up. 2:00-3:00 went to OT theology 3:00-4:00 had an opportunity to visit with Dr. Beck, also Norman Vaillencourt gave me some information on several of the slides which I’d had duplicates made of. 4:00-6:00 seminar—which per usual was dominated by Jim Bank—who loves to impress on everyone his great learning, i.e., a crashing bore. This was over by 6:00. I met Sestos out by the Union building—we drive home—again at break-neck speed—45 minutes from the Mystic River Bridge to home in Rockport. Arrived here just a few minutes before 7:00. Had supper. The evening was spent in leisurely fashion—pretty weary. But later in the evening I began reading in Lindar’s book, NT Apologetic. Stopped to bathe C. 10:30. We bathed together, OBLO, 11:30.

Thursday, 2 April 1970

Up about 9:00 after Θ+. Shaved, had a quick breakfast, then left for Addison Gilbert Hospital—heavy rain—which lasted all day. 10 o’clock meeting at the hospital with Dr. Culter [?], Jack Roberts and Rev. John Lilly—from the Quadrennial Emphasis Committee. The was assigned to interview [perhaps should be: this was assigned?] re: our proposal first hand. After the meeting I discussed a few matters with Roberts, then came home, got here after 11:30. Mail came, we had lunch, watched noon news. In the afternoon Bonnie went shopping, I tried to get some studying done. But I still seem to be suffering some fatigue from last week. I just haven’t been back to normal as far as getting work done is concerned. In mid-afternoon I napped. When Bonnie got home I helped put away the groceries. Then took a cup of coffee to my study—tried to get some work done. Bonnie ordered me to stay away from the downstairs for a while. The after she’d made a quick trip to the hardware store I was allowed to see her innovation: she’d purchased new curtains for the dining room. We had supper about 6:30. Watched CBS news. I tried to study in the evening—not much luck. About 9:30 I gave up—watched TV with Bonnie—we turned if off after about 15 min. of Johnny Carson. OBLO 12:00.

Friday, 3 April 1970

Up by 9:00. Bathed. Had breakfast. Worked on the article to go in the newspaper on the drug program. Late in the morning a woman came to the door with the plant food which we’re supposed to give to the elm tree out back. Mail man brought the film which we took last Sunday. We invited the Lewises over for this evening—to bring their projector. We had lunch around noon. Bonnie went to work, Debbie went to sleep, and I got to work on my seminar paper—i.e., preparing the tables that are to accompany it. This was my main concern for the afternoon—though I didn’t work at it too hard. I glanced through the paper when it came: Nixon is asking Congress to raise the price of a stamp to 10¢! Bonnie was in the mood for sweet and sour pork. On her way home from work she got the ingredients which we lacked—I went to work preparing this shortly before 6:00. I really don’t care for it very much. We watched CBS news; on What’s My Line? Norman Rockwell was the first guest. I like his work no matter what the critic say. At 8 o’clock the Lewises arrived. We viewed the film from last Sunday—and also our earlier films—and we were astounded at how Debbie looked a year ago! After the Lewises left I worked some in my study, read some; watched the first few minutes of the Tonight Show (Flip Wilson) OBLO 12 o’clock.

Diary page from Friday, April 3, 1970

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David’s Diary – March 27, 1970

Friday, 27 March 1970

Up about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—got a call from Alan’s father that Alan was taken to the hospital last night. Id’ been planning to go to Thurston Point anyway—so I just speeded up. Arrived there about 9:00. Stayed and talked with Mr. Federick until about 10:40. We went through some of Alan’s papers. Then I returned to Rockport at 10:45—had to be at the Burgess + Mackey funeral home at 11 o’clock to read the funeral service for Louise Bailey. Not a member of the church—but she had stipulated a Methodist funeral. After this I returned to be with Alan’s father for a while, but then returned home by 12:45. Had lunch, Bonnie went to work. I was weary—and spent the first half of the afternoon—until about 3:00, on the bed. Debbie was playing in her room. Got up, did desk work, did some jotting for my sermon—?—finished with this when Bonnie got home, but I helped with supper about 6:00. We had supper watched CBS news. About 7:30 I left for the hospital. Saw Alan. His friend Bill Matheson arrived. After visiting hours, Bill, Mr. Federick and I spent about 2 hours at the Capt Courageous restaurant, discussing Alan. Home about 10:45, Bathed; watched a few minutes of Johnny Carson. OB Θ+ LO.

Saturday, 28 March 1970

Another chaotic day—thanks to Alan Fedrick. Up about 9:00. Had only a small breakfast—went to Gloucester, to Wesley church to tend to a few details—since the Busseys are leaving on vacation tomorrow. After getting home I shaved, had phone call from Alan’s father regarding a hospital in Waltham which Dr. Mann was considering for Alan. Delivered bulletin inserts to Baptists + Congregation. We had lunch about noon. Grandma + Emil arrived shortly before 12:30. I worked on sermon while they went shopping with Bonnie. Got a call from Ed Nutting—needed more inserts—I went down to his office. Shortly after 3:00—at least before 3:30—Bonnie called—Mr. Fedrick wanted me immediately, Alan was leaving the hospital. I rushed home, then rushed to the hospital, Alan + his father had already left. I then went to Alan’s home. His father had reached the breaking point. Alan was abusive, offensive—entirely unmanageable. He left to go get groceries. His father and I left came home, made phone calls—between 6:00-7:00 I typed my stencil. At 7:00 we left for Logan airport. Got there shortly after 8:00. I stayed with him til he boarded his plane. I left Logan shortly before 10:00; did bulletins at Wesley church on way home. Arrived home, relaxed, bathed, returned to writing sermon—worked on it til 2:00 AM—very weary, OBLO 2:00 AM.

Sunday, 29 March 1970

Got out of bed about 8:00—feeling rather lousy. Had breakfast, then worked on the service, practiced sermon; left for the church about 10:20. A huge crowd. It started snowing during the church hour—a storm that had developed into a howling nor’easter during the day. We were home about 12:30. Had lunch, then I made a trip over to Alan’s. I had to give him the house-keys (which his father had accidentally carried off), and a 50 dollar bill. I stayed less than 5 minutes—I told him never to call me again—and not to show up here at the house with Maria when she comes to retrieve her things. Came home, tried to nap—was on bed til about 3:30. Had a call from Alan’s Brandeis colleague Bill Matheson. I went downstairs, had something to eat, then spent the late afternoon playing cards with Bonnie, grandma + Emil. We had supper around 6:00. The evening was spent in leisurely fashion. We took a roll of movie film, to send to Bonnie’s folks. We took some footage downstairs, and some in Debbie’s room. Then after Debbie was down for the night we showed our slides taken since Christmas. Then I showed my slides on Qumran—but I raced through them since Emil didn’t seem to grasp. Prepared for bed with storm still howling; OBLO c. 10:45.

Monday, 30 March 1970

Θ about 7:30. Bonnie got up about 8:30, when we heard Grandma + Emil up—I didn’t get up til about 9:00. We all had breakfast together. They left immediately. I got their car out of the snow and turned around. My main concern for the day was to make some progress on my lecture for tomorrow night. But I was still pretty weary from the ordeal with Alan. I began reading II Isaiah. Late in the a.m. Bonnie went shopping. We ate lunch about noon when she had returned home. She left for work about 12:45. I was able to finish II Isaiah during the afternoon. About mid-afternoon I got supper going, then I napped. About 5:30 I got up, looked through the newspaper—Bonnie got home, we worked on supper. Watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to Community Chorus. I looked over the calendar for next month—it’s hard to believe that the last seminar is only 3 weeks away. Played with Debbie also. But she was sleepy and wasn’t anxious to drag out playtime. I did some reading on II Isaiah, then turned to making notes for the lecture. Did about 4 pages. I had hoped to be done with the lecture by this evening—but I just wasn’t able to push myself today. Stopped to bathe about 11:45. Watched the first 45 minutes of the tonight show—it’s great on Maria’s color TV! OBLO, c. 12:30.

Emil and Grandma, holding Debbie, 1968

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Gladys – March 26, 1970


Letter transcription:

March 26, 1970

Happy Easter – and I hope this reaches you before Sunday. I am sending Debby a present for Easter, but you may not get it before the Day, but since she won’t know the difference maybe it won’t make her too unhappy. I have been taking therapy on my right arm and find I am having a struggle to get my muscles back in shape. After having a cast on the arm 6½ weeks, the old muscles don’t want to go back to work. I go to the Health Center every day at 3:30 and it takes about an hour. I am out by the time the Doctors get off work, so we (Dad & I) come home together. I have to take Dad to work every day after lunch, because we cannot have two cars on the campus at one time.

We are planning to go to Japan July 22nd and return home August 12. That is the schedule for the plane for the Purdue Band. We have bought one tour which will take us to Expo, but we will have more time than this one tour takes. I have an acquaintance who is a missionary in Nagasaki and if she is going to be home at the time we are in Japan, we will probably go and see her and do some sight seeing in that area.

John just called. He is coming over for the weekend and will be here tomorrow evening. I had thought about having Mark’s children come for a few days, since they will be having spring vacation, but my therapy has been keeping me so tired, I am afraid I couldn’t meet the effort it would take. According to the weather forecast we are to have cold weather for the weekend and that would mean they couldn’t play out of doors, so I am afraid they wouldn’t like staying too much.

We plan to go to Kentland Tuesday – Dad has a dental appt. I will visit Mrs. Myers.

I am going to Cincinnati April 2 to 5th to attend a training session for my new job as Chairman of Missionary Education for the Conference.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the enclosed picture taken from the slide. The colors are not too good, but the picture turned out better than I thought it might.

Love Mother

Mark and his family, summer 1970

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Fayette Friday – Fannie L. (Gilchrist) Merrell #2

A second letter from Fannie Gilchrist to Lena Scofield. It is not clear whether this is the first letter or the second, since last week’s letter did not include the year. While this letter describes part of Fannie’s journey to Iowa, it could have been written months afterwards. Fannie becomes a great contemporary witness to the fire that destroyed Chicago in October 1871, as she mentions traveling through a burnt section of the city.

Letter transcription:

Marion, Iowa Dec 14th, 72

Dear Lena

I received your letter and was very glad to hear from you. I thought you was going to wait until I wrote. O! how I wish I could see you and tell you all the news you want me to tell you all about my journey it would have been very pleasant – if I had been well it makes me have the head ach to write on the cars It was in the after noon when we crossed the Mississippi and the sun was shining and it did look so pretty I wish you could of seen it there is an island in it with two houses on it – there was a lady on the cars that told me they was not nice people that lived there. Lake Michigan was so pretty the sun was shining on it – which made it look beautiful. Did you ever see a wind mill? I saw so many of all shapes they did look so funy. On getting off the cars

[page 2] at the great Union Depot at Chicago we had to get in the to go to the well street Depot and going from one Depot to the other we passed through the burnt part of the city. I saw a great many people there was a carrage passed us and I think the women that were in the carriage was Nun’s they did look so funy. I reached the end of my journey between 8 and 9 o’clock I was very tired. I spend my Thanksgiveing at home I was invited out but did not go, Miss Small was here for dinner. Are you making any Christmas presents? Lena pleas tell Em and Min I would like to write to them but have not time I send my love to them. Is Mary there yet? You say you wish I could see Zella I would like to very much. I send my love to Pauline and ask her if she does not want to take a sleigh ride this winter. You want me to tell you all about my school I am acquainted with all of the girls of my size and most all of the large ones I have not had an introduction to any of the boys and I do not want any the boys here are

[page 3] are no better than they are there. I like some of the girls real well. I sit with Alice Cook I think she is a very nice little girl. Alice and I got weighted and I weigh 104 Miss Small think I am flesher than when I first came. I go with Effa Whipple the most of the time she is my cousin she is as large as I but not as old. I have not been to see her but twice since I been here and she does not live far from our house I was over to her house yesterday evening and we had a real nice time she played on the Piano and I sang. Aunt Abbie said I might go to the Literrary so Effa Anna and their Ma called for me and I went with them. We had a real nice time it was at the public school there are three Literrary socities here. Are they going to have a tree Christamas at our church? We were going to have a supper Christamas eve I gues they are going to put it off until the horses get better so the country people can come and then we are going to have a sleigh ride before supper won’t that be nice? I should think

[page 4] Anna Quinn would have been ashamed of her self that piece that was in the Gazette, was she not? What made them put it in? Does Ella Quinn go over to our house? You ask me if I do not think of staying here two years I would like to go to school two years for I think I know very little for a girl of my age. How can they get Mr. Bippetoe when He is superintendant of the College? You ask me if it is so that Emma was going to be married I don’t know what you mean I never said any thin about her going to marry. Lizzie has not answered my letter yet. Have you heard from Ella lately? The wind is blowing real hard to day you ought to hear it – some time I know it would scare you. My new dress is done it is trimed with satten of a darker shade it is made with a polinase buttoned up behind it has three folds on the upper skirt and a ruffle and Miliners fold above that and between the two there is a fold of satten on the lower skirt there is a broad piece of bias satten I think it is very

[top margin] pretty. I am going to wear it tomorrow. You did not tell me what you did on Election day did you ride on the wagon? It was as still as could be here it seemed so funny for it was all ways so noisy there. Next week is examination. I have to learn sum poetry this afternoon for next Friday. I wish you would tell me all about the Rivel Sisters and Bone of Contention Aunt does not take that paper she take the Presbeter. I am readying that story I think it is real interesting. There is some snow on the ground – When you write please tell me what they done with Dickey. Are my flowers growing nice? O! how I wish I could see you. I was invited to a party not long ago Aunt thought I had better not go she said she did not like for me to be out at night and the boys and girls were not as old as I. I found out afterwards that they danced and cut up high. They always have refreshments at parties here. How do you wear your hair

[top margin 2] I cannot [?] mine fit to be seen my [?] teeth are broke and my come is to big. Emma all ways fixes it on Sabbath for me. I send my live to our family tell Ma I will write next week When you write ask me all the questions you want to about my school or anything else I belive I have told you every thing I can think of pleas write soon and pleas excus all mispelled words. I shall look for a letter evry week now from your Friend Fannie L. Gilchrist

P.S. I send my love to all a good part of it for you good by write soon


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David’s Diary – March 23, 1970

Monday, 23 March 1970

Up about 8:30. A busy morning; made several phone calls re: Alan and the April 18 drug program. Shaved; worked on getting the stencil cut for the drug program bulletin inserts. About 12:15 Bonnie and I left the house at 12:15. Virginia Bate stayed with Debbie. I left Bonnie at the hospital, dropped in to see Alan, then left for the airport. Got to Logan just about the time the plane was landing. Had to wait only about 5 minutes to get Mr. Federick. We then drove back to Thurston Point. I described Alan and the last ½ year as much as possible. We were back to Alan’s about 2:30. They had a chance to greet one another—then it was decided that his father + I should go get food. We drove to the Stop + Shop—were back by 4 o’clock. I made phone calls—Alan + his father talked. About 4:20 a phone call came as expected from Mrs. Federick. After this was completed Alan broke down, wept in his father’s arms—a very sad scene. I took Mr. Federick to the hospital to have a shot (his monthly shot fell due today). We picked up Bonnie—then left Mr. Federick at Alan’s—came home, took Virginia home, fixed supper, watched CBS news, dozed, had supper. Bonnie went to rehearsal; I finished stencil; worked on Jeremiah—put a few thoughts in order; bathed about 11; OB, Θ+ , LO –

Tuesday, 24 March 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast. My main concern for the day was to get the Jeremiah lecture ready. So I spent the morning on this. Just before 11:00 I got a call from Don McGaw confirming whether or not he was to have lunch with Alan’s father—I said yes. I continued with the lecture. Bonnie + I had lunch, I shaved—she began feeding Debbie, then had to leave for work. While I was working in the kitchen, Don McGaw walked in with Alan’s father. We had a conference—I think that spending the night with Alan—and really seeing his condition—was a shattering experience for the father. We called Murray Sachs, because Mr. Federick wanted to see him; so Don drove him to Brandeis and back. I spent the afternoon on the lecture—then about 4:30 began preparing supper, since I expected Don back. He came in a few minutes after six—had supper with us—we conferred more on Alan. Then Don had to get on back to Medford. After 7:00 I prepared to leave for St. Mary’s. The lecture went well; Bonnie + I stayed around afterwards chatting with Ed Nutting + the Bamforths. Picked up Debbie from Drue, then headed on home. I then got to work typing the stencil for Easter letter + Wesley Fellowship letter; OBLO, 12:45.

Wednesday, 25 March 1970

Up about 8:15—shaved, had breakfast. Left for Gloucester, after getting gas and going to the dump. Jim Bussey and I ran off the bulletin inserts on the drug program—also enough to leaflet the supermarkets. Also ran off my Easter letter + a letter to the Wesleyan Fellowship. We finished up about 11:30. I went over the see the Federicks. Alan was asleep, but his father was awake—he’d been able to get a good night’s sleep. We talked at length about Alan’s future—and the situation is so difficult. Every alternative is fraught with difficulties. I threw away some marijuana which Alan had. On my way home I stopped in Gloucester and got my slides—the duplicate[s] of Fr. Vaillencourt. Got home about 2:00. Had lunch. Then attended to the Easter letter—Bonnie went shopping, I took Debbie on my back. We went to P.O., Epis Church, to Rockport Nat’l bank to leave the Wes. Fellowship letters with Jean Crowell. Home again. Put Debbie down for a nap—and wasn’t much in a mood myself to study; napped. Read the paper when it came. Fixed supper;—when Bonnie returned; Watched CBS news. In the evening I mounted my “scissor” or “accordion” lamp by my chair; worked on Aramaic most of the evening. Bathed about 11:30. More Aramaic; OBLO, 12:20.

Thursday, 26 March 1970

Up about 7:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Got on the road shortly after 8:00. Arrived at Carter Memorial Church in Needham Heights about 9:10. Communion service already in progress in the sanctuary. After this was over we went downstairs—this was, by the way, the Bishop’s Study Day—had coffee + chatting. Then the morning was spent discussing a chapter from a book by Harvey Cox.[1] Then after lunch there was discussion of COCU [2]—Bishop Mathews is in the thick of things, so he was able to give us some good information. The meeting broke up about 2:30. I headed in to BUST. Arrived about 3:00. Did some errands. Also—Dr. Brown informed me that the faculty voted me a $500 Fellowship—although I haven’t been notified yet. Had Aramaic class from 4:00 to 5:35. Then I came directly home. Rainy. Got home about 6:50. Had supper and watched the end of CBS news; it appears as if Nixon’s nomination of G. Howard Carswell is going to be rejected. It’s very rewarding to see this happen. I only hope Congress has the stomach to keep rejecting as long as Nixon’s nominees are inferior.// Ate quickly went to the church. 7:45-8:45 Communion service with Jim Bussey preaching—the service didn’t go off too well; we went to Lewis’, who had Debbie, stayed a while; home by 11:00; bathed; watched some of Johnny Carson; OB, read, LO 12:35.

[1] Leading Protestant theologian at the time.

[2] Consultation on Church Union.  Not a very popular initiative; people called it “cuckoo.”

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