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David’s Diary – 25 February 1971

Thursday, 25 February 1971

Up about 9:20. A rather lethargic morning—didn’t get around to doing things until late—for some reason I was moved to attack the large pile of papers on my desk that needed to be filed. About noon time a big truck from Almy’s arrived with our new dining room carpet. They brought the right carpet but the wrong pad. But we accepted it since the delay would have been 8 to 10 days. Fixed lunch, then I went back to work on the pile of papers. Finished about 2:00; then I shaved. Set off on some errands. Returned a rug to the church—the one we’d been using here in our dining room. Stopped at town hall to check on procedures for challenging on floor of town meeting the “indefinite postponement” of article #25. Then I set about setting up and re-arranging things at the church in preparation for tonight’s meeting on NUVA. Went to Amelia Fisk’s to get cookies she’d baked for tonight. Came home, relaxed, worked some at my desk, had supper about 5:30. NT reading: Matt 27-28. OT: Ezekiel 28. Watched the first few minutes of CBS news, but then left for the church. All the panel showed up—but only 10 in the “audience”! We all sat around one table. For the most part talked about strategy for Town Meeting—responsibility seemed to devolve on me for organizing the drive to get #25 adopted. Home shortly after 11:00. Relaxed, bathed. OBLO 12 o’clock   Θ

Friday, 26 February 1971

Up about 8:40. Even before eating I immediately composed a letter to the editor of the Gloucester Daily Times—as was requested by the NUVA meeting last night. Bonnie had to take Debbie over to Gloucester to Dr. Klein for a vaccination, so she took it to the newspaper office. After they’d left I had some breakfast, did some phoning. The mail arrived: a letter from Dick Marr (and Alex), to the effect that they would give $50 to the paint fund if the banners come down from the sanctuary! Needless to say, I will not yield—even if they offered to pay the whole $520! What a deplorable, childish tactic—as if there were no opinion but theirs in the church. Again we see that they regard this church as their private chapel. We fixed lunch during the noon hour—Bonnie left for work. Debbie and I went to her room to build a “house” with the building blocks. She surprised me with her immediate identification of “hexagon”! Bonnie had taught her the word. She knows square, circle, triangle—and hexagon! Also several numbers and letters. She’s at the stage of noticing letters on cereal boxes, etc. During the afternoon I baked bread and worked on my sermon. Late in the afternoon I put together a meat loaf. We had supper not too long after Bonnie got home; watched CBS news. 7:30–8:15 I worked on my sermon; got 90% done—rough draft. 8:30–10:30  we spent at Patriquins—watched The Odd Couple with them. Drue was there—all were disgusted by the Marr letter. When we got home we cleared out the dining room for laying carpet tomorrow; bathed; OT: Ezekiel 29; NT: Luke 1:1-25. OBLO 12:15.

Saturday, 27 February 1971

Up about 8:00. Sydney Gamage arrived about 8:30. We set to work laying the carpet in the dining room. I had never laid carpet before, so it was a learning experience. We hammered the tacked strips of wood into place all around the edge of the floor. Put down pad, cut it; then put down the carpet and began fitting it exactly to the wall. After getting me started, Sydney left, but he didn’t take his tools, so I went ahead. And this took the whole morning—it was about 12:30 when I finished. We hurriedly put things back in the room, including the dining table—ate lunch. After eating I shaved, rushing somewhat because I had a 2 o’clock meeting. I returned Sydney’s tools, then walked to the church. The 2 o’clock meeting was a negotiating session with the boys in the rock group and some members of our Ad. Board: Gladys Haskell, Jean Crowell, Homer and Sarah Orne. We met for about an hour, and worked out the rules for the boys using the church. When I got home, Carol Lewis was here—Jerry had gone to the shop and left her to visit with Bonnie. After visiting for a while I tore myself away to work on my sermon. I hadn’t got much done when Don and Lawry arrived. Jerry also arrived, so the Lewises left soon after D + L arrived. We relaxed, visited, fixed supper. Ate, relaxed more. But I finally had to get back to work on the sermon and preparing the service. Bathed about midnight, but still had to work; OBLO  c. 1:00 AM  OT: Ezekiel 30; NT: Luke 1:26-80

David’s diary, 27 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 22 February 1971

Monday, 22 February 1971

Days like today I do not need—the fewer of them the better. Up about 9:30 after Θ. Had a hearty breakfast—tended to desk work and to Debbie (she watched Sesame Street) while Bonnie went off shopping; wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. When Bonnie got home about 11:30 I went to the P.O., then to the Eagle office. Also stopped by Virginia Bate’s apartment to return her gloves which she’d left in our car. Amy was there—and she recounted their experience of the previous evening. Family problems between Virginia and her son and his family. Virginia had been very upset—harsh words, crying. Virginia came in while we were talking. About 12:40 I arrived home, Bonnie left for work. I made bread in the afternoon; did desk work too—but all equilibrium was shattered by an hysterical phone call from Hazel Brady—she was very upset about the boys at the church with their band. She won’t come back or contribute as long as they’re there. We exchanged heated words, i.e., I lost my temper. Later I got a more balanced report from Sarah Orne—there had been an unfortunate confrontation between the WSCS ladies + the boys—largely provoked by Hazel. This upset my day for the most part thereafter. Fixed supper, had it almost ready when Bonnie got home. Had phone conversations with Jean Crowell and Gladys Haskell. In the evening Bonnie went to community chorus rehearsal. Watched CBS news, on phone, shaved. At about 9:00 I drove over to see Steve Kramer—apologized for Hazel, who had told the boys they had no right to be in the church. Home by 9:45. Relaxed, snacked; OBLO 11:40.

Tuesday, 23 February 1971

[Top panel: called Beck for Ed Nutting]

Rather surprised to see it was almost 9:30 when I looked at my watch when I woke up. Got up, had breakfast. After eating had a long phone conversation with Gladys Haskell re: the upcoming program on NUVA. Mail man brought slides; we projected them in Bonnie’s room—its one of the rooms in this house than can be reasonably darkened in the day time. The last few minutes before the noon hour both Bonnie and I lay down—weary for some reason. I had had a big breakfast, so I didn’t eat lunch. And Bonnie was having slight stomach upset, so she didn’t eat. She left for work at the usual time. I worked in my study in the afternoon—organized publications which I’ve received over the last 3 or 4 years from the American Schools of Oriental Research—I’ve just been throwing them in a box. I prepared—either today or yesterday—renewal of my $15.00 membership. Today wrote out check ($9.00) renewing I.F. Stone for two years. Worked at my desk most of the afternoon after reading the COCU assignment for tonight. Bonnie got home early, just about 5:00, as I was preparing supper. Ate about 5:30. Shaved; watched CBS news. Had the COCU meeting at the Congregational church 7:30–9:30. When I got home we worked at transferring fish from one tank to another. 10:00–11:00 watched CBS special: “The Selling of the Pentagon”—how the Pent. spends $190 million this year on self propaganda. NT reading: Matt 25, OT: Ezekiel 26; bathed c. 11:30. 3 more guppies born while I took my bath! OBLO  12:20.

Wednesday, 24 February 1971

[Top panel:  guppies born in early morning hours]

Up about 9:15. After eating I turned my attention mainly to preparing a letter to go to the congregation re: the fund drive to raise $520.00 to paint the side of the church facing town hall. It had to be composed, then the stencil typed. I took some time with the mail when it arrived. About 11:45 I went over to the Orne’s to get Homer’s signature on the stencil. When I got home I shaved—while shaving phone call from Carol Lewis—they had been out of town for about a week but are now back. Finished shaving, then we had lunch—finished up with this about 2:00. Then I set off on an afternoon of calling. First I left the letter to the congregation and envelopes with Rip Hannibal; he’s going to do the work. Then I went to see: Gertrude Parsons, Ellie Martin, Virginia Bate, Anna and Alvina, Ethel Leary—then I went back to see Virginia’s aunt Amy, who was asleep when I’d been there earlier. Virginia wasn’t in, so we were able to lay plans for a surprise birthday party for Virginia next month (24th). I got home about 5:45. Bonnie had supper just about ready. After eating I relaxed with the newspaper and watched CBS news. 7:30–9:00 I was at Town Hall—an open meeting re: the proposed new Teen Center, to be financed with $12,000 of town money. When I got home, glanced through Town Warrant, relaxed; OT reading: Ezekiel 27; NT: Matt 26. When we got up this morning we found 12-15 new guppies (altogether). Bathed together OBLO  c. 12:00.

David’s diary, 24 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 19 February 1971

Friday, 19 February 1971

[top panel: Black + white photos of Debbie]

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast. Did some desk work. About 9:30 walked to the P.O., then to Ornes’ house. Wanted to bring them up to date on the Joint Church Committee’s actions last night. Also wanted to tell them about the $10 (which) Ed Nutting will pay for our heating if the boys will come up with matching funds—since the Congregational church has no place for the boy’s band—but would still like to help. I got home about 10:30. The mail had just come, I spent some time with it. We called about the carpet which was supposed to be delivered yesterday—it won’t come til next Thursday. Bonnie made it clear that she thought it was pretty poor business to miss delivery date by a week. 11:15–12:00 we went on a walk down Bearskin Neck—took some B + W photos. When we got home we fixed lunch. When Bonnie left for work Debbie went down for a nap. Part of my afternoon was spent outlining my sermon, calling on the phone re: the drug program next Thursday—so many details! —also I spent some time stapling the Jesus Christ Superstar libretto together—Ed Nutting’s secretary made the copies—about 7 sheets. Started writing the sermon proper, fixed supper. We ate shortly after Bonnie got home. About 6:00 I went to the church hoping to find the boys there, but no luck. My evening was then spent on the sermon—up to 9:30 when we watched The Odd Couple—then back to the sermon; finished the rough draft. NT reading: Matt 21. OT: Ezekiel 22; Bathed OBLO  12:07.

Saturday, 20 February 1971

Up about 9:00 or so—phone call from Ed Nutting—we had a long chat as I was waking up. He had received a phone call (while eating breakfast) from Mrs. Lester Dow—wife of the fundamentalist minister of Pigeon Cove Chapel. She was trying to be bubbly about Christ, but Ed set her straight on just how he felt about fundamentalism. He wanted to know if I had any good books defending liberalism. After the conversation was over I had breakfast, shaved. Then I left the house. Stopped at the church, the boys were there. I proposed to them that they might do the janitorial work in return for using the building; they agreed. Went to see Ed Nutting, returned paint brushes and screen. We had a long chat. Got home about 12:30. Had lunch. Then about 1:30 visited Ornes; they are acceptable to having the boys as the janitors. About 2:00–3:00 I spent with the Hannibals. Then I stopped back by the church to confer with the boys—to let them know that the janitor business has been finalized. About 3:00–4:00 spent with Grace Harris and Louise Rich. 4:00-5:00 spent with Charles O’Reilley. Got home about 5:30. We had supper, then I turned to writing the final draft of the sermon. I lay down for a little while, but continued copying the sermon until about 8:15 when Margaret + Fred arrived. Showed them the Dead Sea Scrolls slides. They left about 10:30, at which time I returned to the sermon, finished it, worked on preparing the service; NT: Matt 22; OT: Ez 23; OBLO, c. 12:05  Θ+

Sunday, 21 February 1971

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Had a full class today—5 girls. Class was over by 10:20, I went to the church. Average sized crowd—too much ice for many of the older folks. Preached part II in the series on the ten commandments—on the Sabbath. Got home about 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed, did a little work in my study, tried to nap a while. About mid-afternoon I sat down with the libretto of Jesus Christ Superstar and made some notes—for the purpose of giving a summary before playing each side tonight. About 4 o’clock I went down to the church and got chairs set up. Came home, read I.F. Stone, which had been setting around unread for several days, which is unusual. Also read 3 articles on COCU in the recent Xn Advocate. Fixed supper, since Bonnie was sacked out. Ate about 6:00. Then went to the church at 6:30. Got the record player all set up—I took it to the church in the back of the Squareback. About 30 people showed up. Mostly elderly! And they seemed to be very impressed. Sarah Orne’s reaction was typically conservative—Mary Magdalene she thought was too sexy—Sarah’s Jesus is quite sexless. Margaret Reilly was there with Fred. She was impressed too. Even asked me for my autograph! I changed the wayside pulpit, came home by 10:00. Relaxed after getting the record player back into place. Had snack, wrote letter to the editor, GD Times, re: Thursday’s drug (NUVA) program, bathed, wrote my Eagle article. OBLO  c 12:05.

David’s diary, 21 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 16 February 1971

Tuesday, 16 February 1971

[Top panel: finished roll of film—Debbie   NT: Matt 15   OT: Ezekiel 18-19]

Up about 9:00 to answer the phone; then back to bed, Θ. Up about 9:30. Shaved, had breakfast. It was as if my week were just beginning—my morning was like Monday. I.e., I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers—sent her 5 photos. Also wrote an article for the Eagle. The mail man brought a package for Debbie—we knew it was coming—mother mentioned it in a recent letter. It was a red teddy bear. I took a couple of photos of Debbie with it. It was for Valentines day—but it was appropriate that arrived on the day that she was 2½ years old. About 11:20 I set off on errands, to the post office, then to the Eagle office, then to Ed Nutting’s office—picked up movie screen—took it to our church for use tomorrow evening, Also changed the wayside pulpit, announcing Jesus Christ Superstar being played next Sunday evening. Got home to eat lunch. After Bonnie went to work Debbie went to her room and slept most of the afternoon. I made bread, worked at my desk, re-read chapter 6 of the COCU Plan of Union. Debbie has an eye infection—her eye has a boo-boo as she says. After Bonnie got home we had supper, she brought medicine. We applied the eye drops, much against Debbie’s will. Watched CBS news. Then 7:30–9:30 I was leading the COCU group at the congregational church. Got home shortly after 10:00. Debbie has been ill—vomiting—we speculate it might have been the apple cider served at breakfast. I reviewed my Qumran lecture; had snack  OBLO 11:50.

Wednesday, 17 February 1971

Up about 8 o’clock. One of the first things I did was to go to the church to turn on the heat—for making banners and for the Wesleyan Fellowship meeting in the evening. After I got home I shaved, and then we all had breakfast together. After eating I gradually got everything in order for going to the church to make banners. Also got the roll of film ready for sending to Mail-A-Way. The latter part of the morning was spent at the church cutting the paper, making the designs. Home about noon. Had lunch, then went back to the church about 12:50. Three of my sunday school class girls showed up. We all worked on the banners. But it really was time wasted, because I just wasn’t satisfied with the banners. Was making 2 sets of two, and neither pleased me. So about 3:00 I have up, cleaned up the mess and headed home. I was extremely weary. Bonnie was already on the verge of a nap. I read a while in Newsweek, but then napped too. The phone got me up about 4:30—but I tried again after that—not much luck, so I did some reading. NT reading: Matt 16; OT: Ezekiel 20. Relaxed, dressed for the evening. At 6:45 picked up Virginia Bate for babysitting, then Bonnie + I went to the church for the Wesleyan Fellowship. After eating and a business meeting I showed my Dead Sea Scroll slides. Home about 10:30. Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT. Then I bathed. OBLO  12:20 Θ.

Thursday, 18 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt, 17-20   OT: Ezekiel 21]

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly before 9:00. Went to the Granite Savings Bank for 2 rolls of nickels, caught the 9:20 train to Boston. Arrived at BU shortly after 11:00. Had a conference with Beck—went over several questions. He gave me a revised reading list for the second exam—one which he and Richardson have worked out together. But he stipulated that this new list does not supercede the list given to me some time ago. However I shall certainly make use of it in preparing for the exam. I left Beck about 12:00. Then was able to catch Richardson for a few minutes while he ate lunch on the run. I asked him about Song of Solomon for a possible dissertation topic. He pointed out that Marvin Pope is working on a massive volume for the Anchor Bible—thus it might be dangerous for me to enter this area. But he liked the idea of my choosing a pericope [1] and writing on the history of its interpretation. Did xeroxing after seeing him. About 2 o’clock had lunch at a small place on Commonwealth Ave. Ran into Larry Carter in book store—we had a nice chat. Back to BU—finished xeroxing, caught 4:10 train home, arrived Rockport about 5:30. Had supper—relaxed before 7:30–10 o’clock meeting of the Joint Church Committee at St. Mary’s. When I got home about 10:00 Paul was on the phone with Bonnie. We chatted for about 15 min. Relaxed, had snack. Bathed about 11:45. Read briefly. OBLO 12:22.


David’s diary, 18 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 13 February 1971

Saturday, 13 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt 12   OT: Ezekiel 14-15]

Up between 9:00 and 9:30. After breakfast I tried to push myself into sermon writing—but I really wasn’t in the mood and I knew it would take a while to get in the mood. I took time to examine the paper and the mail when they came. Finally late in the morning I began getting somewhere. About noon 3 young fellows appeared at the door—they wanted to get in the church to get some of the equipment that the rock band has been using. So I went down to unlock the church—I took the time to change the wayside pulpit. When I got home I shaved, put lunch on to warm. We ate after I finished shaving, then I returned to work on the sermon. And I made substantial progress. I had most of it done when I left to make a call shortly after 3:00. I went to see Mr. O’Reilley—I found him at home this time. We had a nice visit. While I was there his son Dan arrived with his fiancee Jill. They were in the process of getting an aquarium set up for his father, so we talked a lot about fish—but we share views on politics and got into that subject as well. I came home shortly before 5:00—worked on sermon until we ate at 6:00. Pouring rain today—Bonnie was explaining “umbrella” to Debbie, so Deb on her own got all garbed up to go outside—so Bonnie let her out doors with the umbrella for a few minutes! I had wanted to work on the doll house this evening. But I had to work on the service instead. Spent 40 minutes on the phone with Don McGaw. Had to work quite late. Didn’t finish transcribing sermon until after bathing about 1:15. OBLO c. 1:30.

Sunday, 14 February 1971

A long, full day. Last night I had a terrible time getting to sleep—this really wasn’t accomplished until about 3:30. Up about 8:30, had breakfast, shaved. I didn’t have class, because only Vicky showed up. So I used the time to practice the sermon. Today was Race Relations Sunday—we took a special offering, but Mac White spoke strongly enough on race last Sunday to last for a while! So I began a series of sermons on the Ten Commandments; small crowd—people knew it was Race Relations Sunday, so stayed away, e.g., the Marrs, 22 in church. Home by 12:45, had lunch, relaxed briefly, then got to work on the doll house. I devoted the afternoon to this: finished putting in the baseboards and completed the roof—and made one piece of furniture. But I was getting pooped. We decided to flop, nap. Θ —in honor of St. Valentine’s day I suppose! I got up about 6:30, worked on supper, then in the evening I turned to baking. I put together a batch of bread to take to Sestos tomorrow—it’ll be a birthday gift for Carl. Also baked two pies—apple crumb and blueberry. Also during the evening I had to do some phoning in connection with finding some chaperons for the JYF ski weekend. Also did some gluing on the doll’s house. By late in the day the morning and even afternoon seem so far away. NT reading: Matthew 13; OT: Ezekiel 16. We bathed together about midnight. I wrapped the loaves of bread—I wish there were more hours in the day—didn’t get around to several things. OBLO c. 1:00 AM.

Monday, 15 February 1971

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—this was the day for going to Sesto’s. As soon as we finished eating we prepared to leave. On the way out of town we stopped at Mals. Bonnie got some yarn and I got some small tools. Then we headed for Boston. A beautiful, clear day. The traffic wasn’t bad, and we got to Sestos before 11:30. If we sometimes think of ourselves as poor—we need only to think of the Sestos. There isn’t a decent chair in the whole place—and no sofa or couch. And about a month ago Carl was cleaning the refrigerator and punctured it—ruined it. So they don’t even have a refrigerator! They put things in a cold window sill or on the back porch. We ate lunch during the noonhour. I dropped Carl off at the taxi garage (he drives a cab) then went to BU, intending to work in the library at the school of theology. But everything was closed for the holiday. I bought the March issue of Playboy and read through it in a lounge at the Union. Then drove down to the Copley Square/Prudential Center area. I found a new record shop, bought a $1.98 record of David Steinberg [1]—satire on the OT. I returned to Sestos about 5:00. We had supper when Carl got home about 6:30. We were all very tired—so we didn’t prolong our visit. We left about 8:30—Carl had to go back to driving the cab. We got home about 9:30. Utterly bushed. Relaxed—enjoyed comfortable chairs! OT reading: Ezekiel 17; NT: Matt 14. Bathed; OBLO c. 11:05.


David’s diary, 15 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 10 February 1971

Wednesday, 10 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt 9   OT: Ezekiel 11]

Up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, then turned to working at my desk—Bonnie went to Gloucester to get our month’s supply of surplus food. I stayed with Debbie, who watched “Sesame Street”—I worked on composing a letter to the congregation concerning Race Relations Sunday and the upcoming Wesleyan Fellowship meeting. When Bonnie got home I unloaded the car—only one box-full. Her sciatica is bothering her a lot. I drove up to Hannibals—Rip has taken the job of addressing envelopes for me—I took him two batches. I didn’t stay long, was home by 11:30. Shortly after getting home I helped get lunch. Since Bonnie had taken off from work yesterday to go shopping for carpet, she had to work today. I spent the first part of the afternoon re-arranging furniture in Debbie’s room. Her new bed is so wide that it prevented the closet door from opening, so a lot of furniture changing had to be done—which involved attaching the shelves to another spot in the room. Soon after this was finished Debbie went to sleep, and I had the rest of the afternoon to work. I typed a rough draft of the letter to the congregation, but the main part of the afternoon I spent working on Hebrew. I’ve started a review of Weingreen’s Hebrew Grammar. Bonnie got home a little early. I worked on supper while she relaxed. After supper I got right to work on cutting out the pieces for the doll house. This occupied most of the evening, along with some TV. Then turned to Hebrew. Bathed while watching some of Johnny Carson. More Hebrew. OBLO  c. 12:30.

Thursday, 11 February 1971

[Top panel: one picture of doll house pieces    NT: Matthew 10    OT: Ezekiel 12]

Up shortly after 9:00—gotten out of bed by the phone. After eating I set to work on the letter to the congregation. I had the rough draft written; I typed the stencil, ran them off. Then I was occupied with folding, stuffing. This was interrupted by lunch. As soon as I was done eating I returned to this—Bonnie had to leave for her doctor’s appointment at 1:15—about 1:00 I was finally finished and made a quick trip to the Post Office. When I got back Bonnie left. I then shaved, did some desk work, had a long conversation with Carol Lewis. They’re going to New Haven for about 10 days—next Tues. leaving—so they won’t be leaving Chris with us Sat/Sun as they had planned (they had planned on going skiing). Studied Hebrew until Bonnie got home, then I prepared to make a call. I went to visit Mr. O’Reilley—but he wasn’t home. I returned, worked on Hebrew for a while, but then succumbed to the desire to nap—I did for a short while before supper. After supper I read through the newspaper—the[n] started working again on the doll house. We also kept the TV on all evening during this work, beginning with CBS news. Took time out to watch Ironside—then returned to cutting. Finally I finished all the cutting—80 some pieces. Then took the photo and cleaned up the mess. Bonnie’s sciatica was too bothersome. Relaxed, watched TV, read, bathed about 1:00.  OBLO  c. 1:15.

Friday, 12 February 1971

[Top panel: one picture of doll house; called Wendell Luke]

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Had breakfast. In the morning I worked at my desk, shaved—spent some time with the mail when it came. About 11 o’clock I walked over to the Building Center to get some brads for the doll house. They were having a sale on screwdrivers: 45¢ apiece—I got four different types—they’re magnetized. I went to the Building Center on foot—the temperature was about 40. Also walked over to confer with Homer Orne, but he wasn’t home—so I came on home. Had lunch. During the noon hour Rev. Wendell Luke called—he’s trying to find a home for a 12 year old girl who’s having family problems. I spent some time phoning about that in the afternoon, but no luck. Bonnie went to work, Debbie was in her room sacked out all afternoon. I did some sermon planning, which I’d been wanting to get to for some time now. I got about 9 sermon ideas together—I have a stack of the “sermon starter” pages from old Christian Advocates—I’m going through those to get ideas. We had supper when Bonnie got home, then after glancing through the newspaper I got to work on the doll house, watched TV as I worked: CBS news, junk programs, plus “They’ve Killed President Lincoln” which was really excellent—a documentary exploring the mystery around Lincoln’s death. Lincoln’s son Robert witnessed the assassinations of both Garfield and McKinley! —I worked on the doll house up til about news time—took a photo of the progress made. Relaxed, read, bathed c. 12:30. OT: Ezekiel 13: NT: Matt 11; OBLO. c. 1:00 AM.

David’s diary, 12 February 1971

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Fayette Friday – Eudora Scofield, 10 February 1884

Letter transcription:

Bloomington Ill Feb. 10th/84
Miss Lena Scofield
Connersville Ind.

Dear Aunt: This morning I gought be at church, but as I kneed rest I think it is just as proftible to stay home. I go every Sunday when I feel well. I have not missed going before this year. I will try to make the present seem like you was here listening to me talk [so do not ask any questions

[page 2]
until I get through]
I was home first week New Year, mended my clothes and made over a dress & new skirts for a blush basque I wore last winter. The next week, I went to clerk in store with “James.” As [I did not like the other place]. [I was there two weeks, then I stayed home two weeks while trade was dull. I sewed during this time I was from the store and cleaned house, also returned calls and visits I owed—

[page 3]
to friends, but the past week I have been clerk at same place with James [I will stope to give the name of our store is “The Bee Hive.” We handle all kinds dry goods mostly notions. It is one block from “Court house” south and across the street from the P.O. south East.] I will go back again this week, may be off after this week again for two weeks, then after that I will be there permently for spring & summer trade. I like clerking

[page 4]
real well. James is one Head oner of the store, The boss [excuse the expression] which is shortest] said I was best sales lady in store. I sold more goods the first two weeks than any other lady in store. I find my time so taken up sometime I think I can not take time to eat. You know about the meetings of our church through the day on Sunday beside the

[page 5]
mission school in afternoon. I attend so you see how this day is usual spent by me when I am well. On Monday evening is our Teacher’s meeting and Normal class meeting. Wedsday night prayer meeting night. Friday night is Literary & Musical night at Wensleyan University. When I am at the store I stay there on Saterday nights until ten Oclock

[page 6]
you see I only have two nights for myself and take Tuesday nights to do my share ironing. The one night left I have company or go some place, sometimes to Library.
The skating rink here is quite a noted place for amusement. LeRoy Orthur & Minnie & James can skate alone. I have never tried much. I can skate with partner, but not alone. I feel it is spending to much money to skate, for it is so

[page 7]
easly forgotten and often injuries persons more than they rece’d good for a young man died by over heating himself there.
Yesterday the New gas house caught on fire, caused great deal loss of light, but as it happen we had light of old gas. We have also electric light suspended in our streets. That was heary loss in burning of that furniture building in Connersville. I suppose there is many changes made there since

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we left. I think though the prittest part of the City there must be the northern now. I read in Connersville paper that J. K. would move soon in his new house, is that true or is he married. I suppose by that he was. How is Will Kliring and Elle [Enyart’s] used to be] how is her baby? is it pretty? I feel real sorry to hear about Jessie V. that she did not do better in

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marriage. What Stewart sent his regards to me. was is young George Stewart that married Schull girl? I went to see him at Fowler Ind. where I went to see my friend Tilla L. last summer year ago. I am keeping company with a gent who has attend the Valparaiso school and has met Had. S. I would like to see R. H. S. and other friends I once knew. Do you

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ever see Jonnie Curtain and wife? Who did Ed Campel marry? Give my love to Minnie Willes & Florence. I would like to them both. Minnie was so sweet when I knew her. I often think of the time when we eat at school together. I may make a visit among you all this year. If I keep at clerking I want you to speak to Aunt Mary for me and remember me to her. give her my regards and also to Aunt Ella & others

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who inquire of me. I hope you are well. I have enjoyed the company of many friends you & I did once go with together that night we were to a party at Cashmer’s for one place, others I kneed not mention, etc. I hope Uncle Sherman will call and spend a week or more with us when he goes west. I do enjoy his letters so much. It did me good to have him come to see us for I did want to see some one from “home.” Why don’t you

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go west with him. I would if I were you. For it would be better for you to go away and see the world. enjoy the different scenery of the different land. I expect to go more if health permits. I have made me a beautiful crazy silk cushion and am making a plush one, can you send me two or three small pieces to put in it? I will close to wash the dishes

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I will close this letter—hoping to hear from you soon. Your Neice.
Eudora R.S.

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