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Gladys – April 3, 1970

Letter transcription:

Apr. 3-1970

Dear Bonnie –

The wrap-around came, and I have used it every time I cook or clean the kitchen. I like it very much – even the colors.

I am attending a training session in Cincinnati (Missionary Education – Christian Social Relations – Spiritual Growth). Will be here until Sunday noon. May 7-10 will be going to Houston to assembly. Incidentally, is anyone from your area going to assembly? N. Indiana Conference is chartering a plan for our women. Will be going to Valparaiso next Wed. for Ind. Conf. Meeting.

We had a snow storm yesterday morning and we were not sure I could come – but by the time to come here the roads were all clear and by the time we got to Cincinnati we could see no snow, but lots of green grass. Dad drove me to Frankfort and I came with a Wesleyan Service Guild member who was coming. Her husband is manager of Wesley Manor (Home for retired).

Love Mother

Hello David & Debby

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Gladys – March 26, 1970


Letter transcription:

March 26, 1970

Happy Easter – and I hope this reaches you before Sunday. I am sending Debby a present for Easter, but you may not get it before the Day, but since she won’t know the difference maybe it won’t make her too unhappy. I have been taking therapy on my right arm and find I am having a struggle to get my muscles back in shape. After having a cast on the arm 6½ weeks, the old muscles don’t want to go back to work. I go to the Health Center every day at 3:30 and it takes about an hour. I am out by the time the Doctors get off work, so we (Dad & I) come home together. I have to take Dad to work every day after lunch, because we cannot have two cars on the campus at one time.

We are planning to go to Japan July 22nd and return home August 12. That is the schedule for the plane for the Purdue Band. We have bought one tour which will take us to Expo, but we will have more time than this one tour takes. I have an acquaintance who is a missionary in Nagasaki and if she is going to be home at the time we are in Japan, we will probably go and see her and do some sight seeing in that area.

John just called. He is coming over for the weekend and will be here tomorrow evening. I had thought about having Mark’s children come for a few days, since they will be having spring vacation, but my therapy has been keeping me so tired, I am afraid I couldn’t meet the effort it would take. According to the weather forecast we are to have cold weather for the weekend and that would mean they couldn’t play out of doors, so I am afraid they wouldn’t like staying too much.

We plan to go to Kentland Tuesday – Dad has a dental appt. I will visit Mrs. Myers.

I am going to Cincinnati April 2 to 5th to attend a training session for my new job as Chairman of Missionary Education for the Conference.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the enclosed picture taken from the slide. The colors are not too good, but the picture turned out better than I thought it might.

Love Mother

Mark and his family, summer 1970

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David’s Diary – March 3, 1970

Tuesday, 3 March 1970

Up between 8:30 and 9:00. Had breakfast; the main concern for the morning was to get Mother to Logan airport, so I made no attempt to study. But I did read further in The Little Foxes. I also put the can of Lamb Omastram into mother’s suitcase—without her knowing it. We left here a few minutes before 10:00—after taking a few pictures of her with Debbie. We made very good time—no traffic, a clear day. I simply left her at the sidewalk at American Airlines—then headed home—was back by 11:45. We got our lunch, then Bonnie went to work. I relaxed by reading The Little Foxes; I finished it, then turned again to working on my Matthew paper—doing some further reading. Called Don McGaw re: Harvey. I played with Debbie briefly a couple of times. She was very good all afternoon. We started working on supper shortly after Bonnie got home. Watched CBS news. At 7:30 Bonnie left for town meeting, but I stayed home and worked on paper. Made some progress; did some phoning. Also had a phone call from Margaret Reilley—she’s getting indications that all is not well with Alan Federick these days; I worked until almost 11:30. Bathed; watched Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:45.

Wednesday, 4 March 1970

Up at 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then turned to working on my paper—again this was my main concern for the day. Worked past noon time. I’m usually not home on Wednesday. About 1 o’clock I was giving Bonnie a backrub, and we got a little carried away; i.e., I seduced her (Θ)—in the middle of the day! So it was a long noon hour. Didn’t have lunch until about 2:00. Then I got back to work on the paper. Late in the afternoon Carol Lewis came over—she and Bonnie went shopping in Gloucester. I continued working. Stopped for news about 6:30—watched CBS—Had supper. Then again back to work after playing with Debbie. Had several phone calls in the evening. From Jerry Lewis—he has cast his Sunday play—I’ll be Oscar. Also spoke with Margaret Reilley. I called her—because I knew that she was to be having Maria for supper. Maria was still there and I spoke with her. Things with Alan don’t seem to be improving—he’s drunk, he missed the day at Brandeis—he told off Murray Sachs—Maria is ready to leave. I don’t see how Alan can possibly keep his job; Maria is afraid he might get violent; had call from Don McGaw re: Harvey; stopped work on paper about 11:30. bathed; Johnny Carson  OBLO  12:50.

Thursday, 5 March 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast—then back to work on my paper—doing some reading. Carol Lewis came over—since she had to take their car to the garage on Broadway. I took a break late in the morning and chatted with her and Bonnie. She stayed to have lunch with us. Just as we were finishing I got a phone call from Maria—she was calling from a pay-phone; she wanted to store some things with us. So I told her to come on over—which she did. Alan is quite drunk; has been drinking for 3 days. We had a long talk with Maria. Don McGaw happened to call while she was here—re: play tickets, but we discussed Alan briefly. After Maria left I wrote a letter to Pat Harry, since Maria had said that Alan has been writing to Pat—and had called Pat. I told Pat to stay away from Alan. After writing the letter I prepared a packet to go to Mail-A-Way. Then I got back to work on the paper—again reading. I stopped about 6:00. Watched the news, had supper. At 8:00 Bonnie went to a Jewelry Party at Patriquins. I stayed home with Debbie—and got some more writing done. And had a phone call from Maria. I stopped to bathe about 11:30. Bonnie arrived home, we bathed together; OBLO, 1 A.M.

Friday, 6 March 1970

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved—then to work again on the Matthew paper—I’m pretty tired of it by now. But I was able to make pretty decent progress—slowly by surely. We had lunch around noon. But Debbie fell asleep late in the morning—so we didn’t wake her for lunch, she was too out of it. When Bonnie left for work, I went back to the paper. Debbie woke up about 1:30. So I gave her lunch. The mail was very late today—didn’t get her[e] until about 2:00. I looked through it while Debbie finished her lunch. Debbie played by herself for most of the afternoon. My breaks from my writing were to play with her. She’s very good about occupying herself—I can come and go and she doesn’t seem to mind. When the newspaper came I took time to look through it. Then back to the paper. When Bonnie got home we worked on supper—I was almost to the end to writing on the paper. We fixed and ate supper, watched CBS news. We had expected Billy Elwell + Karen Haskell to show up at 7:00 to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. But Karen called at 7:00 that she has a cold—wouldn’t be here. When Billy got here—I sent him home—actually he had to go to Sea Scouts; I worked on the paper; finished writing, typed. Had a call from Maria; bathed 11:00; watched Johnny Carson, Θ.

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David’s Diary – February 26, 1970

Thursday, 26 February 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to leave for BU. On the way out of town I stopped at the bank for $4 in nickels, stopped at the dump. Arrived at BU around 11:30. I went immediately to the library—got 2 books. Then went downstairs to have my lunch. Ate in Oxnam lounge—saw Gary Wait briefly—also talked with a girl (forget her name) about Dwight Conrad. I didn’t take too much time with lunch. I got back to the library to find articles for my paper. Had my collection pretty well complete by the time I went to class at 2:00 OT Theology—discussion today—rather a dud. Between 2:00 and 3:00 I went to the Mugar library with my articles to get them xeroxed. Returned to Oxnam lounge—had my pie and some coffee. Then went to Aramaic at 4:00. We met for a long time since we’ve met so seldom—didn’t get out til about 5:45—it was a pleasant session though. After class got one more book; at 6:00 I arrived at the car. Walked in the door at home just at 7:00. I ate hurredly [sic]—then went to the church for the special Ad. Board meeting—arrived just at 7:30. The Board voted to allow the Teen Center Youth to use our church one night a week. Also agreed to sign Project Equality. Home by 9?; Played with Debbie; read on Rembrandt. Bathed about 11:00; watched news + Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:15.

Friday, 27 February 1970

A slow start this morning—not up til 9:30? Had only juice for breakfast—continued reading in W.A. Visser’t Hooft’s book Rembrandt and the Gospel. But dozed at my chair. Late in the A.M. we had a caller—a young woman who claimed to be an exchange student from Mexico but turned out to be selling magazines. We were both disgusted at such trickery—worked against the young person, and against us. When she had left Bonnie got to work on lunch. We ate about noon. I shaved. Then I took Bonnie to work—Debbie rode along. Then I came back home—put Debbie down for a brief nap. But then about 1:45 got back in the car, we went to Logan airport to get GRY. Her plane was on time. We had no problems. We made our way to the car—headed home. Stopped at Addison Gilbert to pick up Bonnie—she left work early. When we got home we fixed supper—had a chance to visit. Watched CBS news. After supper played with Debbie, sat around chatting, showed slides; then while Bonnie cut out a bathrobe for mother, I worked some on sermon; then visited more; watched news + Johnny Carson; bathed; OBLO 12:53.

Saturday, 28 February 1970

Up about 9:15—by the time I got downstairs the others had eaten. But I had my breakfast—then I had to set my mind on the sermon. This was my main concern for the day. I did take several breaks—went down to Richdale’s. We had snow last night and most of today—not a heavy nor-easter—but several inches—maybe 6 to 10. So I did some shoveling. Also after lunch went to pick up mom at the beauty parlor. Late in the afternoon Bill Sesto drove up—he informed me that Cameron had her baby on Wednesday—a boy—Estin Sesto. I was almost done with my sermon and finished up as Bonnie and Mother were returning home from shopping. Debbie had slept while they were gone. Then I helped with supper. We had a big turkey. We watched NBC news—this being Saturday. After supper I got to work on the bulletins—then wrote the pastoral prayer, prepared the service, practiced the sermon. The sermon was easier to write than I thought it would be—I found more to say after I got going. Perhaps one of my better sermons—although its hard to tell; also today A.M. turned down Sue Harris’ request to baptize their new baby; watched 11 o’clock news; B + I bathed together; OBLO 12:05.

Sunday, 1 March 1970

Up about 8:15. Shaved, had breakfast; Billy Elwell called to say he wasn’t coming to class—so I called it off. During the class hour I worked in my study—polished my sermon. Mother and I drove to the church about 10:35. I took along 3 books with Rembrandt paintings in them; put them on display—was preaching on Rembrandt. When we got home from church we had lunch—finished this about 1:30. I relaxed for a while—half-napped. Then I got to work—started the long process of doing a seminar paper, i.e., read the basic material—at least made a start: Matthew’s gospel. Read about half by supper time—made brief notes on OT passages. After supper I was able to do some more—but also set up for showing slides. Took B + W and color pictures. About 8:15 I set out to pick up Virginia Bate, Ann Jewell and Hazel Brady. I showed them my Dead Sea program—the main reason for putting it on was to let Mother see it. After this was over we had cake together—visited for a while. But we didn’t drag it out; it had been a long day for both Virginia + Ann. I had taken them all home by 10:30. Came home, relaxed, visited—after 11:00 Bonnie + I bathed together, then headed for bed; OBLO, 11:55. Θ+

Monday, 2 March 1970

Up at 8:30. Shaved; had breakfast—then left for Gloucester. Had a 9:30 appointment with Jack Roberts at the Addison Gilbert hospital. We again discussed the drug proposal which C.A.M.P. is submitting to the F.F.R. The meeting proved to be short—I was on my way home by 10:00. The rest of the day I tried to spend on my paper. In the morning I finished Matthew’s Gospel. We had lunch around noon; Bonnie left for work. Mother tended to the kitchen + Debbie. And I tried to make some progress in the afternoon on my paper—but the time did go by quickly and I didn’t seem to make too much progress. But I seem to have a better idea about possible approaches. When Bonnie got home about 5:30 we had our supper. Watched CBS news. Then shortly after 7:00 we got ready to go. Mother stayed with Debbie while Bonnie and I went to the town meeting—we’d never been before. I had been asked to give the invocation. It proved to be an interesting evening. Adjournment came about 11 o’clock—to be continued tomorrow night. We came home, watched the news—visited, and watched Johnny Carson show. He had Jimmy Stewart + wife as guests—Stewart is now in a revival of Harvey; I’d like to see that. We finally headed for bed; LO, 12:55.

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Gladys – February 9, 1970

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
W. Lafayette, Ind. 47906
Feb. 9, 1970

Dear David, Bonnie & Debby,

The best time I could get out of NY on the 27th was or rather is to arrive Boston at 3:24 PM American. Will drop you a line if there is any change. The best flight back on the 3rd will be at noon from Boston. May change that, but we have time to do that. Would rather have an earlier flight if possible. That was the best time to make connections in Chicago to Lafayette.

We are having snow today and the temperature is around freezing. Norma Zell was coming here for lunch – then she had a committee meeting to attend, but called and said she was afraid to start. When Dad came home for lunch he said the country roads were slick – he had heard. The forecast is for freezing rain. I rather think I will stay home today. I have been driving, but don’t have to go out, so think it will be better to stay in. Dad put some mail in the box for me, so I really don’t have to go out. I am typing this with my left hand. Have to keep my right arm in the sling, or if I don’t it gets a little grouchy – like it starts to ache, and feels like it is going to swell – or do something else uncomfortable.

Get me an appointment with Drew for a shampoo and set on Sat. the 18th.

Lea, Bob and our Japanese friend Akiko are coming for the Purdue-Illinois game Sat. They are coming on Friday evening. We are planning a Hoke-Pan dinner for them on Fri. Akiko will go back to Tokyo at the end of the school year. She will return to her teaching position at University in Tokyo.

Since this is no fun to write with one hand, and since I am so slow in getting things done – and I have a few things to do, I will save my conversation until I get to Rockport. However, I will add, I am bringing material for bathrobes for Bonnie and myself. I hope Bonnie can make mine while I am in Rockport. Also will bring dress material for myself which I will not be in a hurry about.

Love Mother

(by left hand)

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David’s Diary – January 1, 1970

[Editor’s note: While previously posting a week’s worth of entries, going forward posts will be assembled based on word count. For example, if one day’s entry reaches 1,000 words then one day=one post. Otherwise, posts may be three to five days combined.]

Thursday, 1 January 1970

One of my first deeds of the new year was to wish Debbie Happy New Year when she came running into the bedroom as I was getting up—around 9:00. We took Debbie downstairs to introduce her to her new “gym”; she didn’t want anything to do with it at first, but after some breakfast she showed more interest, and began using the slide. After I had breakfast I took a leisurely bath, washed my hair; Dad was working on the coat rack in the front hall. I helped some on that too. And we took a few photos of Debbie playing on the gym. We all got ready to go, and left the house about 11:30. Drove to King’s Grant Motel in Danvers for the folks to make (by wire) motel reservations for their trip home. Then we drove back to Gloucester and had lunch at Captain Courageous restaurant. Returned home, continued work on the coast rack; about the middle of the afternoon I went to Gloucester to see one of Jim Bussey’s parishioners (Mrs. Stickney). The rest of the day I spent relaxing, working on coat rack, painted, had supper, scraped paint off window, glued chairs, watched football games (RSY’s desire), took photos of Mom + Sully. Headed for bed around 11:30. In the evening called Larry Carter re: when he and Marva are coming—they’ll spend part of Saturday with us. OBLO c. 12:20 Θ

Mother reports that John insists that the new decade doesn’t begin until next year—1971—which I also insisted with Bonnie—she disagrees. But in any case the 1970s do begin today; what kind of decade will it be? Some commentator has observed that in the 60’s we came to recognize + realize many of our problems + crises—and that we must move toward solution in the 1970’s. We can only hope—but with Nixon, Agnew + Mitchell, and their types—blind, insensitive, wrongheaded, guided by outmoded views of the world—hope might be in vain. I. F. Stone wonders if we will be a “free” nation in 1976. I do wonder what the quality of life will be then, and the mind-set of the American people. Will we fail because of a lack of great leadership; the problems are so massive, the need for great leaders so desperate—who will resist all simplistic and repressive solutions; racism, pollution, over-population, nuclear weapons—any of them can spell ruin and disaster if unchecked. We are now in the crisis period—lacking the leaders, and lacking the right popular mood—for overcoming the crises. I am afraid that the 70’s will be as frightful and as terrifying as the 60’s.

Friday, 2 January 1970

Up twice this morning—once before 7:30 to see the folks off. As soon as they left I went back to bed. Up again after 9:00. Had breakfast. I went to the Building Center to get more screws + coat hooks. Came home and got to work—tried to put hinges on Debbie’s crib, but had difficulties. Turned to the painting of the coat rack. But I stopped this about 11:45 to get ready to go. Shaved, had lunch, left here shortly after 12:30. Got gas, picked up Karen Haskell, headed into Boston. We picked up Loyd Starrett at 100 Milk Street, went to Andover-Newton. From c. 2:15 til about 3:00 we discussed Steve Winckler with Dr. Walter Telfu. After leaving A-N returned to Boston, went to Cokesbury (Loyd took subway back to work) the[n] came on home—arrived about 5:00. We [went] to Lord’s—to pick up Debbie, home about 5:30—relaxed, (Debbie went to sleep) fixed supper, watched news. About 6:40 left (with Debbie) for Gloucester to pick up Bonnie, got home about 7:15—had supper watched some TV—finished painting, put up hooks. Relaxed; feeling very weary. Late in the evening I began putting some thought into Sunday’s Communion message. Tried to get ideas from a book by Lumpkin—very insipid; I hate preaching on communion—or Easter—or Xmas; I would like to ignore the NT interpretation of Jesus! (which is hard on such occasions)/ Bathed, read briefly in bed; LO 12:35.

Saturday, 3 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast, then met the 10:17 train from Boston, to pick up Larry Carter, whose main reason for coming to Rockport was David Milke’s wedding. I hadn’t seen much of Larry for a long time, so it was good to get together again. I put up the remaining coat hooks while we chatted—as usual the subject got around to politics and religion. Larry’s wife Marva couldn’t come today because of the pressure of her studies. After lunch we continued our visiting until about 2:00, when Larry left for the wedding. Until he returned about 5:00, I worked on sermon, making phone calls, began a list of “things to do”, had a short visit from Homer Orne, did some sanding on Debbie’s gym. When Larry arrived we got into discussion again (also, in transferring Debbie to Bonnie—I was holding her—my glasses got knocked to the floor, and the left stem broke; so I was without glasses for several hours while the glue did its worked—rather uncomfortable)  Much of our discussion today was about race, but we got into our customary tangle over theology; I frankly don’t understand Larry’s position now—he seems to be trying to be theistic and non theistic at the same time; I told him that the question of God no longer really concerns me—it’s irrelevant; theology bores me. Had supper together. Took Larry to the train at 6:20. Stopped for milk; returned home and began work again on my sermon and tomorrow’s service—and my Sunday School lesson; bathed, OBLO, c. 1 AM.

Debbie on completed “gym,” February 1970

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David’s Diary – December 29, 1969

Monday, 29 December 1969   

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved. Spent the morning in my study, filing, straightening up, etc. We got a call from Mom a few minutes before 11:00. They were a few miles east of Sturbridge. When Bonnie got home from grocery shopping, we put the food away, I carved up t[w]o roasts—then we had lunch; just as we were finishing about 1 o’clock, the folks arrived. They had brought a bed for Debbie + a hobby horse. We got those put together. Bonnie went to work. The folks relaxed; then went to get their car washed + to do odds + ends. I studied until they returned. Then we set about preparing for supper; played with Debbie; watched CBS news; had supper when Bonnie got home; in the evening we took a lot of pictures; showed our slides, sat around talking; went to bed, LO about 12:50.

Tuesday, 30 December 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—then Dad and I got to work on our project for the day—making a “gym” for Debbie—she can crawl into it, climb on it, slide down it. We went to the Building Center, got the wood, came home and got to work. We relaxed for a short while after lunch, I read I.F. Stone, and took two photos of RSY on the couch with the cat! [1] Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the “gym”—had to make another trip to the Building Center after 4:00. About 6:00 we stopped for supper. I shaved, then went to get Hazle Lord, who baby sat while the 4 of us went to the show: Bob + Carol + Ted and Alice—a rather good satire. Then we got home about 9:00. I took Hazle home, saw Barb for a few minutes. Came home; relaxed, socialized, bathed about 11:30.  OBLO, Θ – 12:30.

 Wednesday, 31 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast—then we got to work on the day’s assignments; first of all Dad Bonnie and I made a trip to Gloucester which took all morning. We went to Mals, Sears, + Gloucester Building Center—gradually we found most of what we had set out to buy. We got back home around noon. After lunch, Dad + I got to work on Debbie’s “gym”, after a trip to Rockport Building Center for “washers”—and fixing kitchen faucets. We spent all afternoon on the gym—keeping an ear open for Debbie (we were in the basement, she in her room) while Bonnie + mom went out shopping; we had supper at 6:30, watched CBS news. In the evening Pop + I returned to working on the gym. As we got close to finishing we brought it upstairs; relaxed, had pop-corn. Watched Johnny Carson show to celebrate the coming of the new year—they telecast the view of Times Square in NYC. Then we all turned in; OBLO, 12:20.

Roscoe, Rockport, 1969

[1] He hated cats.

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