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Throwback Thursday

David’s baptism certificate, April 1944

Digging through the family archives, here are a couple documents from the World War II era which I did not scan during the time I was transcribing the WWII letters. Some of my archive is a little more organized since then!  Roscoe and Gladys waited until Roscoe returned from the Pacific to celebrate David’s baptism. David was between 18-19 months old when he was baptized!

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Replacing the Furnace (Gladys)

August 23, 1945 envelope

August 23, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

August 23, 1945, p. 1

August 23, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

Mr. L came out this evening and after looking over the heating plant said flatly he would install everything complete and wouldn’t miss $200.00 over $10.00 either way. That includes one 270 gal. tank – the same size Statons have – and wiring – everything – He said it wouldn’t take but a day to make the change over. He was in Chicago Mon. and the Delco people said he could get all necessary equipment in Oct. so he said he could have it all installed by Nov. 1. I told him I would let you know and then I would give him an answer. Shall I have them go ahead and start the process to make the change?

After Lucile Burgee left I finished my afternoon letter and took it to the P.O. John Parr said air mail should be here or there in two days. Since no mail has come this week I am wondering if you are sending them air mail.

I went over to Statons to borrow some mouse traps this evening. I didn’t

August 23, 1945, p. 2

August 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] ask Link directly about what he had said he would do, but he was rather evasive about anything. I wonder if he could do anything or not. I am rather doubtful.

I talked to Blanchard this morning when I bought some gas. He said I should do something, but I said I thought other people should. I have been waiting to hear from you and no letters.

We got the back yard furnace all cleaned out and if we can find a grate will be able to have some picnics in our back yard. We could have wiener roasts without a grate.

The Jr. Woman’s Club called for your address for forwarding the Digest and they will have it sent here and I’ll forward it. The latest Rotarian came and I looked up the International Officers to find Uncle Wes. Treas. You had told me.

I must write to Jim. He picks up mail when they hit a port. Said he had a letter from me the last time they stopped.

Fri. a.m. Yours sent by air mail Aug. 22 came today the 24th so please use air mail – this is the first letter we have rec’d from you. Had a letter from Dolores. She has been transferred and said she didn’t know anything. She isn’t in the same bldg. and doesn’t know anyone personally where she used to be. She says so many changes had to be made so quickly she doesn’t think you will go “out” again.

August 23, 1945, p. 3

August 23, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] John has started a fire this morning. We didn’t watch it closely enough yesterday and it went out. I will be so glad to be rid of that firing business along with all the dirt involved.

I do hope you get to take a draft to Great Lakes. Just wish they would do something about releasing. Surely something will start before long.

The account of Maybelle Tower’s wedding was in the paper this week. Last Sun. we were at Johnson’s and I saw Rev. Servies drive by, going home, and I just wondered if he had been to a wedding. Maybelle was married to the band instructor. When John & Mark went over to register, John asked about seeing the band teacher and the office girl said he would be away for a while. John thinks he wants to play the oboe again. I think it will be a good thing for him to be in the band. He didn’t get to talk to Gertrude Wed., but she said she would see him today. He wants to take organ lessons from her. I saw

August 23, 1945, p. 4

August 23, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] Rev. Servies yesterday and he said he thought it would be a good thing for John to take lessons so he can help at church when they may need him.

David is playing with Betty Zell this morning in their sand pile. Last night when Chet Loughridge was here I had gone to the basement with him to show him the furnace and I heard David at the front door calling for me. I didn’t want to go up so called for John to go help him – by the time John got to him it was too late – John came down & asked me if I could come – I said “take his clothes off and give him a bath” – well he didn’t want to argue with me in front of someone so he took care of David. However, he undressed him in the bathroom downstairs and left the mess there and took him up to the tub to bathe him. I think he used yards of toilet paper to clean him off, from the looks of the toilet. He told David this morning he was “bachie” last night. David can let himself out the front door but can’t get in. We had corn day before yesterday and it was too laxative for David. I am not going to cook any more. I am enclosing some “stuff” from Meade.

Love Mother

1945-08-23 (GRY) #2 Mead Johnson letter

Enclosed letter from Mead Johnson & Company, dated June 9, 1945

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Busy (Gladys)

April 15 & 16, 1944 envelope

April 15 & 16, 1944 envelope

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 1

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy,

I wrote one letter this a.m. Have been keeping busy all day and thought I was feeling pretty good but during supper John said, “We got used to Daddy being gone before, but this is awful.” I asked him if he was lonesome and he said, “very.” Mark said something about going down to Grandma’s to spend the summer. John said, “Who wants to go down there? I want to be with Daddy.” I thought John acted rather casual Thurs. morning when you told him good-bye, but I suppose that is his way. He doesn’t say much at the time or demonstrate but it comes out sooner or later. He is playing records now. We listened to the radio for an hour then the programs didn’t suit us so he decided to play some Beethoven. Mark is busy with his drawing.

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 2

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] He keeps talking about taking lessons this summer. I hope it can be arranged.

David was getting restless around 5 o’clock and I thought maybe a haircut would divert his attention. It rained most of the afternoon and he didn’t get his play out in the yard and he missed that quite noticeably. To go on with the haircut, he objected to the clippers right off, so I used the scissors & comb. Finally we coaxed him into letting me use the clippers but he wouldn’t hold still – results a little cracky, but looks better than it did. I gave him his supper about 6 o’clock then put him down and fixed ours. I had put a plate of hamburger on the table and looked around in time to see him grab some hamburger and cram it into his mouth. To keep him in good humor while we ate, I gave him one pea at a time. He would run into the dining room to eat the pea then come back for another. I taped his thumbs good enough last night he didn’t get the guards off once. I cut them off to give him his bath tonight. I may not have done as good a job on the new ones but haven’t heard him chewing on his thumbs yet.

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 3

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] Sunday afternoon

To continue the letter I started last nit. We have had dinner & washed dishes. Mark is at a loss for something to do. Says he is lonesome. Seems to be contagious around here. I am at one end of the dining room table and he is at the other. He is drawing something. He wanted me to take a walk but it is either raining or will be, so that let’s that out. It is very chilly. Took David to church. He behaved very nicely. It was Communion Day and Rev. Servies asked the Juniors first so John took David out after that and kept him in the vestibule. Lucile was at church and asked us to bring David over to see Jimmy. Ed was still in his robe and pjs. Said Jimmy saw David going to church and got very excited. They haven’t taken Jimmy to church yet. I don’t mind taking David when he behaves as

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 4

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] well as he did today. He doesn’t want to go to sleep now. After he finished his dinner I put him to bed and he is still fussing around and it’s past 1:30.

My hands are almost back to normal. There is still some peeling but no new places starting. They feel very tender and sensitive to water, but I think in a week I will be able to resume routine work, like washing dishes, etc., without any ill effects.

The Zells went to Oxford today and Mark went over to feed the chickens about 1 PM. Mr. Z. said if the sun came out to open the west door. I told him he was very optimistic. He was, because it is raining and looks like it will for quite a while.

John is listening to his regular Sun PM programs. He has a new piece of music that cost $1.50 however he hasn’t paid for it yet. I haven’t any money. I thought I would wait until your ck. comes and when I deposit it get some cash. I paid the telephone bill yesterday. It was $4.72 but the San F. tolls were not on it. The calls I made to Wilmington & C.C. were on it. I wonder why the two you made weren’t included.

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 5

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 5

[page 5] I was glancing over the ck. book and the bal. is $70.17 but I think there were some cks. cashed by you & me that aren’t recorded, so we probably have less than $70.00. I will call the bank in the morning and check on our balance.

Verna Burns just called from Watseka and wanted to know if you could appear on a luncheon program for a sorority meeting as a speaker. I told her in the first place you weren’t permitted to do any public speaking and the second place you were on duty and wouldn’t be available at that time (May 5 – 1 PM). Correct me if I am wrong. I told her Dr. R. was home and she said she knew it. I wonder why she did [not] try to contact him. Maybe she doesn’t know him personally.

David finally gave up and went to sleep. He got his thumb guards

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 6

April 15 & 16, 1944, p. 6

[page 6] off once but I put a new one on. I haven’t made the kind you suggested yet, but will try to get that done tomorrow. I have done a few other things since you left tho. After baths last night I dried the wall around the tub. So far no signs of water seepage around the putty. I am “right proud” of your work. It certainly makes the bathroom look much better. I want to get the lower half of the “Powder Room” painted or maybe I should save that job for you.

I haven’t been away from home since you left so haven’t been out news gathering – if there is any. Somehow I don’t relish the idea of having people ask questions about this & that. I hope you get next Sun. off so you can come home. If not I am coming up. I wish we could arrange something for the week-end if you can’t come home, if not I’ll come with Joe. This month is having a long beginning. I hope it doesn’t seem as long as the first few days have. I had a notion to call you last night but didn’t. We all miss you

Love Mother

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A Little Ahead (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 16, 1944

Dear Mother,

A Kentland Democrat came yesterday and in glancing thru it I found John’s name mentioned twice, both of which I hadn’t been informed. One was the entertainment at the County farm by he, Rev. Servies & the Wood girl and the other was the honor roll for the eighth grade. Neither item was very important and it probably just slipped your mind or you may have written both items and they didn’t arrive. I mean the letters because I don’t believe all the letters have come thru. I haven’t check on which letters may be missing

[page 2] now in a long time. I have a

I have all the letters you have written so far and would like to bring them home but in case of any question of weight I may have to destroy them. There is considerable weight involved you know in that many letters. Of course weight may not be a factor depending upon the way orders might come – when they come??

So far today no mail and I hardly look for any since we have had so much in the past few days. Mail just came – so hold the phone.

Just finished reading your three in two letters Feb. 1 & 2 and Feb. 3. A v-mail letter came from U. Wess and one from Mom – air mail dated Feb. 5. That was the latest this time. One of your letters had D’s picture – Very good picture

[page 3] It sure does help to get the mail a little regular. I forgot all about Ground Hog Day – both you and Mom mentioned it but this certainly doesn’t seem like Feb. In fact it seems to be more turned around than last year. You know how it is when you have to stop and think of what day and date it is well I have to stop and think what month it is.

This time last year is a never to be forgotten time because I was moving from one station to another and I did remember Valentine’s Day because being in a travel status I was on a ship. I didn’t mind the ship but well you know or can imagine. All that seems like a

[page 4] dream now – one you don’t like to talk about because it might have been true or too terrible to think of, but I should talk because I’ve been very lucky. I guess that’s what one would call it.

Back to you – I was a little worried because from the last letter it sounded like you were getting a cold. That was Jan. 31 but in these last ones you seemed to be OK so that was a relief.

If I were you I wouldn’t buy too many bonds right now – keep as much money on hand as possible because “we” might need some and it doesn’t add up too fast on a set salary – a little ahead might mean a lot to us in a few months because rent is pretty high anyplace else but in Kentland – Maybe I’m day dreaming but it feels good to feel that way.

Love Daddy


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Lt. Palmer’s Flowers (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 1 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

You will note the date – Nov. 1 – Your flowers via Lt. Palmer came today – just a few minutes ago in fact and he wrote a very nice letter to Bergens and Mary brought the letter out and gave it to me. I will drop him a thank you note – He wrote such a nice letter about you – said Kentland was fortunate to have such a fine Dr. – My mystery Pal left a package on the front steps this morning with a dish. Nick & Dorothy gave me this stationary and a scarf. I was down town this morning & got Nick’s

[page 2] gift & a card – I gave him about the same things as last year – Shaving material but didn’t have much choice since I hadn’t been out of town to shop.

We went to Wilmington yesterday for dinner & spent the afternoon. Mom & Dad came home with us, but Ruth & Floyd stayed & came over for dinner today then they all started for C.C. soon after dinner. This a.m. we went to town & shopped and got 200 lb. coal in sacks to try in the stoker. Mr. Monroe came out this afternoon to adjust the air on the hopper for the new (Ind.) coal. Your Dad shoveled the coal we have to one side so if I get Ind. coal it won’t be mixed with what is there now. It can’t be mixed – wouldn’t work in the stoker.

Besides washing two washer fulls we cut up and cooked 5 pumpkins. I have 8 qts. in the oven. Mrs. Zell has 8 qts. in Mrs. Zell’s her oven and 4 qts.on top of the stove. I didn’t use the pressure cooker – it

[page 3] has to be watched and I thought the pumpkin would keep without pressure canning.

Your Dad had never seen the Bendix work so I took him down with me & showed him how it operated. He said if he would have had brains enough to invent something like that he wouldn’t have spent his life farming. I don’t believe he really meant that. He didn’t get much time to visit with Earl. They got over there Fri. afternoon, went to Chi. Sat. to see Uncle Wes. & back to Wilmington for Sun. but Earl worked all day Sun. until 10:30 Sun. Eve. Their mine came out on a strike today. There is a new order restricting the delivery of more than 1.2 ton hard coal at a time – but there isn’t any of that around here so the dealers won’t have to worry about violating any such orders.

David is walking alone now. I was lying down a few minutes & watched him. He would turn loose of anything and just stand, then walk a few steps

[page 4] to something. He was having very good time all by himself. He was walked yesterday until I was tired for him. Everyone wanted to have him & wanted him to walk. Romaine borrowed a stroller from a neighbor so we took him for several rides around the neighborhood. I had to give Bud Kruman a shot toady. Dorothy had come out to give me my birthday gift so she took me down to Servies. She said she would take David a while so she kept him while I worked in pumpkin. He jabbers a lot & sounds like “greek or something.” Floyd took a movie of him sitting on the toilet today.

Mark is waiting to take this to the P.O. & get the paper – no more home deliveries. Mark gave me a cute little card & a package of v-mail for my birthday.
Love Mother

[Editor’s Note: Bud Kruman has been mentioned several times in the letters, usually for needing a shot. He suffered from  Landry’s Paralysis or Guillain-Barre syndrome. Here is a newspaper clipping from February 1943 from the Hammond Times which talks about Bud:

Hammond Times - 1945-02-22 (Bud Kruman), p. 8, col. 2-3

“Patriotism Plus,” Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana), 22 February 1943, p. 8, col. 2-3; digital image, Newspaper Archive (http://www.newspaperarchive.org : accessed 16 May 2015).

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The Day After the Funeral (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Oct. 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Oct. 5, 8, 9 & 10 came today – one picture – Thanks and reminds me to tell you I haven’t any film and can’t get any for our camera. I will keep trying. Maybe I can find a roll in time for Oct. 23 – (13th month). David is now sitting in his high chair chewing on a crust of bread – he seems to like to eat just plain bread. I cut his hair today and I like it very much. He jabbers like John used to do. Lucile kept him yesterday until after the funeral and she said he was very good. Slept from 1 pm till 3 – Floyd & Ruth brought him home after we came back to the house for all the family to see. Your Dad, Ralph, Faye, Glendon & Clara came yesterday. Your Mother went back – She had intended to stay but J. & T. stayed so she went home. I am to take them to T.H. Wed and go on to C.C. The boys will be out of school from Wed. noon (teachers convention). Which reminds me – Mark brought his card home with 3 A’s, 1 A-, 5 B’s, 1 B+. John didn’t get his card today. The band teacher had to resign due to a heart condition.

[page 2] As yet I haven’t received the autopsy report but know there was carcinoma of Pancreas & gall stones. I’ll send it as soon as I get it. I asked the Red Cross to get a message to you so hope you got it. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole since last Thurs. I thought he might be able to explain things fully after the O.M. but the report will no doubt do that.

Jim addressed cards to people who sent flowers, pallbearers, Mrs. Knowlton & Rathburn & Rev. Servies. We both signed – I got a wire for $10⁰⁰ from Glen this a.m. for flowers. Of course I had taken care of the flowers for all the children. Jim had a pd. up pol. for $100⁰⁰ and one for $315⁰⁰ I have here. I paid the hospital bill in full Fri. – The total was $248⁰⁰ but I had kept it paid every week. If I figure correctly I have a bal. of $23 – now in the bank but have no outstanding bills except the drug store and it isn’t much. There isn’t anything I can think of I’ll need to pay before the first. The Ins. is taken care of now until Dec. J. & T. are out right now. Mark is in the yard – John is trying to entertain D. and I must get this finished so it will get mailed. I still think you could write a book. I have your letters to prove it when you come back.

Love Mother

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe's parents, c1946)

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe’s parents, c1946)

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Farewell Emma (Gladys)

[Editor’s note: Gladys did not write a letter on October 17th as she was likely too busy with the funeral and all the visiting relatives. Emma’s obituary appeared in the next edition of the Newton County Enterprise. The paper announced that the funeral had been the previous Sunday (10/17).]

016 - Newton County Enterprise 1943-10-21 (Emma Foster Obituary)



Emily Foster, Adda Watkins, Florence Archibald and Dr. Cox Succumed

Mrs. Emily H. Foster

Final rites were conducted from the Hufty-Crane funeral home here for Mrs. Emily H. Foster, 71, Sunday at 2 p.m. with the Rev. V. B. Servies in charge. She died at the St. Elizabeth hospital in Lafayette Friday after a three months illness.

Born at Robinson, Ill., she was married to James E. Foster, in 1894. Surviving are three sons, Jesse, of Arkansas; Glenn, of Nevada, and James, USN, at Norfolk, Va., a daughter, Mrs. Gladys Yegerlehner, of Kentland, and a sister, Mrs. Minerva Metcalf, West Union., Ill. She was a member of the Methodist church.

“Rites Held For Four Recently,” Newton County Enterprise (Kentland, Indiana), 21 October 1943, p. 1.

Foster, Emma (Lawhead) - tombstone

Emma was buried at the Fairlawn Cemetery, Kentland, Indiana. You may visit her memorial at Find A Grave.

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This Is August (Gladys)

1943-08-05 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of July 27 & 28 came today – Hope you have been getting mine in order. It is very cool today for no apparent reason. I suppose there was a storm that has caused the change. Yesterday it was so sticky hot I felt a little wilted but it is more like fall weather now. Mother is feeling better today. I hope it doesn’t get so hot while she feels so bad but this is Aug. and hot weather to be expected. Mark has David out in his buggy. He saw Donald out in the pen in the yard so he wanted to take David to see him. David likes to be out of doors and has been lots this summer. Two weeks are almost gone from his four to have his leg in a cast. He gets along fine thru it all. He is more patient that I had expected. Had a letter from John. He is having a good time with Dwane & Glendon. I am to meet him in Laf. Monday. Mark is going with the 4-H Club to camp at Dunes State Park the 16-17-18-19 – and Bob Shurtter the ag teacher from here. I think Rev. Servies will go – he went before. Mark went to band practice last night – the first time all summer due to tonsillectomy – He is all enthused about a new horn – I want to get him a reed instrument – I believe he would do better on an easier horn. He is much better in his nervous habits, at present he seems normal. I have had to keep him in with me much of the time this week and he hasn’t played so much. I think part of his trouble was playing too hard.
Pd. Ins. Loan 173.69
Love – Mother

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At the Hospital (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Sunday July 11 1943

Dear Daddy –

Seems my Sat. letter didn’t get mailed so will make up for that by mailing this & Sat. letter from Laf. We are at the hospital. I haven’t talked to Dr. Cole but Mother is still taking Sulfaquanodine. However, I think today is the last day. Mother says she doesn’t feel much better but it has turned hot again and that always makes her feel worse. I’ll try & call Dr. Cole before we leave. I hate to bother him on Sun. He has been so busy. When Rosemary Funk was in the hospital for her operation Dr. Cole said something about mass production, he had delivered 5 babies in 5 ½ hrs.: 3 here and two at the Home. The day I brought Mother down we went out to his office first and he was just leaving to come here to do a section, so we came on and saw him here –

[page 2] We went out to see Ruthie Parttens yesterday. She has to stay in bed 7 wks., but doesn’t have any kind of binding cast or anything on. They kept her in a hammock in the hospital, or swing, whatever it’s called. Speaking of broken bones Sammy Washburn has a broken collar bone and one arm in a sling. The Washburns have more bones breaks than anyone I know of.

I called Mrs. Roberts and she had a letter from Joe dated June 28 and he had told her about your visit. He said where you are is the prettiest or most beautiful (er somethin’) he had seen yet.

Statons came home today from Monticello from their vacation. Irene saw us leaving and talked a few minutes. She hadn’t heard from her mother so Mary doesn’t have her baby yet. Irene is going to stay home a week then I don’t know what they will do about Jimmy – Mrs. James told Mother she didn’t know when she would come back. There is a nursery school this summer in the grade building for workers at the factory – you will see the Dean Davis ad in the paper if you get it. It seems there are a number on women with children working there –

[page 3] I spent 80 meat points yesterday – in the form of 2 ½ lbs. hamburger, 3 ¼ lb. roast, 1 lb steak, 1 lb. sandwich meat and 2 lb. boiling meat – and it cost me about $3.50 – The steak was the most expensive (50¢). The points were changed recently. Steak used to be 8 pts. a lb., now it’s 12 & 13. So far we haven’t used all our red points, but I always use the blue ones and buy canned goods. Harold P. told the boys yesterday he was going to butcher next month and if he does we are to get a quarter. There is a meat shortage now and at times even in Kentland we can’t get much meat, but yesterday Ford’s had a good supply. Sometimes it’s the case of the early bird. It was so late when I got to the store last nite I thought I wouldn’t find much but they must have had a fresh supply.

The way the visitors go up & down the halls there isn’t much quiet. The boys are keeping David in the car. He is asleep now and John & Mark are taking turns coming up here. They tried to get a paper but the little place down the street is closed.

[page 4] The boys said next Sunday the church is having a dinner for Rev. Servies in the basement. I remember last year we attended but don’t suppose we will this time. Even if Mother weren’t sick that isn’t a very good place to take a baby David’s size. He is so lively he needs plenty of space to move around in. He has a seat Mrs. Roberts gave me that fits on the car seat and he enjoys riding in it. He can see all the sights and doesn’t wear anyone out when riding.

I am trying to write in competition with the noises in the hall, John & Mark taking turns running in & out so will try and do better next time.

Love Mother

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Lafayette, Indiana (Image via cardcow.com)

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Sunday Afternoon (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 2 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon (3:30) I have been doing some figuring and with bills all paid we have a balance of 100⁰⁰ in the bank – however I haven’t bought any bonds this year so far I have been waiting for that uniform & travel money to come, but I suppose I should get busy and start buying the regular $18.75 per month like we did all last year. There is much talk about people buying bonds – H. Foulkes told Mr. Zell the “Little People” weren’t buying like they are expected to. We are in that group and I feel we should buy all we can manage but I feel I should keep an emergency fund on hand – Not, that I anticipate using it but it is best not to be close. Do you think a bal. of $100⁰⁰ is too much to carry. Of course something may turn up during the month to take that down, but can’t think of anything now.

Mark is out of doors – It has cleared off – rained and blew this morning more like a fall day than spring – It stays so cool – we haven’t had many very warm days yet – the trees and shrubs

[page 2] are rather slow. The yellow forsythia that is usually in bloom in Mar or Apr is just about over now. Our grass is in a bad shape but all the lawns around here are except for Mr. Zell – as I mentioned before – they raise frys and keep them in a brooder house all the time – They clean the floor 3 times a week and have their own fertilizer – He spread that all over his lawn early in the spring and it helped a lot. I tried to get Vigario but it isn’t to be had. Link is out working around on his yard today. I haven’t seen Bill out today – he must have gone to meet Arlene – she has been in Green Bay for a week or more. Her brother’s baby had to have an eye operation – The mother took the baby to Madison and Arlene went to stay with her brother during his wife’s absence.

Eddie Roy Wilson fell out a tree at McGraw’s and sustained a broken arm & brain concussion. They have him at the Presp. Hospital in Chicago. He has been in a coma. I haven’t heard many of the details. Those things always are magnified – and I don’t know if this is as bad as I have heard. I just hope it isn’t.

(8:30) Mark and I took David for a walk – The sun came out so nicely – David is getting such a healthy tan. He is doing so many little things now and the boys talk to him so much he seems to understand more than a 7 mo old should (proud parent). I had started to feed him cereal and put his bottle down in hot water and the bottle broke and the

[page 3] milk all spilled – so I had to hurry to mix the next formula – which meant boiling water, bottles, etc. He was good for a few minutes after he finished the cereal then he began to remonstrate over the delay – I tried to talk him out of crying but he was hungry and finally when I had the bottle ready he gulped it down so fast he nearly choked – then when he finished was very happy – then to bed – We just put him to bed and leave him to go to sleep. Sometimes he plays a while but usually goes to sleep right away. When I take him up at 6 a.m. to feed him I put him in bed with me and sometimes he will go back to sleep and let me have another nap but not often. John & Mark usually hear him and come in and play with him. they are so very fond of him – yet John insists we must make him mind when he gets old enough to correct – He says we don’t want “a mean little kid” – He certainly has been that today about his cereal. Very hard to feed. That is something new because J. & M. ate anything I gave them but he seems to have some pretty definite dislikes already. He doesn’t like Pablum but Gerber cereal is about the same and he eats it OK. Still have to give him Vit C. tablets. Orange juice won’t stay down. He eats canned fruits, apple sauce, apricot, peaches, etc. and takes prune juice, weighs a little over 18 lbs at 7 mo & 1 week measure 28 ½ inches.

[page 4] John went with the band to North Manchester to a contest yesterday. I thought I would have to take a load but they had enough cars without ours. I was glad not to go. Mark & I washed and it was such a nice day got things dry. The ground was too wet to work in but after looking over the garden this evening Mark will have to do some weeding, if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. There are a lot of wild parsnips in our garden – and I wouldn’t care for them if they weren’t wild. John will write you about his trip – He said he really enjoyed it. Mark is uncertain about whether he wants to keep the cornet or try something else. He says he wants to take piano lessons this summer so think I’ll try him again. Won’t hurt anything for him to try. He is out in the kitchen now frying him an egg – this being Sun. evening you know how our suppers go here – everyone for himself. I believe Mark’s appetite is better and he is getting a tan – as he always does. I hope to be able to devote more time to Mark this summer. Fix up a work shop for his model airplanes. He clutters up their room too much. I haven’t figured yet where I’ll arrange a work shop for him but we’ll get some good place for him. The room over the garage gets too hot in summer and I don’t like the idea of him being in the basement, but I’ll find some place for him.

[page 5] I may have to go to T. H. this week to get Mother but she is going to come to stay so will have more things to bring than she can carry – and will need the car. I asked Servies if they would like to go – I don’t want to make the trip along so Rev. is to go along. If I had known what I know now would have brought Mother back with us when we came back from C.C. but she said she wanted to visit a while – and she has been sick and didn’t go any place. We are to go to Wilmington after the 15th to take sweet potatoe plants to Mutch. He & a friend have a garden out in the country about 5 miles.

Ruth & Floyd have moved to Bluffton so we won’t see much of them this summer, as that is across the state. Geo Burnham is at Flora now.

Tonight President R. is going to give a talk – the miners (as you probably have heard) are out and there is a lot of discussion about them going back to work or not etc. – of course by the time you get this it will be settled (I hope) for the good of all. So we are watching the clock, to be sure & get the President’s message – John is practicing and the radio is turned off, since we haven’t anything we care to listen to after 8 P.M. on Sun Eve. – I’ll be glad to hear the radio as John’s practicing isn’t too soothing (this particular piece)

[page 6] It was so chilly this morning then all of a sudden the clouds cleared away and it was warm – so the furnace went out – as it does in such weather, so J. & M. had to start a new fire. The first of May and still need a good fire most of the time.

Mon. Morn – Four letters came this a.m. of Apr 10-13-14 & 15 so I feel well up on news now. Still a few missing but maybe they will trail in later. You had mine of Mar 24 and mentioned measles. Well up to now no more cases here and just hope we don’t get any delayed action on them. About the ins. Dividends – I have it fixed so they will take the dividends of the prem. each Dec so we won’t have to go thru all that writing each time. And about the septic tank again – There must be something “screwy” about the set up for that to need cleaning so soon – but just hope it doesn’t stop up again for a long while. The mound where he dug to get the lid off is about down level again – I am going to transfer some sod so it will look right again – as soon as it quite raining & I can work in the yard again – Looks like rain this morning but none yet –

I told you before Jim is going to be a C.P.O. in a few weeks – then he doesn’t know where he will go. He is in school at Camp Peary – Williamsburg Va.

Have some errands to do so must stop the “gab” and get going.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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