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More Coal (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Monday – Feb. 14 – 1944

Dear Daddy – Yours of Feb. 3 & 4th came today – also Mark’s birthday letter. You letters made a good valentine – however your presence would be better but maybe it won’t be long. Mark was much pleased with the money order, but said it would be better for you to come.

Since the roads are still snowbound in places there wasn’t any school today. There was more snow today so there probably won’t be school for a day or so. I was able to attend music club at Foulkes, since the boys were home to keep David. Mark stayed home – John went with me to hear the Opera La Bohème. We had never heard Foulkes’ phonograph and decided it didn’t sound much, if any, beter than ours. Of course they have a much more elaborate cabinet. Theirs vibrates when it starts to play so it sounded a little natural, because ours gets a hum or buzz once in a while.

We got some coal today ($22.43) from the Lbr. Co., $9.50 a ton, but it’s the best and incidentally the only kind our furnace wants to burn. I called Chet Harlan and he was completely out of any kind of stoker coal but has a load of “Milco” on the way and promised to send us some as soon as it comes which he says should be Thurs. or Fri. I’ll take it too because we will use it, in time. John went to the basement to take a look around and he says the new coal made a lot of dirt – If the boys are home a day or two I think we will try to clean up a little down there.

[page 2] The Music Club chorus came here to practice on a new cantata they want to give in March. Their pianist didn’t come so John played for them. John weighed this morning on the office scales, now in the upstairs bathroom, and he weighed just 100 even – 5 lbs. more than I weigh. He got out this morning and shoveled snow, then it snowed more and by the time the chorus arrived the walk was covered again. Bob Schurtter hauled the coal this afternoon and mildly “bawled me out” because we didn’t have the drive shoveled off. I just ignored him. He helps Chet out when he (Chet) gets short of help and needs truck drivers. He often works on Sat. or holidays. He will be in the Navy as an ensign sometime – probably before school is out – then he won’t have to haul coal, etc. I would predict before the war is over he will be glad to haul coal again. Maybe I am wrong. – What am I ranting about? Maybe I didn’t like it because he said what he did about having the drive cleaned off. Anyway we have coal again and that is the main thing.

Sorry your Christmas box was so mutilated. The chewing gum wasn’t very good but all I could get at that time. I did wrap those boxed with heavy paper & card besides using cigar boxes. I used the same boxes so I could wrap them better.

Mark is waiting to take this to town so must get it finished.
Love Mother

YEG1944-02 - Mark in snow

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Mrs. Kindell (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 13, 1944

Dear Mother,

Going back to the letters. I now recall what the $6.60 was for but until you mentioned it again I just couldn’t figure that one out. I started this letter just a little abrupt but on re-reading I find that was one point about which I wrote you before.

It seems from your letters that the pond must have served a very good winter playground for the kids and with Bob S. supervising the affair it surely was a fine thing. I guess you knew Mark wrote me of his fall.

[page 2] He expressed it in a rather unique way. He, from what you say, must like the great outdoors and all the sports that go with it. Although from what you wrote he doesn’t like his arithmetic so very well. I was surprised at John writing that he liked arithmetic so well, but on second thought that isn’t so strange because it is an exact science and that is more to his makeup.

I didn’t know Mrs. Kindell was ill and how should I if you didn’t know it. She used to have very high blood pressure along with her diabetes so I suppose one or the other or both were the causative factors. She was a nice old lady even though she used to be

[page 3] a little hard on my nerves on Thur. P.M. There have been a number of my old patients pass away since my leaving there but when one considers the time it isn’t out of the ordinary because 2 years ago this mo. I was examined or was it Jan.? Anyway it’s been just about 2 years.

I suppose Red wouldn’t allow Coke to be sick from what she said to you but it seems to one that he was in my office about 2-3 times each month. And he also went to Mayo Brothers and they found nothing wrong. That last paragraph was just an afterthought.

Well, Dear, that is about all I can recall now
So Lots of Love


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Local Military News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Feb. 3 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

No letters again today, but have up to Jan. 21 letters, so can’t complain.

It is foggy today and not cold. The sun came out for a little while but it’s cloudy again. It was so foggy this morning we could hardly see the trains go by. David likes to watch the trains. He isn’t tall enough to see them so unless he is in his bed we lift him up so he can watch. When the boys come in and give him their caps, he takes them to the closet to put away.

[page 2] I hope he keeps the good habit when he is old enough to put his own clothes away. He has a habit of pulling his bye-bye clothes out of the drawer most any time during the day. Unless it is bye-bye time, Mother has [to] put the things back and say, “No, not now.”

I see in the Democrat this week that Lt. Dale Jones has been promoted to Capt. and is in England. Gene Wilson is overseas, no address given. John Milligan is in the same place Floyd Remsburg and John Couch are stationed, somewhere in the S.W. Pacific. Pinky’s 10 furlough is up and he has gone back to Grenada, Miss.

Art Kenney is home now. Says he is on his way to the Pacific. He was wishing you would

[page 3] be home before he left, but evidently that won’t be. I heard over the radio news today that the Army is going to bring the men back for a furlough who have been out 18 months. That is news, because that is the first I have heard about the Army having such a program. It wasn’t so very long ago that an announcement was made that the Army promised no leaves for the men in the Pacific, but the Navy men would come home after 18 months.

Mrs. Zell told me yesterday that Bob Schurtter’s application for a commission in the Navy has gone thru and he is waiting now for his appointment. There was some mistake about

[page 4] it and he thought he hadn’t been accepted, but that was cleared up.

I think I wrote this before, that Al Cast is going to resign from the school system and take over Ellsworth’s business while E. is in the Army. E. is still home on deferment.

I hear a faucet dripping – so I must go and shut it off.
Love Mother

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Mairzy Doats (John)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
Jan. 22, 1944

Dear Daddy,

I have not yet used all the money that you sent me for Christmas. With the stamps I had and with the money I got for Christmas I lack just a dime of having enough to by a bond so that’s what I’m going to use the money you sent me for.

I got exempted in all my exams but Mr. Schurtter made everybody take his exam any [way]. It was in arithmetic. Arithmetic is my favorite subject. We have had some algebra and geometry in our studies. These are what I liked best.

About that song, “Maredoats and doesedoats.” I don’t understand why you can’t understand it. All you do is say “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, A kid will eat ivy, too, Wouldn’t you?” but you just sluss the words together and it’ll sound like “littlelams edivy a kidill edivy too, etc.” The song says, If the words seem funny, kinda jumbled and corny, say, “Mares eat oats and does eat oats” kinda H.V. Katlenborny. I guess I’ve written a lot of nothing but I want to thank you for the money

[page 2] you sent me.
Love John

P.S. By next Tuesday I’ve got to have a report on some kind of animal such as skunk or weasel. By next Wednesday I have got to have a book read and have a two page review on it, this is Saturday, and less than two weeks from now I have to have an essay written on “Pioneer Pattern for the nation of tomorrow.” I just wanted you to know I was busy

Again, John

[Editor’s note: A further explanation of the song Mairzy Doats can be found on wikipedia. In January 1944, the song was about it reach its height in popularity.]

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Spreading the News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 16-1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 3 & 4 came yesterday. I told Mark he could tell people you are in N.Z. He was more than delighted and said right away he would tell his teacher.

I took a walk to get David out of doors and stopped at the Shandy’s to leave a snow suit she had loaned me. It was too small for David so thought I would take it back to her. Cliff is gone and she had word he had arrived – I think Miami. She showed me thru the house. They have the downstairs pretty well furnished but nothing much up but beds. She is going to stay there with the baby. He is past 2 now and quite a good size boy. She spends a lot of time with him and is training him not to touch their new furniture. They have a coffee table in front of the fireplace with a white wooly rug under it and she says he doesn’t step on the rug. I told her she may be able to train him not to touch their davenport and chairs, but I would hate to try and keep J. & M. off of ours. Of course we had furniture the boys could be raised on. I have got David so he will leave the coffee table alone. He keeps taking the tidies off the chair arms. We make him put them back on but he will repeat the same offense. He is getting better all the time about leaving things alone when we tell him to. He used to get into the lower parts of the corner cupboards but he would be scolded every time

[page 2] he got near them, so suppose he decided it wasn’t worth the effort. He walks very carefully and his left shoe isn’t worn like the right. He seems to favor that foot, but I think when he gets so he can run he will overcome that. His leg never seems to bother him. It really shouldn’t because the bone was only cracked and that not over 1/3 or ½ across. David has gone to bed. J. & M. are at Youth Fellowship. John is leader tonight. He was elected pianist for the Jr. Dept. and assistant for the adult Dept. Harold Reiger is John’s assistant, so if he has to play for the adults, Harold will play for Jr. He plays for youth fellowship too. John has changed more I think since you left than Mark. He seems so much more grown-up – He is almost as tall as I am. There is fuzz on his upper lip – He doesn’t like it – Says he will look like the Remsburg boy who used to live here. His voice is still changing and he gets so mad sometimes when his voice goes up high. Says that doesn’t happen to him at home but if he is somewhere else. However we notice it once in a while. He has almost outgrown the suit I bought for him in Mar. I can still let the pants out but the coat sleeves are beginning to look short. Mark is much the same. Like to get out and play football. He spent the afternoon at the pond skating. I walked over to see about the ice and it is still solid. Mr. Z. was there with their 3 girls, Bobby & Jimmy, pulling them around on sleds. Bob Schurtter was there too. He told me he didn’t get a commission in the Navy due to no vacancies

[page 3] in his line. He is classed as 2-A until July 44, so he will get to finish his year teaching. I suppose Dot will have to work if he has to go in the Army as a private. She had a chance to take the office job with the County Agent (Mr. Z.) but Steve is still so small she could hardly take the job now. Mr. Z. had her do some extra work for him and he said she was the best help he had had in a long time. He had quite a time keeping help for a while, but Evelyn Kudig is working for him now. Office girls seem to be as hard to find or keep as any kind of help. The factory still can get the help because of the good pay. The subject of the factory makes me think of Irene. I suppose she is still in Chi. Trying to find out what the trouble is. Last week her mother said they had not found anything. I still think it’s a lot psycologic, and I am sure you will agree with me. Last year when she went to Mayo Clinic they told her to quit work. After that they had their house for sale and Dr. M. had it bought, that is he was all ready to buy and had a buyer for his place when Statons decided not to sell.

The Funks had their new baby christened today. She will be 3 wks. old Tues. I saw Rosemary when I was coming home with David from Shandy’s and she said she had been one of the sponsors. One of the other Funk men had been the other. Carl was sponsor for either Bobby or Donnie so he couldn’t e with Rosemary for Joy Selene. Carl and Rosemary had been out walking with Tommy. He is eight months old and looks almost as large as David. He isn’t as tall of course but is on the heavy order.

[page 4] I noticed the Foulkes’ car in their driveway. They have been on a business trip east. Their house has been in the redecorating process while they have been away and I noticed they still haven’t their drapes up yet. I cleaned a little but didn’t try to take drapes out. This year’s coal is so dirty. It isn’t treated and certainly makes a difference in the dirt we get in the house. I wish and have wished so many times now we had put oil in, but that is a waste of time, so won’t harp on it any more. Harping doesn’t help things.

I rec’d a long letter from Marie so I must give her an answer – ant to do that yet this evening. She has been busy helping with Isla. I hadn’t heard from Marie for such a long time I was sure there was something wrong. I was glad Isla hasn’t T.B. – tho thyroid trouble isn’t anything to be treated lightly.

Had a letter from Jewell and she sent me a picture of Dot’s baby – Dot’s husband was rejected, so a present he is still home I told you all this before but this is a repeat in case my other letter didn’t get to you.

David broke my glasses and I keep mending them with airplane glue but I am afraid I will have to get new lenses – or one new lense. I keep feeling eye strain – just got new lenses last fall but I thought if I didn’t have the lenses straight it could cause the headaches.

I am about run down so will call this a letter & sign off.
Love Mother

P.S. Saw the enclosed clippings in the paper & thought you would be interested.

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A Very Popular Place (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 10 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 28, 29 & 30th came today and the pictures. Imagine you drinking tea, but I am sure you enjoyed it. They look like very pleasant company.

It is still cold and clear. We can’t understand how we missed all the snow. It snowed quite heavily in Chicago, and other places, but no snow here. At least the skaters are glad. The pond is the scene of activity every day and night. Since Bob Schurtter has taken over the self appointed management, putting a light out there for the night skaters, the pond is a very popular place. He goes out and gets the skaters to clean the ice off so it won’t get rough from slush. Since he didn’t get an appointment in the Navy, perhaps the draft board will permit him to finish the school year before he has to go into service. They keep taking fathers from here. Of course some are new fathers but several pre-war fathers will soon have to go.

I thought I had written you that Jim had insurance to cover all funeral expenses. Burial was made in our lot.

[page 2] I thought that was the best place. Jim had an idea of going to Hutsonville, to the cemetery where so many of Mother’s family were buried, but I thought we should use our lot here. About the hospital expenses, I explained all that before but in case you didn’t get the letter, Mother had saved some, and Jim paid $100.00 so what we actually paid on hospital expenses amounted to some over $100.00. I hope you have received the detailed statement I sent covering the yr – 1943.

I went to see Joy Selene and Mother Arlene yesterday. Dr. Cole allowed them to come home a little sooner than with Donnie, but Arlene was in bed and I suppose will be a few days. Joy is quite a beautiful baby with thick black hair. That is one thing about going over time, the baby is well developed. Arlene was due the 14th and Joy was born the 27th – David having made a 3 weeks premature appearance, kept curled up in a little ball for about a month. However, you would never guess now, he arrived too soon. He is about over his thumb sucking habit. He slept thru the night last night and went right off for his nap today. He still doesn’t try to indicate when he needs the toidey, but will go to the bathroom if we ask him if he wants to toidey. He does so many cute little things every day, it’s quite impossible to put them down in ink on paper. But that smile gets us – it is very contagious.

Love Mother

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A Skating Contest (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 5 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

No mail today but five letters Monday. It is cloudy today. It was foggy this morning then there was a little sleet. It is just a typical grey, overhanging winter day.

Yesterday was Washburns 50th Wedding Anniversary. They held open house at Howard’s. I took David and went out about 4 P.M. Helen is here from Neb. She doesn’t live in Calif. now. I suppose you have been in the former Canine house (the one Howard bought). Yesterday was the first time I had been in the house. It is almost exactly like the other house they lived in except the porch on this house is enclosed and can

[page 2] be used summer and winter. What a play room that would make. About the Anniversary, there were many beautiful flowers in all colors of yellow and orange to represent Golden. Also beautifully decorated cakes, in white and yellow. Tea and coffee were served. Mrs. Bessie Dixon and Mrs. Ruben Hess poured. I saw Mrs. Carrold Bledsoe there. She said they were living in the tenant house. They were living on the place when it was sold.

Last night the boys (J & M) went to the pond. Bob Shurttler sponsored an a skating contest. I think one of the McCartney boys won the prize. Mark is still learning to skate, so didn’t enter the contest.

David is taking his nap. He was so busy all morning.

[page 3] I wanted to take him over to see Jimmy Ed, this being J.E.’s birthday. I called Lucile this morning and she said Jimmy had a temp. last night and some cold so I won’t take David over. I’ll go over and take Jimmy’s gift. David’s cold last week kept us from getting the boys together. They seem to get along pretty good.

I went over to the locker last night (afternoon) and turned in ration points for the hog (1/2). The weight was 96 lbs. That took 233 points. I turn in advance points in this case.

A woman called me to tell me her nephew is where you are – Pharmists mate 3/c – I think his name is Mulligan. She didn’t know where he is stationed but he wrote home that he had

[page 4] met you. This aunt was in Boonie’s and he told her about your letter to him about meeting Col. W. – and putting this and that together figured out her nephew’s whereabouts. You know Boonie has a yen for figuring things out, although I know he misses sometimes.

I just straightened out the bank figures – I had made a slight error or two – but the balance at present is $336.12 – but there are quite a few bills to pay yet – Ins., groc., etc. When I get them all paid I’ll give you the bal. I got three $37.50 bonds bought Dec. 31. – I bought 7 – $18.75 in July and the above mentioned, which makes $243.75 in Bonds for 1943.

I think David is waking up and I have been writing and figuring and no nap.
Love Mother

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Golden Wedding (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 3 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec. 17, 20, 21, 22, 23 came today. Also a letter from Geo. Wingfield. He is in San Diego now. Said some mail just caught up with him and a letter from you asking him to write me. Said after the war we would have to visit Reno and fight the war in retrospect as it should have been. He spoke very highly of you, and I believe he was sincere. He mentioned the flowers so he must have been the one to send the roses in Sept.

I hadn’t had any letters for several days and getting five at one time helped the old morale. I do hope you are getting all mine and hope the pictures I had made of David for Christmas

[page 2] get to you soon. I am sure they will give you a lift. David was rather cross all morning, but I think that one tooth that has been trying to push thru for so long is pretty responsible. One point is thru now so he should feel better soon. He seems to have more cold but can’t “hack & spit” like his mother (tho he tries to imitate me) and can’t get rid of the mucos, only as it runs down his nose. He has no temperature and wasn’t so cross if turned loose, but I was busy trying to work so penned him up in the nursery and he didn’t like that. I handed him a toy and he threw it down as quickly as he could. He has quite a bit of “spunk.” He is so used to being admired – yesterday Mrs. Zell was here and I had David on the toidey – when he had finished I put his pants on and turned him

[page 3]  loose – He walked away from us a few steps then turned and looked at us, as if to say “don’t you think I am cute?” with a merry twinkle in his eye. I told Mrs. Zell, or rather asked, who could ask for a girl when they had a boy like D. She said that was always the way she had felt about their girls, but Mr. still wants a boy. I said, really I don’t think it would have made any difference to you whether we had boys or girls. However, having had all boys I don’t know the real answer. Mr. Z. wants a boy so much after getting three girls he wants to try again. Mrs. Z. says she thinks she has all she can take care of and now since fathers are being taken Mr. Z. may have to go. I wrote you that Bob Shurtter had enlisted in the Navy, but evidently his commission didn’t go thru because he is waiting to be called to the Army. He is registered in Laf. and his number was about up when he enlisted or

[page 4] tried to enlist. E. Wilson got a 3 mo. deferment and unless he can get another when it is up will have to go if passes the physical. The new law provides $40⁰⁰ for each child, so anyone with 3 children will get $120. Doris is due to have her baby soon, so that will make her allowance 160.

The A.D. Washburns are celebrating their golden wedding tomorrow. They will receive guests informally at Howards from 2 to 4:30 and 7 to 8. The announcement was in the paper but I received an invitation. Did I tell you Howard bought the Canine farm? The moved some time ago. Mr. Tackett, the new coach moved to the place Howard vacated.

I am upstairs having dried my hair. I hear David. He has been taking his nap downstairs. He didn’t sleep too long, so may be a little touchy.

Love Mother

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Trying to Tell Me Something (Gladys)

1943-11-30 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letter today but had Nov. 19th Sat. It was very chilly this a.m. I hung clothes out and they froze by are now. It has warmed up quite a lot. J. & M. are just home from school. David is running around the house enjoying his freedom. He does love to be out of his pen and go places. We are having Shurtters to dinner this evening. Bob thinks he will be called around Christmas. He applied for an Ensign commission. That will make the high school short two teachers. Coke Foulkes called to get your address today. Their brother-in-law is back in Great Lakes. He has been very ill – had Malaria and disintary. I am glad you weren’t ill. I wish you were home but wouldn’t want you to get sick to get back. I think he was gone a year – that being the tour of duty for that area. I saw the proofs of the pictures I had taken of David and they were the best yet. I won’t get the pictures before two weeks so you probably won’t get any of them by Christmas, but maybe shortly after. David is trying to tell me something now but I can’t understand a word – Bobby says he can understand him.

Love – Mother

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Death of a Child (Gladys)


Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 21 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening – listening to the radio – The Chase & Sanborn program on. J. & M. & I just left the kitchen after a scanty supper. Mark had a stomach bug Fri. evening – I had to clean up the bathroom floor downstairs and the hall floor upstairs – It seemed the bug was working both ways and at the same time so had underwear to wash too – Then last night (Sat.) John went thru the same thing and at the same time my throat was tightening – I felt like I was getting it bad (had had a treatment Fri., but Sat. was warm and I went out of doors several times and think I got chilled some). However to go on with my tale – I started taking sulfadiazine to nip my sinus & throat bug and must have in doing so nipped the stomach bug the boys had – No doubt I would have gotten it because I had to clean up after both boys – Just hope David doesn’t have to go thru the same experience. So far he is as peppy as ever. Dorothy & Nick came out this afternoon to take some movies

[page 2] of David but he didn’t perform very well. He won’t walk along out in the yard. I suppose the space looks to wide for him. In the house he walks from one piece of furniture to another. Out in the yard he wants to get down and crawl around on the grass. He is trying to say word nos. He often repeats words after he hears us. So far has tried to say dog, button, pretty, and I have mentioned da-da & bye bye – also mom-mom. I took some pictures yesterday and left them to be developed and should get them tomorrow. Of course will send any that are good on to you.

I was talking to Arlene last night on the phone. She was having pains – and it’s still 3 weeks until time for her to go to the hospital- She had walked to town and back and I suppose that was what brought on the early pains – however she was feeling normal this morning so the pains must have been false. She said she didn’t want to go to the hospital before time. She figures she will be there over Christmas. Says she thinks Christmas would be a nice birthday for her baby. Louise is back with Funks for the time being. She is going to have a baby too, but intends to stay with Arlene a while. At least until she can get other help or get along without.

[page 3] Later I mentioned in a previous letter about a baby at Kent apt. The mother is a daughter of the manager & her husband is a Seebee. She has been living here for some time with the baby. She called me Thurs. & said her baby was sick – after talking to her I discovered she had had Dr. Mathews. I told her to follow his instructions. He told her to take the baby to the hospital and I told her to do as he advised. She said she couldn’t stay with him, but I told her she could because I had stayed with David when he had his leg accident. The next day I called the apts. to inquire about the baby and her father told me the baby died during the night following an operation at the Jasper Co. hospital. They had talked to Bob Schurtter about the baby and weren’t satisfied with Dr. M. Bob told them to call another Dr. If they weren’t satisfied, but get another Dr. quick. They called Rumkorph and I suppose he was the one to operate – however it was too late to do anything then because the baby had lockbowel & ganggreen (sp.) had set in. I felt terrible about the whole thing because I hadn’t gone up and tried to do something, but she didn’t call me until Thurs. afternoon and he died that night and had been sick several

[page 4] days. Also I was keeping the Zell children and had Martha & David to take care of that afternoon, and had promised Mark I would come to the school and show them how to knit – Lucile took David & I took Martha with me to school. After school we came home and Zells hadn’t returned from Indpls. So had my hands full with their girls & our boys. After learning the baby had been ill several days I knew I couldn’t have done anything when she called me. If I had known about it sooner probably would have insisted on her getting him to a hospital. I have learned too that the whole family are Christian Scientists of long standing, which helps explain the delay in getting a Dr. Schurtters live at the apts. too and Bob & Dot knew the baby was ill. Bob had gotten Matthews for them in the first place but from all I gather they were slow to follow instructions.

Arlene called me and wanted me to go to Hassetts with her this evening. She had the car and I wrapped up good and went – We then stopped at the drug store. I have no drainage from my sinus now so the dash out didn’t effect me any. If I could keep taking sulfa but know that won’t do because after 24 hrs. I usually begin to itch – My throat feels clear & my sinus too so maybe I have taken enough this time to clear me up. At any rate I took the last tablet about 6 o’clock.

Have to call the plumber tomorrow. The radiators upstairs are heating – must have air. I thought the upstairs felt chilly and now I know why. The downstairs keeps warm enough.

Love Mother

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