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A Variety of News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 5 & 6 came today. Also had a letter from Ruthie, wanting your address. Seems Glenn has been ill with a topical fever, temp being 108. Ruthie wants to ask you if you know anything about Dengue fever. Ruthie says they won’t go to Ga. This year as Floyd thought they might. He isn’t so sold on his job as he used to be. He feels like he gets kicked about too much. Of course if he was in the Army he might be glad to get back to his job. I am not the one to judge but so far Floyd has had rather smooth sailing in his young life. Last summer he had to do a lot of heavy work and things he thought was a little below him but I still think he has a better

[page 2] job with more possibilities than school teaching.

I mentioned before about the Yost-Barce wedding. It was last Sat. They went to St. Louis to be married – why I don’t know. Maybe some of the family live there. I didn’t recognize any of the names mentioned of the places they visited. A Mr. & Mrs. Kerlin were attendants and Mr. & Mrs. Wood gave a dinner for them. They are to return home after a week’s honeymoon. I understand Paul will have to return to Panama.

I see in the paper that Mr. Hartley died – from complications due to a fall. You remember him – lived across the street from us at 2 & Carrol.

Lucile came out with Jimmy this afternoon. We both decided as smart as Jimmy and David are about everything else they should tell their mothers when

[page 3] they have a toidey – but neither one will. Lucile put panties on J. this morning and he had a B.M. in panties – She had to give him a bath he was in such a mess. She is going to keep D. tomorrow while I am gone. I promised John to take him to Purdue to hear the Indpls. Symphony orchestra. Lucile won’t get much done but change diapers, etc. I asked her how a person would train twins. She said Ed asked her if she didn’t want another baby. She said not for a while. She is going to sell the baby buggy she had for Jimmy. She has a little Reed stroller she used now. She says she hopes she won’t need another buggy until after the war, and by that time can buy another.

David eats a cookie now & then. He knows the cookie jar (Dorothy gave me one for Christmas).

[page 4] and when he wants one goes to the jar and tries to say cookie – what it sounds like is kee, but we know what he means. He knows so much about what we day around him, we spell some things. Never say “go” unless you are ready to take him out.

I stopped to glance thru the Dem. to get some news that might be of interest to you but didn’t see much.

I have heard the Great Lakes Training School is to be closed. Also Camp Atterbury. I suppose those places have served their purposes and there is no further need for them. Jim said in his last letter they weren’t getting any more Seebees to train. There is a campaign on the radio now to get new W.A.V.E. enlistments. So many of the programs bring a Wave character into their sketches to give a pep talk. There have been campaigns for the other women’s organizations from time to time

[page 5] Several girls from here are in the W.A.C.S. and a few nurses are in service but I don’t believe there is a large percentage. Catherine Ade is in the Marines. I think most of the girls around town are still at their jobs in offices or factory. With so many men gong from here all the time the girls almost have to stay. I heard over the radio about a certain town in Ill. that had a custom. I should say leap year custom, when on the 29th of Feb. the women took over the government of the city and of course their object was to arrest eligible bachelors, fining them with dates, etc., but this year they won’t follow this custom, reason: “they are either too young or too old.” There is a current popular song bearing that title I thought was rather cute. I suppose you have heard it some time or other,

[page 6] but in case you haven’t – it’s a girl telling her boyfriend she will be true to him because as the title says, those left at home are either too young or too old.

Mark worked his Arith. at school and brought it home for me to check and has been pestering me all evening to check it, so to get some rest from him I had better check his problems. Arith. Isn’t one of his easy subjects, and he won’t work on it any longer than he absolutely has to. He is working in fractions now and they baffle him somewhat. I wish I could get him to spend more time on homework but when he gets thru with what the teacher has assigned – that’s all.

John is working at the piano, and I have another letter to write if I can keep my mind off the music.
Love Mother

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Death of a Child (Gladys)


Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 21 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening – listening to the radio – The Chase & Sanborn program on. J. & M. & I just left the kitchen after a scanty supper. Mark had a stomach bug Fri. evening – I had to clean up the bathroom floor downstairs and the hall floor upstairs – It seemed the bug was working both ways and at the same time so had underwear to wash too – Then last night (Sat.) John went thru the same thing and at the same time my throat was tightening – I felt like I was getting it bad (had had a treatment Fri., but Sat. was warm and I went out of doors several times and think I got chilled some). However to go on with my tale – I started taking sulfadiazine to nip my sinus & throat bug and must have in doing so nipped the stomach bug the boys had – No doubt I would have gotten it because I had to clean up after both boys – Just hope David doesn’t have to go thru the same experience. So far he is as peppy as ever. Dorothy & Nick came out this afternoon to take some movies

[page 2] of David but he didn’t perform very well. He won’t walk along out in the yard. I suppose the space looks to wide for him. In the house he walks from one piece of furniture to another. Out in the yard he wants to get down and crawl around on the grass. He is trying to say word nos. He often repeats words after he hears us. So far has tried to say dog, button, pretty, and I have mentioned da-da & bye bye – also mom-mom. I took some pictures yesterday and left them to be developed and should get them tomorrow. Of course will send any that are good on to you.

I was talking to Arlene last night on the phone. She was having pains – and it’s still 3 weeks until time for her to go to the hospital- She had walked to town and back and I suppose that was what brought on the early pains – however she was feeling normal this morning so the pains must have been false. She said she didn’t want to go to the hospital before time. She figures she will be there over Christmas. Says she thinks Christmas would be a nice birthday for her baby. Louise is back with Funks for the time being. She is going to have a baby too, but intends to stay with Arlene a while. At least until she can get other help or get along without.

[page 3] Later I mentioned in a previous letter about a baby at Kent apt. The mother is a daughter of the manager & her husband is a Seebee. She has been living here for some time with the baby. She called me Thurs. & said her baby was sick – after talking to her I discovered she had had Dr. Mathews. I told her to follow his instructions. He told her to take the baby to the hospital and I told her to do as he advised. She said she couldn’t stay with him, but I told her she could because I had stayed with David when he had his leg accident. The next day I called the apts. to inquire about the baby and her father told me the baby died during the night following an operation at the Jasper Co. hospital. They had talked to Bob Schurtter about the baby and weren’t satisfied with Dr. M. Bob told them to call another Dr. If they weren’t satisfied, but get another Dr. quick. They called Rumkorph and I suppose he was the one to operate – however it was too late to do anything then because the baby had lockbowel & ganggreen (sp.) had set in. I felt terrible about the whole thing because I hadn’t gone up and tried to do something, but she didn’t call me until Thurs. afternoon and he died that night and had been sick several

[page 4] days. Also I was keeping the Zell children and had Martha & David to take care of that afternoon, and had promised Mark I would come to the school and show them how to knit – Lucile took David & I took Martha with me to school. After school we came home and Zells hadn’t returned from Indpls. So had my hands full with their girls & our boys. After learning the baby had been ill several days I knew I couldn’t have done anything when she called me. If I had known about it sooner probably would have insisted on her getting him to a hospital. I have learned too that the whole family are Christian Scientists of long standing, which helps explain the delay in getting a Dr. Schurtters live at the apts. too and Bob & Dot knew the baby was ill. Bob had gotten Matthews for them in the first place but from all I gather they were slow to follow instructions.

Arlene called me and wanted me to go to Hassetts with her this evening. She had the car and I wrapped up good and went – We then stopped at the drug store. I have no drainage from my sinus now so the dash out didn’t effect me any. If I could keep taking sulfa but know that won’t do because after 24 hrs. I usually begin to itch – My throat feels clear & my sinus too so maybe I have taken enough this time to clear me up. At any rate I took the last tablet about 6 o’clock.

Have to call the plumber tomorrow. The radiators upstairs are heating – must have air. I thought the upstairs felt chilly and now I know why. The downstairs keeps warm enough.

Love Mother

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Another Day Without Mail (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 8 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day without any mail – Last Tues. a week ago we rec’d yours of May 17 & 18.

John has gone to the high school building to “swing band” practice. The K. of P. Lodge is sponsoring “same.” With his oboe, piano, lessons & two band practices he is quite busy. Mark is still on the resting list. He had company this afternoon – Buddy & Sammy W. I think he played too hard – he

[page 2] was seemed a little tired. He has a good appetite – I looked at his throat today and it seems to be healing. He said he didn’t see Dr. Cole when they took him into the operating room, and was wondering if Dr. Cole did the operating. I hold him he didn’t need to see him, but he was there. Dr. Mary Ade gave the anesthetic to the little girl in the next bed. I thot she had done the operating but the mother said Dr. Clippinger.

It has been raining again and cool too, but the sun set clear this evening so maybe it will be warmer & sunny tomorrow.

Bob Hope was given a program to the SeaBees at Camp Peary*. I wonder if Jim was there or if you were able to hear it.

Wed Morn – Well I got a letter this morning – the one written May 24. Still several en route – and the one with the $100⁰⁰ hasn’t arrived yet – Way back there May 17 you said the letter you mailed the day before (May 16) should get here quicker because of the way it was mailed – but you also added if the fellow kept it in his pocket it wouldn’t – It hasn’t arrived yet and this is June 9.

Tomorrow evening is Recital night at the library. John is to play two solos & one duet with Helen Hoover. Since Mark’s tonsillectomy he hasn’t done much

[page 4] of anything, but I want him to get well over it before trying to get any work or studying out of him. He is working on arithmetic and reading this summer.

I am a little tired today – John & I cleaned the basement yesterday and it was very dirty. After having such a long sinus infection in the winter I was afraid for a long time to do such a dusty job – but feel pretty good now and yesterday was the kind of a day to do basement work – I am going to try and get that partition around the furnace finished so we can keep the dirt in one place. Every time I clean up that coal dust, ashes, etc. I wish for oil – but won’t complain, I am glad we have such a good heating plant but as you said once, just a good old American gripe.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner house, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

*Bob Hope performed at Camp Perry, Williamsburg, Virginia on June 8, 1943 for the Sea Bees Battalions. Bob Chester and his orchestra also played for the performance.

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When it rains it pours (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan. 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I didn’t get the line added to yesterday’s letter so will just start another and put both in same envelope. I don’t make a habit of this but we were so late getting home from Laf. last night I didn’t get my letter on the night mail as I sometimes do. The old saying about raining and pouring seems true. John had a stiff neck this morning and had quite a time getting up but finally made it. He is much better but his neck still is a little sore and he moves around very carefully. He and Mark have both been home today and are getting pretty noisy. I think they can both go back to school tomorrow, but I thought another

[page 2] day at home would do Mark more good than going back to school. He is feeling about normal now. It is warmer and I think he can be turned out by tomorrow.

Had a letter from Mother today and she said she would come back up. I am going to call her and tell her to come on the bus to Laf. and since I have to go down tomorrow will meet her there. I think since Thelma has gone to Norfolk to live she feels a little left out in T. H. Not that she saw much of Thelma, but she knew as long as T. was in T.H. Jim would come back when possible and now that she is in Norfolk he won’t try to come so often – Mother thought Jim was coming back for Christmas and she stayed in T.H. for that reason but instead of Jim coming back Thelma went there – and stayed.

I had a letter from Jim, he had written on the back of their camp – “Bee Lines” – official publication of the “Seabees.”

[page 3] I talked to Agnes Molter again today about that tax business and when I get straightened out over this sinus infection will go down to the office and she is going to write you a letter about that 1941 tax payment. She still insists that we let that payment go – but I’ll let her do the explaining and also about 1942. She wrote in about that payment we didn’t make and received a reply – but when I talk to her will get it all straight.

My sinus is still draining and the drainage isn’t very good tasting. I am going back tomorrow and get another treatment. Also I am going to take the Baby down to Dr. Cole and let him check him over. He feels pretty good today – hasn’t any temperature but coughs some. It doesn’t bother him while he sleeps, but I will be glad when he gets rid of it. I think he is as good as John or Mark but I am afraid we are more apt to spoil him. However he still lies in his bed or on the bath table and watches his hands for long periods at a time.

[page 4] Dorothy is here and is getting ready to go to town so will let her mail this for me. She is going with me to Laf tomorrow. She was telling me the Johnson baby kept Ed up the first night they were home from the hospital. Ed was in the restaurant for breakfast and a little sleepy.

This is Thurs & she has to take food home to fix for supper – the proverbial Busman’s holiday.

Must close –

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