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Uniting Conference

Letter transcription:

October 13, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby:

Yours received and application properly filled in and sent on to County Clerk’s office. I paid your taxes last week and am enclosing the receipt. Count that as a delayed birthday gift, or something. The spacer on this machine isn’t working right – and the machine needs a cleaning and other repairs, so must get it to the shop in a day or so.

Today was Layman’s Day in our church and the Lay Leader asked me to participate in the program, which meant I had to be in two services. Dad attended the first service and said he thought I had done very well, but neither of us (the Lay Leader and myself) knew how to turn our pages without making a noise – but other than that he thought we had both done very well. One woman told me afterwards I acted so calm. I had a few butterflies and am glad I won’t have to do that again – at least until next Layman’s day – and I may take a trip that day if asked again. Dad said our minister knows how to turn his pages by the P.A. system without making a sound. We hadn’t learned that little secret.

The weather is so warm today we were able to sit on the patio this afternoon, but we are bound to get some rain and cold weather soon. However, I am going to enjoy this while it lasts.

We enjoyed the pictures and wonder if Debby will hate her parents when she gets a little older and see herself nude. She seems to be growing very well and I believe she looks a little more developed at two months than her daddy did at that age. As I remember you were so slow in growing, you were about two months old before you looked like you were going to be a healthy, hearty baby. However, you soon made up for your slow start.

Next Sunday we have promised to spend the day at Mark’s celebrating Kirk’s sixth birthday. His birthday is really the day before, but Dad has the duty at the Music Hall on Saturday night (and we have free tickets) and Bob Hope is the star attraction. We went last night to hear Dave Brubeck and his group, but didn’t care too much about them. The only thing we could say about it, it wasn’t as loud as some we have heard.

We had to go to Kentland last Thursday, so I stopped to see Mrs. Myers. I took Bonnie’s letter along and read it to her. She seemed to enjoy it. She says she can feel herself getting weaker all the time, but still insists she is going to stay in her apartment as long as she possibly stay.

Indiana is going to have a uniting Conference November 9th and a member of the nominating committee called me yesterday to tell me I have been nominated for the Board that will (or agency) replace Christian Social Concerns. I was really surprised. I am on the present Board, but the new Agency is going to be so streamlined I had no idea I would be nominated. Also the Women’s Society is going to have a Charter Meeting October 30th and that will end my office of Christian Social Relations since the latest idea is that the new officers installed on the 30th will take office immediately. It had been said we would hold over until the middle of May, but evidently not. With my office of President at Trinity, I can do without one of the offices I hold at present. I suppose you know Indiana will after Nov. 9th have just two conferences, North Indiana and South Indiana and the lines will come much further north – as far north as Crawfordville.

I finally got my car, after having it in the body shop about three weeks. The men at the body shop kept telling me they couldn’t get the parts. It looks like a new car and runs very smooth – couldn’t tell we had been slammed into by a truck. After driving the Corvair around town, I was really glad to get back into the Buick.

Love Mother

P.S. Decided to keep your tax receipt – I may need it to get your car license next year.

Why don’t you tell B.U. your Rockport address? On your ballot there will be a yes and no on Pair-Mutuel gambling. The United Methodist church & in fact many chuches are working for a no vote, so your no votes will add two. I have a volume of information as to why the vote should be no and for your information I am enclosing a sourcebook.

[Editor’s note: The Pari-Mutuel Referendum was on the November 1968 ballot in Indiana. To check the results of the election, click here.]

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Bing & Bob

July 27, 1962 envelope

July 27, 1962 envelope

Letter transcription:

July 27, 1962, p. 1

July 27, 1962, p. 1

Kentland, July 27, 62
8 PM Friday

Dear David

I enjoyed your nice newsy letter. I have had a rather busy week as Harold has been away. He and his family last Sunday drove up into Wisconsin to join Dr. & Mrs. Logan at their cottage, and will return Sunday.

Your comments about the Road to Hong Kong took be back twenty or more years. You know Bob & Bing made a series of “Road” pictures away back when, and we didn’t miss a one. An early one, I think, the Road to Zanzibar, had an incident I have never forgotten. A black tribe of some sort had captured Bing & Bob, and had a huge kettle boiling over a fire, and the boys stood petrified, and one of the tribe turned to Bob and said “Don’t worry, we won’t cook you today, we are going to put you in the deep freeze for the Fall festival, but we are going to serve him (Bing) on our blue plate special tomorrow.” And of course they were forever chasing Dorothy Lamour.

I haven’t read Around the World with Auntie Mame, and would like to. You could bring it with you when you come home. That article about Maurice Chevalier was in a magazine that a guest gave me to read, and he took it away with him. It was one of those movie magazines, but I don’t remember what one.

You know, if Kennedy keeps up his present rating, I don’t believe he will get a second term. I hear nothing but critical comment about him. Of course not from Harold, but he has quit bragging about him.

I’m glad you are having an opportunity to read your Interpreter’s Bible, and make use of it in your work also. I think that’s wonderful. It surely would be absorbing reading.

No doubt it is cool enough to suit you. The Lafayette paper this evening said that it was 48 there this morning at sic o’clock. I know I had to arise and close my window in the night, and get another blanket.

I am wondering if you went on your trip to Tell City. Somebody is knocking on my door, and I think I have a caller, so will say by for now. Don’t work too hard


[Disclaimer: The views of Ruth Myers are not necessarily my own. My task as a historian is to present documents in their true and unedited form.]

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Radio Interference (Roscoe)

April 25, 1944 envelope

April 25, 1944 envelope

April 25, 1944, p. 1

April 25, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Apr. 25, 1944

Dear Mother,

Just listening to Fibber & Molly and trying to write but haven’t made much headway. Again the orchestra is playing so I’ll write until they start talking again.

Your letter came today – This afternoon – I suppose you had just as well pay the coal bills and get things cleared up a bit. They have to be paid sooner or later so – .

I’m learning things around here every day – namely – many of the Drs. back from foreign duty have stopped here only a short time and are then transferred to some other duty – in the States. I’d hate to rent a house and pay a month’s rent before moving in and then hav not use it because of being transferred. But I have not rented one yet so I don’t need worry about that, and what you suggested about the weekend – why not just move up period – Let the kids board out or leave school early – but I guess we don’t need to cross that bridge just yet.

You have a few days to wait as yet for D. and the measles as I told you

April 25, 1944, p. 2

April 25, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] in last night’s letter.

Bob Hope is now on and I’m not just sure what I’m writing. Vera V. is now on and I can’t concentrate.

Just re-read your letter and I think I’ve answered all the questions – I started this letter about one hour ago but I’ve had too much radio interference.

I hate to think of it but this is a must – a bath in the tub. It’s a little cold in here but I’ve gone long enough now. Just about can’t stand myself anymore but I know of no other solution.

Joe is writing now and Bob Hope is over and I’ve about run down so must get going on that bath. I’ve been thinking – If I don’t have OD duty week after next I’m going to try to get off. It may be only a try but I’ll let you hom know later –

Love Daddy

P.S. Red Skelton is on now.

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Another Day Without Mail (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 8 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day without any mail – Last Tues. a week ago we rec’d yours of May 17 & 18.

John has gone to the high school building to “swing band” practice. The K. of P. Lodge is sponsoring “same.” With his oboe, piano, lessons & two band practices he is quite busy. Mark is still on the resting list. He had company this afternoon – Buddy & Sammy W. I think he played too hard – he

[page 2] was seemed a little tired. He has a good appetite – I looked at his throat today and it seems to be healing. He said he didn’t see Dr. Cole when they took him into the operating room, and was wondering if Dr. Cole did the operating. I hold him he didn’t need to see him, but he was there. Dr. Mary Ade gave the anesthetic to the little girl in the next bed. I thot she had done the operating but the mother said Dr. Clippinger.

It has been raining again and cool too, but the sun set clear this evening so maybe it will be warmer & sunny tomorrow.

Bob Hope was given a program to the SeaBees at Camp Peary*. I wonder if Jim was there or if you were able to hear it.

Wed Morn – Well I got a letter this morning – the one written May 24. Still several en route – and the one with the $100⁰⁰ hasn’t arrived yet – Way back there May 17 you said the letter you mailed the day before (May 16) should get here quicker because of the way it was mailed – but you also added if the fellow kept it in his pocket it wouldn’t – It hasn’t arrived yet and this is June 9.

Tomorrow evening is Recital night at the library. John is to play two solos & one duet with Helen Hoover. Since Mark’s tonsillectomy he hasn’t done much

[page 4] of anything, but I want him to get well over it before trying to get any work or studying out of him. He is working on arithmetic and reading this summer.

I am a little tired today – John & I cleaned the basement yesterday and it was very dirty. After having such a long sinus infection in the winter I was afraid for a long time to do such a dusty job – but feel pretty good now and yesterday was the kind of a day to do basement work – I am going to try and get that partition around the furnace finished so we can keep the dirt in one place. Every time I clean up that coal dust, ashes, etc. I wish for oil – but won’t complain, I am glad we have such a good heating plant but as you said once, just a good old American gripe.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner house, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

*Bob Hope performed at Camp Perry, Williamsburg, Virginia on June 8, 1943 for the Sea Bees Battalions. Bob Chester and his orchestra also played for the performance.

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