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Mother’s Day 1965

1965-05-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Sunday May 9, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

This afternoon John called me instead of sending me something for Mother’s Day. I told him you would be home June 13, so he is planning to be here to see you then he is going to Arizona for the summer (Jun. 14). Thanks for your card and letter. I talked to Mrs. Myers and she was quite happy to get your card. I had intended to take her to a store in Kentland Friday, but she wasn’t feeling up to leaving her apartment, so I have promised to try and find something for her in Lafayette Wednesday. I think the trip to Lafayette would be almost too much for her now. She still goes to Watseka to the Dr. to have her feet taken care of, but that is only 17 miles.

Dad gave me a new radio with stereo speakers, for Mother’s Day. The old radios we have around here aren’t much force and the last time John was home we couldn’t listen to the Saturday broadcast of the Met. John made some remark about not having a decent radio on the place. I knew Dad was going to get one for me, so I didn’t get one myself. The opera is over now, but I will have it for other listening and the opera next fall.

We went to the NuJoy for dinner today. There was a large crowd, but luckily we were waited on soon after we were seated and served quickly. Since it was a special day we didn’t know whether we would have to wait a long time and Dad had had a rough night at the hospital and would have settled for a bowl of cereal, but we had planned to go out and took a chance on not having to wait an hour or so to be served.

John had received a letter from a Ford Foundation friend who has recently had to leave Indonesia. He sent John a copy of the petition which was signed asking the Foundation to leave Malang and according to John it is quite insulting. After all the work that they have done there, they seem to be getting no thanks. I was going to write Oka again, but John says there probably would be no use in sending a letter, because he probably would not receive it. John had word from an Indonesian who wanted John to help him, but says he doesn’t see how he can, since their letters aren’t received. John has written to him and he has written to John without either receiving anything. This friend who wrote to John from Switzerland apprized John of his friend’s desires. I sent Oka a package by air, which he did receive. I am wondering if he will get the package which was sent by sea. Since that takes about 3 months, by the time it arrives it may not be delivered.

Tomorrow I am to go to Battle Ground for a meeting. Wed. I am to go to Lafayette to give a program. Thursday afternoon I am scheduled to give a program in Remington in the afternoon and one at Mt. Zion in the evening. One evening this week we are to attend a dinner for hospital employees. Looks like the coming week is going to be a busy one. When you come home, I promise there will be no meetings—and especially since you will only be home for a few days. I see by the IU calendar of events that your summer school begins June 21—that is counseling the 21 and classes 23.

John Janssen helped me Saturday. He washed all the windows and spray painted the bamboo shades (for east windows) green. When Dad hung them last Thurs., we decided they would last one more season with a coat of paint. Don’t you miss all these little chores?

Love Mother

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Sorting Pictures

1964-04-10-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 10 – 1964

Dear David –

We talked to Ins. office again and we think the only thing to do is to transfer the car to you so plan to come home next Fri. or Sat. and we will go to Morocco Sat. a.m. and make the transfer. We are not dealing with license Bureau in Kentland. We are planning to go to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon to attend a Blue Cross meeting. I didn’t think about that when you were here last week. It will just mean you will not stay here for entire weekend but at least you can get the car. It is a good think you didn’t take it last time you were here. When I took it in to have the headlight replaced I learned it needed a new part – something to do with lights – and part had to be ordered. It should be repaired by next Sat.

Dad is attending meeting at hospital this evening. I am still sorting pictures but about through. Two more boxes came today. One we took in Paris and one on Islands of Delos & Mykonos. I have

1964-04-10-gry-p-2[page 2] been asked to give several programs. Rotary May 11 (Dad decided to let me give that one), one for S.S. class in June, another S.S. class in Apr. and Florence Puetz asked me today to come to their home and show some pictures for her family and friends. Jeannette Batton warned me.

I hope the R.S.V.P. on invitations was OK with Bonnie. To be certain it was correct thing to do I consulted a Bridal Consultant. When will her mother arrive in Boston?

Love Mother

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The Acropolis and Parthenon

1964-03-23-gry-envelopeLetter transcription:

March 23, 1964

1964-03-23-gry-p-1Dear David:

Your cable was here when we returned from cruise. Our cruise ended at about 8 a.m. It was a most interesting experience. We boarded a week ago today at 5 p.m. Sailed at 7. The first evening a cold buffet was served and one could sit at any table. We had met a couple on plane when we flew from New Delhi to Beirut who were on the cruise, so we ate with them first evening. We were assigned to table 17 so next morning we found our table did not meet the rest of our group until noon. Seems some people hadn’t got the word so were just sitting at any table. At our table at noon we met a couple from Ann Harbor, Michigan (man with Dept. of Architecture at Michigan U.) a man from San Francisco who sells fruit and skis for a hobby – Carl Anderson and a woman who had been skiing, Esther Hail, also from San. F. our cruise took us to Island of Crete where we saw the remains of Minoan civilization in museum and a palace that has been excavated. Island of Rhodes where we visited an acropolis and saw more remains. In afternoon we visited a museum and saw hospital which had been used by Crusaders. Thurs. we visited Ephesus and saw and took about 2 rolls of pictures of remains of Roman city & the supposed site of burial place of St. John. Also prison (from a distance) where Paul was kept. Friday afternoon we had reached Istanbul and had a tour of city. Sat. a.m. we had another tour. On the Fri. tour I corrected a Muslim guide who in relating the story of Jesus visit to temple and return home said they returned home to Damascus. I told him it was Nazareth. He got a little confused and said a Bishop had corrected him about another detail one time. We sailed back toward Athens, stopping at the Island of Delos yesterday a.m.  In the afternoon we docked at Island of Mykonos and spent afternoon there. It was quite pleasant. I bought a few things and had them send home. Also bought two scarfs I have in suitcase. The people of Mykonos were very friendly and very proud that Mrs. Kennedy had visited there.

Island of Rhodes

Island of Rhodes

On Island of Rhodes we saw a crowd of people receiving U.S. surplus food. Dad took a picture of one woman after she had her sack and was putting it on her pony cart. I probably will not write again. I hope you will be able to meet us – providing our plane isn’t too late. Glad you have your acceptance at Boston. We can see the Acropolis & Parthenon from our room. We have a tour this afternoon so we are just resting and looking over city from our room this a.m.

Love Mother

We are wondering if you received your suit. If you did we would like to know before we go thru customs. I do hope you get the house dusted before we get home. (I hope I am not being too repetitious). We had so much to eat on the cruise we have, as of since breakfast, started on a crash diet. I think I won’t be hungry for days, and the way my clothes feel around the middle I need to lose a few pounds.


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Cruising the Mediterranean Islands

Dear David – Thought I would just drop you a card from Istanbul. We arrived here this afternoon and will begin return voyage tomorrow noon. We had a trip to Baozar this afternoon. I bought 2 dolls. We have really enjoyed this cruise and have seen many interesting things in the Islands between here and Athens. Will stop at Delos and Myponos on return trip. Our sightseeing in Athens will begin when we return there Monday. I will get the Wari beads for you. Have seen hundreds. Wish I knew what color you want.

Love Mother

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Letter transcription:

March 15 – 1964

1964-03-15-gry-p-1Dear David: Your letter was here when we arrived. I still think you two should graduate normally. I hope I read your letter correctly that we will be invited to Founder’s Day Celebration on the strength (how else) of your grades. If you go to Kentland, remember what Jeannette Batton said about Bonnie staying there if you spend night in Kentland. I wrote you in another letter that you will have to check with Air France as to arrival time. It is supposed to be at 1:40 p.m. We have heard since then that we can go thru customs in Canada if plane makes a stop there – it may. If we could go thru customs there it wouldn’t take us long to get away from O’Hare. We haven’t decided what we will do when we get to Chicago – I doubt that we will spend much time at Mark’s – you know with all that mail waiting for us we will probably be anxious to get home. No appointments until April 1 so that will give Dad a chance to wade thru things. I do hope you can get the house swept and dusted before we get home. I wish we had you with us here – we can’t read any of the signs around here – it’s all Greek to us. We can see the Parthenon from the hotel – but not from our window – our room is on other side but we can see it from lounge. Everything seems very quiet. We took a walk this afternoon and took a picture of American Embassy. It was refreshing to get to Athens today, after almost a week in a country that is nearly 100% (nearly) Muslim. There are 1,000 mosques in Cairo and they are building more all the time. We really had some nice tours there and saw the tomb of King Tut. Also saw all the things that are in the museum that were taken from tomb. We made 3 trips to the museum. That is a popular place – people coming and going all the time. Do you and Bonnie have work in Boston this summer? From your letter I rather thought you sounded like there is where you will spend the summer. Our hotel room is on 9th floor and we have a very good view of the city and nets in background. We start on cruise tomorrow afternoon but will try to find the beads for you tomorrow a.m. I don’t know what I will be looking for but someone around here surely will. We ate a light breakfast at 6:30 – had a huge breakfast on plane at 9:30 so it is almost 6 p.m. and I think we have waited long enough for food. I think we have both gained – but once we get back home we can lose any extra. This cruise won’t be any help in the weight losing dept. You will have time to get a letter to us when

[page 2] we get to Paris if there is something you need to write about. It is always nice to pick up letters – we had six when we arrived here today – so had lots of news.

Love Mother



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Pyramids in Cairo

Letter transcription:

1964-03-10-gry-p-1March 10 – 1964

Dear David – Yours of Mar. 4 received today. I was glad to get your letter (naturally) and have the explanation in full about the Ins. In the first place, we increased the insurance because we didn’t think we were carrying enough and at the time we increased it nothing was said about you. I don’t know who got that bright idea, but I have a good idea that Prairie Realty will lose some business when we get back home. We are not at all happy about the way Prairie R. handled things – We think you and Mark did the only thing you could do under the circumstances. When we talked about leasing a Cadillac we discovered our insurance was not as much as a leasing company carries and that was what caused us to increase ours. I hope you can be in Chicago to meet us because we will want to go home. I hope you can meet us if it won’t make you late getting back to Bloomington. According to our plane schedules we are to arrive in Chicago at 1:50 p.m. You will have to check on that. Since it will be the end of your vacation it would probably be some time before you would be home again. In my last letter I asked you to run the sweeper and dust for me. We won’t be bringing much home with us but Mark says there is so much mail for us to go thru it will probably take us a day or so. We came to Cairo yesterday afternoon. We had a tour this a.m. and one this afternoon. We visited museum this a.m. and saw things that were taken from King Tut’s tomb. We did take some pictures. We think we will go back to the museum before we leave. We visited the pyramids and Sphinx this afternoon. We have a very wonderful view of the river Nile and city from our room and porch. After returning from our trip this afternoon we stopped in the coffee shop and had a ginger ale then came to our room. I washed my hair and set it and we have been enjoying the view while my hair dries. We can see pyramids from where we are sitting. I was a party “pooper” this afternoon – I wouldn’t take a ride on a camel. We did take a ride on an elephant in India and that as far as I am concerned was enough. There was a parade just went by. We had read in a newspaper that the King of Jordan is coming here to visit so maybe he was in the car that just passed. We visited with Uncle Floyd’s friend in Jerusalem Monday morning. He lives and works in Amman but he had some business in Jerusalem so we had a chance to see him and his wife about 2 hours. They took us to “The Garden Tomb.” It is a tomb that was discovered by an Englishman in recent years. We bought a book telling all about it. Some people believe it is the real tomb instead of the place that has been claimed by Catholic, Greek & Russians for centuries. We have asked Mark to take the mail home and if he hasn’t – you see that it gets taken out to the house. About the time again as to when we arrive – (on second thought) we will have to go thru customs so it may be late in the afternoon before we will be able to leave the airport. I presume we will go thru customs in Chicago. Our plane ticket says Paris to Chicago. You will just have to use your judgment about what to do. There is a high tower across the river from this hotel. We asked our guide what it was for – (there s a large TV tower we could see form hotel room in Tokyo and the Japanese are very proud of it because it is the tallest TV tower in the world) but this tower serves only for sightseers to go up and look out over the city. There are at least 1,000 mosques in Cairo. I will see what I can do for you

[page 2] when we get to Athens about Wari [worry?] beads. It is getting too dark to write and we are enjoying “the show” too much to go inside.

Love Mother


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Beirut and Jerusalem

Letter transcription:

1964-03-08-gry-p-1Sunday March 8, 1964

Dear David: This morning we took a trip to see River Jordan and Dead Sea. We saw some bathers but were not tempted. We did put our fingers in and tasted. Dad said he thought it was safe because no germ could live in that water. We have had a tour of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. We didn’t try to make contact with Research School because we didn’t think it was necessary. We were well satisfied with our tours. The only thing we didn’t care for was the sales pressure. Our guide took us into some shops but we weren’t in the market for their high priced merchandise. Last night I went into a shop next to hotel and found prices much more reasonable. Our guide had told me he would take me to the shops where the prices were right. I think he gets a kick back so the prices were right as far as he was concerned. Buying a wood carving in Bali spoiled me. The prices there were so small and as far as I can see the carving is much better than what we have seen here. The big deal here is the carvings are made from olive wood. We had the same problem in Beirut. Our guide tried to influence us to buy – of all things – oriental rugs – just $170.00 for a small one. We just walked out of the place and said we were not in the market for a rug. We felt like we were not very welcome in Beirut – and they claim to be about 60% Christian. We were glad to leave there. We did enjoy seeing ancient Roman ruins at Baalbek and we did have a nice view from our hotel room – harbor and mountains. We have met a couple here who are from Rhode Island. They have been to Egypt and have given us a few tips, so we will know what to expect when we get there. We had a letter from Garnette Janssen and he said the house was getting pretty dusty – said he and Mark weren’t very good housekeepers. Are you still planning to meet us in Chicago Mar. 29? If you are I wish you would plan to stop at home and run the sweeper and dust cloth. I hate to think of going back home if it is covered with dust. That is something I should have thought about before we left, but if you are going that way I am sure you can take care of that for me. I am wondering if you have made any plans yet for the coming summer? I know you were wanting to find something to do. Also I am wondering if you have been successful in getting into Boston School. We didn’t go to church this a.m. but plan to go this evening. There are Baptist, Anglican, Catholic (Greek, Roman, etc.) and Nazerene but not any Methodist (in Middle East). We saw one notice which read service at 5:30 in Arabic. We will have to make some more inquiries. That might prove to be interesting. We attended church in Hong Kong & singing was in Chinese.

Love Mother

Uncle Floyd’s friend from Amman is coming to see us tomorrow.


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Flying to Tehran

Letter transcription:

1964-03-04-gry-p-1March 4, 1964

Dear David – As you can see I am using Bangkok stationary. The envelope is from New Delhi. I have learned to carry a supply with me. Our flight out of N. Delhi was scheduled for 5 a.m. – we were just half an hour late which isn’t bad. We are now flying to Tehran – a 4 hr flight – then on to our next stop Beirut. When we were in Djakarta I thought we were prepared for Indiana but not quite. All my reading on Indiana hadn’t quite given me the picture. They have had 17 years of independence and I suppose they have accomplished much in that time but by our standards they have far to go. We tried to buy film and couldn’t get any for our instamatic. We went to several shops in downtown N. Delhi but were told same story everywhere. They just aren’t importing anything that new. I asked one guide how many dams had been built since independence. He said 22. That is a pretty good record for 17 yrs. We were in New Delhi, old Delhi, Agra & Jaipur and conditions were much the same in every place. You couldn’t imagine the dirt and filth unless you see it. There are so many poor people who just eek out an existence. We went by car from Agra to Jaipur and saw how people live in villages. It was so filthy in all the places we passed we wondered what kept people from dying. People and cattle live together and sanitation as we know it is nonexistent there. We saw people using the roadside for toilets – They seem to think nothing of relieving nature any place they may be. We were walking in downtown N. Delhi yesterday trying to find film and a woman was holding a youngster so he could urinate. In many places children go without clothes and we saw more babies without diapers than with. One thing that is very bothersome is the beggars. It seemed they were everywhere. One guide told us in N. Delhi they try to keep them off the streets – there is a home for them but they would rather beg than work so they escape from the homes provided for them. We are getting so low on film we didn’t take many pictures while there. We are not sure we can buy more and we have a few places of interest to visit before coming home. One of the dirtiest things we saw was the use of cow dung for cooking fuel. The women go around and gather the droppings and make patties which are laid out to dry. We saw huge piles. One guide said those are stored for rainy season. Dad said he didn’t know what kept them from getting lockjaw – from the handling of dung. We had to take an early a.m. flight to Agra and it was a little after 7 a.m. when we arrived. Altho it was fair and not a cloud, there was a haze low. It was the smoke from the cow dung fires – cooking breakfast. We went out to see the Taj Mahal by moonlight. Our driver said we would have to go before the haze from the cooking smoke filled the air. We think they would be better off if they used some other kind of fuel and use the c.d. for fertilizer. The trip from Agra to Jaipur took 5 hrs. At about half way there was a rest house for people like us. At least we could use a toilet and our driver had soft drinks in a bucket of dry ice so we had a little refreshment on the way. I think the driver never suggest American or European travelers eat local food. When we were in Malacca we met an Indian Minister. His daughter is in school in Delhi University. We went out to see her yesterday. She hasn’t been home for two years but hopes to go this June. You just be thankful you are an American and that you are in a school like I.U. It is simply wonderful compared to the one in Delhi. With all the faults we can find with our own country there is no place quite like it. Yesterday morning when we went down to breakfast we discovered the

1964-03-04-gry-p-2[page 2] help had gone on strike and we had sort of a cafeteria breakfast. The tipping system is – 12½ % is added to bill and at the end of certain period the tips are divided. I have no idea how but we were told the strike was because the help wasn’t satisfied with the tip distribution. The room boys – called bearers had also taken the room keys with them so the skeleton staff trying to clean up the rooms couldn’t get into some. We had turned our key in at the desk so our room went uncleaned. The method of sweeping is with something resembling a broom which just moves dirt from one spot to another. I think they think if they rouse a cloud of dust they are accomplishing something. I could see ever so many places where the good old American know-how would have been a great help. We had a notice under our door when we got up at 3 a.m. that no more meals would be served in hotel until strike is settled. It didn’t bother us because we were leaving. Will tell you more when we come home.

Love Mother

Had a letter from Janssen and he said the car business was over the insurance. I am still not too happy about it. I thought your driving was covered. Do you still plan to meet us?

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Taj Mahal

1964-02-29-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jaipur, India
Feb. 29 – 1964

Dear David: Your letter was here when we arrived at about 12:30 or a little later. This hotel used to be palace of a Maharajah. I haven’t heard the history of place, but it is fabulous. I have just washed and pin curled my hair and I am sitting in a breezeway however I don’t know what the proper name is for it. There is a courtyard to my left and our room opens from court yard. We came here by car – a tortuous journey lasting 5 hrs. In Agra yesterday when we started our tour to see Taj Mahal and after points of interest our guide wanted to know if we could understand him. In our conversation we discovered he belongs to Methodist Church. There is a Methodist school is Agra and although that wasn’t on our tour he took us to the school – it is Holman Institute. I had prayer calendar in my purse so knew there was an institution in Agra. I looked up the name – he had said Miss Schaffer was head of school. When we stopped – we were in a pretty good tour car – when you consider standard car here – and caused quite a flurry in the courtyard. There was an old man who evidently works for the school and he went in and told Miss Schaffer the Bishop had come. When Miss S. came to the door we told her who we are and then she explained what had happened. Dad assured her he wasn’t the Bishop. We didn’t stay very long but she seemed very pleased to have us stop. I asked her if she had may Methodists stop. She said she has a lot of tourists stop but not so many Methodists. There are 800 students enrolled in Holman. There is also a Baptist Church & school – an Episcopal – a Catholic & Seven Day Advent, so the missionaries have been here a long time and judging from observation there is much yet to be done. It is very dry here and much like Arizona. There is much marble in this palace, but it is gritty. The grounds here are kept watered so are very beautiful with green lawns and flower beds. We will be here yet tomorrow and then go back to N. Delhi Monday. Last night we went back to look at the Taj in the moonlight. It is lovely in either day light or moonlight. When we first looked up at the stars directly over the Taj saw one moving so we watched and it was a satellite – either U.S. or R. While we were looking at the Taj in the moonlight we saw a couple with two children who had come on same plane. The man was taking a time exposure. We were talking to them – something we have found is usually easy to do with other Americans. They are living in Pakistan and were on a little holiday and were going back to Delhi last night. The man is working on a huge dam project and they told us about their American city – walled that is – in Pakistan. It is completely modern with supermarket and frozen foods – something unheard of for people who live in this part of the world. Bonnie will know what I am writing about because her mother’s cook goes to market every day. The missionaries told us their cooks go to market twice a day. They think freezing good spoils the taste. It was hard for us to tell people how I buy groceries, that is make them understand it could be done by the week or two weeks. Incidentally I had read about that dam project in Pakistan in the book I read recently about the World Bank. I was very happy to learn about your good grades and hope you will make honor roll. I think that will be a good way for you to graduate. Mrs. McGraw said Bonnie had written that you tow were not going to graduation since she will be travelling half way around the world to see Bonnie graduate and since you are our last one too, I think it would be cheating us for you not to attend. Think it over. I hear a plane going over. There is an airport here and had I known what a drive we were in for, we would have come by plane.

1964-02-29-gry-p-2[page 2] The roads are very narrow and not too smooth and there is everything besides cars on the road. We saw a truck that had lost a wheel and had turned over this morning. Our driver is a Sikh – pronounced Seek. He wears a turban and has long hair – however his hair is braided and wound around his head under the turban. He also has a beard all over his face except above and below his eyes. He is a very good driver and is very well informed. He has been working for tourist bureau since 1956. He speaks very good English. He calls me Madam and Dad Sir. He wants to take us for a drive around the city at 4:30. We are to have our tour tomorrow. I am still looking for a letter from you about why you aren’t driving the Chevrolet. Mark just wrote and said the Ins. Co. had run an investigation on us and that you weren’t driving the car. Mark has had trouble with the Cadillac. I wrote to him to take it to Tub in Kentland. I had a letter from Mary K. Anslett and she said she thought sure she had seen Chuck Tuberty driving our Cadillac down the street. We checked with Mark’s letter and when she wrote would be the date the Cadillac would be in Kentland for repairs. I hope Tub was able to get it in order. I wrote Mark we didn’t intend to leave a dud for them. We receive letters at every stop. We have written to the hospital all along and groups and individuals keep writing to us and tell us how much they enjoy getting our cards and letters. The Ansletts have adopted a little girl and her letter had the announcement. We knew they were trying to adopt a child but didn’t think it would take so long. M.K. said Marge Janssen is working temporarily at Sears since the girl to replace M.K. wasn’t satisfactory.

Love Mother.

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Reclining Buddha


Letter transcription:

[Postmark – 25 February 1964]

Dear David – We are on our way to Singapore via Quantuas. Announces time is 1 hr. 45 min. We have had three flights today. Had a tour at Siem Reap – ate lunch – took plant to Phnom Penh then on to Bangkok. That sightseeing at Siem Reap was worth all the effort. Just hope all the pictures are good. Took several rolls. I took a picture of two toes of the statue on this card – all my little camera could take in. We are going to have dinner in a few minutes but have had food on two previous flights and I am not hungry. Our travel agent in Bangkok took very good care of us and helped us get from one flight to other without much bother.

Love Mother


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