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David’s Diary – December 29, 1969

Monday, 29 December 1969   

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved. Spent the morning in my study, filing, straightening up, etc. We got a call from Mom a few minutes before 11:00. They were a few miles east of Sturbridge. When Bonnie got home from grocery shopping, we put the food away, I carved up t[w]o roasts—then we had lunch; just as we were finishing about 1 o’clock, the folks arrived. They had brought a bed for Debbie + a hobby horse. We got those put together. Bonnie went to work. The folks relaxed; then went to get their car washed + to do odds + ends. I studied until they returned. Then we set about preparing for supper; played with Debbie; watched CBS news; had supper when Bonnie got home; in the evening we took a lot of pictures; showed our slides, sat around talking; went to bed, LO about 12:50.

Tuesday, 30 December 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—then Dad and I got to work on our project for the day—making a “gym” for Debbie—she can crawl into it, climb on it, slide down it. We went to the Building Center, got the wood, came home and got to work. We relaxed for a short while after lunch, I read I.F. Stone, and took two photos of RSY on the couch with the cat! [1] Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the “gym”—had to make another trip to the Building Center after 4:00. About 6:00 we stopped for supper. I shaved, then went to get Hazle Lord, who baby sat while the 4 of us went to the show: Bob + Carol + Ted and Alice—a rather good satire. Then we got home about 9:00. I took Hazle home, saw Barb for a few minutes. Came home; relaxed, socialized, bathed about 11:30.  OBLO, Θ – 12:30.

 Wednesday, 31 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast—then we got to work on the day’s assignments; first of all Dad Bonnie and I made a trip to Gloucester which took all morning. We went to Mals, Sears, + Gloucester Building Center—gradually we found most of what we had set out to buy. We got back home around noon. After lunch, Dad + I got to work on Debbie’s “gym”, after a trip to Rockport Building Center for “washers”—and fixing kitchen faucets. We spent all afternoon on the gym—keeping an ear open for Debbie (we were in the basement, she in her room) while Bonnie + mom went out shopping; we had supper at 6:30, watched CBS news. In the evening Pop + I returned to working on the gym. As we got close to finishing we brought it upstairs; relaxed, had pop-corn. Watched Johnny Carson show to celebrate the coming of the new year—they telecast the view of Times Square in NYC. Then we all turned in; OBLO, 12:20.

Roscoe, Rockport, 1969

[1] He hated cats.

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David’s Diary – December 22, 1969

Monday, 22 December 1969

Up about 9:00 after Θ+. Had breakfast, then got to work: reading in Lindblom. Bonnie went shopping. When Debbie napped I shaved, read some more. After the mail man came I went to see Mrs. Bonne and her mother-in-law re: German translation of the wedding ceremony. Went to Mals for throat lozenges—then went to see Hannibals. Home about 1:30 for lunch. Then the remainder of the afternoon, for the most part, was spent reading in Lindblom. Played with Debbie a while. Began working on supper about 6:30, watched CBS news. We ate when Bonnie got home from work. After supper I again took up Lindblom; about 9:00 we phoned Mom + Dad—they wanted to know if we wanted baby furniture they can bring. Also phoned Paul + Marty; they don’t know when they’ll be coming; read til 11:00; relaxed; read in bed—fighting sore throat; LO 12:30.

Tuesday, 23 December 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved—my throat very sore, but I couldn’t put off any longer making calls. The car wouldn’t move—the emergency brake was frozen again. So I walked to Mill Brook Park. Saw Ethel Leary, Anna + Alvina, Gertrude Parsons and Ellie Martin. Came home about 11:00. Had coffee with Bonnie + Cameron Sesto. Looked through the mail when it came. Grandma + Emil arrived just as we were having a late lunch. In the afternoon I did more calling: on Lucy Patience, Grace Harris + Louise Rich; didn’t see Esther Longley—then went shopping on Bear Skin Neck—last little something for Bonnie. Came home, relaxed—napped; Roy Lee arrived to look at the car about 6:00. Bonnie went out to consult with him (my throat too sore)—he’ll have the car towed tomorrow; had supper, CBS news. In the evening showed several boxes of slides, relaxed, bathed about 11:15, OB read; LO 11:55.

Wednesday, 24 December 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast after reading in Lindblom for a while. The day was a leisurely one. Relaxed and read, off and on. I tried to stay inside as much as possible to help my throat—which is much better. Roy Lee sent a tow truck to take our car away—he brought it back early in the afternoon. I read and napped in the afternoon—late in the afternoon Bonnie urged us to unwrap the presents—which we did—took many photos of Debbie. After the gift exchange I ran off bulletins for this evening’s service. Had supper around 6:00, watched CBS news. We left for the church after 7:30 (Debbie stayed with Sestos). We were all home by 9:30. We relaxed around the tree—had a snack—Bonnie + Emil played Scrabble. I watched 11 o’clock news   bathed, OBLO c. midnight.

Thursday, 25 December 1969

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Another day of relaxation and reading. In the morning Bonnie and Grandma + Emil played Scrabble. I took some pictures from pages in the Westminster Bible Atlas—also took several on a new roll of Debbie, Bonnie + Grandma. G + Emil had lunch with us, but by about 2:00 they left. They wanted to get home before dark—they had planned to stay tonight, but there’s a storm on the way. I napped in the afternoon, read further in Lindblom. We had supper about 6:30. In the evening I had a call from Alan Federick (in NY!), also called Mrs. Myers in Kentland. Early in the evening I went to see Mrs. Bonne who had worked on getting a translation of the wedding vows. Most of my evening was spent with Lindblom—reached half-way point. Watched 11 o’clock news for storm report; relaxed, bathed; OB read in Lindblom; LO, 12:53.

Friday, 26 December 1969

Up about 10:00 after Θ. First thing: shaved, then had breakfast, then went to Gloucester to see Margaret Stickney—one of Jim Bussey’s parishioners—read 2 psalms, offered prayers. Quite a storm was raging—heavy wet snow—changing to rain. Then I went to Alan Federick’s—from NY on the phone he had asked me to check on his mail—good thing I did—it was getting drenched. Came home, had late lunch. Bonnie went to work I spent the afternoon with Debbie, tried to collect thoughts for sermon—was feeling pretty lethargic. Began working on supper about 6:30. Made some date bars. Bonnie got home about 7:15; we had supper about 8:00  I left for Wesley Church for wedding rehearsal; couple was late—so rehearsal went late; just relaxed when I got home, practiced German—still lethargic; bathed; OB read; LO, 12:45.

Saturday, 27 December 1969

Took several pictures of Debbie in her mother’s shoes.  Up about 9:00. Shaved, had OJ for breakfast; prepared for wedding. Left here about 10:20. Wedding was at 11:00. I did pretty well with the German part (the bride might not have thought so!) The couple was Walter J. Johnson, Jr. + Hannelore Ollech. I was home about 11:30. Letter from Pat Harry. Helped Bonnie take down the Xmas tree. Had lunch—then went on errands—to dump and to the church. Then the rest of the afternoon was devoted to the sermon. Shortly after 6:00, Bonnie comment[ed] on gas or oil smell—so we checked the basement—found it flooded!  about 5 inches of water. When we were finishing supper, Ernie Niemi arrived with a pump—it worked all evening; and I worked all evening on getting the sermon ready (played with Deb) doing bulletins, prepared service; bathed; OBLO, 1:30.

Sunday, 28 December 1969

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved, practiced my sermon. Left for the church about 10:40. 28 in attendance; preached on “What have we learned?”—reflecting on the 1960s—touched on Vietnam. After getting home had lunch, set about straightening up my study; got a phone call from Mom in Utica, NY.—the heavy snow has slowed them down—they won’t be here til tomorrow. I then relaxed, took a nap. Got up about 3:45—had meeting at 4:00—to discuss Youth Group seminarian. This meeting was long—wasn’t over til after 6:00. Came home, phoned Andover Newton’s field work man; had supper. Left here at 7:20 for Riverdale Church—Methodist Men—very poor turnout—5 laymen, Landon Lindsay + myself. Picked up Alan Federick’s mail on way home; helped Bonnie fix oven, relaxed, watched 11 o’clock news, bathed; OBLO, c. 12:20 Θ.

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Gladys – December 17, 1969


Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie,

Since Dad has the duty the 26th we will plan to leave here at 7 a.m. on the 27th. We should, weather permitting, get to Rockport by the evening of the 28th. We will plan to start back on the morning of Jan. 2 – so we will be with you 4 days.

If you want us to, and if we can fit it into the car, we will bring the large baby bed along and also a hobby horse which Becky, Kirk and David have used. If you do want either let us know. The hobby horse and bed are both in good condition, and should do Debby as long as she will need either. Please let us know in time to bring them.

I went to Kentland Monday and took Mrs. M. her gifts for Christmas. She said she would be alone for the first time on Christmas day. I said we could bring her here, but she thinks she couldn’t stand the trip. Doris and Harold are not going to be home for Christmas. I wish we could bring her here, but she only gets out now to have her hair done and to the foot Dr.

Our U.N.I.C.E.F. sales this year, so far has been almost $4,300.00, which is about $700.00 more than last year – in spite of all the John Birch members here in Lafayette and their hate literature. Dad said he thinks they helped promote the sales.

Looking forward to seeing you the 28th

Love Mother

P.S. I wrote to Irene & Joyce we would be in Rockport and asked them to come and see us. I haven’t heard from either, so don’t know if they plan to come. If they do, we will go to Capt. C. in G. for dinner.

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David’s Diary – December 15, 1969

Monday, 15 December 1969

This has been a very full day—up about 9:30 after Θ—had breakfast, then we set about getting ready to go to Gloucester for shopping. I got several letters + cards ready to go, went to the P.O. while Bonnie was getting Debbie ready. Then I picked them up and we were on our way; at Mals bought a camping stove + picture frames for the photos of Debbie for Mrs. Myers. I went to Wades [?] while Bonnie got groceries. I got a diary for 1970 and poster paper. We had lunch after getting home. I got the pictures ready to go to Mrs. Myers. The packages from W. Laf. + Malaysia arrived. When Bonnie went to work my afternoon was spent making stencils for Hymnsing + Meth. Men mailings. Virginia Bate sat with Debbie while I went to the Ornes. At 6:00 I heard Nixon’s short speech, fixed supper. ^CBS news^ In the evening Bonnie went to Com. Chorus Exec. Board meeting; I worked on mailings; took pictures of Xmas tree; looked over the camping stove; bathed; OB to read; LO, 12:50.

Tuesday, 16 December 1969

Debbie 16 months old   Up about 9:20. Had breakfast, shaved. Got to my desk, took care of more letter writing, and began the huge task of getting my desk cleared off. Becky Bussey came over for a while to use Bonnie’s sewing machine. ^Alan Federick called!^ After the mail man had come—about noon—I went to the P.O. with bundles of letters—and a roll of film to Mail-A-Way. In the morning I finished off the roll on Qumran diagram + on Debbie. After lunch I got an article ready to go to the newspaper about the Xmas Eve service, took more pictures of Debbie. When I was ready to go, the car wouldn’t move—the emergency brake cable was stuck. Spent the afternoon at my desk—relaxed some. Ezra + Cameron had arrived back. Had supper about 6:30. In the evening I prepared my sermon schedule for Jan-May 1970. ^*took more photos of Xmas tree^ Bonnie was at church preparing for Sunday School Xmas play. I worked late, bathed  OBLO, 1:00.

Wednesday, 17 December 1969

Didn’t get up til about 9:30. Had breakfast—then I dropped off envelopes to be addressed to Mrs. Cooney, went for bread. About 10:30 we left for Dr. Kline’s office for Debbie’s 11 o’clock appointment. We saw the Dr. about 11: 40—were out by 12:00—he pronounced Debbie in perfect health—we did some brief errands, then returned home. After lunch I turned to getting stencils typed for my schedule of sermons and for the Xmas letter to the congregation. Then late in the afternoon I got them run off, got my room straightened up—by 6:30. Watched CBS news, had supper. At 7:30 Jerry and Carol Lewis arrived and spent the evening with us; we had a very pleasant visit. They went home about 11:00; I then signed and folded the Xmas letter, folded the sermon schedule; watched Johnny Carson’s show: Tiny Tim’s marriage, bathed; OBLO 1:40.

Thursday, 18 December 1969

Up about 8:45. First thing: picked up envelopes from Mrs. Cooney, came home, stuffed, sealed, stamped them. Had breakfast, shaved—then left for Gloucester—mailed the letters on the way. Got to Busseys about 11:00. Jim and I went to interview a young couple who want to get married while Jim is gone. After the interview stopped by Mals—then came home. Had lunch. Call from Margaret Reilly about Alan. Took Bonnie to work (Deb at Patriq.), went to see Alan—he was drunk; drove him to Rckpt + back (went to bank) came back to Rkpt, saw Margaret briefly, picked up Debbie, came home—started supper + cleaned up cat’s mess—Bonnie left cat box on back porch. Wally Aufrecht arrived about 6:00. Eliane Follis  didn’t come—I called her—she hadn’t received my letter. Wally left 10:45; watched news, made signs for Candlelight Service, OBLO 12:38.

Friday, 19 December 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. Shaved after breakfast. Finally got around to going downtown—took two Candlelight Service posters to have put in the windows. When I got back I spent the rest of the morning try[ing] to get a good sermon idea and sermon outline. Finally came up with something—but not really too great. After a late lunch this was still my main concern. Stretched out briefly about the time Bonnie left for work. Then back to the sermon. Such a large amount of time seems to have been spent on this with such meager results. About 5:00 I started working on supper. Don McGaw called about six: he + Lawry would be late. Bonnie got home somewhat early—shortly before 7:00. Don and Lawry got here about 7:30. We had supper.—spent the evening visiting, talking, listening to records, a very enjoyable evening; they left at 1:15—we prepared for bed; 1:35.

Saturday, 20 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then as soon as possible got to work on my sermon—made good progress in the morning. Mail man came late, but brought a box of slides, which we’ve viewed. After lunch, I worked on the sermon further; then fed Debbie while Bonnie was at the church. Then back to the sermon. Shaved about three when Bonnie got home, then went to Gloucester into the hospital to see a patient—home again very shortly; not too long after I arrived, Bonnie’s Xmas gift came in the mail, lucky I was home! We had supper around 6:00, then I was able to finish the sermon. At 7:30 Drue + Sully picked us up—and along with Kay + Les we went to Melrose to see the spectacular Xmas lights on private homes. ^ took several pictures^  Came  here, relaxed with them, had something to eat; they left about 11:00; then I did bulletin; prepared the service; bathed, OBLO 1:27.

Sunday, 21 December 1969

Half about 8:15—very much regretting my insufficient amount of sleep. Had only juice for breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon. Billy Elwell arrived at 9:30 for our class. Karen Haskell absent again. Left for the church about 10:45—almost 60 in church. This was a bad morning for Debbie; she fell and cut her lip—bled a lot, but alright. After we had our lunch we, relaxed, Θ—then napped. We found the Lamb-Omastram in a package left at the front door—with message: “Guess who is coming to dinner”—Mother has an accomplice here in Rockport! We didn’t get up until about five. Got some supper. I did some phoning about getting a German translation of the marriage ceremony. We went to the church at 6:30 for the Xmas party. I attended to Debbie much of the time. We got $36 in cash as a gift. After the party I went over to visit Judy Parker (broken leg). Returned home about 9:45—spent the rest of the evening with Lindblom’s Prophecy in Ancient Israel; bathed OBLO, 1:05.

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David’s Diary – December 8, 1969

Monday, 8 December 1969

Up about 9:00, had breakfast, tried to get to work, but was very lethargic, so progress was slow. Late (?) in the morning I took several pictures of Debbie in her rocking chair. I did some phoning re: Methodist Men program for December. Landon Lindsay will be our speaker. After a late lunch I got back to Hebrew, and worked at it all afternoon. Bonnie was at work, Debbie slept most of the time—she was still tuckered out after playing with Ezra last night. A Xmas package arrived from Bob + Lea—and I just mailed the card telling them not to send anything! I fixed supper, watched CBS news, got Debbie fed. We ate when Bonnie got home; took pictures of Debbie after her bath, in the “bounce-chair” with flute. And I took a photo of Bonnie with cats when she got home from Community chorus rehearsal. Even[ing] spent on Hebrew after playing with Debbie. Bathed c. 11:00; OB to read; 12:40.

Tuesday, 9 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Shaved after breakfast, then got to work translating Deut. 34. After finishing this, went on errands; went to bank for more nickels, for Xeroxing tomorrow, to church to change wayside pulpit. We had lunch when I got home. My main concern for the afternoon was again Deuteronomy—read articles, then got to work typing translation. Finished most of it by supper time. After supper I played with Debbie. About 8:30, Bonnie went to Sally Spooner’s home to make items to hang in windows—out of glass and plastic chips. She didn’t get home until after 11:00, but brought back a box-full of her handiwork. I finally finished my Hebrew about 9:15, and then turned to Aramaic—and this was my concern for over 3 hours—preparing tomorrow’s translation. Bathed about 12:30. OB, LO 1:30.

Wednesday, 10 December 1969

Couldn’t get to sleep last night—was still awake—and up—at 3:30. So when I had to get up at 8:00, I didn’t feel so good. Had breakfast, shaved, caught the 9:20 train. When I got to Boston, to went to Cokesbury, then to Paperback Booksmith, then to BU. Had lunch with Wally Aufrecht. Then I Xeroxed Frost’s book: OT Apocalyptic. Then 2:00–3:00 had Aramaic. 3:00–4:00 had conference with Beck. 4:00-5:45 had seminar. Beck might want me to do more for 3 hours of DS—for which so far I have produced translation of Deut. 1-22, 26, 34. Caught the 6:40 train from Boston, arrived home about 8:00. After we had supper, about 9:00 we went down to Patriquins for “mug-ups”. I had a headache. We came home about 10:30. Relaxed, then prepared for bed; bathed; Θ, LO 11:45.

Thursday, 11 December 1969

Up about 9:30. After breakfast I directed my attention to the Christmas tree. We had planned to go to a Xmas tree farm, but the weather was lousy, and we won’t be able to go again for several days. So I got a tree here in town. I spent some time anchoring the tree-holder to a piece of wood—then we decorated. Bonnie also made more of her plastic + glass decorations. After lunch I went down to the library to check in Books in Print—deciding what to order from Cokesbury + Blackwells. When I got home stretched out briefly—didn’t really nap. After Bonnie went to work I prepared my Bible lesson for this evening—and spliced together my Qumran map for photographing. Fixed supper. We ate when Bonnie got home from work—Bible class from 8:00–9:30. 7 came. Then Bonnie + I baked cookies (I had made the dough at supper time). Then prepared for bed; bathed, OB to read, LO 11:47.

Friday, 12 December 1969

Up shortly before 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, then about 9:15 left town; drove to the New Aldersgate United Methodist Church in N. Reading for “Bishops’s day on the N.S. District.” The meeting consisted of a question and answer session with the bishops, then about 12:30 we had a luncheon; I sat next to Don McGaw, and we had a nice visit. Then after the luncheon, Bishop Mathews, Dr. Uhlinger and I had a chance to sit down privately and discuss my conference status. We were able to get the matter clarified—the Bishop will write a letter to Bishop Mueller, requesting that my transfer be recognized as official as of Jan 1, 1970. I left for home about 2:15—arrived here ill—found Bonnie in bed too—we both had fevers + diarrhea. Bonnie had a small supper, I had none—Debbie is as happy as can be; evening spent in bed with the TV. Went to bed shortly after 11 with temp of 101.2°.

Saturday, 13 December 1969

Today was spent recuperating. Didn’t get up til around 10:00. Got a phone call from mother—she and dad are planning to drive out to visit us for about a week between Christmas and New Year. Late in the morning Jim Bussey came over to borrow my notes on a BU course. Shortly before noon I had two poached eggs + toast. Early afternoon I napped. Mid-afternoon I had a big bowl of soup. Late in the afternoon I finally turned to working on the sermon. We had supper about 6:00. Bonnie was feeling well enough to go to Community Chorus rehearsal. I spent the evening work[ing] on the sermon. Finished shortly after 10:00. Then I did the bulletin. Then I s[p]ent a brief time working on the service, then bathed. OBLO, 12:00 /Θ/ had trouble sleeping, up for a snack at 2:00 AM.

Sunday, 14 December 1969

Up shortly after 8:00; shaved, had breakfast. Practiced sermon before my “class” arrived. Again this week only Billy showed up. Left for church about 10:40. Preached on “Hope versus Fear”—home by 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed—but didn’t nap. Spent the afternoon writing letters and notes. Then late in the afternoon I went down to the church and got the red carpet that used to be here at the parsonage. Then Bonnie + I put it down in the dining room. Before supper I wrote more letters. After supper fixed the FM antenna in the living room. Took our old carpet piece to the church. Took Debbie to Barbara + Hazel Lord; went to community Chorus. Took 3 or 4 pictures. Sat with Jerry + Carol Lewis. After the concert visited with B + H. Had snack, slowly got ready for bed; bathed. OBLO 12:20.

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David’s Diary – December 1, 1969

Monday, 1 December 1969

Up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, then did some calculating on my Qualifying exam books—for the first exam there are over 4000 pp to read! Much of morning was given to thought about the time-table for the rest of my Ph.D. work. I finally got to work on Hebrew. We had a late lunch, I shaved, went to the P.O. When I got home, Bonnie left for work, and I got back to work on Hebrew. This took the rest of the afternoon. I worked until about 6:30, then watched CBS news, fixed supper, got Debbie fed. We ate when Bonnie got home. Then I got back to work and Bonnie went to Community Chorus rehearsal. I put Debbie to bed about 8:30. I interrupted my Hebrew to watch the draft lottery from 9:00 to 9:30. Then back to Hebrew until midnight. But I reached my goal; stopped to bathe; OBLO 12:35.

Tuesday, 2 December 1969

Up about 9:00 after Θ. Had breakfast, then got to work typing out my Hebrew translation. Took a break when the mail came—a lot—but mostly junk. We ate lunch about 12:30. Bonnie went to the beauty parlor in the afternoon to have her hair cut, and I made progress with my typing—by about 5:30 I had finished the typing and was rather weary. For a while I glanced through and listed the Qumran slides which I recently received. Then I helped Bonnie with supper. Watched CBS news. Shortly after 7:00 Bonnie left for the choir rehearsal for C.A.M.P.’s “Hour of Sand [???] Music.” I played with Debbie, and she was fascinated by my rough face—(didn’t shave today); then I worked til about 9:00 on my Hebrew trans. pages. Called Richardson about his Qumran slides; translated in Daniel for tomorrow, bathed about 11:00; then back to Daniel; OBLO 12:45.

Wednesday, 3 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved. Went to Miss Evart’s home to pick up Kath. Kenyon’s book on Jerusalem which I had loaned her—it was due at the library today. When I got home I did some reading for the Deuteronomy seminar. Then got ready to go to Boston—caught the 11:15 train. Arrived at BU shortly before 1:00. Had lunch with Walter Aufrecht. Then before Aramaic class began, I did some Xeroxing: Ginsberg’s book: Studies in Daniel. 2:00–3:00 in Aramaic. 3:00-4:00—selected slides from Dr. Brown on Qumran to have duplicated. Also looked through Richardson’s Qumran slides which he’s loaned me; conferred with Dr. Beck on several things. 4:30–5:45 seminar. Then caught the 6:40 train home; arrived about 8:00. Had supper, then went to see Dick Manson, to patch up any ill-feelings about hymn-sing. Got home shortly after 9:00. Looked at Qumran slides. Prepared Xmas note to send to the family; bathed, read in bed; LO 12:23.

Thursday, 4 December 1969

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I took one of the signs for the program this Sunday down to one of the stores to go in the window. Most of my morning was spend doing odds and ends—among other things, getting an order for pictures ready to go in. When the mail came I took time to read I.F. Stone. Bonnie left about 10:30 to do grocery shopping. She didn’t get home til after 1:00. We ate lunch, then I went down to the library to look at Books in Print to see about the books on my 2nd Qualifying Exam. I returned home in time for Bonnie to go to work at 2:30. For the most part I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for Bible Class. Also read in Von Rads commentary on Deut. Shaved. Fixed supper. Fed Debbie—watched CBS news. We ate when Bonnie got home. Bible Class 8:00–9:30 5 came. Then after a cup of coffee, read more in Von Rad. Bathed. OBLO, 12:10.

Friday, 5 December 1969

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I got to work preparing for the sermon, and this was my main preoccupation most of the day. I had the sermon about half done when we had lunch around 1:00. Then after Bonnie left for work at 2:30 I was able to get it finished. The paper came just about when I finished, so I glanced through the paper. Then I wrote short letters to Mrs. Myers and to Bonnie’s folks. Sending pictures with both—21 B + W to Malaysia, and 2 color of Mom + Dad to Mrs. Myers. Then I typed the first half of the bulletin. Then I watched CBS, fixed supper, gave Debbie her supper. We ate when Bonnie got home. Finished typing the bulletin, played with Debbie, then about 9:00 we went down to Patriquins. Had a nice visit, then we came home about 11:00; bathed. OBLO, Θ+ , LO about 12:00.

Saturday, 6 December 1969

Up about 9:30, after Θ (!)  After breakfast I went to work at my desk—getting negatives selected to send to Mail-A-Way, also wrote note to Mark + Shirley, Bob + Lea, John, notifying our intention to send our “gift money” to Planned Parenthood—asking them to do the same. Just about noon we (all 3) walked to P.O., then down to Bearskin Neck—Bonnie wanted to get glass + plastic chips for making window hangings. We got back and had lunch about 1:00. Then I spent some time at my desk—then went visiting: to Hannibals, then to see Lucy Patience. Home about 5:45. Ran off the bulletin, did part of the preparation for tomorrow’s service. Ate supper about 6:45. Then after playing with Debbie briefly worked more on the service; at 8:00 went to Lucy’s to show her slides, then showed them to Patriquins. Got home about 10:30.  bathed, read, OBLO 12:32.

Sunday, 7 December 1969

Up about 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, from 9:30–10:30 had my Sunday school class. Karen didn’t show up, so had only Billy Elwell, but it was a worthwhile hour. Left for church about 10:40. Preached on “What Kind of Xmas?” Home about 12:30, had lunch, then relaxed. Virginia Bate arrived a few minutes before 2:00 to babysit with Debbie. ^showed slides to Virginia^  We left about 2:30 for Wesley Church. While the choir rehearsed, I folded the bulletins—didn’t get studying done as I had hoped. The program was from 4:00 to 5:00. We got home about 5:30. I drove Virginia home. We invited Cameron and Ezra Sesto over for supper. Ezra + Debbie got a bath together, played together. They went home about 8:00. I had a cup of coffee to try to revive me, but was pretty weary; tried for a while to translate Hebrew, but didn’t make much progress. Went to bed to read  LO, c. 10:30—but we had a tickling-wrestling match!

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David’s Diary – November 24, 1969

Monday, 24 November 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—then my main accomplishment in the morning was to get some Hebrew done. Also put up a gate into Bonnie’s work room—to keep Debbie out, but to allow us to leave the door open and let warm air in. Late in the morning I got to work on Aramaic. We had a late lunch, then got back to work on Aramaic. This was my main preoccupation the rest of the day. Bonnie went to work, Debbie played. Late in the afternoon I watched the splashdown of Apollo 12 (about 3:58) Then back to work on Aramaic. Fixed supper, fed Debbie, then Bonnie + I ate when she got home shortly after 7:00. Bonnie went to Community Rehearsal, I worked further on Aramaic. Watched the 11 o’clock news. Then bathed; then went to bed to read, only very briefly; lights out 11:55.

Tuesday, 25 November 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved then got to work at my desk. Read a little, but had to get ready to catch the train. Made my lunch—since Bonnie was still feeling pretty out of it. Caught the 11:15 train; when I got to Boston went to Sears to pick up slide-projector bulb, then walked to BU, arrived shortly after 1:00. Ate my lunch, then waited for Aramaic—chatted with several people. Aramaic from 2:00–3:00. Made arrangements with Dr. Brown to pick him up Sunday. Then left for North Station. Sat with Jim Bussey on the way home—the train was delayed over an hour. Got home about 6:40. Watched the rest of CBS News—had supper. Played with Debbie briefly, then got to work translating Hebrew. Worked on this until about 10:30, then stopped to bathe. Went to bed, read about Vermeer; LO about 11:40.

Wednesday, 26 November 1969

Got up shortly before 9:00. ^ —after Θ ^ Had breakfast, shaved, went to the Granite Bank, got $45 in cash. Then went to Gloucester to buy a watch band (+ earrings for Bonnie)  When I got home I read through the mail when it came—then tried to work on Hebrew—but was weary. Stretched out about noon. Fell sound asleep. Bonnie napped too. We got up about 1:30, had lunch, then I got back to work on Hebrew. We were expecting Paul + Marty in the late afternoon. They didn’t arrive, so I kept working on Hebrew. Then watched CBS news. About 7:30 Paul phoned from Schenectady. They won’t be coming til tomorrow. Will meet them in Avon. Then we had our supper. Then I got back to work on Hebrew. But about 9:30 (?) the Busseys dropped by (to see Paul + Marty!)  but they stayed til 10:30—had a snack with us. We got ready for bed (bathed) when they left. OB to read; finished Vermeer book. LO 12:11.

Thursday, 27 November 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, loaded the car—we were on the road by 10 o’clock. We arrived in Avon at about 11:10. Emil’s family was there. Roy’s son, Lee, a college student, is an active member of the peace movement, so we had a common interest, and we joined up in debating Vietnam with his parents. Paul + Marty arrived about 12:30—we had Thanksgiving Dinner about 1:00. The afternoon was spent relaxing. We took a lot of pictures, and did some recording of a tape to send to Malaysia. [1] Grandma served supper about 5:00. Then at 6:00 we began making arrangements – for returning to Rockport. Marty rode with us, and Paul took Bonnie. We got back here shortly after 8:00. Busseys came over, and we spent the evening visiting. Busseys left about 11:00. Then we gradually headed for bed. OBLO, 11:51.

Friday, 28 November 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved. Then got to work reading for my sermon. I read Fosdick’s autobiography some time ago, but needed to skim through it again. This proved to take most of the time that I was able to devote to the sermon. The mail man brought slides [from] Jerusalem, from Israel’s Dept. of Antiquities—slides on Qumran which I’d ordered. We had a late lunch. I worked further with Fosdick. I got to the place where I’m ready to write—but goofed off from 5:30 to 6:30 watched CBS news. Then we went to Busseys—then I drove back to Rockport for Niemi’s wedding rehearsal in our car. At 8:30 returned to Busseys. We had supper visited, home by 10:30 or 11:00. Got ready for bed. OBLO 11:50.

Saturday, 29 November 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then visited with Paul + Marty as they got ready to leave. They took off shortly after 11:00. I then tended to getting film ready to send to Mail-a-way. I took the envelope to the P.O. just before noon. Came home, turned my attention to getting my study straightened up. After lunch turned to doing the wedding bulletins for the wedding in the evening. 200 bulletins. Took these to the church about 4:00. Came home, helped Bonnie get the house in order. Finally was getting under way on my sermon when Rev. Jones [?] + his wife arrived about 6:00. We then visited with them—showed them the parsonage, which they left 20 years ago. Discussed the parish. Then about 7:00 we went to the church. Wedding at 7:30. Then we went to Peg Leg. Ate with Jones, then parted. I came home about 9:30. Started on bulletin. Finished, bathed, Θ, ^ ! ^ then wrote the sermon  OBLO 2:08.

Sunday, 30 November 1969

Up about 8:00. Had breakfast, did more preparation for the service, shaved, dressed. Taught my Sunday school class from 9:30–10:30. Then went to the church. Preached on Fosdick—had a larger than usual crowd: 47. Didn’t get home til almost 1:00. After eating, dozed—napped. Then at 2:30 we began getting ready to go to Boston—left about 2:45—arrived at Dr. Brown’s apartment at 1402 Beacon street just at 4:00. Then we drove back to Rockport. Dr. Brown had supper with us and we had a nice visit. Then about 7:00 we left for Wesley Church after leaving Debbie with Patriquins. Dr. Brown spoke to Methodist Men on Palestine, basing his lecture on slides. The meeting was over by 9:00. But we lingered afterwards chatting. Then we returned to Rockport—Busseys took Brown home. We stayed at Patriquins a while, then came home. I contemplated my reading list for 1st Qualifying Exam, bathed; OBLO, 1:30.

[1] Bonnie’s parents were still there as missionaries at the time.

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David’s Diary – November 17, 1969

Monday, 17 November 1969

Didn’t get up til after 10:00. After breakfast returned to translating Hebrew. The mail man brought a short letter from Bob + Nancy Peek—we hadn’t known for several weeks where to reach them. Bonnie entertain Cameron + Ezra Sesto while I studied, and the(n) visited with us while we had lunch—late (c. 2 o’clock.) Then after Bonnie went to work, I got back to Hebrew in earnest. Debbie napped—she was utterly pooped after playing with Ezra. I reached my stopping point about 6:00. Then began preparing supper, and got Debbie fed. Watch CBS news—had supper when Bonnie got home. Then by 8:00 she’d left for a Chorus rehearsal, and I began typing Hebrew translation. Made progress during the evening. Watch the 11 o’clock news, and also watched the live TV pictures of the Moon from Apollo 12—Broadcast shortly after it went into lunar orbit; OB read briefly about Vermeer. LO, 12:40

Tuesday, 18 November 1969

Up about 8:30    Bathed, had breakfast, shaved. Then got back to work typing Hebrew. This took my morning and early afternoon—we had a late lunch. After lunch took books back to Dr. Helen Evarts, went to the dump, came home, went to see Kay Patriquin about seeing moon-walk with them tomorrow a.m. Tried to nap a while, then got to work on my Thanksgiving newsletter. Got it written, typed and mimeographed by 6:30. After supper and CBS news, signed them, folded stuffed. Then about 8:30 took them to Mrs. Cooney—also went to Haskells to pick up a list of officer names from Karen. Came home—then began work on my Hebrew lesson for tomorrow—Deut 32. Worked on this (watched 11 o’clock news) until about 12:45—then watched CBS coverage of Apollo 12—they landed on moon safely about 1:54:35  Very precisely—OB downstairs, LO 2:35.

Wednesday, 19 November 1969

Got up about 5:45 to watch the moon-walk—which got underway late. And then the TV camera failed—so no visual coverage of the walk—so I went back to bed. Didn’t get up again until about 11:00. Felt pretty lousy. My main preoccupation was getting ready to leave for BU. Shaved, ate lunch, then straightened up my desk. Caught the 1:15 train. Arrived at BU about 2:45. Went to the bookstore to look for a birthday card for RSY, but didn’t find anything. 3:00-4:00 had an opportunity to chat with Beck part of the time—seminar from 4:00-6:00—left at 5:45—caught 6:46 train. Got home shortly before 8:00. Had supper, then shortly after 9:00 went down to see Drue + Sully. Stayed until after 11:00—found out that the 2nd moon-walk will not be televised. Came home, bathed, listened to radio—astronauts on moon; OBLO, c. 12:30.

Thursday, 20 November 1969

Not a very productive day. Got up about 9:30. Had breakfast, got to work only very slowly—going though a pile of papers on my desk. Watched the noon news to find out about the Apollo astronauts; they had safely blasted off of the moon. We had lunch—Bonnie not feeling too well—intestinal bug—but she went to work anyway. I shaved after lunch, then got back to paperwork. About mid-afternoon saw Mrs. Niemi [sp?] and her daughter—they came up to select a wedding bulletin. Latter part of the afternoon I spent preparing for Bible class—then around 6:00 got supper—Bonnie came home early. Watched CBS news. Bible Class arrived at 8:00: 7 in attendance besides B + myself. We ran rather late—excited discussion—past 9:30. Played with Deb; worked on translating Heb; bathed. OBLO c. 12:30.

Friday, 21 November 1969

Didn’t get up til almost 10:00. Had breakfast, then got to work at my desk. Prepared an article on Dr. Brown for the newspaper and cut a stencil for  C.A.M.P. questionnaire. Then shaved. About noon left for Gloucester. Ran off the stencil on Wesley Church’s machine (mine doesn’t work too well) then went to the newspaper. Got home about 2:00—Nixon’s nominee for the supreme court, Clement Hainsworth [sic], was rejected 55 to 45 in the senate. I wrote several letters, then after Bonnie went to work, Debbie + I went for a walk, to P.O., church, then to Richdale’s for cereal + milk. When we got home we both napped. At 6 o’clock I began work in the kitchen, getting supper, making brownies, watched CBS news. Ate when Bonnie got home. The evening went very quickly—got ideas together for sermon  HAIRCUT – to bed by 11:30.  Θ

Saturday, 22 November 1969

President Kennedy killed six years ago today—Up by 8:30. After breakfast and shaving I went down to the church to see how preparations for the fair were coming along. Then went to buy a card for RSY for his birthday. Came home, and babysat while Bonnie went to work at the fair. I worked on my sermon. Bonnie came home about 12:30, then I went back to the church, had lunch, and sat with Roger Smith and Marg. Arlington. Then had discussion with some of the women about drugs. By 2:30 came home—played with Debbie, relaxed, tried to nap. About 4:00 or so Bonnie left on a trip to Gloucester, and I got back to work on sermon. Watched NBC news at 6:30, had supper. My evening was spent getting ready for tomorrow; finished sermon, did the bulletins.—then prepared the service, looked over SS lesson. Bathed, OB, read; LO 12:15.

Sunday, 23 November 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, dressed, greeted my Sunday School Class at 9:30. This was over by 10:30, went to the church—small crowd for thanksgiving. Preached on Thanksgiving in the Bible. Had lunch when we got home—Debbie had quite a time playing with the piano. I took the front of it off so that she could see the hammers in action—took 3 pictures. Then wrote a note to dad—his birthday is Tuesday. At 3:30 went to Youth Group Steering Committee at Baptist parsonage. Home shortly after 5:00. Went about getting my study + desk put into order. Ate about 6:30. Played with Debbie after relaxing. Then about 8:00 got to work on Hebrew. Worked at this until about 10:30. ^ —bathed^  Debbie was given her first pocket-book this evening—they fascinated her—Bonnie gave her an old one; OB, read about Vermeer  LO shortly after 12. Θ

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David’s Diary – November 10, 1969

Monday, 10 November 1969

Couldn’t get to sleep last night; got up about 2:30—read until 3:00—then back to bed—downstairs. Didn’t get up til about 10:00—feeling lousy. This was going to be a day to make a lot of progress on Hebrew, but it didn’t work out that way. What morning I did have I went about straightening up my study and desk. Bonnie went to Gloucester shopping—this by the way, is the 7th or 8th consecutive day of rain. When she got back we had lunch. Then I went to the building center for odds and ends: hooks for the garage door, which I put on when I got back; then til 4 o’clock worked on the door at head of back stairs—to keep Debbie from falling again. Then from 4:00 til 6:30 I worked on Hebrew; got supper. CBS news. We ate when Bonnie got home. She went to Chorus rehearsal. I worked on door again til about 9:00. Then to Hebrew, until about 11:45—stopped to bathe. OB, read about Vermeer; LO, 12:44.

Tuesday, 11 November 1969

Bothered by insomnia again last night—was still awake at 2:30.  So today have felt pretty washed out—didn’t get up until about 10:00. But before lunch I did get several pages of the Hebrew translation typed. In the afternoon Bonnie went to work from 1:00 til 5:00.  I stayed with Debbie and worked most of the time on Aramaic—made about 80 new flashcards, and later in the afternoon began translating in Daniel. We had supper about 6:30—watched CBS news. About 8:00 got back to work, worked further in Daniel—writing out translation. Then took time to re-read my report for Deut. Seminar which I will read tomorrow—(no time last week). Then typed out the Aramaic translation. Then by 9:30 couldn’t do anything more—too tired.  Stopped to bathe. Then went to bed to read for a while—in the art book on Vermeer. LO  c. 11:15. Θ

Wednesday, 12 November 1969

Still insomnia last night! But I did finally get to sleep (after a snack, + in the bedroom downstairs); up about 10:00. Had breakfast, shaved, talked briefly with Margaret Rilley on phone (she called)  about Alan; caught the 15 train to Boston. Arrived at BU about 12:45—Had my lunch. Before Aramaic class worked on Hebrew. Aramaic 2:00-3:00; then worked further on Hebrew. Seminar as usual from 4:00 to 6:00. I presented my observations on laws in Deuter. 22;  had to leave class early (5:45)  to make sure I got the 6:40 train. Got home shortly before 8:00.  Had supper, relax, played with Debbie. Read the evening paper, read in New Republic, then finally turned to doing Hebrew again. This morning called Jerry Lewis (met  him + his wife Sunday at church)  they are going to Wash. D.C. for peace march. Will see them when they get back. –Bathed about 11:00; watched news; more Hebrew; OB, read about Vermeer; LO 1:05.

Thursday, 13 November 1969

Debbie with her uncle Paul, November 1969

Some trouble with insomnia again last night—but not as much. But didn’t make it up til about 10:00. Had breakfast; when the mail arrived I tore open the end of my rt. thumb swatting at the cats (growling at one another).  About 11:30 went to see Dr. Helen Evarts [?]; borrowed a book and had a chat with her. She’s recovering from heart attack. About noon returned home, listened to news. After lunch Bonnie took Sully to vet: had rabies shot and altered. Bonnie returned home in time to get ready to go to work. I spent the afternoon on Hebrew until about 4:00—when I turned to prepare the Bible lesson for tonight. Fix supper about 6:00. Watched CBS news. We ate when Bonnie got home about 7:15. Read the paper til Bible class arrived: 6. This broke up about 9:30. We called Paul to wish him happy birthday. Studied Hebrew. About 11:45 phone call from Don McGaw—just wanted to talk about parishioners—we hung up at 12:30. Worked on Hebrew more. Then got ready for bed. OBLO 1:25.

Friday, 14 November 1969

Slept well last night, but didn’t get up til about 9:30. Had breakfast, worked on Hebrew translation. Then late in the morning watched the launch of Apollo 12 (11:22)—a few tense moments at the beginning—the rocket may have been struck by lightning. After lunch went to the church to change wayside pulpit. Came home and got to work on Hebrew—typing translation. This proved to be an all-afternoon affair—Bonnie was at work, Debbie asleep—so I made progress. Stopped at 6:30 to see news and to start supper. After Bonnie got home (about 8:00, she’d stopped at Busseys on the way home) we then prepared to go to Gloucester—to shop at Mal’s for odds + ends. We got home about 9:45. Puttered around at a few things, then got back to work on Hebrew. Then stopped about 11:30 to bathe. Then to bed, read more in Vermeer book; LO 1AM.

Saturday, 15 November 1969

Didn’t get up til almost 10:00. Had breakfast, shaved, then began working on sermon. Got two letters—one from Uhlinger to the effect that I’m a member of N.E. Conf., one from Mueller to the effect that I am a member of the S. Ind. Conf.!!  Kept at work on the sermon, before + after lunch. Worked at it until about 3:00, then went to see Hannibals—then stopped to see Patriquins briefly to pick up Bonnie’s hat. Then visited with Lucy Patience. Then at 5:30 went back to Hannibals to watch telecast in color from Apollo 12 (c. ½ way to moon)  Was home by 6:30  Had supper; then had to get back to work on sermon. Finishing sermons and doing bulletin took all evening. Watched late news: huge peace rally in Wash. DC.  Probably well over ¼ million—but marred by violence at the conclusion—still very satisfying—largest rally in our nation’s history. Bathed after midnight; OBLO 12:45.

Sunday, 16 November 1969

Up about 8:30. After breakfast and shaving, dressed and practiced the sermon. No Sunday school class—Karen Haskell is away. Went to the church about 10:35. Preached the second sermon on Revelation. Got home about 12:30. Had lunch (after taking one picture of Debbie—she’s 15 months old today). Then after lunch, when Bonnie was taking Debbie out for a walk, took 2 more pictures. The bulk of my afternoon I gave to Hebrew translating. Had supper about 6:30—then got back to Hebrew. Took time out in the evening to play with Debbie. Then back to work on the Hebrew after I worked on getting a notice mimeographed about Methodist Men meeting this month with Dr. E. K. Brown. After they were done, I worked on Hebrew. By 11:30 had finished chpt. 10 in Deut, then I turned to addressing envelopes, stuffing, etc. Finally stopped to bathe about 12:30. OBLO c. 1 AM.

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David’s Diary – November 3, 1969

Monday, 3 November 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. My main concern again today was Aramaic—and I got to it after breakfast. This occupied me until the mail came, and I spent some time with a long letter from Pat Harry—she’s had enough of Alan I think. Bonnie got home shortly after noon—I helped her get groceries into the kitchen. After lunch, shaved. Worked on Aramaic in the afternoon; called Margaret Reilly to tell her I’d heard from Pat. Had to extricate Debbie from the rungs of her rocking chair! Got supper ready for Bonnie’s return after 7:00. After eating I drove over to Lee’s; picked up Sue, came back to the house. She and Bonnie went to Community Chorus. Then she drove our car home—Roy will take it for checkup tomorrow. In the evening worked on Aramaic—9:30-10:00 listened to Nixon’s Vietnam address. A terrible speech; Nixon is a prisoner of obsolete ideology + stupidity. Worked on Aramaic til past 11:00; bathed; off to read in bed; LO 12:13. Θ

Tuesday, 4 November 1969

Up shortly before 8:00. After breakfast got to work on Aramaic. Had intended to do some work on Hebrew, I didn’t get to it. I had to be shaved and ready to take the 11:15 train to Boston—which I did. Got to BU about 1:00—ate lunch in Oxnam lounge. Then relaxed in the library before class. Aramaic from 2:00-3:00. Then I immediately left for N. Station—caught the 4:10 train. Was home by 5:30. Shortly after 6:00 Roy Lee arrived with the car. I then drove him home. I came home, helped Bonnie get meat ready to freeze, watched CBS news, had supper. After supper played with Debbie. Called Margaret Reilly to talk about Alan. She met him at Mal’s (Maria with him) he seems to be getting along well. My evening was devoted (though not too strenuously) to Hebrew. Stopped at 11:00 to bathe +  to listen to election returns; Lindsay won reelection in NY—very good; studied more briefly; OBLO, 12:20.

Wednesday, 5 November 1969

Up shortly before 9:00. After breakfast got to work on Hebrew. This took the whole morning; but I did take time to read I. F. Stone’s weekly when it came. Shaved about noon, had lunch, then left for BU, by car about 12: 50. ^ raining hard^  Got to BU just about 2:00; found a parking place on Commonwealth. Had Aramaic to 2:00–3:00. Then went to jewelry store and bought Bonnie some earrings (for pierced ears). Fixed the tea for seminar, which met from 4:00 to 6:00. Drove home—arrived about 7:20. Had supper—put one set of earrings on Bonnie’s plate—she was very pleased. After supper I played with Debbie, then put another pair of earrings on the headboard of the bed. Bonnie soon spotted them. About 9 o’clock we went down to Patriquins. But didn’t stay too long—we were home by 10:00; bathed, OB, Θ+, LO by 11:05.

Thursday, 6 November 1969

Didn’t sleep well, that was up by 8:30. After breakfast made ^ changed wayside pulpit^ a trip to Gloucester for air-mail envelopes +  typewriter correcting sheets. When I got home tended to letter writing, i.e., wrote to Pat Harry—rather this was in early afternoon, after lunch, that I finished the letter. Went to the post office, bought a copy of Playboy. After returning home, read in Playboy and also worked on preparing for Bible Class tonight. This took most of the afternoon. Played with Debbie for a while about 5:45  shaved, then went about getting supper and getting Debbie fed. ^CBS news^ When Bonnie got home about 7:15 we had supper. The Bible class I arrived about 7:50-8:00. Only 4 tonight besides Bonnie + myself. This was over by 9:30. Then I got to work on Hebrew—have a lots of catching up to do. Stop to bathe about 11:30. OBLO, 12:12.

Friday, 7 November 1969

Deborah’s moaning woke us at about 7:00 AM. So I went downstairs to sleep in the front bedroom—and was rather startled when I woke at 10:00! I got up and dressed and had breakfast, but felt terrible. Bonnie was up and felt horrible too. It took us quite a while to snap out of it. I got going on Hebrew after a while. Then before lunch I went out for milk and bread. Not too long after eating, Bonnie left for work. My afternoon was spent reading for the sermon. Read the book of Revelation and article in IDB. Fixed supper, Watch CBS news—had supper ready when Bonnie got home. After supper finished Revelation. Played with Debbie a while, then got to work collecting my thoughts for the sermon. Got out and re-read a paper on Rev. that I’d written in 1964 for Rawlingson. [1] Wrote part of sermon; stop; worked on Hebrew  OBLO 1:06.

Saturday, November 8, 1969

Up about 9:00. After breakfast, shaved. Then I got to work on Hebrew—after finishing what I set out to do, got back to work on my sermon. After a late lunch, finish the sermon, then got to work on the bulletins. Finished this about 3:00, then was occupied until about 4:00 with desk work. Then I went over to Loyd Starrett’s house to confer on youth group matters. Then went up to see Rip Hannibal—then to see Mrs. Patience; was back home by 5:30. Then worked at my desk until 6:30. Had supper. Played with Debbie briefly, then went to the church for the rehearsal—Drue + Sully’s wedding. This was over about 8:00—stopped by home to get Bonnie + Deb. We went to Patriquins for set-down buffet. I came home early with D.—she fell down and back stairs for 2nd time; scared the hell out of me, but she was OK; worked on service; bathed, OBLO 12:25.

Sunday, 9 November 1969

Up about 8:20—had breakfast, shaved. At 9:30 my class arrived—we dealt mainly with the story of Noah. Off to the church about 10:30. Preached on the Book of Revelation—met a new young couple—Jerry + Carol Lewis. We were home by 12:30. Ate lunch, then I went back to the church by 1:30  The wedding was at 2:00—Drue + Sully. After the ceremony we came home (Virginia Bate sat with Debbie),  then went down to Patriquins for the reception. Very crowded; took several pictures. I came home by about 4:00—utterly exhausted. Took a nap after Virginia left. Slept until about 6:30. Got up, had a small supper, took Virginia’s glasses to her at her apartment, went to the church briefly, stopped into Patriquins briefly—then came home. Worked on Hebrew—typing up my translation. Then shortly before 9:00 we went back to Patriquins (Debbie too). But we were home by 10:00. I got back to work on Hebrew, watched 11:00 pm news; more Hebrew; bathed; OBLO 1:08.

[1] One of my New Testament professors at BU.

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