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Gladys – December 17, 1969


Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie,

Since Dad has the duty the 26th we will plan to leave here at 7 a.m. on the 27th. We should, weather permitting, get to Rockport by the evening of the 28th. We will plan to start back on the morning of Jan. 2 – so we will be with you 4 days.

If you want us to, and if we can fit it into the car, we will bring the large baby bed along and also a hobby horse which Becky, Kirk and David have used. If you do want either let us know. The hobby horse and bed are both in good condition, and should do Debby as long as she will need either. Please let us know in time to bring them.

I went to Kentland Monday and took Mrs. M. her gifts for Christmas. She said she would be alone for the first time on Christmas day. I said we could bring her here, but she thinks she couldn’t stand the trip. Doris and Harold are not going to be home for Christmas. I wish we could bring her here, but she only gets out now to have her hair done and to the foot Dr.

Our U.N.I.C.E.F. sales this year, so far has been almost $4,300.00, which is about $700.00 more than last year – in spite of all the John Birch members here in Lafayette and their hate literature. Dad said he thinks they helped promote the sales.

Looking forward to seeing you the 28th

Love Mother

P.S. I wrote to Irene & Joyce we would be in Rockport and asked them to come and see us. I haven’t heard from either, so don’t know if they plan to come. If they do, we will go to Capt. C. in G. for dinner.

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David’s Diary – May 26, 1969

Monday, 26 May 1969

To my surprise I found myself still in bed at 10 o’clock. Debby had slept late too. We didn’t move too fast—spent the rest of the morning packing. Had lunch when Dad got home at 11:45—Mother fixed steak for us. Dad had time only for lunch—then was called back to the health center for an emergency. We finished packing—and watched the splashdown of Apollo 10. We finally left W. Laf. about 1:30. We got to Bloomington about 4:00. Just drove around, walked, looked at the new library and at Wright Quad.[1] Left Bloomington about 5:00. On the way to Spring Mill stopped–photograph limestone quarry. We got into the park + pitched our tent about 7:00. After feeding Debby and having our own supper we drove around the park. We didn’t do much walking—since Debby was getting tired. Came back to the tent and got to bed around 10. Θ

Tuesday, 27 May 1969

Up about 6:30. Rather chilly, but very clear. We were able to get dressed and everyone fed with no discomfort. Our main concern in the morning was to see the Old Village—swarming with kids. Before this excursion we had to go into the town of Mitchell to have the brakes checked. We came back to the tent after seeing the village—had lunch, tried to nap briefly; but [at] 3:00 we were out sightseeing again. We went hiking and visiting caves—Donaldson Cave was the most spectacular. After this we came back to the tent; I shaved; we all took bathers.[sic] Bonnie fed Debby, then we went to the Spring Mill Inn for supper—not an extraordinary meal—and a very busy waitress. Stopped briefly at Lake—back to tent; Debby to bed; chatted with neighbors, off to bed by 9:45. Θ

Wednesday, 28 May 1969

Up about 7:00. We busied ourselves getting ready to leave—feeding, packing, etc. We were finally on the road a little after 9:00. Stopped in Mitchell to get some throat tablets—I was getting a sore throat. We then got on the road again, and pulled into Centerville about 1:00. I was very hungry, so I ate too much—so had to nap for a while after eating! In the afternoon Bonnie and I went over to grandpa’s harness shop—took several pictures. Also looked at some campers outside his shop—for sale by the boating shop next door. Late in the afternoon I went to the laundromat at the west of Centerville—took about an hour. We had supper when I got home; watched news; went over to Bonnie’s parents’ house on Plum street, got rocking chair out of attic; went to grocery; home, showed slides, off to bed after bathing—about 11:00.

Thursday, 29 May 1969

David with Debby, Spring 1969

Up at about 6:30—had breakfast, shaved, loaded the car—left Centerville after 9:00, but stop in Richmond to buy film—so we didn’t get into Ohio until about 10:00. But we were to the other side of Columbus by 12:00. Stopped for lunch at the first rest area east of Columbus. We were on the road again by 1:00.  Made good time—arrived in Wheeling, W.V., about 3:00. Stopped at the Fostoria Glass outlet, bought one piece; headed on to Pittsburgh—arrived at Lee and Mary [???] apartment about 5:00. Unloaded the car; had supper. Visited. About 8:00 we all went out to see the city. Drove to several places, especially to outlook points. Took some pictures. About 10:00 we came back to the apartment. We visited, then showed a few of our slides to show the difference between instamatic camera + ours. Bathed; off to bed about 12:30.

Friday, 30 May 1969

Up about 7:00. Breakfast, shaved, packed—we left the Weber’s apartment after 9:00. We were away from Pittsburgh by 10:00—but it was a long tiring drive today. Didn’t get hot until after noon; we went to Exit 20 on the Penn. Turnpike, and much of that highway is in poor condition. At exit 20 we left the turnpike to get Route 30 to go through the Penn. Dutch country. Unfortunately we were in too much of a hurry to see the area properly, but we did get some pictures. We pushed on toward Philadelphia—our destination: the home of dad’s cousin, Joyce FitzRandolph. She had mailed directions to us, so we had no trouble finding her house—arrived there about 6:35. Unloaded the car, fed Debby, then sat down to supper ourselves. We had a very pleasant evening together, discussing Europe and the family tree. Also took pictures; bathed about 11:00, off to bed about [blank].

Saturday, 31 May 1969

5th anniversary  Up shortly after 7:00; packed, shaved, breakfast, loaded the car. We left Joyce’s place about 9:00; made relatively good time. We had no trouble whatever getting through New York City. By noon and we were well north of the city. Stopped for our lunch in Connecticut. We had good traveling weather, and made good time. We arrived here in Rockport just a few minutes before 5:00. Unloaded car, took Virginia home, went to the Anchor Inn to get clam plates, brought them home; we ate supper while ploughing through the pile of mail. Phil Parker came over at 7:00 to discuss Children’s Day service for tomorrow; when he left we looked at the slides which have arrived. After this I worked on the bulletin; 9:30 went to Patriquins; had to break in the house through cellar—front door jammed; took photos of the moon; bathed; off to bed, lights out 12:30.

Sunday, 1 June 1969

Up about 7:30. Had to make final preparations for church. Allen called. Small breakfast, shaved—after a trip to the church about 8:00 to change wayside pulpit. Returned to the church about 9:30. Today was Children’s Sunday, so I had very little to do in the service. We began 10 o’clock service today. Home by 11:15. Fixed lunch after going for bread and milk. After lunch drew with red marker on the map the course of our trip. Was very sleepy, weary. So I napped most of the afternoon. Didn’t get up until about 5:00 and felt pretty groggy. Worked on photographing the map I have marked, then began work on the “title slide”  for the slides of the trip to Indiana. Ate about 6:00. At 7:00 I had to go to Riverdale for C.A.M.P. meeting. This was over before 9:30. Took Gladys Haskell home and we chatted in the car for quite a while; stopped at the church, youth still meeting; came home; viewed slides; bathed; off to bed; lights out c. 12.

[1] This was the dormitory where I lived at I.U.

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Gladys – Mid-February 1969

Letter transcription:

Dear David & Bonnie,

I will be flying from Chicago on United flight 236 at 2 p.m. and scheduled to arrive in Boston at 5:02. Just hope there isn’t a snow storm next Thursday the 27th. Also hope Allegheny gets from here to Chicago on time. I will have about one hour and 45 minutes between flights if Allegheny is on time.

So far this week we have had spring like weather, but snow or rain is in the forecast.

The raccoons came back last night – at least I saw one. I think they have been back before, but last nite was the first itme since last November I had seen one. The fat I had been putting on the bird feeders had been disappearing too fast. The birds eat some but not that much.

Will see you next Thurs.

Love Mother

P.S. I wrote to Irene in Conn. And told her I would be visiting you Feb. 27 to Mar. 3. I hope it is agreeable with you if they decide to come up while I am there. Joyce is in either the Middle-East or Europe now.

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Building a New Garage

Letter transcription:

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
118 Juniper Court
July 4, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Have been intending to write to you since before I went to Evanston (June 12 to 16) and here it is about time for me to go to Greencastle to School of Mission. I came home from Evanston one day and we started to move the next. Many people had said it was harder to move across the street than across town, but since I had so much help didn’t get as tired from the move to 118 Juniper. John and Lea and Mark helped all day on Saturday. Mark went back to Indianapolis Saturday evening. John and Lea stayed until Thursday morning. They had intended to stay until Friday, but Lea’s uncle Henry passed away Wednesday, so on Thursday morning John took Lea to Brook to be with her family. By that time they had done so much for me that the rest was things I had to do myself. On Saturday Dad went to Kentland to have office hours and in the afternoon I went to bed and got myself rested. On Friday after we moved on Wednesday the contractor came and got the place dug out for the garage. One day last week the block layers came and got the walls for the garage erected (concrete blocks). They worked not quite two days and left and we are just sitting waiting for the men to come and begin the framework. According to our contractor, when the carpenters come they will stay until it is finished, but that I doubt. I just hope they get finished so we can be straightened up before you come home. We have quite a few things stored on the patio and I hate to have our nice patio so cluttered, but it is all we can do for the present. As soon as the garage floor is poured and usable, we will get the things stored in the garage.

Last week Joyce FitzRandolph (Irene’s sister) came to Purdue to attend the Presbyterian Women’s Association meeting. We brought her out here for dinner one evening and Ruth and Floyd came. Believe it or not, we had dinner on the patio. We aren’t equipped to have cook-outs, so I prepared things that could be carried out and we had a perfect day for eating out of doors. As close as we are to our woods – some of the branches hang over the patio, we were not bothered with flies, mosquitoes or any kind of bugs. I have found in sitting there, the few times I have had time, nothing bothers me. We do intend to get some spray and give the immediate surrounding area a good spraying. Sunday afternoon we went exploring and found our property goes down very steep. We found a turtle, but left him in his little nitch. Joyce brought some slides which she took when she visited the relatives in November. We were in Switzerland in July and everything looked so green, she was quite glad to see our slides. She said the fog closed in after she reached the farm and she couldn’t get any pictures out of doors. We had quite a nice visit with her and Ruth and Floyd both enjoyed being with her. She wanted to know when we were going to visit her in Williamstown, N.J. She said it wouldn’t be too far for you and Bonnie to pay hera visit some time. She had been to visit Irene since her visit to you.

There was a refrigerator here when we moved into this house. It was so old, it had only a place to make two trays of ice cubes, end of freezing unit. We gave it back to the former owner (he furnishes apartments as an investment). When his wife heard me say we were going to give it to a charitable organization she immediately said they would like to have it. They live next door and are very friendly. We were glad for him to haul it away. We bought a new Co-op from Floyd. It is made by the Amana Co. with the Co-op label. One side is for refrigeration and one side freezer. We have nearly half a beef in the locker in Brook which we intend to bring home Saturday. Dad is booked to have office hours Saturday and I am going along to take care of a few things and attend a shower for Karen Johnson who is going to marry Fred Morgan (and go into the Catholic Church). I will also plan to see Mrs. Myers – and read all the letters which have accumulated since we were there the last time.

Tomorrow is the 4th, but we are not planning to do anything other than the usual things around the house. Since I will be gone all next week – School of Mission from 9th to 14th and Purdue to attend Ecumenical Assembly of Church Women United the 15th and 16th, I feel I have to make every day count this week. If the workmen aren’t watched I am afraid they won’t follow instructions. I just happened to be hanging out some drip dry shirts on the patio one day last week and saw a solid concrete block wall where they should have been a door. I had to tell them and it had to be done over in the door space. Bonnie’s parents said we could keep one of their teakwood chests, but after this building got started, we didn’t think we could get away to get it. We just feel better about it if we are here to keep an eye on things.

[page 2] We have had two letters from two friends in Hong Kong. You remember the Bylers we visited at Greencastle? They will not be in Hong Kong when the McGraws will be, but Bonnie Byler wrote to tell me who would be in charge of guests during their absence. Also the Chinese boy, William Yue who attended Purdue the past year (we entertained him after coming to Lafayette) wrote to us thanking us for our hospitality and also said he would meet the McGraws if he knew their arrival date and flight no. I sent the information on to Centerville.

Love Mother

The enclosed insurance information may be worth reading.

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A Steamboat

Letter transcription:

June 9 – 1967

Dear David & Bonnie – Yours received today. Buy and send us a steamboat. I am enclosing a check. Pay for the boat & postage and keep the balance for your wedding a. Again “Happy Anniversary,” somewhat belated. Next Sat. we should be in the moving process. The contractor was here today and thinks he will be ready to begin the remodeling in a week. John and Lea are coming next Sat. and stay with us for a week and help us with the moving. I hope it won’t be such a task as last time. We went to 118 Juniper Court this afternoon and carried brick from the walk which had to go for the new addition – to the patio. It is such a nice place (the patio) to spend an afternoon. I will be glad when I will be able to sit there and just look at the trees.

Monday I am to go to Evanston for a meeting which will last until Fri. noon – then home to begin the big move.

The young M.D. who is interested in our office came Thursday. Dad met him and showed him the office. Several businessmen also met with him and hope to get him interested. He can’t come – if he does – until mid August.

Love Mother

P.S. Joyce Yegerlehner is a Presbyterian.

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Letter from Switzerland

Letter transcription:

This is a copy of letter received from Fritz Jegerlehner

Aetzlischwand, March 19, 1967

Very Dear family Jegerlehner!

Soon a year will have passed since your dear visit here. Even if a bit late, I want to express my sincere thanks for the cards from your wonderful trip, as well as for the photos that turned out so well. Since your visit, we have thought of you often and wished that you return home safe and well from your long voyage. We all are very proud of you, that we have relatives in America who so well represent our name overseas.

When in the fall our dear aunt from America, *Mrs. Joyce visited us, we had a few happy, even gay days together. Since her last visit, Mrs. Joyce has learned to speak German quite well.

Life goes on as usual here. We were already able to work in the fields in February and in the beginning of March. Now winter has returned and today we have 50 ccm of snow.

I want to close with the most friendly greeting to you, your children and your family. Have a Happy Easter. With the hope to hear from you again soon, I remain

Signed, Fritz Jegerlehner

Also a friendly greeting

From family Senn Bigler (?)

*”Die Tante Von Amerika” is a book in German.

Above note made by translator.

The letter was written in script and Dad took it over to school and a woman who works in the Medical Library did the translating. She is German and had no problem reading the script. In fact she said it was very good.

Joyce Fitzrandolph visited with the Jegerlehners in November, after we had been there in July.

We plan to go back again next summer. We will have to get our bid in pretty soon, as to when we get our vacation. We are contemplating having the Librarian help us with our German. She is going to write our next letter to Fritz in German for us. The Senn referred to in the letter is the innkeeper who does the translating of our letters for Fritz.

[Editor’s note: Joyce FitzRandolph was Roscoe’s first cousin on the Yegerlehner side of the family.]

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New Cleaning Help

1962-03-26-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana
March 26, 1962

Dear David:

Yours received today. Glad you have received Becky’s picture. We talked to Mark and Shirley Saturday (Shirley’s birthday). Mark likes his new position with the Beck Oil Company. He sounded much happier than when he was down here. I think he has really found a good place to work now and since he is doing something he likes to do should get along first rate.

I sent the polio slip to you last week – also the proxy from Bankers. At least your Bankers stock is up from what we paid for it. The National Homes should take a swing upward in the near future.

A park board meeting was called this evening and Dad is attending it – they couldn’t meet until after the bowlers finished, so he didn’t leave here until after 9 o’clock.

The Ungers (Sue and Bill) have twins – a boy and a girl – born Saturday. I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon with Dad. He was called on an emergency, and I went along to check stock. Since I was in the hospital I took the liberty of visiting the new mother and looking at the twins.

Dad rolled the yard Thursday afternoon and couldn’t resist using the mower a round or two. He is getting things ready for spring. We can’t find the information on when to dig the rose tree and get it set. Since this is so near April 1 I think it could be dug up any time, but Dad isn’t so sure.

Rev. Fields got 16 MYF’ers to go to a meeting at Klondike Saturday. He had nine in his instruction class (for church membership Palm Sunday) Sunday. Part of those are for membership and part are just taking a refresher course. Three members of my class are taking instructions for membership.

There is a meeting at Attica tomorrow night – a Bishop Amstutz is the speaker. Several from here are planning to go. I am going, but Ruth Ford is going to drive for me.

Joyce Yegerlehner FitzRandolph (Dad’s cousin) is going to Switzerland in April for a visit with the cousins still living there. We have a round robin letter last week which we had to return to Clarence. I made a copy of each (there were three) so when you come home you can read them. One from Joyce and two from the Switz cousins. She also sent some pictures she had received from the, which we returned with the letters, of the birthplace of David Yegerlehner, also some pictures of the cousins she will visit.

We haven’t heard from the man who is to do the work on the office. Dad gave him the plans several weeks ago. I would like to see the work get started, but may have to wait a while until the weather is a little warmer. The waiting room floor doesn’t improve with age. It needs a new covering. Joe gave us notice he is going to quite the last of this week, but we have another janitor engaged. The woman who works at the hotel. She came out here Saturday and cleaned and waxed the kitchen floor. She is coming this afternoon to do the family room. I intend to have her help me every week – more or less. I have a few errands to take care of. I am buying intangible stamps this morning. I discovered that we hadn’t been buying stamps for your GE stock, so thought I had better get them and it is costing $2.25 to bring your 4 shares up to date (15 stamps at .15₵ ea).

Love Mother

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