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Celery Tops

1962-04-11-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Dear David:

Here is your housing contract, signed. I kept the yellow copy. If you want it you can get it during Easter vacation.

You were wrong about the twins’ parent – it was not Al Thomas, it was his brother. You weren’t the only one to make the same mistake.

Did I tell you the Bill Ungers had twins? Dad delivered them. Some of Susie’s friends had a shower for her last week. She said sixty or more attended the shower. I attended, but didn’t know how many were there. She received just about everything necessary to take care of twins – all the way from cribs and high chairs to bottles and safety pins.

There is [a] funeral this afternoon, and I had planned to attend – Rozanne Taylor Sander’s father, Omer. He passed away late Saturday night. Rodney had been home on leave and had just returned to duty, but he was able to return for the funeral. My car is in the garage for repairs and hasn’t been returned, so it looks like I will stay at home this afternoon. I went to Indianapolis last Tuesday – Sara drove for me – and we had car trouble on the way home. I took the car into the garage the next day, but they didn’t get all the repairs taken care of, so it had to go back today.

I was home the night of the Academy awards, but was reading and forgot to watch. Dad was in the hospital all evening. Dr. Kresler is on vacation and he is taking care of his patients, in addition to all of his own. It keeps him pretty busy. He plans to spray the trees this evening if he gets to stay home. There is a medical meeting tonight, but there isn’t any program and we couldn’t see any advantage in going, since most of that crows wants to spend the majority of the evening in the bar. They think they have to imbibe for two hours before eating.

We are having drain trouble again and I just had to clean up a mess on the floor. We kept forcing the water out of the sink drain. We heard a noise in the family room and guess what – the water was running out of the washing machine drain. There is a drain pipe that sticks up back of the washing machine and the rubber hose drain from the washing machine fits into it and we were forcing the water out at that point. I had ground some celery tops and when we came back here there was water all over the floor with specks of celery leaves floating thru it. I just finished mopping up that mess. I am sure there are still flecks of celery tops here and there.

Time for my siesta.
Love Mother


©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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New Cleaning Help

1962-03-26-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana
March 26, 1962

Dear David:

Yours received today. Glad you have received Becky’s picture. We talked to Mark and Shirley Saturday (Shirley’s birthday). Mark likes his new position with the Beck Oil Company. He sounded much happier than when he was down here. I think he has really found a good place to work now and since he is doing something he likes to do should get along first rate.

I sent the polio slip to you last week – also the proxy from Bankers. At least your Bankers stock is up from what we paid for it. The National Homes should take a swing upward in the near future.

A park board meeting was called this evening and Dad is attending it – they couldn’t meet until after the bowlers finished, so he didn’t leave here until after 9 o’clock.

The Ungers (Sue and Bill) have twins – a boy and a girl – born Saturday. I went to the hospital yesterday afternoon with Dad. He was called on an emergency, and I went along to check stock. Since I was in the hospital I took the liberty of visiting the new mother and looking at the twins.

Dad rolled the yard Thursday afternoon and couldn’t resist using the mower a round or two. He is getting things ready for spring. We can’t find the information on when to dig the rose tree and get it set. Since this is so near April 1 I think it could be dug up any time, but Dad isn’t so sure.

Rev. Fields got 16 MYF’ers to go to a meeting at Klondike Saturday. He had nine in his instruction class (for church membership Palm Sunday) Sunday. Part of those are for membership and part are just taking a refresher course. Three members of my class are taking instructions for membership.

There is a meeting at Attica tomorrow night – a Bishop Amstutz is the speaker. Several from here are planning to go. I am going, but Ruth Ford is going to drive for me.

Joyce Yegerlehner FitzRandolph (Dad’s cousin) is going to Switzerland in April for a visit with the cousins still living there. We have a round robin letter last week which we had to return to Clarence. I made a copy of each (there were three) so when you come home you can read them. One from Joyce and two from the Switz cousins. She also sent some pictures she had received from the, which we returned with the letters, of the birthplace of David Yegerlehner, also some pictures of the cousins she will visit.

We haven’t heard from the man who is to do the work on the office. Dad gave him the plans several weeks ago. I would like to see the work get started, but may have to wait a while until the weather is a little warmer. The waiting room floor doesn’t improve with age. It needs a new covering. Joe gave us notice he is going to quite the last of this week, but we have another janitor engaged. The woman who works at the hotel. She came out here Saturday and cleaned and waxed the kitchen floor. She is coming this afternoon to do the family room. I intend to have her help me every week – more or less. I have a few errands to take care of. I am buying intangible stamps this morning. I discovered that we hadn’t been buying stamps for your GE stock, so thought I had better get them and it is costing $2.25 to bring your 4 shares up to date (15 stamps at .15₵ ea).

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/10/08/new-cleaning-help/