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To Clay City and Back

1966-01-27-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jan. 27-1966

Dear David & Bonnie –

I just finished listening to Mozart’s Don Giovanni. John brought it in exchange for the album Mark & Shirley gave me for Christmas and since I like M. and this is one of his best I couldn’t have been more pleased. Dad is at the hospital seeing one of Dr. K’s patients—and it is about 2° above. He had put both cars in the garage before six, but he said at the time he didn’t think he would get to keep his in. A bearing burned out of his car so we had to use mine to drive to C.C. yesterday, then when I went to get it yesterday Tuberty told me it needed a new exhaust pipe so I had to take it back this morning. After lunch today John went back to Champaign and took Aunt Ruth home as he went.

[page 2] We arrived home just before six on Wed. and Dad called the hospital and one of his O.B.’s was ready for delivery. He rushed to the hospital and was back in time for us to attend a stockholder’s dinner at 7. We were a few minutes late but in time to be served. I should have stayed home I was so tired but hope to get rested back to normal by morning. I intend to take a bath & go to bed as soon as I finish this. Yesterday was a long day. We left here at 8 a.m. and got back at 6 and we were standing, sitting or riding the whole time. The ladies of the church had a meal ready to serve after the funeral service so we had a chance to talk to the relatives before we came home. I talked to Mrs. Myers this evening and told her why I hadn’t seen her this week. I haven’t had time to stop. I usually stop once or twice a week.

1966-01-27-gry-p-2-3[page 3] Dad said if I would get some information from his cousin in New Jersey about the cousins in Switzerland, we would stop and see them when we take our trip this summer. I have written.—Friday—It has been below 0 today and it has seemed much colder than the reading. When we came home from the office we put the cars in the garage and I hope Dad doesn’t have to go out again.

Wed.-Feb. 2—I haven’t been out of the house since last Friday—and should have stayed in then. I have been having a temperature that just stays with me. I am able to be up and do some things, but have not really done much work. John H. is here now running the sweeper and will mail this. He has been running errands for me. The record player started cutting out so Dad & Janssen decided it needed more

1966-01-27-gry-p-4[page 4] ventilation, so Dad drilled 100 holes below and above the amplifier last night and said he wanted me to run the record player all day. I listened to the Barber of Seville twice, once to Carmen and now have a symphony. It hasn’t cut out any today, so maybe that was the trouble. I think Dad really enjoys this stereo. The TV gets turned on some, but it is definitely taking second place. I never get tired of listening to good music but that TV racket does bother me and about the only time I give it is for news or specials.

We haven’t had any word from Chicago, so it won’t be a January baby now.

Love Mother

P.S. I am taking declomycin for my temperature.

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Vesper Circle

1966-01-23-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

January 23, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This piece of stationary got misshapen by the printer, so I thought you wouldn’t mind if I used it. We received a letter from Bonnie’s mother last week. They plan to leave Malacca Aug. 1 and arrive back in Boston the end of August. Too bad we couldn’t take the same month and meet somewhere. Louise couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at David’s picture. She didn’t think it was David. I suppose the robe and that little added weight changed your looks. I am going to work in the office today to give Edna a hand. The insurance is piling up again and she was going to work yesterday, but I told her Saturday evening not to, that I would help her, so here I go. Last week was a hard one for me. On Monday evening I discovered I was to entertain the Vesper Circle on Wednesday evening I hadn’t been asked if I would and I didn’t see the announcement in the bulletin (however my name shouldn’t have been put in the bulletin until I had been asked if I was going to have it and where). I called my committee and got them busy calling the membership. On Wednesday AM the person who was to give the program called me and said she was ill. Then one of the hostesses called and said she couldn’t be here. Rosemary Murphy did call and tell me (she doesn’t belong, but must have heard I needed some help) she had something she could give for devotions. It turned out the devotions were long enough for a program, so that was that. I was too tired after all that. I didn’t do any more than I had to do Thurs., Fri., Sat. or Sun. I feel OK this morning, and working in the office won’t make me that tired. There is a new drug act which required us to record all the drugs (for a report if called on) containing ephedrine and or Phenobarbital. I have a system all worked out which I think won’t cause too much extra work. Dad attended a Medical Meeting with the Benton County doctors (he and Dr. Kresler went together) and some of the Doctors at the meeting said there were not going to comply. I am afraid if an inspector comes around, they may be at a disadvantage if they do not have their reports ready. I think we will play it safe and comply. I read your letter to Mrs. Myers = she gives me all your letters. Why don’t you go to the trouble to get some carbon paper and onion skin paper and send me duplicates of hers? Am looking for the Marriage of Figaro (over)

1966-01-23-gry-p-2[page 2] Dad has been listening to the stereo and seems to enjoy this one more than he did the hi-fi. Yesterday when I came home from church he was listening to The Nutcracker Suite. Last night together we listened to Maurice Revel’s L’Enfant et Les Sortileges. I rather like that. You should get that for yourself. The only think I don’t like about it, it doesn’t have the English translations, but I found I could follow the French—not that I knew what was being said—maybe once in a while—but to know where I was. It would help one to learn to pronounce French words to listen to that a few times. Dad is going to wire my radio that I have back here in the Family Room to the speakers in the living room. I decided when I listen to the opera on Sat. afternoon it would improve on the tone quality to have such a hook-up. I must get to work.

Love Mother

We are beginning to make plans to attend Tournament of Roses next year. Also planning to see Petra in Jordan in July.

1966-01-23-gry-p-3P.S. David: I just read your letter after arriving at the office. Talk to the Prof. as to when he is going to take the students to Holy Land, etc., and see if we could be included in their tour. We haven’t decided yet just where we will go, but I am pretty sure it will be July, because we have told Arvella she could have her vacation in July. I am not too sold on the package tours and was about to try to find some means of getting to Petra, other than by tour.

Will send you Figaro when new one arrives.

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L.B.J. Ranch

1965-10-11-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

John, Lea & Bob, Mark, Shirley, Becky & Kirk were here for the weekend. Kirk is talking – saying nearly everything – even tho some of his words come out a little hard. Seems he can’t say sc. He was holding a screw (I presume from his truck). We asked him what he had and he said “grew.” Of course that got a big laugh from everyone. I hope he is still as cute by Christmas time as he is now. Becky is quite interested in Kindergarten and talks so fast I can hardly understand everything she says. John said he would meet you at the airport. I will come along if possible.

[page 2] I mailed you a letter from Stonewall, Texas. They told us at a little store that Stonewall and not Johnson City was the hometown of L.B.J. After seeing Stonewall, we thought Lady B. should begin her campaign there. She considered it nothing more than a dump and could certainly do with a little clean-up of its own. We drove down the road that led to L.B.J. Ranch and were told if he was there we would not be allowed to continue. We knew he was at the Ranch – had heard it on the news but we drown down Texas Highway 1, and at a certain point there was a road closed

1965-10-11-gry-p-2-3[page 3] sign and a parked car, so we turned around and went back to the highway we had left.

We attended a ball game in the astrodome. We have friends living in Beaumont, Texas, we visited. Also stopped to see the Georges. They are completely remodeling a house they bought for the lot. Nell and their daughter Merry are doing much of the work and it looked like they would still be working on it for some time. All in all our vacation was grand while it lasted. Dr. K. is leaving for the rest of October this week – so Dad says

1965-10-11-gry-p-4[page 4] we won’t be able to attend the medical convention this month. Stacie is attending a small college in Va. I was told it has an enrollment of 300 and she is enrolled as a freshman. Evidently she didn’t get along too well in Greencastle last year.

I hope you aren’t doing too much – what with your Emerson position – but who am I to worry about people working too much, since I live with that sort of thing all the time.

Love Mother

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Lenten Season

1965-03-16-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana
March 16, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

We hope David is over his infection. Since we didn’t hear any more about it, we presume you have recovered.

The weather is fair this morning, but we keep having some snow. Yesterday morning there was a fresh fall and the ground was well covered, but by mid afternoon most of it was gone. However, we still have some of the drifts that the blizzard left two or three weeks ago. Everyone seems to be anxious for spring to come and the weather forecasters keep telling us spring will be here March 20th. I remember last year spring wasn’t quite here March 29. I have been attending a class Rev. Watson is conducting at the Presbyterian Church—a series of lessons for the Lenten Season. I took the tape recorder last Thurs. and got about 30 minutes. I didn’t think about getting a larger tape until after the session. I did take along an extra tape the hospital administrator had given Dad, but unfortunately I had it wound the wrong way and I didn’t get much sound. I went to Sears and ordered a 7” tape which records 4 hours, so I am ready for the rest of the sessions. Yesterday I used a part of the tape for my SS class. Rev. Watson, I think, is a very good teacher. We were all so interested in what he had to say we didn’t ask any questions. At any rate I didn’t. I wanted to hear him and not some of the other class members. When I saw in the paper that a class was going to be conducted I called the Watsons and asked if they had a study book, but Rev. said it was something he had put together. I took the Gospel parallels along and saw that he also had a copy. His, he had used in Seminary and had it marked (or underscored) with colored pencils (for source). I am planning to take the recorded to Mrs. Myers and let her hear it. I think if Rev. Fields ever gets the recorder, he is supposed to use, repaired, I will try and take his sermons to her like you used to do. She complained of trouble with her lame leg the last time I saw her. She says it keeps giving her more trouble, which is to be expected, in view of the condition of her bones. She went to see Dr. Stahl last year while we were away and he told her there was deterioration going on where he had put the pin.

I called Aunt Ruth M. last week. She is staying home. Romaine had asked her to come back to Des Moines for a visit, but she decided she would rather stay home. She is wanting to sell her house, but so far hasn’t had much luck. I told her to come and visit us, but she didn’t indicate that she would in the near future. Dad is tied up with baby cases and duty at present, so we won’t get away for a while. Dr. Kresler, Dr. Schoonveld, and Dr. Gary are going to be away from March 21 to 28, so Dad feels he has to stay around while they are on vacation. We would like to go to Chicago some time this spring and see Lord Him. That was being made when we were in Cambodia. It opens March 24.

Shirley as a job working at the library in Hoffman Est. She works Saturdays and evenings, so they can’t come down like they used to do on Friday evenings. We haven’t seen them since the weekend of Feb. 6th. I sent the children their Easter gifts (maybe a little early) from Sears. When I ordered the tape for the recorder I saw some things for children in the catalogue, so decided to take care of them a little early.

Our TV isn’t performing to suit Dad, so he had Bun pick it up this morning. I asked Bun to get a new needle for the record player. The one I had to put in the record player when you were home was in the cabinet and Bun put it in and we played a record and it was OK. It must not have been put in correctly the first time.

Love Mother

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About to Vanish

1963-01-17-gryLetter transcription:


Dear David:

Your card came today. Sorry you won’t get to come home, but you should know more about your time schedule that I do. It is about time for Dad to come for lunch. He was in the hospital all day yesterday and all night last night. He didn’t even get a chance to change his shirt this morning. Pat Unger Murphy has a son (one that Dad delivered yesterday).

Mark and family came Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Becky ran into the hearth and got a goose egg on her forehead, but we put ice packs on it and the next day it didn’t look so bad. She howled for awhile, but as soon as we let her up from the ice packs she made a quick recovery and was running and playing as usual. Kirk is growing so fast, it doesn’t seem possible. He is still very good and sleeps most of the time, but when he wants his food he lets out quite a noise.

We received a letter from Lea yesterday and at long last, she is going to have a baby. She said she is due in August. I know she is probably as happy as a person can be about anything. I will have to start collecting things for the new one.

The Company that is to replace our window is supposed to do the work this afternoon. I am glad the temperature is up a little. I would hate to have that sort of thing going on in sub zero weather.

We brought some Minnesota Mining last week and it has been going up. However, yesterday there was a dip in the market and MM went down a little, but it is still over what we paid for it. We bought it as 57 7/8 and it closed yesterday at 59 3/8. It did go up over 60 one day.

Kentland Bank is having a stockholders meeting Saturday afternoon and a dinner Saturday evening. Dad said he wouldn’t get to attend the meeting, but we plan to attend the dinner. Did we tell you the Bank stock is going to split? We have 50 shares now and after the split we will have 62½. Since John has the same amount, we will either buy his ½ share or sell him ours. I rather think we will buy his.

I plan (weather permitting) to go to Lafayette Monday to see a tax consultant. Mark and I worked on taxes while he was here over the weekend, but he is just learning and I decided I would like to have an expert check our figures. There is a legislative seminar (sponsored by Council of Churches of Indiana) and I was supposed to attend, but decided not to. The Seminar is next Tuesday the 22nd and since I have an appointment in Lafayette on Monday, I decided that would be too much driving for me.

I talked to Miss Kresler Monday night about arranging our trip. We decided since she is a professional guide – she conducts tours every summer and has for 20 years – except during the war – we couldn’t find anyone who could better advise us. I took some of the literature along that I have accumulated since we have been planning our trip. She pointed out some things she thought we wouldn’t like in the literature we have. If we decide to take the trip she sells, it will be entirely by jet, but I think we will see much more that way. Once of the places included on the Olson Tour is Athens. The Olson Tour also includes the Holy Land and I want to see the Parthenon. She toured in Asia last summer, visiting Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and a few other places. Dad told Dr. K. yesterday that we are planning to be away next Jan. & Feb. He didn’t tell him any more than that. Miss Kresler told me that she is conducting a tour of Europe next summer and that Dr. & Mrs. Kresler and children, the Battons and another family are going on the tour with her.

I was going to give you the candy that was left over from Christmas, but discovered after you left that it was still in the refrigerator, so when Mark and Shirley left Sunday I gave them a box of Fanny May and opened the box of Snappers for us, so the only Christmas candy that is left is what came from South Africa and it is about to vanish.

—Dad has been home and we have had lunch. He had to make two house calls in Sheldon and is there now. The people who were supposed to replace the window haven’t come and since it is past 2 o’clock I doubt if they get here today. – I just answered the door and it was the glass people. They are now tearing out the broken window.

Love Mother

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Celery Tops

1962-04-11-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]

Dear David:

Here is your housing contract, signed. I kept the yellow copy. If you want it you can get it during Easter vacation.

You were wrong about the twins’ parent – it was not Al Thomas, it was his brother. You weren’t the only one to make the same mistake.

Did I tell you the Bill Ungers had twins? Dad delivered them. Some of Susie’s friends had a shower for her last week. She said sixty or more attended the shower. I attended, but didn’t know how many were there. She received just about everything necessary to take care of twins – all the way from cribs and high chairs to bottles and safety pins.

There is [a] funeral this afternoon, and I had planned to attend – Rozanne Taylor Sander’s father, Omer. He passed away late Saturday night. Rodney had been home on leave and had just returned to duty, but he was able to return for the funeral. My car is in the garage for repairs and hasn’t been returned, so it looks like I will stay at home this afternoon. I went to Indianapolis last Tuesday – Sara drove for me – and we had car trouble on the way home. I took the car into the garage the next day, but they didn’t get all the repairs taken care of, so it had to go back today.

I was home the night of the Academy awards, but was reading and forgot to watch. Dad was in the hospital all evening. Dr. Kresler is on vacation and he is taking care of his patients, in addition to all of his own. It keeps him pretty busy. He plans to spray the trees this evening if he gets to stay home. There is a medical meeting tonight, but there isn’t any program and we couldn’t see any advantage in going, since most of that crows wants to spend the majority of the evening in the bar. They think they have to imbibe for two hours before eating.

We are having drain trouble again and I just had to clean up a mess on the floor. We kept forcing the water out of the sink drain. We heard a noise in the family room and guess what – the water was running out of the washing machine drain. There is a drain pipe that sticks up back of the washing machine and the rubber hose drain from the washing machine fits into it and we were forcing the water out at that point. I had ground some celery tops and when we came back here there was water all over the floor with specks of celery leaves floating thru it. I just finished mopping up that mess. I am sure there are still flecks of celery tops here and there.

Time for my siesta.
Love Mother


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Local News

1962-04-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana
April 7, 1962

Dear David:

A letter from Republican National Committee came for you and I am forwarding it. We have something new (besides the washing machine) in the family room. We have louvered shutters at the windows. Dad hung them to see if they fit and so far that is all that has been done – they need a coat of varnish.

The neighbors (Howard Good’s) are cleaning up the yard next door. It was needing a little attention. Several organizations, headed by the Woman’s Club, are planning a clean-up campaign for our town this month. We are going to try and get the littler off the streets and try to get people to put trash in the trash barrels, instead of on the streets.

The Mingles moved to Harry Dodd’s place south of Brook – you remember where you used to go skating? Dodds moved to the Mingle place. The Dodds have a short wave radio set and have put the extension on the tv aerial. When Mrs. Dodd was in the hospital recently she could talk to her family on the set she had with her.

Bill Corbin sr. is going to have an operation for hernia Tuesday.

Mr. Rinard is in the hospital – (the second time). He isn’t very strong and doesn’t seem to be able to improve much.

Dr. Kresler is away on vacation – is in New Jersey to play golf. We turned on TV Saturday evening to get the news and a golf tournament was being televised. Dad said that it where Dr. K. and Dr. Gery are. I thought he meant they were in the tournament, but he said no, just playing golf there. Dad is taking Dr. K.’s emergency duty while he is away. He was at the hospital last night taking the duty and Mrs. Omer Taylor called and said her husband was having another attack (he had been in the hospital recently). I told her to call Dad at the hospital. He had Mr. T. sent over in the ambulance, but he died shortly after reaching the hospital. His daughter Rozanne Sanders is in my S. S. class.

Rev. Fields announced this morning he is taking the membership classes into Church next Sunday, also having baptisms. Joan and Mark were both sick yesterday, so they didn’t get to Church this morning. Joan called last night after Dad went to the hospital. They were having stomach flu, so I told her to send out here and get some medicine – the old standby for that sort of thing. Rev. Fields said this morning they were both better.

Dad unearthed the rose tree yesterday. He was a little afraid it was too early. I am hoping we don’t have any severe weather for a few days, to give it a chance to get used to the atmosphere.

We have a new janitor at the office – the woman who cleans at the hotel. She helped me here at the house a couple of times. She is really digging out the corners at the office. The last janitor just spent an hour each evening and sometimes only 15 minutes. Her first night took six hours, and the place looks better.

W. Olson said he went campaigning in Rensselaer Saturday – said he called at every house and gave his cards out to anyone and everyone. He said Betty accompanied him. We are of the same opinion you were, why? I can’t see much future in that kind of job.

Dad has sprayed the trees twice. After the first time, we had a hard rain, so last Thurs. he thought he had better give them another treatment. He said last year he didn’t get started soon enough. He has the lawn mower all ready and has gone over the yard once. He had worked on the motor himself, but finally decided to have the repair man from Sears come out and go over it once. In spite of the cool weather, it is moving time again.

With our last water bills we received the Kentland Sewer System report. There is a meeting tomorrow night concerning the matter. The total cost will be about $610,000.00. It will be financed by 30 year Revenue Bonds. That is one thing I am glad to see progress being made on (bad grammar) and I suppose there will be some people opposed to it, but I am sure it is something that has to be done. When will you be coming home?

Love Mother

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/10/10/local-news/

Clean Up Kentland

1962-03-04-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
March 4, 1962

Dear David:

I was glad to read the last paragraph of your last letter. If you had one date, you can surely have another.

We are still having some wintry weather. I talked to Mark this morning – Shirley and Becky have been sick, but I think they are both better now – and he said it was snowing in Chicago. It rained a little here today. We still have snow on the ground and ice on our driveway. I was just thinking today, if you had been home, we probably would have insisted that you try to chop some of the ice off the driveway, but since you aren’t here, it will just have to stay, after all these weeks, until the sun can melt it off.

I attended Bible Study class tonight – the last in this series, because next Sunday, Sunday Evening Lenten Services will begin. I attended a reception for the Charles Morgans – their Golden Wedding anniversary – at the church. I think all their family was present, except Bill Starks and his family and since they live in Minneapolis I suppose it was too far to come.

Yesterday afternoon I took Mrs. Myers with me to the hospital just to get her out of the hotel for an afternoon. After I had checked stock we came back to Kentland and I brought her out here. We visited and enjoyed a soda, then at about 4:15 I took her back home. She seemed to enjoy getting away from the hotel for a little while. As she says, the view isn’t very interesting from the lobby.

Sharon Stonecipher is to be married Tuesday evening. An invitation to the wedding bulletin this morning. They will be married on the Morgan’s wedding anniversary date – also Harold and France’s wedding date.

Dad spent last night in the hospital. He didn’t get home until about one o’clock this afternoon and just had a call to go back. He is taking care of the emergency duty for Dr. Kresler this evening. He said there was an accident case he took care of – he was there on a baby case – last night. Three men who had been drinking had an accident and all of them had a broken bone or two. He put casts on two of the, but the third one may have to have surgery. He was pretty tired this afternoon, so while I attended the reception, he slept.

Have you had a chance to look at a financial section lately – International S. closed at 37 Friday. Dad says, “let us sell,” but I don’t want to sell that one. It pays such good dividends. Your National Homes enjoyed a brief upswing, but the last time I looked at it, it was down again, but I think without a doubt, it will go up during the building season.

I put $100 in the bank for you Friday. I received your bank balance and you didn’t need any just now, but I thought I would put it there for when you will need it.

We received a letter from Lea this week. She wanted some pills, but didn’t say anything about when they would be coming over. Mark and Shirley and Becky plan to come down next week-end. They had originally planned to come this week-end, but Mark had to work on Sat.

Dad has finished three sets of shelves for me and is working on a set over the new washing machine. Since he had to go to the hospital Saturday night, he didn’t get [to] do any work on it as he had planned.

We are trying to figure out the changes we plan to make on the office this spring. Since we have to do some repairing, like a new linoleum in the waiting room, we decided to make the waiting room larger and also the room where Edna works. I don’t look forward to the mess we will be in during the repair period, but it should be worth the effort when it is finished.

– Monday morning – snowing lightly and the temperature is a little below 20, so we are still going to have some winter weather. I think everyone around here is getting tired of winter weather. I certainly will be glad to see the grass again, even if it does mean getting it cut.

I am working on a committee to “Clean Up Kentland.” We haven’t done much yet but talk, but hope to have a clean up drive in April, with all organizations in town helping. We are going to try and get people not to throw things down, but put waste paper in the trash cans stationed around over town. I hope we can accomplish something. I am tired of looking at all the trash we have on our streets and side walks.

Love Mother

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/10/04/clean-up-kentland/