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Gladys – September 1, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
Sept. 1, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debbie,

Enclosed find check for $20.00 – $10.00 for each of you for your birthdays.

John was quite impressed with Debbie’s reaction to the brightly colored blocks which Lea said you had bought with the money I had sent for her birthday. I asked John what he gave her and he said nothing – that he doesn’t give his nephews and nieces birthday gifts. He has always given them Christmas gifts, but not for birthdays. I have also put $10.00 in Debbie’s savings account for her birthday. That is something I have been doing since Becky arrived. Becky reminded me when we were there over the weekend that she would be having a birthday the 10th. I also reminded her that I had bought her birthday present in Japan and it was on the way.

The house that Mark and Shirley are buying is only two years old. The couple have been divorced and are living in other states, hence the delay in getting the final settlement and the key. We looked at the house from the outside and I would say it is in the same class as Bob and Lea’s house. The big difference is that Bob and Lea are on a lake. However, there is a woods and a field back of Mark’s. They will have a very nice large yard for the children to play in and the children will only be a few blocks from school. Shirley will have to take them the 5 miles, beginning tomorrow, to school until they can get moved. The house is brick – light buff – and has some landscaping. It has been vacant since July 1st, so Mark will have a man sized job getting rid of the weeds all around the house. There is a large living room, family room, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a small den and a two car garage. There is an area around the side of the garage and back of the house that has been fenced and has a cement floor. There are morning glory vines growing all over the fencing. We can’t figure what that area was used for. Dad suggested they could put Kirk and David in there at times. Shirley said she thought it had been used for a dog, but Mark didn’t seem to think they needed a dog – since there are several in the neighborhood already.

Dad has washed and waxed his car and mine today. We had thought the forwarding company was going to ship our car via auto transport (that was what we were told by the company in Indianapolis), but I got a call Tuesday evening that the Mercedes had been cleared through customs and that I could pick it up at any time. We got a flight out of Indianapolis Wednesday evening – spent a night in a motel near the airport in Newark and Tuesday morning had the car and were on our way home. In the papers which I received there was an authorization for a car wash job – $35.00-, but I didn’t order that because the Company in Indianapolis said – when they had told us the car could be shipped that they would wash the car – it was covered with cosmoline to protect it during shipment. It took two washings to get the cosmoline off, but I still think $35 was a pretty high price for a car wash job.

John Janssen was married to Lana Farlow Saturday evening – in the Christian church in Rushville. The minister gave a different sort of marriage ceremony – it amounted to a lecture. The Janssens told us last night – they stopped here on their way home – that he lectured John and Lana one hour Friday evening before he would consent to marry them. Also they had to rehearse the wedding three times on Friday and he ordered that no pictures be taken at certain times during the ceremony. However, friends of Janssens from around Kentland and other points north didn’t hear his prohibitions, so flash cameras were flashing all

[page 2] around the church. I didn’t have my instamatic along, so I was not guilty.

Today Dad had the duty, which so far hasn’t amounted to any work, but he still had to be here. The day isn’t over yet, so he may have to do something Health Center wise yet – but I am hoping he will not. He had to have Friday and Thursday covered by another Doctor for us to go to NJ, but since there isn’t much going on now, I rather think it wasn’t asking too much to get away those two days.

Love Mother

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To Clay City and Back

1966-01-27-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Jan. 27-1966

Dear David & Bonnie –

I just finished listening to Mozart’s Don Giovanni. John brought it in exchange for the album Mark & Shirley gave me for Christmas and since I like M. and this is one of his best I couldn’t have been more pleased. Dad is at the hospital seeing one of Dr. K’s patients—and it is about 2° above. He had put both cars in the garage before six, but he said at the time he didn’t think he would get to keep his in. A bearing burned out of his car so we had to use mine to drive to C.C. yesterday, then when I went to get it yesterday Tuberty told me it needed a new exhaust pipe so I had to take it back this morning. After lunch today John went back to Champaign and took Aunt Ruth home as he went.

[page 2] We arrived home just before six on Wed. and Dad called the hospital and one of his O.B.’s was ready for delivery. He rushed to the hospital and was back in time for us to attend a stockholder’s dinner at 7. We were a few minutes late but in time to be served. I should have stayed home I was so tired but hope to get rested back to normal by morning. I intend to take a bath & go to bed as soon as I finish this. Yesterday was a long day. We left here at 8 a.m. and got back at 6 and we were standing, sitting or riding the whole time. The ladies of the church had a meal ready to serve after the funeral service so we had a chance to talk to the relatives before we came home. I talked to Mrs. Myers this evening and told her why I hadn’t seen her this week. I haven’t had time to stop. I usually stop once or twice a week.

1966-01-27-gry-p-2-3[page 3] Dad said if I would get some information from his cousin in New Jersey about the cousins in Switzerland, we would stop and see them when we take our trip this summer. I have written.—Friday—It has been below 0 today and it has seemed much colder than the reading. When we came home from the office we put the cars in the garage and I hope Dad doesn’t have to go out again.

Wed.-Feb. 2—I haven’t been out of the house since last Friday—and should have stayed in then. I have been having a temperature that just stays with me. I am able to be up and do some things, but have not really done much work. John H. is here now running the sweeper and will mail this. He has been running errands for me. The record player started cutting out so Dad & Janssen decided it needed more

1966-01-27-gry-p-4[page 4] ventilation, so Dad drilled 100 holes below and above the amplifier last night and said he wanted me to run the record player all day. I listened to the Barber of Seville twice, once to Carmen and now have a symphony. It hasn’t cut out any today, so maybe that was the trouble. I think Dad really enjoys this stereo. The TV gets turned on some, but it is definitely taking second place. I never get tired of listening to good music but that TV racket does bother me and about the only time I give it is for news or specials.

We haven’t had any word from Chicago, so it won’t be a January baby now.

Love Mother

P.S. I am taking declomycin for my temperature.

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Mother’s Day 1965

1965-05-09-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Sunday May 9, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

This afternoon John called me instead of sending me something for Mother’s Day. I told him you would be home June 13, so he is planning to be here to see you then he is going to Arizona for the summer (Jun. 14). Thanks for your card and letter. I talked to Mrs. Myers and she was quite happy to get your card. I had intended to take her to a store in Kentland Friday, but she wasn’t feeling up to leaving her apartment, so I have promised to try and find something for her in Lafayette Wednesday. I think the trip to Lafayette would be almost too much for her now. She still goes to Watseka to the Dr. to have her feet taken care of, but that is only 17 miles.

Dad gave me a new radio with stereo speakers, for Mother’s Day. The old radios we have around here aren’t much force and the last time John was home we couldn’t listen to the Saturday broadcast of the Met. John made some remark about not having a decent radio on the place. I knew Dad was going to get one for me, so I didn’t get one myself. The opera is over now, but I will have it for other listening and the opera next fall.

We went to the NuJoy for dinner today. There was a large crowd, but luckily we were waited on soon after we were seated and served quickly. Since it was a special day we didn’t know whether we would have to wait a long time and Dad had had a rough night at the hospital and would have settled for a bowl of cereal, but we had planned to go out and took a chance on not having to wait an hour or so to be served.

John had received a letter from a Ford Foundation friend who has recently had to leave Indonesia. He sent John a copy of the petition which was signed asking the Foundation to leave Malang and according to John it is quite insulting. After all the work that they have done there, they seem to be getting no thanks. I was going to write Oka again, but John says there probably would be no use in sending a letter, because he probably would not receive it. John had word from an Indonesian who wanted John to help him, but says he doesn’t see how he can, since their letters aren’t received. John has written to him and he has written to John without either receiving anything. This friend who wrote to John from Switzerland apprized John of his friend’s desires. I sent Oka a package by air, which he did receive. I am wondering if he will get the package which was sent by sea. Since that takes about 3 months, by the time it arrives it may not be delivered.

Tomorrow I am to go to Battle Ground for a meeting. Wed. I am to go to Lafayette to give a program. Thursday afternoon I am scheduled to give a program in Remington in the afternoon and one at Mt. Zion in the evening. One evening this week we are to attend a dinner for hospital employees. Looks like the coming week is going to be a busy one. When you come home, I promise there will be no meetings—and especially since you will only be home for a few days. I see by the IU calendar of events that your summer school begins June 21—that is counseling the 21 and classes 23.

John Janssen helped me Saturday. He washed all the windows and spray painted the bamboo shades (for east windows) green. When Dad hung them last Thurs., we decided they would last one more season with a coat of paint. Don’t you miss all these little chores?

Love Mother

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1965-02-22-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 22, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

I hope you have been able to figure your tax. Saturday Marge Janssen went with me to Champaign to see Oliver. Dad was to go, but thought he was too busy to get away. I told him he could go and probably not have a call during that time and that is what happened. However, there was one baby case he felt he didn’t want to leave. Dr. Schoonveld is on vacation and he thought he should stay home. John had gotten tickets for us several weeks ago. Show was held in field house, which looks like a mushroom. I suppose Bob and Lea pointed it out to you when you were there last year. Our seats were near the roof, but I took binoculars along and the sound was good, so I got along fine. We drove home after the show and were back here by 1:15 Saturday AM. John Janssen had washed my car and cleaned it out with a sweeper on the inside. I really felt like I was driving a Cadillac. Then on the way home, about 45 minutes before we arrived in Kent we went through a rain storm and there were several trucks passing and my car looks like I had driven through mud. Lea and Bob had us come to their place for dinner, so Marge and I really had a nice evening.

I stopped to see Mrs. M. last Friday. She was so happy about receiving a valentine and let me read your letter. I make it a point to stop and see her at least once a week. We also were happy to receive a valentine. We had sent valentines to Becky and Kirk and they sent us one. Uncle Jim always sends me a valentine and since that is his birthday, I always send him a card.

I am listening to Das Rheingold. John brought me a record by Anna Russell—the same thing you have on tape. I get a chuckle out of it every time I listen to it.

We have had missionary speakers at our church the past two Sundays. Last night we attended a pot-luck dinner and listened to the missionary speak about her work and show slides. She has been in Chile for a number of years. Last week the speaker was from Korea. He was with us from Sunday through Wednesday.

1965-02-22-gry-p-2[page 2] I think Arvella’s sister has gotten permission to take her vacation in Sept., so all is taken care of. She said if Caroline couldn’t take off in Sept., they would do something else. I rather think Ralph will let her off then. I told Arvella either that, or for her to get someone to work for her and she didn’t seem to think much of that idea.

Dad finished the bedroom unit and is working on a unit for my desk. We moved the desk out of your room and he built a wing for the typewriter and adding machine. He still has two drawers to finish before the unit is complete, but I am using it as it.

Love Mother

P.S. Did the visiting D.S. ever call on you? Did I write you about hearing Joan Fields give your address over the phone? She told me it was Dr. Bailey. He was getting the address for the D.S. from South Bend Dist.

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The Smorgasbord

1965-2-13-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

February 13, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

I am enclosing the 1964 instructions for (Federal) preparing income tax returns. We took David as a dependent, so you won’t be able to take him. As far as State taxes are concerned I am sure you don’t have to bother with that because you don’t have to pay the State tax if you do not reside in the State. We also used David as a deduction on our State taxes, but since you are living in Mass. and were not making any income while you were in Indiana I am sure you need not bother with it.

The little piece of thread is the yarn I am using to make myself a dress. I am following instructions and using size 2 or 3 needle and it is going so slow that I am about to change patterns and use a larger needle. The size needle I used to make Bonnie’s dress was #8 and it makes a lot of difference.

John Janssen is here today cleaning and waxing the bedroom and bathroom floors. He washed windows last Tuesday evening while we were still having warm weather. We are having a cold wave again, but without snow, for which I am very thankful.

We have decided to go to the west coast in September and have told Arvella she will either have to take her vacation then, or get someone to work for her. I think she has about decided to take Sept. All I know is that I am not going to work for 2 weeks in the office, unless I have to.

There is a missionary speaker from Korea who is going to be at our Church tomorrow morning for the worship service. In the evening there is to be a fellowship dinner. After the service tomorrow morning my class is going to furnish a coffee. I have been on the telephone for the last hour (more or less) getting help lined up to prepare for the serving.

The smorgasbord was somewhat of a failure this week. All I had been asked to do was bring a casserole (lima beans), which I was glad to do since I wasn’t asked to do anything else. Food had been prepared for 450 and 350 (or near that figure) were there, so food for about 100 had to be disposed of after the dinner was over. I had Cosmopolitan Club yesterday afternoon and told them I was going to speak my piece, like it or not. I told them I thought it is time the Church “grew up” and quit trying to raise the Church budget by giving dinners. Mrs. Chidester said if everyone tithed we wouldn’t have to worry about the budget. I told them that was the answer. Well maybe it was a good thing it flopped this year, because they said there wasn’t going to be another, the main reason being they can’t find anyone who will take charge of it. If as much effort was put into getting people to come to Church as was put into the preparation of the smorgasbord I am sure we would have much better attendance.

It is getting late and since the bank closes at noon, I will have to get this wound up and in the mail.

Love Mother

P.S. David’s razor came back and I sent it to you. Hope it arrived in good condition.

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Dental Appointments

1964-12-12-gry-card-frontLetter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie – After receiving your letter I called Dr. Logan’s office and asked for appointments for you both but Grace didn’t say more than, “I will see what I can do,” so I can’t promise you anything for sure. John Janssen has been washing windows, scrubbing garage floor, front steps, etc. I decided his back is much stronger than mine and I had enough to do with sweeper and dust cloth. I saw J. Ross this a.m. while in grocery store. I was telling her how well you are getting along in school. She said she was sorry she couldn’t report the same for the twins (one at I. U. and the other at Ind. State). However, she indicated they were having a good time – could be one reason for the poor grades. We were told that Stacie didn’t get into the sorority at DePauw she wanted to get into and that she is going to go to Purdue next semester. However that came by grapevine. I talked to her mother last night and the only thing she said that might indicate any trouble was S. would pledge if her grades were right and that she is having trouble with “History of Civilization”—a required course. Since none of our three sons were socially ambitious I can’t be too disturbed about someone not making or achieving a social aim. Hope this weather—it is about 50 today—holds. Hope to see you the 23rd. Love Mother


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Local News

1964-11-12-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Thurs. Nov. 12 – 1964

Dear David & Bonnie –

Yours received. Now let’s hope the weather will be fair Dec. 23.

Yesterday I went to Lafayette and bought evergreens to finish the around the house planting. I drove from Lafayette to Attica and gave a program for W.S.C.S. I showed pictures from Bali. It was guest day so a number of women were in attendance from other towns. Dad got one of the evergreens set out last night. He finished this afternoon. Last week Bill Stenz had his workmen take out the terrace. We have stone all around the house now, so no more weeds to pull. Dad is making stepping stones out of cement at the back living room door. John Janssen is here now cleaning windows. The breaking up of the cement made a lot of dust. Today we had a terrible wind most of the day but by the time John was ready to work the blowing had stopped. This afternoon we made a quick trip to Morocco to get our driver’s license renewed and the fields where corn had been but – along the fences it looked like someone had been decorating for Halloween or a fall festival – the fences were so covered with corn cuttings. It is so dry everywhere – there was a prediction for rain today but so far only wind. We have been watering the new evergreens once a week, but after this fall that shouldn’t be necessary.

I have read about the anchor Bible. The Chicago Tribune had an article about it. I took the paper to Sunday school and showed it to my class. They didn’t seem too impressed, but after reading about it I was quite interested.

I am hoping the whole family will be home for Christmas. Don’t worry about sleeping arrangements – as suggested we can use the motel. If I could find some air mattresses I would make a dorm in the living room.

I have been invited to a shower for Patricia (Cookie) Franklin, who is to be married to Jerry Carlson Dec. 8. I can’t attend the shower since

1964-11-12-gry-p-2[page 2] I have to serve on a committee for a vesper circle meeting that evening (next Wednesday). Monday Dad and I are to give a program for Sheldon P.T.A. – Tues. Dad is planning to go to Lafayette to a meeting and I am to entertain a BC class. Wed. afternoon I have promised to give a program for Raub W.S.C.S. and Wed. evening help at Marge Fisher’s for above mentioned meeting. I half way promised to take Mrs. Myers to Lafayette a week from tomorrow.

Howard Fisher was going to Bob Jones College (I think it is in Tenn.) He was expelled. According to what his parents tell I would think he would be glad. He says they have informers and the first rule of the college is “no griping” and if anyone complains about not liking anything there is always an informer around to run and tell and that was what happened to Howard. He talked to his roommate about something and the roommate was one of the “informers” and in a very short time he was called to the office and told to leave immediately.

I saw Janice Ross this week. She and Bill had been to visit Nancy at Indiana State and Sara and a friend had driven from Bloomington (Sara is going to I.U.) to join them. Joy Funk dropped out of Marquette and has applied for work in Peace Corps. Don is going to St. Joe at Rensselaer and according to his mother has settled down. Jim Johnson was home two weeks ago. His mother says he is getting interested in a girl he has met in Midland Michigan. He works for Dow chemical. He has met a Methodist minister who seems to be making quite an impression on Jim. Karen is back at Hanover and so is Margaret Krull. Bob is still at I.U. and Bud Krull is doing graduate work at Harvard.

Dad had to go to the office to take care of an emergency and he wasn’t too happy about it. He as so “fed up” with a certain case one day this week I think he was ready to take off for a prolonged vacation. He just came in and from what he has said it wasn’t much of an emergency.

Love Mother

Will take some pictures all around the house, now that project is finished.

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