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Roscoe – July 24, 1969


Letter transcription:

Dear Bonnie, Dave, Debbie & Kat [the feline variety]

I started making notes and stuff on the 17th of July so if the dates seem a little off please excuse. We have our car and have just a few more than 300 miles or should I say 500 km. It runs well, the horn blows either in German or English depending on who it is pointed toward – more universal sounds. It smells like a new car (universal smells).

We met and visited with a Cousin Fritz Pyser, whose mother was a Yegerlehner. We will see her and possibly others of the clan on Sun. On Mon. & Tue. we will head back to Stuttgart to send the car to West L. We spent some time in Baden Baden – stayed one night there before going to Basal. Stayed in Basal 2 nights and now are in Muri, a small town near Bern. Right now we are watching a German TV “What’s My Line.” Seeing it is OK but it isn’t the same as hearing also (needs more universal something). Somehow I got on a universal kick. Just a passing fancy.

We were walking along the street with Cousin Fritz and we stopped at a store window. He was pointing at something in the window and I saw a little pile of where a dog had been. I guided Gladys around and he came so near cutting his foot (not really cutting) that I got a bunion just twisting my foot sideways and backwards in my shoe trying to guide his foot in the right direction. I never did look back so have no way of knowing the final results. I could write a story and make the title “The Case of the Scrambled Pile or Did He?” Another pretty universal sight was one Gladys & I saw on a street in Basal. A character who had had too much, was walking in front of us. He zigged & zagged. We were not sure of getting around him without an affair – but Gladys came to the rescue and pretended like there was something in the window she wanted to buy – in the window a shot gun & a pair of boots – anyway the trick worked. We didn’t see him again.

And speaking of sights – you should see the bed covers. About

[page 2] a 6 inch layer of eider down in a huge pillow slip like affair. The first morning when I awakened & still a little fuzzy I looked over toward Gladys and this think cover “sorta” balled up in the middle made her look like she was not 6 mo. pregnant but like she had 6 pregnancies all in one (I said I was a little fuzzy). I jumped out of bed to palpate and found she was lying on her stomach and the big pile was the down all in a bunch. What a relief? She didn’t seem to be complimented when I told her she stuck up that high in the back. What a sight!

As we were passing a bank just at closing time there were scores & scores of girls coming out – all in very short skirts. Surely those skirts had shrunk during the day. I just don’t believe they looked like that in the a.m. – maybe the girls grew during the day. Did we have to come to Switzerland to see no skirts? You dirty old man! (Omit the work old please). We did see several old Cathedrals in some of these old towns. Many of these churches were built before America was discovered and they are still in use today. Our cousin in the country told us his combination house & barn was approximately 200 years old and it looked & smelled every bit of it??

(much later)(one week)

Things seem to happen and time passes and this is one week late. We went back to Sundelfinger & made arrangements to ship the car back. We are not in Karachi – despite the hot & stuff we are very comfortable on the 8th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel. It is fully air conditioned but outside it is only fully. The first rain in 2 years fell the day before we arrived. Now there is mud & dust where before it was only dust. Our airline Lufthansa furnished us with a car to get to the Hotel. It took us 25 minutes to make the trip. Needless to say they also furnished us with a driver. The streets here for the most part are not named or numbered. We contacted some people from the church business management and they showed us around town & some country. The streets are wide enough but some are very rought & the traffic is right handed. There is a constant water shortage, so not many green lawns but there are several trees. Like many of the streets in this part of the world there are people & more people. There are so many I’m sure they can’t all get home in one day. It takes two days to make it. There are some trucks, many taxi cabs, many camel carts, many just plain cars & lots of small carts with cute little asses hitched to them. Not the rounded & pink as you might think but they are grey & have long ears. Many of the stores, etc., have English signs. We were in the old city. Also in the Banking & industrial areas. Gladys

[page 3] took many pictures & I’m sure if one looks at those he will not be unimpressed with the conditions. However, the smells won’t show in the picture.

We were told by our acting guide that there is a minimum wage low for the skilled labor. They must be paid about 50₵ per hour – but no law for the unskilled laborer. Those people get paid approx. 35 to 50 centers per day., but for each job the employer must hire two men, one to work while the other one rests – so it costs the employer 70 cents to $1.00 per day.

Across the street from our hotel is a large building that does have a nice lawn & it is being mowed by 4 men. Three pulling & one pushing. The mower is a reel type and is approximately 20 inches wide. So one might say it is a 4 or 8 man power.

Hope you are the same


P.S. If John, Lea & Bob come while or after you get this it is for them also. The missionaries have given us the V.I.P. treatment which we have appreciated. I think they do not get as many visitors as some places. One of the family has a son and daughter going back to the States next month to attend college near Seattle. They have relatives in that area. Their oldest son was with us this morning. He had his camera and we both were snapping picture. The father had to park his car and get a paper from a government office so Dad and Jack (the son) and I walked along and I think we captured some good shots. Just hope the pictures turn out ok.

Love Mother

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Gladys – July 9, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
July 9, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie,

Just hope those pictures get here before we leave, your letter came yesterday. Dad got the schedule rearranged for this week, so we are going to be leaving on Friday instead of Saturday. I asked the travel agency about flying from Boston, but was advised against that since there has been some difficulty with planes getting into airports. They thought we had better just leave from O’Hare. Dad doesn’t have to work tomorrow, but since July 10th is the last day of the special rates for tours, all seats were taken, but we did get seating for the 11th. The lab report on Dad’s skin was OK. His face has just about recovered and his black eye is entirely gone. However, he did have some discoloration for about two weeks.

We went to Champaign Thursday evening and to Indianapolis Sunday morning, since we had a long weekend. We wanted to see Mark before leaving – he has power of attorney for us and John and Lea and Bob wanted us to come over before leaving. I am beginning to feel like I am about ready to go. Have the bags just about packed and hope I have thought of everything we will need while we are away. Since it has been so cool here most of the time and I had a letter from the woman I have been corresponding with in Switzerland telling me that it has been cold and rainy there, I am taking two wool suits with me. I remember three years ago I was not quite warm enough while we were there, so this time I am going prepared. This morning it was rather cool here, but by noon I had the air conditioner upstairs on and now we have both on. It is so humid and since we are on daylight (Eastern – that is) savings time, it stays light here until about 9:30. It is eight o’clock now and the sun still has some distance to go before setting.

I am enclosing a copy of our itinerary for your information. We will write to you from time to time, or send you cards. I found the cards after you left that were misplaced on my desk. I had put everything on the basket behind the adding machine and the cards being slick, had slipped off and were behind the filing cabinet.

Sandy Corbin was married last Saturday, but we didn’t go to the weeding since we were in Champaign. Her picture is in the Journal-Courier tonight. She was quite a beautiful bride. From the account in the paper, it was quite a large affair. Had an invitation to attend a shower for the bride to be of Jim Johnson, Nancy Dickman. They are to be married the weekend after we return and the wedding will be in Michigan, so I rather think we will not be going.

We plan to return August 18th, so we can talk to you before you leave about money. When you will need it and how much. Will you keep your checking account in Rockport, or how will you handle your money? If you won’t need it until after the first of the year, how will we handle that?

The enclosed letter was opened by Dad by mistake. I am sending it on, though I hardly think it would be necessary. It has been on my desk for some time. Forgot to send it the last time I wrote.

Love Mother

Ck. for $5.00 – the extra $5.00 is for something for Debbie’s birthday

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David’s Diary – May 19, 1969

Monday, 19 May 1969

Up about 7:30. Spent the morning getting ready for the trip—had to write some letters, straighten up my desk. Alan Federick brought his parents over to say good-bye; wrote to Cambridge re: apartment. Virginia Bate was around most of the morning. Had lunch about 10:30. Shaved. We finally were ready to go about one o’clock. Strong winds +  our car-top carrier kept our speed low; we stopped 2 or 3 times. In general Debbie traveled well—didn’t get car-sick. We arrived at Stoners in Schnectady at 6:15—230 miles from home. Good weather—mostly cloudy but very little rain. We had supper, Mr. Stoner and I went for groceries. In the evening we showed slides, saw Stoner movies—sat around and visited. Very weary; looked at Niagara folders; bathed, off to bed; lights out about 11:30. θ+

Tuesday, 20 May 1969

Up at 7:30. Had breakfast—loaded the car—heavy rain falling when we got up—kindly let up when we were loading the car. We finally got off at about 9:20. We drove through quite a bit of rain stopped several times for picture taking—including a shot of the site of the old Erie Canal locks. We ate lunch at a pleasant park along the road. We got to Buffalo about 4:30. Came directly to the camping ground: Miller’s Creek. Only 2 or 3 other campers in the area.  We ate supper in the car, then about 7:00 head up on the road to see the Falls—several miles away the mist from the Horseshoe Falls was visible. We strolled around, drove around, took pictures—we found the Falls very spectacular—Debby seemed astounded by the Falls. Our drive ended about 9:00 back at the Falls; we took pictures of the illuminated falls; back at the campsite about 10:00—prepared for bed; this is written by auto headlight lights out at 10:40.

Wednesday 21 May 1969

Up at 6:15! Unfortunately a chilly morning. After breakfast we broke camp and got everything in the car, loaded, packed by about 8:30. Then got on the road back to Niagara. Mist was blowing from the horseshoe falls across the road—impossible to get good pictures. But we found a lot to photograph. Saw the replicas of the crown jewels. Strolled around the gardens. We had lunch on the grass in the sun near Niagara glen,  headed toward Detroit—stopped to see the locks at St. Catherine. Unfortunately took slow rt. 8 through Hamilton to get to 401. Got there about 4:00—then straight through to Detroit—arrived about 7:45 our time (6:45 theirs),  at the Kings [1];  had supper; visited; Mattijane’s brother + wife are here with 2 kids—a real madhouse altogether. Later in the evening showed how our slides;  11 o’clock saw moon TV pictures;  bathed off to bed, lights out 1:12.

Thursday, 22 May 1969

The Yegerlehner Clan, Roscoe and Gladys’ anniversary weekend, May 1969

Up about 9:00. Had a big breakfast—all the household had breakfast together—quite a gathering. Spent the morning getting the car loaded—and shaved. We finally got on the road to Gary about 11:30—somewhat later then we had hoped. A cold, overcast day. But we were able to make a good speed—with the help of huge trucks which drew us along. We arrived in Gary at Paul + Marty’s shortly after 5:00. We unloaded the car, then had supper. After supper watched CBS news—Apollo 10 orbiting the moon. After this we all got in Paul + Marty’s car and drove to the ditch where their boat is docked. We spent about an hour or so on the water—but didn’t go on to Lake Michigan—too rough. Came home, had a snack, then set up the projector—we showed them our slides. They are going through a “boat” stage— + were very interested in some of the slides; off to bed, lights out 11:45.

Friday, 23 May 1969

Forget what time we got up. The morning was not rushed—rather leisurely—sat around and talked; Paul + Marty didn’t go to school—both of them weren’t feeling very well.  The morning seemed to go fast; we got the car loaded and then got on the road about noon. Arrived in Kentland at Mrs. Myers’ apartment about 1:30—an hour earlier Kentland time.  We stayed until after 5:00—Mrs. Krull, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Hufty came by to see Debby. We got on the road again and arrived at the folks in W. Lafayette about 5:40. Unloaded the car after hurriedly looking at the box of slides which had arrived. Had supper; in the evening we just relaxed—watched a comic movie on TV. I got several pictures of the raccoons as they came begging + were fed—Al + Gwydelyn. Ran the slides through the projector; off to bed; lights out 12:07.

Saturday, 24 May 1969

Up at about 9:40—it was good to sleep so late. One of the first things to be done was a trip to the grocery store for baby food; then I went down into the ravine behind the folks’ home to take pictures. A very sunny, warm day. It was a day of just relaxation;  Bob + Lea + John arrived for lunch. In the afternoon I made a trip for film + postcards—wrote postcards to people in Rockport—had an opportunity for chatting with Bob and John. For supper we ate out on the patio—a delightful meal. Debby was in her playpen; Lea was pretty occupied with Debby; Lea had her third miscarriage last week. After supper we watched TV—some inane programs, but then The Miracle Worker came on—the story of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. During the movie we saw a telecast from Apollo 10 at hundred at 169,000 miles from Earth; after movie we showed our slides; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:54.

Sunday 25 May 1969

Up about 7:30. Shaved; dressed; mother, father, John, Bonnie + I went to the 9 o’clock service at the Trinity Methodist. Home around 10:00. Relatives began arriving: Floyd + Ruth came after Bob, Lea, John; Mark + Family; Alma Hubbel. We had lunch on the patio—a nice day. Uncle Clarence + family were here for a short time. Posed for pictures—I was the photographer. We spent the afternoon lounging around, talking, relaxing. Bob, Lea + John were still here for supper; after supper I climbed down into the ravine with Dad. Watched TV—utterly slummed. During the evening we called Joyce Fitz-Randolph in New Jersey to arrange to stay with her on Friday night. This has been a very relaxing day—we managed to avoid feuding over politics. But also rather tiring; off to bathe about 11 o’clock. θ+ lights out before midnight.

[1] Rev & Mrs. Levon King (wife Mattijane); he was one of the ministers who married us; the other, Harold Hill.

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Gladys – April 12, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
April 12, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie-and Debby,

Thanks for sending back the tax statement. We are not even supposed to receive that statement, because we pay our taxes through the agency where we make the loan payment – insurance and taxes are included in our monthly payment. I can’t imagine why it was included in your envelope, because we received a statement for our personal property. Someone was “asleep at the switch” I suppose.

This weekend we are keeping four young women who are attending a Baptist Youth Meeting at Purdue. I asked them how far reaching this meeting is and they said it covers the entire state of Indiana. This group (here with us) is from a little town in the vicinity of Terre Haute. They just spend the nights here and are at Purdue the rest of the time. The only meal we furnish is breakfast.

Last week John, Bob and Lea, Mark Shirley and children were her for Easter. We hid eggs on the patio and the children had a lot of fun gathering them. I had made up baskets for them and I am still picking up the artificial grass. A lot of it came up with the sweeper, but I suppose I will be picking up bits and pieces for a long time, but the children had fun, so what is a little grass on the carpet. We talked about our 40th wedding anniversary which is next month. They are all coming back to help us celebrate – wish you could be here also – . We are going out to eat, because they said they thought it wouldn’t be right for me to cook a meal for all of them on my anniversary. I agreed with them. We decided just to make it a family affair. We haven’t been here long enough to hold open house for people here in Lafayette – I suppose enough from Trinity would come – but Dad seemed to think it was too far to ask people to come from Kentland – and besides I would just rather have the family.

After reading your last letter, Dad seemed to think you might get a Rotary scholarship, but it would be too late to get it for this year. I think the one granted this year has already been granted. I think you have to apply several months – maybe a year in advance.

Dad has gone to see an eye specialist – about the condition I mentioned to you some time ago. I think it is nothing serious, but the Dr. said for him to come back. I went back a little more than a week ago to have a check-up and was found to be in good condition. Have to have one lens in the glasses I wear after I take my contacts out stepped up.

The weather here is beautiful and we are enjoying every minute of it. Dad has built a fence where the canvas sheets used to be to give us privacy on the patio. He is also going to make a gate – to keep out the neighbor’s dogs – on each side of the house. We would rather the stray dogs would not come and disturb our wild friends. Last night the raccoons came to be feed while we had company. The Baptist girls got quite a kick out of seeing them eat. Dick and Nancy (the couple who stayed here while we were gone last summer) were here last night to bring us some grapefruit and oranges from Florida. That is where they spent their spring vacation. They borrowed a camper from Nancy’s parents. They also enjoyed seeing Al and Gwendolyn come begging.

[page 2] Received a note from the Loan Company today asking us to send them the tax statement, if we have received it.

Have much work to be done on my desk – would rather be out in the yard to enjoy the sunshine – so must get at it.

Love Mother

P.S. Last Sat. afternoon John & Lea cooked a Chinese dinner for us. Very good. We watched Peter O-Toole & Richard Burton in Beckett and fed the raccoons. Lea made egg rolls which were very good. They came for lunch and I had one of their favorite meals – beans & cornbread. I can just see Bonnie droal (?)

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Gladys – March 25, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
March 25, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

When going through my papers found I had brought some of your things home with me – Senator Kennedy’s letter, etc. Sorry about that. Have been very busy since returning. The following weekend we went over to Champaign. John had an Indonesian dinner for us on Saturday evening. Lea helped him prepare it. On Sunday we had dinner at Lea’s. We attended the Wesley (on campus) service on that Sunday morning and heard Rev. Richard Hamilton from Bloomington, Indiana, preach. In this month’s Together Magazine there was quite a bit about (in our Indiana section) about the Fund for Reconciliation and how the two Conferences are going about the job of raising the funds. Rev. Hamilton is in charge of the South Indiana Conference fundraising and Rev. Bjork is in charge of the North.

Last Monday a week ago I had to go to Plymouth to attend a meeting of the Division of Christian Outreach. Have another meeting next week with the Section of which I am Chairman – Social Witness – to get what we have to say ready to go into Conference Minutes. As I said to our associate minister’s wife – I wonder if it is worth all the effort – I set the meeting at Logansport – that is some closer than Plymouth. There will only be four of us so only two of the four will have a long way to drive – one from Mishawaka and one from Gary. The other member lives at Peru – just a short distance from Logansport.

Thanks Bonnie for sending the cuff links. They made quite a hit with one or two of the men – but the women all thought they were quite unusual and wanted to help choose for their husbands – saying if they didn’t wear them, the wives would. I gave each one a card telling what Beach Glass is.

Last week I watched the hearings on TV about the ABM and thought Fulbright got a load off his mind when he brought in Vietnam. Heard Proxmeyer from Wisconsin this morning telling about the enormous amounts being spent by the Defense Dept. which he thinks could be cut drastically. The Today Show has been talking about the subject of “Poverty and Hunger” and said that so many people have no idea how widespread hunger is in this “the most affluent country in the world.” I was in a meeting last week and was a little bit “shook up” when I heard some of the comments made. One woman was not in favor of the Fund for Reconciliation. She couldn’t see turning over all that money to an agency. Her argument was, “How do we know how they will use the money?” I thought about calling her this week after reading the Together Magazine and if she doesn’t take it, send her my copy. However, when people are like that, no doubt one article won’t change their thinking. Heard on the Today show this morning that the President of South Vietnam has finally consented to include the Vietcong in the peace talks. Wonder what kind of threat was used to bring about that sort of about-face. Also have been hearing former Sec. of St. D. Rusk on the Today program. After listening to him I thought, how could anyone in his position be so far removed from facts. He said this morning he thought the Peubolo (sp.) incident should just be forgotten as something that was unfortunate. In other words – when he was at the head – they goofed.

Love Mother

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David’s Dairy – February 17, 1969

Monday, February 17, 1969

Up about 8:30. Got to work immediately at my desk. Completed a Conference data form, wrote letter to Bob + Lea about being legal guardians of Debby in the event of our deaths. Wrote letter to members of the nominating committee. Wrote in response to a letter from Bill + Sue Kaster, made up the of classes at Cambridge to be approved by BU, filled out my Ph. D. plan of study for BU faculty. I stopped for lunch after the Kaster letter, but finished the others about 2:30. I had some coffee, sorted some more books to be taken out of the library, and finally got to work on the French article for the Messiah course. I stopped this about 6:20, had supper, watched CBS news. About 7:30 got back to my desk, worked on French. About 9:00, I switched to German, worked on this until Bonnie got home. We bathed, had a water fight! Off to bed shortly after 11:00. Tickling match.

Tuesday, February 18, 1969

A very busy day; up shortly after 8:00, shaved, breakfast; Bonnie took me to the train station on her way to leave Debby with Hazle Lord for the day—Bonnie + some others went to two mills. I studied German on the train, which was about 30 minutes late into Boston. So I got to Klugmans apartment a half hour late. Left there about 12:15, got back to BU about 12:40. Had lunch with Charlie Whitford. Between 1:15 and 2:00 I tended to seeing Schilling (handed in my course of study at Cambridge), getting some articles on Psalm 110 xeroxed. At 2:00 I had archaeology seminar; we examined Late Bronze Pottery. 4:00 – 6:00 had course on Isaiah. During the 5 o’clock break I went to BU Bookstore for paper, happened to see Tom Lehrer’s record, That Was the Year that Was. Bought it. After class, caught 6:40 train, home about 8:20. Supper; looked at cloth Bonnie got—some for 2 more coats for me; listened to the new record; typed sermon for tomorrow; bathed; off to bed 12:30.

Wednesday, February 19, 1969

Up shortly before 9:00, but didn’t get too much accomplished in the a.m. Got news together for C.A.M.P. newsletter,  cleaned up the desk, practiced the sermon for this evening. Glanced through Newsweek when the mail arrived. Jim + Becky Bussey dropped by about noon to borrow the turkey pan; we played our new record (Tom Lehrer) for them, they had lunch with us. While they were here I shaved, and shortly after they left, I left—for Harvard to get an article in their library. Xeroxed, then on to BU—several errands attended to before class at 4:00. Out at 6:00, got book from library, headed for Riverdale Church—arrived about 7:25. Went over the service with the other clergy; I preached the sermon on the parable of the Prodigal Son; home by about 9:45—picked up Debby at Patriquins, home, had supper, relaxed, bathed; off to bed at 11:10.

Thursday, February 20, 1969

Up about 9:30—Bonnie and I had a talk trying to resolve some misunderstandings… Late in the morning, after a small breakfast, I got to work at my desk. Began writing a letter to the Official Board about next week’s meeting. Small lunch about 12:30. Back to work on the letters. About 1:30 I went over to Alan Frederick’s apartment to go over difficulties I’ve been having with my French translation. Home about 2:30—finished the letters, put them in envelopes, went to Post Office—home again. Shoveled ice + snow away from front door. Had snack; Barbara Lord dropped in for a visit; I worked on the Bible lesson for tonight. Fixed supper about 6:30. Watched CBS; Virginia Bate arrived early; Bible class 8:00 – 9:30. Discussed Jer 44; Nahum; took Virginia home; back home; bathed, relaxed; off to bed, θ+; up to read—to bed at 1:00 AM.

Friday, February 21, 1969

Finally got up about 9:30. Had breakfast, went to the church to change the Wayside pulpit. My main preoccupation today was preparing the sermon. I worked on finishing Trueblood’s book, The Humor of Christ. It has some merit to it—but he seems to press his point too far. About 1:00 I stopped to fix lunch. Bonnie was preoccupied working on a multi-colored patch quilt for Debby. After lunch shaved; went over to Rev. Greenwood’s home to pick up a box of books he was giving me; only a few worthwhile books in the lot. Worked rest of afternoon on Trueblood—finished late in the afternoon. Napped 6:00-6:30. Watched CBS news—back to sermon at 7:30. Bonnie went to the Patriquins. I worked on sermon all evening—then did the bulletins. Then straightened up my desk. Bonnie—after getting home—worked sorting Life magazine. Bathed; off to bed, read, lights out 1:55.

Saturday, February 22, 1969

In view of our late hour for getting to bed, I slept late—wasn’t up until 11 o’clock! Worked at my desk, looking at material on new church structures. We had lunch at 12:00. Shaved, then more work at my desk. I did calling in the afternoon. Bonnie went to Gloucester to shop + see Becky Bussey, so I made some calls—took Debby along. Saw Ellie Martin—just home from the nursing home; Ethel Leary; Grace Harris + Louis Rich. Home about 4:00. Rather fatigued. Relaxed for a while, Bonnie got home, showed me her purchases. I took a nap—didn’t get up til after six. Fixed supper. After supper I practiced the sermon and prepared the service. Worked on German. About 9:30 we went down to Patriquins. Showed our slides—didn’t leave til 11:30. Home, bathed; off to read, study German, in bed. Debby is now appreciating peek-a-boo; lights out about 1:00.

Sunday, February 23, 1969

Up about 9:30—small breakfast, shaved, dressed—off to church. Crowd of about 35—preached on the humor of the Bible. Home by 12:30—we had lunch after 1:00—a delicious turkey. Sleepy after lunch, napped; at 3 o’clock Alan Frederick came by to discuss the sermon + biblical humor. We had tea and listened to some of the Tom Lehrer record. He went home after four. We took some pictures of Debby on the multicolored quilt that Bonnie made. We saw her make her first actual crawling movements. From 5:15–6:00 I worked on German. 6:00–7:00 we watched TV (21st Century + news) and I took the meat off the turkey. At 7:00 I went to the Riverdale Church for Meth. Men meeting: Rabbi Geller gave strong pro-Israeli talk. Home about 9:30. Worked on German; bathed; German; θ+; fixed us a snack; read; lights out 12:45.

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David’s Diary – January 6, 1969

Monday, January 6, 1969

ISN before arising. Another day of relaxation. Up late—just visited—and commented on the severe weather. Bob + I had big breakfasts. I continued reading in Mrs. Moore’s book. We had lunch, listened to one of Bob’s comedy records. I finished Mrs. Moore’s book. –and started on the autobiography of Marion Anderson. Got sleepy, so took a nap. When I woke up, John was here. I got up, feeling pretty groggy. We had supper, then watched TV: the Laugh-in. The others worked on double crostic puzzles. I read in Marion Anderson. Later we watched more TV. About 12 John went home—we said our good-bye. Lea, Bonnie and I stayed up talking until quite late; finally decided to go to bed; lights out about 3:30 (Eastern time)

Tuesday, January 7, 1969

Don’t recall when we got up—but it was in time to see Bob off for work. We had a leisurely breakfast, I shaved, packed the car—John came over to see us off. We left Champaign about 12 noon Eastern time. Highways were mostly clear and we had tail winds, so we were in Lafayette in a little over 2 hours. Mother was here alone. Rest of the day was spent relaxing; I called Helen Correll to arrange to visit her tomorrow. Watched some TV in the evening, an interview with the Smothers Brothers, but I got more reading done in Marion Anderson autobiography. I’m about 2/3 of the way through. I’m pretty sleepy tonight, since we were up so late—and I didn’t have any luck trying to nap in afternoon. Off to be around midnight.

Wednesday, January 8, 1969

ISN before arising. Another leisurely day for the most part. By late this evening I had finished Marion Anderson’s autobiography—and had made slight progress in Kathleen Kenyon’s book Beginning in Archaeology. We had planned to go up to Wolcott this evening to see Helen Correll, but an ice storm began late this afternoon, so I called to cancel plans. Got some of the reading done, and watched TV. Had a very sound nap this afternoon after taking Mom to the church. I found Miss Anderson’s book very rewarding—I found some good excerpts—I might do a sermon on her soon. And I must get some of her recordings. Bonnie + I read after the folks had gone to bed. Off to bed ourselves after 12:30.

Thursday, January 9, 1969

Around 8:30 or 9 Mother called us out of bed. The temperature had dropped during the night to about 5º—and our car had to be started—I doubted that it would go, but it did. I took Mom to the grocery store and then took the car for the state inspection. The mechanic suggested it needed a brake job to pass inspection—but he also suggested we skip it since we were going back to Mass. Home for lunch; changed license plates on car. Took Mother to the bank, came home, shaved, picture taking. Mom + I went to pick up Edna Wallace—dad’s former secretary—she had supper with us. After supper—watched TV. About 9 took Edna home, more TV—this has been a relaxing vacation; after 11, had a snack. Bathed, off to bed about 12:20.

Friday, January 10, 1969

Up after 9. Had small breakfast, was occupied with getting the car loaded. Did some cleaning in it as well. We had a steak lunch as a send off. We left Lafayette about 1:15. Stopped in Wolcott to see Helen Correll, but she was in school as we suspected. We arrived in Gary about 3:30 our time. Paul + Marty were still in school; we had to wait for them in the cold cold car for 1 hr. 45 minutes. We got warmed up when they finally came, visited a while; decided to go out to supper; had a very good supper, came back to their apartment—spent the rest of the evening talking, about family, about politics—about the woes of teaching in Gary. About 1 o’clock our time decided to get to bed.

Saturday, January 11, 1969

Up about 9:30. Had a leisurely bath, shaved, had breakfast. It was a short morning, since we were still on Eastern time, but Paul + Marty were on slow time. We finally got all our things together and got on the road shortly after noon—our time. We got up to I-94 and were able to make good time—I was able to maintain 70 MPH much of the time. We had a flat tire about 75 miles west of Detroit. We arrived at the Kings about 5 pm. We had a nice visit and a pleasant supper. About 8, Levon and I went to a service station to have my tire fixed—didn’t take too long; we came back + put it on the car—the rest of the evening we spent visiting. Mattijane seems to be coming along well after her mental collapse. Off to bed about 12:30.

Sunday, January 12, 1969

We got up reluctantly just after 7 this morning. We had breakfast with the Kings and were on the road by 8:30. By 2 o’clock we had reached Buffalo, N.Y. We didn’t make any extended stops. I drove 150 miles east of Detroit, then Bonnie took over until we were on the NY Thruway. I took over again. But she got us to Schenectady, where we stopped for an hour + a half with the Stoners—had supper. Arrived there about 7:30. Left about 9:05. We stopped then only twice and arrived in Rockport at about 1:20. We had driven just 800 miles. Jim Tanner was here when we arrived, he hadn’t gone to bed yet. There was a huge pile of mail which I must attend to tomorrow. It was good to see the cat again. We unpack partially, read some mail—and got to bed c. 2:30.

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