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David’s Diary – February 10, 1969

Monday, February 10, 1969

The candle was out at 12:25, but I couldn’t get to sleep. The wind buffeted the house, the bed vibrated. About 3:00 I got up, worked for a while on the Dempster questions—by candlelight (6 of them). But about 4:15 I went back to bed—again no luck getting soundly to sleep. At 6:30 I called Alan Frederick to advise him not to go to Brandeis. I did get some sleep until about 9:00 or so. For the day we moved into the dining room—sealed it off with plastic—kept it warm with stove heater. During the day I did little but nap, eat, and make phone calls. At first I did clean off car, + clear away front door, when we had contemplated going to stay with the Lords. Took outdoor pictures with the new camera. Napped in afternoon; baked two pies. Bonnie made Brownies. After supper we spent the evening at the Patriquins. We came home about 11:00, still no electricity. Got ready for bed, played with cat; candle out 11:50.

Tuesday, February 11, 1969

We slept in sleeping bags in the dining room last night—I got more sleep than the previous night. The electricity came on about 7:00 AM. But it was not a normal day. We got the dining room put back in place; I freed the car from the ice and snow. We had lunch about 12:00; I didn’t get up until about 10:00. After lunch I was exhausted, and from about 1:00 to 3:00 napped—got some sound sleep. After 3:00 we all went shopping in Gloucester. We had to get groceries. I carried Debby on my back. We got home after 5:00. Bonnie had to give Debby a bottle, so I set to work getting supper and putting away the groceries. We ate about 6:30, watched CBS news. I tried to work at my desk, but was very weary. About 8:45 I took a bath—1st since Sat. night. Off to work in bed 9:20.

Wednesday, February 12, 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast; shaved; went  to train station to catch the 9:20—but it was delayed; didn’t leave Rockport until 9:45. I didn’t feel like studying on train, so I watched the scenery—cluttered with storm damage. Arrived 11:45. From North Station I called Sears to order movie camera. Went to Jordan Marsh, got Marion Anderson record. Other errands, then to BU. Got there about 12:30. Had lunch. Had several things to get done about the Dempster; had a chat with Larry Burton; relaxed for a while. About 3:30 I went over to Sears and got the movie camera. Came back to BU to class at 4:10. Left class at 5:40—went to N. station, caught 6:40. Arrived Rockport 8:30—rushed home to the Official Board meeting. When this was over, had snack, listened to Anderson record, bathed, off to bed; lights out 10:35. θ+

Thursday, February 13, 1969

A long day; up about 8:30—had breakfast, then started to work on the lengthy questions to be answered for the Dempster. By noon I hadn’t made much progress—interrupted by the mail among other things. By the time we had lunch I’d finished the first question. I shaved after eating, went to the post office, took letters off wayside pulpit, came home, shoveled a little snow. Back to work; I got out my old paper written 4 years ago—the “autobiography.” It helped me get ideas. About 6:00 I got phone call from a Bible class member—not coming. That made 4 that couldn’t come, so I called it off. Worked on Dempster all evening after supper. Finally finished writing about 10:00, then got to typing. About midnight had snack, took last photos on roll; work on into the night; off to bed about 3:50.

Friday, February 14, 1969

It was hard to get up—but I got out of bed about 8:00; did some final work on the Dempster application; proof-read. Had a small breakfast, shaved quickly electrically. Left for Boston after 9:00. The roads were relatively clean. I didn’t spend much time at BU—not more than 10 minutes. I headed back to Rockport and was home by 11:45. Looked over the mail, had lunch, and then napped—from about 1:00 until a little after 3:00. Got up, then Bonnie + Debby + I went to Gloucester; stopped at Mals to get batteries for the new movie camera. Then went to Busseys for a meeting to plan Ash Wed. service. Rev. Clark never showed up. We visited with Busseys + stayed for supper with them. Came home about 7:30. Tried to get sermon idea, bathed, worked on attendance chart, off to bed at 11:10.

Saturday, February 15, 1969

Got up about 8:30. Went to work on the attendance charts, stopped for breakfast, then back to work. Mail man brought a letter from Gene Moncel, who is working in Earl Landgrebe’s office. [1] Back to work on charts. The wrote a letter to Mrs. Myers. Stopped for lunch. Shaved; wrote a short note home—telling mother that she can come for the visit she suggested; about 1:30 went to the Post Office + then to Ornes. About 2:30—after filling out forms with Homer—went up to see the Hannibals. About 3:30 returned home. Worked on the charts briefly, then got to work on sermon. Stopped to help with supper; after supper I did the bulletins, then returned to work on the sermon. About 10:15 bathed, θ+ then back to work on the sermon; this was finished + service relatively ready about 1:15. Debby pulled herself up to standing position today; off to bed at 1:20 θ+

Sunday, February 16, 1969

Debby one-half year old

Up about 8:30. Shaved; breakfast, practiced sermon, off to church about 10:15. Preached on Matt 10:39; fair sized congregation, about 38. Arrived home about 12:30. We looked over the new movie camera, had lunch, then got ready to take movie. Phil Parker came over with some figures for annual report; we set up time for Wesleyan Fellowship in March. After he left, we took a movie out in the yard—very bright sun reflected off snow. We went down to Patriquins and Drue took film of us with Debby—we shot the whole 50 ft. roll! We visited with the Patriquins, but about 3:45 I came home, Bonnie stayed; I napped when I got home. Got up shortly before 6. Watched TV, had supper. At 7:18 took pictures of Debby—just 6 months old. Desk work most of the evening. Worked on German too for a while. Bathed; off to study in bed. Lights out 12:45.

[1] Gene was a pal in college—conservative Republican—and Landgrebe was a state senator of right wing persuasions.

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Gladys – January 28, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
January 28, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

Yours received yesterday. I should have written to you sooner, to tell you you have been assessed. I don’t know who gave me the wrong information at the Court House, but last Monday I went down and the clerk showed the evidence that your VW and our two cars had been assessed, so you won’t need to send the tax statement back.

You wouldn’t know my den, or office, so whatever you want to call it. I still have to paint the walls and Dad has some more storage spaces to build above my new desk. We took out the old desk and put it in the upstairs bedroom for me to use as a sewing table and the drawers for storage. We place the little filing cabinet over by the window and the new desk is just about 20 inches wide by a little less than 4’ long. There is a tier of small drawers just above the desk on the wall where I keep the things I need. I have been cleaning out drawers and files and have thrown away heaps of things I had filed (Christian Social Relations and Christian Social Concerns). Also I have been on a throwing away binge and I am really getting rid of things I don’t need. You just wouldn’t believe how different the room looks. The rug shop is having their annual sale and we got a piece of 10.50 carpeting on sale for about $3.50 a yard and Dad and I put it on the floor last night. It makes a great improvement in the room. Now I won’t have to close the door when someone is getting the 75₵ tour.

As I probably told you (or maybe I didn’t) I am still on a Church Board – that is a Conference Board. The new North Conference named the former Christian Social Concerns Board, Christian Outreach. I went to Rochester (about 4 miles north) to a Presbyterian Retreat Center to attend a meeting last week one day and was elected to attend a Convocation in Washington the week of March 3 to 7. The way the new board is set up one section is called Social Witness, and I was named Chairman of that section. We are still in the planning stage and are to meet February 4th to set up our definite goals. Just hope all the people under Social Witness will be present.

When Dad read your letter yesterday he was in agreement with some of your sentiments about the inauguration. He especially liked the one way in which you described your reaction to a certain world famous evangelist’s (I think he gave the benediction, didn’t he?) as you called it, “sermon.”

Sorry you won’t be able to meet us in Switzerland, but understand you have to make your plans to meet your needs.

We have heard much about the Reconciliation Program and I made our pledge last November at the Uniting Conference in Indianapolis.

I saw Mrs. Myers Sunday evening. We went to the Ross home for bridge club. She still talks about Debby. She says she thinks she is just about the perfect baby. She also is beginning to talk about having to go to a nursing home and said she thought the one here by us would be the best place. However, I think it will take her a while to talk herself into making a change. I told her if she got one of those spells where she has to be taken to the hospital, to have Jess bring her down here and that she wouldn’t have any trouble getting a Doctor. I am going to have my old hair dryer repair (if possible) and take it to her. She has not been able to go to the shop recently, so Mildred goes over there and does her hair for her.

Love Mother

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Gladys – January 18, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
January 18, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby,

The enclosed letter from Bookshelf was opened by mistake – sorry about that. I don’t suppose you really want it, but here it is.

Saturday morning and Dad is home working on the new desk unit I am going to have here in the den. I went to the Health Center this morning to have my head X-rayed. Dr. Trout insisted he wanted to see how I look on the inside after a month. I feel fine and haven’t had any more trouble, but thought I had better do what he says – I may need him again.

Now the weather is mild and the snow is almost all gone, but I suppose we will have more severe weather before spring. We followed the weather as you drove back to Rockport and hoped you had good driving all the way.

Last Saturday we have appointments with Dr. L., and I spent about half an hour with Mrs. M. She seemed a little down in the dumps until she started talking about Debby. I asked her what she thought about her and she couldn’t say enough about how she thought she was the “most.” Of course, I agreed with her. She said something I had forgotten. Becky would not have anything to do with Mrs. M. when she was small and the way Debby took to her delighted her. She was so happy that she could hold her. She mentioned how large Pat’s baby is and that he was too much for her – of course, he weighed 10 lbs at birth and by the time he could visit Mrs. M. he was much larger.

Bonnie left these figures on your intangible tax on my desk. I didn’t know whether you needed it, but thought I had better send it along.

We went to see Camelot last night. Went to the early show – 7 PM and when we left the show the lobby was filled with late comers. 2001 is on at the other theatre and people were lined up for nearly a block to get in.

Love Mother

P.S. We are going to see Imogene Coco & King Donovan in “You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water is Running” at Music Hall tonite.

[page 2] For some reason we were not assessed on the cars (a must if one is to get new license plates each year). I called the assessor’s office and was told to bring in our tax receipts for last fall, so you will have to send us yours – you must have taken it back with you – since you had to have it the day we got our permits at the court house so sent it back as soon as possible so I will be able to get you assessed.

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David’s Diary – December 30, 1968

Monday, December 30, 1968

Up around 8 or 8:30. Had breakfast, loaded the car, said good-bye. We were on the main highway by 10:20. We made very good time; no head winds today, so we could achieve a speed of 70 mph. Arrived in Lafayette about 12:45. Debby was in a good mood to meet her grandparents. We had lunch + visited. Paul + Marty arrived about 3. We had our gift exchange—more visiting. A slow afternoon; I became very tired—reclined on the bed for a few minutes before supper. Supper about 6:45. After supper we watched TV: “The Laugh-in.” Then Bonnie got the slides out, put them in the trays, and we showed all our slides. After this, Dad + Mother began heading for bed, so did John. Paul + Marty + Bonnie and I sat talking about the Gary experience.[1] Too tired to bathe. Off to bed at about 12:40.

Tuesday, December 31, 1968

A leisurely day. Up about 9. Sat around doing nothing much and visiting. John went home to Champaign in the morning. We have arranged to go over there this weekend. I called Mrs. Myers  to tell her we’d be up on Saturday. We took a lot of pictures this morning of Paul + Marty + Debby + Bonnie + mother and myself. I called Gary Myers’ [2] parents to get his address: South High Gardens, Apt. #12. Rural Route #4, Shelbyville, Ind. 46176. After lunch Paul, Marty and Bonnie + I played cards—we also had a chance earlier (in morning) to talk further about Gary schools. Supper was marred by an argument about the Israeli-Arab problem. Mom + Dad siding with Israel—the rest of us arguing for the Arab cause. After supper Marty + Paul left for home. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV. Bonnie sewed. Bathed; off to bed a few minutes after 12. Celebrated the New Year’s with ISN; lights out by 12:30.


Wednesday, January 1, 1969

Got up around 9. Another wasted day. Didn’t do much of anything this morning. Mark, Shirley + family arrived about 11 AM. The kids are really wild; we ate about noon. Some attention was paid to the Rose Bowl Parade on TV. Floyd + Ruth + Steve arrived early in the afternoon. I found it a dull day. Tried to avoid Mark + Dad, since they inevitably get into arguments. – didn’t care to sit all afternoon watching football. Wrote letter to Gary Myers. Spent the afternoon chatting with Ruth, Shirley, Bonnie + Mom—took more pictures. About 5:30 we had supper and then all the visitors headed home. I napped briefly. Mom + Dad went to an open house. Bonnie worked more on my sports coat—I slummed=watched TV all evening. Called Bob Geiselman + Mrs. Myers to arrange Friday trip; bathed, off to bed at midnight.

Thursday, January 2, 1969

Another true “vacation” day; got up around 9—in the middle of the morning we all decided to go downtown to get the auto licenses for this year. We went downtown and did some shopping too; mailed letter to Gary Myers. I got some gloves at army surplus. We got home about 12. –I had carried Debby on my back. I napped in the afternoon, listened to records, read in Jenny Moore’s The People on Second Street. We had supper around 6. The listened to TV news + to Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight. During this Levon King [3] called from Detroit inviting us to stop through there on our way back to Boston—which we shall do. Watched more TV, had a snack, then back to reading in Jenny Moore’s book; also started Marion Anderson’s autobiography.

Friday, January 3, 1969

Up around nine. Put off breakfast to make it an early lunch. Read for a while in Mrs.  Moore’s book. Had lunch, packed suitcase. Tried several times to get the car started—with no luck. Had to call tow-service to have the car started. Bonnie, Debby + I left for Kentland shortly after noon. About 1 we arrived at Mrs. Myers’ home. We had a nice visit until about 4 o’clock. We left town about 4:25. We headed west—toward Champaign. Strong headwinds—so we didn’t make good time. Arrived at John’s about 6:30—went over to Bob + Lea’s. Had supper there, visited during the evening; played password too late—had a very good time together. Finally off to bed at about 2:45—our time.

Saturday, January 4, 1969

In view of the time of retirement, I slept late; did awake when Bonnie fed Debby and got up herself, but was able to get some more sleep. Finally got up around 11 o’clock. Had juice for breakfast; shaved; at about 12 we all went over to John’s for lunch. Lea + Bob left—But Bonnie, Debby + I stayed with John for the afternoon. We relaxed, visited, listened to records; we came back over to Bob + Lea’s for supper. After supper, watched TV; Bob, John + Bonnie worked on a very difficult cross-word puzzle. Lea + I watched TV: movie starring Cary Grant: “Father Goose.” Lea had to leave for work about 10. Bob, John Bonnie + I visited until late; about 1 John left and we all went to bed. Lights out about 1:20.

Sunday, January 5, 1969

Again slept late. This was another day of relaxing and goofing off. Lea had worked the night shift last night, so she slept all morning. Bob + Bonnie + Debby + I went over to John’s for lunch. I read some in the afternoon in Mrs. Moore’s book—I did done in the forenoon also. Napped in the afternoon. About four we headed back over to Bob + Lea’s. Lea was up. We watched TV and visited. We then got ready and went to eat—went to a Chinese restaurant: the Tea Garden. We were home in time to see the Smothers Brothers. Turned TV off and spent the rest of the evening playing password. About 1 AM we decided to quit—and discovered that a howling snow-storm was going on. John got home alright, however. Off to bed about 2:15 (Eastern time).

[1] They lived in Gary, Indiana—or had at one time—and we had visited them there.

[2] My college roommate at Indiana University.

[3] He was the pastor who married us, along with I.U. Prof. Harold Hill.

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Gladys – November 12, 1968

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906 Nov. 12 1968

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby:

I didn’t notice the enclosed letter was addressed to you until I started to read it – sorry about that, but here it is. We are always getting something from Bankers and the only thought that occurred to me was that there was only one letter – we usually get two.

Since we didn’t go to bridge club two weeks ago, I called Mrs. Myers yesterday. She seemed a little wistful about not having had a letter from you for some time. She says she gets weaker all the time and seems so alone. She hasn’t been to see a Doctor for a long time and thinks she should see someone. If she would just come down here to the nursing home which is located about a mile north of us, she could have all the attention she needs, but she is still adamant about staying in her apartment. Harold Oliver has never fully recovered (she thinks his mental attitude is so bad that he needs a psychiatrist) and Doris has to do some of the things for her he used to do. He had a severe heart attack, but the Dr. at the clinic told him he had recovered and that he should get back to work, but he doesn’t seem to snap out of it. If you can find the time, write her a letter and send her some more pictures of the baby. When I told her of your last letter and your plans (95% certain) that you would be going to England in six or seven months and then on to Germany for a year or so, she said she probably would never get to see you again. I tried to reassure her that she would get to see you sometime.

Tomorrow is a large day for our Women’s Society. We are having our Charter day and as of now have about 90 reservations for the luncheon, with more to come in. I have been trying to get an extra baby sitter and everyone has a busy line, or does not answer. I will just keep trying.

Friday we plan to go to Lea’s and Dad is to put her book shelves up. They were over for my birthday and took everything home to get the stain put on, now all Dad will have to do is put it on the wall. He at present is building in some shelves in my office and also has built a frame around the safe with a space below and above for storage. The safe is now at eye level again, so I don’t have to stand on my heat to get into it.

[page 2] I listened to the Pres. Elect with Pres. J. last night and I thought, no wonder he is called “tricky Dick,” since he had made all those campaign promises about making changes and last night it sounded like he was just going to carry on the same old policies. If he didn’t mean what he said last night, what was the purpose of having it broadcast across the nation, and if he did mean what he said, I think he contradicted what he had been telling people all fall. Maybe I don’t know what to expect from politicians. Earl L. got in on a large majority. Birch Bayh was about the only Democrat to survive in Indiana.

Love Mother

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David’s Diary – November 11, 1968

Monday, November 11, 1968

Up about 10. Began working immediately in Kömmel’s Introduction to the NT, the section on Paul, for tomorrow’s directed study. Worked on this until about 11:30. Put lunch in oven, shaved. Phone call from Charlie Whitford; he + family planned to come to Rockport in the afternoon. We had lunch. At 12:30 went back to studying. 1:15 we left for Gloucester—meeting at the Wesley Church parsonage. This was over about 2:30. We came back home, I got back to studying until the Whitfords arrived. They didn’t leave until almost 10. We visited, played records, had supper together. It was a good time, but I am ruined as far as study is concerned. Back to the books at 10:00. Studied Greek. Worked on Mark 16; Matt. 26. Bathed. Worked on Greek, packed briefcase, off to bed at 12:45. Not at all prepared for Paul D.S. due to Whitford visit. So much work to do everywhere.

Tuesday, November 12, 1968

Up at 8:30. Breakfast, caught 9:20 train to Boston. A terrible day weatherwise—very high wind, rain. Greek class 11:15 – 12:00. Lunch with Dr. Rowlingson, Hobart Farrell, Les Strong. Read newspaper + magazines for a while; worked on German. 2:45 had coffee with Bob Rogers; he + his wife had spend a year in England + he was able to offer ideas + information. 3:10 I was off to Paul DS., but I met Oliver in the hall and he said that he couldn’t meet today—and I wasn’t prepared! So I was able to catch the 4:10 train home. Arrived around 5:30. We called off the official Board meeting because of the weather. Had supper, watched CBS news. Worked on Quiet Corner. Took pictures of Debby. Around 9 we went down to Patriquins. Home around 10. Back to work on the Quiet Corner. Hair cut; bathed. Bonnie and I looked over pictures deciding which to give as Xmas presents. Off to read in bed at 12:40.

Wednesday, November 13, 1968

Up about 10. Worked on finishing the Quiet Corner. Finished about noon. Watched noon news, ate lunch, shaved. Mrs. Cooney dropped off the mailing list here at the house. I went through it to make notes for Dick Gray. Bonnie went to the bank. About 2, I left for Gloucester. Took the Quiet Corner to the Times office, had my picture taken. Went to the hospital, saw Karen Haskell and Gazella Dodd. On my way home left the membership list at Wesley Church with Dick Gray. Stopped at grocery store, came on home. Had cup of coffee, back to work at my desk. Studied in Bright’s Jeremiah for the Bible study. Worked til about 6:20. Stopped for supper, watched CBS news. Back to work in Jeremiah at 7:35. Worked until Bible class began arriving. 6 in attendance. Did chapters 27 – 30. Over at 9:30. We had coffee + snack. About 10, back to work in Jeremiah. Bathed about 11. Back to work; read in Bright and in Leslie. Off to bed at 1:15.

Thursday, November 14, 1968

Up at 8:30. Caught the 9:20 train to Boston. Greek class, 11:15 – 12. Had lunch with Dr. Richardson. He forgot to tell me that he couldn’t meet with me today for our directed study. So neither of my directed studies met this week. I was able to catch the 1:45 train home. Studied a little German on the train. Was home at 3 o’clock. Bonnie was out with Debby grocery shopping. I worked on German after a coffee break until about 6, then had supper. Left for Gordon early so that I could go to their book store—but it was closed. Class from 7 to 9. Was back home by 9:45. Worked on making the tickets for the showing of the film, “The Gospel According to Saint Matthew,” Dec. 1.  11 o’clock had cup of coffee + watched news. – soon after I got home this evening we called Paul + Marty (his birthday was yesterday). We talked about 12 minutes. After 12, bathed. Looked over work ahead in next few days; off to bed at 1:15.

Friday, November 15, 1968

Up about 10. Began studying for the Paul directed study. Read I + II Thessalonians, with Kümmells Introduction.  Stopped to examine the mail. Material from the Danforth Foundation to apply for Kent Fellowship. Glanced through Newsweek. 12 had lunch, watched the news. After lunch, back to Thessalonians. About 2, mailed letter to Harrell Beck with Kent Fellowship endorsement form. Went to Gloucester to get heavy paper. Visited Mrs. Martin at the Cape Ann Nursing Home. Came home; mimeographed the tickets for the Gospel According to St. Matt. Film. Got back to work on Paul—reading in Galatians. Finished Galatians, stopped for supper after 6. Watched CBS news, etc. Watched TV—Jacques Cousteau program on whales. Cut the mimeographed tickets while watching. Back to my study about 8:30. Great difficulty giving birth to a sermon idea; took all evening. Studied some German. Bathed at midnight. German briefly; off to bed at 12:45.

Saturday, November 16, 1968

Debby doing pretty well sitting up today – Debby 3 months old

Up around 9:45. Worked on the sermon. A letter came from mother. No reaction to our announcement of moving to Europe—we expected her to insist that we come to Indiana for Christmas—which we plan to do anyway. About 11 went to the church: WSCS Fair. Visited + chatted, came back home, worked more on sermon, back to the church with Bonnie + Debby for lunch. Went to see Virginia Bate—sick in bed. On home to work again on sermon. This took the afternoon—along with doing the bulletin. At 6:10 we left Debby with Barbara + Hazel Lord. We went to the CAMP loyalty Dinner at Wesley. A rewarding evening. Milton Smith played and sang, Richard Harding delivered address. We went to Busseys for a few minutes after it was over. Home again before 11. Watched news, had snack. Bonnie borrowed a book on campsites from Busseys. She found a place for us to stay on the way to Indiana. Worked on service; desk work bathed; off to bed at 1:15.

Sunday, November 17, 1968

Up around 9:20—Home Orne’s phone call finally got me out of bed. Practiced my sermon, shaved, dressed, off to church. More than 30 in attendance. Year ago was my first Sunday at the Rockport church—62 attended! Today I preached on loneliness: “Lonely in the Crowd.” Again, I borrowed heavily, this time from a book by Alan Walker. Home about 12:30. Had lunch, desk work, Alan Frederick called. He’s had an auto accident + was bruised up, but not too seriously. We are loaning him the VW on Tuesday. Meeting at 3 here at parsonage; Joint Youth Steering Committee. This lasted too long. Not out until 5. Had supper, the Lords visited with us as we ate. After supper wrote letters, to Mrs. Myers, Folks, Paul + Marty (sent them Quiet Corner). We took Debby’s hand + foot prints. We put them in the baby book, also on Mrs. Myers letter. Didn’t get to studies until about 10:30. Read I Corinthians, bathed TOGETHER; read in Kümmel on I Corinthians; off to bed about 1:30.

Deborah’s hand and footprints from the baby book

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Uniting Conference

Letter transcription:

October 13, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby:

Yours received and application properly filled in and sent on to County Clerk’s office. I paid your taxes last week and am enclosing the receipt. Count that as a delayed birthday gift, or something. The spacer on this machine isn’t working right – and the machine needs a cleaning and other repairs, so must get it to the shop in a day or so.

Today was Layman’s Day in our church and the Lay Leader asked me to participate in the program, which meant I had to be in two services. Dad attended the first service and said he thought I had done very well, but neither of us (the Lay Leader and myself) knew how to turn our pages without making a noise – but other than that he thought we had both done very well. One woman told me afterwards I acted so calm. I had a few butterflies and am glad I won’t have to do that again – at least until next Layman’s day – and I may take a trip that day if asked again. Dad said our minister knows how to turn his pages by the P.A. system without making a sound. We hadn’t learned that little secret.

The weather is so warm today we were able to sit on the patio this afternoon, but we are bound to get some rain and cold weather soon. However, I am going to enjoy this while it lasts.

We enjoyed the pictures and wonder if Debby will hate her parents when she gets a little older and see herself nude. She seems to be growing very well and I believe she looks a little more developed at two months than her daddy did at that age. As I remember you were so slow in growing, you were about two months old before you looked like you were going to be a healthy, hearty baby. However, you soon made up for your slow start.

Next Sunday we have promised to spend the day at Mark’s celebrating Kirk’s sixth birthday. His birthday is really the day before, but Dad has the duty at the Music Hall on Saturday night (and we have free tickets) and Bob Hope is the star attraction. We went last night to hear Dave Brubeck and his group, but didn’t care too much about them. The only thing we could say about it, it wasn’t as loud as some we have heard.

We had to go to Kentland last Thursday, so I stopped to see Mrs. Myers. I took Bonnie’s letter along and read it to her. She seemed to enjoy it. She says she can feel herself getting weaker all the time, but still insists she is going to stay in her apartment as long as she possibly stay.

Indiana is going to have a uniting Conference November 9th and a member of the nominating committee called me yesterday to tell me I have been nominated for the Board that will (or agency) replace Christian Social Concerns. I was really surprised. I am on the present Board, but the new Agency is going to be so streamlined I had no idea I would be nominated. Also the Women’s Society is going to have a Charter Meeting October 30th and that will end my office of Christian Social Relations since the latest idea is that the new officers installed on the 30th will take office immediately. It had been said we would hold over until the middle of May, but evidently not. With my office of President at Trinity, I can do without one of the offices I hold at present. I suppose you know Indiana will after Nov. 9th have just two conferences, North Indiana and South Indiana and the lines will come much further north – as far north as Crawfordville.

I finally got my car, after having it in the body shop about three weeks. The men at the body shop kept telling me they couldn’t get the parts. It looks like a new car and runs very smooth – couldn’t tell we had been slammed into by a truck. After driving the Corvair around town, I was really glad to get back into the Buick.

Love Mother

P.S. Decided to keep your tax receipt – I may need it to get your car license next year.

Why don’t you tell B.U. your Rockport address? On your ballot there will be a yes and no on Pair-Mutuel gambling. The United Methodist church & in fact many chuches are working for a no vote, so your no votes will add two. I have a volume of information as to why the vote should be no and for your information I am enclosing a sourcebook.

[Editor’s note: The Pari-Mutuel Referendum was on the November 1968 ballot in Indiana. To check the results of the election, click here.]

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