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David’s Diary – August 25, 1969

Monday, 25 August 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, then got to work in my study. Made a successful return to German today. Reviewed 10 pp. in Noth without trying hard. Could do more. Bonnie went shopping in the morning. Very hot day—92 ° about noon. I shaved before lunch. Chatted with Eddie Garcia (?sp.) from next door. Helped Bonnie unload car when she got home, after lunch got back to German with several interruptions in the afternoon. About 4:00 I went to visit with Mrs. Patience. By 5:00 I went to the Patriquins to tell Kay we wouldn’t be down tonight—slides haven’t come back. |Les + I got into discussion on NT; he’s just read Passover Plot. Came home, worked more on German. We ate about 6:30, CBS news. Worked more on German, then we went for a drive around the Cape. Drove by Alan Federick’s house; saw Pat in the window. Home and back to work by 8:45. Stopped to bathe about 10:45. Studied Deutsch in bed; LO, 11:47.

Tuesday, 26 August 1969

Up about 8:00; had breakfast and tried to get to work; but I’ve been having so much trouble getting started in the morning, and the German review doesn’t excite me much, so I found things to do other than German. The mail man brought two boxes of slides which we viewed. I shaved before lunch, and while Bonnie was getting lunch I went to the dump, then went and voted in the special primary; voted for Michael Harrington. Had lunch, then got back to work; Bonnie went swimming at the pits with Bill next door. I worked in German until about 6:20. Watched CBS news, had supper. At 7:30 I went to see Phil Parker to confer about the Sunday School; not enough teachers. Left him about 8:45, came home then went immediately to Patriquins—Bonnie + Debbie had already gone down. We showed our new slides + movie which had arrived last Sat. Home by 11:00; news: Harrington won; bathed; OB read Θ+ LO, 12:10.

Wednesday, 27 August 1969

Up about 9:15. Breakfast, then to my study—found  things to do besides German, which has been the pattern recently. Mail man brought letter from Diane Nancekevill, worried about Alan. Did get some German done when we stopped for lunch. After lunch shaved; replied to Diane’s letter, went to post office, went to see Sue Lee, asked her to teach in Sunday School—she will. Went to see Rip Hannibal, but he wasn’t home. Returned home, got back to German. Late in the afternoon received a phone call from Pat Henry, who is now with Alan. Talked for about an hour—until about 5:30. Then I worked on German until about 6:30. Stopped for supper + CBS news. About 8:00 went to see Phil Parker; we won’t need to send the letter we had anticipated—only need 3 classes. Home by 8:45. Worked on German, with interruptions until about 11:00; bathed; studied driving manual; OBLO 12:00.

Thursday, 28 August 1969

Up about 8:45—after breakfast got to work on German surprisingly quickly—and made progress. Got a distressed call late in the morning from Diane in Canada. After lunch shaved, then back to work on German. About 3:00 went up to see Rip Hannibal—finally found him at home. He gave us a bag of pears. After getting home I got back to work on German. Then about 6:15 I got another phone call from Diane—also spoke with her father. They assume that Alan is alone in his house; do not know that Pat is there. Want me to go over there with an MD to help Alan. After supper I did go over to Alan’s; stayed until about 10:00. He was relatively sober, but his moods fluctuated. He’s willing to see Don McGaw for talk and referral. Doesn’t want to tell Diane over the phone about Pat—yet can’t go to Montreal; tried unsuccessfully after getting home to contact Don; studied driving manual; OBLO.

Friday, 29 August 1969

Up about 8:00 after Θ; breakfast, shaved; we left here about 9:00 to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Beverly to get our car registered and get our new licenses. We got there about 9:40—were out about 10:45—we both passed the tests. We then went to the VW place and saw Roy Lee—he arranged a road test for us. We like the squareback. We then headed home, got here shortly after 12:00. Looked at the mail, then I went for bread, came back, had lunch. Then Bonnie went for an eye exam. I had planned to get work on my sermon done, but no luck. Jim Bussey came over to work on his car in our shade. I put the new plates on our car, after short trip to pick up Sunday school catalogue + charcoal. Busseys stayed for supper—we cooked outside. They had to go home suddenly when Becky began not feeling well—a lost evening; photographed charcoal; bathed; read in bed; LO 10:30.

Saturday, 30 August 1969

Up about 9:00—had slept very well. This morning I occupied myself sorting, dating, numbering the two boxes of slides which we have recently received back. Very slow to getting to vital matters. Shaved before lunch—which wasn’t til about 1:00. Busseys arrived about 1:00—he did more work on the car. I did get to work in my study. By 4:30 I had done 3 stencils: Admin. Bd. List, Sermon schedule, bulletin for tomorrow. Then I went down to see Lucy Patience. Got back home around 6:00. Fixed supper since Bonnie was sacked out. After supper got back to work—typed stencil for newsletter, then did sermon. About half done by 10:00. Stopped to run off the stencil (also tried unsuccessfully to catch Mrs. Field’s cat). After running off the stencils got back to sermon. Didn’t finish til about 1:00; worked on service; stopped to bathe; worked more on service; OBLO 2:06.

Sunday, 31 August 1969

A full, busy day. Up at 7:45—hard to get up. Breakfasted, shaved, dressed, practiced sermon. Left for church about 9:30. Preached on “Sword of the Prince of Peace”—about 30 in church. Home by about 11:30. Signed all the pastoral letters before lunch. After lunch ^talk with Rev. Baily on phone^ I went right to work getting the pastoral letters ready to be mailed; then had to tend to several letters—to seminaries about youth leader, to Levon King and others. This took my whole afternoon. Dropped off letters to Mrs. Cooney + to post office. Came home, straightened up desk part way; relaxed, napped until about 6:00—then started working on supper. After supper, I finished putting my desk in order—took picture of myself in chair. Then got down to German—put in about 1½ hours. Stopped about 10:00 to bathe. Debbie today climbed (via rocking chair) onto dressing table + discovered that light bulbs are hot! Studied German in bed, LO 11:05.

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David’s Diary – August 18, 1969

Monday, 18 August 1969

Up shortly before 9:00; had breakfast, straightened up my desk—tended to odds and ends. Letter from Dr. Beck suggesting that we confer at Edding, N.H. Alan Federick came over and we read German until after 12:00. Alan left, we had lunch, I wrote to Beck, Chorpenning [?] + Levon King (indicating that he can still buy our car); went to the funeral home about 2:45—beastly hot day. After the funeral (John Patience) also went to the cemetery—was home by 4:00. Changed, went to Alan’s to read German, because sleepy came home about 5:00—relaxed, watched news 6:00-7:00; had supper. After supper went to my study, relaxed; then spent the evening on the bed studying chapters in the German grammar. Debbie was playing in the room, climbing all over the place—Bonnie + I pushed her back + forth on her new “creative coaster”; bathed, OB Θ+  LO c. 11:30.

Tuesday 19 August 1969

Up about 8:30. Breakfast, the[n] worked in my study—did straightening up and odds and ends; also went to the post office, changed wayside pulpit, went to the police department for applications for driver’s licenses—we put them in the mail immediately. I got letters about the hymnsing ready to go out. After lunch, shaved; did more puttering in my study while Bonnie was off shopping. Phone call from Roy Lee concerning our new car; he has ordered it—should have it by Oct. 1. Bonnie brought back the package of letterheads from printer; I wrote to the graduate school about being here this fall; finally got to German late in the afternoon. Fixed supper, then got to German in the evening and helped Bonnie a little in her efforts to get the back room ready as Debbie’s play room—lights out by 10:20 ?

Wednesday, 20 August 1969

Up at 4:00 AM looking at Orion—outside! Considered taking pictures  Another day of little accomplishment; still bogged down in lethargy. Up about 9:00. After breakfast, I went about fastening down the metal piece, apparatus actually, which fits in the hole in dining room ceiling/Debbie’s play room floor. I did German off and on during the day, but not very enthusiastically. Bonnie was gone most of the afternoon on errands and shopping. I stayed with Debbie, did German, dozed. About 6:00 I started on supper—had it about ready when Bonnie got home. Got back to work (?!) after relaxing after supper in Debbie’s room. She climbed all over us. Contacted Paul Deats by phone, arranged to take German exam Sept 3rd. Tried, but failed (as of 11:22) to reach Dr. Beck by phone; stopped to bathe, tended to the cats OBLO, 11:47.

Thursday, 21 August 1969

Up about 9:00, while getting breakfast Dr. Beck called from Epping. We arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon. In the morning I didn’t get much done; we took several pictures of Debbie in her yellow play suit. We talked about camping trailers. I shaved before lunch; after eating I went to the post office, dropped off hymnsing posters downtown,  strolled down Bearskin Neck, then visited Lucy Patience. After returning home I got to work on my sermon; napped—sound asleep. Put fish in the oven, worked more on sermon, almost half done. Had supper, then dropped Debbie off at Patriquins; then we went to the show in Gloucester; saw Oliver—thoroughly enjoyable. Got to Patriquins about 11:00, but stayed only a few minutes. Came home, fixed lunch for tomorrow’s trip; bathed; OBLO, 12:20.

Friday, 22 August 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast, wrote (typed) my petition to take German exam on Sept. 3rd. Shaved, loaded car—we headed for Epping N.H. (Camp Hedding) about 9:30. Debbie surprised us—she got car-sick—threw up. We were stopped about 10-20 minutes cleaning up. We went straight to Exeter to the mill. Bonnie spent about an hour getting cloth. I put up the playpen on the yard—Debbie played while I worked on sermon—I took several photos of her. About noon we head[ed] to Camp Hedding. Had lunch with Becks—spent the afternoon in conversation—about many things including my course work this next year. We left Becks about 4:20, arrived home in Rockport 5:45. Called Alan Federick after supper, CBS news (+ after bolting down shelves in Debbie’s room); Pat is with him! Too lethargic in evening to do much; relaxed, bathed OBLO 11:28.

Saturday, 23 August 1969

Up before 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved—my main preoccupation today was getting ready for tomorrow (preaching twice)  By the time that I stopped for lunch I finished sermon. After lunch I puttered around at the desk and also got the bulletins run off. Mid-afternoon I went up to see Rip Hannibal; he wasn’t home so came back. Napped. When I got up I got to work typing the sermon—had to put it on small sheets since the pulpit at Riverdale is small. Had supper, watched NBC news—only 3,000 troops have been “withdrawn” from Vietnam; is supposed to be 25,000 by the end of August. More tricky Dick. After supper chatted outside with neighbors who are redoing furniture. Then got to work preparing for the services tomorrow. Practiced sermon twice. Bonnie sewed all evening; bathed about 10; OB, LO, by 11.

Sunday, 24 August 1969

Up at 6:00! Took my time getting breakfast, shaving. Left for Riverdale about 7:15. Went through the service with organist. Preached the 8 o’clock service. Arrived back home a few minutes after 9:00; stretched out a few minutes. Went to church about 9:35. Preached on “Jephthah and Herod.” [1] Home by 11:30. Watched news, helped with lunch. Very hot today; napped naked on the bed; helped Bonnie get cool by going over her with a wet cloth. We gave each other our birthday gifts—I gave her a book on camping; she gave me a pillow for reading in bed. ΘFO. Then we went for a walk down Bearskin Neck; took pictures. Very crowded; came home, had no supper. Just drinks. About 7:00 I headed to the church for the hymnsing. Small crowd. Busseys came up to the house with us afterwards. We visited for about an hour. After they left I had a supper; bathed, OBLO, 11:40.

[1] I shudder to think what that was about!

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David’s Diary – August 11, 1969

Monday, 11 August 1969

I made a successful return to German today; last night I again had trouble getting to sleep last night, so I didn’t get up until about 9:30. After breakfast I got to work on German, and began to make significant progress after the mail arrived. After lunch (+ shaving) I got back to Germany until after 3:00; changed Wayside pulpit, went to the P.O., went to Gloucester on errands; came home by about 5:00 and worked on German until supper time. Watched CBS news with supper. Then did painting; put second coat on window in the back hall. About 9:00 returned to German. This evening I suggested to Bonnie that we buy a camper and vacation here in the U.S. next summer; Bonnie goes for this. Bathed around 11:00, then returned to working on German. Bonnie has one cushion of my chair recovered; OBLO, 12:30.

Tuesday, 12 August 1969

A lot of physical exercise today. Up about 9:00; after breakfast I went to Gloucester to Sears store and bought oil for the mower. On the way home I picked up Bill Crowell’s trailer. At home I filled it up: got rid of a big pile of rotting wood out back + the old trash barrel. When I got back from the dump I got the mower ready to run (change oil, clean filter); then mowed about half the yard before stopping for lunch around 1:00; after lunch shaved, Then called VW place in Beverly about ordering 1970 VW—they won’t have specifications + pricing till October. I changed tire on the VW and finished mowing; bathed, did an errand at the hardware store then visited Lucy Patience; home again, napped, fixed supper while Bonnie worked on the cushions. After supper (+ CBS news) worked in study—mimeoed advert for Hymnsing. Hung curtains, bathed after news at 11:00, OB Study German; LO 12:08.

Wednesday, 13 August 1969

Up not too long after 8:00; breakfast after shaving; put car top carrier on, then left for Boston around 9:50. Arrived at BU in good time, found a parking place in front of the School of Theology; checked on a few details, then drove down to Cokesbury; then walked on down to the Gardens (Boston Public) ate my lunch and took a few photos. Then about 12:45 headed to the airport; watched planes coming and going Bob, Lee + John arrived about 2:24. We headed home, stopping for booze + bread on the way; got here about 4:00. Relaxed, visited, began preparations for supper—barbecued chicken outside; when we finished supper we went strolling down to Bearskin Neck; Bonnie + Lea  went their way, Bob, John + I ours. Later we got together, came home, viewed our vacation slides; visited, bathed; OB, LO c. midnight.

Thursday, 14 August 1969

A day of little accomplishment. Up shortly after 8:00; had breakfast, then took the cat over to Dr. Babson’s office to be spayed, came home, had breakfast. I simply was not in the mood to do German, so got no more than a few sentences done all day. After lunch (loafed in the A.M.) I went back to Babson’s office to get the cat—she (or rather now, “it”) is miserable. When I got home, Lee + Bob were removing the things from my study—the carpet was on the way—so a good part of the afternoon was spent putting my study in order. Later we all went down to the Neck, where are Lea bought a $150 painting (on velvet; a ship). Home again, I stayed with Debbie while others went for a ride; I watched CBS news, napped.  We had supper about 8:30, relaxed, chatted all evening. Stopped to bathe about 11:00; we pity the cat, who appears to be in pain; OB to read LO, 11:24.

Friday, 15 August 1969

Forget when I got up; right after breakfast I went to Cape Ann Ticket + Label Co. to approve letterhead; when I got home + finally got to work, it was on my sermon; I had it outlined by the end of the morning; Bonnie + Lea came home from shopping with several purchases—mostly for Debbie. After lunch I went to work again on the sermon; stopped about 3:00 and went to see Mrs Patience—found out when I got there that John died this morning. After staying a while there I went to see Homer Orne, mainly to get check for postage. Came home, went to the post office, then went down to Bearskin Neck to do gift shopping for Bonnie + Debbie’s birthdays. After getting home wrapped gifts; about 6:00 we went to Captain Courageous restaurant in Gloucester. Visited statute [sic]—came home, chatted all evening; bathed OBLO, 12:38.

Saturday, 16 August 1969

–Debbie 1 year old!  Got up about 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, went back to bed (dressed) until about 9:00. Then I took Bob, Lea + John to Logan airport; was home by 11:15. Grandma + Emil were here. The rest of the day was spent on the move for the most part—and I finished the sermon between runs. About 2:40 I went to the church to help set up tables (about 2:30 Pat Henry called from Canada—wanting more info. on Diane); then about 3:30 I went to see Lucy Patience about the funeral service. Returned home, finished sermon, about 5:00 I went to the church to meet people + possibly be of help. Bonnie + the others came down about 6:00. I went home by 8:00, we played with Debbie; gave her more gifts. I worked on the service, did the bulletins. Visited with Grandma + Emil. Bathed, OBLO about 10:30.

Sunday, 17 August 1969

Up shortly before 8:30. Breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, off to church about 9:40, About 36 in service—preached on Fishers of Men—very hot + sticky. After church showed my newly “rugged” study to Drew + Kay. Went out to Roy Lee about ordering new car and Playboy’s[1] came home, had lunch, about 2 o’clock took the cats to Dr. Babson’s office—had to wait (Kay Patriquin went too) mother cat had stitches out; daughter cat had distemper shot—home by 3:30. Napped—5:30–6:30 love making—unsuccessfully; we talked about our difficulties over supper. About 7:30 I went to the funeral home, sat with Lucy Patience about half an hour. Came home about 8:30. We then went down to Patriquins. Had birthday party for Debbie; took pictures + movies. Stayed until 11:00; watched late news; bathed, OBLO, 12:07.

[1] This entry surprised me! In college I had a huge collection of Playboy magazines—in fact I had every issues for several years running. I sold that at one point. I guess I was trying to convince myself that I was straight; it was also a matter of posturing (determined to convince others as well).

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/23/davids-diary-august-11-1969/

David’s Diary – August 4, 1969

Monday, 4 August 1969

Didn’t make it out of bed until after 9:30. I had planned to mow in the morning, but it was raining. After breakfast I made an attempt to make progress on German—but didn’t have much luck. Much of my day was spent getting my study straightened up. There was a letter from RSY in the mail—written from Bangkok. Late in the afternoon I finally got around to German again, after getting my study put in order. About 5:30 Mrs. Hannibal called—offered us a fresh codfish which a son-in-law had just caught. He brought it over—it took me about half an hour to get it cut up—enough for 8 suppers! We ate, watched CBS. John called from Illinois about arrival time next week. At 7:30 the pastor-parish committee met here at the parsonage. They seemed happy to hear we aren’t leaving. Went to Patriquins after meeting—stayed until almost 11:00. Home, bathed, read in bed; LO, 12:32.

Tuesday, 5 August 1969

Up about 9:30. The main preoccupation of this day was letter writing. After breakfast I went to the Cape Ann Ticket + Label Co. and order[ed] 500 more letterheads; then got to work on letters, to: Levon King; Record Cub of America; Time-Life Library of Art; Stoners; Mrs. Myers [8 photos]; Dr. Evarts [?] (a thank you); Pat + Gary Holmes—in the evening one to Rev Mark Blaising [?] in Indiana about my conference status. In mid-afternoon I went up to see Rip Hannibal; Bonnie had left Debbie at Patriquins, so I stopped there on the way back from Hannibals. Hung hook for the garbage pail. After supper I got to work in my study; got it straightened up. Read thru 2 of 4 sermons by T. P. Ferris on Elijah; worked on sermon ideas. At 10 o’clock watched brief report on Mars pictures and Lord Snowdon’s film essay on aging: Don’t Count the Candles; after the news bathed; OF read; LO 12:54.

Wednesday, 6 August 1969

Found myself still in bed at 10:00—I had gotten up last night and read til after 2:00. So it was a short morning. The mail man brought Newsweek with the color photos taken by Apollo 11 on the moon. Had lunch round 12:00. In the afternoon Bonnie was gone most of the time on this or that errand. I fed Debbie around 2:00. She played in the bedroom while I tried to study; did get some work done in German. Also devoted more time to sermon planning for the next few months. I have been scanning a book of sermon outlines. TV went on the blink today, but Bonnie tended to having it fixed. Had to put in a new tube during CBS news—saw the 1st and last parts of it. Went over to Alan Federicks for supper served by Diane. We chatted for a while after supper. Decided to head home about 10:00; got cats in; at 11:00 watched news; ABM appears to have passed [1]; bathed, OB read LO 12:30.

Thursday, 7 August 1969

Up shortly before nine. The first thing after breakfast I clipped the hedge at the front door—very wet. I postponed mowing in order to give the grass time to dry. After working on the hedge I returned to my study—did more sermon planning. Shortly before noon I got to mowing. This wasn’t completed til around 5:00. I stopped for lunch and did a lot of clipping and trimming. Also, after mowing, filled the post-holes left from removing the fence in the picnic areas. Swept the driveway. Then helped Bonnie put up the bed in the back room. Relaxed before supper—finished Updike’s Couples. Watched CBS news, supper. Afterwards helped get the old bed frame into the attic, worked on German. About 8:30 we went to Patriquins. Left there about 10:00. Weary after so much physical exercise. Bathed, OB to read; LO 11:14.

Friday, 8 August 1969

Up by 9:00. After breakfast got to work on the sermon, which turned out to be the major project of the day. First had to organize thoughts—got to writing about noon and had made some progress when I stopped for lunch around 1:00. Mail man brought Life magazine with more photos of the moon walk. By mid-afternoon I had finished the sermon. I was babysitting with Debbie while Bonnie was off shopping. We’re thankful that Debbie is such a contented child; the twins next door are fussing continually. Got the stencil for the bulletin all typed by supper time; watched CBS news with supper. Then I got the bulletin run off and my desk straightened up. Relaxed until Diane + Alan arrived a little before 9:00. We discussed marriage ceremony and budget. They left shortly before 11:00. Bathed, OB to study; LO 12:02.

Saturday, 9 August 1969

Had the best of intentions to get around to German today, but never really succeeded. Didn’t get up til after 9:30. This morning made arrangements to have the cat altered next week. Late in the morning Bonnie suggested buying a rug for my room, and moving the old one there now to the back room which we’ve just been working on. After lunch we went over to Elliots in Gloucester to place the order. We stopped to do some shopping on the way back. I was weary in the late afternoon; tried to nap some; did study German grammar a while, but did no translating. After supper I did some yard work, then got involved in helping Bonnie with the painting in the back hall. Had to do the window + high places. Worked on the service for tomorrow. Listened to the radio: WCRB Saturday Night—very good Anna Russell [2] routine; bathed; OBLO, 12:43.

Sunday, 10 August 1969

Had great difficulty getting to sleep last night: an auto crash on Main Street, a window-shade flapping in the breeze, mice frolicking on the other side of the attic door. I heard the 2 o’clock chime. So was very groggy when I got up shortly after 8:00, ate, shaved, dressed; Alan Fredrick helped me get the record player to church; not very many out; a rainy morning. Alan help me get the equipment home; after lunch relaxed, dozed. Around 2:30 went to see Lucy Patience; John is dying of lung cancer. About 4:00 went over to Alan’s home for German lesson; had a long chat with Alan + Diane before getting to work on German. Hadn’t done much by 6:00 when I had to leave; fixed supper when I got home; planned to get to work on German, but was too weary; napped until about 9:00. Then finally got going on German, which I have been neglecting; stopped to bathe about 12:00; studied German grammar in bed; LO 1:05.


[1] ABM: Anti-Ballistic Missile vote taken in the Senate that day.

[2] Anna Russell, comedian known for her brilliant satire on the Wagnerian Ring Cycle.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/22/david-august-4-1969/

David’s Diary – July 28, 1969

Monday, 28 July 1969

Today I made the effort to get back to work on German—with some success.  I was up at about 7:30—Debbie wouldn’t let us sleep any longer than that. I was at my desk by 8:00. But the going was slow. I was sleepy and lethargic. I did make some progress in the morning however. About one I relaxed—almost was falling asleep when Bonnie called me to lunch. Shaved after lunch, then got back to German. Late in the afternoon Alan called—he still doesn’t realize that we knew Pat was her[e]—he obviously has taken her back to Hamilton Ontario—he made some excuse for not being in church yesterday. I napped late in the afternoon—then worked on German from 5-6:30, watched CBS—had supper. Wrote letter to Levon King about the VW; spent the rest of the evening on German; bathed; read; OBLO 12:45.

Tuesday, 29 July 1969

It was hard getting started this morning. Up at 8:25—caught the weather report on TV—more rain today, at times it really poured. I was able to get some German done, but not too much. We had a late lunch, after which I shaved, then went to the church to change the wayside pulpit—and stopped into the town clerks office to inquire about changing our voter registrations. Came home and got back to German. Late in the afternoon Alan Fredrick came over; he read German with me and graded a lesson. He left about 6:15. We had supper, then Bonnie left to go to Becky Bussey’s baby shower. I continued on German through the evening, but at 9:30 watched the Mariner 6 pictures from Mars on TV. Watched 11 o’clock news, and from 11:30-12:00 a program on the Mariner; the photos are of good quality. Bathed; OBLO, 12:46.

Wednesday, 30 July 1969

Again this morning we were late in getting up—not until almost 10:00. Had breakfast, but was diverged from German when the mail came—spent some time with Newsweek—had a late lunch and then got to work on German. Bonnie  went shopping with Becky Bussey. I stayed home with Debbie and German. Bonnie was late getting home—not until after 6:30. I got supper +  put Debbie’s food on. Bonnie got home, we had supper. Then relaxed—I read a little further in Updike’s Couples. Then we went on a walk. Strolled down Bear Skin Neck. Very crowded; we stopped in about 3 or 4 shops—went all the way to the end. Home by 9: 30. Bathed, Θ+  —had a drink; then I went back to German—also watched TV news—a few more pictures of Mars; read OBLO, 12:20.

Thursday, 31 July 1969

Was awake by 9:00—don’t recall exactly when. Stayed in bed reading Updike’s Couples for a while, got up, had breakfast, then got to work on German. Interrupted for a while with the mail. Worked again on German. We had a late lunch—decided to a cook out this evening—and to ask Busseys over. After lunch I shaved, then went back to studying. Made some progress in the afternoon—Bonnie was off shopping—Debbie played in the bedroom while I worked. Late in the afternoon Bonnie called Alan to forbid him to tell Diane’s parents that she is staying with us. We’ve finally contacted Busseys about supper and they arrived after 6:00. After supper we came on inside, But they went home very soon. I then got back to work on German. Rather weary, didn’t make so much progress but did get a lesson done in German. Watched 11 o’clock news; bathed; read in Couples in bed; LO 12:52.

Friday, 1 August 1969

Up by 9:30 after Θ. Had breakfast, then got to work doing some reading for the sermon. Mail today consisted of Life magazine.  I spent some time with it, mainly on the article about Ted Kennedy—his fateful right turn onto Dyke Road could hardly have been accidental. Finally got to work on German. We had a late lunch, I shaved, then got back to translating Noth. I spent the afternoon on German, with the twins next door (15 months old) bawling. So glad that Debbie cries so seldom, plays so quietly—entertains herself quite well.  Bonnie went sound asleep late in afternoon—I went about getting supper about 6:30—didn’t use the liver that had been thawed—smelled bad. We had to make do with other odds + end.  Studied all evening, after [???] more old magazines. Almost finished another lesson in the grammar. OB to read; LO 12:55.

Saturday, 2 August 1969

Very shortly after LO, got up to bathe. While I bathed Bonnie unloaded all her negative feelings about our European plans—it depressed me greatly—I could find nothing to say; finally, back in bed as it became increasingly obvious that the trip would not work I went to pieces—wept bitterly, uncontrollably. I can never recall having done so before; finally we talked about our feelings. Θ around 4 AM—finally got to sleep. Up about 8:00 or 8:30 feeling lousy—I was in a dull stupor most of the morning—I had resigned myself to having to cancel the trip. Took pictures of cats in tree box  After lunch and a HAIRCUT—and after shaving, called Uhlinger  to tell him we are staying in Rockport. Rest of the afternoon spent mostly preparing for sermon. Got started before stopping for supper. Finished after supper; did the bulletins. Busseys came over for water. When they left worked further on service—listed [sic]  to radio, bathed, off to bed, lights out about 1 AM.

Sunday, 3 August 1969

Up about 8:30—very sleepy. Breakfast—revised sermon during coffee; shaved, dressed, off to church; preached on 3rd Isaiah. Home about 11:15. We fixed lunch. Read some in Couples  I then planned to nap. But didn’t have any luck so I got to work on German. About 2:35 Saddie Orne arrived to babysit. About 15 til 3 Bonnie +  I left for the Den Mar nursing home—I led the simple short service. Several in the congregation showed up to help with the singing—including Alan Federick + Diane. They came back to the parsonage. We had iced tea together in the backyard. They left shortly before 6:00. I worked some more on German while waiting for supper. After supper I worked on German, “took”  the test which I did so poorly on in April. Did much better but still not good enough. Also help Bonnie with getting the back room ready. Stopped to bathe about 11:45; read Couples in bed; LO 12:46.

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David’s Diary – July 21, 1969

Monday, 21 July 1969

Pretty groggy this morning—Bonnie was out of it too—so I fed Debbie breakfast—before 9:00. It was a slow day—suffered from the after effects of being up so late. Off and on during the morning watched Debbie, tuned in CBS news, tried to nap. Also one of the first things: bathed, shaved. After noon I paid more attention to the TV—about 1:50 the astronauts blasted off from the moon. In the afternoon Bonnie, Paul, Marty went to waterski; I took Debbie on my back for a walk—took pictures. Late in afternoon kept close to TV for rendezvous + docking—also saw CBS half-hour film of clippings from many science-fiction films. After supper stayed with Debbie while Paul + Bonnie again went waterskiing; relaxed on porch, visited with Marty + Mrs. Stoner. About 10:15 message to call Don McGaw: Alan Federick messing up parsonage; we will go home tomorrow; packed; OBLO about 12. Θ

Tuesday, 22 July 1969

Up by 8:00—again after being awake until late the night before (coons again); we had breakfast, packed, changed a flat tire, then got on the road by 9:30. Stopped about 30 miles from Massachusetts for lunch—had sandwiches at a picnic table—Bonnie drove most of the way across the state, I drove once we got to 128. We arrived in Rockport at 4:00. Alan wasn’t here, so we had a chance to look over the house. He hadn’t made any great messes since Don + Lawry cleaned up. He arrived; we had some difficulty being natural + civil—but haven’t yet mentioned Don’s phone call to us. He brought suppers for us from Anchor Inn. About 6:40 his friend arrived with station wagon; evening was spent moving his things from our basement to his house. He informed us of his plans to marry Diane. After getting home about 10:00, had coffee, relaxed. Bathed; OBLO 11:20.

Wednesday, 23 July 1969

A lost day; felt weary and lethargic. Up about 8:45. Did so little today that I can’t remember exactly what I did do. Spent time at my desk in the A.M. Called Dr. Uhlinger to arrange time for pastor-parish committee meeting. Spent time with Newsweek when it arrived in the mail; spoke to Hazel Brady on the phone about storing our things with her. Bonnie went grocery shopping—we had a late lunch after she got home. In the mid-afternoon I borrowed Crowell’s trailer to haul the trash barrell [sic] to the dump. After I got home again, Bonnie got me to helper [sic] her to clear out the far back room over the kitchen. She began painting; about 6:00 I went to Gloucester to get fried chicken for our supper; watched CBS news—and at 7:00 saw live broadcast from Apollo 11. Did some painting in the back room; about 9:00 went to the Patriquins; home about 10:30. bathed; OBLO c. 11:30 Θ

Thursday, 24 July 1969

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Uhlinger in front of their Melrose home. This photo came in their 1968 Christmas card – Received Dec. 17, 1968 in Rockport

Another lost day as far as studying is concerned. Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—went to my study—but just sat in a dull stupor for a while. Bonnie went to get more paint for the back room. I helped on this later in the morning. At noon I turned on the TV to watch the splashdown of Apollo 11. Alan arrived to pick up his mail and go to the bank. He left while we were having lunch. I watched the Apollo coverage until the astronauts were aboard the carrier and welcomed by President Nixon. After this I shaved, went to church to change the wayside pulpit; went to lumber yard for supplies for the back room. When I got home I went to work—I am covering the chimney in the room with py [sic] board. We had supper about 6:30. Then rushed off to movie: Faces, at 7:00. Picked Debbie up at Patriquins afterward. Home about 10:30. Very weary, OBLO, 11:15.

Friday, 25 July 1969

Up about 8:30. After breakfast turned my attention to the carpentry work in the back room. This took a major part of the day. Winnie Gamage came over at mid-morning to see what we were doing. I had to make one trip to the lumber yard. The mail man brought a letter from Prof. Nineham at Cambridge granting permission to attend lectures. Had lunch around noon. While working on the back room about mid-afternoon, Pat Harry called from Alan Federick’s. There is a great struggle going on between the two—with Diane Nancekevill being the 3rd party. Pat called twice in the afternoon and once in the evening. She’s quite discouraged. We too are concerned with Alans whirlwind fall for Diane. I hope Pat can prevail over Alan—but it appears doubtfull. Supper about 6:30—at 7:30 saw Ted Kennedy explanation of the car crash; worked at my desk in the evening; wrote to Kennedy that he shouldn’t resign; wrote also to two realtors in Cambridge, bathed; OBLO.

Saturday, 26 July 1969

Up by 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then went down to the church—Church Fair today. Stayed for a wild, and then came home. Very weary today—had energy only in bursts. About 11:00 went back to the church, then came up again later to get  Bonnie +  Debbie—we had chicken for lunch at the church. When I saw Alan Federick—after a brief chat with him, and has he was leaving, I rushed up to the house and phoned Pat. Napped. By 4 o’clock Pat called me again—she thinks she’s lost Alan, but will stay as long as possible. I worked on my sermon. We had supper around 6:30. Watched NBC news—the box of moon rocks from Apollo 11 was opened today. After supper I went to church to change wayside pub; finished sermon, worked on bulletins—then worked on getting service ready, painted in back room; bathed, OBLO, midnight.

Sunday, 27 July 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, off to church at about 9:35. Over 30 in church—a very cloudy gloomy day. Communion, preached on the moon landing and its actual lack of effect on human nature. Home about noon; Bonnie had lunch cooking in the electric skillet. After lunch I planned to nap, but I picked up John Updike’s book Couples, and became engrossed in it—read all afternoon in fact. About six we stopped to have supper; Bonnie had painted the floor in the back room, then read and napped. After supper I got into good clothes again. About 7:20 left for Riverdale church for the hymnsing—at least 30 present. This broke up shortly after 8:30 and I was home by 9:00. Not in the mood to go to work on German again—so read further in Couples. Shortly after 10:00, Θ. Then we had a drink, got ready for bed. OBLO, 11:00.

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Gladys – July 9, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
July 9, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie,

Just hope those pictures get here before we leave, your letter came yesterday. Dad got the schedule rearranged for this week, so we are going to be leaving on Friday instead of Saturday. I asked the travel agency about flying from Boston, but was advised against that since there has been some difficulty with planes getting into airports. They thought we had better just leave from O’Hare. Dad doesn’t have to work tomorrow, but since July 10th is the last day of the special rates for tours, all seats were taken, but we did get seating for the 11th. The lab report on Dad’s skin was OK. His face has just about recovered and his black eye is entirely gone. However, he did have some discoloration for about two weeks.

We went to Champaign Thursday evening and to Indianapolis Sunday morning, since we had a long weekend. We wanted to see Mark before leaving – he has power of attorney for us and John and Lea and Bob wanted us to come over before leaving. I am beginning to feel like I am about ready to go. Have the bags just about packed and hope I have thought of everything we will need while we are away. Since it has been so cool here most of the time and I had a letter from the woman I have been corresponding with in Switzerland telling me that it has been cold and rainy there, I am taking two wool suits with me. I remember three years ago I was not quite warm enough while we were there, so this time I am going prepared. This morning it was rather cool here, but by noon I had the air conditioner upstairs on and now we have both on. It is so humid and since we are on daylight (Eastern – that is) savings time, it stays light here until about 9:30. It is eight o’clock now and the sun still has some distance to go before setting.

I am enclosing a copy of our itinerary for your information. We will write to you from time to time, or send you cards. I found the cards after you left that were misplaced on my desk. I had put everything on the basket behind the adding machine and the cards being slick, had slipped off and were behind the filing cabinet.

Sandy Corbin was married last Saturday, but we didn’t go to the weeding since we were in Champaign. Her picture is in the Journal-Courier tonight. She was quite a beautiful bride. From the account in the paper, it was quite a large affair. Had an invitation to attend a shower for the bride to be of Jim Johnson, Nancy Dickman. They are to be married the weekend after we return and the wedding will be in Michigan, so I rather think we will not be going.

We plan to return August 18th, so we can talk to you before you leave about money. When you will need it and how much. Will you keep your checking account in Rockport, or how will you handle your money? If you won’t need it until after the first of the year, how will we handle that?

The enclosed letter was opened by Dad by mistake. I am sending it on, though I hardly think it would be necessary. It has been on my desk for some time. Forgot to send it the last time I wrote.

Love Mother

Ck. for $5.00 – the extra $5.00 is for something for Debbie’s birthday

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