David’s Diary – 8 April 1971

Thursday, 8 April 1971

Up at 7:45. Shaved, had breakfast. Made it to St. Mary’s for morning prayer—then got to reading in Noth. There were some distractions—Dick’s Bible class met today instead of tomorrow, and he played a tape which was rather loud. I studied upstairs. Came home about 12:30—after turning the heat on at the church. After eating lunch I got back to reading. Bonnie had a 1:30 appointment with Dr. Stelluto. After pacifying Debbie in her room, I read. But when Bonnie returned (she brought the news that Stelluto will allow me to be in the delivery room, not just at the door), I went on an errand. I took the plant down to Esther Longley at the Den-Mar. It’s the plant that we purchased to go on the alter March 14 when the Bishop was here. It’s lasted all this time. When I got back from the Den-Mar we set to work getting the swing set assembled. Bonnie had been enthusiastic about what a nice day it was—the wind had died down etc. But what a cold job it turned out to be—and windy! After that task was completed I read for a brief while, then fixed supper. Before eating went to the church to turn the heat off. After eating watched CBS news, etc. Then back to reading. Ed Tuck was here about 45 minutes talking about stereos (he dropped by to pick up JC Superstar librettos); read until 9:30. Then worked on sermon. Bathed about 11:20. Then dressed, left for St. Mary’s. Chatted briefly with Dick Bamforth upon arrival. Kept the Vigil of Prayer for Peace 12:00–12:30. Home immediately OBLO  c. 12:45.

Friday, 9 April 1971

[Top panel: took pictures of Debbie on swing, Chris at window]

Up shortly after 9:00 after Θ. Shaved, had breakfast. Study progress did not come easy today. I didn’t go to St. Mary’s because the choir was to be gathering there by 10:30. Shortly after we finished breakfast, Carol Lewis arrived to leave Chris with us as she went off to visit a woman who has a loom. And Debbie was eager to play on the swing set. Bonnie was occupied in the kitchen, so I had to keep an eye on the kids. Finally about 11:30 I retired to my study and read for about 45 minutes—then we ate lunch. Carol was due back at noon to have lunch with us—but she didn’t get back til about 1:15—after Bonnie had left for work. I warmed up the soup for her. She expressed a desire to go grocery shopping without Chris—so since he appeared ready for a nap, I agreed to keep him while she went off. Debbie napped all afternoon. But Chris slept for less than an hour—and I had to change him and give him his bottle—which he took by himself. All in all, however, I did get reading done. Carol returned and departed about 4:00. I read, fixed supper. 6:00–6:30 also got reading done after eating—watched CBS news, etc. Then I turned to reading again. I have been fighting a sore throat all day, with sulfa and salt gargles tonight—feeling pretty exhausted. In the first part of the evening I finished rough draft of sermon—but was to[o] weary to work on it further; read in Noth. No bath. OBLO 11:45.

Saturday, 10 April 1971

[Top panel: 2 pictures of Debbie in new purple sweater (Bonnie finished it last night—9th)]

Up about 9:00 I suppose. After breakfast I tried to get to work on the final version of my sermon, but there were distractions. My sore throat had not disappeared by any means. Homer dropped by to recommend an item for the bulletin—finally, in the final hour of the morning I got down to work, and finished the sermon about noon. After lunch I then turned to reading Noth—had only a few pages to go, and finally finished it. Then turned to typing out a sample copy of tomorrow’s bulletin. About 1:45 we got ready to go to the garden—arrived a few minute after 2:00. I had debated whether to go or not, but it was a thoroughly pleasant day, temperature in the 60’s, sunny sky, little wind, so I couldn’t resist going. And it was a strenuous afternoon—picking up rocks wasn’t hard, but running the roto-tiller was—and I did quite a bit of it. That machine has a mind of its own. Late in the afternoon Jerry Lewis began digging up a large rock, small boulder—about the size of a large hassock. He had to pull it out of the hole with a rope attached to his Saab—with others throwing smaller rocks into the hole to keep it from rolling back. Triumph was celebrated by Si Fisk taking pictures! We came home about 5:15—too exhausted to go out to supper as we’d planned with Jerry + Carol late in the afternoon. (They were too tired as well.)  After supper I made a trip to the church + to Richdales—relaxed, read. Then turned to doing my bulletins for tomorrow; then prepared the service, practiced the sermon. Bathed about 10:45. Listened to radio; practiced sermon again. OBLO c. 11:30.

David’s diary, 10 April 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2018/01/03/davids-diary-8-april-1971/

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