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David’s Diary – August 1, 1970

Saturday, 1 August 1970

Up about 8:00. I read for a while before Bonnie got up with Debbie; we had breakfast—then I got back to reading. I happened to remember that Mrs. Myers’ birthday is next Tuesday—so I went down to Tuck’s Pharmacy and picked out a card. I came home, wrote a letter to her; also wrote a note to Dr. Beck confirming our appointment for the 14th—and filling him in on info I found out about portraits. I took these to the P.O.—had a chat with Dick Bamforth. Came home, did the bulletins—read the mail when it came: a letter from Bonnie’s mom—and a letter from the Webber’s. Finished the bulletins; we had lunch around 1:00, after I had shaved. After eating I went to Gloucester—I had to see Jim about the service tomorrow—fill one another in. Came back to Rockport. Went to see the Hannibals. Came home about 3:30. Got back to my reading until supper time. After supper went to see the 7:00 showing of Alice’s Restaurant—a real cool show—enjoyed it very much. We then went to Patriquins—where Debbie was. Had “mug-ups”—came home about 10:00. Then I made preparations for tomorrow. Read a while; bathed; Θ; read a while—LO, 12:40.

Sunday, 2 August 1970

Up at 8:00. This was the first Sunday of the pulpit exchange. I shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly after 9:00. Stopped at the church to pick up my robe and leave off the bulletins. Then I went to Gloucester. I arrived early enough to consult with the organist (Mrs. Lilja substituting for the regular) and arrange to other details. I preached my sermon: Ishmael and Immanuel. Got a very good welcome. I was home in Rockport by 11:30. We had lunch—I spent some time relaxing after lunch with our new neighbor. I’ve had quite a few informal chats, since he’s doing work on his house—don’t even know his first name. Then from about 1:30 on my main concern for the day was Lindblom. I read until about 5:00. Then I went over to Lewis’—to consult with Carol on two banner designs. From there I went to the garden, got beans and squash. Home by 6:00. Read until 7:00, when we ate. I watered the tomatoes—then from about 8:00 on I read—this time I was able to finish—Lindblom, Prophecy in Ancient Israel. I then did some calculating: I’m about 60 pp. over half way through—but not counting biblical text, a big exception! —had snack, relaxed, bathed; OBLO 12:30.

Monday, 3 August 1970

Up by 9:30 after Θ. Had breakfast, wrote up a brief article for the Eagle—took it over to their office. Came home, then went right to the church to work on banners—I want to have two more made for next Sunday. I came home shortly after 12:00—I got the designs made, and some painting done. We had lunch, then Bonnie left for work. I had hoped to get a lot of reading done in the afternoon, but several factors inspired against me: let-down after finishing Lindblom, drowsiness, the article I was reading was uninspiring and poorly written—and part of the time the twins were screaming; Debbie was napping. But I did get something accomplished. When Bonnie got home from work we went to the garden—picked six ears of corn! We came home, fixed supper. Watched CBS news. Then about 8:00 I went back down to the church to work on banners. I didn’t get home until about 9:30—the painting took longer than I had anticipated—a lot of yellow. The banners this time are based on quotes from Martin Luther King and Tuihard de Chardin. After I returned home I turned to reading again: RBY Scott’s Intro to Isaiah in IB—but I didn’t make much progress before I got drowsy—but it looks like a good treatment. Bathed about 11:00; read some psalms and proverbs in bed; LO, 11:45.

Tuesday, 4 August 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved (which I didn’t do yesterday), had breakfast. I picked up Carol Lewis (and Chris) at 10:00. We went to the church to work on the banners. We finished about 11:40—they still had to dry and there was some erasing to do—so we didn’t hang them. I took Carol home, went home, had lunch before Bonnie left for work. Debbie was down for her nap, so I got to reading. Didn’t make much progress because the article I was reading wasn’t very clear at points and I had to reread. About 3:30 Debbie began waking up. I gave her some milk and graham crackers, then we went for a walk. We went to Silva Bros (via Mill Pond) to get some powder to put on the tomato plants—which are being attacked by worms. Then we went up Summit Ave (huff + puff!) to see the Hannibals briefly. Then home again. When Bonnie got home I went down to the church to clean up the clutter from making the banners and get them put up. Home by 6:00. Had supper, watched CBS news. After supper I tended to the tomato plants. I killed a lot of the worms, and powdered the plants thoroughly. Around 8:00 I got to reading, tho I stopped for a while to play with Debbie; spent the rest of the evening until after 11:00 reading—no bath. OB read psalms; LO 12:15.

David’s diary, August 4, 1970

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David’s Diary – July 28, 1970

Tuesday, 28 July 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved—two day beard. Had breakfast. My main concern for the day was reading. I was able to devote most of my morning to it. But when the mail came I read I.F. Stone’s Weekly—plus an article on Stone from the Wall St. Journal which Virginia Bate sent me. I then went about getting some announcements ready to send to the Administrative Board re: next week’s meeting. Addressed envelopes, had lunch, finished preparing the mailing. Bonnie went to work, Debbie played in her room; I read. I reached a stopping point and was ready to go to the P.O. with Debbie when Barbara + Hazle Lord called—they’re moving to Maine tomorrow! By the time I was off the phone, Debbie was asleep—so I read—finally finished Mowinckel at about 3:15. Then relaxed a bit. Debbie was waking up, so we went to the P.O., then to the church—I changed the wayside pulpit. Home again, read paper, relaxed, watered the tomatoes. Then began getting supper ready. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home from work. Got packed and ready. Dropped in to see the Lords’—6:50–7:30—then headed for Avon. Arrived here at 9:00. Had a nice visit—also some ice cream—Debbie showed off her growing vocabulary. Hot, muggy night; bathed; OBLO 11:20.

Wednesday, 29 July 1970

[Top panel:   97.8 day!]

Up about 7:30. Shaved—had breakfast. Left for BU before 8:30. My main concern for the day was to get some reading accomplished. It was very hot and humid; I had worn shoes because I was afraid my feet might get cold in air-conditioned Mugar Library. But the air-conditioning had been shut off because Boston is having problems with water. I went back to the car to get my sandals—which I happened to stick in—just in case! I decided to try to do some studying at the School of Theology library. I ran into Hobart Farrell—whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had lunch together out on the lawn in back of the School of Theology. In the afternoon I was able to make the most progress—I read straight through until about 6:15—got up to p. 104 in Lindblom. Then I headed back to Avon. Arrived about 7:15—Bonnie fixed me supper, then we sat out on the back lawn, trying to catch some breeze. Debbie went running around the lawn, playing in the bird baths, etc. Later in the evening we moved into the screened in porch—played cards—then had ice cream—came in about 10:00. Relaxed, bathed. Read, OBLO, 11:25.

Thursday, 30 July 1970

[Top panel:  97.7]

Up about 7:20. Shaved, had breakfast—got on the road to Boston shortly after 8:00. I made good progress during the morning—but I knocked off about noon. I took the trolley to Boylston—planned to eat my lunch on the Common or Garden—but it was too too hot! So I made the return trip to BU. Tried to find a shady spot—ate one sandwich—wasn’t too hungry, so I got right back to reading. About 3:15 I took a break, had my second sandwich and banana—then read again until about 6:00. I wanted to go further, but I had reached the point where I wasn’t getting much from the reading. So I knocked off and headed back to Avon. Arrived shortly before 7:00. Bonnie made my supper. The evening was spent relaxing for the most part—in front of the TV. Watched Ironsides—that was the main concern—then there was a ½ special on the East Coast’s current pollution crisis. Between 10:00 and 11:00 I tried to get some more reading done—had some luck—but really didn’t get very far. 11–11:30 we all watched Nixon’s press conference—his usual evasions, half-truths, doubt-talk. But he performed well and no doubt satisfied most of the public; bathed; Bonnie and Emil engaged in a prolonged game of scrabble; read psalms. OBLO c. 12:30.

Friday, 31 July 1970

[Top panel:  97.9]

Up before 8:30. We had breakfast, packed the car, and were on the road by 9:30. We decided to take the through-Boston route—it was slow, because of road repairs, but we got into Rockport just about 11:00. We took time to get unpacked, look over the mail, look over the tomato patch. Then we had lunch. Debbie played in her play-yard after we got home until lunch time, so after lunch she was eager to have a nap. Bonnie left for work. I relaxed. I tried to get to work on my reading, but my heart really wasn’t in it. But by mid to late afternoon I did get going. After Bonnie got home from work, I went up to the garden—got a big batch of Italian beans, 2 cucumbers, 3 squash. Came home; we fixed supper. Watched CBS news, at the end of which Walter Cronkite noted the retirement of Chet Huntley—and Chet suddenly flashed on the screen to bid goodbye + goodluck to Walter! We then watched NBC news—and saw Huntley’s last performance. I then read briefly; Bonnie gave Debbie her bath—then we went for a walk to the headlands—T-wharf —art galleries. Home about 9:00. Then read for about an hour—still in Lindblom. Bathed. OBLO c. 11:00  —Θ+

David’s Diary, July 31, 1970

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Gladys – July 28, 1970

Post card transcription:


Dad is attending a Rotary meeting here in the hotel & I am writing a few cards. This is a rest day. We start toward Nagasaki tomorrow, with several steps on the way. Plan one day at Expo but not more than one. We left the Purdue crowd at the airport and we are travelling alone. We had a most interesting weekend in Tokyo. Saw a Kabuki performance and went to a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese family we know. It was quite an evening. I even ate raw fish and liked it. The secret is the sauce one dips it in. Attended a Japanese church service with a Japanese girl we know. The minister preached his sermon from Job 21. wish I could have had a translation. We did follow the scripture reading in English bible.

Love, Mother

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David’s Diary – July 24, 1970

Friday, 24 July 1970

Up by 8:30—had breakfast. Spent my morning getting the sermon ready—actually I simply copied for the most part—a sermon I preached in Nov. 1968—last Sunday’s sermon was also a reworked one. This was done by about 11:00. Shaved. The rest of the morning I relaxed out in the yard with Eddie Garcia, Bonnie, the twins, Teddie, Debbie. The kids were painting—Bonnie took several photos. We then had lunch. Bonnie went to work. Debbie played in her room most of the afternoon—and napped. I worked on the bulletins, and preparing the service. I was finished with this by about 3:30. But I didn’t have much luck trying to get reading done in Mowinckel—its such a hot day. As soon as Bonnie got home at 5:00 we worked on supper. Ate about 6:00—watched CBS news. About 7:10 I went down to the church for a few minutes—they were setting up for the fair. Then at 7:30 I went to St. Mary’s for the committee (Joint Church) which is working out the details for a joint Sunday school. This was over shortly after 9:00. Came home—drove Gladys Haskell home; then Bonnie and I decided to go to Friendly’s for ice cream, took Debbie; came home, had milkshakes, read briefly, OBLO, 11:15.

Saturday, 25 July 1970

[Top panel:   took pictures = banners; B + D at headlands]

Up at 9:00 after Θ. Bathed, shaved, had breakfast; watered the tomatoes—we were in for another hot day. Then we went down to the church—the church fair. The heat of the day was moderated by the huge elm tree, which cast its shadow over the church lawn. There were many people—it was good to be able to see so many of our parish. We had lunch (chicken barbecue)—Bonnie + Debbie first—then myself. They went home after eating. I stayed to help get everything cleaned up. I think that I was home by 3:00. Very exhausted—I tried to nap, without much luck—had a headache. About 4:00 I went back to the church to try to read—the twins were out in the yard. Unfortunately there were flies at the church, so I came on home. I finally did get some reading done, before stopping to get some supper shortly after 6:00. Watched NBC news—at 7:00 mowed—until about 7:30. Then we went for a walk to the headlands, on the way back bought some sandals. Arrived home about 9:00. Did some calling—had a long talk with Jim Bussey—who’s back from Indiana—went to Becky’s grandfather’s funeral. We agreed on the pulpit exchange for next Sunday. Then I got back to reading in Mowinckel—knocked of about 11:30. Practiced sermon; bathed; OB talked over problems   LO, c. 1:00 AM.

Sunday, 26 July 1970

Up shortly before 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, left for the church about 9:30. Had an average sized crowd—preached on “At the End of Your Rope”—a Nov. 1968 reworked sermon. Home about 11:45. Got lunch. I made some potato salad, then headed for the garden. I had to tend to getting some of the tomato plants tied up. I was pretty pooped when I got home—and hot. I stretched out on the bed; dozed a little—about 3 o’clock Θ. Then the rest of the afternoon before Don and Lawry arrived I did some reading—made very little progress. They arrived about 4:45. We went to the garden—picked vegetables for them to use this week. They’re going on vacation next Sunday. Then we came back to the house, had supper. About 7:00, Don, Lawry and I went down to the church—Bonnie gave Debbie her bath then took her to Patriquins. The hymnsing was at 7:30. Very poor attendance: only about 20 some. But it went well, and Don’s solo, “Be Still My Soul” was well done. We got home shortly before 9:00. Had dessert—listened to records, then we played password for the remainder of the evening. This game always is the source of good fun. They left about 11:30. They are great fun to be with. We’re glad that they are now closer—in Lynn. —we were too tired to bathe—prepared for bed; OBLO, c. 12:00.

Monday, 27 July 1970

Up about 9:00. Wrote my weekly article for the Eagle—then set off on the morning’s errands—after watering the tomato plants. Went to the dump first, then to the Eagle, then to the bank and Richdales. When I got home and had glanced at the mail, I got down to reading. My primary objective for the day then was to get a lot of reading done in Mowinckel—made some progress before having lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie played in her room (and finally went to sleep) and I read. Made good progress. Daniel and Christine et. al. were off to the beach—so there was peace and quiet; and when they did come home they went in the house. So I was able to concentrate. Progress was slow when Debbie awoke and Bonnie got home, but I read until about 6:15. We had supper, watched CBS news. Then I read for about 1 hour 15 minutes—then we went to Patriquins for “mug-ups”—hadn’t been in a long while. We stayed from about 8:50-10:00—came home, Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT. Then I took my bath—returned to reading—I am almost finished with Mowinckel—I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now—too long! The next book will go faster. OBLO midnight.

David’s Diary, July 27, 1970

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David’s Diary – July 20, 1970

Monday, 20 July 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. As soon as I’d finished breakfast I wrote up my weekly article for the Eagle, plus a notice for the Gloucester Daily Times, re: next Sunday’s hymn sing. I then drove over to the Eagle office, and stopped at the P.O. on the way back—to mail the letter to the GDT. When I got home the mail was here; nothing much. I got involved in putting up Bonnie’s lid rack, after she’d stained it. It looked pretty good. In the a.m. however, I didn’t get much reading done. We had lunch about noon. Then I got to reading. Bonnie went to work. Debbie was asleep—she didn’t have lunch with us. I read, was able to make decent progress. Debbie didn’t awake until about 3:00. I gave her a snack of milk + graham crackers. I kept reading—Mowinckel’s Psalms. About 5:00 I put the chicken in the oven, but still read. I arrived at my stopping point about 5:50. I then helped with supper. We ate about 6:30, watched CBS news. After a stroll out to see the tomato patch I started in reading again. I played with Debbie briefly when Bonnie left for Community Chorus Rehearsal. Read all evening. We called the folks at about 10:15—they leave for Japan on Wed—wanted to wish them Bon Voyage. Read until about 11:00; had a snack, bathed; read til shortly after 1:00 AM; OBLO 1:04.

Tuesday, 21 July 1970

Up shortly after 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, then set about my morning’s business—calling on parents of our Sunday School students, getting feelings about the merging of grades 3-6 with the Episcopals and Congo’s. I found three at home. I returned home about 11:00. Went to the church, prepared the paper for making posters—i.e., banners. Came home, had lunch—Bonnie left for work. It was my hope to get a lot of reading done in the afternoon. But Debbie didn’t nap—i.e., was noisy, and early in the afternoon I was drowsy—dozed for a while, but finally got going on the reading. Kept at it pretty steadily all afternoon. But the progress was slow, since I have to read psalms every now and then. After Bonnie got home from work I finally reached the stopping point which I’d been aiming for. Then I mimeographed some leaflets for the hymnsing; after supper and while watching CBS news I prepared these for mailing. At 7:30 I went to the church. The Lewis arrived, but Jerry was so tired he went home, but Carol, Bonnie and I (Carol’s sister was also there) made two banners. About 10:00 we finished, had cake here at the house. I drove them home; came back, visited a while with Mora, bathed together, OBLO, 12:07.

Wednesday, 22 July 1970

Up after 8:30, after Θ+. Even before having breakfast I went down to the church to complete work on the banners, i.e., attach sticks, erase pencil marks, and hang them up in the sanctuary—which also meant getting the wires strung. I got home about 10:00. Had breakfast, shaved—by 11:00 I was on my way to see the Swans; they weren’t at home, so I went to see another family with children in our Sunday School, regarding the planned merger. I got home—we had lunch about noon. About 12:40 I went to the church. I had an appointment with a man from the State DPW—regarding a sign for our church on the road into town. Homer Orne came along too. We drove out to Anker Inn, looked around, finally decided that a site near the town dump entrance would be good. Went to town hall to check boundary lines; we just happened to meet the woman who owns the property in question—we’ll contact her next week. Home about 2:00, went to see the Swans again—needed to talk with them, since they’re somewhat upset by my preaching against Agnew. Left there about 3:30. Saw Mrs. Cameron + Mrs. Anderson, re: Sunday School. Came home, looked at paper, straightened up my desk before supper. CBS news; I spent the evening reading; Bonnie went to dress rehearsal. Cake snack c. 10:00—read until about 11:00; I’ve been on the go all day—rather weary, OBLO bath + some Johnny Carson; 12:12.

Thursday, 23 July 1970

Up about 9:00. My main concern for the day was to get some reading done—I’ve been on Mowinckel’s The Psalms in Israel’s Worship for too long—had to(o) many other demands on my time. I read until about 1:00—reached the stopping point that I was aiming for. Bonnie went grocery shopping, Debbie played in her room. After lunch, and shaving, I got back to reading. I took a break to thoroughly water the tomato plants. I read until about 5:20—stopped to put supper in the oven—Bonnie had gone to the garden. Then I read more—got to my stopping point again. We had supper about 6:15—watched CBS news. About 7:30 I took Debbie over to the Lewises. Jerry’s sister stayed with Debbie and Chris while we went to the Community Chorus. Bonnie, of course, was in the presentation (Weill’s Down in the Valley); I sat with Jerry + Carol. Jerry has arranged to meet with Noam Chompsky in early September; he asked me to go along. He wants to discuss his time in Loas—Chompsky just had an article in NY Review of Books, in which he quotes an article which Jerry wrote. At 9:00 I picked up Debbie. Bonnie went to the Chorus splash party (at Yankee Clipper); I stayed home to read. Stopped about 10:30—after Bonnie got home; bathed c. 11:00, OBLO, 11:20.

David’s Diary, July 23, 1970

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David’s Diary – July 16, 1970

Thursday, 16 July 1970

Up about 8:30 after Θ+. Had breakfast—Bonnie headed for the garden as soon as she could—our section needed weeding. I turned my attention to getting the mailing ready. I had one stencil ready, re: the Summer Fair. I prepared another on the hymnsing, about Lawry Reid and Don McGaw. Also one about the pulpit exchange being called off. I had everything run off, and was ready to fold and stuff when Bonnie arrived home, having been rained out at the garden. I finished the mailing right after we ate, Bonnie head(ed) to Gloucester with Debbie to do some shopping. I went to the P.O. and went on a walk around town collecting the drug program signs. When I got home I read until Bonnie arrived home; I helped her unload the groceries—then she left immediately for the hair-dressers—for Drue to give her a haircut. I did some more reading, read the paper—then when Bonnie got home I went to the garden. Tended to the tomato plants, dug (with hands) potatoes, got some snow peas (which are past their prime) and some lettuce. Came home, had supper; watched CBS news; tried to spend the evening reading. Watched Ironsides + Dragnet. Took photos of Debbie in bed; bathed about 11:30. OBLO, c. midnight.

Friday, 17 July 1970

Up at 7:15—the first item of business was to go to the garden; I wanted to pick some vegetables for the Becks. I got some squash and purple beans (I got potatoes last night); came home about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast, then prepared to leave for Lexington to see Beck. I arrived there shortly after 10:00. We had a very productive chat, ranging from Vietnam to OT matters. He gave me my reading list of OT passages for the Hebrew exam. I left his house about 12:30—drove to Boston—went to Sears, picked up the p.j’s I’d ordered for Bonnie—then went to BU. Bought the latest issue of Playboy, glanced through it as I ate my lunch. I checked in at the library concerning a book which they notified me twice was overdue—I found it on the shelf (the book on Pope John)—I then took the trolley to Park St. Station with the sack full of unsold drug pamphlets—took them to the Council of Churches. Strolled around the common area, took the trolley to Boylston, to N. Station. Found Hammett Co. at 48 Canal St., bought paint—made my way back to BU by 4:00. Headed home; picked up Bonnie at the hospital at 5:00. We came home, fixed supper—we sat for Chris Lewis from 6:30–9:00. We were so exhausted; Bonnie fell into bed before 10:00. I stayed up reading, bathed c. 10:40; OBLO, 11:00. Up again at 12:00, wrote on sermon in bed at 1:00.

Saturday, 18 July 1970

Up about 9:00—after I gave Bonnie some gifts—two sets of earrings and a nightgown—Θ. I went down to Richdales for milk. After breakfast I got to work on the sermon. I got it done by the time we had lunch. Then I did the bulletins, prepared the service. I had shaved right after lunch, so as soon as I got done with the bulletins, I went to call on the Hannibals. I didn’t cut my visit short—as so often I’m in a hurry—but stayed til after 4:00. Then I came on back home and we prepared to leave for Lynn. We got on the road about 4:50. Traffic was heavy, and we made one wrong turn, so we were about 20 minutes late. We spent the evening with Don McGaw and Lawry Reid. We were at the parsonage, which they’d moved into. We haven’t had an evening together with them—just the 4 of us—since Christmas time. We had supper out in their small back yard, then moved inside. The first part of the evening we played Tripoli, but then about 10:00 we decided to play password—which they’d never played before. It proved to be fun. We didn’t knock off until after 11:00—and we didn’t leave there until about midnight—got home about 12:50. Went straight to bed, utterly exhausted.

Sunday, 19 July 1970

Up about 8:15. Bathed, shaved, ate breakfast, practiced the sermon. Left for church about 9:40. In church today there was a woman who used to babysit for me when I was 3 years old, in Liberty, Mo.—when my folks were living there during the war! She’s Sherrill (Mrs. Russell W.) Aubrey—formerly a Thrailkill, daughter of George + Velma—the whole family are in Rockport vacationing. She and her husband (+ 2 daughters) were in church, along with her father. We got home, had lunch, I half-napped while it was cooking. I had a hard time trying to get to studying early in the afternoon. The tenants next door were sitting in the yard talking. Finally I went down to the church—but dozed off in the chair; but I did get some reading accomplished before going home about 5:30. I baked a cake, we fixed supper. I tried to get some more reading done, then took a break to frost the cake. But Bonnie said she’d prefer I’d spend the time working on her lid rack, which I did. I actually got most of the work done on it. But I didn’t get back to reading a soon as I had planned—but I did get some done. However, I was weary, and gave up reading relatively early in the evening. Had a piece of the cake, bathed together, OBLO, c. 11:05, Θ+

David’s Diary, July 19, 1970

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David’s Diary – July 12, 1970

Sunday, 12 July 1970

[Top panel: took 3 pictures of rainbow about 5:45]

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced the sermon, headed to the church; preached on “Ishmael and Emmanuel”—on suffering, God hears, God is with us. We took up the special collection on Peru this morning; Jean Crowell called me later in the day with the report that #141.39 was received, which is pretty good. There were a lot of visitors in church; we got home, had lunch about noon. About 12:30 Jerry and Carol Lewis left Chris (3 mos.) with us—they were off for an afternoon of sailing with the Lash’s. Bonnie was preoccupied with him—I got to studying—began reading the book of Deuteronomy, before reading von Rad’s book. About 2:30 I had to get ready to go to Den-Mar. Left about 2:45, took Kay Patriquin along. We had a nice service, since some elderly ladies who had been visiting in church decided to show up. Two even sang a duet! After the service several of us called on Esther Longley, who is in the Den-Mar. I was home by 4:00. Went back to reading in Deut. About 5:30 Lewises arrived home—soaking wet. Traffic jam. They’d left their car on Main St—and run up here in a downpour. We’d been working on supper with them in mind, so they stayed. We had supper and a nice visit together; they left about 8:00. Then I got back to reading—which I kept at until about 10:45. Bathed. OBLO c. midnight Θ+

Monday, 13 July 1970

Up by 9:30. Had breakfast, typed an article for the Eagle—took this to the Eagle office about 10:15. Came home; Homer Orne was here with the check representing the “Peru” offering—$142. I’ll mail it in. Went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit, take photos of the two banners which are up. Came on home again. Finally I got to my reading. Finished Deuteronomy—after Bonnie had left for work—before breaking for lunch. I shaved before eating. Just as I was finishing, the doorbell rang—Don McGaw—a free afternoon, he came to Rockport to return my sports coat (I left it in Medford the night I was coming down with the mumps) and to shop. We had a nice visit; I woke Debbie up, and we all went to the garden; Don was impressed. I gave him some snow-peas, potatoes, squash, lettuce. We came on back home; he went down to the house of glass. I stayed home, puttered around, read the paper; I didn’t feel like getting involved in my reading. Don returned, then took off. Bonnie got home, we had supper. Watched CBS news. Bonnie spent the evening at Community Chorus rehearsal; I forged ahead with reading: von Rad’s Studies in Deuteronomy—not easy to read; knocked off about 11:15, bathed; OBLO, c. 12:15.

Tuesday, 14 July 1970

The fire-alarm went off around 1:00 AM last night, hence, I was a while getting to sleep. At 9:00 AM I was sound asleep when the phone rang—Jim Bussey re: tomorrow evening’s drug program. After I hung up I crawled back into bed for a few more minutes. Got up about 9:30. Had breakfast—after I took envelopes to Mrs. Cooney to be addressed and went to the P.O. Then I got right to reading. I spent the rest of the morning reading (von Rad’s Studies in Deuteronomy) which I finished shortly after 1:00—Bonnie had gone to work after feeding Debbie. Debbie slept most of the afternoon. I had my lunch, wrote a letter to Nancy Funk—I had received an invitation from her to a class reunion. After eating I typed this up. —Then began work on Mowinchel’s The Psalms in Israel’s Worship. I will be occupied with this book for several days now. If I can have quiet and concentrate I find it not difficult reading. The translator has done a good job. I started supper about 5:00, but continued to read, even after Bonnie came home. Read til about 6:20. Ate supper, watched CBS news. Then I spent the evening reading—i.e., quit about 10:00. Called Don McGaw re: hymn sing. We have invited him and Lawry to come up for supper that evening too. Bathed; Θ+ LO, 11:10.

Wednesday, 15 July 1970

Up about 8:30—had to meet Mrs. Cooney at the back fence with the envelopes she’d addressed, for mailing to the congregation. After having breakfast I went to Gloucester, to Wesley church, to get things set up for tonight’s drug program. I stopped first at McDowell’s in Gloucester to get name tags. Came on back to Rockport, removed Jim Bussey’s name from the wayside pulpit since he’s left for Indiana—so no pulpit exchange. I shaved in the early afternoon after having lunch. I had called the phone company after getting home in the morning, because the phone wasn’t working. It gave a busy signal instead of a dial tone. I tried to get reading done in Mowinckel, but didn’t make much progress; the phone repair man came about 3:00—was here until c. 4:30, and I didn’t get very much accomplished while he was here. We had to have an early dinner—about 6:00 we had planned, but the chicken wasn’t quite done—so 6:15—I had to rush to leave about 6:35. Picked up Gladys Haskell. The evening was spent at Wesley Church—not a very good turnout for the drug program—about 50. Lasted from 7:00 to 11:00—but Gladys and I didn’t get away til about midnight. Came home, bathed, then got to bed about 12:50.

David’s Diary, 15 July 1970

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