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David’s Diary – January 23, 1970

Friday, 23 January 1970

Got out of bed about 9:00. Had breakfast; my main concern for the day was the sermon—and I wasn’t much in the mood to write it. The first step was to re-read Hosea. When the mail came I took time to glance through it, including Life magazine. Then I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—also dropped in at St. Mary’s to tell Dick Bamforth the title for my Lenten series of lectures: “Light from the Ancient Past: Five Hebrew Prophets.” Came back home—worked further on the sermon til Bonnie called me to lunch. She went to work at 1:00—I continued on the sermon, Debbie played in her room. Cameron Sesto came over to borrow applesauce and baking-powder; I fed two batches of popcorn to the birds. I made substantial progress on the sermon; then I helped with supper when Bonnie got home—watched CBS news. We were playing with Debbie after supper in her room—she suddenly vomited—several gushes—but didn’t seem phased [sic!] by it. When she was settled Bonnie went to see Winnie Gamage; I finished sermon, did the bulletins; read briefly in Finkelstein: Pharisees; bathed; OB, read, LO 12:15.

Saturday, 24 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Had a quick breakfast, then got to work at my desk and in my study—restoring order and getting things taken care of. We got a letter from the Webers—announcing their hope of visiting us in February—bringing a 44 lb dog along! Our cats won’t appreciate that! Late in the morning I got to reading, in the last section of John Bright’s History of Israel. Stopped for lunch; as we were finishing Carol Lewis dropped in. While she and Bonnie chatted I shaved, prepared to leave to do calling. I went to Gloucester and bought mimeo paper—stopped at Mals and at the grocery store. Then went to see the Hannibals. Then spent time with Esther Longley and Lucy Patience. My calling was over about 5:15. Came home; Bonnie was napping, but then we started on supper. She baked a cake while I made the beef stroganoff. After supper I did some more reading in Bright—made the frosting for the cake. Then I prepared the service for tomorrow; I loathe writing the pastoral prayer—an irrelevant exercise if ever there was one. Then turned again to Bright’s HI; stopped to bathe about 10:30.

Sunday, 25 January 1970

Up before 8:30. Shaved—had only juice for breakfast. Practiced sermon; my class arrived about 9:30. We read the first 3 chapters of Amos. Then I left for the church—bigger than usual crowd—41. Preached on Hosea. We got home, had lunch, then I was able to relax briefly. Also helped Bonnie in her efforts to put several puzzles together—children’s puzzles. About 2 o’clock I left—got gas, picked up Homer + Saddie—we went to Lynn, Christ UMC—a meeting to discuss the merger plan. Got there late—about 3:15—meeting was over about 5:00. Had a chance to chat with Don McGaw. There seems to be little enthusiasm for the merger. It snowed while the meeting was in progress—and was still snowing when we left. So we had to come home rather slowly. Didn’t get home til after 6:00. Had supper. Then about 7:15 left for Riverdale Church for Methodist Men—a program on the drug problem on Cape Ann—a good turnout, 18. A good, effective program too. I left there around 9:30. Went to the Patriquins (swung by Alan’s house—no activity—no car)—had “mug-ups”—watched Mission Impossible; home by 11:30.

Monday, 26 January 1970

Couldn’t get to sleep last night—still tossing and turning at 3:00 A.M. Came downstairs to sleep—to avoid being disturbed by Bonnie tossing and turning. Didn’t really sleep too well. I was clearly awake by 9:00. Went to bed upstairs, but was up by 9:45. Had juice and cake for breakfast. Prepared letters to the two fellows who spoke to Methodist Men last night. Then went to the bank to get checks for them, then to the P.O., then to Homer Orne. I was there until about 12:30—filling in the annual reports. Came home in time for Bonnie to leave for work. Had my lunch, fed Debbie. Tried to nap, without any luck. In the middle of the afternoon I turned to my reading. By 5:00 I had finished my reading in John Bright’s History of Israel. Then I turned to Martin Noth’s history of Israel. Bonnie got home exhausted—we then worked on supper. Call from Walter Aufrecht. Watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to rehearsal of Community Chorus—I played with Debbie, did some phoning, then continued to read in Noth. We had planned to go swimming at Tuchs, but Bonnie came home exhausted—I too am exhausted. Read all evening; bathed after 11; OBLO 11:45.

Tuesday, 27 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Shaved immediately—hadn’t shaved yesterday—then had a big glass of OJ for breakfast. Got to work immediately reading in Noth’s HI; finished what I wanted to cover in it about 11:00; puttered around until the mail came. Concerned myself with several items in it (including a long letter re:  conference merger from Blaine Taylor); we had lunch around 1:00. Then Bonnie left for work. Read in I.F. Stone Weekly. My main concern for the afternoon was to read chapters in I Kings in preparation for Bible Class tonight. When Debbie woke up—about 2:45—I changed her, then gave her lunch; at this time I popped 3 batches of popcorn—gave it to the birds along with scraps of chicken + chicken fat. After Debbie had eaten she played contentedly in her room the rest of the afternoon. I finished preparations in I Kings, then turned to preparing Dr. Richardson’s slides to send to Mail-A-Way; I had to clean the thin glass plates. Bonnie got home about 5:30, put supper in the oven. I watched CBS news at 6:30. About 7:00 we ate. The Bible class met from 8:00-9: 30; 6 in attendance. Afterwards had a snack; then straightened up my desk, read articles in IDB.

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David’s Diary – January 18, 1970

Sunday, 18 January 1970

Up shortly before 8:00. Worked on the service—didn’t have breakfast, shaved; my Sunday school class met—both Karen and Bill showed up. We read the book of Jonah. Left for church about 10:35. Preached on Amos—and tied in a report on the racism conference. I felt good about the sermon. After the service we went down to the Rockport Teen Center—Open House. Came home, had lunch. We did some struggling with the carpet in Debbie’s room, and I attached her toy-shelf to the wall. Then did desk work; but about 3:30 I went to the Congo Church for the “Festival of Lights”—I had the benediction. Came home about 5:00. More desk work—which included getting caught up on reading article[s]. Both before and after supper I read articles—mainly on the population explosion and on the effect of an affluent society on the land. From what I read my pessimism is simply reinforced—we are headed for disaster—all of us will suffer. About 9 o’clock we went down to Patriquins. Had “mug-ups” with them—Drue + Sully were there too—came home after 11:00—after watching TV. Then more work at my desk—such a pile of paperwork. Did[n’t] bother to bathe—settled for the night about 1:00.

Sunday, 19 January 1970

Didn’t make it out of bed very early this morning; not up til about 10:00. Had a small breakfast; my morning was taken up with phone calls and photos—I tried to restore some order to the top dresser drawer in the front bedroom, where the slides + photo equipment are kept. Cataloged the last 3 boxes of slides. 26 boxes for 1969! We shall use more restraint in 1970. After lunch Bonnie left for work. I put Debbie to play in her room and worked further at my desk. Spent some time on the phone—to Lloyd Chorpenning—made an appointment to appear before the Board of Ministries; also called Bishop’s office for further word on my conference status—but there was none. I made progress in the afternoon in getting my desk cleared off—had 2 applicants for the JYF call. Bonnie arrived home about 5:45—then we set about fixing supper—had sea scallops, which we haven’t had in a long time. After supper I played with Debbie for a while—put her to bed after Bonnie left for Community Chorus Rehearsal. I wrote to Pat Harry—spoke on the phone for over a half hour with Alan Federick’s superior at Brandeis, Dr. Sachs. Finished straightening up my study during evening. Bonnie got home after 10:00. Bathed, then headed for bed.

Tuesday, 20 January 1970

I woke about 9:00—but stayed in bed til about 9:45—just lounged—also read some. Had breakfast, then shaved immediately. When the mail came, I had 6 C.A.M.P. questionnaires to examine. Then I went to the P. O.—changed the wayside pulpit at the church. Went to the dump. Then set to work preparing for Bible Study tonight. Had lunch around noon. When Bonnie left for work Debbie and I were left alone. She went down for a nap relatively soon, but it wasn’t a long sleep. I continued working on the Bible lesson. About mid-afternoon I popped some corn for the birds. Also conferred on the phone with Rev. Nutting re: my Lenten series of lectures on the prophets. There will be six—this to be sponsored by Epis. Cong. + Meth.  The format will be determined more precisely when we find out approximately how many plan to take part. When Bonnie got home shortly before 5:30 we started working on supper. Watched CBS news. The Bible Class arrived at about 8:00. 7 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. Covered II Sam 23, 24, I K 1.  When this broke up I tried to study but became sleepy, bathed.

Wednesday, 21 January 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved—hurriedly got ready to go to Boston. Caught the 9:20 train. Dozed most of the way in. Arrived at BU around 11:00. Did some hunting for books. Did some work on Aramaic—but didn’t make too much progress. Had lunch about 12:00. More work on Aramaic. Had Dr. Beck’s OT Theology at 2:00—sat with Larry Carter. As much as I respect and love Dr. Beck, this course is reminding me how far apart we are theologically. We just aren’t on the same wave-length in our approach to the OT. Apart from the obvious difference that he’s a theist and I’m not, I just see too many of the barbaric and crude aspects of the view of God in the OT. He finds more there than I do to base a modern theology upon. 3:00-4:00 spent with him; we prepared tea, had a chance to chat. Seminar met at 4:00. We dealt with Pharisees, Saduces [sic], Essenes. I left just a little before 6:00. Was able to get the 6:46 train. Arrived home at 8:00. Had supper. Played with Debbie. A very cold windy night. At 11:00 the temperature just a shade below 0. After Debbie was put to bed, I spent the evening on Aramaic. Bonnie filled out a Peace-Corps form for Paul; stopped to bathe about 11:00. Read in bed in Kapelrud[1] on Amos, LO c. 12.

Thursday, 22 January 1970

Up about 9:00. While having breakfast Elaine Follis called—she’ll not be in Aramaic today. I prepared to leave for Boston; took the 11:20 train. Read Newsweek on the way in. Arrived at BU shortly before 1:00. Ate lunch, then looked for books, at BUST and Zion. From 2:00–3:00 attended OT theology. And was struck by some of the ways in which Beck and I think alike—in contrast to my observations yesterday. The discussion centered on What makes Jesus unique? Beck spoke of many Messiahs—and the pointlessness of talking about Jesus as the lord of history. After this class I got Beck’s copy of B. J. Roberts – Canon + Text of OT. Then worked on Aramaic—just about 4:00—I discovered the note on Richardson’s door that he is ill today—so my trip to Boston was for nothing. Which irks me—I will have to urge him to phone me. Caught the 4:55 train home. The car was hot as usual. I got drowsy. So napped. Got home about 6:00. Bonnie of course wasn’t expecting me so soon. So we worked on supper together. Watched CBS news—Nixon’s State of Union address today. “Great emphasis” on pollution control–$10 billion in 5 years—not nearly enough; spent the evening reading Hoshea [sic] and commentaries; bathed together about 11:45. Read in bed; LO 12:20.

[1] A.S. Kapelrud, Central Ideas in Amos, 1961.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/24/davids-diary-january-18-1970/

David’s Diary – January 13, 1970

Tuesday, 13 January 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. After a quick breakfast I got to work on the stencils. About 11 o’clock I went over to Wesley Church—got some of the mimeographing done, but had to be home by 12:30 so that Bonnie could go to work. I had my lunch, fed Debbie too. She played all afternoon in her room—no problem whatever. I worked also in my study, trying to get reading done in Amos in preparation for my sermon. Two major interruptions—I stopped to make popcorn for the birds; while doing this Cameron Sesto called inquiring about our grocery cart which Bonnie had promised to lend her. I got it out of the attic—and had to get puss-cat out of the attic. Later in the afternoon the post-man delivered a Life Art Book, The World of Rodin. About 5 o’clock I stopped reading in Amos, cleaned up some in the kitchen, burned the trash, shaved. After Bonnie got home from work I salted the front step area, did some straightening up around the house. We had supper at 6:30, watched CBS news. The Administrative Board met here, at 7:30. Several toured the house to see improvements. The meeting was over shortly after 9:00. Played with Debbie briefly, then went to Wesley Church to do more mimeographing. Also went to Mrs. Rusts’ in Gloucester to pick up envelopes. When I got home about 11:30 Bonnie reported on a phone call from Don McGaw re: Alan Federick; I called Margaret Reilly; bathed OBLO, 12:45.

Wednesday, 14 January 1970

Up shortly before 9:00, had a quick breakfast, then went over to Wesley Church; finished the mimeographing. Stopped at Mals on the way home for gloves, but they didn’t have any my size. When I got home Bonnie reported having a phone conversation with Dr. Murray Sachs, Alan Federicks supervisor—he’s trying to find Alan. We had lunch, I shaved, got ready to leave—for Boston. Picked up Hazle and Barbara Lord, stopped briefly at Alan’s house on way to Boston—he wasn’t there. We got to Boston about 1:30. I left them at the N.E. Baptist hospital, went to BU. OT theology from 2:00–3:00. Relaxed in the library then. At 3:30 started helping Beck with tea. Seminar met from 4:00 til shortly after 5:00. After class chatted a while with Beck. Then I left BU, went back to N.E. Baptist hospital; picked up Hazle and we headed for home. We arrived in Rockport shortly after 7:00. Bonnie had further details to report on Alan. From Margaret Reilly she’d gotten Maria’s number and told this to Sachs. After supper we invited Margaret over. We spent the evening folding the C.A.M.P. mailing and talked about Alan. At 9:25 I called Sachs and talked until 10:00. Shortly thereafter Margaret left for home; I did more work on the mailing; stopped to bathe c. 11:45. OBLO, Θ

Thursday, 15 January 1970

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I got to work on addressing the Rockport letters of the C.A.M.P. mailing. Then I shaved and prepared to leave for Boston. Caught the 11:15 train, did some preparations for my sermon on the way in. Arrived at BU about 1 o’clock. I bought my lunch in the refectory—then returned to Oxnam lounge to glance thru Playboy, which I purchased at N. Station. Had class from 2:00 to 3:00—OT theology discussion. When this was over I went to the library, did more reading for my sermon. Then made a trip to the BU bookstore—to glance around and buy some gum. Then at 4:00 went to the first meeting of Aramaic class. The only other student is Elain Follis. We were out shortly before 5:00 and I had a chance to confer with Richardson. I wanted to ask him about the department assistantship for 1970-71. He indicated this was possible and that I might be able to teach Hebrew. The salary is $1,500. I was able to catch the 5:50 train; arrived home about 7:00. Had supper. Arranged for the transportation to Rolling Ridge; played with Debbie, tucked her in for the night—spent the evening finishing preparing the C.A.M.P. mailing; bathed, OBLO, Θ.

Friday, 16 January 1970

Up shortly after 7:00. Shaved, had breakfast—took a photo of Debbie—17 months old today. Homer picked me up about 8:30. I dropped off the C.A.M.P. mailing with Jim Bussey, then Homer drove me to Hamilton; there I got a ride with Robert Higgins to Rolling Ridge. We arrived there a few minutes before 10:00. About a half hour of orientation and visiting. The session consisted of blacks presenting their case—i.e.—they’d never met a white man who wasn’t a racist. Ate lunch with Don McGaw. In the afternoon we saw part II of Black History: Lost Strayed or Stolen (we saw part I in the a.m.)—also much discussion—broke into groups. About 5:00 we reconvened for about a half hour. Then broke for supper. After supper the main item was a film on Harlem rock gospel festival. The last 10 minutes especially were very moving. During the day we heard excerpts from several records: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Dick Gregory. About 10:30 we broke up for the evening; for a while I had a chat with Bob Mezoff and Jim Bussey. I spent most of the day near Don McGaw—it was good to be with him again. I think that the two-day experience here is worthwhile; into bed (hey top bunk) LO c. midnight.

Saturday, 17 January 1970

Bonnie took photos of Debbie today (not yesterday). I took photos in evening of Debbie asleep almost standing on the cushions beside her bed!

Up about 7:15—not a very good night. One fellow (very fat) snored very loudly most of the night. After breakfast, Bussey and I went back to the “dorm” to shave. In the morning session we saw another film; “No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger”—followed by an emotional session—some Methodist clergy prove to be very poor actors.  I suppose that displays of great emotion are considered “authentic confrontation.” The large session broke up into smaller groups, which disolved [sic] for lunch. Back together at 1:30. We’ve found that some of the clergy are hung up on four letter words—one of our ladie [sic] participants (Maggie—last name?) used the word “bullshit”—which we found out was resented—as no doubt was “mother-fucker” from another. Meeting[s] such as these certainly give renewed insight into the great variety of persons—quality-wise—who are attracted to the ministry. On the one hand Dephan [?] Barnett, on the other T. Landon Lindsay. The meeting broke up about 3:15. I rode home with Jim Bussey. I relaxed upon getting home, but really had to take a nap. Up shortly before six for supper—a delicious beef roast. Then I got right to work on the sermon—which took the evening. Then did the bulletins; stopped at bathe at about 11:00.

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David’s Diary – January 8, 1970

Thursday, 8 January 1970

We stayed in bed rather late; Θ before getting up. I got up about 9:45—the first thing I did—even before breakfast, was level the new refrigerator so that the doors close automatically. After breakfast I re-arranged the front bedroom to make room for Debbie’s gym. The morning was rather short since we got up so late, but I did some desk work (.e.g figured out the phone bill for Bonnie, ordered a saw from Sears in Boston). We had a late lunch; I helped William Sesto get his car started—i.e., he used my battery with jumper-cables. I got a HAIRCUT from Bonnie, then shaved. Went down to the P.O. and church, changed the wayside pulpit; then went to visit Lucy Patience. Was there with her for about hour and a half. Came home, relaxed with paper, tended to more desk work (Bonnie was napping)  Then I started working on supper about 6:30, watched CBS news. Roger Smith called—gave me the financial report—indicated that there could be no raise in salary—hardly a surprise. The evening was spent at desk work, telephoning, playing with Debbie, and repairing my briefcase—trying to reattach one end of the handle. By the end of the evening I had accomplished several things I’d been wanting to do for a while—my desk is relatively clean. Bathed. Off to bed, lights out, about 1:00 AM.

Friday, 9 January 1970

Up about 9:00. Finished fixing briefcase. Had breakfast, shaved, and went to Dr. Clapp’s office—got my new glasses. Came home, prepared to leave for BU. Caught the 11:15 train; read some New Republic articles on the way in. Bought the January Playboy at N. Station. Went directly to Sears, picked up the sabre saw, then went to BU. Had lunch in Oxnam lounge. Then went about registration procedures. Picked up the materials; had a 2:30 appointment with Dr. Beck; saw him about 2:50. We had a chance to chat about several things; I arranged for him to come to speak to Methodist Men in May. After seeing him I completed registering; then caught the trolley. Was able to make the 4:55 train. Read Playboy on the way home; looked over my sabre saw. Got home about six; looked through two boxes of slides which came in the mail. We put them on the scene briefly before CBS news. Supper wasn’t ready—at 7:30 I went to Home Ornes for a finance committee meeting; I got a small raise: $90; the church is in a tight situation; conference claims are up and the side of the church needs painting. Got home about 9:30. Had supper, looked over saw, did some cutting; Bonnie + I bathed together, OBLO Θ by 12:00.

Saturday, 10 January 1970

We were surprised to find ourselves still in bed at 9:45. I got up immediately, had breakfast, then got to work on my sermon—did some phoning. Interrupted by Ed Nutting, [1] who brought over some bulletin inserts—then the mail man arrived, and I looked through Life magazine. Then it was back to the sermon while Bonnie went shopping. Shaved. I went ahead and had lunch when Bonnie didn’t get back—and prepared to set out on calling when she returned, which I did. Went to see the Hannibals, then to Hazle Lord—Barbara was taken ill to the hospital last night; then I went to see Esther Longley. Got home about 5:00 and set to work on the bulletins. I got the stencil prepared, but then had to drop everything to get ready to go to Lewis—due there at 6:30. We had supper with them (Debbie went along), and had a pleasant evening visiting and getting to know them; then we got ready to go about 10:30. When I got home I ran off the bulletins, then got to work on the sermon again—finished about 1:20—stopped to write this; then worked on the service; didn’t bother to bathe; OBLO, 2:10.

Sunday, 11 January 1970

Got up about 8:30—felt my lack of sleep. Small breakfast, practiced sermon, shaved; Billy Elwell again was my only pupil. We read Genesis 27. I left for the church about 10:35. Only about 30 in church; I preached on “Treasures in Earthen Vessels” (or: “What Is Prophecy?”). After we got home and had lunch—shortly after one Jerry and Carol Lewis dropped by—Jerry and I went to their home to get the youth bed which they are loaning to us. We got it all set up in Debbie’s room. After they had gone, we put Debbie down for a nap in her new bed, and settled down for naps ourselves—but she fell out of bed, cut her lip and was pretty upset. I got an ice cube for her to suck on. At 3:30 I had a steering-committee meeting for Joint Youth. This lasted til 5:30. When I came home found the neighbors here watching TV football. After they left we had supper. Then I went over to Addison Gilbert hospital to see Barbara Lord. As soon as I got back, shortly after 8:00 we went down to the Patriquins—showed them our latest two batches of slides—had “mug-up”—relaxed and visited. Came home after all—very tired—bathed. Off to bed, lights out 12:10.

Monday, 12 January 1970

Up at 9:00. Had very little to eat and got to work—a great deal of desk work to get done today. One of my main concerns was to get the C.A.M.P. [2] questionnaire under way. Also, late in the morning (11:30) I went over to see Cathy Arvilla about helping with the Joint Youth Group for $15 per week. Then I went to Gloucester to buy 1.6¢ envelopes for the C.A.M.P. mailing—got cash from Homer Orne. Was back home by 12:30—Bonnie went to work. I had my lunch, then spent the afternoon at my desk. Debbie played by herself then napped. About mid-afternoon I popped 3 batches of popcorn—for the birds. I took one photo through the front window. Late in the afternoon I began work on a stencil. When Bonnie got home about 5:30 I went to Gloucester to take the envelopes to Mrs. Rust (Riverdale). She will address the Riverdale mailing. Then I came home, had supper; watched CBS news. At 7:45 I picked up Virginia Bate. She sat with Debbie while we went to the “splash” part[y] at the Tuchs. We had to pay—fund raising for the community chorus. We got there about 8:30. Didn’t swim for more than an hour—but it was fun. Bonnie did wrench her back however. After swimming there was eating + visiting; home by 10:30; took Virginia home; home again—B + I bathed together, OBLO 11:35.

[1] Nutting was pastor of the Congregational Church.

[2] Cape Ann Methodist Parish

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David’s Diary – January 4, 1970

Sunday, 4 January 1970

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved—prepared to greet my class. But Billy called that he couldn’t come (had to shovel the new-fallen snow) and Karen didn’t show up. So I relaxed, practiced sermon—and changed a very messy diaper on Debbie. I left for the church about 10:35 when Vicky Gamage got here. Not too many out to church—less than 30. Communion Sunday, I preached on “The New Covenant”—began with Jeremiah 34. After we got home we had lunch, then I got to work immediately on Debbie’s “gym”—sanding. Then I finally got to the painting, and this took most of the afternoon. But right after lunch I popped a batch of corn and put it out for the birds. After finishing the painting (the white undercoat, i.e.) I went upstairs, joined Bonnie, ended up seducing her, although this hadn’t been on my mind; napped. Jim Bussey called; they just got back from Indiana. We chatted for a while. I then dressed—we started thinking about supper. I went to Gloucester to the Kentucky Colonel for chicken. Then I did some desk work; phoning; about 8:30 we went down to see the Patriquins. Stayed until about 10:30. Drew gave Bonnie a wig—and since we’ve returned home she’s been experimenting with it; I got back to the desk work; wrote 23 cards to Admin. Board members; prepared film to mail in; wrote to Dr. Brown; OB,LO 12:55.

Monday, 5 January 1970

Up around 8:30—a phone call from Alan Federick; he is back and wants his mail—I told him I’d bring it over tonight. I had breakfast, then went to the post office. When I got back I went to work painting on Debbie’s gym—began putting on the yellow. Late in the morning Cameron and Ezra Sesto came over; I did some desk work. About noon we all had lunch together. When they left I had a bath and shaved, and then went for a 2 o’clock appointment with Dr. Clapp re: a new pair of glasses. I selected a wire pair; returned home, then while Virginia Bate sat with Debbie I went to see Esther Longley—who is now confined to bed for the most part—arthritis. I spent an hour with her—left about 4:00. Returned home, Virginia left, I did more work at my desk, then got back to the painting, putting on the blue—I quit about 6:30. Watched CBS news, worked on supper—got Debbie from her nap about 6:50. When Bonnie got home she reported that she remembered that tonight she had a Community Chorus meeting; Kay agreed to baby sit—we rushed around getting ready; Bonnie couldn’t get her wig back on; we left Debbie at Patriquins—I dropped Bonnie off then I went to Gloucester Baptist Church for my meeting—Concerned Citizens; left Alan’s mail with him; came home, painted more blue (finished); then OBLO, LO 12:10.

Tuesday, 6 January 1970

Up at 8:45. After breakfast I started painting—put the red on Debbie’s gym. When Bonnie was fixing lunch she noticed that the refrigerator was not working properly. So she started calling for repair service. We had lunch, then she took our frozen food over to Cameron Sesto and to Mrs. Paradis. She then left for work (now on a schedule 1:00-5:00, on Mon., Tues., Frid.); a repairman called me while I was shaving—agreed to come right over. I then got lunch for Debbie. Bonnie is now beginning the toilet training; she had left training pants on Debbie and she was soaked. The repairman came while Debbie was still eating; his diagnosis—we need a new refrigerator. So I did some calling—including to Homer Orne. The rest of my afternoon was spent preparing for Bible Class, feeding popcorn to the birds—also Becky Bussey dropped by to leave Bonnie’s old sewing machine. Bonnie got home about 5:20. I worked on Bible lesson til about 6:00; then helped with supper; watched CBS news. Call from Margaret Rielly—Alan didn’t show up for supper. Homer and Sarah—and Winnie arrived to discuss the refrigerator. Bible Class met from about 8:15–9:15; 8 in attendance, besides Bonnie + myself; then I called Margaret Rielly; drove over to Alan’s place—stood on a table to see in his window; he was asleep. I came back to Rockport, stopped to see Margaret; home in time for 11 o’clock news; bathed; OBLO 12:02.

Wednesday, 7 January 1970

Up about 8:15—had a small breakfast. About 9:00 we left Debbie with Cameron Sesto, then picked up Winnie Gamage and Homer Orne and went to L. E. Smith’s to look at refrigerators. We found one to meet our needs; came on home—I finished a very small amount of painting that needed to be done on Debbie’s gym. For the most part my day was rather lethargic; I had meant to get desk work out of the way—but got almost nothing done. About the middle of the afternoon the refrigerator arrived. Upon getting out of bed this morning I broke my glass frames again—the glue didn’t hold. So I had to spend some time getting them glued again. Late in the afternoon I prepared my revision for the plan of study which I submitted to BU some time ago. Typed some copies—then I shaved. We got ready to leave—again deposited Debbie with the Sesto’s. Left here shortly after 5:30 (?)—went to Lexington to Dr. Beck’s home. The members of the Deuteronomy Seminar were gathered together. We had a great meal prepared by Mrs. Beck, who is Egyptian. After the meal, Donald Kellogg showed his slides of Iran. We left for home about 11:30. Picked up Debbie when we got home; relaxed, prepared for bed; OBLO c. 1:10.


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David’s Diary – January 1, 1970

[Editor’s note: While previously posting a week’s worth of entries, going forward posts will be assembled based on word count. For example, if one day’s entry reaches 1,000 words then one day=one post. Otherwise, posts may be three to five days combined.]

Thursday, 1 January 1970

One of my first deeds of the new year was to wish Debbie Happy New Year when she came running into the bedroom as I was getting up—around 9:00. We took Debbie downstairs to introduce her to her new “gym”; she didn’t want anything to do with it at first, but after some breakfast she showed more interest, and began using the slide. After I had breakfast I took a leisurely bath, washed my hair; Dad was working on the coat rack in the front hall. I helped some on that too. And we took a few photos of Debbie playing on the gym. We all got ready to go, and left the house about 11:30. Drove to King’s Grant Motel in Danvers for the folks to make (by wire) motel reservations for their trip home. Then we drove back to Gloucester and had lunch at Captain Courageous restaurant. Returned home, continued work on the coast rack; about the middle of the afternoon I went to Gloucester to see one of Jim Bussey’s parishioners (Mrs. Stickney). The rest of the day I spent relaxing, working on coat rack, painted, had supper, scraped paint off window, glued chairs, watched football games (RSY’s desire), took photos of Mom + Sully. Headed for bed around 11:30. In the evening called Larry Carter re: when he and Marva are coming—they’ll spend part of Saturday with us. OBLO c. 12:20 Θ

Mother reports that John insists that the new decade doesn’t begin until next year—1971—which I also insisted with Bonnie—she disagrees. But in any case the 1970s do begin today; what kind of decade will it be? Some commentator has observed that in the 60’s we came to recognize + realize many of our problems + crises—and that we must move toward solution in the 1970’s. We can only hope—but with Nixon, Agnew + Mitchell, and their types—blind, insensitive, wrongheaded, guided by outmoded views of the world—hope might be in vain. I. F. Stone wonders if we will be a “free” nation in 1976. I do wonder what the quality of life will be then, and the mind-set of the American people. Will we fail because of a lack of great leadership; the problems are so massive, the need for great leaders so desperate—who will resist all simplistic and repressive solutions; racism, pollution, over-population, nuclear weapons—any of them can spell ruin and disaster if unchecked. We are now in the crisis period—lacking the leaders, and lacking the right popular mood—for overcoming the crises. I am afraid that the 70’s will be as frightful and as terrifying as the 60’s.

Friday, 2 January 1970

Up twice this morning—once before 7:30 to see the folks off. As soon as they left I went back to bed. Up again after 9:00. Had breakfast. I went to the Building Center to get more screws + coat hooks. Came home and got to work—tried to put hinges on Debbie’s crib, but had difficulties. Turned to the painting of the coat rack. But I stopped this about 11:45 to get ready to go. Shaved, had lunch, left here shortly after 12:30. Got gas, picked up Karen Haskell, headed into Boston. We picked up Loyd Starrett at 100 Milk Street, went to Andover-Newton. From c. 2:15 til about 3:00 we discussed Steve Winckler with Dr. Walter Telfu. After leaving A-N returned to Boston, went to Cokesbury (Loyd took subway back to work) the[n] came on home—arrived about 5:00. We [went] to Lord’s—to pick up Debbie, home about 5:30—relaxed, (Debbie went to sleep) fixed supper, watched news. About 6:40 left (with Debbie) for Gloucester to pick up Bonnie, got home about 7:15—had supper watched some TV—finished painting, put up hooks. Relaxed; feeling very weary. Late in the evening I began putting some thought into Sunday’s Communion message. Tried to get ideas from a book by Lumpkin—very insipid; I hate preaching on communion—or Easter—or Xmas; I would like to ignore the NT interpretation of Jesus! (which is hard on such occasions)/ Bathed, read briefly in bed; LO 12:35.

Saturday, 3 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast, then met the 10:17 train from Boston, to pick up Larry Carter, whose main reason for coming to Rockport was David Milke’s wedding. I hadn’t seen much of Larry for a long time, so it was good to get together again. I put up the remaining coat hooks while we chatted—as usual the subject got around to politics and religion. Larry’s wife Marva couldn’t come today because of the pressure of her studies. After lunch we continued our visiting until about 2:00, when Larry left for the wedding. Until he returned about 5:00, I worked on sermon, making phone calls, began a list of “things to do”, had a short visit from Homer Orne, did some sanding on Debbie’s gym. When Larry arrived we got into discussion again (also, in transferring Debbie to Bonnie—I was holding her—my glasses got knocked to the floor, and the left stem broke; so I was without glasses for several hours while the glue did its worked—rather uncomfortable)  Much of our discussion today was about race, but we got into our customary tangle over theology; I frankly don’t understand Larry’s position now—he seems to be trying to be theistic and non theistic at the same time; I told him that the question of God no longer really concerns me—it’s irrelevant; theology bores me. Had supper together. Took Larry to the train at 6:20. Stopped for milk; returned home and began work again on my sermon and tomorrow’s service—and my Sunday School lesson; bathed, OBLO, c. 1 AM.

Debbie on completed “gym,” February 1970

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David’s Diary – December 29, 1969

Monday, 29 December 1969   

Up about 9:00; had breakfast, shaved. Spent the morning in my study, filing, straightening up, etc. We got a call from Mom a few minutes before 11:00. They were a few miles east of Sturbridge. When Bonnie got home from grocery shopping, we put the food away, I carved up t[w]o roasts—then we had lunch; just as we were finishing about 1 o’clock, the folks arrived. They had brought a bed for Debbie + a hobby horse. We got those put together. Bonnie went to work. The folks relaxed; then went to get their car washed + to do odds + ends. I studied until they returned. Then we set about preparing for supper; played with Debbie; watched CBS news; had supper when Bonnie got home; in the evening we took a lot of pictures; showed our slides, sat around talking; went to bed, LO about 12:50.

Tuesday, 30 December 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—then Dad and I got to work on our project for the day—making a “gym” for Debbie—she can crawl into it, climb on it, slide down it. We went to the Building Center, got the wood, came home and got to work. We relaxed for a short while after lunch, I read I.F. Stone, and took two photos of RSY on the couch with the cat! [1] Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the “gym”—had to make another trip to the Building Center after 4:00. About 6:00 we stopped for supper. I shaved, then went to get Hazle Lord, who baby sat while the 4 of us went to the show: Bob + Carol + Ted and Alice—a rather good satire. Then we got home about 9:00. I took Hazle home, saw Barb for a few minutes. Came home; relaxed, socialized, bathed about 11:30.  OBLO, Θ – 12:30.

 Wednesday, 31 December 1969

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast—then we got to work on the day’s assignments; first of all Dad Bonnie and I made a trip to Gloucester which took all morning. We went to Mals, Sears, + Gloucester Building Center—gradually we found most of what we had set out to buy. We got back home around noon. After lunch, Dad + I got to work on Debbie’s “gym”, after a trip to Rockport Building Center for “washers”—and fixing kitchen faucets. We spent all afternoon on the gym—keeping an ear open for Debbie (we were in the basement, she in her room) while Bonnie + mom went out shopping; we had supper at 6:30, watched CBS news. In the evening Pop + I returned to working on the gym. As we got close to finishing we brought it upstairs; relaxed, had pop-corn. Watched Johnny Carson show to celebrate the coming of the new year—they telecast the view of Times Square in NYC. Then we all turned in; OBLO, 12:20.

Roscoe, Rockport, 1969

[1] He hated cats.

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