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Throwback Thursday

David’s baptism certificate, April 1944

Digging through the family archives, here are a couple documents from the World War II era which I did not scan during the time I was transcribing the WWII letters. Some of my archive is a little more organized since then!  Roscoe and Gladys waited until Roscoe returned from the Pacific to celebrate David’s baptism. David was between 18-19 months old when he was baptized!

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Gladys – 18 March 1971

Letter transcription:

March 18, 1971

Dear David, Bonnie and Debbie,

Yours received today and while I have a few minutes will answer. The last time Lea and Bob and John were here Lea said she was thinking about going to Rockport to stay with you when Bonnie gets home from the hospital. I would like to come and if the baby goes over as long as Debbie did, I may be able to come out, but can’t promise anything. Since I am Chairman of Missionary Education I have a responsibility at the School of Mission July 5th to the 11th. Lea and Bob are coming here the 28th of this month to play bridge. We are entertaining the Kentland Bridge Club and the Kennys can’t come, so Lea and Bob are coming to substitute for them. We will talk about the trip to Rockport when they come the 28th. Lea recently spent a week or so with one of her cousins (Betty) when her baby came and I think that was what gave her the idea to come and help Bonnie. I am hoping I will get a chance to come out before then, but haven’t any definite plans at this time.

We were in Kentland the last Sunday in February—Dad gave a program or rather talked to the high school class at the United Methodist Church about drugs. After the morning worship service we took Mrs. Myers to the parsonage and had dinner with the McClures. She really enjoyed getting out. She doesn’t get out very much anymore. About the only going is to get her feet worked on. The hairdresser goes to her apartment and does her hair so she doesn’t have to go out for that. I just wish she would go to a nursing home, but since she is so set against it, there is not much to do about it. I can understand why she wouldn’t want to go to one, even though it would be better for her physical condition to be where she could get some care. In the evening we went to Johnsons for bridge club. The Kenney’s ate at our table and told us Tommy has quit college—he had transferred from Indiana State University to I.U. He apparently didn’t do anything for a long time but just loaf around. Now he is working for either the University or the City on a trash detail. Sounds like quite a comedown for one who had a silver spoon in his mouth—like an unlimited checking account and a car of his own. He also quit the Catholic Church. Phyllis said that he wanted to go to Europe this summer and she wants him to go and get it “out of his system.” From everything I know about how he was allowed to grow up, I think he had no parental guidance and I think that was one thing he probably needed as much as anything. I think Art and Phyllis thought if they gave those boys everything they wanted and didn’t make them do anything they were being good parents. Bill is going to Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis and from what I have seen of his work he is quite good. The Logans were here this evening. They came down once a year for check-ups—they are Dad’s only patients, outside of Purdue Students. Dad takes care of them for their yearlys and Dr. L., takes care of our teeth. We have had them here for dinner before, but this time they insisted they take us out for dinner, so we ate at Sarge Biltz. In spite of all the new places to eat here in Lafayette and W. Lafayette, that place holds its own. I suppose a good reputation for good food is hard to beat. The Logans were talking about Tom Kenney. We were surprised that Art hadn’t good to pieces, like he always did when anything went wrong with Tom, but he and Phyllis were both acting quite casual about the whole thing. Dr. L. thinks they are just putting on a good front. Dr. Logan goes to the drug store often and he says Art talks about Tom all the time and about what he is doing. At Christmas time, he went to New York to spend the time with a girl friend. Phyllis has a brother who is a lawyer and the plans were for Tom to go into his uncle’s office when he finished law school. Phyllis keeping saying that she thinks Tom will go back to school next semester. I still think his greatest problem is his parents. Phyllis said they never did tell him what to do, just let him do his own deciding.

Sounds like you had a big day with the Bishop and other ministers. Wish I could have been there. Also the Town Meeting sounded interesting.

When I get to Kentland, I read your letters to Mrs. Myers and knew from them that you were planning to come to Indiana for Christmas. While reading and catching up on news from you I had a thought. Why don’t you make a carbon copy when you write to her—using this kind of paper and send me a carbon each week. The only extra effort it would require would be an envelope and a six cent stamp. How about? If you will send me the carbons (copy), I will write to you each week. Fair deal?

The Logans left early because the weather forecast is for snow and they didn’t want to get caught in bad weather on the way home. The weather here this winter had been pretty good, but in listening to the weather from all over the country, sounds like you have had plenty.

Dad built a cabinet to hold our slide projector and 50 drawers for slides. I am in the process of sorting slides and putting them where I hope they will stay

[page 2]
for some time. And also it will be good to have all the slides in one place. It is a neat little cabinet and he is about through finishing it. It will probably take me as long to get the slides sorted and put away as it took him to build it.

We are going to LaPorte (Janssens live there) Sunday. I have been asked to give a program on Missions at their church on Sunday evening. We are going in time to have dinner with them, also attend morning worship service with them. I gave the program to a Guild group last night. Our Conference office has procured a film strip that does a pretty good job of covering the work of the United Methodist Church in North Indiana Conference and Missions around the world. We have plenty of information if people would just bother to inform themselves. I am afraid too many of the people who go to church do not know what it is all about. Maybe I shouldn’t feel that way, but last night I asked how many had a prayer calendar and some of the other publications which women in that group should be reading and they looked at me like I was speaking a different language. I will say this for them, they pay their pledge to missions, but from what I hear, some of them ask, “where does our money go?” I told them last night in the literature I had with me was all the information anyone needed to know where their money goes.

Since I am Chairman of Missionary Education, I work with the Conference Missionary Secretary and he asked me to itinerate a missionary we have listed in our North Indiana Directory. He is Lawrence Thompson and this year he is working for the Board of Missions. in N.Y. office. He has been a missionary in Japan and will be going back to Japan this summer. He is going to be itinerated in Logansport District and Lafayette District. He will be a guest here with us from April 30th to May 3rd. He will fly back to New York the morning of May 3rd. He will speak in our church at the morning worship services May 2nd, and at a church on the south side of town in the evening. He will be in Indiana 10 days.

Think about the proposition I made about sending me the carbon copies.

Have been looking for Don’s address, but can’t find it. Will get it from his sister Annie Mishler—she is taking training at St. E. and her husband is in school at Purdue. Will call her soon and get the address.—Just looked and looked in my filing cabinet for my Christmas list and couldn’t find it under C where I always file it. Resumed this letter and happened to see a clip board that has been on my desk since Christmas and the thought suddenly occurred to me that my missing list wasn’t missing, but just at my finger tips. The address is Rev. Donald Yegerlehner, 2305½ Sand Point Road, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 46807. I think he has the title of Rev. After graduating from Purdue with a 6 point (the highest) he went to Minnesota for a year or two and took Theology. He is now doing social service with a church in Fort Wayne.

Received a letter from Louise recently and she was wondering if we could meet in Switzerland. I am afraid our schedules will not mesh. It would have been fun to be together and show them around to some of the places we are familiar with, and have them meet some of the distant cousins.

Love Mother

Thank for all the information about your activities. Glad Debbie liked her Teddy.

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Gladys – October 14, 1969

Letter transcription:

October 14, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

Have sent one package of pills and will send more. Dad says there is another kind available which he prescribes now – take three weeks – off one week. If you want some of that kind, will send. Let me know. Also ordered the note paper, but couldn’t have it sent to you. It has to come to me and I will send it on. It should be here in a week or so.

We were in Kentland last week (Wed.). Saw Mrs. Myers and then had dinner with Dr. Imperial and his wife. Since it is hard to guess the ages of some people – especially a person like Dr. I. I would hesitate to say how old he is, but he has a very good looking young American wife. They were just recently married. We went to the Country Club for dinner and he asked us if we wanted something before eating. I said ginger ale would do for me, but Mrs. I. refused anything, saying she did not drink (and I think smoke). He was laughing about her mother coming to visit and about the beer he had in the refrigerator. He had a beer before we had dinner. He is building a new office next door to Geo. Kingsley’s home. Geo. is trying to sell his place, since they are living in Monticello – have a home on a lake. Since he (Dr. I.) is moving to a new place there were some thinks he wanted from our building. Some thinks we let go and other we kept. Such as wall cabinets. When we hear about what he charges and how he won’t make house calls or deliver babies – I think he certainly set a new pace for Kentland. Dad used to charge $1 for a person to get a shot for allergy (if they furnished the medicine) and Dr. I. charges $5 for the office call and $3 for the shot. He (I have heard) charges $25 for a house call if he makes one. Dad saw Mrs. Myers the last time we were in Kentland and gave her two Rx for a bowel condition she had. She said last week that had taken care of her. He saw her this trip and assured her that the swelling in her left arm is to be expected. She said while we were there that she didn’t trust anyone but him. I don’t know what we will do with the building in Kentland. We may try to sell it, or make it into two apartments. I hate the thought of doing anything like that. I would rather try and sell it for a small sum, than to be bothered with running to Kentland to have the work done for remodeling.

Trinity is conducting a stewardship campaign. We have a minister helping from Marion, Indiana, who has had success in this type of campaign. He has gotten many people involved and I think that will help, because it will apprise more people of the financial status of the church. At present we have been operating on a deficit balance. I haven’t seen the most recent treasurer’s report, but every one so far has been with a balance of just a few cents. After helping to collect money to pay for a gift for the first minister’s 25th wedding anniversary (in June), my observation was that Trinity should have no money problems. We were able to buy a service of 12 in the silver pattern they chose, a silver tea service and give them $43 and pay for the reception, which amounted to about $50 or $75.

We are planning to go to Champaign for my birthday – will be going the 31st, so will miss all the little trick-or-treaters. That is the weekend of the Purdue-Illinois game and, of course, we have tickets. Just hope the weather is not as cold as it was the last time we went there for a game. I mean, when I attended. We have been over there to one this fall and Dad attended and it was hot. We have a weather report tonight that cold weather is due here tonight. We have all our little citrus trees in the house.

I wish you would write Mrs. Myers a letter. She does enjoy hearing from you and wonders when you do not write, why she doesn’t hear from you, so please one of you take time to write. I see I am running out of paper.

Love Mother

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Gladys – January 28, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
January 28, 1969

Dear David, Bonnie and Debby,

Yours received yesterday. I should have written to you sooner, to tell you you have been assessed. I don’t know who gave me the wrong information at the Court House, but last Monday I went down and the clerk showed the evidence that your VW and our two cars had been assessed, so you won’t need to send the tax statement back.

You wouldn’t know my den, or office, so whatever you want to call it. I still have to paint the walls and Dad has some more storage spaces to build above my new desk. We took out the old desk and put it in the upstairs bedroom for me to use as a sewing table and the drawers for storage. We place the little filing cabinet over by the window and the new desk is just about 20 inches wide by a little less than 4’ long. There is a tier of small drawers just above the desk on the wall where I keep the things I need. I have been cleaning out drawers and files and have thrown away heaps of things I had filed (Christian Social Relations and Christian Social Concerns). Also I have been on a throwing away binge and I am really getting rid of things I don’t need. You just wouldn’t believe how different the room looks. The rug shop is having their annual sale and we got a piece of 10.50 carpeting on sale for about $3.50 a yard and Dad and I put it on the floor last night. It makes a great improvement in the room. Now I won’t have to close the door when someone is getting the 75₵ tour.

As I probably told you (or maybe I didn’t) I am still on a Church Board – that is a Conference Board. The new North Conference named the former Christian Social Concerns Board, Christian Outreach. I went to Rochester (about 4 miles north) to a Presbyterian Retreat Center to attend a meeting last week one day and was elected to attend a Convocation in Washington the week of March 3 to 7. The way the new board is set up one section is called Social Witness, and I was named Chairman of that section. We are still in the planning stage and are to meet February 4th to set up our definite goals. Just hope all the people under Social Witness will be present.

When Dad read your letter yesterday he was in agreement with some of your sentiments about the inauguration. He especially liked the one way in which you described your reaction to a certain world famous evangelist’s (I think he gave the benediction, didn’t he?) as you called it, “sermon.”

Sorry you won’t be able to meet us in Switzerland, but understand you have to make your plans to meet your needs.

We have heard much about the Reconciliation Program and I made our pledge last November at the Uniting Conference in Indianapolis.

I saw Mrs. Myers Sunday evening. We went to the Ross home for bridge club. She still talks about Debby. She says she thinks she is just about the perfect baby. She also is beginning to talk about having to go to a nursing home and said she thought the one here by us would be the best place. However, I think it will take her a while to talk herself into making a change. I told her if she got one of those spells where she has to be taken to the hospital, to have Jess bring her down here and that she wouldn’t have any trouble getting a Doctor. I am going to have my old hair dryer repair (if possible) and take it to her. She has not been able to go to the shop recently, so Mildred goes over there and does her hair for her.

Love Mother

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Gladys – January 18, 1969

Letter transcription:

118 Juniper Court
West Lafayette, Ind. 47906
January 18, 1969

Dear David and Bonnie and Debby,

The enclosed letter from Bookshelf was opened by mistake – sorry about that. I don’t suppose you really want it, but here it is.

Saturday morning and Dad is home working on the new desk unit I am going to have here in the den. I went to the Health Center this morning to have my head X-rayed. Dr. Trout insisted he wanted to see how I look on the inside after a month. I feel fine and haven’t had any more trouble, but thought I had better do what he says – I may need him again.

Now the weather is mild and the snow is almost all gone, but I suppose we will have more severe weather before spring. We followed the weather as you drove back to Rockport and hoped you had good driving all the way.

Last Saturday we have appointments with Dr. L., and I spent about half an hour with Mrs. M. She seemed a little down in the dumps until she started talking about Debby. I asked her what she thought about her and she couldn’t say enough about how she thought she was the “most.” Of course, I agreed with her. She said something I had forgotten. Becky would not have anything to do with Mrs. M. when she was small and the way Debby took to her delighted her. She was so happy that she could hold her. She mentioned how large Pat’s baby is and that he was too much for her – of course, he weighed 10 lbs at birth and by the time he could visit Mrs. M. he was much larger.

Bonnie left these figures on your intangible tax on my desk. I didn’t know whether you needed it, but thought I had better send it along.

We went to see Camelot last night. Went to the early show – 7 PM and when we left the show the lobby was filled with late comers. 2001 is on at the other theatre and people were lined up for nearly a block to get in.

Love Mother

P.S. We are going to see Imogene Coco & King Donovan in “You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water is Running” at Music Hall tonite.

[page 2] For some reason we were not assessed on the cars (a must if one is to get new license plates each year). I called the assessor’s office and was told to bring in our tax receipts for last fall, so you will have to send us yours – you must have taken it back with you – since you had to have it the day we got our permits at the court house so sent it back as soon as possible so I will be able to get you assessed.

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Mrs. Myers Surgery

Letter transcription:

March 26, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yesterday was a rather busy day for me and I didn’t [get] over to the hospital, but talked to Mrs. M. on the telephone. She had walked in the hall twice yesterday, so that is a “step” in the right direction. She came through the surgery fine. She did have cancer, but Dr. Gery said he was confident that he had gotten all. There were three lumps under her arm which he removed and a large growth in her left breast which required the removal of the breast. I have been with her every day except two or three since she has been in the hospital. She had to be there a week and a half before the surgery, so had a good rest. Now that she is in the hospital she is on a correct diet and with the rest she is getting, is having no swelling in her legs. I plan to go today, but have to be home by four o’clock because the moving van is coming to move the piano to Indianapolis. We are giving it to Becky and this is the first time I could get a moving van. They are taking it with another load – wrong – they are taking it to pick up a load in Indpls. It should be delivered to Mark’s early in the morning.

Last Saturday evening we went to Indianapolis and helped celebrate Shirley’s birthday. I gave her the gold dish I had bought while in Rockport. The little tag on the dish says it is 24 carat gold, but of course, I know that means a little gold paint has been used in it.

Last evening I picked up William Yue at Carey Hall and brought him to the house and we had steamboat. He seemed quite thrilled to get a meal of that kind. I had some chop sticks so put those at his plate which he used in preference to silverware. His father is in the States now to attend the United Conference in Dallas next month. We have invited William to come Easter Sunday. Purdue vacation will be over by then. Next week Dad has several days off and plans to work in the yard. He has gotten the work started. He is putting rocks all around the evergreens – like we had in Kentland. He wants to get the grass seed sown this week if possible. We have a patch in the middle of the front yard that has to be seeded.

The enclosed is a copy of report which I gave at Trinity Methodist Church in Lafayette March 10th. I thought you might be interested in reading it. From everything I hear and read, it looks like you-know-who is not going to have a walk-in next November. I do hope the public at large is going to be so full of everything that we will have an election to be remembered.

Love Mother


The nominating committee at Trinity has asked me to be President of W.S.C.S. next – beginning in June. It is a large society with nearly 300 members and 13 circles. I told the woman who called me to give me a little time to think it over.

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Edna’s New Job

Letter transcription:


Dear David and Bonnie:

Here are the prints. The color isn’t too good. Dad said if I was going to take prints I should have used the correct kind of negatives. He has gone to a Staff meeting tonight at the Health Center. When he comes home we are going to put the old carpet which was on the original living room floor, on the back bedroom floor. We started the process Monday night, but last night as you know we went to the game.

Edna is working at Credit Dept. of St. Elizabeth Hospital. She has an apartment across the street from St. Boniface Church at 9th & North. I picked her up after work Monday and brought her out here. We had dinner and after we had watched some TV we took her home and Dad got to see her apartment. It is not as nice as the one she had in Kentland, but is within walking distance of the Hospital. She doesn’t like it too well, but had to take what she could get for the time being. I am going to take her to a lecture at Loebs Theatre tomorrow evening. Dad has the duty and thinks he should not try to go. I think he could, but the telephone set-up there isn’t the same as at the Music Hall. Harrison Sallisbury of the Wall Street Journal is going to talk about China. Purdue is having a China series this month and next and I am endeavoring to take in everything. We have seen one film and heard one lecture so far. I invited the McClures to come for dinner tomorrow night and go with us, but haven’t heard from them.

Did I tell you we have the office rented. A Doctor Imperial (Philipino) is renting it temporarily. We don’t know how long he will want it. The Bank and investors are supposed to build a Clinic in Kentland for Dr. Imperial and I suppose Dr. Kresler and when that is finished our building will be for sale again.

It continues to be cold here, but one more week and we will be in March, so spring should be not too far away (famous last words).

I was going to take my car to Kentland this week to have some repair work done on the exterior, but circumstances have prevented. Probably will go next week, but in the meantime, I must get to work and do some filing and things that need to be done here on my desk that I have been “putting off.”

Love Mother

P.S. Have the baby sweater well on way. About to finish fronts, then make sleeves, and presto! It is finished.

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Project Concern


Jan. 4, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie:

It is staying at about 10 or a little above today with a strong wind, so feels much colder. I have been getting figures ready for income tax figuring. Have an appointment with a C.P.A. Saturday to have him do the final figuring. Next year we won’t have such a problem, since the income is now just about what we get from Purdue, I don’t have so much figuring or book work to do. We do have a few little items trickling in, but what comes in now won’t be hard to take care of. Had a thank-you note from Edna. She spent some time in Memphis with Betty Joe, but came back to Indiana today. She said it was much warmer there, but she thought for her own good she should come back and try to find some work. Since she has no special training, except as secretary in our office, she may have a hard time finding something. She said in Memphis her big trouble was her age. I do hope she finds something she likes. We had been paying her for working on records, so she really has not been without a pay check for very long.

We went to see Dick Van Dyke in Fitzwilly, which we did enjoy. There is a new movie house close to us and they have opened with Walt Disney’s Jungle Book. We didn’t think we would particularly care to see it, but may go just to see what it is like.

I trust you had an enjoyable visit with John. We haven’t heard from him since his return. It has been so cold here, we were wondering how he got home from the airport, or if he left his car there. We got the slides back and as soon as we get some prints made will send them. The pictures were all good, but Bonnie doesn’t look too happy in one. John gave me a record of Balinese music and the opera Parsifal. I am listening to the latter now.

One of these days I will get Bonnie’s coat sent back, but I had such a rush before Christmas I didn’t try to send it. Also since you said it wasn’t warm enough for real cold weather, I didn’t think there was any hurry. We received a calendar from Mac & Louise today. Those pictures of southeast Asia makes the cold today seem even worse.

We have given the entire contents of our office to Project Concern and have put the building on the market. There is a local committee in the Kentland area backing Project Concern and it is their job to get the equipment sent where Dr. Turpin wants it. We have asked that they get it out as soon as possible.

Love Mother


Saw the enclosed in Chicago Tribune

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Rockport Has a New Minister

Letter transcription:

November 15, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I checked with Lake Central this afternoon and according to the schedule they gave me I should be arriving in Boston at 10:55 on November 30 – unless of course, weather permits. I have booked a flight for N.Y. on Dec. 4th which will leave Boston at 7 AM to arrive in N.Y. at 7:52. If there are any changes will let you know.

Yesterday I (guess it was Monday) packed three boxes which contain all the wedding gifts which you left here. I insured the boxes, so in case of breakage, you will be able to collect. You should be receiving the boxes in a few days. I sent them parcel post.

Today I entertained two W.S.C.S. circles and this afternoon had a friend stop for a visit, so didn’t get much else done. I had intended to get this letter out in today’s mail, but here I am at 7 PM writing. There is a show on TV which I would like to watch, Androcles and the Lion. Tomorrow Swan Lake Ballet with N and F will be on at the music hall. We will probably go.

Last night we went to Kentland to meet another M.D. about the office. He has an office in Attica and for some reason decided to try Kentland, but doesn’t want to meet our terms. Dad felt like he was half giving the office away on the terms we had set up, but this man wants us to practically give him the place. Dad just said no, he would sell the building and give the equipment away. Dr. Turpin from Hong Kong and Vietnam will be in Kentland to speak Dec. 13th and Dad is going to offer the equipment to him if he wants it, if the last Dr. we talked to doesn’t want to meet our terms. We thought we had a sure prospect in the other Filippinio, but for some reason, after telling us he would take the place, backed off. We have just about decided to sell the building, to get rid of the place. The last two have been Filippinos. The man we talked to last night interned at St. E. several years ago. He has been wanting to do nothing but surgery, but is finding that quite hard to do from a place like Attica. Most people want someone for surgery that has a reputation like Gery or Fields. Last night Dr. Raymondo was wondering why Dr. Gery didn’t retire. I suppose he thinks if enough of the established surgeons around here would retire, he would have a better chance.

I stopped to see Mrs. Myers. She was wheezing and her legs were swollen so terribly I was sure she would have an attack within 24 hours. That is the way her system operates. I have thought about calling her. She said if she got too bad, she would call the Doctor and have him admit her to the hospital. Other than wheezing, she looked pretty good. She was up and dressed. Sometimes when I go, she is just wearing her house coat.

Edna is planning to go to Memphis to visit Betty Jo next week. She is having some trouble with her dentures and is coming to Lafayette this week to have work done. She has to come Thursday and leave her dentures at the Dentist’s office all day. I told her to come here and she said no, she was going back home. She won’t allow anyone to see her without her teeth. She will have to make two trips back and forth that day.

The Janssens and Alma spent the weekend with us. Everyone but myself attended the football game Saturday afternoon, when Purdue trounced Minnesota. I attended a Christian Social Concerns meeting at Wesley Foundation. The weather was not cold, but there was rain. I was out of my meeting in time to come home and have dinner ready by the time the rest came home from the game. We all went to the Music Hall to see Ray Charles and his orchestra. Somehow I can’t enjoy that type of music after listening to my opera and symphony records. Jack Benny is to be at the Music Hall Saturday night. Dad has complimentary tickets for us to attend, since he is will be the M.D. in case one is needed (at 7 o’clock show). Alma started back home early Sunday morning. The Janssens went with us to church and then we had dinner at the Flame. They started back to LaPorte later in the day. John is in school here and is playing on the freshman football team.

I presume you will have preached your first sermon at Rockport by the time you receive this – maybe you will get it before. I just hope you can establish a good relationship with your congregation. The town sounds like it would be a good place to live. I am anxious to see the parsonage and the surroundings.

Have some business to take care of – we are still trying to collect some accounts – so must get this finished.

Love Mother

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Closing the Office

Letter transcription:

[October 1967]

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your correspondence cards have been ordered – 200 and they will read Rev. and Mrs. David A. Yegerlehner, and it is a good thing there wasn’t another letter, because that was as many as could be printed on this type of card. You can consider that part of your Christmas from us. I ordered and gave them your address, so the boxes (2) will come directly to you.

John came over Friday and spent the weekend with us. He had an appointment with the eye specialists on Saturday. Saturday night we attended a play at Loeb’s Theatre – The Miser. It was quite interesting (have you read the play by Moliere?) and we thought the Purdue players executed it very well. One of Dr. Schoonveld’s sons – Mike – had a bit part. He is a freshman this year. John left after breakfast this morning. Said he had so much work to do he should not have come Friday. We attended church this morning and have spent the rest of the day relaxing. Dad is watching TV now, but the program wasn’t very interesting, so I decided to catch up on my writing.

Last week I attended a meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which for all practical purposes took most of the week – Tues. thru Friday. That was the week of Oct. 10 and this immediate past week I entertained the Vesper Circle from Kentland and on Thursday night a bridge group – Johnsons, Fords and McClures. Everyone was quite interested in seeing our place. We are bit by bit getting things finished, but still have quite a few things to do. We did finally get the driveway and retaining walls finished. Now we want to get our Japanese gardens completed, but it seems we don’t make as much progress as we would like to make – between Dad’s work and my running around. Last weekend we went to Kentland late on Saturday afternoon – and I had just returned from C.R. the day before. We had dinner with Florence and Ray. Jim and Mary Ann and Tom were home. Jim had just returned from his tour of duty in the Air Force. He had been to Japan and had some very beautiful pictures. He is out of service now, but since he took communications while in service is trying to get some kind of job in that field. Mary Ann is going to college in Indianapolis and is wearing a diamond. I think her boyfriend is a medical student. Rita R. is teaching school in Indianapolis and I think Florence mentioned a man one time, so no doubt Rita will become engaged also. Tom is going to St. Joseph College. We then went to LaPorte to visit Janssens.

I have seen Mrs. Myers twice recently. She was out of the hospital the last time I saw her – last Friday and seemed to be feeling

[page 2] well enough to be up. However, she was wearing her robe and said she wasn’t feeling quite as well as she would like to. We have closed the office and Saturday was Edna’s last day to work for us. Arvella is working for Dr. K. She says he is very nice to work for, but so slow. Some evenings she doesn’t get away from the office until 7:30. She doesn’t go to work until 10 AM and does get every Thursday off (all day). Edna is seriously thinking about going to Memphis to live since Betty Joe is now living there. She said she was not going to look for work for a while. She is working on her own now making records for people who were too late to get in on the record bit while we still kept her working for us. We told her she could work making records for people if she wanted to do it, but to make a change, so she is charging $1.00 per person. That won’t bring in what we were paying her, but it will be some income while she decides what to do. We are going to sell the office building and give the equipment to a charitable organization of some sort…

We have been attending all the home football games and believe it or not I am learning to follow the game. Of course, I am not an expert, but can follow what is going on (most of the time). We have tickets to attend the game at Champaign Nov. 4th. John said he and Bob and Lea want us to come on Friday and spend the entire weekend. They are going to celebrate my birthday which will have passed, but it will be a celebration anyway. If the weather is good I plan to drive to Champaign Tuesday evening to attend “Falstaff.” Bob said I could use his ticket since for some reason he is not going. Bob and Lea have bought a new home and from all descriptions from Bob and John is quite a nice place. Much larger than their present home. They are trying to sell their place at 1608 Rosewood and plan to move to the new house Oct. 28th. I said I was sorry I couldn’t help, but we have promised Mark and Shirley we will keep Kirk and David (I call him roadrunner) while they take Becky and go to Chicago. The last time I kept David he wasn’t still except while eating. Dad has the duty next Saturday and the play we were to see has been cancelled, so it just works out right for us to keep the boys.

I haven’t checked yet on transportation in December, but will fly to New York the 6th and probably to Boston on the 9th. I think we are to be finished with our meeting by noon on the 9th. Will let you know definitely when I know more.

Love Mother (over)

I paid your fall taxes – another Christmas gift. Also notified the proper authorities here of your change of address to 118 Juniper and you should receive your ballots.

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