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Mrs. Myers Surgery

Letter transcription:

March 26, 1968

Dear David and Bonnie:

Yesterday was a rather busy day for me and I didn’t [get] over to the hospital, but talked to Mrs. M. on the telephone. She had walked in the hall twice yesterday, so that is a “step” in the right direction. She came through the surgery fine. She did have cancer, but Dr. Gery said he was confident that he had gotten all. There were three lumps under her arm which he removed and a large growth in her left breast which required the removal of the breast. I have been with her every day except two or three since she has been in the hospital. She had to be there a week and a half before the surgery, so had a good rest. Now that she is in the hospital she is on a correct diet and with the rest she is getting, is having no swelling in her legs. I plan to go today, but have to be home by four o’clock because the moving van is coming to move the piano to Indianapolis. We are giving it to Becky and this is the first time I could get a moving van. They are taking it with another load – wrong – they are taking it to pick up a load in Indpls. It should be delivered to Mark’s early in the morning.

Last Saturday evening we went to Indianapolis and helped celebrate Shirley’s birthday. I gave her the gold dish I had bought while in Rockport. The little tag on the dish says it is 24 carat gold, but of course, I know that means a little gold paint has been used in it.

Last evening I picked up William Yue at Carey Hall and brought him to the house and we had steamboat. He seemed quite thrilled to get a meal of that kind. I had some chop sticks so put those at his plate which he used in preference to silverware. His father is in the States now to attend the United Conference in Dallas next month. We have invited William to come Easter Sunday. Purdue vacation will be over by then. Next week Dad has several days off and plans to work in the yard. He has gotten the work started. He is putting rocks all around the evergreens – like we had in Kentland. He wants to get the grass seed sown this week if possible. We have a patch in the middle of the front yard that has to be seeded.

The enclosed is a copy of report which I gave at Trinity Methodist Church in Lafayette March 10th. I thought you might be interested in reading it. From everything I hear and read, it looks like you-know-who is not going to have a walk-in next November. I do hope the public at large is going to be so full of everything that we will have an election to be remembered.

Love Mother


The nominating committee at Trinity has asked me to be President of W.S.C.S. next – beginning in June. It is a large society with nearly 300 members and 13 circles. I told the woman who called me to give me a little time to think it over.

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Rockport Has a New Minister

Letter transcription:

November 15, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I checked with Lake Central this afternoon and according to the schedule they gave me I should be arriving in Boston at 10:55 on November 30 – unless of course, weather permits. I have booked a flight for N.Y. on Dec. 4th which will leave Boston at 7 AM to arrive in N.Y. at 7:52. If there are any changes will let you know.

Yesterday I (guess it was Monday) packed three boxes which contain all the wedding gifts which you left here. I insured the boxes, so in case of breakage, you will be able to collect. You should be receiving the boxes in a few days. I sent them parcel post.

Today I entertained two W.S.C.S. circles and this afternoon had a friend stop for a visit, so didn’t get much else done. I had intended to get this letter out in today’s mail, but here I am at 7 PM writing. There is a show on TV which I would like to watch, Androcles and the Lion. Tomorrow Swan Lake Ballet with N and F will be on at the music hall. We will probably go.

Last night we went to Kentland to meet another M.D. about the office. He has an office in Attica and for some reason decided to try Kentland, but doesn’t want to meet our terms. Dad felt like he was half giving the office away on the terms we had set up, but this man wants us to practically give him the place. Dad just said no, he would sell the building and give the equipment away. Dr. Turpin from Hong Kong and Vietnam will be in Kentland to speak Dec. 13th and Dad is going to offer the equipment to him if he wants it, if the last Dr. we talked to doesn’t want to meet our terms. We thought we had a sure prospect in the other Filippinio, but for some reason, after telling us he would take the place, backed off. We have just about decided to sell the building, to get rid of the place. The last two have been Filippinos. The man we talked to last night interned at St. E. several years ago. He has been wanting to do nothing but surgery, but is finding that quite hard to do from a place like Attica. Most people want someone for surgery that has a reputation like Gery or Fields. Last night Dr. Raymondo was wondering why Dr. Gery didn’t retire. I suppose he thinks if enough of the established surgeons around here would retire, he would have a better chance.

I stopped to see Mrs. Myers. She was wheezing and her legs were swollen so terribly I was sure she would have an attack within 24 hours. That is the way her system operates. I have thought about calling her. She said if she got too bad, she would call the Doctor and have him admit her to the hospital. Other than wheezing, she looked pretty good. She was up and dressed. Sometimes when I go, she is just wearing her house coat.

Edna is planning to go to Memphis to visit Betty Jo next week. She is having some trouble with her dentures and is coming to Lafayette this week to have work done. She has to come Thursday and leave her dentures at the Dentist’s office all day. I told her to come here and she said no, she was going back home. She won’t allow anyone to see her without her teeth. She will have to make two trips back and forth that day.

The Janssens and Alma spent the weekend with us. Everyone but myself attended the football game Saturday afternoon, when Purdue trounced Minnesota. I attended a Christian Social Concerns meeting at Wesley Foundation. The weather was not cold, but there was rain. I was out of my meeting in time to come home and have dinner ready by the time the rest came home from the game. We all went to the Music Hall to see Ray Charles and his orchestra. Somehow I can’t enjoy that type of music after listening to my opera and symphony records. Jack Benny is to be at the Music Hall Saturday night. Dad has complimentary tickets for us to attend, since he is will be the M.D. in case one is needed (at 7 o’clock show). Alma started back home early Sunday morning. The Janssens went with us to church and then we had dinner at the Flame. They started back to LaPorte later in the day. John is in school here and is playing on the freshman football team.

I presume you will have preached your first sermon at Rockport by the time you receive this – maybe you will get it before. I just hope you can establish a good relationship with your congregation. The town sounds like it would be a good place to live. I am anxious to see the parsonage and the surroundings.

Have some business to take care of – we are still trying to collect some accounts – so must get this finished.

Love Mother

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The Only Doctor

1965-10-17-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Oct. 17-1965

Dear Bonnie & David –

Dad is watching “My Favorite Martian” and I decided to communicate via letter. I called George Murphy and he promised to try and trace the desk. He thinks is may be lost but if it is – its insured, so if the old one can’t be found perhaps you will get a new one. I wish you could take the big one in your room. I am in a mood to get rid of things. In other words I am in a cleaning mood. Things have to go. Wish you could use some of things I want to get rid of (bad grammar). You started a trend. Dad is building twin beds for John’s spare bedroom. I have the foam rubber – bought it the last time I went to Lafayette. John will be home Oct. 31 for weekend, but I doubt the beds will be ready by then. Dad has been having to work pretty hard – he is the only Dr. taking

[page 2] care of patients at the hospital from Newton Co. – Kresler, Schoonveld & Parker are all on vacation. He had to take Mrs. Myers to the hospital last night. He said she was having asthma. She had an appointment in our office Monday but since she is in the hospital won’t get to keep it. I haven’t asked him how long he is going to keep her hospitalized. Drop her a letter or card. Since the radio reception at the office is so full of interference we decided to take the record player to the office and Dad has it hooked to the speakers – just like the radio was. We bought a few records, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, The King & I, Flower Drum Song, and a few others. Now I am going to get a stereo for home. The portable record player works but not automatically. You were inquiring about it. Do you need one? By the way, don’t buy any

1965-10-17-gry-p-2-3[page 3] more records before Christmas. Have you acquired any since Das Rheingold?

The Fields have a new baby – Lynette Sue, born Oct. 10. They are pretty happy about getting a girl.

The African student Jim (can’t remember his last name) was married while we were away. Rosemary Murphy was going to give his bride-to-be a home this summer but for some reason she wasn’t in Kentland (to my knowledge). If she was it was only a short time in Sept. Jim is still in school in Terre Haute and now that they are married have an apartment.

Dr. Gery’s wife passed away last week. She had been ill since 1957. His daughter was killed in an automobile accident last April. She had been married a short time. He has a son who is in school at Purdue. Dad has always thought so much of Dr. Gery. He thinks he is one of the best.

1965-10-17-gry-p-4[page 4] Since all the other Drs. were taking off, we didn’t go to the medical meeting this year. Dad said he didn’t really care. Since I am looking forward to a vacation next summer I really didn’t care too much either. We haven’t decided yet where we will go, but we plan a summer vacation because of A. & E.

In case I forgot – John’s address is 2510 Lawndale, Champaign, Illinois. Tele. (area code 217) 352-0743

Did you take the while towel set that Lea & Bob gave you or did you leave it here? Shirley said they left their set just like it here but I can only find one and it is with your other things. If you can remember, let me know,

Love Mother

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Meeting Bonnie

1963-04-24-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Wed. Apr. 24, 1963

Dear David,

Even tho I was very tired when we arrived home Sunday evening, I was glad I had made the trip. I was so glad to meet Bonnie. She seems very refreshing and easy to be with. I noticed when we turned onto Meridan that you were at the wheel of her car.

I haven’t been doing much this week. I have rested two hours every afternoon. There was a club meeting last night, but I didn’t go. I was glad I stayed home when I learned that it lasted until 10:30. About the extent of my work so far has been to prepare meals and clean up the kitchen. We were supposed to entertain bridge club Sunday night but judging from the way I feel now, I didn’t think I would be equal to the task. I started to call the other members of the club and learned that I would have to get 3 sets of substitutes so decided against trying to have it. J. Batton said she would entertain in May (26) and I said I could take it in June after you get home to help me. The plan seemed to meet the approval of all until I called Lucille and she thought we should try to have a party May 5. I told her if she wanted to have one on that date she is welcome, but I am not going to entertain until you are home to help. Dr. Gery indicated when I talked to him after my x-rays that putting myself under pressure could cause part of my trouble. Dr. Gripe wasn’t satisfied with my E.K.G. (examination of heart) so I am to go Friday morning and have another one run. Dad has me on some medication now that seems to be taking care of my digestive system. I am eating regularly (bland diet) and sleeping well. I told Dad at noon I am not making any more salad plates. I told

1963-04-24-gry-p-2[page 2] him he can eat his raw vegetables between meals. I can eat cooked vegetables, but none raw.

Dad is planning to mow the lawn this evening after he gets home from the office – unless he has to do something else. We had a freeze here last night. Fortunately Dad hadn’t set any plants out and the roses haven’t come yet. We had a card indicating our order is being sent. The dogwood tree is putting out leaves.

Since this in the 25th year since Dad graduated from Medical school, we may go to Indianapolis May 8 for a meeting I.U. Medical School is having. Will let you know. However since it will be on a Wednesday you will be too busy to go to Indianapolis, so we will be looking forward to seeing you at home May 27 or 28th.

Love Mother

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Local News

1962-04-07-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

[Wright 533 – handwritten by David]
Kentland, Indiana
April 7, 1962

Dear David:

A letter from Republican National Committee came for you and I am forwarding it. We have something new (besides the washing machine) in the family room. We have louvered shutters at the windows. Dad hung them to see if they fit and so far that is all that has been done – they need a coat of varnish.

The neighbors (Howard Good’s) are cleaning up the yard next door. It was needing a little attention. Several organizations, headed by the Woman’s Club, are planning a clean-up campaign for our town this month. We are going to try and get the littler off the streets and try to get people to put trash in the trash barrels, instead of on the streets.

The Mingles moved to Harry Dodd’s place south of Brook – you remember where you used to go skating? Dodds moved to the Mingle place. The Dodds have a short wave radio set and have put the extension on the tv aerial. When Mrs. Dodd was in the hospital recently she could talk to her family on the set she had with her.

Bill Corbin sr. is going to have an operation for hernia Tuesday.

Mr. Rinard is in the hospital – (the second time). He isn’t very strong and doesn’t seem to be able to improve much.

Dr. Kresler is away on vacation – is in New Jersey to play golf. We turned on TV Saturday evening to get the news and a golf tournament was being televised. Dad said that it where Dr. K. and Dr. Gery are. I thought he meant they were in the tournament, but he said no, just playing golf there. Dad is taking Dr. K.’s emergency duty while he is away. He was at the hospital last night taking the duty and Mrs. Omer Taylor called and said her husband was having another attack (he had been in the hospital recently). I told her to call Dad at the hospital. He had Mr. T. sent over in the ambulance, but he died shortly after reaching the hospital. His daughter Rozanne Sanders is in my S. S. class.

Rev. Fields announced this morning he is taking the membership classes into Church next Sunday, also having baptisms. Joan and Mark were both sick yesterday, so they didn’t get to Church this morning. Joan called last night after Dad went to the hospital. They were having stomach flu, so I told her to send out here and get some medicine – the old standby for that sort of thing. Rev. Fields said this morning they were both better.

Dad unearthed the rose tree yesterday. He was a little afraid it was too early. I am hoping we don’t have any severe weather for a few days, to give it a chance to get used to the atmosphere.

We have a new janitor at the office – the woman who cleans at the hotel. She helped me here at the house a couple of times. She is really digging out the corners at the office. The last janitor just spent an hour each evening and sometimes only 15 minutes. Her first night took six hours, and the place looks better.

W. Olson said he went campaigning in Rensselaer Saturday – said he called at every house and gave his cards out to anyone and everyone. He said Betty accompanied him. We are of the same opinion you were, why? I can’t see much future in that kind of job.

Dad has sprayed the trees twice. After the first time, we had a hard rain, so last Thurs. he thought he had better give them another treatment. He said last year he didn’t get started soon enough. He has the lawn mower all ready and has gone over the yard once. He had worked on the motor himself, but finally decided to have the repair man from Sears come out and go over it once. In spite of the cool weather, it is moving time again.

With our last water bills we received the Kentland Sewer System report. There is a meeting tomorrow night concerning the matter. The total cost will be about $610,000.00. It will be financed by 30 year Revenue Bonds. That is one thing I am glad to see progress being made on (bad grammar) and I suppose there will be some people opposed to it, but I am sure it is something that has to be done. When will you be coming home?

Love Mother

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Sperry Dividends

1961-01-04-gryLetter transcription:

[Wright 513 – handwritten by David]
Dr. R. S. Yegerlehner
Physician and Surgeon
Kentland, Indiana

Dear David:

The Sperry dividends came today, so I deposited $3.00 to your account. Don’t forget to add that to your balance.

Nothing much to write about this soon. Dad has been awfully busy since you left. He had to go to Watseka to help on surgery last night. Didn’t get home until after 8 o’clock. He had to go to Geo. Ade this afternoon to assist Dr. Gery. I am at the office now. He just returned from the hospital at about 4:30, so we are rather busy.

Your stock came back with your name corrected. You are supposed to sign some papers and return them. I think you can sign them when you come home again. The stock salesman will be here tomorrow and will tell us. If they are in a hurry, I will send the papers to you to sign and return to the Company.

Are you taking any vitamins? If not let me know and I will send you some. You were complaining about being tired. Maybe it is because you need vitamins.

Love Mother

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