Rockport Has a New Minister

Letter transcription:

November 15, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

I checked with Lake Central this afternoon and according to the schedule they gave me I should be arriving in Boston at 10:55 on November 30 – unless of course, weather permits. I have booked a flight for N.Y. on Dec. 4th which will leave Boston at 7 AM to arrive in N.Y. at 7:52. If there are any changes will let you know.

Yesterday I (guess it was Monday) packed three boxes which contain all the wedding gifts which you left here. I insured the boxes, so in case of breakage, you will be able to collect. You should be receiving the boxes in a few days. I sent them parcel post.

Today I entertained two W.S.C.S. circles and this afternoon had a friend stop for a visit, so didn’t get much else done. I had intended to get this letter out in today’s mail, but here I am at 7 PM writing. There is a show on TV which I would like to watch, Androcles and the Lion. Tomorrow Swan Lake Ballet with N and F will be on at the music hall. We will probably go.

Last night we went to Kentland to meet another M.D. about the office. He has an office in Attica and for some reason decided to try Kentland, but doesn’t want to meet our terms. Dad felt like he was half giving the office away on the terms we had set up, but this man wants us to practically give him the place. Dad just said no, he would sell the building and give the equipment away. Dr. Turpin from Hong Kong and Vietnam will be in Kentland to speak Dec. 13th and Dad is going to offer the equipment to him if he wants it, if the last Dr. we talked to doesn’t want to meet our terms. We thought we had a sure prospect in the other Filippinio, but for some reason, after telling us he would take the place, backed off. We have just about decided to sell the building, to get rid of the place. The last two have been Filippinos. The man we talked to last night interned at St. E. several years ago. He has been wanting to do nothing but surgery, but is finding that quite hard to do from a place like Attica. Most people want someone for surgery that has a reputation like Gery or Fields. Last night Dr. Raymondo was wondering why Dr. Gery didn’t retire. I suppose he thinks if enough of the established surgeons around here would retire, he would have a better chance.

I stopped to see Mrs. Myers. She was wheezing and her legs were swollen so terribly I was sure she would have an attack within 24 hours. That is the way her system operates. I have thought about calling her. She said if she got too bad, she would call the Doctor and have him admit her to the hospital. Other than wheezing, she looked pretty good. She was up and dressed. Sometimes when I go, she is just wearing her house coat.

Edna is planning to go to Memphis to visit Betty Jo next week. She is having some trouble with her dentures and is coming to Lafayette this week to have work done. She has to come Thursday and leave her dentures at the Dentist’s office all day. I told her to come here and she said no, she was going back home. She won’t allow anyone to see her without her teeth. She will have to make two trips back and forth that day.

The Janssens and Alma spent the weekend with us. Everyone but myself attended the football game Saturday afternoon, when Purdue trounced Minnesota. I attended a Christian Social Concerns meeting at Wesley Foundation. The weather was not cold, but there was rain. I was out of my meeting in time to come home and have dinner ready by the time the rest came home from the game. We all went to the Music Hall to see Ray Charles and his orchestra. Somehow I can’t enjoy that type of music after listening to my opera and symphony records. Jack Benny is to be at the Music Hall Saturday night. Dad has complimentary tickets for us to attend, since he is will be the M.D. in case one is needed (at 7 o’clock show). Alma started back home early Sunday morning. The Janssens went with us to church and then we had dinner at the Flame. They started back to LaPorte later in the day. John is in school here and is playing on the freshman football team.

I presume you will have preached your first sermon at Rockport by the time you receive this – maybe you will get it before. I just hope you can establish a good relationship with your congregation. The town sounds like it would be a good place to live. I am anxious to see the parsonage and the surroundings.

Have some business to take care of – we are still trying to collect some accounts – so must get this finished.

Love Mother

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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