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David’s Diary – 16 February 1971

Tuesday, 16 February 1971

[Top panel: finished roll of film—Debbie   NT: Matt 15   OT: Ezekiel 18-19]

Up about 9:00 to answer the phone; then back to bed, Θ. Up about 9:30. Shaved, had breakfast. It was as if my week were just beginning—my morning was like Monday. I.e., I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers—sent her 5 photos. Also wrote an article for the Eagle. The mail man brought a package for Debbie—we knew it was coming—mother mentioned it in a recent letter. It was a red teddy bear. I took a couple of photos of Debbie with it. It was for Valentines day—but it was appropriate that arrived on the day that she was 2½ years old. About 11:20 I set off on errands, to the post office, then to the Eagle office, then to Ed Nutting’s office—picked up movie screen—took it to our church for use tomorrow evening, Also changed the wayside pulpit, announcing Jesus Christ Superstar being played next Sunday evening. Got home to eat lunch. After Bonnie went to work Debbie went to her room and slept most of the afternoon. I made bread, worked at my desk, re-read chapter 6 of the COCU Plan of Union. Debbie has an eye infection—her eye has a boo-boo as she says. After Bonnie got home we had supper, she brought medicine. We applied the eye drops, much against Debbie’s will. Watched CBS news. Then 7:30–9:30 I was leading the COCU group at the congregational church. Got home shortly after 10:00. Debbie has been ill—vomiting—we speculate it might have been the apple cider served at breakfast. I reviewed my Qumran lecture; had snack  OBLO 11:50.

Wednesday, 17 February 1971

Up about 8 o’clock. One of the first things I did was to go to the church to turn on the heat—for making banners and for the Wesleyan Fellowship meeting in the evening. After I got home I shaved, and then we all had breakfast together. After eating I gradually got everything in order for going to the church to make banners. Also got the roll of film ready for sending to Mail-A-Way. The latter part of the morning was spent at the church cutting the paper, making the designs. Home about noon. Had lunch, then went back to the church about 12:50. Three of my sunday school class girls showed up. We all worked on the banners. But it really was time wasted, because I just wasn’t satisfied with the banners. Was making 2 sets of two, and neither pleased me. So about 3:00 I have up, cleaned up the mess and headed home. I was extremely weary. Bonnie was already on the verge of a nap. I read a while in Newsweek, but then napped too. The phone got me up about 4:30—but I tried again after that—not much luck, so I did some reading. NT reading: Matt 16; OT: Ezekiel 20. Relaxed, dressed for the evening. At 6:45 picked up Virginia Bate for babysitting, then Bonnie + I went to the church for the Wesleyan Fellowship. After eating and a business meeting I showed my Dead Sea Scroll slides. Home about 10:30. Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT. Then I bathed. OBLO  12:20 Θ.

Thursday, 18 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt, 17-20   OT: Ezekiel 21]

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly before 9:00. Went to the Granite Savings Bank for 2 rolls of nickels, caught the 9:20 train to Boston. Arrived at BU shortly after 11:00. Had a conference with Beck—went over several questions. He gave me a revised reading list for the second exam—one which he and Richardson have worked out together. But he stipulated that this new list does not supercede the list given to me some time ago. However I shall certainly make use of it in preparing for the exam. I left Beck about 12:00. Then was able to catch Richardson for a few minutes while he ate lunch on the run. I asked him about Song of Solomon for a possible dissertation topic. He pointed out that Marvin Pope is working on a massive volume for the Anchor Bible—thus it might be dangerous for me to enter this area. But he liked the idea of my choosing a pericope [1] and writing on the history of its interpretation. Did xeroxing after seeing him. About 2 o’clock had lunch at a small place on Commonwealth Ave. Ran into Larry Carter in book store—we had a nice chat. Back to BU—finished xeroxing, caught 4:10 train home, arrived Rockport about 5:30. Had supper—relaxed before 7:30–10 o’clock meeting of the Joint Church Committee at St. Mary’s. When I got home about 10:00 Paul was on the phone with Bonnie. We chatted for about 15 min. Relaxed, had snack. Bathed about 11:45. Read briefly. OBLO 12:22.

[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pericope

David’s diary, 18 February 1971

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David’s Diary – 13 February 1971

Saturday, 13 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt 12   OT: Ezekiel 14-15]

Up between 9:00 and 9:30. After breakfast I tried to push myself into sermon writing—but I really wasn’t in the mood and I knew it would take a while to get in the mood. I took time to examine the paper and the mail when they came. Finally late in the morning I began getting somewhere. About noon 3 young fellows appeared at the door—they wanted to get in the church to get some of the equipment that the rock band has been using. So I went down to unlock the church—I took the time to change the wayside pulpit. When I got home I shaved, put lunch on to warm. We ate after I finished shaving, then I returned to work on the sermon. And I made substantial progress. I had most of it done when I left to make a call shortly after 3:00. I went to see Mr. O’Reilley—I found him at home this time. We had a nice visit. While I was there his son Dan arrived with his fiancee Jill. They were in the process of getting an aquarium set up for his father, so we talked a lot about fish—but we share views on politics and got into that subject as well. I came home shortly before 5:00—worked on sermon until we ate at 6:00. Pouring rain today—Bonnie was explaining “umbrella” to Debbie, so Deb on her own got all garbed up to go outside—so Bonnie let her out doors with the umbrella for a few minutes! I had wanted to work on the doll house this evening. But I had to work on the service instead. Spent 40 minutes on the phone with Don McGaw. Had to work quite late. Didn’t finish transcribing sermon until after bathing about 1:15. OBLO c. 1:30.

Sunday, 14 February 1971

A long, full day. Last night I had a terrible time getting to sleep—this really wasn’t accomplished until about 3:30. Up about 8:30, had breakfast, shaved. I didn’t have class, because only Vicky showed up. So I used the time to practice the sermon. Today was Race Relations Sunday—we took a special offering, but Mac White spoke strongly enough on race last Sunday to last for a while! So I began a series of sermons on the Ten Commandments; small crowd—people knew it was Race Relations Sunday, so stayed away, e.g., the Marrs, 22 in church. Home by 12:45, had lunch, relaxed briefly, then got to work on the doll house. I devoted the afternoon to this: finished putting in the baseboards and completed the roof—and made one piece of furniture. But I was getting pooped. We decided to flop, nap. Θ —in honor of St. Valentine’s day I suppose! I got up about 6:30, worked on supper, then in the evening I turned to baking. I put together a batch of bread to take to Sestos tomorrow—it’ll be a birthday gift for Carl. Also baked two pies—apple crumb and blueberry. Also during the evening I had to do some phoning in connection with finding some chaperons for the JYF ski weekend. Also did some gluing on the doll’s house. By late in the day the morning and even afternoon seem so far away. NT reading: Matthew 13; OT: Ezekiel 16. We bathed together about midnight. I wrapped the loaves of bread—I wish there were more hours in the day—didn’t get around to several things. OBLO c. 1:00 AM.

Monday, 15 February 1971

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—this was the day for going to Sesto’s. As soon as we finished eating we prepared to leave. On the way out of town we stopped at Mals. Bonnie got some yarn and I got some small tools. Then we headed for Boston. A beautiful, clear day. The traffic wasn’t bad, and we got to Sestos before 11:30. If we sometimes think of ourselves as poor—we need only to think of the Sestos. There isn’t a decent chair in the whole place—and no sofa or couch. And about a month ago Carl was cleaning the refrigerator and punctured it—ruined it. So they don’t even have a refrigerator! They put things in a cold window sill or on the back porch. We ate lunch during the noonhour. I dropped Carl off at the taxi garage (he drives a cab) then went to BU, intending to work in the library at the school of theology. But everything was closed for the holiday. I bought the March issue of Playboy and read through it in a lounge at the Union. Then drove down to the Copley Square/Prudential Center area. I found a new record shop, bought a $1.98 record of David Steinberg [1]—satire on the OT. I returned to Sestos about 5:00. We had supper when Carl got home about 6:30. We were all very tired—so we didn’t prolong our visit. We left about 8:30—Carl had to go back to driving the cab. We got home about 9:30. Utterly bushed. Relaxed—enjoyed comfortable chairs! OT reading: Ezekiel 17; NT: Matt 14. Bathed; OBLO c. 11:05.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Steinberg

David’s diary, 15 February 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/10/davids-diary-13-february-1971/

David’s Diary – February 1, 1971

Monday, 1 February 1971

[Top panel: NT reading: Mark 13; OT reading: Ezekiel 1]

This was the big day. Up shortly before 8:00—feeling perfectly lousy. I had gone to bed last night about 1:00—but couldn’t get to sleep. Shortly before 2:00 I came downstairs to sleep. I certainly didn’t get much more than 5 hours sleep. Shaved after eating—dressed, prepared to leave. Caught the 9:20 train. Reviewed material, notes, all the way into Boston. I arrived at BU just about 11:10. I reviewed some more, plus read some brief articles. Then about 12:30 I went to the refectory and had lunch. Then at 1:00 I picked up the test. Had to write on four questions out of five. #1 on the documentary hypothesis. #2 on von Rad’s contributions to Deuteronomy; #3 on Ginsberg’s approach to Daniel; #4 on Lindblom’s treatment of ecstacy among the prophets. I took the full 4 hours which they allowed me, (instead of just 3 as is usually the case). It was a very fair exam—since largely these were the areas where my restudy had been directed. As soon as I finished the exam I left BU—caught the 5:50 train home. The clock of the Congregational church struck 7:00 just as I was walking home. Had supper. At about 7:30 Bonnie left for community chorus rehearsal—so I was left with Debbie for the evening. I was drained. Watched TV; paced the floor—the wind-down takes time. Bathed about 11:00; washed my filthy hair—had to sit under the dryer. OBLO c. 12:45.

Tuesday, 2 February 1971

[Top panel: NT reading: Mark 14; OT: Ezekiel 2]

Following the pattern of the last few nights, I wasn’t able to get to sleep. So I got up and read a while—finally about 2:30—went back to bed—downstairs, to avoid waking Bonnie. We were awakened about 8:30 by the phone. We didn’t get to it in time—I didn’t even try. Then about 9:00 it rang again—Terry Thomason, calling from Boston, returning Bonnie’s call (yesterday)—she had questions to ask him about tax forms. About 9:30 we had breakfast. In the morning I did some straightening in my study, shaved, wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. About 11:30 I went to the Post office, then to the building center—bought the materials to build the doll house for Debbie. Home about noon, ate lunch; then at 12:30 picked up Virginia. She stayed with Debbie while I took Bonnie to work, then made some calls: on Barbara Olson and her father Joseph Tarvis—who is elderly and ill. Also saw Mary Jane—for whom I’m to fill out a recommendation form. From there I went to see Charles O’Reilly—whose wife I buried just a few days ago. We had a very nice visit—he appears to be well read—after discussing his own personal adjustments, the conversation wandered into politics—we think very much alike. Went to see Rip Hannibal briefly. Home about 3:30. Prepared for C.O.C.U. group tonight; prepared supper. Read I.F. Stone. Jim Bussey was with us for supper; he brought Bonnie home from the hospital. He left about 7:00. C.O.C.U. 7:30–9:30—small group. Then relaxed, read. Bathed OBLO midnight.

Wednesday, 3 February 1971

[Top panel:  NT: Mark 15-16; Ezekiel 3]

Up before 9:30 after Θ. After having breakfast I worked at my desk—a big backlog of papers. Bonnie went off with Carol Lewis to do some shopping—Debbie stayed here with me—watched Sesame Street—a regular morning routine. Late in the morning I shaved—just about noon I prepared an article for the Gloucester Daily Times re: Mac White’s visit this Sunday. Bonnie got home before 12:30. We had lunch, then I headed for Gloucester. Got to Jim’s shortly after 1:00. John Dunnach was supposed to arrive for a meeting re: arranging this Sunday’s Annual Charge Conference. He never showed up. But Merle Steva (the Baptist minister in Gloucester who’s shortly moving to Colorado) was there teaching Jim how to smoke a pipe! He stayed most of the hour and we had a nice chat, but then after he left Jim and I did some planning. I went from there to the Times office, then stopped in Gloucester to leave some slides off at the camera shop to be made into prints. Headed home, tended to getting the proposed budget mimeographed for the Board meeting tonight. Relaxed briefly before preparing supper. After supper went down to the church, chatted with the boys who have the rock band—several of the older folks object to their running up the heat bill. Shortly after I got home Dr. Beck called to say that I’d passed the exam! Administrative Board 7:30–9:30. Called Beck to arrange an appointment. Puttered in study. Straightened up.

David’s Diary, 3 February 1971

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/04/davids-diary-february-1-1971/

David’s Diary – January 29, 1971

Friday, 29 January 1971

Up about 9:30 after Θ. Bonnie has been saying of late that she can feel the baby moving. This morning she placed my hand on her abdomen and I felt it to[o]—for the first time—right in the palm of my hand. Had breakfast as soon as I got up, then got to work reading: in Ginsberg. Finished before noon. Then began rereading, from start to finish, the whole of Daniel. Got two chapters done when we stopped for lunch. After eating Debbie played in her room, Bonnie left for work. I continued reading in Daniel. Dozed briefly in the chair. Finished Daniel mid-afternoon, then began reading Eissfeldts section on the book. Didn’t get this finished before Bonnie arrived home. We had supper. Then I had about 45 minutes to read before the news. Finished Eissfeldt on Daniel, turned to Weiser’s brief treatment of same. 6:30–7:30 watched CBS news, etc. Then back to the reading—this time D.W. Thomas’ article in OT + Modern Study on textual criticism. I then turned to reviewing Arthur Jeffrey’s articles in IB Vol 1 on Canon and text of OT. I compiled a list of the witnesses to the canon which he gives—such was asked on the first exam on Oct 1. Stopped at 9:30 to watch The Odd Couple. After this was over I returned to Jeffrey’s article, and this occupied me for the rest of the evening. I also compiled a study schedule for the next two days, reviewing the major areas that I’ve been studying for the last few months. OT reading: Daniel; NT: Mark 10-11. no bath; OBLO c. 12:30.

Saturday, 30 January 1971

[Top panel: NT reading Mark 12]

Had trouble getting to sleep last night—was awake off and on—consequently had trouble making it out of bed—wasn’t up til about 9:30. Shaved—two days worth—also: the can of shave cream which I started last July finally gave out! Had breakfast. Then when the mail came—was occupied with a letter—finally—from Gary Myers, and I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly. Also I used what was left of the morning to sift through all the papers on my desk and locate study notes—everything else I stacked in one huge pile. Finally before noon I began reading the article in OT + Modern Study on Wisdom. I was called to lunch before I got very far in this, so finished it after eating. Late in the afternoon the Lewises brought Chris over, they went for a drive with friends. I devoted most of my afternoon to reviewing Deuteronomy, i.e., Wright’s article in the IB and von Rad’s Studies in D, which I began before getting supper. Then the early part of the evening I spent with it. From 8:00 to 9:00 I prepared the bulletins for tomorrows service. I have spent an absolute minimum of time this weekend on church. At 9:00 I turned to Wisdom again, ie., read Blank’s article on Wisdom in IDB, then his article on Proverbs. Then bathed. Began review of Daniel material—D.N. Freedman’s brief article on Prayer of Nabonidus, Jeffrey’s  Intro in IB, then Eissfeldts section in his Intro. But I ran out of steam before taking up that monster Ginsberg—it’ll have to be squeezed in sometime tomorrow. OBLO  c. 12:50.

Sunday, 31 January 1971

[NT reading—count my ss lesson! Mark 6]

Up shortly after 8:00—feeling lousy. My night again was a bad one—I’m just too worked up about this exam. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to greet my class: 4 girls came—we read Mark 6 and part of 7. Went to the church about 10:30 (Bonnie substitute taught in the Joint Sunday School this morning). Only about 25 in church—colds and flu seem to have taken their toll. I preached a sermon that I’d grabbed out of the file earlier in the week—on fear. My delivery wasn’t too hot—I was just so weary. I came home as soon as the service was over—began fixing lunch. I needed some rest. Stretched out, but sleep didn’t come. Θ. Got back to studying about 2:00. Allowed myself one distraction. Watched the launch of Apollo 14 to the moon about 4 o’clock. Before the launch I had read the article on the historical books in OTMS, and reviewed Daniel after the launch and before supper. Then after eating I worked on several areas which took the whole evening: Prophets, Pentateuchal criticism, then Psalms. It’s a very discouraging and frustrating process. The material is so massive, there’s so much I don’t know. Thus it’s also frightening [1] and depressing—because there are so many legitimate questions that I would be at a loss to answer. I’m no more optimistic about passing this exam [than] I was the first—although I do think I am better prepared in some areas. I bathed about 11:30, but then got back to reviewing on Psalms. Finally gave up about 1:10.

[1] No wonder I preached on fear that morning!

David’s diary, 31 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/03/davids-diary-january-29-1971/

David’s Diary – January 25, 1971

Monday, 25 January 1971

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast, shaved. Wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. Did a little desk work. The mail man arrived with a post card from Gary Myers! Finally some response out of him—he’s sick, and as soon as he’s well will write more. The post card was a thick one—heavier than cardboard, with a picture of Mae West, circa 1934! I had mentioned her in my letter to him. I went to the P.O., stopped briefly at the church, came home, read in C.O.C.U. Plan of Union until noon—got the assignment read for tonight. We then had lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie went to her room. She dragged out a bag full of clothes that Bonnie has never put on her, and spent the afternoon trying on clothes—had a real ball. [1] At one point I also built a house for her. She emptied all of the blocks out onto the floor, and we put them all onto the building. I worked on the prophets part of the afternoon, then turned to Qumran. I was occupied with [it], Cross and Milik, until supper. I had supper ready when Bonnie got home. We ate, relaxed, watched CBS news, etc, prepared to greet to C.O.C.U. group, which arrived about 7:30. It was over by 9:30. Bonnie had gone to Community Chorus Rehearsal for the evening. I studied until she got home and after—read Micah. Then did my daily scripture reading: NT I John 4-5, II John, III John; OT: Ezra 1 + 2—names, names, names! No bath. Began reading in Nielsen on Micah 4-5. OBLO , c. 12:30.

Tuesday, 26 January 1971

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, turned to reading—in Nielsen’s section on Micah—continued my reading from last night. When I finished this I turned to reviewing Zephaniah. We had lunch at noon, Bonnie left for work, Debbie went to play in her room. I shaved, had a phone conversation with Sarah Orne—then finally got to studying—finished up with Zephaniah. Then turned to reading further on Qumran, i.e., in Milik’s little book and Frank Cross’ Ancient Library. These two volumes occupied me until it was time to be putting supper together. Read through the paper when it came. Bonnie arrived home, we had supper. 6:00-6:30 read in Milik, then watched CBS news. Debbie knows who Walter Cronkite is. We’ve been trying to acquaint her with “Walter.” She also knows “Soupy” [2]—on What’s My Line?  CBS news reported renewed attempts by the military to get around Congress’ ban on ground troops in Cambodia. I prepared for the meeting at 8:00: Finance Committee: Kay Patriquin, Roger Smith, Homer Orne, Jean Crowell, Jack Wicky, Sydney Gamage were in attendance. No raise in salary—but the church will be assuming all of the medical insurance bill that we pay monthly—so in effect a raise of over $100—big deal! After the meeting was over (c.10:00)—I had to push Jean Crowell out of the icy driveway—studied. Read Nahum—and commentaries. Read NT: Jude; OT: Ezra 3 + 4; bathed OBLO c. 12:30. Θ

Wednesday, 27 January 1971

Up by about 9:30. Had breakfast. Turned to reading in Habakkuk and commentaries. When the mail came I spent some time looking through Newsweek. Shaved before having lunch at noon. After eating I returned to reading. Bonnie went shopping about 2:00 while I read—Debbie was playing in her room. After finishing the review of Habakkuk I turned to reading in Milik’s book on Qumran. Bonnie got home about 4:00—at which time I had to go to Ornes. The statistical reports for 1970 have to be in by the 31st, so I had to take time to get them filled out. I returned home shortly after 5:00. Fixed supper. Relaxed. Just as we were preparing for supper we discovered that the female guppy had delivered: we have 6 live babies. We transferred the mother back to the main tank—immediately the babies came out of hiding. After supper watched CBS news, etc. Then turned again to studying after doing some phone calling that had to be done. This time I began work on Daniel—rereading Jeffrey’s introduction in the IB. As the date for the retake of the exam approaches I have mixed feelings—fear, dread, despair because of the mass of the material—yet at times I have high hopes that I’ll be able to pass. I now feel confident that I could have passed the exact same exam that I took on Oct 1—but the whole new set of questions is another story! Bathed about 11:30. NT reading: Mk 6-8; OT: Hab; Joel; OBLO c. 12:30.

Thursday, 28 January 1971 

[Top panel:  called Dr. Beck]

Up shortly after 9:00. After breakfast I had to tend to some church business. I had to prepare the final copies of 3 reports to be sent to the conference—also send out letters to members of the administrative board re: meeting next week and annual meeting. This occupied me til almost noon. Then shaved; we had our lunch. After eating I went to the Post Office to mail my morning’s work, then went to Richdales for milk. When I got back Bonnie and Debbie left—they went to see Carol Lewis. Sue Lee was also joining the party with daughter Diane. I began working on Review—rereading for the most part—Ginsberg book on Daniel. Shortly after 2:00 Margaret Reilley arrived, as planned, to help me with a French article by Milik on Prayer of Nabonidus found in Cave 4. We—rather she—translated the article aloud. We worked through it together. When she left about 3:30 I returned to work on Ginsberg. Bonnie and Debbie arrived home—and soon both of them settled to napping or relaxing. I continued with Ginsberg until about 5:15. Then we put supper together. Finished by about 6:30. Watched CBS news, etc. Then I studied for an hour before Ironside, after which I returned to Daniel. During the noon hour today I called Dr. Beck at BU—to confirm that I’m planning to take the exam Monday. He said it was all ready. I’ll be allowed 4 hours instead of 3. Must write on #1—then 4 out of 5. I’m getting more and more nervous! Worked on Ginsberg til about 11:30. Relaxed, bathed: OT reading: [???] 1,2,5,7,etc.; MT: Mark 9; OBLO 12:35

[1] The earliest record of a strong interest in costumes!

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soupy_Sales

David’s diary, 28 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/02/davids-diary-january-25-1971/

David’s Diary – January 13, 1971

Wednesday, 13 January 1971

Up at 7:00. Read in the Letter to the Hebrews, chapters 1 + 2, then Numbers 16-19. Shaved, had breakfast. While doing my reading the funeral director called: Mrs. Francis O’Reilly died—very suddenly—only 61. Collapsed while shopping yesterday. I called Sarah Orne for her to pass the word to W.S.C.S. members. After eating breakfast, I dressed and prepared to leave for Boston. Left Rockport about 9:20. Got to Boston with no problem. Stopped at the BU bookstore for a copy of Playboy, then went to pick up registration materials; by about 10:50 I was at Beck’s office. We had a productive session—at 11:45 we went to the Faculty Dining room and had lunch together—discussing quite a few OT issues. After leaving Beck, I completed the registration procedures, left BU about 2:00. Went to Sears, picked up the pile of merchandise which we’d ordered yesterday. Then I headed for the Copley Square area—finally found a parking place. Went to the Bishop’s office, to get photos of himself + resumés—in connection with his visit to Rockport in March. Stopped to browse at Cokesbury and another bookstore—but then headed for home. Stopped at A.G. hospital, about 4:30 to see Joseph Tarvis. Home just about 5:00. We fixed supper—read in Playboy, watched CBS news. About 7:15 I went to see the O’Reilly family. Home about 8:00—watched the last half of Storefront Lawyers. 8:30–9:30 at Town hall re: Project NUVA fund request. Home again, relaxed, read in Newsweek, snacked, bathed; OBLO c. 11:30  Θ.

Thursday, 14 January 1971 

Up at 7:00. Read Hebrews 3-5, Numbers 20-24. Shaved, had breakfast. Shortly after 9:00 I went down to Richdales for milk. When I got home I stretched out for a short while—I didn’t get enough sleep last night. At 10 o’clock I went to St. Mary’s for a meeting with Bamforth and Nutting, re: C.O.C.U. study groups which are being launched. Was home by 11:00. Didn’t have ambition to do much of anything, read in Playboy for a while. At noon I went to pick up Virginia Bate. She had lunch with us then stayed with Debbie while we went to Gloucester. We did some grocery shopping at Stop + Shop. Then went to Dr. Stelluto’s office for Bonnie’s appointment. Drue was there, so the pregnancy is no longer a secret. We brought Drue back to Rockport. Got here shortly before 3:00. There was a[n] urgent message to call Mrs. Favreau—I did—she wanted me to come over immediately. I took Virginia home, then went to see her. It was about her marriage, i.e., she’s very upset because her husband’s asking for a divorce. I left her about 4:00—came home, changed, went to the funeral home to see the O’Reillys. Home at 5:00. Fixed supper. Bonnie feeling lousy. Watched CBS news, etc. No ambition—very weary. I did write part of a long letter to Gary Myers [1]—hope I’ll get some response. Watched The Odd Couple. Prepared for bed. OBLO c. 10:20.

Friday, 15 January 1971

Up at 7:00. Read Hebrews 6-8, Numbers 25-30. Shaved. Bonnie and Debbie appeared on the scene, we had breakfast. After eating I finished the letter to Gary Myers which I’d started last night. When it was finished I went to the Post Office. Then stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit. Shortly after I arrived home the mail came—letters from Bonnie’s mother and from David Watson. We had lunch just about noon. At 12:30 I went to Millbrook Park and picked up Miss Bachmann—a neighbor of Virginia Bate—who we had arranged as sitter for Debbie, since Virginia had other commitments. Took Bonnie to work, then came back home, after getting gas changed clothes. Just as I was preparing to leave the house, part of the metal frame of my glasses broke—the left lens was left hanging by just one screw. But it held. 2:00-3:00 was the funeral and committal service for Mrs. Francis O’Reilly. Came home by 3:00. Changed, took Miss Bachmann home, stopped in to see Amie—Virginia’s aunt—took her some roses from the funeral. Virginia had just arrived home. I left Debbie with them while I went to Dr. Clapp’s office. Then spent 4:00-4:45 with them, picked up Bonnie, came home, fixed supper. Was very exhausted—watched CBS news, etc. Much of the evening I felt very lousy. Upset stomach, distress in my bowels. Plus my head cold is much worse. So nothing much was accomplished on anything. Bathed, OBLO 11:40.

Saturday, 16 January 1971

[Top panel: pictures of Debbie at Patriquins; 2 years 5 months old today; Hebrews 9-10; Numbers 31-36 end]

The head cold broke up my routine—I needed the rest, so I didn’t get up at 7:00—stayed in bed until after 9:00. Wasn’t feeling too ambitious. Shaved, then sat at my desk for a while. My main preoccupation today, of course, had to be the sermon. I made some headway at that before lunch, but really not much until after. A couple of times I had to stretch out to regain my strength. I did make decent progress in the afternoon. Mid afternoon Bonnie decided to go to Gloucester, for groceries, cash—and to Busseys to pick up some more of the things that we’re buying from them. While she was gone I finished the sermon, then worked on the bulletins—also got those finished before she got home. She got here about 5:45. We had supper quickly—a roast—then about 6:45 took Debbie down to Patriquins. We went to Gloucester to see the movie “Joe.” A good but rather depressing film about Joe—a “typical” (?) American—at least typical of some Americans. The film was entirely honest as far as language was concerned: the word “fuck” was heard as frequently as the word “God” is heard at a Billy Graham rally. Plus nudity and sex—which increased the feeling of authenticity. How chilling it is to reflect that there are probably far too many Joes around. Got back to Patriquins by 9:15—visited for a while—took some photos of Debbie—but then came home. finished polished draft of sermon; prepared service, bathed, worked, OBLO 12:35.

[1] My roommate at Indiana University.

David’s diary, 16 January 1971

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David’s Diary – January 1, 1971

Friday, 1 January 1971

[Top panel: started new roll of film—1. shots of Debbie asleep in deacon’s bench; 2. pictures of fish;  3. 2 pictures of Sullie watching fish]

The new year made its appearance with a roaring nor’easter snow storm—heavy, blowing snow from late morning until well into the evening. We stayed inside all day—got up about 9:00 after Θ—what a nice way to begin the new year! But such late rising—a habit which I’m trying to break, makes a very short morning—after breakfast is all over. Late in the morning I got to my reading, then we had a late lunch on towards 1:00. During the afternoon the storm raged, Bonnie slept a while—as did Debbie—and I got more reading done. I took several photos of Debbie; she’d fallen asleep in the deacon’s bench. Late in the afternoon I got my best studying in, then began working on supper. After supper, while the CBS news was on, I did some photographing of fish—i.e., our fish tank. I used my closeup lenses, so I hope there’ll be some good shots. The fish are not very interested in posing, so the photographer has to be quick. The evening was taken up with desk work. Getting bills ready to be mailed—i.e., checks to pay them. Also got some baptismal certificates (replacement copies) made out for the Favreau family—I’ve been very delinquent in getting this done. Then spent some time on the “reflections” at the beginning of this book. Finally returned to studying—after starting another batch of bread; read in Exodus—until news time. Then after this was over, and while Bonnie bathed, read more in Exodus—listened to Haydn, in stereo, with headphones—delicious! OBLO 12:30.

Saturday, 2 January 1971

Up at 7:30—miracle of miracles! I came downstairs and had a cup of coffee, read in St. Paul—finished Ephesians. Perhaps I wasn’t reading in St. Paul, since some doubt that he is the author of that letter. Then I turned to Exodus and read several chapters. My new year’s resolution: to read from both OT and NT every day—how long will it last, who knows? I then turned to Eissfeldt—read in that after shaving (2 day beard)—when Bonnie and Debbie came down about 9:30 I had breakfast with them. After eating I got several pieces of mail ready for the P.O. and went down there. When I got home I tackled the snow in the driveway—drifts near the garage and near the front door. While I was working on the one near the front door, Debbie came out to “assist” me—Bonnie took a couple of pictures. The mail man brought a large envelope from mother, a photo of my great grandfather, Christian Yegerlehner—who came to the U.S. from Switzerland to avoid the military draft! [1] Ancestors I can be proud of! I was exhausted after the snow shoveling, relaxed, had lunch around 1:00. Then I had to attend to making my bread. Late in the afternoon I finally got to work on the communion message for tomorrow. I had the rough draft done by supper time. After we ate I had to turn my thoughts to the bulletin. I did it, completed the sermon, prepared the service. This took the whole evening—I’ve written a “Sadie Sermon”—i.e., it ought to please conservative Sarah Orne—it doesn’t hurt to have the truth of conservative theology represented from the pulpit from time to time! Bathed  OBLO  11:25.

Sunday, 3 January 1971

Up shortly after 7:30. Had cup of coffee, St. Paul and Exodus. Read chapters 1 and 2 of Philippians—then turned to several chapters of Exodus. I then turned to shaving, and by the time I finished this breakfast was being readied. After eating I dressed, practiced sermon, then left for the church about 10:25. Everything was set for the communion service—a moderate sized crowd turned out: 30—preached on “More Reasons for Hope.” We got home between 12:30 and 1:00—fixed lunch. Then I just relaxed for a while. Sat in Bonnie’s big rocker in the living room, listening to music with the headphones. Then about the middle of the afternoon I turned again to reading in Eissfeldt; late in the afternoon I typed out the Blessing of Jacob and the Blessing of Moses in parallel columns. Then we fixed supper. The supper hour was used for relaxation—listened to the Boston Pops. Play reading was to have been tonight, but it was post-poned until next Sunday. I hadn’t planned to go—so that I could stay home studying—and I won’t be able to go next week because of the COCU meeting. Bonnie made one brief trip out in the evening to return the big stapler to Jerry, but for the most part we just sat at the dining table—she wrote thank-you notes and letter—I studied—with Hadyn in the background. Among other things, I read the Holiness code—Leviticus certainly isn’t thrilling reading! About 11 o’clock stopped study; relaxed—concluded “reflections” at the beginning of this volume. OBLO 11:45  Θ

Monday, 4 January 1971

Up ay 7:30. Finished Philippians, then read chapters 15 to 18 in Exodus. I then shaved, and prepared to have breakfast with Bonnie and Debbie—after making a couple of phone calls re: the upcoming drug program, and the project NUVA requests for funds from the town of Rockport. After eating breakfast I returned immediately to writing Mrs. Myers. When I’d finished this, the mail arrived—a letter arrived from Bonnie’s mother—she’s dreaming already of Christmas this year—they’ll be home of course—and they want us to come to Centerville—all 4 of us by that time. I’m not very enthusiastic about the idea—but I suppose that we should honor their wishes since we’ve had so few Christmases together. After looking over all the mail, I set off on my errands; had to get some papers notarized re: insurance (at town hall), went to the P.O., then to Eagle office with my weekly article. When I got home I spent some time before lunch reading in The New Republic. We had lunch, Bonnie left for work—Debbie went into her room for play and nap. And I turned to reading—although the first part of the afternoon I spent a good deal of time on the phone, with Jim Bussey—and with a woman from Action, Inc. re: using our church for Head Start. Spent latter part of the afternoon reading; had supper ready when Bonnie got home; after eating read before CBS news. 7:30–9:00 —at Ornes conferring on Head Start, COCU, etc. Home—study until about 11:00; bathed; read briefly; OBLO 11:48.

David’s diary, January 4, 1971

[1] This is a family story which has been garbled over time. Christian Yegerlehner most likely did not leave Switzerland to avoid the military draft, but rather because of the rights of primogeniture. Although Christian was the eldest son, his father was not. There was no land for him to inherit in Switzerland. Christian, his parents, and siblings left Switzerland in 1851 with several other Swiss families. Christian later served in the Civil War. Gladys most likely confused Christian Yegerlehner with Roscoe’s other grandfather, Michael Schiele, who as a young man left the Prussian empire which did have a mandatory draft. Michael belonged to the United Brethren Church which typically opposed military service. Michael did not serve during the Civil War.

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David’s Diary – December 31, 1970

Thursday, 31 December 1970

Up shortly after 8:00; had a cup of coffee while reading St. Paul—then began in Eissfeldt. When Bonnie and Debbie got up I had breakfast with them. Then shaved. One of the things that I had to do was fill out a long personality test for John Stuart—Ph.D., connected with Cape Ann Family + Child Center. More than 200 forced choice questions, so it took a while. The mail man brought letters from Paul + Marty, and the Kings, who seem to be doing well. Before lunch I finished the personality test. Immediately after lunch Bonnie left to do shopping—grocery mainly. I helped her unload the car when she got home. While she was gone I was occupied at my desk, writing letters—to Bob Waugh [1] and to Planned Parenthood/World Population. After Bonnie got back with the groceries she set off for Beverly—bought $23 worth of aquarium supplies! —including new fish: algae eaters, catfish, 2 moon fish, 2 guppies. I got some reading done before she arrived home—then was occupied with the aquariums. Then studied briefly again before supper. After eating watched CBS news. Bonnie went off on errands, I read, then 8:30–1:000 TV (Ironside + Odd Couple)  Then snacked and studied more—mainly on Holiness Code. At 11 o’clock watched news for weather report—big snow coming; watched Johnny Carson New Year’s celebration; 104 year old guest (!); bathed; OBLO c. 1:05


 [There are four pages of the 1971 diary, before 1 January, titled “Reflections”]

1971 will be a very important year—perhaps for many reasons—but certainly on the personal level. Foremost in my mind at the present time are the exams—the whole future depends on them—i.e., my passing them. And 1971 will tell the story on those. By the end of this year I should be devoting most of my time to dissertation research. If I pass the retake exam on Feb. 1, hopefully I can take the second exam by conference time, the third by the end of the summer; the fourth—the Hebrew—in the fall. But things have been thrown off greatly in the past year—so who knows what will happen. My great wish right now is to be able to pass the Feb. 1 exam—as much as anything to be able to regain some confidence. I do have my moments of doubt about ever getting my Ph.D.—my interview with Richardson following the first exam was pretty severe—and most of what he said was quite right. But if I pass the Feb. 1 exam at least I’ll be reassured that I can pass—not to pass a “qualifying” exam naturally means that the candidate doesn’t qualify. So my spirits as well as my career academically will be moved along by a pass.

1971 also means the enlargement of the family, the new baby being due about July 1. So here are things competing for my time: we’re planning to attend parenthood classes so that I’ll be “qualified” (!) to be in the delivery room. So there goes one evening a week—also—as far as an activity consuming time is concerned—when the garden starts up again in the spring, I’ll be the main worker for our family, since Bonnie will be further along with the pregnancy. We have some names picked out—or rather, one: Daniel Josiah, if it’s a boy—but no girls’ names yet. I’ve suggested Rachel Sarah so that the initials would be RSY!

Another exciting event in 1971 is the homecoming of Bonnie’s folks from Penang—we’re looking forward to that very much—and I’m sure they are too. Debbie is going to be very confused about just who “grandma” and “grandpa” are. The terms apply to my folks and we also called Grandma + Emil that—so here another set is arriving this summer. 1971 will also means a significant year in Debbie’s development—by Jan 1, 1972 she should be talking rather fluently.

June 1971 will also be my last appointment to the Rockport church. When we came here in Nov. 1967 we really didn’t dream that we’d be here until June or Sept of 1972—almost 5 years it will be. It has been a most helpful experience—but I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m preparing for something else—I have been since 1968—so I’ll be glad to move on to that “something else.” I’ve calculated that I have about 75 sermons to go! Unless, as has been suggested—Nutting, Bamforth and I can work out some pulpit exchange for the summer. A very staggering thought: 75 more sermons to prepare!

Besides learning a lot more about the OT in 1971 (I’d better!) I also want to deepen my knowledge of St. Paul (although not necessarily my appreciation). I’ve already started rereading his letters—for 1971 I should read them all through several times, in RSV, NEB, TEV—a little each day. After all, I may be having to teach St. Paul next year! His writings leave me very cold—there is a glimmer here and there, a gem—a beautiful phrase or thought—but largely it is useless. Christ for St. Paul was a man, with a specific biography. I prefer to think of the “Christ principle” or the “Christ Process”—its happening all the time, in all generations and ages. Pope John XXIII,  Martin Luther King was a modern “Christ” —an anointed one—and perhaps he and many other people in history have been greater Christs than Jesus was—we know so little about Jesus really—and some of the things that we do know aren’t very complimentary. I think that we need to outgrow “Jesus exclusivism”—which of course is what St. Paul represents. Theism is very beautiful, but it can be so flawed by narrow creeds and doctrines. Theism shouldn’t be the exclusive possession of the followers of Jesus Christ—that is, contrary to the New Testament, there is not only [one] way to God through Jesus Christ, whatever that may mean. God is approachable, accessible on a much wider basis. “What does the Lord of you—but to do justice, to love mercy—to walk humbly with your God” [2]—there’s more truth to this than John 3:16. [3] The God of infinite and eternal compassion does not react to (does not deal with) the world and to people in the narrow ways which the Bible sometimes assumes. (e.g. John 14:6 [4])

1971 should also hold the key to our course as a nation; i.e., by this time next year we should have a better idea as to Nixon’s chances of being re-elected. So many pieces of evidence have appeared to confirm Chet Huntley’s analysis of Nixon (later denied!) as very shallow. At a time when we need brilliant and outstanding leadership—our president is one whose friends include Agnew, Mitchell, Billy Graham, Bob Hope  (and whose appointees include Haynworth + Carswell!); he refuses to disassociate himself from J. Edgar Hoover’s labeling of ML King as a liar (Dec 1970 news conference); he brags about $10 Billion over several years for anti-pollution—and supports the SST [5]; he “Vietnamizes” a war he has the power to STOP—to save face—maintain our pride—he maintains our involvement—withdrawing so slowly—how many will die because of his vanity and stupidity? Surely the country will be ready for an alternative—in 1971 we will discover who the Democrats have to offer.

[1] A friend from my days at Indiana University.

[2] Micah 6:8

[3] “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only abegotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not  perish, but have eternal life.”

[4] ‘Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersonic_transport

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David’s Diary – October 28, 1970

Wednesday, 28 October 1970

Up a few minutes before 9:00—up too late really. I shaved hurriedly, then went to Rev. Bailey’s home—we 4 clergy (Bamforth, Nutting, Bailey and myself) had agreed to meet every now + then to discuss our beliefs. It proved to be an interesting morning—Bamforth had to leave early, but the rest of us stayed until after 12:00. I came home, we had lunch then I turned to working at my desk. Around 2 o’clock or so I went to visit John Wicky—he is home from the hospital now. I had a long chat with him and Bertha—ranging over a wide range of subjects. Came home, returned to my desk. I’m slowly getting things cleared away there, but there’s still much to do. Late in the afternoon I had a long phone conversation with D. S. Mac White. Bonnie went out to do shopping. When she returned home I helped her unload the car, then did some work on the kitchen cabinet doors before supper. After eating we watched CBS news. Then the evening followed the same pattern of many recent evenings—had the TV on and worked on getting doors on. I finished the bathroom doors, then got going on the painting of them. Got two done, then relaxed, watched TV. Helped clean up. Bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson. OBLO, c. 12:30.

Thursday, 29 October 1970

Up shortly before 8:00 after Θ, Shaved, had breakfast—I left town about 8:45—I had an appointment with Don McGaw in Lynn—got there about 9:32. My main concern in going to see him was to get suggestions, guidelines, advice on pre-marital counseling. I’ve never done it before, on any real basis, and it’s part of my professional life which is sadly underdeveloped. He was able to offer a lot of helpful suggestions. I wouldn’t know where to begin, and now I think I have some ideas. We went out to eat—got onto route 1—then he drove me back to his house to get my car—he hadn’t been thinking, or I’d have driven my car to the restaurant too, then I could have gone straight on into Boston. As it was about 10 min. late to my appointment with Richardson. It was quite an hour with him; I said probably no more than 10 sentences. He had the exam in front of him, and went through it from beginning to end, picking it apart; I haven’t the faintest notion when (or if) I’ll be prepared to write an exam to his satisfaction; he made bibliographical suggestions—and I spent some time in the library getting them together and xeroxing. Left Boston about 3:40—got home about 5:00 (stopped to buy a pecan pie), had supper, watched CBS news; went so see Bertha Wicky—whose brother-in-law died; came home; 8:00-10:30 at Patriquins watching Ironsides; came home, relaxed, bathed, OBLO c 11:45.

Friday, 30 October 1970

Up about 8:45 after Θ. Had breakfast, then spent some time puttering—hanging cabinet doors. Then shaved. About 11 o’clock I went over to Pigeon Cove, picked up a book from Sue Lee, Two Children by Choice; we’d loaned her the book, and I need it for preparing Sunday’s sermon. Then I went to see Mrs. Prindall, whose husband just died; I’ll be doing his funeral tomorrow. It was a short visit; I was home by about 11:30. Went through the mail—Carol Lewis was here with Chris. We all had lunch together. Bonnie left for work, then Carol left shortly thereafter. I had intended to get to work on the sermon, but was very tired; I napped until about 3:00. Then I decided to get more painting done; so I did the back (i.e. inside) of the cupboard above the sink. When I finished this I called Don McGaw to tell him that I won’t be going to conference tomorrow because of the funeral. Finally late in the afternoon I started on the sermon. But shortly after Bonnie got home we fixed supper. We caught only a few minutes here and there of CBS news because we discovered fungus on some of the fish and had to start the salt treatments. At 7:20 went to the Lewis’s for the evening; watched Sargent/White debate, played password, just talked, watched Nixon speech. Home about 12:15; treated fish; very weary; OBLO, 1:10.

Saturday, 31 October 1970

Up about 8:30 or 9:00. Had only juice for breakfast, and got to work on my sermon. There were interruptions and distractions, but I did make some progress. About 11 o’clock Bill McKinney was knocking at the door—he’s up from NYC for the weekend. We had a brief visit—Bonnie arrived home from errands with Debbie while he was here. Two books came in the mail. I worked further on the sermon, then shaved before eating. I made a little more progress on the sermon, and while I was preparing to go to the funeral, Wm and Cameron Sesto appeared at the door! I had to leave almost immediately for the funeral however. 2:00-3:00 was spent at the funeral home + cemetery—William Hanson Prindall, Bertha Wicky’s sister’s husband—90 years old. When I got home I returned to work on the sermon. We also were occupied off and on during the day with the fish—another died. Don’t know whether we’ll be able to save them or not. Wm + Cameron went out photographing part of the afternoon—but they had supper with us and left shortly thereafter. Then I spent the evening working on the sermon and preparing the service—the sermon is lengthy—so I eliminated some other items in the service. Finished up about 11:30. Bathed; OBLO c. 12:30.

David’s Diary, October 31, 1970

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David’s Diary – October 20, 1970

Tuesday, 20 October 1970

[Top panel: 2 photos]

Up about 8:30. After breakfast tried to get going on desk work. My main involvement for the morning was putting together an order for Sunday bulletins. Late in the morning, after the mail arrived, I got out the lawn mower. I hadn’t mowed the lawn in months—and it’s on my list of things to get done—I mowed for about 45 min—up til exactly noon. Stopped for lunch. I had hoped to mow more in the afternoon. But I didn’t want to go outside until Debbie had settled down for a nap—which she didn’t do until about 4 o’clock. Before that I worked at my desk, put up the long bulletin board above my desk, trimmed it with blue paint. I’m slowly making progress getting some order to my desk + study. I napped about ½ hour before 4:00. Then about 4:15 I went out to mow—which I continued until about 5:20. At that time I came in, relaxed briefly, Bonnie came home, we worked on supper. Right after supper I got to work cutting out the rest of the doors for the kitchen + bathroom doors. I spent most of the evening on this; about 9:00 we discovered Debbie in her room. She had emptied a can of talcum powder all over the room—what a mess! Took two photos. I finished sawing about 10:30—10:00–11:00 watched CBS news special on TV on campaigns. Watched news, J. Carson, bathed; OBLO, midnight.

Wednesday, 21 October 1970

[Top panel: 2 photos]

Θ before arising shortly after 9:00. I shaved, then had breakfast. One of the first things to do was to put Debbie’s new deacon’s bench toy box into her room—I took a couple of photos. Homer Orne stopped by with a check I requested to be sent to Whittemores for bulletins. When the mail came I looked through Newsweek—I made some further progress in putting my study in order. We ate about 12:00—then we prepared to set out on our afternoon’s project: we went shopping at Mals, the[n] drove down to Beverly; we visited two pet shops, got more accessories for our fish tank—plus got another tank! –because it was on sale, for 5 or 6 dollars. Also got 9 more fish. We came home shortly before 5:00. There was a book on tropical fish just inside the door. I called Carol Lewis later and she confirmed that she had left it—it’s from the library. I spent a while tending to the fish tank, and helped with supper. We ate about 6:30. The evening was busy. The TV was on, but I worked on getting the doors ready for the kitchen cabinets. The offset grooves had to be made, plus the edges rounded off—I did both jobs with the router. Bonnie put more varnish on the frame over the radiator. After finishing with the doors, I relaxed, had snack, watched Johnny Carson a while; read briefly in bed after bathing; OBLO 1:30.

Thursday, 22 October 1970

Not up til about 9:30. This was one of those days I need very few of. It started off very well—I was making progress at my desk—then the mail came—about 11 o’clock—a letter from Dr. Beck: I did not pass the qualifying exam. He indicated that he thought it was a pass, but Dr. Richardson didn’t. I was quite stunned, shaken really. About 11:20 I tried to reach Dr. Beck on the phone—he was in conference. I tried again at 12:00—we had a brief chat—and agreed to meet tomorrow morning at 10:00. I also tried to reach Richardson no luck. I then told Bonnie—I wanted to try to get my mind off of it, so I went out to do the mowing. I did this for a while, came in about 1:45 for lunch. Kept trying to reach Richardson. Bonnie went off on errands, Debbie was asleep, so I did more mowing. I interrupted this to place a call again to Richardson—this time I got him—he’ll see me next Thurs. at 1:00. (He’s to be in NY earlier in the week). I finished the mowing, then went over to the hospital to see John Wicky, stopped at the pet shop on the way home to get some more aquarium supplies, went to see Bertha Wicky, then came home about 5:30. We ate about 6:00, watched CBS news; evening was spent watching TV (e.g., Ironsides), sanding cabinet doors, messing around with the fish and aquarium; bathed; OBLO, 11:52 Θ

Friday, 23 October 1970

[Top panel: Drue’s baby delivered last night at 11:41: Jennifer]

Got up at about 7:30. Shaved, had a hearty breakfast. Left for Boston about 8:30—driving rain. The Mystic River Bridge was backed up, so I didn’t get to Beck’s office until just about 10:00. We conferred about my failure on the qualifying exam: it was quite obvious that he was distressed that Richardson did not want to give the exam a passing grade—he didn’t feel that the exam was great, but he did consider it passing. So my next move is to see Richardson next week (my appointment with him is for Thurs.)—and Beck suggested also that I begin reviewing Eissfeldt again. I left his office shortly before 11:00, did a few errands, then headed home—got back to Rockport about 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed—rather weary. About 2:45 Margaret Reilly arrived; she had called last night that she was coming over. We had a nice long visit—til about 4:15—we had tea and cake together, talked about Alan, politics—especially Canadian—she thinks she witnessed the fleeing getaway car in the LaPorte kidnap.[1] After she left I did some work on supper, but tired to nap before Bonnie got home. When she arrived we had supper, after I went to Richdales on foot. Watched CBS news; went to hospital, saw Drue, Sully, John Wicky; came home, talked to Don McGaw on phone; tended to fish; sanded; bathed; watched some of Johnny Carson. OBLO c 12:41.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Laporte

David’s Diary, October 23, 1970

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