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David’s Diary – June 2, 1969

Monday, 2 June 1969

Debby took her first step this evening at Patriquins.  Debby was awake at 6:30, but didn’t protest too much being ignored and till 8:30—when I finally got up. I spent my morning working on the title slide and preparing for the Board of Ministry interview. Ate about 11 o’clock and shaved. Left for Needham about 12:15—arrived at Carter Memorial Church at 1:20. They were running behind. They didn’t see me until 2:30. They voted not to ordain Me Elder—rather will accept me on probation from S. Indiana conference. I was home—rather disappointed—by 4:15. Went to work again on the slide. In the late afternoon and evening Bonnie and I began to realize how tired we are from the vacation. We fixed supper—I made corn-bread. But the early evening was lethargic; I finished the slide; we went for a walk—stopped at the Patriquins; home by 10:30; bathed; off to bed; lights out, Θ+

Tuesday, 3 June 1969

Up about 8:30. After a small breakfast my attention for most of the day was on my desk and putting it in order. In the morning I also typed up the minutes of the Sunday evening C.A.M.P. meeting. Bonnie went shopping in the afternoon after we had lunch; I stayed home with Debbie; she wandered around tirelessly in the bedroom while I work in my study. She stood alone today for 5-10  seconds. At four o’clock I went to the church to see the man who will be our new organist; Winnie Gamage was there too.  Then Bonnie + Debby + I drove over to Ornes—but they weren’t back from vacation yet. So we dropped in to see Hazle +  Barbara Lord. We were home by six; had supper, watched some TV, played with Debby. In the evening I went back to work at my desk. At 9:00 watched NBC news program. Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT; worked on cleaning out my file; bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:41.

Wednesday, 4 June 1969

Up about 9:00, had a big breakfast; called Bishop Mueller’s office in Indianapolis re: transfer of membership to NE Conference. Then I had to call Bishop Mathews office in Boston. Worked at desk after going to post office with letter for Mueller. After mail came I began mowing, stopped to eat about 12:30. Went back to the mowing—a major job since the grass was pretty tall. Finished at about 3:00. Shaved, got cleaned up. We all went over to Gloucester for passport photos; took drive around Rockport; stopped to see the Ornes who are just back from vacation. Home about 5:30. Supper, TV; worked in yard. At 8:00 the Busseys came over—we visited. At 9:00 I took the VW over to Roy Lee. Sue drove me home. We saw some of the Bussey’s slides, then we showed them ours—including those of vacation. They left about 11:30 – off to bed; lights out c. 12.

Thursday, 5 June 1969

The kittens, 1969

Θ  before arising at 9:00. A slow morning; after a small breakfast did more puttering around my desk. Today is one of my main projects was the removal of a stump out in the yard. I worked at it off and on during the day with both fire and chopping. The mail man brought two more boxes of slides—we viewed them immediately, and then ate a good lunch. After lunch I worked further in my study and photographed the kittens. In mid-afternoon Allen Federick came over to vacuum his car and did more chopping on the stump; we had tea +  discussed theology. He left before supper. We had our supper, and relaxed; I went to the post office with a roll of film and to the store for milk. We discussed plans for Europe. About 9:00 we went down to Patriquins to watch the movie which we got back today with the slides; we came home about 10:30. Bathed; off to bed, lights out 11:50.

Friday, 6 June 1969

Up about 9:00; tried to work after breakfast on my sermon, but didn’t have much luck. Mail man came with another box of slides—which I projected—Bonnie was off doing dry cleaning. I then started [to] read I. F. Stone, what should also come. [1] Out of the blue Bob Peek drove up—his wife still in school. He stayed for lunch. Had to leave around 1:00. I shaved, went to the church to change the wayside pulpit, home again got to work on the sermon—made progress. Bonnie went on errands to Gloucester (picked up passport photos), after finishing most of the sermon I napped. Got up about 5:30, and started on preparations for supper. Bonnie arrived home, we had supper. Joseph + Dorothy Stoner arrived about 7:20. We visited and after dark showed our vacation slides. This was over about 10:00; snack; worked more on this sermon; off to bed; lights out 11:24.

Saturday, 7 June 1969

Off about 9:00. A rather lethargic day. Finished my sermon and did the bulletin in the morning. Also gave attention off and on to the stump—trying to set it on fire. Bonnie and Mrs. Stoner went off shopping. I got lunch—made corn bread. After lunch worked on the mower—Jim Bussey came over to borrow it. About 3:15 I went down to T wharf to meet Mr. Stoner on the boat (Winner III [???])  He had 3 big codfish (10,11, and 15 lbs.) he gave us one—filleted it for us. We had it for supper. The Stoners left about 5:20—we couldn’t persuade them to stay another day. Took pictures of his fish when we got back here to the house. Bonnie + I—as well as Debby napped after they left. I was up about 6:15—fixed supper—after supper I worked on the service, chatted briefly with Jim when he brought in mower back. Straightened up my desk after the service was all ready; surveyed German to be done; bathed, to bed lights out 12. Θ+

Sunday, 8 June 1969

Up about 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved, dressed. Left for the church about 9:30. Bonnie took Debby to the Lords for the morning since Vicky is at camp. Only about 30 in church; preached on the generation gap. After church we changed clothes and joined Alan Federick in his yard—Bonnie went for Debby. About noon we came home for lunch; I napped until about 2:30. At 3:00 went to the Den Mar nursing home to conduct service. Was home by 3:50. Unenthusiastically I set to work on German. Took a break after a while and played with Debby. We had supper around 6:00. I went to the church to see Jim Tanner about preaching for me 2 weeks hence. Came home, back to work on German. At 8:30 I went for a walk on Bear Skin Neck, took pictures. I was home, working on German again by 9:15. Knocked off after a while for a snack; bathed;  off to bed, lights out 11:55.

[1] I.F. Stone wrote a liberal newsletter; he was known for his criticism of the Vietnam war.

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David’s Diary – May 12, 1969

Monday, 12 May 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast. My main concern today was to get letters written—wrote to the folks, Mrs. Myers, David Watson, Gary Myers [1], Harrell Beck. Had lunch around 1 o’clock. In mid-afternoon we all three went down to the Ross Candle shop on Bear Skin Neck and bought two swirl candles for the blue candlesticks that Bonnie got for Mother’s Day. Bonnie went to Gloucester shopping—I went with Debby to call on Gracie Harris. We got home about 4:30—then both of us napped. At 5:30 I got up, fixed supper. Bonnie got home shortly after 6:00, just as I was finishing with feeding Debby. After supper we went to Crowells—to visit and pick up his trailer for hauling debris tomorrow. Home about 9:00. I photographed the candles. We then did some planning for the Indiana trip—I wrote to Paul + Marty + to Kings; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:40.

Tuesday, 13 May 1969

Up at  8:45 set up + wetted down our tent—after a big breakfast, got to the main project of the morning:  going to the dump. Loaded the trash burner onto the trailer, Plus trash, cans, etc. Was home from the dump by 11:00.  Went to work in my study—had to type post-cards handle letter. Bonnie was hard at work sewing—so I got lunch and fed Debby. Went to the bank for travelers checks + cash—nap when I got home—about 3:30 we went to Gloucester—Took the lawn mower to Bussey’s—Roger Cressy will look at it. Then we went shopping—buy groceries and supplies for camping next week.  Stopped at Crowells on the way home to leave the trailer; home shortly before 6:00. After supper just relaxed—I have worked to do, let’s felt in the mood just to relax—read more in Giotto.  Bathed about 10:00.  Read in bed; θ, lights out at 11:30.

Wednesday, 14 May 1969

Took 14 pictures of flowers + Rockport. Up about 8:15. Breakfast, worked at my desk, sorting, filing, straightening up. Overcast outside, showery—put the tent out again. Called in order to Sears for spare bulb for projector and water-proofing compound for  the tent. Mail man brought slides and pictures, which we stopped to look at. After lunch, shaved, Homer Orne + I went to call on Miss Ingles—prospective organist. Then stopped at Emma Laste’s to photograph her flower bank. Then to Gloucester to pick up the lawn mower. Back home; Bonnie, Debby + I drove over to Pigeon Cove to photograph a tree—home again, I napped. Up at 5:30. Made out an order for bulletins, fixed supper. 7:30-8:30 watched Jacques Costeau program on the sea. Worked at desk briefly; at 9:00—shortly after we went down to the Patriquins to show our slides; home just before 11:00 to watch news—Nixon’s proposal for Vietnam peace; off to read in bed; lights out 12:16.

Thursday, 15 May 1969

Debby and the family cat, 1969

Kittens born! Up shortly before 9:00; had breakfast, then got to mowing. About 10:00 Homer + Sarah came over to leave some things since they’re going on vacation. Returned to mowing about 11:00—stopped to read mail—Jim Bussey came over to get jugs of water. Back to mowing; finished about 12:30. Had lunch. Fatigued. Not used to physical exertion! Napped briefly—or at least tried to. Worked for a while on my Bible Class lesson: Joel. Napped. About 3:00 I went to pay a call on Sarah Wilton—met Mrs. Green—a young woman, articulate, well read, but confessed to be a fundamentalist. Home again before 5:00. Began tearing down fence in yard—one section; worked on Joel. Had supper (fixed it too)—after 7:30, worked briefly on the fence—about 7:45 discovered the cat in the closet—with 3 kittens. 8:00-9:00 Bible class—not really—only 2 showed up: Virginia + Hazel Brady. Worked on sermon; bathed; off to bed; lights out at 12:18.

Friday, 16 May 1969

Θ before arising at 8:45. Had breakfast; my first concern of the day was to get the marriage ceremony of Pat + Gary Holmes typed. This took most of the morning; time out to read the mail. Around noon—after Bonnie had finished Debby’s new dress, we all went out into the yard for picture taking—Debby 9 months old today. Then we fixed lunch; shaved; tried unsuccessfully to turn off heater in VW. We then set about getting ready to go to Boston. Left at 3:00. Arrived at BU before 4:00. Several errands to tend to. Found out my grades: Isaiah, A, Archaeology + Messiah, A-, which was a disappointment. Saw Drs. Richardson + [???: Luccoch ???] briefly. Bonnie went to Sears to pick up projector bulb and water proofing for tent. At 6:00 we stopped in briefly to see Larry Burton. At 6:30 were at Pat + Gary’s apartment. Had supper + visit. Headed home about 10:30. Arrived about 11:30. The cat left her young for the first time; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:56.

Saturday, 17 May 1969

(Cat went outside today for first time since delivering.) Slept late—not up until about 9:30. Had breakfast, then got to work to water-proof the tent. Saw Alan Fedrick in his parking lot, chatted with him; he appears to be ready to buy a house. Worked on the tent until about 2:00—with time out for lunch. After finishing the tent (one coat, outside + inside), finished taking up the part of the tent in the yard we didn’t want. Then stopped to shave and bathe. About 4:00 Bonnie, Debby + I went shopping; bought film and Bermuda shorts. Got home about 5:30.  I went over to see the Hannibals since we’ll be away next Saturday. Home about 6:30; watched the news—had supper. After supper had to get to work again on the sermon. Finished the sermon, then did the bulletins, made phone calls (earlier); took a break during writing sermon to play with Debby—a fast crawler these days. Finally finished on the service about 12:20.  Off to bed; lights out 12:32.

Sunday, 18 May 1969

Up at 6:00 a.m.—ugh! Had to be at Riverdale Church at 7:00 for communion service—helped Forrest Clark and Jim Bussey serve. Home by about 9:00 after the breakfast. Was able to relax for a while. Alan Federick arrived with his car to help get the record player to church. Preached in Isaiah 63:7-64:11—not over 40 in church. Home in time to see the launch of Apollo 10. About 1:00 we went to the Patriquins for lunch. So drowsy afterward. Came home about 3:00 for a conference with Jim Tanner about next Sunday’s worship. Tried to nap between 4:00 and 5:00 but not much luck. At 5:00 had a meeting of Joint Youth Steering com. at the church. Lasted until 6:30. Spent the evening after supper doing a number of things to prepare for the trip—packing, working on car, desk work, bulletin for next Sunday; about 11:30 bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:00.


[1] One of my college roommates at I.U.

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David’s Diary – May 5, 1969

Monday, 5 May 1969

Up by 8:30—but had a headache—had breakfast, took aspirin—but the headache lingered. I didn’t get much done in the morning—my head was bothering me too much. But I did make some progress in cleaning my desk, filing. We had lunch about 1:00, shaved, about 1:45 I got up to Hannibals, at 2:30 I went to see Bertha Wicky to talk about the current turmoil in the church—didn’t leave there utnil almost 4:00. Came home; books had arrived from Cokesbury, Gideon, by Pritchard—for the Bible class to give to Helen Evarts. I took it over to her home—saw her briefly—very ill. Helped Bonnie with supper; called Dr. Richardson to have him send me a map to his home for Wed. evening. About 6:30 we took Debby to Patriquins, then headed to Lawrence to see the movie, Lion in Winter—back to Patriquins by 11:20; home; snacked; bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:55.

Tuesday, 6 May 1969

Up about 9:30. Breakfast; spent the morning making a door for the top of the stairway (back) to prevent Debby from falling down stairs on way from bedroom to Bonnie’s sewing room. This was finished by about 12:30 or so. Had lunch after shaving. Went calling; saw Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Leary, Anna + Alvina—also Virginia Bate. Home about 5:30. Had supper; typed stencil of proposed letter + questionnaire for Admin. Board approval. Picked up Hazle Lord for baby sitting about 7:00, went to the church, trustees meeting briefly at 7:15—then the Administrative Board meeting at 7:30. A divisive meeting—I was again attacked + insulted by Alice Marr. Quite an uproar. Announced at the beginning of my report that we’re moving to England; meeting broke up about 9:30. After we got home, we went to the Patriquins; Winnie Gamage was there. Stayed to about 11:15; home again;bathed; off to bed; 12:20.

Wednesday, 7 May 1969

Don’t recall when we got up—much of the day was very blah. After breakfast I set out to get the lawn mowed. Got the mower out of the basement. Changed oil, cleaned, put in new gas—but wouldn’t start. Went + bought new spark plug but still wouldn’t work. We had a late lunch—after which I napped. Up about 3:00. Typed stencils for the letter and questionnaire to be sent. Then got ready to go. About 4:30 we left, took Debby to Busseys for the evening, then drove to Newton to Dr. Richardson’s for supper. Arrived about 6:30—left about 10:00. We had an enjoyable supper and socializing with class members and wives. We played a game of probe [1] with Les + Jeannie [?] Strong. We got to Busseys about 11:00, home by 11:30. Debby didn’t awake on way home. Bathed, off to bed; lights out 12:30.

Thursday, 8 May 1969


David and Debby, Spring 1969

Up at 8:00. No breakfast; immediately did the mimeographing. This was finished by 8:45. Then had to call Emma Last to be organist. Went on errands—Ornes, post office, to see Jean Crowell at the Bank. Got gas, home about 10:15. We got ready to go; left about 10:45. Arrived in Avon at 12:10. Went 128 around Boston to the west. The object of the visit is to relax. In the afternoon played cards and napped. We had supper at 5:00. Relaxed; Grandma’s friend Merle and husband Tom came over about 6:40. We watched TV and visited; then we showed them our slides. We didn’t want to have to spend an evening in conversation with them—so we decided that slides were the best preoccuption. They left about 9:00. Debby was still going—has had little nap today; finally asleep by 10:00. Bathed; off to bed; lights out 10:52.

Friday, 9 May 1969

A do-nothing day. Up at 9:00; had breakfast. Finally got around to shaving—just sat around in the morning. After lunch, relaxed, read, about mid-afternoon Bonnie and I went shopping. At Sears I got a new pair of casual shoes—very comfortable. Then at Kings I bought a new pair of slacks—green plaid, and a belt. Several other items; we got back to Grandma’s about 4:45. I called BU to renew a book. About 5:00 we had supper. Then watched TV. At 7:30 we began to get ready to go. Left Avon at 8:00—went to the west 128 route around Boston—75 miles to Rockport; we were home by 9:20. Our cat was desperate for attention—and to get outside. But we didn’t allow her out. Got everything in + put away; called Pat + Gary Holmes—they were expecting us this evening; read, relaxed, bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:45. θ+

Saturday, 10 May 1969

Up with Debby by 8:30. Bonnie stayed in bed—didn’t get downstairs until almost 11:00. I fed Debby breakfast, worked on sermon. Mother called shortly after Bonnie came downstairs—wants us to come to Indiana for their 40th wedding anniversary. We have decided to do this since she called. Had lunch, shaved, finished sermon, typed + ran off the bulletins. Then set out with Debby on my back; we went down to Bear Skin Neck and bought Bonnie a Mother’s Day gift. Then went to call on Esther Longley. Home about 4:30. Then helped with supper—put a pie together; after supper we went over to Wesley Church in Gloucester to the Arts, Crafts, Hobby show—in which some of Bonnie’s sewing is displayed. Home about 8:45. Entertained Alan Fedrich and his parents—showed slides hurriedly—pausing at those with Alan. They went home after 10; bathed; off to bed; θ+; lights out 11:55.

Sunday, 11 May 1969

Awake around 8:00. I had hidden Bonnie’s Mother’s Day gift under the bed, and Debby and I gave it to her after Debby’s bottle: two blue glass candlesticks. Then I got up and did more work on the service—small breakfast, shaved, dressed. Off to the church at 10:00—had to go through things with Jim Tanner. Had 38 at the service—communion. Alice Marr asked to be friends. Didn’t get home til almost 1:00. After lunch we finished 3 rolls of film—in 3 different cameras. Napped, at 3:00 went to the church; we had a meeting with Roxbury people about placing students here in Rockport. This was over about 5:00; came home—after taking more pictures around the church—fixed supper, baked 2 pies. After supper, at 6:30 went back to the church for Joint Youth meeting; home at 7:30. We went to Wesley church to Hobby Show; 9:30 to Patriquins, stayed there until after 11:00; home again; too weary to bathe; off to bed; lights out 11:45.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probe_(parlor_game)

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David’s Diary – April 28, 1969

Monday, April 28, 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast and then got to work typing the Messiah paper—getting that finished was my first goal of the day. But I didn’t get finished with it as soon as I wanted. Still about 4 pp. to go when I stopped to have lunch. Bonnie & Debbie went over late in the a.m. to see Hazle Lord—home about 1:00. Had lunch by myself. Got back to work after shaving. Finally finished the paper about 3:00. I was babysitting—Bonnie was at WSCS. I finished the footnotes and bibliography by 4:00, then got to straightening up the desk. Bonnie came home with the report that Alice Marr spoke of “underground movement” to close the church. I wrote them a letter trying to explain things. Went on walk to post-office. Home, had supper. About 6:45 I got back to my desk, began work on my Isaiah paper. Slow start—by 11:00 o’clock only into the 9th verse (chpt 63, beginning at v.7); bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:12.

Tuesday, April 29, 1969

Had trouble getting to sleep last night; still awake at least at 2:00—so wasn’t up so early this morning—up about 9:00. After breakfast I was concerned to get my proof reading done. This took quite a while, since there were 40 pp of manuscript to read + correct (Psalm 110 and Messiah) Finished about 11:15—then shaved, changed clothes, had light lunch; 12:15 headed to BU—got there about 1:15. Took about ½ hour to xerox both papers. Class from 2:00 until 3:15 headed home; arrived Rockport about 4:30. Relaxed, napped before supper; ate supper, then got back to my desk about 7:30. Debby was playing on the floor for about ½ hour. She really gets around. Worked all evening; took a break for pie + coffee around 10:00. I’ve done vv. 7-14 now (Isaiah 63) stopped about 11:30. Bathed; spent a lot of time in the tub—unhurried off to bed; lights out 12:41.

Wednesday, April 30, 1969

Felt lousy for about the first half of the day; didn’t sleep well last night—2nd night in row—but I had to plod away on the Isaiah paper. By 10 ‘clock hadn’t finished the 63rd chapter yet. Lunch around 1:00; shaved (slides arrived in the mail—I stopped to look at them) Worked on during the afternoon, during one study break I sowed some grass seed out by the garage. Bonnie went shopping in the afternoon. Debby woke up, stayed in her play-pen for a while, then wanted company and freedom to roam. I worked at my desk and she crawled around the study. I stopped work at 7:00 for supper. 7:30 back to work. The textual problems thinned out near the end, so it wasn’t so difficult. did break at about 10:00.  Finally finished the exegesis of all 24 verses about 10:40—too long 25 pages! a lot of typing—and the conclusion has yet to be written; bathed, off to bed; lights out 11:54.

Thursday, 1 May 1969

David and Debby, March 1969

Up before 8:30. Had breakfast; turned immediately to finish writing the Isaiah paper. Finished shortly after 10:00, then set up to [do] the typing, with the Hebrew typewriter on the card-table next to the desk. Interrupted by the mail man. Took time to read letter from Bonnie’s mother. Then back to work—then worked pretty steadily for the rest of the day—took time out for lunch and to shave, but worked without interruption in the afternoon. Stopped about 7 o’clock for supper, but got back to work by 7:35. Kept on until about 10:00. Stopped for coffee—call from John + Lea—suggesting a gift for the folks 40th wedding anniversary. Back to work by 10:30. Debby had trouble getting to sleep this evening. She was still up at 11:30. Very sleepy—but also fretful. Finally by 12:00 she was asleep. About 12:00 stopped typing, on the 22nd typed page. Off to bathe; unhurried. Off to bed; lights out 1 a.m.

Friday, 2 May 1969

Up about 8:00—had breakfast, then got to work finishing my paper—all done, footnotes, bibliography by about 11:00. Then I relaxed for a while, prepared to go to Boston. Had lunch. From 1:00 to 2:00 carefully proof-read the paper. About 2:30 we left for Boston—Bonnie + Debby went along. Got to Boston about 3:30. I xeroxed my paper. We were at BU about an hour—saw Larry Carter; he hadn’t seen Debby before. We left about 4:30. Debby got car-sick on the way home. Arrived here about 6:00. Had planned to go to the show in Lawrence, but we would have had to rush, and we were exhausted; so we had supper at a leisurely pace. I fixed supper while Bonnie fed and bathed Debby. We laid down for a few minutes after supper. About 8:00 we went down to Patriquins. Showed our slides; we came home about 10:15. Bathed, relaxed, read, off to bed; lights out 11:26.

Saturday, 3 May 1969

Allowed myself the luxury of staying in bed until around 10:00. Had a small breakfast—couldn’t really get interested in writing a sermon—went about clearing away the mess of papers on my desk. Phone call from Jim Bussey—he read an inane letter in the paper by Alice Marr about youth and the church. Had lunch about 12:30. Sue Lee brought over a banner she’d made for church. 1:30-2:30 talked with Ornes—visited them with Lucy Patience. Went to the church to see where to hang the banner. Came home, napped, did some preliminary work on sermon. Supper about 6:30. 7:30 went to the church for short conference with Jean Crowell—she’s the organist tomorrow. Home by 8:00—Alan Federick came over to see slides. By about 9:30 I got to work, did bulletin, then ½ of sermon; bathed; did other ½; off to bed at 1:05.

Sunday, 4 May 1969

Up about 8:00—got to work finishing preparation for the service—small breakfast, shaved, dressed; at 10:00 Alan Federick came over in his car—we transported the record player to the church. Need the Medical Mission Sisters record in the sermon. After the service Alan helped me get it back up to the house; he stayed for lunch—from about 2:00–4:00 we all napped. At 4:00 we went over to Sue + Roy Lees. Bill + Jean Crowell arrived. They invited us for supper. Came home around seven; we felt like getting out of the house, but didn’t have any good ideas on where to go + what to do—and I was rather weary. So we killed a couple of hours playing Scrabble! I beat Bonnie—a rarity. After this I read for a while, Bonnie played her accordian. I worked at my desk and the backlog of paperwork. Stopped to bathe about midnight; off to bed; lights out 12:15.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/03/davids-diary-april-28-1969/

David’s Diary – April 21, 1969

Monday, April 21, 1969

Θ before arising—up about 8:15, had breakfast. My main project for today was to get the Shechen paper done (Iron I) I worked at it steadily during the day—had lunch around 12:30—but didn’t actually get to writing until late afternoon. Dozed in my chair for a while in mid-afternoon. Had about half of the paper written when I stopped for supper. Got back to work about 8:00—Bonnie went to a meeting—officers of community chorus. I finished writing about 10:00, and had about a page typed when she got home. We then went about getting trash ready for town cleanup tomorrow (cans, branches). Got back to typing, then bathed around 11:30. Bonnie went to bed, I typed some more. Wasn’t quite about to finish—making too many mistakes; off to bed, lights out about 12:20.

Tuesday, April 22, 1969

Up shortly after 8:00; had breakfast (small), then got to work finishing typing the Slechen paper. After this did about one page more on Psalm 110 paper. Shaved; at 10:30 had an early lunch, caught the 11:15 train–got to BU around noon. Had a brief chat with Larry Carter, had a sandwich with Walter Aufrecht.  Went to do xeroxing; from 2:00 til 3:45 had archaeology class—for a few minutes relaxed in Oxnam Lounge. The Isaiah class—the last one. Left about 20 minutes early. But there were no delays on the subway. Was on the train 15 minutes early—but it was late leaving; got home about 8:00—walked home in the rain with leaking shoes. After supper relaxed, played with Debby. I brought Richardson’s Hebrew typewriter home with me today, so did some toying with it in the evening—but rather tired—off to bed early 10:15; read in bed; lights out 10:55.

Wednesday, April 23, 1969

Up not too long after 8:00. Had pie for breakfast. Worked with the Hebrew typewriter, getting the Hebrew inserted into the pages already typed. Then finally got to work typing more of the manuscript itself. Had lunch around 12:30, then shaved, worked clear through until 2:45—had 14 pages done. Left immediately for BU, got there about 4:00. Attended Messiah seminar. Class over c. 5:50. Consulted with Richardson about getting Grad. School clearance for my Cambridge study. Got books from library on Isaiah, headed home, got here about 7:25—had supper, then had meeting at 8:00 (at Brewers) to draw up the questionnaire to be sent to all church members. This was over about 9:30. Came home, had coffee, worked at my desk for a while., bathed about 10:30; off to bed; read; lights out 11:32.  θ+

Thursday, April 24, 1969

David with Debby, March 1969

Up not too long after 8:00. My main concern today was to get the Psalm 110 paper finished; I got to typing after breakfast. There was an interruption around 11:00 when the mailman arrived. Letters from Paul + Marty (they’ve bought a 21 ft cabin cruiser!) and Harrell Beck—advising us to reconsider carefully going deep in debt for European study—discourages us to do so. Around noon fixed hinge on front door. Had lunch, worked all afternoon on the paper—finally, before 5 o’clock it was finished except for footnotes + bibliography. Had to turn then to get ready for the Bible Class. Read hurriedly through Malachi and Ruth, had supper, work a few minutes on footnotes; Bible class arrived at 8:00; 6 in attendance—we did Malachi: this was over by 9:30. Finished footnotes + bibliography—all done! Straightened up my study—bathed, off to bed; lights out after reading 12:25.

Friday, April 25, 1969

Up before 8:30. The main concern today was to get going on the Messiah paper. But after the big push yesterday, my heart wasn’t in it. Anyway I had to spend the morning on correspondence—had to write letters to seminaries [?] for the Joint Youth Group, and re: my ordination. Went to the post office. Didn’t get down to work really until after lunch—I procrastinated, getting distracted by articles in the IDB. [1] But did make some significant progress—at least made a good start. Stopped for supper about 6:30. Watched CBS news. Back to my desk about 8:00. Did more work on the Messiah paper—probably reached the ½ way point. Then straightened up my desk—after pie + coffee—then read thru Meth. History notes (from Dr. Brown’s course) for session—and began on it. But about 10:00 or 10:30 left off of this—Bonnie and I discussed pros + cons of European trip—we would have to borrow 1-2 thousand. Bathed, off to bed; lights out 12:12.

Saturday, April 26, 1969

Up about 7:15—dear Debby wasn’t sleepy any longer!  But I was able to get my sermon done by nine o’clock. Then I did the bulletins. About 10:20 Bonnie, Debbie + I took a walk—to the Post Office, and then to Alan Federick’s; we all come home then Alan wanted to use our vacuum to clean his car. He stayed for lunch. Bonnie poured boiling water into the blue (wedding-gift) pitcher—it shattered, hot water all over—nobody hurt, but we mourn the loss of the beautiful pitcher. Bonnie + Alan washed cars, I napped around 1 o’clock briefly, then got to work again on my paper. In the afternoon Bonnie repaired two seats in the VW. I worked all afternoon on the paper. Stopped about 5:45 to help with supper. Then back to work again. Finally finished the rough draft about 9:00. Then turned to polishing the service for tomorrow; bathed; off to bed at 11:10 (12:10 actually!) lights out.

Sunday, April 27, 1969

Up about 8:15; had breakfast, shaved, did feel like beginning typing on the Messiah paper. Got all ready for church, walked around in the yard and took some pictures of the cat. Off to church about 10:20. Preached another sermon on Wesley and the founding of Methodism. Less than 40 in church. Home by 12:15. Weary after lunch—napped until about 3:00, then got started on the typing. This paper is going faster than the Psalm 110 paper. By the time I stopped for supper around 6:45 I had 7 pages done. After supper went to Methodist men. Becky Bussey came to visit with Bonnie while Jim + I attended the meeting. We didn’t get back until about 10:00. Judge Jodrey gave a long slide show very interesting—terrific photos! After Busseys left I got back to typing, but didn’t get too far, too weary—stopped to go to bed about 11:35. Took pictures of Debby + Bonnie today in mother-daughter outfits; lights out 11:45.


[1] Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible

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David’s Diary – April 14, 1969

Monday, April 14, 1969

Up before 9:00. My main concern today was to get my paper on Gibeon ready. First of all, had to finish reading Pritchard’s book, then turned to various books and articles. We had a late lunch, around noon. In the afternoon I was able to work alone, since Bonnie took Debby over to see Hazle Lord. Late in the afternoon I finally got to writing the paper, but not soon enough, Alan Federick + Pat were having us over for supper. He called about 5:00 saying that dinner was c. 7:00 or 7:30. So I worked until about that time. We got there about 7:20. Didn’t have supper til after 8:00. I wasn’t able to have such a good time since I still didn’t have this paper done. Home by 9:30, got to work. Tired. Stopped to bathe a(t) 11:00. By 12:30 have most of the paper written; off to bed; lights out 12:30.

Tuesday, April 15, 1969

Up before 8:00 and got to work on the Gibeon paper. Had some writing yet to do, then got to the typing. Finished by noon, had quick lunch, shaved electrically, then headed to BU by car. Got there about 1:30, went to do the xeroxing of my paper, the went to class at 2:00. We couldn’t meet for the full two hours today—were out by 3:00. Richardson wasn’t at all upset that I hadn’t even handed in my German exam. From 3:00 to 4:00 just sat outside the school talking with Walter Aufrecht + Don Jones—a beautiful warm day. Isaiah class from 4:00 to 6:00—left early, home here in Rockport by about 6:40. Watched TV, had supper, relaxed, but really too tired to try to concentrate on anything. Watched a Nat’l Geographic program about Polynesia; off to bathe about 9:30. Read, lights out about 11; θ+

Wednesday, April 16, 1969

Debby 8 months old today; got up about 8:00, had breakfast, shaved; at 9:30 had conference with Ed Nutting about merger with Congregational church. He indicated his church would be open for discussion. Home by 11 o’clock—worked on  mimeographing the newsletter for Concerned Citizens, at request of George Gabin. About 12:30 had lunch. Caught 1:15 train to Boston. Got to BU about 3:00, looked into books, had class at 4:00—left about 5:45—caught the 6:40 train home—late getting to Rockport. Arrived home about 8:15, began Bible Class immediately. Over 9:30. Only 5 in attendance. After this did more work on the mimeographing: Didn’t finish until after 11:30. Had a letter from Uhlinger today. Advises: “take it easy”—re: merger. The Methodist hierarchy doesn’t want to give up anything—wants true merge, not a swallowing. But joining with [? Cong….] is just plain sensible—no matter what its called; we must overlook self-interest; off to bed; lights out 12:15.

Thursday, April 17, 1969

Debby with a mirror, April 1969

Cat definitely seems to be pregnant.

Up about 9:30. Did some letter-writing, ordered books from Cokesbury. Went to the Post Office, home again. Didn’t accomplish too much today. Went about getting ready for the Wesleyan Fellowship meeting tonight—had to do some mimeographing. Did a lot of puttering around, didn’t set started on Psalm 110 paper. Later in the afternoon, Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT, then I bathed, since I didn’t last night. After bath, I decided to take the mimeographed material to George Gabin. Bonnie and I walked over with Debby on my back. Stopped to chat with Alan and Pat about  cleaning his car. Saw Anna and Alvina, stopped to see Syd + Winnie Gamage, came home; I napped; 6:45 picked up Hazel Lord, went to the church—meeting didn’t have many results—a questionnaire to be sent to members. Over around 10:00, picked up Debby at Patriquins; snack; off to bed after 11; lights out 11:15.

Friday, April 18, 1969

Up by 8:30. Had a small breakfast, got to work at my desk—procrastinated actually on getting to work on my Psalm 110 paper. So I got my desk cleared off. About 10:30 I strolled outside, and so did Bonnie; we got involved for about a half hour in taking the old rotten picnic table apart, trimming trees. I got back to work finally. We had lunch about 1:00. In the afternoon I made progress on the paper and finally finished the manuscript by supper time—took break in the afternoon for more tree trimming. Bonnie was doing some raking. Helped fix supper, then by 8:00 got back to my desk. Wrote my sermon—actually went very quickly, then got busy on the bulletins—finished them about 1:15. It started raining in the evening. Will be a good day tomorrow to stay inside and type! Off to bathe about 11:30. Listened to new record ( Med. Miss. Sisters), Joy Is Like the Rain; off to bed; lights out 12:20.

Saturday, April 19, 1969

Up at 8:00; breakfast, went to work on the Psalm 110 paper—typing stage. Tried to make this the day’s project, but progress was slow, had done only about 3 pages at noontime. After lunch I shaved, then made some calls (Rip Hannibal and Lucy Patience) and changed the Wayside Pulpit; was back at my desk typing by 3:45. Made some headway—Bonnie went stir crazy. Debby had been whining and whining—and sewing hadn’t gone right—so I offered to take Bonnie to a show—that helped improve things. We had supper around six, then left Debby off with the Patriquins, then went to the theatre in Worcester—saw Charlie—not a very cheerful film, but at least we got out of the house. Had night snack at Patriquins—home by 10; bathed.

Sunday, April 20, 1969

Up around 8:00 to work on the service, practice the sermon; shaved—last morning that I shaved my sideburns, had breakfast, off to the church about 10:40. Mrs. Marr condemned as “ridiculous” having the girls sing the prelude with guitars. Had 44 in church, preached on COCU. Home by 12:15—had lunch, finally got to work typing and made a little headway. At about 2:45 we all three went over to Alan’s to say good-bye to Pat Harry—took pictures. I had a meeting at 3:00 at Episcopal Church. Lasted until about 5:00—joint youth group decided to discuss further May 11 the placing of a Black Roxbury resident in Rockport for a year. Returned home, did more typing, helped with supper, then at 7:30 had a meeting at Wesley Church in Gloucester. Home from that at about 10:00. Had a snack, relaxed, but then got back to typing; our cat is now beginning to look pregnant—we should have some kittens in about a month; off to bed; lights out 11:12.

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David’s Diary – April 7, 1969

Monday, April 7, 1969

Up shortly after 9:00. Had breakfast, then went to work on my Jerusalem paper; this took most of the day. Got much of it written before noon, stopped for lunch around 1:00. Finished writing about 3:00. Then got to typing. During a study break around 4:00 or 5:00 Bonnie and I discussed Europe again; our on-again off-again trip to England is on again—a nine month stay on borrowed money. Continued working  on the Jerusalem paper, had most of it done when I stopped for supper at 6:30. Watched CBS news. Back to work by 7:30. Finished the paper completely by 8:30, after Bonnie had left for community chorus rehearsal. Cleared up the desk a little, glanced at some material for pseudepigrapha paper, talking with Alan Federick on the phone, got to work on German. Worked steadily at German until about 11:30. I’m not ready for the exam! Off to bathe; off to bed; lights out at midnight. θ+

Tuesday, April 8, 1969

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast, caught the 9:20 train to Boston; was at Klugman’s apartment by 11:10. Worked on German until about 12:00, got to BU by 12:30. Had lunch with Mike Miller, Dr. Lucock [?], Dr. Richardson; archaeology class met at 1:00 instead of 2:00. I presented my supplementary report on Debir, and the Late Bronze report on Jerusalem. At 3:00 when class was over, did xeroxing. At four Bonnie picked me up outside the school. She had come in to town with Pat to see the Gardner museum. We headed home, got here around 5:00. Had tea and relaxed; Pat went home about 6:15. We had supper, watched news. From 7:30 til 8:15 I napped. Then got to work on seminar paper for tomorrow; had about half of it done by 2:00 a.m. Tomorrow will finish—longest passages are behind me; off to bed; lights out 2:10.

Wednesday, April 9, 1969

Up about 8:00; only a bite to eat, then got to work on the paper for seminar. Finished about 10:30, then typed two stencils with some key quotes from the pseudepigraphical books. Finished this shortly before noon; shaved; had lunch, left for BU about 12:40. From 2:00–2:40 had a conference with Dr. Brown to talk about our plans for Europe. 3:00–4:00 read over the seminar paper, then checked at the graduate office about my application for advanced approval of Cambridge work. 4:00-5:45 attended class, drove home, arrived shortly after seven; Bonnie left almost immediately to go to movie with Pat and Alan. Had supper, relaxed, napped; watched TV, then translated German for about an hour. Climbed into the tub—and Bonnie arrived home with Alan + Pat! Finished bathing, we visited; they left about 12:30; off to bed; lights out 1:07.

Thursday, April 10, 1969

Up before 9:30. θ+ before arising. Had a hard time forcing myself to get to work on German. Found things to do at my desk; mailman brought our slides, so we stopped to see them. Had lunch around 12:00. I was left with Debby for the afternoon while Bonnie went to stay with Beck Bussey while Jim took her parents to the airport; Becky’s condition has improved—no miscarriage. I worked on German in the afternoon, although I was interrupted by several phone calls. Stopped for supper around 6:00 – then at 7:00 went to the church to meet with the men’s committee on the building. Started late—didn’t end until about 9:30. Anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand could be spent to fix the church. At 9:30 Mr. Coty + his bride arrived, plus wedding party; we had the rehearsal; I was home by 10:00. Bonnie and I had a snack. I tried to study German some, but rather weary. Off to bed without a bath; relaxed, read, lights out – 11:20.

Friday, April 11, 1969

David with Debby, April 1969

Up about 7:30. Had breakfast, left for Boston, arrived at BU—took the German exam, but there was too much to translate. I didn’t even hand it in—it would have been such a spectacular flunk! So it’s back to work on the Deutsch—it’s going to be a working summer. Had my lunch at the school, then went down to the Copley Square area, browsed in bookstores—then left Boston—went to Lynnfield-Wakefield church to pick up FFR envelopes—but none there. Came on home—here by 2:50. Relaxed, napped. About 5 o’clock we went for a walk—stopped in to see Patriquins—home shortly after 6:00. Watched news, had supper. Was at the church by 7:00—prepared for the wedding—married Henry Coty and Carol McDonald—ceremony at 7:30. From there rushed home—then off to committee meeting at Mrs. Niemi’s house—committee voted to recommend that our church building be sold. Home shortly after 10:00; snack; bathed; off to bed; lights out 11:45.

Saturday, April 12, 1969

Can’t recall when we got up—before 9:00 I’m sure. Changed wayside pulpit, went to post office. In the morning, went to see Kay Patriquin to report on last night’s meeting. Home, shaved, then went to see Sue Lee to tell her about the meeting. We had lunch around 1:00. In the afternoon I wrote letter to Uhlinger, also mimeoed letter to Wesleyan Fellowship, mailed these, went to see Mr. + Mrs. Patience, home again, read some for archaeology. We went to the Kentucky Colonel for supper—that is we brought the chicken on home, after supper I got to work on the sermon—Bonnie went to Community Chorus rehearsal. When she got home we watched movie on TV: Charade—I typed bulletin during commercials! Did not get sermon finished until after the movie was over; off to bed then, lights out 12:55.

Sunday, April 13, 1969

Up before 7:30. Debby woke up early + was bored in crib, so I took her downstairs to allow Bonnie to get some more sleep. Worked on the service—then went back to bed for a while myself. Got up about 9, shaved, dressed, breakfast—off to church by 10:40. Preached on Wesley’s life up to Aldersgate. 46 in church. Home by 12:15—lunch, relaxed, read, napped. Meeting at 3:00 at Episcopal rectory to discuss bringing Black youngster to Rockport for high school. Home by 5:00. Had supper, then back to studying—working on Pritchard’s book: Gibeon. Made good progress in this. In the evening went to the Community Chorus. Bonnie went early—left Debby at Patriquins, then went to join the choir. I went with Alan + Pat. Program lasted til about 9:00, we went to Patriquins, were home by 10:45, I got to work again with Gibeon, about 11:00 stopped to bathe; more reading; lights out 12. θ+

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