David’s Diary – January 13, 1971

Wednesday, 13 January 1971

Up at 7:00. Read in the Letter to the Hebrews, chapters 1 + 2, then Numbers 16-19. Shaved, had breakfast. While doing my reading the funeral director called: Mrs. Francis O’Reilly died—very suddenly—only 61. Collapsed while shopping yesterday. I called Sarah Orne for her to pass the word to W.S.C.S. members. After eating breakfast, I dressed and prepared to leave for Boston. Left Rockport about 9:20. Got to Boston with no problem. Stopped at the BU bookstore for a copy of Playboy, then went to pick up registration materials; by about 10:50 I was at Beck’s office. We had a productive session—at 11:45 we went to the Faculty Dining room and had lunch together—discussing quite a few OT issues. After leaving Beck, I completed the registration procedures, left BU about 2:00. Went to Sears, picked up the pile of merchandise which we’d ordered yesterday. Then I headed for the Copley Square area—finally found a parking place. Went to the Bishop’s office, to get photos of himself + resumés—in connection with his visit to Rockport in March. Stopped to browse at Cokesbury and another bookstore—but then headed for home. Stopped at A.G. hospital, about 4:30 to see Joseph Tarvis. Home just about 5:00. We fixed supper—read in Playboy, watched CBS news. About 7:15 I went to see the O’Reilly family. Home about 8:00—watched the last half of Storefront Lawyers. 8:30–9:30 at Town hall re: Project NUVA fund request. Home again, relaxed, read in Newsweek, snacked, bathed; OBLO c. 11:30  Θ.

Thursday, 14 January 1971 

Up at 7:00. Read Hebrews 3-5, Numbers 20-24. Shaved, had breakfast. Shortly after 9:00 I went down to Richdales for milk. When I got home I stretched out for a short while—I didn’t get enough sleep last night. At 10 o’clock I went to St. Mary’s for a meeting with Bamforth and Nutting, re: C.O.C.U. study groups which are being launched. Was home by 11:00. Didn’t have ambition to do much of anything, read in Playboy for a while. At noon I went to pick up Virginia Bate. She had lunch with us then stayed with Debbie while we went to Gloucester. We did some grocery shopping at Stop + Shop. Then went to Dr. Stelluto’s office for Bonnie’s appointment. Drue was there, so the pregnancy is no longer a secret. We brought Drue back to Rockport. Got here shortly before 3:00. There was a[n] urgent message to call Mrs. Favreau—I did—she wanted me to come over immediately. I took Virginia home, then went to see her. It was about her marriage, i.e., she’s very upset because her husband’s asking for a divorce. I left her about 4:00—came home, changed, went to the funeral home to see the O’Reillys. Home at 5:00. Fixed supper. Bonnie feeling lousy. Watched CBS news, etc. No ambition—very weary. I did write part of a long letter to Gary Myers [1]—hope I’ll get some response. Watched The Odd Couple. Prepared for bed. OBLO c. 10:20.

Friday, 15 January 1971

Up at 7:00. Read Hebrews 6-8, Numbers 25-30. Shaved. Bonnie and Debbie appeared on the scene, we had breakfast. After eating I finished the letter to Gary Myers which I’d started last night. When it was finished I went to the Post Office. Then stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit. Shortly after I arrived home the mail came—letters from Bonnie’s mother and from David Watson. We had lunch just about noon. At 12:30 I went to Millbrook Park and picked up Miss Bachmann—a neighbor of Virginia Bate—who we had arranged as sitter for Debbie, since Virginia had other commitments. Took Bonnie to work, then came back home, after getting gas changed clothes. Just as I was preparing to leave the house, part of the metal frame of my glasses broke—the left lens was left hanging by just one screw. But it held. 2:00-3:00 was the funeral and committal service for Mrs. Francis O’Reilly. Came home by 3:00. Changed, took Miss Bachmann home, stopped in to see Amie—Virginia’s aunt—took her some roses from the funeral. Virginia had just arrived home. I left Debbie with them while I went to Dr. Clapp’s office. Then spent 4:00-4:45 with them, picked up Bonnie, came home, fixed supper. Was very exhausted—watched CBS news, etc. Much of the evening I felt very lousy. Upset stomach, distress in my bowels. Plus my head cold is much worse. So nothing much was accomplished on anything. Bathed, OBLO 11:40.

Saturday, 16 January 1971

[Top panel: pictures of Debbie at Patriquins; 2 years 5 months old today; Hebrews 9-10; Numbers 31-36 end]

The head cold broke up my routine—I needed the rest, so I didn’t get up at 7:00—stayed in bed until after 9:00. Wasn’t feeling too ambitious. Shaved, then sat at my desk for a while. My main preoccupation today, of course, had to be the sermon. I made some headway at that before lunch, but really not much until after. A couple of times I had to stretch out to regain my strength. I did make decent progress in the afternoon. Mid afternoon Bonnie decided to go to Gloucester, for groceries, cash—and to Busseys to pick up some more of the things that we’re buying from them. While she was gone I finished the sermon, then worked on the bulletins—also got those finished before she got home. She got here about 5:45. We had supper quickly—a roast—then about 6:45 took Debbie down to Patriquins. We went to Gloucester to see the movie “Joe.” A good but rather depressing film about Joe—a “typical” (?) American—at least typical of some Americans. The film was entirely honest as far as language was concerned: the word “fuck” was heard as frequently as the word “God” is heard at a Billy Graham rally. Plus nudity and sex—which increased the feeling of authenticity. How chilling it is to reflect that there are probably far too many Joes around. Got back to Patriquins by 9:15—visited for a while—took some photos of Debbie—but then came home. finished polished draft of sermon; prepared service, bathed, worked, OBLO 12:35.

[1] My roommate at Indiana University.

David’s diary, 16 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/28/davids-diary-january-13-1971/

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