David’s Diary – January 17, 1971

Sunday, 17 January 1971

Up at 8:15. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced the sermon. Prepared to greet my class—only 3—we continued reading in Mark. I got to the church about 10:45. Not a very good turnout—28. Preached on “God the Creator, God the Redeemer.” When we got home we had lunch. My cold still is leaving me fatigued, so I was resigned to resting for the afternoon. I actually went to bed. After Debbie was put down for a nap Bonnie joined me. Θ. About 3:15 we began preparing to leave for Gloucester—for the Busseys’ farewell party. Got there just at 4:00. Quite a large turnout. Jim has been pretty well liked—and the people and Wesley genuinely regret to see him go—especially since they now have to share a pastor with Riverdale. I was asked to speak briefly, and I made a few remarks. After the program was over we stuffed ourselves—so there was no need to fix supper at home. We came home around six. Collapsed. Relaxed—listened to the Boston Pops with headphones. Bonnie went upstairs and stretched out. I did some necessary phone calling, a little reading (Hebrews 11), but then stretched out myself. Actually fell asleep I believe. About 8:00 we prepared to go to Patriquins. Got there about 8:20. We saw movies—several of Drue’s + Cheyrl’s—2 of ours—the very first roll that we ever took—and the most recent. Also showed several boxes of slides. Then sat around enjoying “mug-ups”—for the evening; came home shortly after 11:00; relaxed, read Joshua 1 + 2; OBLO 12:05.

Monday, 18 January 1971

Up at 9:10. Had breakfast—desk work, some phone calls, wrote my Eagle article, wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. About 11:15 I shaved, then set off on my errands—i.e., to the P.O.  and the Eagle office. Got back home just at 12 o’clock. We fixed lunch. I had an appointment in the afternoon to see Charles O’Reilly—whose wife died last week. Just as lunch was over, he appeared at the door. He was on his way to Maine with his brother, and wanted to tell me this—we’ll have a talk when he gets back. He also gave me a check for $25. I told him that Mr. Mackey had already paid me—but he knew this and wanted me to have more anyway. He was here only a few minutes. About 12:45 Bonnie and Debbie and I left here. We had arranged for Debbie to stay with Virginia and Amy—and went ahead with this plan even though my appointment with Mr. O’Reilly was cancelled. I took Bonnie on to work after we left Debbie off, then came back home. My cold is still plaguing me—so I napped a brief while. Then did some reading: Heb 12-13; Joshua 3-9. Then prepared to leave—had to be at A.G. Hospt. (Children + Family Center) at 4 o’clock—met with John Stewart and Mrs. Favreau—whose husband wants a divorce. This was all concluded about 5:15—Bonnie + I went home, picked up Debbie on the way. Had supper, watched CBS news. 7:30–9:30—I was at St. Mary’s church leading C.O.C.U. group. Relaxed, had a snack when I got home; had a nice long leisurely bath. Read Joshua 10. OBLO midnight.

Tuesday, 19 January 1971

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved, arrived at Dr. Clapp’s office at 9:15—the front top part of the frames of my glass[es] broke last Friday—and today was the day to get them fixed. I was home about 10:00. Then turned to reading: James 1 + 2, Joshua 11-17. Took time with the mail when it came—a note from Lea. We had lunch about noon. Bonnie left for work, Debbie played in her room and I devoted my afternoon to Mowinckel for the most part—although I did doze off for a while. Bonnie arrived home early—about 4:45. She wasn’t feeling too well—i.e., she didn’t want any supper. I fixed supper for Debbie and myself, but when I went upstairs to get Debbie she was still sound asleep—in the closet—so I just let her be. I ate supper; worked on composing the letter which I’m writing to the chaplain on USS Wasp re: the Favreau family situation. Watched CBS news, etc. Bonnie + Debbie arrived downstairs—Debbie had her supper + bath. I returned to reading Mowinckel for a while, then played with Debbie. Looked at her books—there’s one drawing of a girl in a bikini—I pointed this out to Debbie and she said “bikini” very clearly—so there’s one more word in her vocabulary! Jerry called: Carol has fever of 102°—apparently flu. Had snack, studied til c. 10:00; worked on getting a sermon idea for this Sunday. No bath, OBLO c. 11:05.

Wednesday, 20 January 1971

Up about 8:15. Read James 3-5, Judges 18-24 end.  —although this wasn’t completed til late in the morning. I had a small breakfast when Bonnie + Debbie were in the process of getting breakfast. Shaved. Then turned to reading; this was interrupted by the arrival of the mail man. He brought Newsweek, which I spent some time with. But then I did get some reading done in Mowinckel before noon—at which time we fixed lunch. After lunch I finally finished my review of Mowinckel. Then I moved on to the next major topic—i.e., the Prophets. The first order of business here is Eissfeldt’s article in OT and Modern Study. I read in that until it was time to put supper together. I also read through the pages while working on supper in stages. We ate about 5:30. 6:00-6:30 I got a little more reading done in Eissfeldt. 6:30-7:00 watched CBS news—prepared for the 7:30 meeting—Winnie, Kay, Homer, Sadie. We didn’t get away until after 8:00—because that was when Kay thought the meeting was. It was a rather enjoyable evening—with much commenting and chit chat on various subjects—but the main business of the meeting was accomplished. This was over by 10:00. Bonnie and I had an ice cream snack, then turned to reading—for a brief time. Bathed about 11:00. Read Habakkuk. OBLO  c. 11:45.

David’s diary, 20 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/29/davids-diary-january-17-1971/

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