Sweeney Ancestry

Edward Joseph Sweeney

Paternal grandfather, Edward J. Sweeney, was native of Chicago, Illinois. His ancestors were from Ireland.

Agnes Cecilia Fischer

Paternal grandmother, Agnes C. (Fischer) Sweeney, was also a native of Chicago. Her ancestry was Irish and German.

Vernon James Sutton

Maternal grandfather, Vernon J. Sutton, was a native of Nebraska. His ancestry was English and Irish.

Nellie Virginia Long

Maternal grandmother, Nelle V. (Long) Sutton, was a native of Nebraska. Her ancestry was English, Irish and German.

Generation Three:
1. Edward Joseph Sweeney (Find A Grave)
2. Agnes Cecilia Fischer (Find A Grave)
3. Vernon James Sutton (Find A Grave)
4. Nelle Virginia Long

Generation Four:
1. Edward Sweeney (Find A Grave)
2. Margaret Maloney (Find A Grave)
3. William Joseph Fischer
4. Minnie Cecelia Theis
5. Frank Polk Sutton (Find A Grave)
6. Alberta Jenevieve Ducker (Find A Grave)
7. Lester Lloyd Long (Find A Grave)
8. Kate Nellie Gallagher (Find A Grave)

Generation Five:
1. John Sweeney (Find A Grave)
2. Alice Phelan (Find A Grave)
3. Miles Maloney (Find A Grave)
4. Elizabeth Tobin (Find A Grave)
5. William J. Fischer
6. Barbara Bertha Stark (Find A Grave)
7. Gilbert Thies (Find A Grave)
8. Bridget Ann McGinnis (Find A Grave)
9. James Felix Polk Sutton (Find A Grave)
10. Mary Elvina Brown (Find A Grave)
11. Albert Vernon Ducker (Find A Grave)
12. Helen Winnifred McMurray (Find A Grave)
13. Charles Wygant Long (Find A Grave)
14. Bertha Ellen Drake (Find A Grave)
15. Patrick Gallagher (Find A Grave)
16. Adena Anna Obermeyer (Find A Grave)

Generation six:
1. Edward Sweeney (Ireland)
2. Unknown (Ireland)
3. Michael Phelan (Ireland)
4. Unknown (Ireland)
5. Unknown Maloney (Ireland)
6. Unknown (Ireland)
7. Patrick Tobin (Ireland)
8. Margaret Unknown (Ireland)
9. Unknown Fischer (Germany)
10. Unknown (Germany)
11. Unknown Stark (Germany)
12. Unknown (Germany)
13. Peter Thies (Germany)
14. Susanna Schneider (Germany)
15. John McGinnis (Ireland)
16. Rosanna Doherty (Ireland)
17. Charles C. Sutton (Rhode Island)
18. Rosella G. Bishop (Rhode Island)
19. John Shadrack Brown (England)
20. Jane Mansfield (England)
21. George Ducker (England)
22. M. Jennie Vest (Indiana)
23. Alexander D. McMurray (Canada)
24. Helen W. Thomson (Ireland)
25. Charles M. Long (Virginia)
26. Margaret McDonaldson (Virginia)
27. William Perry Drake (New Jersey)
28. Delana Jane Mumma (Ohio)
29. James Gallagher (Ireland)
30. Bridget Unknown (Ireland)
31. William R. Obermeyer (Germany/Holland)
32. Christiana Aggen (Germany/Holland/France)

©2014 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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