David’s Diary – 16 February 1971

Tuesday, 16 February 1971

[Top panel: finished roll of film—Debbie   NT: Matt 15   OT: Ezekiel 18-19]

Up about 9:00 to answer the phone; then back to bed, Θ. Up about 9:30. Shaved, had breakfast. It was as if my week were just beginning—my morning was like Monday. I.e., I wrote my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers—sent her 5 photos. Also wrote an article for the Eagle. The mail man brought a package for Debbie—we knew it was coming—mother mentioned it in a recent letter. It was a red teddy bear. I took a couple of photos of Debbie with it. It was for Valentines day—but it was appropriate that arrived on the day that she was 2½ years old. About 11:20 I set off on errands, to the post office, then to the Eagle office, then to Ed Nutting’s office—picked up movie screen—took it to our church for use tomorrow evening, Also changed the wayside pulpit, announcing Jesus Christ Superstar being played next Sunday evening. Got home to eat lunch. After Bonnie went to work Debbie went to her room and slept most of the afternoon. I made bread, worked at my desk, re-read chapter 6 of the COCU Plan of Union. Debbie has an eye infection—her eye has a boo-boo as she says. After Bonnie got home we had supper, she brought medicine. We applied the eye drops, much against Debbie’s will. Watched CBS news. Then 7:30–9:30 I was leading the COCU group at the congregational church. Got home shortly after 10:00. Debbie has been ill—vomiting—we speculate it might have been the apple cider served at breakfast. I reviewed my Qumran lecture; had snack  OBLO 11:50.

Wednesday, 17 February 1971

Up about 8 o’clock. One of the first things I did was to go to the church to turn on the heat—for making banners and for the Wesleyan Fellowship meeting in the evening. After I got home I shaved, and then we all had breakfast together. After eating I gradually got everything in order for going to the church to make banners. Also got the roll of film ready for sending to Mail-A-Way. The latter part of the morning was spent at the church cutting the paper, making the designs. Home about noon. Had lunch, then went back to the church about 12:50. Three of my sunday school class girls showed up. We all worked on the banners. But it really was time wasted, because I just wasn’t satisfied with the banners. Was making 2 sets of two, and neither pleased me. So about 3:00 I have up, cleaned up the mess and headed home. I was extremely weary. Bonnie was already on the verge of a nap. I read a while in Newsweek, but then napped too. The phone got me up about 4:30—but I tried again after that—not much luck, so I did some reading. NT reading: Matt 16; OT: Ezekiel 20. Relaxed, dressed for the evening. At 6:45 picked up Virginia Bate for babysitting, then Bonnie + I went to the church for the Wesleyan Fellowship. After eating and a business meeting I showed my Dead Sea Scroll slides. Home about 10:30. Bonnie gave me a HAIRCUT. Then I bathed. OBLO  12:20 Θ.

Thursday, 18 February 1971

[Top panel: NT: Matt, 17-20   OT: Ezekiel 21]

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast. Left the house shortly before 9:00. Went to the Granite Savings Bank for 2 rolls of nickels, caught the 9:20 train to Boston. Arrived at BU shortly after 11:00. Had a conference with Beck—went over several questions. He gave me a revised reading list for the second exam—one which he and Richardson have worked out together. But he stipulated that this new list does not supercede the list given to me some time ago. However I shall certainly make use of it in preparing for the exam. I left Beck about 12:00. Then was able to catch Richardson for a few minutes while he ate lunch on the run. I asked him about Song of Solomon for a possible dissertation topic. He pointed out that Marvin Pope is working on a massive volume for the Anchor Bible—thus it might be dangerous for me to enter this area. But he liked the idea of my choosing a pericope [1] and writing on the history of its interpretation. Did xeroxing after seeing him. About 2 o’clock had lunch at a small place on Commonwealth Ave. Ran into Larry Carter in book store—we had a nice chat. Back to BU—finished xeroxing, caught 4:10 train home, arrived Rockport about 5:30. Had supper—relaxed before 7:30–10 o’clock meeting of the Joint Church Committee at St. Mary’s. When I got home about 10:00 Paul was on the phone with Bonnie. We chatted for about 15 min. Relaxed, had snack. Bathed about 11:45. Read briefly. OBLO 12:22.

[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pericope

David’s diary, 18 February 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/11/davids-diary-16-february-1971/

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