David’s Diary – 19 February 1971

Friday, 19 February 1971

[top panel: Black + white photos of Debbie]

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast. Did some desk work. About 9:30 walked to the P.O., then to Ornes’ house. Wanted to bring them up to date on the Joint Church Committee’s actions last night. Also wanted to tell them about the $10 (which) Ed Nutting will pay for our heating if the boys will come up with matching funds—since the Congregational church has no place for the boy’s band—but would still like to help. I got home about 10:30. The mail had just come, I spent some time with it. We called about the carpet which was supposed to be delivered yesterday—it won’t come til next Thursday. Bonnie made it clear that she thought it was pretty poor business to miss delivery date by a week. 11:15–12:00 we went on a walk down Bearskin Neck—took some B + W photos. When we got home we fixed lunch. When Bonnie left for work Debbie went down for a nap. Part of my afternoon was spent outlining my sermon, calling on the phone re: the drug program next Thursday—so many details! —also I spent some time stapling the Jesus Christ Superstar libretto together—Ed Nutting’s secretary made the copies—about 7 sheets. Started writing the sermon proper, fixed supper. We ate shortly after Bonnie got home. About 6:00 I went to the church hoping to find the boys there, but no luck. My evening was then spent on the sermon—up to 9:30 when we watched The Odd Couple—then back to the sermon; finished the rough draft. NT reading: Matt 21. OT: Ezekiel 22; Bathed OBLO  12:07.

Saturday, 20 February 1971

Up about 9:00 or so—phone call from Ed Nutting—we had a long chat as I was waking up. He had received a phone call (while eating breakfast) from Mrs. Lester Dow—wife of the fundamentalist minister of Pigeon Cove Chapel. She was trying to be bubbly about Christ, but Ed set her straight on just how he felt about fundamentalism. He wanted to know if I had any good books defending liberalism. After the conversation was over I had breakfast, shaved. Then I left the house. Stopped at the church, the boys were there. I proposed to them that they might do the janitorial work in return for using the building; they agreed. Went to see Ed Nutting, returned paint brushes and screen. We had a long chat. Got home about 12:30. Had lunch. Then about 1:30 visited Ornes; they are acceptable to having the boys as the janitors. About 2:00–3:00 I spent with the Hannibals. Then I stopped back by the church to confer with the boys—to let them know that the janitor business has been finalized. About 3:00–4:00 spent with Grace Harris and Louise Rich. 4:00-5:00 spent with Charles O’Reilley. Got home about 5:30. We had supper, then I turned to writing the final draft of the sermon. I lay down for a little while, but continued copying the sermon until about 8:15 when Margaret + Fred arrived. Showed them the Dead Sea Scrolls slides. They left about 10:30, at which time I returned to the sermon, finished it, worked on preparing the service; NT: Matt 22; OT: Ez 23; OBLO, c. 12:05  Θ+

Sunday, 21 February 1971

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Had a full class today—5 girls. Class was over by 10:20, I went to the church. Average sized crowd—too much ice for many of the older folks. Preached part II in the series on the ten commandments—on the Sabbath. Got home about 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed, did a little work in my study, tried to nap a while. About mid-afternoon I sat down with the libretto of Jesus Christ Superstar and made some notes—for the purpose of giving a summary before playing each side tonight. About 4 o’clock I went down to the church and got chairs set up. Came home, read I.F. Stone, which had been setting around unread for several days, which is unusual. Also read 3 articles on COCU in the recent Xn Advocate. Fixed supper, since Bonnie was sacked out. Ate about 6:00. Then went to the church at 6:30. Got the record player all set up—I took it to the church in the back of the Squareback. About 30 people showed up. Mostly elderly! And they seemed to be very impressed. Sarah Orne’s reaction was typically conservative—Mary Magdalene she thought was too sexy—Sarah’s Jesus is quite sexless. Margaret Reilly was there with Fred. She was impressed too. Even asked me for my autograph! I changed the wayside pulpit, came home by 10:00. Relaxed after getting the record player back into place. Had snack, wrote letter to the editor, GD Times, re: Thursday’s drug (NUVA) program, bathed, wrote my Eagle article. OBLO  c 12:05.

David’s diary, 21 February 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/12/davids-diary-19-february-1971/

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