David’s Diary – January 29, 1971

Friday, 29 January 1971

Up about 9:30 after Θ. Bonnie has been saying of late that she can feel the baby moving. This morning she placed my hand on her abdomen and I felt it to[o]—for the first time—right in the palm of my hand. Had breakfast as soon as I got up, then got to work reading: in Ginsberg. Finished before noon. Then began rereading, from start to finish, the whole of Daniel. Got two chapters done when we stopped for lunch. After eating Debbie played in her room, Bonnie left for work. I continued reading in Daniel. Dozed briefly in the chair. Finished Daniel mid-afternoon, then began reading Eissfeldts section on the book. Didn’t get this finished before Bonnie arrived home. We had supper. Then I had about 45 minutes to read before the news. Finished Eissfeldt on Daniel, turned to Weiser’s brief treatment of same. 6:30–7:30 watched CBS news, etc. Then back to the reading—this time D.W. Thomas’ article in OT + Modern Study on textual criticism. I then turned to reviewing Arthur Jeffrey’s articles in IB Vol 1 on Canon and text of OT. I compiled a list of the witnesses to the canon which he gives—such was asked on the first exam on Oct 1. Stopped at 9:30 to watch The Odd Couple. After this was over I returned to Jeffrey’s article, and this occupied me for the rest of the evening. I also compiled a study schedule for the next two days, reviewing the major areas that I’ve been studying for the last few months. OT reading: Daniel; NT: Mark 10-11. no bath; OBLO c. 12:30.

Saturday, 30 January 1971

[Top panel: NT reading Mark 12]

Had trouble getting to sleep last night—was awake off and on—consequently had trouble making it out of bed—wasn’t up til about 9:30. Shaved—two days worth—also: the can of shave cream which I started last July finally gave out! Had breakfast. Then when the mail came—was occupied with a letter—finally—from Gary Myers, and I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly. Also I used what was left of the morning to sift through all the papers on my desk and locate study notes—everything else I stacked in one huge pile. Finally before noon I began reading the article in OT + Modern Study on Wisdom. I was called to lunch before I got very far in this, so finished it after eating. Late in the afternoon the Lewises brought Chris over, they went for a drive with friends. I devoted most of my afternoon to reviewing Deuteronomy, i.e., Wright’s article in the IB and von Rad’s Studies in D, which I began before getting supper. Then the early part of the evening I spent with it. From 8:00 to 9:00 I prepared the bulletins for tomorrows service. I have spent an absolute minimum of time this weekend on church. At 9:00 I turned to Wisdom again, ie., read Blank’s article on Wisdom in IDB, then his article on Proverbs. Then bathed. Began review of Daniel material—D.N. Freedman’s brief article on Prayer of Nabonidus, Jeffrey’s  Intro in IB, then Eissfeldts section in his Intro. But I ran out of steam before taking up that monster Ginsberg—it’ll have to be squeezed in sometime tomorrow. OBLO  c. 12:50.

Sunday, 31 January 1971

[NT reading—count my ss lesson! Mark 6]

Up shortly after 8:00—feeling lousy. My night again was a bad one—I’m just too worked up about this exam. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to greet my class: 4 girls came—we read Mark 6 and part of 7. Went to the church about 10:30 (Bonnie substitute taught in the Joint Sunday School this morning). Only about 25 in church—colds and flu seem to have taken their toll. I preached a sermon that I’d grabbed out of the file earlier in the week—on fear. My delivery wasn’t too hot—I was just so weary. I came home as soon as the service was over—began fixing lunch. I needed some rest. Stretched out, but sleep didn’t come. Θ. Got back to studying about 2:00. Allowed myself one distraction. Watched the launch of Apollo 14 to the moon about 4 o’clock. Before the launch I had read the article on the historical books in OTMS, and reviewed Daniel after the launch and before supper. Then after eating I worked on several areas which took the whole evening: Prophets, Pentateuchal criticism, then Psalms. It’s a very discouraging and frustrating process. The material is so massive, there’s so much I don’t know. Thus it’s also frightening [1] and depressing—because there are so many legitimate questions that I would be at a loss to answer. I’m no more optimistic about passing this exam [than] I was the first—although I do think I am better prepared in some areas. I bathed about 11:30, but then got back to reviewing on Psalms. Finally gave up about 1:10.

[1] No wonder I preached on fear that morning!

David’s diary, 31 January 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/03/davids-diary-january-29-1971/

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