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David’s Diary – December 31, 1970

Thursday, 31 December 1970

Up shortly after 8:00; had a cup of coffee while reading St. Paul—then began in Eissfeldt. When Bonnie and Debbie got up I had breakfast with them. Then shaved. One of the things that I had to do was fill out a long personality test for John Stuart—Ph.D., connected with Cape Ann Family + Child Center. More than 200 forced choice questions, so it took a while. The mail man brought letters from Paul + Marty, and the Kings, who seem to be doing well. Before lunch I finished the personality test. Immediately after lunch Bonnie left to do shopping—grocery mainly. I helped her unload the car when she got home. While she was gone I was occupied at my desk, writing letters—to Bob Waugh [1] and to Planned Parenthood/World Population. After Bonnie got back with the groceries she set off for Beverly—bought $23 worth of aquarium supplies! —including new fish: algae eaters, catfish, 2 moon fish, 2 guppies. I got some reading done before she arrived home—then was occupied with the aquariums. Then studied briefly again before supper. After eating watched CBS news. Bonnie went off on errands, I read, then 8:30–1:000 TV (Ironside + Odd Couple)  Then snacked and studied more—mainly on Holiness Code. At 11 o’clock watched news for weather report—big snow coming; watched Johnny Carson New Year’s celebration; 104 year old guest (!); bathed; OBLO c. 1:05


 [There are four pages of the 1971 diary, before 1 January, titled “Reflections”]

1971 will be a very important year—perhaps for many reasons—but certainly on the personal level. Foremost in my mind at the present time are the exams—the whole future depends on them—i.e., my passing them. And 1971 will tell the story on those. By the end of this year I should be devoting most of my time to dissertation research. If I pass the retake exam on Feb. 1, hopefully I can take the second exam by conference time, the third by the end of the summer; the fourth—the Hebrew—in the fall. But things have been thrown off greatly in the past year—so who knows what will happen. My great wish right now is to be able to pass the Feb. 1 exam—as much as anything to be able to regain some confidence. I do have my moments of doubt about ever getting my Ph.D.—my interview with Richardson following the first exam was pretty severe—and most of what he said was quite right. But if I pass the Feb. 1 exam at least I’ll be reassured that I can pass—not to pass a “qualifying” exam naturally means that the candidate doesn’t qualify. So my spirits as well as my career academically will be moved along by a pass.

1971 also means the enlargement of the family, the new baby being due about July 1. So here are things competing for my time: we’re planning to attend parenthood classes so that I’ll be “qualified” (!) to be in the delivery room. So there goes one evening a week—also—as far as an activity consuming time is concerned—when the garden starts up again in the spring, I’ll be the main worker for our family, since Bonnie will be further along with the pregnancy. We have some names picked out—or rather, one: Daniel Josiah, if it’s a boy—but no girls’ names yet. I’ve suggested Rachel Sarah so that the initials would be RSY!

Another exciting event in 1971 is the homecoming of Bonnie’s folks from Penang—we’re looking forward to that very much—and I’m sure they are too. Debbie is going to be very confused about just who “grandma” and “grandpa” are. The terms apply to my folks and we also called Grandma + Emil that—so here another set is arriving this summer. 1971 will also means a significant year in Debbie’s development—by Jan 1, 1972 she should be talking rather fluently.

June 1971 will also be my last appointment to the Rockport church. When we came here in Nov. 1967 we really didn’t dream that we’d be here until June or Sept of 1972—almost 5 years it will be. It has been a most helpful experience—but I’ll be glad when it’s over. I’m preparing for something else—I have been since 1968—so I’ll be glad to move on to that “something else.” I’ve calculated that I have about 75 sermons to go! Unless, as has been suggested—Nutting, Bamforth and I can work out some pulpit exchange for the summer. A very staggering thought: 75 more sermons to prepare!

Besides learning a lot more about the OT in 1971 (I’d better!) I also want to deepen my knowledge of St. Paul (although not necessarily my appreciation). I’ve already started rereading his letters—for 1971 I should read them all through several times, in RSV, NEB, TEV—a little each day. After all, I may be having to teach St. Paul next year! His writings leave me very cold—there is a glimmer here and there, a gem—a beautiful phrase or thought—but largely it is useless. Christ for St. Paul was a man, with a specific biography. I prefer to think of the “Christ principle” or the “Christ Process”—its happening all the time, in all generations and ages. Pope John XXIII,  Martin Luther King was a modern “Christ” —an anointed one—and perhaps he and many other people in history have been greater Christs than Jesus was—we know so little about Jesus really—and some of the things that we do know aren’t very complimentary. I think that we need to outgrow “Jesus exclusivism”—which of course is what St. Paul represents. Theism is very beautiful, but it can be so flawed by narrow creeds and doctrines. Theism shouldn’t be the exclusive possession of the followers of Jesus Christ—that is, contrary to the New Testament, there is not only [one] way to God through Jesus Christ, whatever that may mean. God is approachable, accessible on a much wider basis. “What does the Lord of you—but to do justice, to love mercy—to walk humbly with your God” [2]—there’s more truth to this than John 3:16. [3] The God of infinite and eternal compassion does not react to (does not deal with) the world and to people in the narrow ways which the Bible sometimes assumes. (e.g. John 14:6 [4])

1971 should also hold the key to our course as a nation; i.e., by this time next year we should have a better idea as to Nixon’s chances of being re-elected. So many pieces of evidence have appeared to confirm Chet Huntley’s analysis of Nixon (later denied!) as very shallow. At a time when we need brilliant and outstanding leadership—our president is one whose friends include Agnew, Mitchell, Billy Graham, Bob Hope  (and whose appointees include Haynworth + Carswell!); he refuses to disassociate himself from J. Edgar Hoover’s labeling of ML King as a liar (Dec 1970 news conference); he brags about $10 Billion over several years for anti-pollution—and supports the SST [5]; he “Vietnamizes” a war he has the power to STOP—to save face—maintain our pride—he maintains our involvement—withdrawing so slowly—how many will die because of his vanity and stupidity? Surely the country will be ready for an alternative—in 1971 we will discover who the Democrats have to offer.

[1] A friend from my days at Indiana University.

[2] Micah 6:8

[3] “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only abegotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not  perish, but have eternal life.”

[4] ‘Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersonic_transport

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David’s Diary – October 28, 1970

Wednesday, 28 October 1970

Up a few minutes before 9:00—up too late really. I shaved hurriedly, then went to Rev. Bailey’s home—we 4 clergy (Bamforth, Nutting, Bailey and myself) had agreed to meet every now + then to discuss our beliefs. It proved to be an interesting morning—Bamforth had to leave early, but the rest of us stayed until after 12:00. I came home, we had lunch then I turned to working at my desk. Around 2 o’clock or so I went to visit John Wicky—he is home from the hospital now. I had a long chat with him and Bertha—ranging over a wide range of subjects. Came home, returned to my desk. I’m slowly getting things cleared away there, but there’s still much to do. Late in the afternoon I had a long phone conversation with D. S. Mac White. Bonnie went out to do shopping. When she returned home I helped her unload the car, then did some work on the kitchen cabinet doors before supper. After eating we watched CBS news. Then the evening followed the same pattern of many recent evenings—had the TV on and worked on getting doors on. I finished the bathroom doors, then got going on the painting of them. Got two done, then relaxed, watched TV. Helped clean up. Bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson. OBLO, c. 12:30.

Thursday, 29 October 1970

Up shortly before 8:00 after Θ, Shaved, had breakfast—I left town about 8:45—I had an appointment with Don McGaw in Lynn—got there about 9:32. My main concern in going to see him was to get suggestions, guidelines, advice on pre-marital counseling. I’ve never done it before, on any real basis, and it’s part of my professional life which is sadly underdeveloped. He was able to offer a lot of helpful suggestions. I wouldn’t know where to begin, and now I think I have some ideas. We went out to eat—got onto route 1—then he drove me back to his house to get my car—he hadn’t been thinking, or I’d have driven my car to the restaurant too, then I could have gone straight on into Boston. As it was about 10 min. late to my appointment with Richardson. It was quite an hour with him; I said probably no more than 10 sentences. He had the exam in front of him, and went through it from beginning to end, picking it apart; I haven’t the faintest notion when (or if) I’ll be prepared to write an exam to his satisfaction; he made bibliographical suggestions—and I spent some time in the library getting them together and xeroxing. Left Boston about 3:40—got home about 5:00 (stopped to buy a pecan pie), had supper, watched CBS news; went so see Bertha Wicky—whose brother-in-law died; came home; 8:00-10:30 at Patriquins watching Ironsides; came home, relaxed, bathed, OBLO c 11:45.

Friday, 30 October 1970

Up about 8:45 after Θ. Had breakfast, then spent some time puttering—hanging cabinet doors. Then shaved. About 11 o’clock I went over to Pigeon Cove, picked up a book from Sue Lee, Two Children by Choice; we’d loaned her the book, and I need it for preparing Sunday’s sermon. Then I went to see Mrs. Prindall, whose husband just died; I’ll be doing his funeral tomorrow. It was a short visit; I was home by about 11:30. Went through the mail—Carol Lewis was here with Chris. We all had lunch together. Bonnie left for work, then Carol left shortly thereafter. I had intended to get to work on the sermon, but was very tired; I napped until about 3:00. Then I decided to get more painting done; so I did the back (i.e. inside) of the cupboard above the sink. When I finished this I called Don McGaw to tell him that I won’t be going to conference tomorrow because of the funeral. Finally late in the afternoon I started on the sermon. But shortly after Bonnie got home we fixed supper. We caught only a few minutes here and there of CBS news because we discovered fungus on some of the fish and had to start the salt treatments. At 7:20 went to the Lewis’s for the evening; watched Sargent/White debate, played password, just talked, watched Nixon speech. Home about 12:15; treated fish; very weary; OBLO, 1:10.

Saturday, 31 October 1970

Up about 8:30 or 9:00. Had only juice for breakfast, and got to work on my sermon. There were interruptions and distractions, but I did make some progress. About 11 o’clock Bill McKinney was knocking at the door—he’s up from NYC for the weekend. We had a brief visit—Bonnie arrived home from errands with Debbie while he was here. Two books came in the mail. I worked further on the sermon, then shaved before eating. I made a little more progress on the sermon, and while I was preparing to go to the funeral, Wm and Cameron Sesto appeared at the door! I had to leave almost immediately for the funeral however. 2:00-3:00 was spent at the funeral home + cemetery—William Hanson Prindall, Bertha Wicky’s sister’s husband—90 years old. When I got home I returned to work on the sermon. We also were occupied off and on during the day with the fish—another died. Don’t know whether we’ll be able to save them or not. Wm + Cameron went out photographing part of the afternoon—but they had supper with us and left shortly thereafter. Then I spent the evening working on the sermon and preparing the service—the sermon is lengthy—so I eliminated some other items in the service. Finished up about 11:30. Bathed; OBLO c. 12:30.

David’s Diary, October 31, 1970

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David’s Diary – October 20, 1970

Tuesday, 20 October 1970

[Top panel: 2 photos]

Up about 8:30. After breakfast tried to get going on desk work. My main involvement for the morning was putting together an order for Sunday bulletins. Late in the morning, after the mail arrived, I got out the lawn mower. I hadn’t mowed the lawn in months—and it’s on my list of things to get done—I mowed for about 45 min—up til exactly noon. Stopped for lunch. I had hoped to mow more in the afternoon. But I didn’t want to go outside until Debbie had settled down for a nap—which she didn’t do until about 4 o’clock. Before that I worked at my desk, put up the long bulletin board above my desk, trimmed it with blue paint. I’m slowly making progress getting some order to my desk + study. I napped about ½ hour before 4:00. Then about 4:15 I went out to mow—which I continued until about 5:20. At that time I came in, relaxed briefly, Bonnie came home, we worked on supper. Right after supper I got to work cutting out the rest of the doors for the kitchen + bathroom doors. I spent most of the evening on this; about 9:00 we discovered Debbie in her room. She had emptied a can of talcum powder all over the room—what a mess! Took two photos. I finished sawing about 10:30—10:00–11:00 watched CBS news special on TV on campaigns. Watched news, J. Carson, bathed; OBLO, midnight.

Wednesday, 21 October 1970

[Top panel: 2 photos]

Θ before arising shortly after 9:00. I shaved, then had breakfast. One of the first things to do was to put Debbie’s new deacon’s bench toy box into her room—I took a couple of photos. Homer Orne stopped by with a check I requested to be sent to Whittemores for bulletins. When the mail came I looked through Newsweek—I made some further progress in putting my study in order. We ate about 12:00—then we prepared to set out on our afternoon’s project: we went shopping at Mals, the[n] drove down to Beverly; we visited two pet shops, got more accessories for our fish tank—plus got another tank! –because it was on sale, for 5 or 6 dollars. Also got 9 more fish. We came home shortly before 5:00. There was a book on tropical fish just inside the door. I called Carol Lewis later and she confirmed that she had left it—it’s from the library. I spent a while tending to the fish tank, and helped with supper. We ate about 6:30. The evening was busy. The TV was on, but I worked on getting the doors ready for the kitchen cabinets. The offset grooves had to be made, plus the edges rounded off—I did both jobs with the router. Bonnie put more varnish on the frame over the radiator. After finishing with the doors, I relaxed, had snack, watched Johnny Carson a while; read briefly in bed after bathing; OBLO 1:30.

Thursday, 22 October 1970

Not up til about 9:30. This was one of those days I need very few of. It started off very well—I was making progress at my desk—then the mail came—about 11 o’clock—a letter from Dr. Beck: I did not pass the qualifying exam. He indicated that he thought it was a pass, but Dr. Richardson didn’t. I was quite stunned, shaken really. About 11:20 I tried to reach Dr. Beck on the phone—he was in conference. I tried again at 12:00—we had a brief chat—and agreed to meet tomorrow morning at 10:00. I also tried to reach Richardson no luck. I then told Bonnie—I wanted to try to get my mind off of it, so I went out to do the mowing. I did this for a while, came in about 1:45 for lunch. Kept trying to reach Richardson. Bonnie went off on errands, Debbie was asleep, so I did more mowing. I interrupted this to place a call again to Richardson—this time I got him—he’ll see me next Thurs. at 1:00. (He’s to be in NY earlier in the week). I finished the mowing, then went over to the hospital to see John Wicky, stopped at the pet shop on the way home to get some more aquarium supplies, went to see Bertha Wicky, then came home about 5:30. We ate about 6:00, watched CBS news; evening was spent watching TV (e.g., Ironsides), sanding cabinet doors, messing around with the fish and aquarium; bathed; OBLO, 11:52 Θ

Friday, 23 October 1970

[Top panel: Drue’s baby delivered last night at 11:41: Jennifer]

Got up at about 7:30. Shaved, had a hearty breakfast. Left for Boston about 8:30—driving rain. The Mystic River Bridge was backed up, so I didn’t get to Beck’s office until just about 10:00. We conferred about my failure on the qualifying exam: it was quite obvious that he was distressed that Richardson did not want to give the exam a passing grade—he didn’t feel that the exam was great, but he did consider it passing. So my next move is to see Richardson next week (my appointment with him is for Thurs.)—and Beck suggested also that I begin reviewing Eissfeldt again. I left his office shortly before 11:00, did a few errands, then headed home—got back to Rockport about 12:30. Had lunch, relaxed—rather weary. About 2:45 Margaret Reilly arrived; she had called last night that she was coming over. We had a nice long visit—til about 4:15—we had tea and cake together, talked about Alan, politics—especially Canadian—she thinks she witnessed the fleeing getaway car in the LaPorte kidnap.[1] After she left I did some work on supper, but tired to nap before Bonnie got home. When she arrived we had supper, after I went to Richdales on foot. Watched CBS news; went to hospital, saw Drue, Sully, John Wicky; came home, talked to Don McGaw on phone; tended to fish; sanded; bathed; watched some of Johnny Carson. OBLO c 12:41.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Laporte

David’s Diary, October 23, 1970

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David’s Diary – October 12, 1970

Monday, 12 October 1970

This has been a more leisurely and relaxed day. We got out of bed when we felt like it—at least we stayed in bed until Debbie was too loud to be ignored any longer. I suppose we were all up by 9:00. We had planned to return to the lake to sail, but Marty didn’t feel like it—and the day was overcast like yesterday, though there was not as much fog. Finally we decided to go to a brand new shopping center. So we spent the late morning and early afternoon there. We bought a tablecloth, new sheets—two sets of brightly colored flower prints. Bonnie also bought some flannel for making nightgowns for Debbie. We didn’t get back to P + M’s house until after two—we had lunch—then most of us just felt like collapsing. I napped for a while—as did Paul, Marty, Debbie. Bonnie had energy, however, so she went to a shopping center to do a load of diapers and to get groceries. After she got home, we all came to life slowly—and had a delightful time just sitting around talking. Early in the afternoon I called Sears in Boston and ordered a router set—on sale $25 off!—watched CBS news—then about 8:00 we all went downtown for a Chinese dinner—delicious. Then home after 9:00. P + M headed for bed; I wrote rough draft of a letter to Rev. Scobie re: Harris baptism; OBLO, c. 11:00.

Tuesday, 13 October 1970

A tiring day. We were awake with Paul + Marty around 6:30–7:00 when they had to leave for school. But Bonnie, Debbie + I went back to bed when they had gone. We didn’t get up til about 9:00. We hurriedly dressed, packed, ate breakfast and loaded the car. We left their place about 10:15—we went across town to see the Stoners for a short while. Then after a visit there, and getting gasoline, we were on the NY thruway by about 11:45. We made good time getting home—we stopped a couple of times. We headed directly into Boston—traffic in the city was distressingly heavy. We went to Sears to pick up the router I had ordered. Luckily everything went smoothly. After leaving Sears we headed out of town, went to the N. Shore Shopping Center—we arrived there about 4:45. We were interested in locating a copy of Better Homes + Gardens Handyman’s Book—and we found it. Then we piled into the car again and headed home. We were here by 6:00. We busied ourselves with unloading the car and looking through the mail. I fixed supper for Bonnie, but wasn’t hungry myself. We relaxed, watched CBS news. About 8:00 I then fixed myself some supper. Debbie was in bed early—she was exhausted too. I spent the evening trying to figure out my new router—it’s quite a machine. Bathed about 11; OBLO  c. midnight.

Wednesday, 14 October 1970

Up about 8:30 or so. Had breakfast, then worked on my letter to Rev. Skobe—he baptized (or is soon to) the Harris baby—which I refused to do—I wanted him to know my understanding of the situation. Then Bonnie, Debbie and I went to the Building Center; we got hardware for the kitchen cabinet doors I’m making—but no luck on certain router attachments. We came home, I called Building Center in Gloucester—then I went over there in the car, but no luck there either—went to Sears—ordered a part. Came home, had lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie played then slept in her room, and I got back to work on the kitchen shelves over the radiator. It took me all afternoon to get the frame out on, which will hold the doors. The house isn’t true, so that took some planing and some careful fitting. When Bonnie got home from work we called Jerry + Carol Lewis—invited them to come over for dessert at 8:00. We then had supper in the midst of carpentry mess—I continued working before and after supper until the Lewises arrived. We had a pleasant visit with them. While they were here I phoned in the order to Sears for several items which I’ll pick up tomorrow; also called Dr. Beck. The Lewises left about 10:00—then we watched TV as I continued to work on the frame around shelves—final nailing + sanding; bathed; relaxed, OBLO, c. 11:30  Θ

Thursday, 15 October 1970

Not up too early—by 9:30? Had breakfast, after shaving, which I hadn’t done since Monday evening before going to the Chinese restaurant. My main concern was to get the new frame around the shelves over the radiator sanded and varnished—this took me up til about 11:45. Then I went to the dump. Came home, prepared to leave for Boston, had lunch. Left about 1:00—got gas—but had to return—I was about to Ancher Inn when I remembered that I’d left the transfer of credit slips at home. Then I set out again. Got to BU about 2:30—large crowds outside CLA—a bomb threat. The next hour and half I bought Playboy, contacted Beck, checked on grade for one course. Had to see Beck at 3:00 and at 4:00—so glance(d) through Playboy in the interval. After seeing Beck 2nd time left BU for Sears (also saw Elaine Follis at BU)—picked up several items: anchor bit, aquarium, tool box, house slippers. Headed home in heavy traffic, rain. Got here about 6:15. We ate supper, watched CBS news, looked over our new things. Relaxed, tested new router anchor, watched Flip Wilson. 8:30–9:30 Ironsides. Then I set to work on cabinet above sink, i.e., ripped out old shelves, sanded wall, measured, prepared to start building tomorrow; bathed, watched Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:50 Θ

David’s Diary, October 15, 1970

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David’s Diary – September 30, 1970

Wednesday, 30 September 1970

Up about 9:00. What a tedious day. I had a slight breakfast, then got back to my reviewing. I am so discouraged and worried about this test—I need months yet to study. But still I’m eager to get it over with. I don’t know how I’m going to pass it. I’m afraid that by tomorrow evening I’ll be no further along the road to my Ph.D. It wasn’t difficult for me to be distracted today. I took my time looking through the mail when it came. Bonnie took Debbie out in the morning on errands—one of which was to get fall car inspection. We had lunch about 12:30—I got back to work. About 1:30 Bonnie and Debbie left again. This time they took Carol Lewis shopping down the line—for groceries. Bonnie also came back with a beautiful new bed spread. The[y] didn’t get back til late in the afternoon. I helped her put groceries away—and we fixed a very simple supper of left-overs. Read some more after supper; then watched CBS news at 6:30. Nixon’s in Europe, Nassers sudden death rather steals some of his thunder. About mid-afternoon I went over to the congregational church to sign 75 letters (from 3 pastors re: SS open house on Sunday). I worked all evening on reviewing; also prepared transfer of credit forms; bathed about 10:30—OBLO c. 11 o’clock.

Thursday, 1 October 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Shaved a two day beard, had breakfast, prepared to leave for Boston—left the house about 10:00; caught the 10:15 train, did a little last minute reviewing while riding in, but then tried to relax. I got to BU about 12:00—I went to the bookstore to buy a copy of Playboy. Then I went to Beck’s office. It turns out that he was unable to have lunch with me; so I went on down to the refectory, found Lloyd Carr, whom I hadn’t seen in ages—so I ate my lunch with him. Then at 1 o’clock, I went up to the library, picked up the exam and began work. It wasn’t too bad; there were some areas in which my answers were weak, but I think I passed. I handed it in shortly after 4:00. Then I checked out a couple of books and headed for North Station. I was able to catch the 4:55 train—just made it. Read Playboy on the way home. Got here shortly after 6:00. David Herlihy was here proudly displaying his honorable discharge papers. We had supper—then the evening was spent relaxing for the most part. We watched TV part of the time—Ironsides—then I began the process of getting some arranging done in my study. About 11:15 I bathed, then we watched Johnny Carson, his 8th anniversary show—the LO about 1:05.

Friday, 2 October 1970

Up after 9:00. Had breakfast, then shaved—was ready when Jim Bussey, John Dunnack and Gladys Haskell arrived at 10:30—we talked about C.A.M.P. and what it can be doing. Jim disclosed that Mac White will probably consider holding only one Annual Meeting on Cape Ann—that certainly won’t be popular with some folks. We broke up about noon. Bonnie and I had lunch—Debbie was sound asleep. Bonnie left for work as usual, but I didn’t have ambition to do much of anything. I tried to nap a while, did odds and ends, read an article in Playboy on pornography in Denmark—a country which seems to have a much saner approach than the U.S. At 3 o’clock Rev’s. Bailey, Bamforth and Nutting arrived, and we talked about the JYF and other matters for about 1½ hours. When they left I began tending to supper. Bonnie got home shortly after 5:00. Debbie had just gotten up. She’d been napping most of the afternoon. She hadn’t had her lunch, so she ate supper early. We fixed supper, watched CBS news. Don and Lawry arrived about 7:20. We had supper together, had a very delightful evening of visiting and games. First we played Group Therapy—which can be devastating—then we switched to password. It’s hard to give up when you’re having so much fun—but, OBLO, 1:32.

Saturday, 3 October 1970

I was up briefly to change Debbie—and to put her socks and shoes on—she can insist on some pretty weird things and weird hours! As soon as she got them on, I put her back to bed—she was content! and then I went back to bed. Between 9:00 and 9:30 the whole household came to life. We had a leisurely breakfast with Don and Lawry. Then we went to the garden together. We got a heap of stuff to give them. We got back to the house about 11:00—they left very soon. They had to be in Brookline by 12:30 for a Dr’s appt. I then tried to nap, without much luck. About noontime I put the chicken in the oven, then began studying the plans for the deacon’s bench I’m to build. After lunch I shaved, then went over to see Esther Longley at the nursing home. I stayed with her not quite an hour. Then came home. I had planned to do more calling, but just didn’t have the stamina. So I took Bonnie + Debbie along to the lumber yard to get the wood for the deacon’s bench—also picked up a few new tools. When we got home we all sacked out—from about 5:00 to 7:00. Homer Orne’s phone call got us up. Then we fixed supper. I then spent the evening working on sermon and bulletins. At one point we had a grand hilarious time playing with Debbie in her room; bathed c. 12:20. OBLO 12:36.

David’s Diary, September 30, 1970

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David’s Diary – September 26, 1970

Saturday, 26 September 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work preparing the C.A.M.P. service for tomorrow night. I hadn’t got very much done when Jerry Lewis arrived with his trailer—to cart away the piano—and he really started demolishing it in earnest, what a racket! Finally it was all stripped down—we kept most of the bigger pieces for scrap lumber. He was just interested in the sound board. What a heavy thing it was. I helped him get it into the trailer, then went to his home to help him unload it. Came home, got back to worked—also called my SS class to remind them that we begin tomorrow. After lunch I shaved, then paid a call—went up to see the Hannibals. I cancelled two other calls, and I’m glad I did—seeing now that I would never have had time. When I got home I got back to work preparing the C.A.M.P. service. When most of this was done, Bonnie and I contemplated the blank wall in the dining room where the piano used to be. I went to the building center—got a bulletin board—mounted it 4X7 feet. Bought a rocking chair from neighbors who were moving. Had supper. Worked all evening on various things: Camp service, Sunday school lesson, painted a red border on the bulletin board. I prepared a fun quiz for my Sunday School class; quit about 12:30. Bathed. OBLO, 1:05.

Sunday, 27 September 1970

Up shortly before 8:00; shaved, dressed, practiced the sermon; my class arrived about 9:30—6 girls—a certain degree of uneasiness—but as the hour passed, with the taking of the fun quiz, things loosened up. We quit shortly after 10:30. I headed for the church; had a brief and not too pleasant conversation with George Marr re: the banners. Preached Part III on the women of the Bible. Got home by 12:30. The Garcia’s were piling into the cars to leave for NY for the winter; we loaned them our cat cage to transport Ming in. After the[y] left we ate lunch; then I had about a half hour to work on my statement on C.A.M.P. for tonight’s service. At 2:00 I went to the church—the 3 clergy were interviewed by an Eagle reporter on the joint Sunday School. From there I went with Ed Nutting to the Congo church to put the evening bulletins through the folding machine. Got home about 3:10—worked on, finished the C.A.M.P. statement. At 3:45 went to St. Mary’s for meeting of the 4 clergy of the JYF. Home at about 5:00. Shortly thereafter Busseys, Dunnachs, and White arrived. We had supper and fellowship together until about 7:15, then we all left for Wesley church. Service was at 8:00. Pouring rain, not too well attended—a tremendous, dynamic sermon by White. We got to Patriquins to pick up Debbie about 9:40. Came home shortly after 10:00; relaxed, bathed; OBLO, 11:40.

Monday, 28 September 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then got my article written for the Eagle; I took it over to the Eagle office, came home, began looking over exam reading lists. I wrote a letter to Cokesbury ordering 8 books. I then tried to prepare myself for the mammoth task of reviewing all my reading since June 15. We had lunch shortly after 12:00. Before Bonnie left for work she put Debbie down for a nap—and she slept almost the whole afternoon. About 1:00 I was going to start my review. But I was feeling weary and lethargic from yesterday’s pace. So I napped from about 1:00–2:45. I got up, felt revived, got a cup of coffee, then finally began my review. I worked at it until about 5:00, when I quit to get supper ready; Bonnie got home early, and we ate about 5:30. I reviewed for a few minutes before 6:30, then watched CBS news: NASSER DIED SUDDENLY TODAY—what a shock. And Nixon had audience with Pope Paul—from what Nixon said he seems unable to think except in terms of military might and the power of his office. About 7:30 I turned to reviewing again. After 8 o’clock I called Beck to tell him that I would be in to BU on the 1st of Oct to take the exam; we had a nice chat. I spent the evening studying. I stopped before 11:00 to watch news; then mailed (drove to P.O.) letter to Beck with the reading list I’ve been working on; he requested it; home, OBLO, c. 11:54.

Tuesday, 29 September 1970

Up about 9:15. Shaved—2 days worth; had breakfast—my main concern today was to press ahead with my review. I had hoped to have two whole weeks to review, but here I’m trying to cram it into 3 days—and I’m not too happy about it. The reviewing is very tedious, and I also find it emotionally draining; there is so much to know, and I’m continually formulating questions in my own mind which I know I can’t answer. In short, I’m worried, nervous. It’ll be a miracle if I pass the test. We had lunch about noon. Then Bonnie left for work. She put Debbie in her room, but she didn’t settle down to sleep for some time. I read downstairs. About 4:30 I began to work on and off on supper. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home from work. I got a little reviewing done before CBS news at 6:30. In the evening Bonnie went down to Patriquins after putting Debbie to sleep, and I continued working. I went through Mowinckel’s Psalms in Israel’s Worship in about 2 hours—which shows just how speedy and inadequate this review is. Today Bonnie mailed a letter to Blackwell’s—I ordered R. H. Charles Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha—I’m tired of being without it. After Mowinckel I started in Lindblom Prophecy in Ancient Israel—I stopped about 11:00 to bathe; Bonnie got home; relaxed; OBLO, c. 12:15.

David’s Diary, September 29, 1970

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David’s Diary – September 22, 1970

Tuesday, 22 September 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. This was another day devoted largely to reading. The exam is scheduled for Oct. 1—and I need time to review after finishing Eissfeldt. So I got to work reading. Late in the morning I took a break—walked down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—I put up an announcement of the joint Sunday School. When I got back Bonnie was preparing lunch; we ate—early—by 12:15 I was back to reading. After Bonnie left for work, Debbie went down for a nap—I returned to reading, I got sleepy—and stretched out for a few minutes on the bed in the front room. I wasn’t there too long, but it was enough to revive me. So then I spent the afternoon reading—worked on supper late in the afternoon—we ate as soon as Bonnie got home. After supper I strolled down to Mrs. Cooney’s with the Joint SS programs—she has to address them for mailing. Came home, watched TV—CBS news—the Middle East crisis is getting worse—with speculation that Mr. Nixon might intervene—we can’t seem to resist the role of world’s policeman—when will we ever learn? —The evening was spent with reading again—made pretty good progress—listened to radio, Wagner’s Gotterdammerung—finally gave up about 11:30. Bathed, then OBLO exhausted, LO, 12:40.

Wednesday, 23 September 1970

[Top panel: took 3 photos of tomato]

Up about 9:00 after Θ+ —an agreeable way to begin my birthday. Immediately after shaving I met Mrs. Cooney at the back fence—she handed me the Church School programs which she had addressed, and I immediately took them to the Congregational church office to be sorted for mailing. I had a visit with Ed Nutting—further reflections on the blow-up meeting last Sunday. I didn’t get home til about 11:00; the mail was here, I read I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly—the first issue since his August vacation. Then turned to reading for a brief while [before] lunch. After eating I again turned to reading, but the heat again got to me—a beastly hot day—in the low 90’s on this first day of fall! —so I napped. I was out longer than I had intended—didn’t get up til almost 3:30, but I got right to reading. Then Bonnie announced that she had arranged with Carol to go swimming. So I read until 4:30, then we went to Lewis’, and from there to the pit. They invited us to stay for supper—especially when they discovered that it was my birthday. We went home to change—then returned to their place—they even baked a birthday cake! We had a nice visit—came home shortly after 9:00. I then read in earnest til after 12:30. Bonnie scrubbed floors! OBLO, c. 1:15.

Thursday, 24 September 1970

We were not all settled down for the night until about 2:00 AM—so it wasn’t very easy to get up this morning. And we had to get up—at least I did—about 8:45—because Phil Parker was planning to come by about 9:30 to pick up Sunday School materials—which he did. After he left I prepared to run some errands. Shaved. I went to the garden, also to Lewis’ to pick up my unique tomato which I’d left there last evening. On the way home I stopped at the Building Center to check on swing set for Debbie—also stopped by the church—the 3 SS superintendents were getting set up for Sunday. Got home about noon—Bonnie was sacked out—so I read for a while. We had a late lunch, then I read some more while Bonnie went shopping. She returned in time for me to go to a 3 o’clock appointment at the Eagle office to ask about some good publicity on the opening of the joint SS. Then went to Ed Nutting’s office. When I returned home, I got back to reading—and I finally finished—i.e., Eissfeldt and thereby the entire Summer’s reading list! Fixed supper, filled out selective service info form, watched TV, CBS news. Got a little up-straightening done in my room before 8:30. Mrs. Myers called to wish happy birthday. Watched Ironsides—then cleaned up my room—bathed after midnight. OBLO, c. 1:00 A.M.

Friday, 25 September 1970

Not up til about 9:30. Had breakfast, shaved, then made some calls—on Winnie. Kay was there, so we had a nice visit; then on Mrs. Smith—who seems to be bouncing back marvelously after her operation to install a heart pacer. Got home about noon. Had lunch. Before Bonnie left for work, she put Debbie down for a nap, so I was able to turn my thoughts to the sermon, and this was my main concern for the afternoon. I napped very briefly in the early afternoon—“napped”—didn’t fall asleep. But I made good progress on the sermon, had it 80% done by supper time. Had supper ready when Bonnie got home. After eating we relaxed in the living room, watched CBS news. I then turned to finishing the sermon and preparing the final draft. For a while we stood in the yard and watch[ed] lightening to the NE. Then we debated about the piano in the dining room; we’d like to get rid of it. I called Homer; he agreed. Bonnie called Lewis’—and they came right over to look at it. While they were here the thunder-storm struck—wow! Carol became quite frightened. After they left I went back to work on the sermon. I got it finished, then turned to do the bulletins—got the stencil typed. Finished about 12:45—bathed; OBLO, 1:21.

David’s Diary, September 25, 1970

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