David’s Diary – October 12, 1970

Monday, 12 October 1970

This has been a more leisurely and relaxed day. We got out of bed when we felt like it—at least we stayed in bed until Debbie was too loud to be ignored any longer. I suppose we were all up by 9:00. We had planned to return to the lake to sail, but Marty didn’t feel like it—and the day was overcast like yesterday, though there was not as much fog. Finally we decided to go to a brand new shopping center. So we spent the late morning and early afternoon there. We bought a tablecloth, new sheets—two sets of brightly colored flower prints. Bonnie also bought some flannel for making nightgowns for Debbie. We didn’t get back to P + M’s house until after two—we had lunch—then most of us just felt like collapsing. I napped for a while—as did Paul, Marty, Debbie. Bonnie had energy, however, so she went to a shopping center to do a load of diapers and to get groceries. After she got home, we all came to life slowly—and had a delightful time just sitting around talking. Early in the afternoon I called Sears in Boston and ordered a router set—on sale $25 off!—watched CBS news—then about 8:00 we all went downtown for a Chinese dinner—delicious. Then home after 9:00. P + M headed for bed; I wrote rough draft of a letter to Rev. Scobie re: Harris baptism; OBLO, c. 11:00.

Tuesday, 13 October 1970

A tiring day. We were awake with Paul + Marty around 6:30–7:00 when they had to leave for school. But Bonnie, Debbie + I went back to bed when they had gone. We didn’t get up til about 9:00. We hurriedly dressed, packed, ate breakfast and loaded the car. We left their place about 10:15—we went across town to see the Stoners for a short while. Then after a visit there, and getting gasoline, we were on the NY thruway by about 11:45. We made good time getting home—we stopped a couple of times. We headed directly into Boston—traffic in the city was distressingly heavy. We went to Sears to pick up the router I had ordered. Luckily everything went smoothly. After leaving Sears we headed out of town, went to the N. Shore Shopping Center—we arrived there about 4:45. We were interested in locating a copy of Better Homes + Gardens Handyman’s Book—and we found it. Then we piled into the car again and headed home. We were here by 6:00. We busied ourselves with unloading the car and looking through the mail. I fixed supper for Bonnie, but wasn’t hungry myself. We relaxed, watched CBS news. About 8:00 I then fixed myself some supper. Debbie was in bed early—she was exhausted too. I spent the evening trying to figure out my new router—it’s quite a machine. Bathed about 11; OBLO  c. midnight.

Wednesday, 14 October 1970

Up about 8:30 or so. Had breakfast, then worked on my letter to Rev. Skobe—he baptized (or is soon to) the Harris baby—which I refused to do—I wanted him to know my understanding of the situation. Then Bonnie, Debbie and I went to the Building Center; we got hardware for the kitchen cabinet doors I’m making—but no luck on certain router attachments. We came home, I called Building Center in Gloucester—then I went over there in the car, but no luck there either—went to Sears—ordered a part. Came home, had lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie played then slept in her room, and I got back to work on the kitchen shelves over the radiator. It took me all afternoon to get the frame out on, which will hold the doors. The house isn’t true, so that took some planing and some careful fitting. When Bonnie got home from work we called Jerry + Carol Lewis—invited them to come over for dessert at 8:00. We then had supper in the midst of carpentry mess—I continued working before and after supper until the Lewises arrived. We had a pleasant visit with them. While they were here I phoned in the order to Sears for several items which I’ll pick up tomorrow; also called Dr. Beck. The Lewises left about 10:00—then we watched TV as I continued to work on the frame around shelves—final nailing + sanding; bathed; relaxed, OBLO, c. 11:30  Θ

Thursday, 15 October 1970

Not up too early—by 9:30? Had breakfast, after shaving, which I hadn’t done since Monday evening before going to the Chinese restaurant. My main concern was to get the new frame around the shelves over the radiator sanded and varnished—this took me up til about 11:45. Then I went to the dump. Came home, prepared to leave for Boston, had lunch. Left about 1:00—got gas—but had to return—I was about to Ancher Inn when I remembered that I’d left the transfer of credit slips at home. Then I set out again. Got to BU about 2:30—large crowds outside CLA—a bomb threat. The next hour and half I bought Playboy, contacted Beck, checked on grade for one course. Had to see Beck at 3:00 and at 4:00—so glance(d) through Playboy in the interval. After seeing Beck 2nd time left BU for Sears (also saw Elaine Follis at BU)—picked up several items: anchor bit, aquarium, tool box, house slippers. Headed home in heavy traffic, rain. Got here about 6:15. We ate supper, watched CBS news, looked over our new things. Relaxed, tested new router anchor, watched Flip Wilson. 8:30–9:30 Ironsides. Then I set to work on cabinet above sink, i.e., ripped out old shelves, sanded wall, measured, prepared to start building tomorrow; bathed, watched Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:50 Θ

David’s Diary, October 15, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/21/davids-diary-october-12-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – October 12, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “until Debbie was too loud to be ignored any longer.” 🙂

    I remember the Handyman’s book, and the router.


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