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David’s Diary – May 25, 1970

Monday, 25 May 1970

The mumps infection has not left me entirely—last night I had very painful left jowl—one sore spot just below the ear. This woke me up about 4:45. I got up to take a Darvon—also took time to write the Invocation and Benediction to be used in the service this A.M. I went back to bed about 5:30. Got up later—about 9:30, after getting some sleep. I had breakfast, shaved, then about 11 o’clock headed down to t-wharf. I found Margaret Reilly there, so I had someone to chat there while waiting for things to get started. Finally all the bands and groups marched up—and I did my thing; it was a very short ceremony. I don’t think I’ll be in Rockport enough more years to be invited again—which please(s) me. Came home—an insipid letter from Earl Landgrebe answering my letter on Vietnam. Typed more of my rough draft of doctrinal statement—had lunch, worked further in the afternoon. Bonnie feeling miserable with her period, Debbie slept. About 5:00 I gave Debbie her “lunch”—then about 6:30 we had our supper. In the evening I did more composing and typing on the doctrinal statement. Called the Folks; their 41st anniversary. From 9:00-11:00 we watched movie on TV: I’ll Take Sweden—a mediocre comedy—but fun. Finished the doctrinal statement about 11:00! Watched news, bathed, watched few minutes of Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:10.

 Tuesday, 26 May 1970

Up after 9:00. While I was eating breakfast Margaret called. She’d had more talks—on the phone—with Alan. Maria is on her way back. The main concern of my morning was to put my two ordination documents into final draft form for typing. I got this done essentially in the morning. Late in the morning Bonnie took Debbie and went over to see Carol Lewis. When they got back she fed Debbie and went to work. I was occupied getting my study straightened up. I had a simple lunch early in the afternoon, then began working on my lesson for Bible study tonight—on the pseudepigrapha. [1] About mid-afternoon I got very sleepy—so I took a nap. My left jowl isn’t as sore today, but I still am on sulfa. Late in the afternoon I got up, read the newspaper, tended to Debbie. When Bonnie got home from work I helped with supper. We had supper, watched CBS news. The Bible class arrived at 8:00. 7 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. The discussion following was lively, re: generation gap, sex, communism, Vietnam—I still remain baffled how Xns can tolerate the Vietnam war—it is so overwhelmingly evil and morally outrageous in my sight. Bonnie and I had a snack—I began typing on my ordination sermon; bathed at 11:30; watched Johnny Carson; OBLO, 12:45.

Wednesday, 27 May 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast. I had to be at the funeral home by 10 o’clock to read the service for William Lamar—only 2 friends were there. After this was finished I went to see Homer and Sarah, had to confer with them briefly. Got home about 11:00. I then read some in Newsweek, also did more typing on the ordination sermon. Didn’t have lunch until around 1:00. Then Bonnie went off shopping. Debbie played in her room, I typed. Again—as yesterday—about mid-afternoon I became sleepy—but napped only a few minutes. I then went about reading through my theological statement one last time, revising, refining, polishing. I got one page typed before supper, but discovered one major flaw—so the whole page would have to be done over. Had supper about 6:00. At 6:40 I picked up Gladys Haskell at her home, we went to Wesley Church for a nominating committee meeting to select a slate of officers for C.A.M.P. for next year. This was over by 7:30. I took Gladys home, then stopped to see Jean Crowell, to ask her to serve on the committee. I got home, did some phoning, retyped page 1. The[n] 9:00-11:30 watched a movie on TV: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation—a comedy with Jimmy Stewart which I’d seen some years ago. Watched a few minutes of Johnny Carson; then more typing; bathed, OBLO 1:00 AM.

Thursday, 28 May 1970

We found ourselves still in bed at 10:00. I had a quick breakfast, then got to work typing—my main concern for the day has been to get the Theological Statement for ordination as nearly done as possible. As of now—12:45 (Fri AM—at night) I have 16 pp typed—it will be about 20 pp. long. I worked on this until our late lunch—shaved before lunch, about 1:00. Then back to the typing—Bonnie went grocery shopping and took Debbie along. I continued typing. About 3:15 I stopped, cut some lilacs for Lucy Patience, then went to see her; I hadn’t called on her in many weeks. I stayed until about 4:15, came home, had a small snack—then back to the typing—until the newspaper came, which contained the letter which is attached to this page—Alice Marr’s reaction to my last two sermons. [See below] I can’t say that I was upset, but it is rather stunning—and distracting—it was hard to keep my mind on other things. We had supper about 6:30, watched CBS news. At 7:30 I returned to typing—had a phone call from Rev. Bamforth re: Alice Marr’s letter—he wanted to assure me [of] his support and encouragement. 8:30–10:15 we spent with Patriquins. When we came home I returned to typing—worked til after 12:30. Stopped to bathe; OBLO, 1:20

Letter to the editor, Alice M. Marr, Gloucester Daily Times, 27 May 1970

[1] A quick Google search reveals: “spurious or pseudonymous writings, especially Jewish writings ascribed to various biblical patriarchs and prophets but composed within approximately 200 years of the birth of Jesus Christ.” (Wikipedia)

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David’s Diary – May 17, 1970

Sunday, 17 May 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast, dressed, Bill Elwell arrived for class about 9:30—but not Karen. For a while we talked about Vietnam—then we read in Chapter 1 of Paul’s letter to the Romans. I rode to the church will Bill and his parents at 10:30. Had a good crowd out at church—we had a group from the Legion visiting—so I had a sermon about “Lowering Our Voices”—trying to make some clarifications about the anti-war movement. A few very sincere compliments. The Rapers had lunch with us and stayed the first half of the afternoon. When they left we napped—fell sound asleep—since I had been up til 1:30 last night. Got up about 6:00. Had phone conversations with Virginia Bate, Anne Jewell and Margaret Reilley. Anne Jewell spoke against the war at the Congregational Church this morning. We had supper. Then I dated the slides which came Saturday. About 9 o’clock we went down to the Patriquins—hadn’t been down there in ages. We showed our slides, watched TV together, came home about 11:00. I did some reading in Weatherhead’s The Xn Agnostic—then bathed, watched about an hour of Johnny Carson. Then returned to Weatherhead’s book—I’ve had it for a long time—it’s quite interesting; OBLO, 1:12.

Monday, 18 May 1970

Up about 9:30. Had breakfast—while I was eating Margaret Reilley called. Maria had spent the evening with her because Alan was quite drunk. Maria has really gotten herself entrapped—and she doesn’t know how to get out now. Later in the morning (Bonnie was gone shopping) I read further in Weatherhead’s book. Stopped when the mail came. At noon I watched the news—Bonnie had her lunch and fed Debbie. After Bonnie left for work I put Debbie down for a nap—read in Weatherhead—hoping to get some assistance for writing my doctoral statement. [1] About mid-afternoon I became sleepy—so I read in bed for a while—then napped. Didn’t get up and get to functioning again until almost 5:00. Worked at my desk until Bonnie got home—then worked on supper. Watched CBS news while we ate. In the early part of the evening I worked at my desk, did phone calling, prepared stencil for Methodist men mailing. 9:00-11:00 watched a movie on TV: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum—it has been raining here all day—gloomy weather. Watched news; bathed; watched Johnny Carson; read; OBLO 1:00 AM.

Tuesday, 19 May 1970

Up about 9:30. Shaved, didn’t yesterday. Had breakfast, then went to Gloucester—I had to return Jim Bussey’s paper-cutter to him, then I went to Norman’s Office Supply to pick up two packages of mimeo-paper. When I got home I ran off about 35 copies of the Methodist men notices for this month’s meeting. Shortly before noon I went to the post office with these and other pieces of mail. Then to Richdales for more yogurt. Came home, watched the weather report—for days we have been in clouds and drizzle. After Bonnie went to work I had to get to work preparing for Bible study. I studied the first 6 chapters of II Kings. After this I finally turned to writing my doctrinal statement for ordination—and I made some progress on this by the time Bonnie came home from work. I read the newspaper when it came, stopped to watch TV—the tail end of Perry Mason, 6 o’clock news—Walter Cronkite—CBS—had supper. At 7:30 I took our car over [to] Lee’s—Sue drove me home—then the Bible class arrived—8 besides Bonnie + myself. During Bible class we discovered Debbie in her room—emptied the dresser, was on the top examining forbidden miscellany. Bible class over by 9:30. Worked on doctrinal statement, had snack, watched news, some of Johnny Carson; OBLO, midnight  Θ+

Wednesday, 20 May 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast—I had planned to work on my doctrinal statement today, but Bonnie was eager to have Debbie’s fence put up. So I directed my energies to that—I worked on it during the morning; I reviewed the mail briefly when it came. Stopped for lunch about 1:00. During and after lunch I read through I. F. Stone’s Weekly—as usual an excellent and penetrating analysis. About 2:00 I returned to working on the fence. I stopped at the point of beginning on the gate. I was out of energy—and a trip to the hardware store would have been necessary. So the latter part of the afternoon I was able to work on the doctrinal statement. I abandoned this about 5:30. Read the newspaper. At 6:00 watched the news, ate supper—about 6:25 Roy Lee arrived with our car—I drove him home, came back—watched the rest of CBS news. Bonnie went over to the garden to do some weeding. I played with Debbie—then returned to working on the doctrinal statement. I spent most of the evening on this—made quite a bit of progress. It’s helping me to solidify some of my thinking—I find myself being driven back to an embracement of theism and this is reflected here; bathed; Johnny Carson, OBLO 12:30.

Bonnie and Debbie, May 11, 1970

[1] In fact, I mention this book re: its impact on my departure from Christianity, quoting from it, in my book, Ten Tough Problems in Christian Thought and Belief: a Minister-Turned-Atheist Shows Why You Should Ditch the Faith.

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David’s Diary – April 4, 1970

Saturday, 4 April 1970

Up shortly after 8:30. My first concern was to get leaflets to the young people of the JYF who have their work-day today. I took them down to the Baptist church—also changed my own wayside pulpit. When I got back I had my breakfast, and then got to work on my sermon. Mail man brought a letter from May Federick—they seem to have accepted Alan as more or less already dead—for their own mental health this might be just as well. Got more work done on the sermon—about half—when I stopped for lunch—went to Richdales for bread + milk. Came back, ate—Bonnie not feeling very well—headache. I went out calling for the afternoon—saw Rip Hannibal—his wife is in Florida, Esther Longley, Lucy Patience. I was home by 5. Finished sermon. Then we had supper. Watched NBC news. Bonnie left for dress rehearsal, Community Chorus. I played with Debbie—got a phone call from Maria—she was over at Alan’s—is returning tomorrow to NY. Wants to get her stuff. I did my bulletins—she arrived; we had a long chat (a girlfriend of hers was along). Bonnie arrived home shortly after Maria left. I worked on the service, then prepared my Sunday School lesson.  Stopped to bathe 11:35.

Sunday, 5 April 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Maria arrived to pick up her TV set + plants. She didn’t stay very long. My Sunday School class—both Karen + Bill arrived. We met until about 10:30. I left for the church. An average sized crowd again; communion Sunday. When we got home about 12:30 the Sestos were home. After lunch I got to work doing some more reading to revise my seminar paper. Bonnie spent most of the afternoon with the Sestos—helping them pack. About 2:40 I left for the C.A.M.P. meeting at Wesley church—took Gladys Haskell along. This was over by 4:30. We tended to details re: the April 18 drug program. When I got home the Sestos were just finishing getting the car loaded. We saw them off—then I got back to work—then napped very briefly before we had supper. Mrs. Paradis came over while we went to Community Chorus—I sat with the Bamforths—of course Bonnie was in the chorus. It was a good performance—especially the Orff Carmina Burana. Bonnie was the “cat’s meow” for the last number. This was over before 9:30—we stayed around chatting—but we were home by 9:45. There was a message for us to call Paul + Marty. We did. They’re coming out to see us later in the month. And Marty’s parents around May 1—his health is deteriorating. I bathed about 11:00 after more reading; watched news; OBLO, 11:40.

Monday, 6 April 1970

We got up in the middle of the night—about 3:30—to view the comet in the eastern sky—plainly visible with the naked eye. In the morning, Θ before arising. I got up about 9:30 to answer the phone—a call from Don McGaw with details about where we’re to send money for our theatre tickets. While eating breakfast Ellie Martin called—wanted to talk to me. I shaved, arrived at her apartment about 10:40. She was depressed, feeling low—so we had about an hour’s chat. From there I went to get a list from Gladys Haskell. Came home—a post-card from Uhlinger—the request for FFR grant for the drug program was rejected. We fixed lunch. Bonnie left for work—just as she was leaving Debbie was waking up. I gave her her lunch. Watched TV coverage of the vote to send G. Harold Carswell’s name back to committee—this was defeated; final vote Wed. My afternoon was devoted to my seminar paper. By supper time I had finally gotten to the point where I’m ready to cut stencils. We had an early supper—as soon as Bonnie got home. At 6:30 we took Debbie to Patriquins—went with Lewises to see What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? [1]—very explicit nudity—very funny. We went to Patriquins; had mug-ups. At 10:00 I went to see Margaret Reilly—she’s finally home. Reported fully on Alan. Arrived home c. 11:15; watched rest of news, Johnny Carson; OBLO 12—

Tuesday, 7 April 1970

Up about 9:00. My main concern today was the seminar paper—getting the stencils typed. I got to work on this in the morning. Bonnie went shopping with Carol Lewis (now 2 days overdue). When she got home we fixed lunch. She mentioned that Leona Mitchell wants drug program leaflets to give to the doctors. So I called Rev. Bailley and he brought some up from the Baptist Church w[h]ere they were left on Saturday. When Bonnie left I shaved—then got back to work at the typewriter. At 2 o’clock Alice Mae Heslin arrived to interview me re: the drug program for an article to appear in the Rockport Eagle. While she was here I gave Debbie her lunch. She was gone, and I was back to work by 3 o’clock. I worked on until Bonnie for home—but I didn’t quit until about 6:30. Then I fixed supper—watched CBS news. Got back to work at 7:30—worked steadily all evening. During the evening I got a call from Marty in Schenectady. Marilyn + Arthur will let us know if we can stay with them in New York City on the 20th—Paul + Marty are coming to see us that week—Marty’s father + mother might be visiting us on the 30th of month. About 10 o’clock I’d finished the main body of the paper—but still had footnotes, bibliography, tables to do. Did]n’t] finish til about 1:10. Bathed, together, OBLO 1:45.

[1] A hidden-camera reality film by Alan Funt, released in 1970

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David’s Diary – March 31, 1970

Tuesday 31 March 1970

Up before 9:30—snowing again! Had breakfast, shaved, puttered at my desk until about 10:45—left for the cemetery for the brief committal ceremony for Louise Bailey. Home by 11:10. The mail man brought a letter from May Fedrick, Alan’s mother—mailed last Wednesday—before the crisis came to a head. She expressed her gratitude to me and her foreboding—well justified foreboding as it turned out; I await word on how his father is getting along after such a grueling week. We had lunch about noon—Bonnie left for work. Debbie played very hard! I worked on my II Isaiah lecture. On one visit to her room I opened the dormer window, set her on the window sill, and we played in the snow—big fluffy flakes—we got about ½ foot during the afternoon; I took some photos in the yard. Late in the afternoon I finished the lecture—also I practiced reading through my paper for seminar. Then read the evening paper. Started working on supper. We ate shortly after 6:00. Watched CBS news 6:30-7:00. Then prepared to leave. The Sestos looked after Debbie. Due to the snow my crowd was cut down at St. Mary’s. My lecture was over shortly after 9:00. Then we came on home after socializing for a while. Visited with the Sestos. I worked on bibliographical recommendations for seminar tomorrow; we bathed together; watched news + a few minutes of Johnny Carson. OBLO 12:15.

Wednesday 1 April 1970

Up about 9:00. After breakfast my main concern was to get the stencil finished with the reading list for next week’s seminar. I ran off several copies. I rode into BU with the Sestos, who were taking a load of things in to their new apartment. Ezra stayed with Bonnie + Debbie. I was let off at BU—just about 12:00. Bill Sesto drives too fast, very unsafe, and no seat-belts. At BU I had lunch with Kent Millard and Elaine Follis—Dr. Rowlingson joined us as we were finishing up. Between 1:00 and 2:00 I did some errands—got 2 books on Pope John 23rd , to prepare my sermon coming up. 2:00-3:00 went to OT theology 3:00-4:00 had an opportunity to visit with Dr. Beck, also Norman Vaillencourt gave me some information on several of the slides which I’d had duplicates made of. 4:00-6:00 seminar—which per usual was dominated by Jim Bank—who loves to impress on everyone his great learning, i.e., a crashing bore. This was over by 6:00. I met Sestos out by the Union building—we drive home—again at break-neck speed—45 minutes from the Mystic River Bridge to home in Rockport. Arrived here just a few minutes before 7:00. Had supper. The evening was spent in leisurely fashion—pretty weary. But later in the evening I began reading in Lindar’s book, NT Apologetic. Stopped to bathe C. 10:30. We bathed together, OBLO, 11:30.

Thursday, 2 April 1970

Up about 9:00 after Θ+. Shaved, had a quick breakfast, then left for Addison Gilbert Hospital—heavy rain—which lasted all day. 10 o’clock meeting at the hospital with Dr. Culter [?], Jack Roberts and Rev. John Lilly—from the Quadrennial Emphasis Committee. The was assigned to interview [perhaps should be: this was assigned?] re: our proposal first hand. After the meeting I discussed a few matters with Roberts, then came home, got here after 11:30. Mail came, we had lunch, watched noon news. In the afternoon Bonnie went shopping, I tried to get some studying done. But I still seem to be suffering some fatigue from last week. I just haven’t been back to normal as far as getting work done is concerned. In mid-afternoon I napped. When Bonnie got home I helped put away the groceries. Then took a cup of coffee to my study—tried to get some work done. Bonnie ordered me to stay away from the downstairs for a while. The after she’d made a quick trip to the hardware store I was allowed to see her innovation: she’d purchased new curtains for the dining room. We had supper about 6:30. Watched CBS news. I tried to study in the evening—not much luck. About 9:30 I gave up—watched TV with Bonnie—we turned if off after about 15 min. of Johnny Carson. OBLO 12:00.

Friday, 3 April 1970

Up by 9:00. Bathed. Had breakfast. Worked on the article to go in the newspaper on the drug program. Late in the morning a woman came to the door with the plant food which we’re supposed to give to the elm tree out back. Mail man brought the film which we took last Sunday. We invited the Lewises over for this evening—to bring their projector. We had lunch around noon. Bonnie went to work, Debbie went to sleep, and I got to work on my seminar paper—i.e., preparing the tables that are to accompany it. This was my main concern for the afternoon—though I didn’t work at it too hard. I glanced through the paper when it came: Nixon is asking Congress to raise the price of a stamp to 10¢! Bonnie was in the mood for sweet and sour pork. On her way home from work she got the ingredients which we lacked—I went to work preparing this shortly before 6:00. I really don’t care for it very much. We watched CBS news; on What’s My Line? Norman Rockwell was the first guest. I like his work no matter what the critic say. At 8 o’clock the Lewises arrived. We viewed the film from last Sunday—and also our earlier films—and we were astounded at how Debbie looked a year ago! After the Lewises left I worked some in my study, read some; watched the first few minutes of the Tonight Show (Flip Wilson) OBLO 12 o’clock.

Diary page from Friday, April 3, 1970

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David’s Diary – March 27, 1970

Friday, 27 March 1970

Up about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—got a call from Alan’s father that Alan was taken to the hospital last night. Id’ been planning to go to Thurston Point anyway—so I just speeded up. Arrived there about 9:00. Stayed and talked with Mr. Federick until about 10:40. We went through some of Alan’s papers. Then I returned to Rockport at 10:45—had to be at the Burgess + Mackey funeral home at 11 o’clock to read the funeral service for Louise Bailey. Not a member of the church—but she had stipulated a Methodist funeral. After this I returned to be with Alan’s father for a while, but then returned home by 12:45. Had lunch, Bonnie went to work. I was weary—and spent the first half of the afternoon—until about 3:00, on the bed. Debbie was playing in her room. Got up, did desk work, did some jotting for my sermon—?—finished with this when Bonnie got home, but I helped with supper about 6:00. We had supper watched CBS news. About 7:30 I left for the hospital. Saw Alan. His friend Bill Matheson arrived. After visiting hours, Bill, Mr. Federick and I spent about 2 hours at the Capt Courageous restaurant, discussing Alan. Home about 10:45, Bathed; watched a few minutes of Johnny Carson. OB Θ+ LO.

Saturday, 28 March 1970

Another chaotic day—thanks to Alan Fedrick. Up about 9:00. Had only a small breakfast—went to Gloucester, to Wesley church to tend to a few details—since the Busseys are leaving on vacation tomorrow. After getting home I shaved, had phone call from Alan’s father regarding a hospital in Waltham which Dr. Mann was considering for Alan. Delivered bulletin inserts to Baptists + Congregation. We had lunch about noon. Grandma + Emil arrived shortly before 12:30. I worked on sermon while they went shopping with Bonnie. Got a call from Ed Nutting—needed more inserts—I went down to his office. Shortly after 3:00—at least before 3:30—Bonnie called—Mr. Fedrick wanted me immediately, Alan was leaving the hospital. I rushed home, then rushed to the hospital, Alan + his father had already left. I then went to Alan’s home. His father had reached the breaking point. Alan was abusive, offensive—entirely unmanageable. He left to go get groceries. His father and I left came home, made phone calls—between 6:00-7:00 I typed my stencil. At 7:00 we left for Logan airport. Got there shortly after 8:00. I stayed with him til he boarded his plane. I left Logan shortly before 10:00; did bulletins at Wesley church on way home. Arrived home, relaxed, bathed, returned to writing sermon—worked on it til 2:00 AM—very weary, OBLO 2:00 AM.

Sunday, 29 March 1970

Got out of bed about 8:00—feeling rather lousy. Had breakfast, then worked on the service, practiced sermon; left for the church about 10:20. A huge crowd. It started snowing during the church hour—a storm that had developed into a howling nor’easter during the day. We were home about 12:30. Had lunch, then I made a trip over to Alan’s. I had to give him the house-keys (which his father had accidentally carried off), and a 50 dollar bill. I stayed less than 5 minutes—I told him never to call me again—and not to show up here at the house with Maria when she comes to retrieve her things. Came home, tried to nap—was on bed til about 3:30. Had a call from Alan’s Brandeis colleague Bill Matheson. I went downstairs, had something to eat, then spent the late afternoon playing cards with Bonnie, grandma + Emil. We had supper around 6:00. The evening was spent in leisurely fashion. We took a roll of movie film, to send to Bonnie’s folks. We took some footage downstairs, and some in Debbie’s room. Then after Debbie was down for the night we showed our slides taken since Christmas. Then I showed my slides on Qumran—but I raced through them since Emil didn’t seem to grasp. Prepared for bed with storm still howling; OBLO c. 10:45.

Monday, 30 March 1970

Θ about 7:30. Bonnie got up about 8:30, when we heard Grandma + Emil up—I didn’t get up til about 9:00. We all had breakfast together. They left immediately. I got their car out of the snow and turned around. My main concern for the day was to make some progress on my lecture for tomorrow night. But I was still pretty weary from the ordeal with Alan. I began reading II Isaiah. Late in the a.m. Bonnie went shopping. We ate lunch about noon when she had returned home. She left for work about 12:45. I was able to finish II Isaiah during the afternoon. About mid-afternoon I got supper going, then I napped. About 5:30 I got up, looked through the newspaper—Bonnie got home, we worked on supper. Watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to Community Chorus. I looked over the calendar for next month—it’s hard to believe that the last seminar is only 3 weeks away. Played with Debbie also. But she was sleepy and wasn’t anxious to drag out playtime. I did some reading on II Isaiah, then turned to making notes for the lecture. Did about 4 pages. I had hoped to be done with the lecture by this evening—but I just wasn’t able to push myself today. Stopped to bathe about 11:45. Watched the first 45 minutes of the tonight show—it’s great on Maria’s color TV! OBLO, c. 12:30.

Emil and Grandma, holding Debbie, 1968

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