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David’s Diary – December 27, 1970

Sunday, 27 December 1970

Up shortly before 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved, dressed, practiced sermon. Went to the church about 10:30—Had moderate sized crowd; preached on “The Younger Generation: a reason for Hope”—mentioned the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Home shortly before 1:00. We had lunch immediately. Bonnie had a bout with nausea, so Grandma and I cleaned up the kitchen. Had a chance to relax—also made the very brief preparations for the Den-Mar service. Left about 2:40; Emil went with me. Saw Esther Longley; we were somewhat delayed in starting because we couldn’t find the hymnals—but after they were located we had our half-hour service. Had a chance to relax after getting home; also half dozed in Bonnie’s chair in the living room during the Boston Pops concert. We had supper about six—we had the left overs from last night’s Chinese dinner which we’d brought home. After supper Bonnie had me bring her sewing machine to the living room so that she could work on new chair cushions and still socialize. With the same objective in mind I decided to make the list of our record library which Bob, Lea + John have requested. Turned out to the quite a list. Bonnie and I discussed our record needs and possible switching to a tape system in a couple or three years; bathed c. 12; OBLO c 12:30.

Monday, 28 December 1970

Up before 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved; then turned my attention to writing my article for the Eagle and my weekly letter to Mrs. Myers. When the mail came I spent some time with it. Then I took the article to the Eagle office after stopping at the P.O. Stopped then for gas. As I was driving into our driveway, Virginia Bate was coming up the street—she had lunch with us, then kept Debbie for part of the afternoon. Right after we ate, Bonnie, Grandma, Emil + I got in the car; we left Bonnie off at work, then headed for Avon. No problem with traffic—went through Boston. We arrived in Avon about 2:15. For the next 45 minutes I helped Emil clear their driveway of snow. We used the shovels and snowblower. About three I headed for Boston—didn’t get there til about 3:40—I checked at the graduate school re: date of registration and bought a copy of Playboy. Then headed for home; I was at the hospital to pick up Bonnie just at 5:00. We went to Patriquins to pick up Debbie—Virginia had taken her there in the middle of the afternoon. We came home, had supper, watched CBS news; the evening I spent at my desk—looking at Playboy and plowing through a mountain of neglected paper work. Stopped about 11:30 for bath + snack; OBLO 12:20.

Deborah playing with blocks, December 29, 1970

Tuesday, 29 December 1970

[Top panel: two photos of Debbie in her room with building blocks]

Up about 8:45. Shaved, had breakfast—worked at my desk, read in St. Paul until the mail arrived; then I went out on errands: took a load of papers + trash to the dump, went to the P.O., then to Ed Nutting’s office to confer on mimeographing the libretto of “Jesus Christ Superstar” for a public playing of the record. I then went up to Hannibals. Rip had agreed to address envelopes for me for the COCU mailing since Mrs. Cooney is away. I got home about 12:30. Bonnie + Debbie were having lunch—and Bonnie had just vomited. But she left for work anyway. Debbie went down for a nap. By 1:30 Bonnie was home again; the lab wasn’t busy and she still felt lousy. She tried to nap, but didn’t have any luck, so she got up—walked downtown to get some Phillips Milk of Magnesia + a book from the library. I gradually got around to studying—the latter part of the afternoon I read downstairs in the living room while Bonnie tried to nap upstairs. In the late afternoon I fixed supper—Bonnie came down the table, but felt so lousy she went back to bed; Debbie and I had our own suppers; I cleaned up the kitchen, watched CBS news; gave Debbie her bath; took the car to Roy Lee for him to take in for service tomorrow; he brought me home; worked on COCU letter. Had snack; then more reading; bathed c. 11:15 read briefly in St. Paul  OBLO, c. 12:00.

Wednesday, 30 December 1970

[Top panel: took picture of banner]

Up about 8:00; shaved, had breakfast—studied until Bonnie and Debbie got up and came down for breakfast—I had a cup of coffee. Studied then until the mail man came, then I turned to working on the COCU letter. I’d finished writing it last night, so I cut the stencil and ran it off—then we got lunch. Bonnie is feeling lousy—upset stomach. This definitely seems to be a harder pregnancy than the last one. Early in the afternoon I finished all that had to be done with the COCU letter, also ran off copies of the Parish Paper Service. Then I went to the P.O. with the COCU letters, stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit and take a picture of banner. I spoke to the Kramer boy about the heat—trying to reach a compromise; he and his friends use the church to practice for their rock group. Came home, tried to study, but dozed in the chair. About 5:00 put together a simple supper. Bonnie couldn’t eat much. We watched CBS news. We were going to watch Storefront Lawyers as is our habit, but a CBS special was on about seals and walrus—very interesting. Near its end Roy Lee arrived with the car—I took him to Pigeon Cove. Rest of the evening I spent reading in St. Paul and Eissfeldt; bathed; watched news, part of Johnny Carson. OBLO, 12:30.

David’s diary, December 30, 1970

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David’s Diary – December 23, 1970

Wednesday, 23 December 1970

Up about 9:00; had breakfast—was occupied at my desk for a while; the mail man came early—as he has been recently—more Xmas cards, plus another New Republic, which I spent some time with. Late in the morning Bonnie prevailed upon me to mimeo my poem, “Christmas Is All Very New” onto the Paul Klee UNICEF Xmas cards which mom had sent us. She has a list that she wants to send them to. I caught the noon weather forecast and the snowstorm headed this way for tomorrow threatened G’ma + Emil’s trip up. So we called them and offered to come and get them—they accepted. I would have gone, but Bonnie insisted that she do it. We had lunch, I made a quick trip down to the neck to do some final shopping, then came home so that she could go. She left about 1:30. I did some wrapping, played with Debbie—but most of my time was spent preparing tomorrow night’s service—also did some shoveling of snow. Late in the afternoon I prepared supper. Unfortunately the snow situation was worsening—and Bonnie and G + E had a very treacherous trip. Didn’t get here until about 7:00! And they left Avon at 3:30! We had supper when they arrived; I cleaned up; went to Richdales for kitty litter—but the rest of the evening was spent relaxing, visiting—started on the stencil for tomorrow night’s bulletin; 11 o’clock news; bathed read in I Corin. OBLO  c. 1:30.

Thursday, 24 December 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, then made bread—looked over the mail when it came; ran off the bulletin for tonight’s service. Then watched noon news—for weather report mainly—storm still raging. After lunch I shaved, then headed off to do some errands; went to the church to get things set up for tonight’s service. The Kramer boy + his group were practicing—at very high volume. Lois Clapp came in to refamiliarize herself with the organ. Before going to the church, i.e. my first errand had been going to the P.O. to mail the Xmas cards which Bonnie decided to send out! From there I dropped in to see Virginia Bate—gave her a couple of books for Xmas—also saw her aunt Amy for a few minutes. After getting home from the church I had a while to work on tonight’s service—then a few minutes before 4:00 Bonnie + I went to St. Mary’s for the Sunday School Service. Home by 5:00, fixed supper. Then I worked further on the service. Left for the church about 7:30. A miserable turnout: only 10 in the congregation; 2 major goofs: I planned too much and it had to be cut short, and Lois played the wrong processional! We got home about 9:15, then had our gift exchange—until about 10:15; Debbie played Santa Claus—very nice gifts all around. We watched 11 o’clock news; read a while in bed; LO 12:30.

Deborah Christmas 1970

Friday, 25 December 1970

[Top panel: called Lea 365-6195]

Up about 9:30 after Θ (a nice Christmas present to each other to start the day!)  After breakfast I turned to shaving—but before breakfast—just as we were preparing to start, a phone call came from mom + dad—we had a nice chat. I was prepared to work on my sermon today—but that kept being put off. Early in the afternoon, after lunch we called Lea—mother told us she’s had another mis-carriage, so we wanted to cheer her up if possible—so we had a nice long chat with her. My new Christmas clothes (4 ties, 4 pairs of trousers) sparked interest in my wardrobe, so the early part of the afternoon I spent going through it all—and threw some things out. In the middle of the afternoon I started to put supper together; I still hoped to get started on my sermon, but just too lethargic = to back up—around the noon hour Dr. Beck called to wish us Merry Christmas and we had a nice chat with him too—it was really great of him to call. Late in the afternoon I dozed in my chair—made a slight beginning on the sermon—and fixed supper—Bonnie feeling pretty lousy—as she was til later in the evening. After supper CBS news. Then I made progress on sermon; we showed 1970 slides to Grandma + Emil. Then more on the sermon; watched 11 o’clock news; bathed; worked further on sermon; OBLO 12:50.

Saturday, 26 December 1970

Up by 8:30—another snow storm raging. After breakfast I turned to the sermon. I.e., writing out the final draft from the rough draft. I got a large part of it done in the morning before we got lunch. I shaved after eating, then went back to working on the sermon—got the bulk of it finished. Then Bonnie, grandma + I set off for Mals—we did some shopping—bought yarn to make an afgan for Bonnie (G’ma will do it—she even bought the yarn!) I looked at trousers, but the only ones in my size were expensive; one pair which we got the other day doesn’t fit well, so we’ll exchange it—the exchange line was too big today. We got an electric clock and I bought the stereo music score from Alice’s Restaurant. We also bought groceries at Stop + Shop. After coming home I went up to see the Hannibals for about 45 min. Home about 5:00, then we went to China Port restaurant in Gloucester and had a great Chinese supper—s + s duck! When we got home we all relaxed, listened to Alice’s Restaurant, Marion Anderson, Joy Is Like the Rain [1] also took down the Xmas tree—very dry + brittle. I worked on the sermon—completed it; did the bulletins. Took time now + then to socialize. Bathed about 11:30. Prepared service; practiced sermon. read in bed, LO. Θ c. 1:00 AM.


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David’s Diary – August 17, 1970

Monday, 17 August 1970

Up about 8:30—had breakfast. Grandma + Emil left as soon as breakfast was finished. It was raining hard. I then prepared my article for the Eagle, got the film (movie + slides) ready to go. Shortly after 10:00 I went to the Eagle office, then to the P.O. Then I went to the church. I worked further on the banners. I put on the Hebrew lettering—not the best job in the world—a good scribe [would] cringe!—but good enough. I got home about 12:15. Had lunch with Bonnie before she left for work. It pretty much was a lost afternoon. I was very lethargic. I looked through some books which came—one a volume on The Louvre. Also I did some tying up of tomato plants. About 3:15—just when I was finally forcing myself to work, Debbie woke up. I gave her some lunch—then put her to playing in her room. I tried to work again—dozed off almost. Then I looked at the paper when it came. About 5:00 I started working on supper. We ate about 6:00, then watched CBS news. I did get a little work done early in the evening, but shortly after 8:00 we went to the Patriquins—Drue + Sully were there—for another birthday part[y] for Deb. She got several gifts—I took pictures. We came home shortly after 10:00. I got some reading done—Debbie went to bed surrounded with toys! —bathed. OBLO  12:20.

Tuesday, 18 August 1970

[Top panel: Started new roll of colour film—photo of tomato plants. Picked first tomato from our patch—had it for supper.]

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast—my main concern for the day was to get Ginsberg finished—a tedious book. I was able to make progress in the morning. Shortly after 11:00 I arrived at a stopping point; I then went down to the church—took 3 or 4 photos of banners, finished up the roll of B + W 36 which I started on Sunday—Debbie’s birthday. Also I attached one wire for new banners. Went to the P.O. with the roll of film, then came home by c. 12:15. Had lunch, Bonnie left for worked—Debbie was asleep. She’d been up late last night—very excited over her new toys—she went to bed with all six penguins!–but she was up this morning early, was very cranky, tired, so she needed her nap. I worked on Ginsburg. Finished it by mid-afternoon. Had phone conversation with Jim Bussey. About 2:30 or 3:00 gave Debbie her lunch, after which she played in her room. I started Frost’s O.T. Apocalyptic—although I dozed off—no fault of the book, which is quite good. Then read some more. When Bonnie got home from work I went to the garden—saw Lewises on short bypass to give them cucumbers. Came home, fixed supper, watched CBS news. In the evening I made progress in Frost; two breaks, to play with Debbie and later to have a snack. Read until about 11:15—stopped to bathed, read briefly in bed; LO midnight.

Wednesday, 19 August 1970

Up about 8:30 after Θ. I had planned to make this an all-study day, but it didn’t work out that way. Yesterday evening Ann Fisk remarked about tomatoes rotting on the ground—which was a broad hint that some tying up needed to be done. So after a hearty breakfast I went to the garden. And the tomato section was indeed a veritable jungle—weeds and vines all over the place. I worked from about 9:15  til 12:30—and got one row tied up and weeded. After 11:00 I strolled over to Lewises for a cold drink and to call Bonnie (no answer), but then worked some more. I got home about 12:45. Had lunch. I was pretty pooped—and so napped, dozed, after eating, until about 3:00. But I didn’t get to reading until almost 4:00. I read for an hour, then went to the church to put up the second wire needed for this week’s new banners—also did a little more painting on them (the green boarders)—got home shortly after 6:00. We had supper, watched CBS news. I went down to the church again to spray the flies—very annoying working on the banners with them all around—hanging around since Sat’s barbeque. I did some erasing of penciling on banners; came home, played briefly with Debbie, turned to reading, which I gave up to bathe about 10:30; then I read for a brief time in bed; LO, 11:55.

Thursday, 20 August 1970

Up at 9:00. Shaved (2 days worth) had breakfast, went downtown for milk and thumbtacks. Shortly after 10:00 Carol Lewis arrived; Bonnie took care of Chris while we went down to the church to work on the banners. We got them finished and hung—the two that hang at the front of the sanctuary, based on the theme: What Does the Lord Require of You, but to do justice, to love mercy, to walk humbly with your God. We got back to the house after 11:30. We had lunch about noon. Carol went off shopping, Bonnie sat with Chris, I went over to see Gladys Haskell re: teaching Sunday School—she declined. I came come, dozed, napped for a while. Carol got back, then she and Bonnie went over to Mals—gone about 30 min. I stayed with the kids, read. After they had returned and Carol left, I read some more. After 5:00 I went to Pigeon Cove—to Lee’s to pick up a toy—Sue wasn’t home. I went to the garden, picked lima beans, corn. Walked to Lewises to buy some honey. Came home, helped on supper, watched CBS news. I got some reading done before we went to Patriquins about 8:30—watched Ironsides + Dragnet—had “mug-ups”—thunderstorm, heavy rain. Came home about 10:30—read until about 11:15—then bathed. Read further for a while in bed; LO, 12:15.

David’s Diary – August 20, 1970

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David’s Diary – August 13, 1970

Thursday, 13 August 1970

Up about 9:00. Unfortunately I felt rather lethargic today—I had trouble getting down to my reading, especially since the reading assignment today was Ginsburg’s Studies in Daniel—a difficult book. I didn’t get much done in the morning. Bonnie went grocery shopping. I got what work done that was done in the afternoon—but once I dozed off. I’m going to have to go back over the material I’ve already read—it’s closely argued, complicated. About mid-afternoon I went to the dump, then later I went to the garden—got corn and squash. Then I did some more reading before supper time. We had supper—watched CBS news. I straightened up my study somewhat—played with Debbie for a while. About 8:00 David and Michele (?) Herlihy—our new neighbors arrived. We had a nice evening’s visit together. We watched Ironsides and Dragnet—then listened to parts of Tom Lehrer’s record That Was the Year That Was. They left about 10:30. I just sat doing nothing in my study for a while—contemplating having to make a concerted effort to conquer Ginsburg’s book. Then I packed my briefcase and prepared for my trip to Lexington and Boston tomorrow, bathed about 11:45—watched some of Johnny Carson.

Friday, 14 August 1970

Up shortly before 8:00. Shaved (2 days worth), had breakfast—then went to the garden to pick some beans for Dr. Beck. I took him also, squash + potatoes. Left the house about 9:10. Got to Lexington just a few minutes after 10:00. We had a nice long chat, until 1 o’clock—over a whole range of subjects—including dissertation topic. I asked about doing something on Song of Songs—and we opened up several avenues which we’re going to look into. Mrs. Beck served some food, so this was my lunch. Shortly after 1:00 I left for Boston. Went to Sears to pick up bras for Bonnie; then went to BU. I picked up a copy of Playboy, gave some books to the BUST library, checked on my fees for this fall. Then I drove down to the Copley Square area. Parked on Newbury Street, walked to Cokesbury, then to several other shops. About 3:30 I headed home; stopped at Star Market in Danvers [?] for ice cream and mellons. Picked up Bonnie at the hospital—had to wait a while. We got home shortly before six. Had supper; relaxed; 7:00-8:00 I took Virginia Bate (who stayed with Debbie in the afternoon) to the hospital to see her Aunt Amy. Got home, had dessert, relaxed, viewed early slides of Debbie—didn’t attempt to do any work. bathed about 10:00. Of(f) to bed Θ+ settled down by 12:00.

Saturday, 15 August 1970

Up about 9:00. Had breakfast, shaved. My hay fever, sinuses were in terrible state—to add insult to injury, Bonnie decided to vacuum the whole house—I went outside to escape the dust. I had planned to get some reading done, but that was out. I sat out in the yard. About mid-morning we all went to Gloucester, to pick up a sewing machine at Sears which Bonnie is to use while hers in being fixed. Then we went to Mals and Stop + Shop. We got home just about noon. While we were getting our lunch, grandma + Emil arrived. After lunch they went with Bonnie for a walk. I did the bulletins. After they got back I did some work in the yard. The tomato plants needed very much to be tied up—so I tended to that. Other than that, I did very little. It was a hot day—tho there was a slight refreshing breeze. About 4 o’clock I went down to the church—this evening was our annual chicken barbeque. I spent most of the time with Mrs. Lee, sitting out front selling tickets. Got home about 8:00, utterly exhausted—just sat around. I played with Debbie for a while, also practiced the sermon. Had a snack, listened to stereo radio: Beethoven’s 9th. Bonnie, Grandma, Emil played Scrabble all evening; bathed c. 11:00. OBLO  c. 11:30.

Sunday, 16 August 1970

[Top panel:  Debbie 2 years old!]

Up at 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast. Shortly after 9:00 I left the house. Stopped at the church to leave off the bulletins and to pick up my robe. Went to Wesley Church in Gloucester—pulpit exchange—I preached my sermon, “The Impossible God”—about 30 or 35 people in the congregation. I got back to Rockport about 11:45—was able to give Bonnie a ride home from the church. We then took a trip up to the garden—showed it off to Grandma + Emil, picked bean, squash, corn. We came home, got busy on lunch. After eating we got a call from the folks in Lafayette—they’d had a nice trip to Japan; wanted to wish Debbie a happy birthday. After lunch Bonnie and I busied ourselves with preparations for the birthday party. I went downtown to get some film, came back by way of the beach—saw Drue and Kay. Once home we sat in the yard til party time, shortly after 3:00. We took lots of pictures—as well as a movie. Virginia Bate joined the party—after it had died down we had a nice chat. After Virginia went, I tried to nap. About 6:00 we had a snack supper—Bonnie, G’m + Emil + Deb went to the band concert, I drove to Pigeon Cove to see Carol Lewis; she approved my latest banner designs; after watering my tomatoes, I worked on banners at church; home about 9:45, relaxed, bathed about 10:30—OBLO  Θ+

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David’s Diary – July 28, 1970

Tuesday, 28 July 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Shaved—two day beard. Had breakfast. My main concern for the day was reading. I was able to devote most of my morning to it. But when the mail came I read I.F. Stone’s Weekly—plus an article on Stone from the Wall St. Journal which Virginia Bate sent me. I then went about getting some announcements ready to send to the Administrative Board re: next week’s meeting. Addressed envelopes, had lunch, finished preparing the mailing. Bonnie went to work, Debbie played in her room; I read. I reached a stopping point and was ready to go to the P.O. with Debbie when Barbara + Hazle Lord called—they’re moving to Maine tomorrow! By the time I was off the phone, Debbie was asleep—so I read—finally finished Mowinckel at about 3:15. Then relaxed a bit. Debbie was waking up, so we went to the P.O., then to the church—I changed the wayside pulpit. Home again, read paper, relaxed, watered the tomatoes. Then began getting supper ready. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home from work. Got packed and ready. Dropped in to see the Lords’—6:50–7:30—then headed for Avon. Arrived here at 9:00. Had a nice visit—also some ice cream—Debbie showed off her growing vocabulary. Hot, muggy night; bathed; OBLO 11:20.

Wednesday, 29 July 1970

[Top panel:   97.8 day!]

Up about 7:30. Shaved—had breakfast. Left for BU before 8:30. My main concern for the day was to get some reading accomplished. It was very hot and humid; I had worn shoes because I was afraid my feet might get cold in air-conditioned Mugar Library. But the air-conditioning had been shut off because Boston is having problems with water. I went back to the car to get my sandals—which I happened to stick in—just in case! I decided to try to do some studying at the School of Theology library. I ran into Hobart Farrell—whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had lunch together out on the lawn in back of the School of Theology. In the afternoon I was able to make the most progress—I read straight through until about 6:15—got up to p. 104 in Lindblom. Then I headed back to Avon. Arrived about 7:15—Bonnie fixed me supper, then we sat out on the back lawn, trying to catch some breeze. Debbie went running around the lawn, playing in the bird baths, etc. Later in the evening we moved into the screened in porch—played cards—then had ice cream—came in about 10:00. Relaxed, bathed. Read, OBLO, 11:25.

Thursday, 30 July 1970

[Top panel:  97.7]

Up about 7:20. Shaved, had breakfast—got on the road to Boston shortly after 8:00. I made good progress during the morning—but I knocked off about noon. I took the trolley to Boylston—planned to eat my lunch on the Common or Garden—but it was too too hot! So I made the return trip to BU. Tried to find a shady spot—ate one sandwich—wasn’t too hungry, so I got right back to reading. About 3:15 I took a break, had my second sandwich and banana—then read again until about 6:00. I wanted to go further, but I had reached the point where I wasn’t getting much from the reading. So I knocked off and headed back to Avon. Arrived shortly before 7:00. Bonnie made my supper. The evening was spent relaxing for the most part—in front of the TV. Watched Ironsides—that was the main concern—then there was a ½ special on the East Coast’s current pollution crisis. Between 10:00 and 11:00 I tried to get some more reading done—had some luck—but really didn’t get very far. 11–11:30 we all watched Nixon’s press conference—his usual evasions, half-truths, doubt-talk. But he performed well and no doubt satisfied most of the public; bathed; Bonnie and Emil engaged in a prolonged game of scrabble; read psalms. OBLO c. 12:30.

Friday, 31 July 1970

[Top panel:  97.9]

Up before 8:30. We had breakfast, packed the car, and were on the road by 9:30. We decided to take the through-Boston route—it was slow, because of road repairs, but we got into Rockport just about 11:00. We took time to get unpacked, look over the mail, look over the tomato patch. Then we had lunch. Debbie played in her play-yard after we got home until lunch time, so after lunch she was eager to have a nap. Bonnie left for work. I relaxed. I tried to get to work on my reading, but my heart really wasn’t in it. But by mid to late afternoon I did get going. After Bonnie got home from work, I went up to the garden—got a big batch of Italian beans, 2 cucumbers, 3 squash. Came home; we fixed supper. Watched CBS news, at the end of which Walter Cronkite noted the retirement of Chet Huntley—and Chet suddenly flashed on the screen to bid goodbye + goodluck to Walter! We then watched NBC news—and saw Huntley’s last performance. I then read briefly; Bonnie gave Debbie her bath—then we went for a walk to the headlands—T-wharf —art galleries. Home about 9:00. Then read for about an hour—still in Lindblom. Bathed. OBLO c. 11:00  —Θ+

David’s Diary, July 31, 1970

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David’s Diary – June 10, 1970

Wednesday, 10 June 1970

We got up about 7:30 or so. Had breakfast, shaved, prepared to leave Avon. Got in the road about 8:45—arrived at the Myles Standish State Forrest [1] about 9:45. We got our campsite—in Bartlett 1. We spent the rest of the morning getting set up and relaxing. What leisurely reading I got done during the day was in F.C. Grant’s, The Gospels. About noon we fixed lunch—used our Coleman stove for the first time; it worked very well. And we were delighted to see how little fuel it used. In the afternoon we tried to go swimming—but the water was cold, the sky was overcast—and the nice beach was on the side of the lake with the cold breeze. In the middle of the afternoon I went into Plymouth for a can-opener—and Ernco-foam! [???][2]  When I got back we drove around for a while, then took a drive around the park. Then came back and fixed supper. When we got supper over with we decided to take Debbie for a ride to Plymouth. She’s got a bad diaper rash and is out of sorts—we were gone c. 7:30–8:30. When we got back we prepared Debbie for bed—put her in the back of the VW. Then we bedded down for the night—by 9:30. Θ

Thursday, 11 June 1970

I slept relatively well; we got up about 7:00. Fixed breakfast, prepared to leave. The mosquitoes were driving us crazy—we were literally itching to get out of there—we did about 9:15. We arrived back in Avon about 10:00. Unloaded the car, then I put on my swimsuit and washed the car. Then Debbie and I played with the hose and lawn sprinklers—and the watering-can—she got thoroughly soaked, but was enjoying it very much, the day was so hot. Shortly before noon Debbie + I bathed together—Bonnie took her out, then I finished; had lunch, then I set about getting my hair washed, shaving, getting groomed again. Then relaxed for a while; about mid-afternoon I decided to nap since we’d be up so late tonight—I went sound asleep. We had supper about 5:35 or 40. We made good time to Providence—in about 65 minutes we were at the parking lot at Brown. We registered, then killed time by strolling around, browsing in a book store. Returned to Alumni Hall about 8:00—greeted Charlie Whitford; 8:30-10:15 we saw Dick Water’s play, The Son of Man.; 10:15-10:30 break in the fresh air; 10:30–11:15 caucus [???]—then drove home, arrived in Avon c. 12:15; had snack OBLO 12:50.

Friday, 12 June 1970

Up by 6:30. Shaved, had breakfast, left for conference—felt I should be there by 8:30—The Board of Ministry’s report was scheduled early. As it turned out things were behind schedule. But when the time came I was introduced to the Conference—and along with several others was voted to be ordained Elder. [3] Not long after I got there I met Don McGaw and we spent most of the day together—we had lunch together. The afternoon session was largely devoted to Black Methodists for Church Renewal—their request for money. I left about 4:30—came back to Avon—then Bonnie and I went back to Conference after supper. The evening program was not an official business session—but a celebration of unity. A major part was a modern interpretive dance with sax + trumpet—it was overly long—and hard to grasp. But after this was over the conference members + visitors joined the young people on the floor of the auditorium for singing and generally going wild—it was really a blast. Afterwards Don McGaw, Merlin Levering, Artis Smith, Charlie Whitford and Bonnie and I went looking for a bar in Providence—ended up in a gay bar!—finally settled for Howard Johnsons! We broke up about 12:30—we got back to Avon about 1:30—and got right to bed.

Saturday, 13 June 1970

Θ before arising at 8:00. I hurriedly bathed, shaved—I needed to leave by 9:00. Just a few minutes before I left Lee Sandwen came in from Amherst—Emil’s grandson. I left about 9:05—got to Meeham auditorium just at 10:00. But important business, i.e. BMCR, didn’t really come up for action until the afternoon session. Don McGaw and I again had lunch together. I.e. I had much [??] sack lunch as yesterday, and we went somewhere for him to get a meal. Today it was to Kentucky Colonel for fried chicken. Then we went brouzing [sic] around book stores—but we got back to Conference about 1:30. The afternoon debate was long and tedious—and the BMCR proposal was really weakened. It is disappointing to see the church so rigid. Jesus once said to a man overly concerned with property: “Sell your things, give to the poor.” But Methodist Conference is unwilling to do such a thing. Our Conf.—so said one speaker—has $51 million in property + investments—can’t we find $1.5 million for BMRC? –I left conference about 4:30. Arrived Avon 5:30. Very weary, had supper, then sacked out—really tired—didn’t come to until about 8 o’clock. Visited with the household, including Lee—all but Bonnie + I retired before 10:00. We read; at c. 11:15 I got a call from Dr. Beck that he can’t be in Providence tomorrow; a great disappointment. OBLO c. 11:30

Diary entry from June 13, 1970

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myles_Standish_State_Forest. Coincidentally, Bonnie’s family is descended from Myles Standish, and the line is proved via The Mayflower Society.

[2]  I have no idea.

[3] There are (or at least were at that time) two levels of ordination in the Methodist Church: Deacon, then Elder, which is the highest level. So, officially, all “reverends” and bishops are simply Elders. The story was told of a bishop who was acting too arrogantly, and a few pastors decided to intervene; they addressed their letter to him: “Dear Brother Elder.”

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David’s Diary – March 27, 1970

Friday, 27 March 1970

Up about 8:00. Shaved, had breakfast—got a call from Alan’s father that Alan was taken to the hospital last night. Id’ been planning to go to Thurston Point anyway—so I just speeded up. Arrived there about 9:00. Stayed and talked with Mr. Federick until about 10:40. We went through some of Alan’s papers. Then I returned to Rockport at 10:45—had to be at the Burgess + Mackey funeral home at 11 o’clock to read the funeral service for Louise Bailey. Not a member of the church—but she had stipulated a Methodist funeral. After this I returned to be with Alan’s father for a while, but then returned home by 12:45. Had lunch, Bonnie went to work. I was weary—and spent the first half of the afternoon—until about 3:00, on the bed. Debbie was playing in her room. Got up, did desk work, did some jotting for my sermon—?—finished with this when Bonnie got home, but I helped with supper about 6:00. We had supper watched CBS news. About 7:30 I left for the hospital. Saw Alan. His friend Bill Matheson arrived. After visiting hours, Bill, Mr. Federick and I spent about 2 hours at the Capt Courageous restaurant, discussing Alan. Home about 10:45, Bathed; watched a few minutes of Johnny Carson. OB Θ+ LO.

Saturday, 28 March 1970

Another chaotic day—thanks to Alan Fedrick. Up about 9:00. Had only a small breakfast—went to Gloucester, to Wesley church to tend to a few details—since the Busseys are leaving on vacation tomorrow. After getting home I shaved, had phone call from Alan’s father regarding a hospital in Waltham which Dr. Mann was considering for Alan. Delivered bulletin inserts to Baptists + Congregation. We had lunch about noon. Grandma + Emil arrived shortly before 12:30. I worked on sermon while they went shopping with Bonnie. Got a call from Ed Nutting—needed more inserts—I went down to his office. Shortly after 3:00—at least before 3:30—Bonnie called—Mr. Fedrick wanted me immediately, Alan was leaving the hospital. I rushed home, then rushed to the hospital, Alan + his father had already left. I then went to Alan’s home. His father had reached the breaking point. Alan was abusive, offensive—entirely unmanageable. He left to go get groceries. His father and I left came home, made phone calls—between 6:00-7:00 I typed my stencil. At 7:00 we left for Logan airport. Got there shortly after 8:00. I stayed with him til he boarded his plane. I left Logan shortly before 10:00; did bulletins at Wesley church on way home. Arrived home, relaxed, bathed, returned to writing sermon—worked on it til 2:00 AM—very weary, OBLO 2:00 AM.

Sunday, 29 March 1970

Got out of bed about 8:00—feeling rather lousy. Had breakfast, then worked on the service, practiced sermon; left for the church about 10:20. A huge crowd. It started snowing during the church hour—a storm that had developed into a howling nor’easter during the day. We were home about 12:30. Had lunch, then I made a trip over to Alan’s. I had to give him the house-keys (which his father had accidentally carried off), and a 50 dollar bill. I stayed less than 5 minutes—I told him never to call me again—and not to show up here at the house with Maria when she comes to retrieve her things. Came home, tried to nap—was on bed til about 3:30. Had a call from Alan’s Brandeis colleague Bill Matheson. I went downstairs, had something to eat, then spent the late afternoon playing cards with Bonnie, grandma + Emil. We had supper around 6:00. The evening was spent in leisurely fashion. We took a roll of movie film, to send to Bonnie’s folks. We took some footage downstairs, and some in Debbie’s room. Then after Debbie was down for the night we showed our slides taken since Christmas. Then I showed my slides on Qumran—but I raced through them since Emil didn’t seem to grasp. Prepared for bed with storm still howling; OBLO c. 10:45.

Monday, 30 March 1970

Θ about 7:30. Bonnie got up about 8:30, when we heard Grandma + Emil up—I didn’t get up til about 9:00. We all had breakfast together. They left immediately. I got their car out of the snow and turned around. My main concern for the day was to make some progress on my lecture for tomorrow night. But I was still pretty weary from the ordeal with Alan. I began reading II Isaiah. Late in the a.m. Bonnie went shopping. We ate lunch about noon when she had returned home. She left for work about 12:45. I was able to finish II Isaiah during the afternoon. About mid-afternoon I got supper going, then I napped. About 5:30 I got up, looked through the newspaper—Bonnie got home, we worked on supper. Watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to Community Chorus. I looked over the calendar for next month—it’s hard to believe that the last seminar is only 3 weeks away. Played with Debbie also. But she was sleepy and wasn’t anxious to drag out playtime. I did some reading on II Isaiah, then turned to making notes for the lecture. Did about 4 pages. I had hoped to be done with the lecture by this evening—but I just wasn’t able to push myself today. Stopped to bathe about 11:45. Watched the first 45 minutes of the tonight show—it’s great on Maria’s color TV! OBLO, c. 12:30.

Emil and Grandma, holding Debbie, 1968

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