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Lena’s Postcards #113 – Oliver and Ina McGraw

[no postmark, date, or address]

To Uncle John and
Aunt Lena from
Ina, Oliver and the boys

Editor’s note: In order for the card to be written from “the boys,” it would have been written after April 1911 when Ina’s second son was born.

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David’s Diary – December 23, 1968

Monday, December 23, 1968

Up about 7:40. Shaved, breakfast. As soon as we could get ready, we left for Ipswich to see Pamela van Twuyver + take baby gifts to her. We got to her place about 9:20. We had about a half hour visit—then headed for the big Sears store in Saugus. Did Xmas shopping. A tiring morning. We got back home around 2. Ate lunch, I relaxed a few minutes; a little after 3 we turned on the TV and saw the live television pictures from Apollo 8 of Earth as seen from c. 200,000 miles away. We all went over to Busseys, took the cat over to stay with them while we’re gone. I went to see Mrs. Martin in the nursing home. Picked up Bonnie, went home. Did some desk work, helped fix supper; had to be off to the church at about 7 for the Sunday School Xmas program. Home about 8:15. Alan Frederick + his lady friend from England came over for the evening; left after 11; desk work; bathed. Off to bed at 1:05.

Tuesday, December 24, 1968 

Christmas Eve.            Debby’s misfortune                           Apollo 8 orbiting moon

Not a very happy Christmas Eve: Bonnie tripped with Debby walking up the stairs at church. Debby’s head hit the stair, she got a concusion. We took her to the hospital, where the doctor examined her. At this hour (2:00 AM) apparently everything is going well and we’ll be able to get her in the morning. We had to postpone going to Avon until the morning. What a climax to a hectic day. We got up at 9:30 today—phone call got us up. Took down Xmas tree, breakfast, many errands + odds + ends to tend to: went to the dump, visited Patiences + Hannibals. Had to prepare the service for the evening; had to get the car ready. After supper did some packing of the car—had to give some attention to putting my study in order. Left for church around 7:30. Got all the candles lit; had a nice crowd—maybe 50 to 60. After the rush to the hospital + our stay there, we came back to the Lords for a while; home again; Bonnie sewed, I worked at my desk. At 1 AM watched Apollo 8 program; they’re heading back to earth; bathed; lights out at 2:15.

Wednesday, December 25, 1968

Christmas Day            Called Malaysia

Up about 8:30 or 45. Finished packing the car, changed wayside pulpit—picked up robe + brief case at the church—call from Dr. Kline about 9:30, telling us to come + get Debby. We had a small breakfast with the Lords and then went to the hospital; Debby had to have some blood work done, so we couldn’t go immediately. We finally left about 11 o’clock and headed for Avon. We arrived here about 12:20. We had a large Christmas dinner. About 2 I decided to take a nap. Didn’t get up til around 5. We had a small supper shortly thereafter. Watched CBS evening news. Started trying to place a call to Bonnie’s folks. We finally got through about 8:30. Bonnie did the talking—we held it to about 3 minutes—ran slightly over. Evening spent goofing off—playing scrabble + cards. Watched the 11 o’clock news. Off to bed. Debby seems her normal self; laughing and playing. Off for Indiana tomorrow; lights out about 12.

Thursday, December 26, 1968

Up about 8:30, eager to get started for Indiana; but that was not to be. We had breakfast, got the car loaded—but it wouldn’t start. Temperature only – 9º (below 0º!) I ruined the starter motor. Emil pushed me down the hill, tried to start, but no luck; pulled into service station. They set to work on the battery at 10:10 – at 11:15 they told us (on phone) that it wouldn’t be ready til afternoon; in afternoon we found out that it won’t be ready til tomorrow. We went to the VW place for parts. This delay was our main preoccupation today; when not attending to it, we were here at Grandma’s playing cards + goofing off. She + Emil took us out to eat—then we went shopping; arrived home, watched TV, played cards, watched more TV. A very leisurely day, but also frustrating. We had planned to be in Ohio by tonight. We’ve had a chance for a long visit here; car to be ready by noon tomorrow. Bathed around 10. Off to bed ISN—watched weather report—lights out around 11:20.

Friday, December 27, 1968

Up about 8:30. Had a big breakfast. About 10 the garage called—the car was ready. While I shaved, Bonnie walked down + picked it up. By 10:40 we were all loaded up and on the road—just about 2 days behind schedule. The roads were dry and clear. I drove all the way to the Stoners in Schenectady. We arrived there at 2:30—200 miles from Avon. We had lunch + visited with them. We were on the road again at 3:55.  Bonnie drove the next 170 miles. We changed drivers so that she could nurse Debby. We changed about 100 miles east of Buffalo. The road conditions deteriorated. Snow, then sleet. Windshield was icing up badly. About 50 miles from Buffalo we stopped for supper shortly after 9. Fed Debby too. Back on the road a little after 9:30. Road slowly improved. Stopped for the night just inside Penn. Bathed; off to bed ISN—by about 1 AM.

Saturday, December 28, 1968

Up about 8:15 – 8:30. Our rest was disturbed by other guests at the motel getting up + leaving. But we were rested. Started right off without breakfast—on the road by 9:05. We were able to bypass Cleveland; took 270 (?) to turnpike to 71 to Columbus. We ate lunch just before getting on turnpike. It was mild when we got up; from Cleveland to Columbus went through several rain-squalls. I drove to within about 45 miles of Columbus then Bonnie took over. We ran into snow in Columbus. Weather worsened as we made progress westward. After we got back on interstate (rt.70) I drove again—on into Centerville. Wind was terrific and slowed us considerably. We arrived there in Centerville about 6. Debby was in a good mood and charmed her great grandparents. Grandpa will be 94 next month. After supper I napped. Got up about 9:30. Visited; watched news. Off to bed. – at 12.

Sunday, December 29, 1968

Up around 8 or 8:30. Breakfast. Didn’t do much in the morning. Just sat around, watched some TV. Didn’t go to church. The old folks are avoiding crowds to avoid getting the flu—so none of us went to church. We had lunch about noon, then I napped briefly. We then went over to the Arboretum in Richmond. First we dropped in to Marthas + Chick’s house. Grandpa was with us—Debby went to[o]. Chick gave us a tour of the arboretum and the small museum on the place—very interesting. We left there about four—came back on to Centerville. Martha + Chick arrived for supper around 6. After supper we showed our slides from the last four years. They went home about 9. Paul called during the evening; they’ll be in Lafayette tomorrow. Watched TV after Martha + Chick left; bathed; off to bed at 12:40.

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Newest Grandchild

“Cape Ann births,” Gloucester Daily Times (Gloucester, Massachusetts), August 1968, p. 8


Rev. and Mrs. David A. Yegerlehner of 17 Hale Street, Rockport, announce the arrival of a daughter, Deborah Ruth, on Aug. *, at the Addison Gilbert Hospital. She weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces.

Maternal grandparents are Rev. and Mrs. Eugene McGraw of Penang, Malaysia. Maternal great – grandparents are Mrs. Emil Sandwen of Avon and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver McGraw of Centerville, Ind.

Paternal grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. R. S. Yegerlehner of Lafayette, Ind.


[Editor’s note: I wrote about my birth for the Book of Me project four years ago. Read it again here.]

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38th Wedding Anniversary

Letter transcription:

May 24, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Last weekend we went to Centerville and had a very enjoyable visit with Louise and Mac. We also visited with Grandpa and Grandma. We both think it is remarkable the way Bonnie’s grandparents continue to be so well and active. We enjoyed a steamboat dinner and now Dad is trying to figure how he can make a steamboat. Knowing your Dad, you know he will get something produced in time. Today I attended a luncheon at the Union Building and a Layman’s meeting in Loeb’s Theatre. After the Layman’s meeting I came home, but saw Rev. McClure and a few other people in the lobby before leaving. This week Dad has been attending meetings and I have two more to attend (he has been going to dinner meetings) so we won’t get much done in the way of packing. We plan to go to Kentland Friday evening. He wants Dr. Logan to do some work on his teeth, and he plans to have office hours on Saturday. We plan to go to Danville and meet John, Lea and Bob at about 6:30 for a smorgasbord dinner, then on to John’s to spend the night. We plan to come back home Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is our 38th wedding anniversary and this afternoon when Dad came home I started to get something out of the refrigerator and saw a green sack with a decorator bow on it (I don’t know where he got the bow – but the sack was definitely not for gift wrapping) and of course, I knew it was for me. It was a pair of opera glasses. When we go to programs at the Music Hall and I take the binoculars along he thinks they are too clumsy to handle on such occasions – hence the gift. I had gotten a gift for him, so got it out and gave it to him. It was a book about building fences and gates. There is a spot at 118 Juniper Court where I thought he could put a fence – hence the book. We were there this afternoon and after inspecting what Mr. Walker has in that particular spot, rather think my book will not be needed. We do hope you get home this summer to see the new house and lot. The woods back of the house is getting so thick now and the patio back of the house looks like a good place to spend a lazy afternoon, and no lawn to mow back of the house. Dad is going to sell the riding mower, because we only have a lawn in front and there isn’t much side yard. When we get the new addition on, there will be less. We should be hearing from the contractor with all those pretty figures. I said if the living room was larger, we wouldn’t do anything to the house, but Dad says we need another bathroom. The only bathroom in the house is rather tiny and I agree with him, we need another if we ever have company.

Last night John called us about meeting them in Danville and he was wondering if you had definitely decided to come home. He says he would rather you would come to Indiana first, because Lea and Bob are planning to go to California and you will get to see them before they leave if you come here first. Also he was wondering if you knew anything about getting accommodations. Besides being hard to get, the going rate is rather high. Floyd and Ruth want to go and they were talking about the rate being more than $20 a day for a room. Give a thought about the suggestion to come to Indiana first.

As I mentioned before I am attending the Annual Conference – not in its entirety, but just selected meetings. Since we are going to Kentland Friday evening I won’t be able to attend Sat. and Sun. I noticed on the program that there will be an ordination service at the closing service Sunday, but I presume (know) there are those every year. They keep talking about the preacher shortage – it makes me think of the talk about the Dr. shortage. I saw Mary Portteus yesterday, a delegate from the Raub church. I said something about staying healthy – and she said she had to, there was no place to go. I also told her what Dad tells anyone who laments his leaving Kentland – to enroll in Purdue and he will take care of them. I am to attend a luncheon for Christian Social Concerns today. Dorothy Nicholson (they live just back of us) is having a coffee

[page 2] for me this morning for me to meet some of the people who live on her street. If I can get away in time, I will attend a session – Bible Study by the Bishop, at 11:15.

The weather here has finally turned to spring. Yesterday was the warmest day (according to the news) since one day last Sept.

Do you want me to save any of the books I am about to give away? I have not had time to sort them yet, but I rather think the ones I want to get rid of, you wouldn’t want. Let me know.

Love Mother

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Lena’s Postcards #1

[Editor’s note: As my posts about the smallpox epidemic have been going for several months now, I’m going to make a little adjustment. I will still post a few days a week on the epidemic until the articles run out. This is the first post in a new series titled Lena’s postcards.]

Lena (Scofield) Hackleman was my other Indiana grandfather’s great aunt. Lena married late in life so she never had her own children. However, she married a man with six sons, the youngest of whom was six when his father remarried. Lena also had many nephews and nieces. The extended family corresponded regularly. When Lena died in 1935, her niece Ina (Kerschner) McGraw inherited many of the old family papers. Ina was my great grandmother. This branch of my family was among the early settlers of Fayette County, Indiana.

Kerschner Family - 1911 or 1912

Back row: Daniel Kerschner with Eugene, Oliver McGraw, Ina McGraw with Charles, Norma Strong, Ella (Scofield) Kerschner/Front row; John W. Hackleman, Esther Strong, Lena (Scofield) Hackleman/Taken c.1911-1912, Fayette County, Indiana

This collection contains over 100 postcards which were sent to Lena and her husband, John Wesley Hackleman.

Postmark: May 19 1909 Appleton Wis. 10 AM

Addressed to:

Mr. J. W. Hackleman
RR #2 Ind

This is where you get off when you come to Appleton. All are well.

J.C.H. [John Carl Hackleman]

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