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38th Wedding Anniversary

Letter transcription:

May 24, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Last weekend we went to Centerville and had a very enjoyable visit with Louise and Mac. We also visited with Grandpa and Grandma. We both think it is remarkable the way Bonnie’s grandparents continue to be so well and active. We enjoyed a steamboat dinner and now Dad is trying to figure how he can make a steamboat. Knowing your Dad, you know he will get something produced in time. Today I attended a luncheon at the Union Building and a Layman’s meeting in Loeb’s Theatre. After the Layman’s meeting I came home, but saw Rev. McClure and a few other people in the lobby before leaving. This week Dad has been attending meetings and I have two more to attend (he has been going to dinner meetings) so we won’t get much done in the way of packing. We plan to go to Kentland Friday evening. He wants Dr. Logan to do some work on his teeth, and he plans to have office hours on Saturday. We plan to go to Danville and meet John, Lea and Bob at about 6:30 for a smorgasbord dinner, then on to John’s to spend the night. We plan to come back home Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is our 38th wedding anniversary and this afternoon when Dad came home I started to get something out of the refrigerator and saw a green sack with a decorator bow on it (I don’t know where he got the bow – but the sack was definitely not for gift wrapping) and of course, I knew it was for me. It was a pair of opera glasses. When we go to programs at the Music Hall and I take the binoculars along he thinks they are too clumsy to handle on such occasions – hence the gift. I had gotten a gift for him, so got it out and gave it to him. It was a book about building fences and gates. There is a spot at 118 Juniper Court where I thought he could put a fence – hence the book. We were there this afternoon and after inspecting what Mr. Walker has in that particular spot, rather think my book will not be needed. We do hope you get home this summer to see the new house and lot. The woods back of the house is getting so thick now and the patio back of the house looks like a good place to spend a lazy afternoon, and no lawn to mow back of the house. Dad is going to sell the riding mower, because we only have a lawn in front and there isn’t much side yard. When we get the new addition on, there will be less. We should be hearing from the contractor with all those pretty figures. I said if the living room was larger, we wouldn’t do anything to the house, but Dad says we need another bathroom. The only bathroom in the house is rather tiny and I agree with him, we need another if we ever have company.

Last night John called us about meeting them in Danville and he was wondering if you had definitely decided to come home. He says he would rather you would come to Indiana first, because Lea and Bob are planning to go to California and you will get to see them before they leave if you come here first. Also he was wondering if you knew anything about getting accommodations. Besides being hard to get, the going rate is rather high. Floyd and Ruth want to go and they were talking about the rate being more than $20 a day for a room. Give a thought about the suggestion to come to Indiana first.

As I mentioned before I am attending the Annual Conference – not in its entirety, but just selected meetings. Since we are going to Kentland Friday evening I won’t be able to attend Sat. and Sun. I noticed on the program that there will be an ordination service at the closing service Sunday, but I presume (know) there are those every year. They keep talking about the preacher shortage – it makes me think of the talk about the Dr. shortage. I saw Mary Portteus yesterday, a delegate from the Raub church. I said something about staying healthy – and she said she had to, there was no place to go. I also told her what Dad tells anyone who laments his leaving Kentland – to enroll in Purdue and he will take care of them. I am to attend a luncheon for Christian Social Concerns today. Dorothy Nicholson (they live just back of us) is having a coffee

[page 2] for me this morning for me to meet some of the people who live on her street. If I can get away in time, I will attend a session – Bible Study by the Bishop, at 11:15.

The weather here has finally turned to spring. Yesterday was the warmest day (according to the news) since one day last Sept.

Do you want me to save any of the books I am about to give away? I have not had time to sort them yet, but I rather think the ones I want to get rid of, you wouldn’t want. Let me know.

Love Mother

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Order of Service

1965-10-24-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

Kentland, Indiana, October 24, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Dad is spending his afternoon at the hospital. Since he had the duty, he had to go when an accident occurred. He spend so much time over there last week, he spent all of two evenings at home. In spite of his heavy duty away from home, he is about ready to finish the beds he is making for John. John is coming home next weekend and he wants to have them finished by then. John is coming home to escape the little Halloweeners around Champaign. I like to think he is coming home for my birthday.

Mrs. Myers is still in the hospital. I asked Dad this noon when he was going to dismiss her and he said he didn’t know. He thinks she isn’t well enough to go home and be alone. I went over to see her Friday afternoon and took her a lovely lavender mum plant. Just about the time I was ready to leave Bethel and Mrs. Pronger came and Mrs. P. had a mum plant almost exactly like the one I had taken. I asked Mrs. M. how she got along on the hospital bed and she said it was quite uncomfortable. Bethel said she had to take Mrs. P. back to Kentland so I arranged for her to take some foam rubber back to the hospital (one of the pieces I had bought for the beds in your room). I asked Dad how she liked her bed and he reported that she was much more comfortable. Harold and Doris were out of town when Mrs. M. got sick and Dad sent her to the hospital. They were back in town last Sunday and Harold talked to me about her after Sunday school. He was planning on taking a trip the next day – he and some of his friends have been going on fishing trip in Ky. Every fall – and was wondering if he should cancel his trip. Mrs. M. persuaded him to go. Well, he started, but got ill himself and his fishing trip ended abruptly in a hospital. Doris went to get him Friday. I know Harold and Doris are both glad to have Mrs. M. in the hospital. They have both been trying to get her to go in for a check-up. They say they know she hasn’t felt well for a long time.

Dad said you had better to go [to] your Health Center (B.U. does have one doesn’t it) and have your bumps checked. My lump was not a hard one, but my wrist was as sore as if a rock had been removed, instead of liquid. Mark got a hard knock on his and it disappeared. Let us know what you need to do. If it isn’t urgent, Dad will take care of them when you come home.

Our Church voted to change the order of service, so we have Church first now. We usually have a large church attendance, but the S.S. attendance has been cut. I suppose some people just won’t spend that much time in worship. I could always use all the time allotted for S.S. class, but I was in a minority. The second Sunday in Sept. the first two hour service was held (from July to first Sunday in Sept. there was ¾ hour church and ¾ hour S.S.). While we were away, someone who thought 1 hour was too for S.S. got a commission (I suppose Education Commission) to reschedule the time, so now we are supposed to have ¾ hour S.S. then a closing service. The way I feel now, I could give up my class without any qualms. Attendance is down and interest seems to have fallen. Of course, if I analyzed the situation I would probably have some good reasons why attendance was down today. The first Sunday we were back, I didn’t stay for S.S. because the family was home and after church we came back home. I had Juanita Kain substitute for me and there were 18 in the class that day. Last Sunday the attendance was down (8). However, the group attending today were all interested and (8) every one took a question for next Sunday, so maybe things will pick up. Also got several to promise to help clean the nursery Tuesday AM. I have always thought it more important for children to be in Church than in S.S. (in view of some of the teachers we have had in the past). I feel that the adults who would attend R. Zell’s class then walk out before church were robbing themselves. I am sure, with all due respect to R. L. and the time he spends preparing his lessons, I would rather listen to a minister give a sermon. My idea has been that if my class would rather attend Church than S.S., I would rather they attend Church. I am sure Rev. McClure is better equipped to give them a religious education.

1965-10-24-gry-p-2This coming week I have promised to assist in the UNICEF drive and next week I have charge of the United Church Women program at our Church.

Last night the Rotary Club had a fish fry at the old gym to raise money for their scholarship fund. We attended and after eating fish, french fries, and ice cream besides slaw, I have decided my digestive system be in pretty good order. Not one bit of trouble.

Love Mother


You were correct about Kirk’s birthday. I sent him a toy which didn’t get to him on his birthday but he did get the card I sent. According to Shirley he did have a big birthday. I am enclosing a washing instruction tag that was on the red dress. Also some S & H stamp.

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Thirty-sixth Wedding Anniversary

1965-05-25-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

May 25, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your card and letter arrived today, our anniversary. We didn’t do much about a celebration, but decided to eat at the Colonial Inn this evening. I have been having a little struggle with a bug in my right tonsil. Last week one day I am sure I would have been in bed for a day or so, had I not taken some pretty strong medicine. I thought I was over it, but Sunday the symptoms appeared again, so I started taking Achrocidin again and this afternoon, thought I should have a siesta and got too sleepy to read, so took a nap from which I was awakened by the door bell. John had sent us a mum plant for our anniversary. Dad gave me a new radio and one day last week said my present for him had arrived. I told him what I had for him was in the closet, but you know Dad. He had ordered a new lawnmower and that was what he was talking about. He kept talking about how easy it is to operate the new one, but at noon I told him he was wasting his time, not that he was serious about it at any time (that is, for me to run the new machine).

Our Conference is this week and I am planning to go for one day. The Fields will be going to Knox from here and as far as we know Rev. McClure from LaPorte is coming here. There was a reception following church Sunday for the Fields. Several of the organizations in the church gave them farewell gifts. They were quite overwhelmed.

1965-05-25-gry-p-2There have been several showers today and it looks like we could get more. The streets are a mess, what with raw dirt piled all around. We have to park either in front of the library or back of the Christian Church. Dad is still parking by the office, but the street in front of the office isn’t being used now. Right now, I think it is pretty slick.

Again, happy anniversary.

Love Mother


At present my S.S. class is studying Laymon’s Luke’s Portrait of Christ. We will follow that with the new W.S.C.S. study book Acts—Then and Now. I have read the book through and now I am reading Acts in the Interpreters’. I have the book of Acts and three volumes of the dictionary on my reading table. I haven’t had time for a day or two to study, but hope to get something done this evening. Your grades sound very good. I would like to see some of your exam papers.

When you come home we will exchange the belt for Bonnie. I bought those things at Ayres in Lafayette.


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