Thirty-sixth Wedding Anniversary

1965-05-25-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

May 25, 1965

Dear David and Bonnie:

Your card and letter arrived today, our anniversary. We didn’t do much about a celebration, but decided to eat at the Colonial Inn this evening. I have been having a little struggle with a bug in my right tonsil. Last week one day I am sure I would have been in bed for a day or so, had I not taken some pretty strong medicine. I thought I was over it, but Sunday the symptoms appeared again, so I started taking Achrocidin again and this afternoon, thought I should have a siesta and got too sleepy to read, so took a nap from which I was awakened by the door bell. John had sent us a mum plant for our anniversary. Dad gave me a new radio and one day last week said my present for him had arrived. I told him what I had for him was in the closet, but you know Dad. He had ordered a new lawnmower and that was what he was talking about. He kept talking about how easy it is to operate the new one, but at noon I told him he was wasting his time, not that he was serious about it at any time (that is, for me to run the new machine).

Our Conference is this week and I am planning to go for one day. The Fields will be going to Knox from here and as far as we know Rev. McClure from LaPorte is coming here. There was a reception following church Sunday for the Fields. Several of the organizations in the church gave them farewell gifts. They were quite overwhelmed.

1965-05-25-gry-p-2There have been several showers today and it looks like we could get more. The streets are a mess, what with raw dirt piled all around. We have to park either in front of the library or back of the Christian Church. Dad is still parking by the office, but the street in front of the office isn’t being used now. Right now, I think it is pretty slick.

Again, happy anniversary.

Love Mother


At present my S.S. class is studying Laymon’s Luke’s Portrait of Christ. We will follow that with the new W.S.C.S. study book Acts—Then and Now. I have read the book through and now I am reading Acts in the Interpreters’. I have the book of Acts and three volumes of the dictionary on my reading table. I haven’t had time for a day or two to study, but hope to get something done this evening. Your grades sound very good. I would like to see some of your exam papers.

When you come home we will exchange the belt for Bonnie. I bought those things at Ayres in Lafayette.


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Thirty-sixth Wedding Anniversary

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I told him what I had for him was in the closet, but you know Dad. He had ordered a new lawnmower and that was what he was talking about.” LOL One year, I recall, for her Nov 1 birthday he gave her an electric drill….and three weeks later on his Nov 25 birthday she gave him a silver teapot!

    Her handwritten note on the back: her diligent study gene was passed on to me…and then to you…and Cathleen!


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