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38th Wedding Anniversary

Letter transcription:

May 24, 1967

Dear David and Bonnie:

Last weekend we went to Centerville and had a very enjoyable visit with Louise and Mac. We also visited with Grandpa and Grandma. We both think it is remarkable the way Bonnie’s grandparents continue to be so well and active. We enjoyed a steamboat dinner and now Dad is trying to figure how he can make a steamboat. Knowing your Dad, you know he will get something produced in time. Today I attended a luncheon at the Union Building and a Layman’s meeting in Loeb’s Theatre. After the Layman’s meeting I came home, but saw Rev. McClure and a few other people in the lobby before leaving. This week Dad has been attending meetings and I have two more to attend (he has been going to dinner meetings) so we won’t get much done in the way of packing. We plan to go to Kentland Friday evening. He wants Dr. Logan to do some work on his teeth, and he plans to have office hours on Saturday. We plan to go to Danville and meet John, Lea and Bob at about 6:30 for a smorgasbord dinner, then on to John’s to spend the night. We plan to come back home Sunday evening.

Tomorrow is our 38th wedding anniversary and this afternoon when Dad came home I started to get something out of the refrigerator and saw a green sack with a decorator bow on it (I don’t know where he got the bow – but the sack was definitely not for gift wrapping) and of course, I knew it was for me. It was a pair of opera glasses. When we go to programs at the Music Hall and I take the binoculars along he thinks they are too clumsy to handle on such occasions – hence the gift. I had gotten a gift for him, so got it out and gave it to him. It was a book about building fences and gates. There is a spot at 118 Juniper Court where I thought he could put a fence – hence the book. We were there this afternoon and after inspecting what Mr. Walker has in that particular spot, rather think my book will not be needed. We do hope you get home this summer to see the new house and lot. The woods back of the house is getting so thick now and the patio back of the house looks like a good place to spend a lazy afternoon, and no lawn to mow back of the house. Dad is going to sell the riding mower, because we only have a lawn in front and there isn’t much side yard. When we get the new addition on, there will be less. We should be hearing from the contractor with all those pretty figures. I said if the living room was larger, we wouldn’t do anything to the house, but Dad says we need another bathroom. The only bathroom in the house is rather tiny and I agree with him, we need another if we ever have company.

Last night John called us about meeting them in Danville and he was wondering if you had definitely decided to come home. He says he would rather you would come to Indiana first, because Lea and Bob are planning to go to California and you will get to see them before they leave if you come here first. Also he was wondering if you knew anything about getting accommodations. Besides being hard to get, the going rate is rather high. Floyd and Ruth want to go and they were talking about the rate being more than $20 a day for a room. Give a thought about the suggestion to come to Indiana first.

As I mentioned before I am attending the Annual Conference – not in its entirety, but just selected meetings. Since we are going to Kentland Friday evening I won’t be able to attend Sat. and Sun. I noticed on the program that there will be an ordination service at the closing service Sunday, but I presume (know) there are those every year. They keep talking about the preacher shortage – it makes me think of the talk about the Dr. shortage. I saw Mary Portteus yesterday, a delegate from the Raub church. I said something about staying healthy – and she said she had to, there was no place to go. I also told her what Dad tells anyone who laments his leaving Kentland – to enroll in Purdue and he will take care of them. I am to attend a luncheon for Christian Social Concerns today. Dorothy Nicholson (they live just back of us) is having a coffee

[page 2] for me this morning for me to meet some of the people who live on her street. If I can get away in time, I will attend a session – Bible Study by the Bishop, at 11:15.

The weather here has finally turned to spring. Yesterday was the warmest day (according to the news) since one day last Sept.

Do you want me to save any of the books I am about to give away? I have not had time to sort them yet, but I rather think the ones I want to get rid of, you wouldn’t want. Let me know.

Love Mother

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Time to Write

1966-04-14-gry-p-1Letter transcription:

April 14, 1966

Dear David and Bonnie:

This morning there was an area hospital meeting at our Geo Ade and since it was so close I attended and was asked by the President to ask the blessing at the meal (I was asked to do that several days ago, so it wasn’t a surprise). This afternoon there was a tour of the hospital, but I didn’t stay for that since I have been around the place a few times. This afternoon I have been working on the books and tonight while trying to finish the task at hand and put the put the books away I discovered I had paid your taxes ($19.40) which is due before May 1. In running the amounts we paid, but in sorting out the different tax categories discovered yours had been paid. We have to list the tax on house and furniture in one place on the big return and tax on the office in another place. Don’t bother to send me a check, I think I owe you something for the pictures and I may have you get me a book or two. Get me Contemporary Continental Theologians. Let me know how much I still owe you.

We enjoyed your last letter, but know you don’t have time to write that much very often. You are so right in your conclusion that people say one thing and do another. However, we must keep our own eyes on the right goal and practice what we preach. In spite of the way things seem to be going, we have to keep believing in the right. I am sure we know foreign policy can be so far off. I agree with you on many things and it is a puzzle at times as to how our foreign policy can be so far off. Our might doesn’t seem to be making much right.

Dad worked in the yard this afternoon and then went to the hospital and delivered a baby. He was home by 8:30. He had trouble with the riding mower, so had to do half of the yard with the walking type. He is very healthy looking from his afternoon out of doors. He finally got the go-ahead from me to dig up some of the shrubs along the south side of the yard. He has started another row about five feet further to the north and will in time take out the larger bushes that have been encroaching on the evergreens. He divided and says good, so two weeks ago I got some replacements while in Lafayette. I have another appointment with Dr. Ferguson May 9. My arm is some better. It doesn’t give me much pain, but I still can’t bend it certain ways. I have trouble getting my arm around back to run up a zipper.

Mark and Shirley and the children, John and Lea and Bob were here for Easter. Shirley’s parents came in the afternoon. Little David is such a good baby he stayed in the bed most of the time they were here. Shirley said she knew it much have been strange for him, because he is used to sleeping in a basket at home. We took some pictures and when I get some back will send you some new ones of him. Kirk is so possessive about David, he tells everyone who may be interested that they cannot have David. Becky thinks he is pretty cute, but I rather think Kirk is more interested in the baby.

Mrs. Myers has a dental appointment next Tuesday. She called me today to ask me if I could take her to the dentist. She was rather annoyed with Dr. Limp. She seemed to think he wasn’t as concerned with her case as he should have been. I think she wanted me to suggest that she go to Dr. Logan, but he is booked so far ahead I don’t know when she could get an appointment and I really think she should stay with Limp. She probably will have to have that tooth pulled. When I talked to her today I promised her I would stop and see her tomorrow. So far this week I haven’t had an opportunity. She doesn’t get up until noon some days and when I go to the office in the evening I usually don’t leave home in time to stop—due to one cause or another. Monday this week I had to go to Lafayette (had an eye appointment with a Dr. at the Clinic). I may get contact lenses, if he says yes. I am to see him again the 21st. It is a little closer to go to Lafayette than Hammond.

1966-04-14-gry-p-2Next month our W.S.C.S. will celebrate the 25th year (one year late) and I have been elected to give the program. I am in the process now of going through records of the past 25 years to get some data. Some of our secretaries left something to be desired in keeping records. At Christmastime Ruthie wrote to me about a friend of theirs who lives in Boston—Barbara Schrier (Mrs. R.W.) her husband is in Harvard Med School and their address is 849 Mass Ave, Arlington, Mass. She thought Barbara would be happy to know you, since she knew the Yegerlehners in Lebanon. If you have time and want to look them up, you have the address after all these months.

I must get back to my research.
Love Mother


I had such a nice letter from Dr. Beck, but haven’t had time to answer. I will get around to it soon. I want to thank him. I certainly wish we could have planned to go when he will be there (Holy Land).

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A Beautiful Fall Day

1964-09-28-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

I talked to Dr. Logan yesterday. He explained to me about Bonnie’s difficulty – that is he told me what having a root canal meant. He seemed to think your dentist is being very expensive. Dad said he thought that was probably because everything is higher there than here.

John was home for weekend. He had been looking for his sea freight box to come, and couldn’t understand the delay. It came this a.m. It is such a large box it has to be in the garage and until we get it

1964-09-28-gry-p-2[page 2] unpacked my car will have to stay out in the driveway.

I took some pictures of the “Japanese garden” and as soon as I get some prints made will send you a few. We have decided to carry the garden idea around entire house. Dad said he wasn’t going to work as fast on the rest as he did on the first. His knee seems to be pretty good now. However, he did cut into the bone and that will be some time in healing completely.

This is a beautiful fall day. A little chilly. We did have a

1964-09-28-gry-p-3[page 3] nice long lasting rain Saturday which we needed. The windows need to be washed but John J. has been too busy to get to them. I have decided to wait until we have a killing frost and maybe the flies won’t ruin his work.

I stop and see Mrs. M. about once a week. Alma Walker is going with me some day later in the fall to take Mrs. M. to shop in Lafayette. She said this would be the first time in several years you wouldn’t be here to drive and assist.

[page 4] Dad thought you should have the enclosed to read.

1964-09-28-gry-p-4I am about to finish (- that is my class) the study of book Genesis – Beginnings of the Biblical Drama by Charles Kroft. By and large I think the class has gotten something out of it. My couple whose mother & mother-in-law thought the book should be burned are still coming, so I think I have made some gain with them. I will have to get something else to study in two weeks because I think we will finish this next Sunday. We had just finished Joshua when this

[page 5] Genesis book came out. I suppose we will pick up again where we left off – Judges. Several in the class have purchased the Abingdon and that helps.

1964-09-28-gry-p-5Did you know you were mentioned in the last issue (Oct.) of “Together?” An article about the Mulberry St. Church in Martinsville. If you don’t have a copy, borrow one and read it.

I hope this finds you both happy in school.

Love Mother

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Bing & Bob

July 27, 1962 envelope

July 27, 1962 envelope

Letter transcription:

July 27, 1962, p. 1

July 27, 1962, p. 1

Kentland, July 27, 62
8 PM Friday

Dear David

I enjoyed your nice newsy letter. I have had a rather busy week as Harold has been away. He and his family last Sunday drove up into Wisconsin to join Dr. & Mrs. Logan at their cottage, and will return Sunday.

Your comments about the Road to Hong Kong took be back twenty or more years. You know Bob & Bing made a series of “Road” pictures away back when, and we didn’t miss a one. An early one, I think, the Road to Zanzibar, had an incident I have never forgotten. A black tribe of some sort had captured Bing & Bob, and had a huge kettle boiling over a fire, and the boys stood petrified, and one of the tribe turned to Bob and said “Don’t worry, we won’t cook you today, we are going to put you in the deep freeze for the Fall festival, but we are going to serve him (Bing) on our blue plate special tomorrow.” And of course they were forever chasing Dorothy Lamour.

I haven’t read Around the World with Auntie Mame, and would like to. You could bring it with you when you come home. That article about Maurice Chevalier was in a magazine that a guest gave me to read, and he took it away with him. It was one of those movie magazines, but I don’t remember what one.

You know, if Kennedy keeps up his present rating, I don’t believe he will get a second term. I hear nothing but critical comment about him. Of course not from Harold, but he has quit bragging about him.

I’m glad you are having an opportunity to read your Interpreter’s Bible, and make use of it in your work also. I think that’s wonderful. It surely would be absorbing reading.

No doubt it is cool enough to suit you. The Lafayette paper this evening said that it was 48 there this morning at sic o’clock. I know I had to arise and close my window in the night, and get another blanket.

I am wondering if you went on your trip to Tell City. Somebody is knocking on my door, and I think I have a caller, so will say by for now. Don’t work too hard


[Disclaimer: The views of Ruth Myers are not necessarily my own. My task as a historian is to present documents in their true and unedited form.]

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