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A Beautiful Fall Day

1964-09-28-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David & Bonnie –

I talked to Dr. Logan yesterday. He explained to me about Bonnie’s difficulty – that is he told me what having a root canal meant. He seemed to think your dentist is being very expensive. Dad said he thought that was probably because everything is higher there than here.

John was home for weekend. He had been looking for his sea freight box to come, and couldn’t understand the delay. It came this a.m. It is such a large box it has to be in the garage and until we get it

1964-09-28-gry-p-2[page 2] unpacked my car will have to stay out in the driveway.

I took some pictures of the “Japanese garden” and as soon as I get some prints made will send you a few. We have decided to carry the garden idea around entire house. Dad said he wasn’t going to work as fast on the rest as he did on the first. His knee seems to be pretty good now. However, he did cut into the bone and that will be some time in healing completely.

This is a beautiful fall day. A little chilly. We did have a

1964-09-28-gry-p-3[page 3] nice long lasting rain Saturday which we needed. The windows need to be washed but John J. has been too busy to get to them. I have decided to wait until we have a killing frost and maybe the flies won’t ruin his work.

I stop and see Mrs. M. about once a week. Alma Walker is going with me some day later in the fall to take Mrs. M. to shop in Lafayette. She said this would be the first time in several years you wouldn’t be here to drive and assist.

[page 4] Dad thought you should have the enclosed to read.

1964-09-28-gry-p-4I am about to finish (- that is my class) the study of book Genesis – Beginnings of the Biblical Drama by Charles Kroft. By and large I think the class has gotten something out of it. My couple whose mother & mother-in-law thought the book should be burned are still coming, so I think I have made some gain with them. I will have to get something else to study in two weeks because I think we will finish this next Sunday. We had just finished Joshua when this

[page 5] Genesis book came out. I suppose we will pick up again where we left off – Judges. Several in the class have purchased the Abingdon and that helps.

1964-09-28-gry-p-5Did you know you were mentioned in the last issue (Oct.) of “Together?” An article about the Mulberry St. Church in Martinsville. If you don’t have a copy, borrow one and read it.

I hope this finds you both happy in school.

Love Mother

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Update on Garden and Knee

1964-09-18-gry-p-1Letter transcription:


Dear David –

Keep this letter. It is a record as to when your policy went into effect.

Our Japanese garden is making progress. I waited all morning and half the p.m. for truck to bring rack so didn’t get to go to Lafayette for evergreens. Plan to go tomorrow. Alma Walker is going with me.

Dad’s knee is better, but he says he doesn’t want it bumped yet. He had thought he would have to see Dr. Ferguson, but didn’t have to.

Love Mother

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Groundhog Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters today, but had yours of Jan. 21 yesterday. This being ground hog day we were anxious to see what the weather would be. Not a trace of sun all day. In fact we had quite a little rain. We planned to go to Laf. to shop. Lucile called and said she had such a cold she didn’t feel like going, so Mrs. Z., Martha and I went. Alma W. kept D. for me. Lucile was going to take Jimmy Ed and David to her sisters, but since she couldn’t go, I called Alma and asked her to go along but she was working at Mrs. Stevens during the noon hour and said she would rather keep D. at home so after she got

[page 2] thru at the Restaurant took him to her house. She brought him home about 5 – He took a nice long nap for her and when he woke up she said he acted very “cute.” When I came home he acted very “smart” just like J. & M. used to do after being away from home for an afternoon or evening.

I don’t remember whether I mentioned it or not, but David can climb upon the studio cough on his own power. I went to see about him and there he said, looking as pleased with himself as he could.

I got a new red dress this P.M. Mrs. Z. got a new hat and few other things. I tried to shop for David but didn’t find anything I wanted. I bought a gift for Louise Glen’s baby girl. I never saw prices so high on children’s things as they are now. I know if we had girls I would make

[page 3] their clothes. Mrs. Z. and I looked at little girl things with Joy Funk in mind and came home without anything. I am knitting her a little jacket, but ran out of yard, so thought I would get something else, but found some yarn I might use to finish the jacket I am working on.

I saw the Funks in Laf. today. I knew they were going. I think they took Joy back for her first visit to the Dr. Also I suppose Louise went to the Dr. She is expecting her baby in the spring. She is still staying with Funks. However I don’t believe she doesn’t the work she used to do. Theresa Ann Lubberty helps after school. You remember her, but you wouldn’t know her now. You couldn’t believe how she has grown-out – must weigh 175.

[page 4] Mr. Zell passed his physical but I don’t know whether he will have to go. Purdue says the county agents are to stay put. Merle Ford passed his physical, along with Jr. Morton and several others in this community. I understand Jr. is in the Navy, but don’t know about Ford.

Mrs. Roberts called me yesterday – just to talk a few minutes and find out any news I might have. I told her I wasn’t too sure about the 18 mo. business and she said Joe had written the same. I told her we would just have to wait and see.

I just worked on the check book and our balance at present is $123.40, but I have to pay groc. bills out of that, and buy a bond for D. The bal. will be below $100 – before I get thru. Also Portteus is going to let us have half a beef and I may have to pay that yet this month, but there isn’t anything else I know of now. Ins. paid up at present.

Love – Mother

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New Year’s Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.
Jan. 1 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

This is my first letter this year. Thought I would write your Mother & Dad, but yours first.

Mark is getting ready to go skating with David Diedam. I just stopped to help him pull on 3 pr. of woolen stockings, and see that he had his coat buttoned and cap down over his ears. We haven’t had so much sub zero weather but it has stayed cold enough to keep the pond frozen.

John was listening to the Opera but got a headache and turned it off. We ate dinner

[page 2] with Mrs. Zell & Virginia (Mr. & two younger girls having gone to Grandpa Zell’s for New Year’s day). I didn’t want to take David over to Zells because the Dr. said it is important that she doesn’t get a cold and David still has some. I stayed here with D. while J. & M. went over to eat, then John came home to listen to the opera while I went over. Mark stayed a while then he came home. I stayed to help with dishes, then John came over and said he had a headache, so I gave him one of Zell’s aspirins. I came home so Mark could go skating and John stayed to play checkers with Virginia. Buddy Krull just stopped to see Mark and I told him Mark is at the Pond. He took his sled and went over. Buddy hasn’t learned to ride his bike and when he is here

[page 3] and Mark has to go to town, Mark rides and Buddy trots along beside him. I told Buddy he should learn to ride so they could ride together. Buddy got a chemistry set for Christmas and now Mark says he wants one for his birthday, John said “No, we don’t want the house blown up.” Mark decided the best birthday present he could have would be for his Daddy to come home. John said it would be better if you came home before Mark’s birthday. I agree. I can’t think of anything better. – – David is loose and it keeps me busy jumping up and getting him out of things, so I decided to put him in his bed until I finish this. He started to climb the stairs yesterday. We watched him and he went right up like an old hand at the business. That is the first time he had tried. I think one reason he hasn’t been attracted to the stairway is

[page 4] he likes to watch himself in the mirror door and play with the mail box. Now I suppose I will have to get one of those folding gates to put across the bottom to keep him from climbing up any time. He has always had a tendency to play in the front hall when I have to be busy elsewhere.

Alma Walker’s brother who has been in the Navy, has a medical discharge and is home. His wife has a baby and there has been trouble there – You remember them – you drew the blood for their marriage. Seems she wanted to run around after she got over having the baby and kept the family on needles & pins. Dale has the same trouble Mabel has and when that was found out he was honorably discharged. The young wife hasn’t taken very good care of the baby and Alma says he was broken out from lack of care and formula that didn’t agree with him. Now that Dale is home maybe he can keep her in line.

David is raising a fuss so I think I had better get him his orange juice & cod liver oil.

Another Happy New Year & Love – Mother

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Finances 1943 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Here is that long promised statement – I was just wondering where I could have spent $330.00 – the amt. I didn’t dep. (over 12 mo.) every month when the cks. come – but you know how little amounts count up. A lot of that went into gas & oil. There is an item under checks for car expenses but that included license, Federal sticker, etc. I know I spent a lot going back & forth to Laf. besides the few other trip we took to Clay City & Wilmington. I dep. the $170.00 & cash the $30.00 – by the end of the month the $30.00 is gone, for music lessons, gas, oil, papers, etc. – Doesn’t seem possible, but somehow every month something comes up to require something extra. However I think our statement shows enough gain, in loans pd. off, bonds & piano bought. You will notice I got the Ins. & groc. Items reversed. That bal. I carried over from last year included the $250.00 you sent me while I was in the hospital when D. was born and the $100.00 for Christmas. I didn’t have an adding machine so some of my figures may be off slightly but not much, and since I don’t keep books by ledger or budget I didn’t balance things to the penny. The money banked is according to the banks figures, and most of the ck. figures are to the penny but in some instances to make adding easier I used round numbers.

[page 2] David’s temp is normal again. I think he has a tooth causing some of his trouble. We kept him on the studio couch most of the day, but he got to feeling so good I finally put his shoes on him and turned him loose. He was very happy to have his freedom. I am enclosing some pictures taken just before Christmas. The one of the 3 boys isn’t very good but you can still see some resemblance. David was being particularly difficult that day about posing with J. & M. He did very well by himself as you can see. We have been trying to train him in his toidey habits – every time I take him to the bathroom I say, David is going toidey – Today he was walking around and I asked him if he wanted to toidy – and he went right to the stool – maybe he will soon tell me some way when he wants to go. Christmas & the day after at Ruth’s I could watch him closely and had only 3 pants for the 2 days.

I told you in a v-mail that Arleen & Bill have a girl named Joy – 8 lbs. Alma W. was in Laf. today – went to see Arlene and said she was fine. The visiting hours have been shortened to 1 hr. in the afternoon & 1 hr. in evening – Sometimes that is too long.

Love Mother

[Click on the image of page 3-4 of the letter to view Gladys’ accounting for 1943]

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Lafayette and Back (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Dec. 10 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Just back from Laf. Took Lucile down to shop and purchased a few things too. John wanted records for Christmas so got him “The Nutcracker Suite.” In case you don’t know what it is, it’s from an operetta. I was going to take David and Lucile was to take Jimmy and we would leave both babies with her sister, but David still had some cold and I didn’t want to have him around Jimmy – so I got Clara to come stay with D. and also she got all the venetian blinds washed and windows while here, so I got some housework down even tho I wasn’t here. I didn’t want to take David away from home while he has any cold. He slept last night without coughing and didn’t run any temp. today but coughed quite a bit all day. He is asleep now and

[page 2] seems to be resting very good. I called Dr. M. wed. about giving him sulfadiazine and he said give him ¼ tablet every 4 hrs. I did that 36 hours then stopped. After I got back from Laf. this evening I went down and talked to him about d. He said if he continues to cough to give him sulfa again in two days. This cough seems to get so many people. I don’t know how contagious it is but know of no one being close to D. that had a cough. Ed Johnson has had it for several weeks but he hasn’t been close to David only out of doors – last Sun. he took some pictures but it was in the yard, I didn’t take D. into their house. At any rate it hasn’t made him feel bad and so far he isn’t running any temp. He is not as bad as he was yesterday, so I suppose I will just have to keep him in and keep him warm. When I came home this evening he was walking around the house having a grand time. I fed him and put him to bed, then I went

[page 3] to see the Dr. Mark said he would go along. After seeing the Dr. decided to get my supper downtown – I was hungry and didn’t like the idea of coming home and frying eggs – (meat frozen isn’t easy to work with) so Mark & I ate at Krulls – the first time I have eaten out for weeks – but eating in Laf. is quite out of the questions with us – We try to eat before we go or after we come back. Sometimes we have stopped at the Triple X on the hill and get a sandwich and drink. The Krull children were going to the ball game at Remington and asked J. & M. to go along. I come home as soon as I finished eating so John could go. I am here with David now, trying to catch up with my correspondence while it’s nice and quiet (except for the stoker).

I saw Phyllis M. downtown and Art is soon to be traveling. He is to go to some eastern port for 8 weeks, then, who knows where. The Emmet Millers have a baby boy. Born just shortly after Emmet was sent out.

[page 4]  They were somewhere in the South – he was sent to N.Y. and she came home one day and had her baby the next. She made the trip part way by plane, so you can understand why. James William came 3 wks. early. She was in the hospital in Laf. but I didn’t try to see her today – I figured she would be home by now.

Mr. Z. had been in Laf. attending something at Purdue since Tues. Mrs. Z. was going down today to get him, but Virginia took a cold and Mrs. couldn’t go, so Lucile and I brought him back with us. I was going to take Alma today but she had another one of those terrible attacks last night and wasn’t able to go. She has been doctoring with Rumkorf since you are away. Jack told her to either go see him today or have him over but I haven’t talked to her this evening so don’t know whether she did either.

Yours of Dec. 3 came today – not bad, eh. Just hope you get mine as fast as you have been. If 18 months mean anything – oh well, you know the answer. Thanks again for the check. As I said before it will help a lot, as we are a little low.

Had a letter from Juanita and Ralph was going to be drafted so he joined the Navy, so you see the pre-Pearl Harbor fathers are being taken –

Love Mother

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Shopping After Thanksgiving (Gladys)

1943-11-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just home from Laf. again. Had to get my new lenses. Also took Mark to Dr. Cole. He has a slight head cold which doesn’t seem to improve with nose drops. Dr. gave me 2 prescriptions. Dr. Cole is so buy with so many baby cases his office is crowded from the time he goes there until he leaves. He is doing his share in the war effort taking care of so many cases, more than he would ordinarily. I think there is only one other baby Dr. in Laf. besides Cole. Alma W. went with us. She saw Van Buskirk for her sinus and is to go back next week again. My throat & sinus have cleared up since I got heat in our room again. Mrs. Z. kept David this afternoon – It was her idea. I was going to take him along & leave him in the car with J. & M. I went over and got him and John took him up to bed. I hear him now making a sleepy noise. John wanted a monopoly game for Christmas so I gave him the money and he bought it today – He and Mark are having a game now. I told him he couldn’t play with it until Christmas but he & Mark wouldn’t listen to such an idea. I got Mark a few things today & David too. Was going to get records for John but couldn’t get what he wanted. I really did better on my Christmas shopping today than I thought I would – in spite of crowds & scarce goods. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Love Mother

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Eye Exam (Gladys)

1943-11-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Have been to Laf. today to see Dr. Ade. Had my eyes examined and he treated my nose & throat – I am still spitting. My sinus seems to be a vulnerable spot and the drainage keeps my throat irritated. My tonsils are not so good either. I am to go back Fri. for another treatment & have my eyes checked. My eyes are still blurred from the exam today. I should have written this before I went to Dr. A. It was very cold in Laf. today. My suit & top coat felt very warm & comfortable. I tried to keep out of the cold after my treatment. Alma went with me. Arlene had talked about going but then didn’t – It’s a good thing she didn’t go to see Dr. Cole – he is away at present. I think he has gone to see Don. I had intended to go see him – I had never talked to him since Mother died and wanted to get the autopsy report, but learned downtown that he was away so didn’t make the trip out to his office. Mrs. Zell stayed here with David while I went to Laf. this afternoon. The Zell girls are going to stay here tomorrow night while Zells are gone. I must quit writing – It’s too hard on my eyes.

Love Mother

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Knitting Squares (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 4 came today – Just hope they keep coming. It has been a chilly winty day with some sunshine. I hung a washing out and got everything dry. Also got the ironing done too. Don’t feel tired so guess I didn’t do too much. I told Mrs. Zell I would keep their girls next week two days while they go to Indpls. And want to get my work out of the way. They have (are) been such good neighbors. I like to be able to return favors. Last winter when I had so much throat & sinus trouble they were both very helpful.

In glancing over the local paper I see Mrs. F. Ferris died. They were living in Goodland – Alma told me some time ago that Hazel & her mother had disagreed

[page 2] and Hazel had gone to Ky. but left the children here.

Mark is out helping the Zell girls rake leaves in their back yard they didn’t get last week. John is taking care of David. I have a little sore throat & don’t want to be too close to him. He gets a little dissatisfied along this time in the evening. He gets tired & hungry & doesn’t know what he wants. We feed him at 6 & put him to bed. Here he comes toward me now, carrying his panda. His walking is still pretty unsteady.

I just glanced thru the paper to see if I could jot down some local happenings. I see that Annabell White has been in St. E. recovering from a serious operation. Wonder what for this time. Also see that the Remsbergs

[page 3] have another addition to their family. They had been living in Fowler and the news of a baby there was quite a surprise. We can’t be surprised at any new arrivals in this era because it seems they come from the most unexpected places (families).

Mark’s room is making squares for cap robes to send to the hospitals. Mark said I could teach them how to knit so I have a job next week teaching the 5th graders how to knit. I have been helping Virginia. She is on her second square now. I tried to teach John how last year – his class made an afghan and they were all so interested in knitting but you know how awkward he is with anything like that – result he didn’t learn much about knitting.

David is raising a howl and it’s getting near his

[page 4] super time so will get this finished so I can get him ready for bed.

The sky is cloudy – looks like the clouds are full of snow. Mark hopes so but John isn’t so enthused. I would just as soon have not so cold weather for a while.

Love Mother

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Mother Just Passed Away (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Fri – 11:45

I didn’t get this letter mailed last night. Mother just passed away. I am still at the hospital but getting ready to leave. Your Mother just came in on the bus. Alma met her at the bus. Alma has been “old faithful.”

I am having autopsy done – after I get the report will let you know.

I have to go to the telegraph office and dispatch some messages.
Love Mother

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

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