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What’s the Matter with Irene? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Sun. evening – listening to the radio and sitting by the fire. John and Mark are out in the kitchen eating cake. They went to youth fellowship and didn’t have time to eat before going. I have the radio tuned in on the Henry Ford Sunday evening church service – it’s held in the early American village Ford had rebuilt. John wants to listen to Charlie MC so he has the kitchen radio tuned in on that. David is in bed and I hope asleep. He does something new almost every day. Yesterday, Betty Zell showed him how to talk over his telephone. Now he acts like he is talking over the phone. I took him to church this a.m. He didn’t do

[page 2] as good as the last time, but J. & M. sat with us and I think he is better when they aren’t with him.

Zells asked us to go out to see Portteuses this afternoon. When we got near their place discovered they had company. Five or six cars were parked so we drove on past. We drove down past the new Kirkpatrick house. The old one burned to the ground and they have a very modern looking new shingle house. Mary P. said some time ago that it is a well planned house. They could only get a certain amount of material but must have made good use of what they could get.

I saw Irene and Link get into their car this morning with a traveling bag. I suppose

[page 3] Irene is back in the hospital in Chicago. She certainly looks the picture of health. She also looked like the latest word from Vogue. You might think I am being a little catty, but I think if her mother would quite over there and leave her with the responsibility of Jimmy and everything else she wouldn’t have so much time to think of herself. So many people say, “What’s the matter with Irene? She doesn’t look sick.” If ever I have seen a case of imaginary illness, she has it, but I believe her makeup is such that she craves attention and she goes thru different phases to get it and I think this is a phase. I wonder what she would do if Link had to leave and go into the Army – Maybe if she had to buckle down she would. I think I have philosiphised enough for the present.

Mark has a scare since the rabies in Krull’s dog. He is afraid

[page 4] to go out. I allowed him to remain home from school Fri. because he was so upset. He was talking a little while ago about being afraid to go to school tomorrow. I told him he has a bike and most of the children don’t have. I think he will get over this as time goes on. I just hope this will help get rid of stray dogs but that is a lot to hope for. The people who own dogs are ordered to keep them in but the stray dogs are still at large. The Town Board should take care of the strays but they won’t do that – you know what I mean, Bang, bang, dead dog.

The pin in the stoker broke today. Had to rebuild the fire and told John to watch it while I was gone but he didn’t so had to take the coal out and start the fire again. I have a bucket of coal & clinkers mixed. I will have to feed in by the door. I think there is a little Ind. coal mixed in that was on the floor when the better coal was put in. That Ind. coal is hard on pins.

Love – Mother

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Groundhog Day (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters today, but had yours of Jan. 21 yesterday. This being ground hog day we were anxious to see what the weather would be. Not a trace of sun all day. In fact we had quite a little rain. We planned to go to Laf. to shop. Lucile called and said she had such a cold she didn’t feel like going, so Mrs. Z., Martha and I went. Alma W. kept D. for me. Lucile was going to take Jimmy Ed and David to her sisters, but since she couldn’t go, I called Alma and asked her to go along but she was working at Mrs. Stevens during the noon hour and said she would rather keep D. at home so after she got

[page 2] thru at the Restaurant took him to her house. She brought him home about 5 – He took a nice long nap for her and when he woke up she said he acted very “cute.” When I came home he acted very “smart” just like J. & M. used to do after being away from home for an afternoon or evening.

I don’t remember whether I mentioned it or not, but David can climb upon the studio cough on his own power. I went to see about him and there he said, looking as pleased with himself as he could.

I got a new red dress this P.M. Mrs. Z. got a new hat and few other things. I tried to shop for David but didn’t find anything I wanted. I bought a gift for Louise Glen’s baby girl. I never saw prices so high on children’s things as they are now. I know if we had girls I would make

[page 3] their clothes. Mrs. Z. and I looked at little girl things with Joy Funk in mind and came home without anything. I am knitting her a little jacket, but ran out of yard, so thought I would get something else, but found some yarn I might use to finish the jacket I am working on.

I saw the Funks in Laf. today. I knew they were going. I think they took Joy back for her first visit to the Dr. Also I suppose Louise went to the Dr. She is expecting her baby in the spring. She is still staying with Funks. However I don’t believe she doesn’t the work she used to do. Theresa Ann Lubberty helps after school. You remember her, but you wouldn’t know her now. You couldn’t believe how she has grown-out – must weigh 175.

[page 4] Mr. Zell passed his physical but I don’t know whether he will have to go. Purdue says the county agents are to stay put. Merle Ford passed his physical, along with Jr. Morton and several others in this community. I understand Jr. is in the Navy, but don’t know about Ford.

Mrs. Roberts called me yesterday – just to talk a few minutes and find out any news I might have. I told her I wasn’t too sure about the 18 mo. business and she said Joe had written the same. I told her we would just have to wait and see.

I just worked on the check book and our balance at present is $123.40, but I have to pay groc. bills out of that, and buy a bond for D. The bal. will be below $100 – before I get thru. Also Portteus is going to let us have half a beef and I may have to pay that yet this month, but there isn’t anything else I know of now. Ins. paid up at present.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/11/12/groundhog-day-gladys/

Brooder House (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Nov. 17 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters for a few days – the last being of Nov. 4. It is windy and cold today. The sun is shining but I haven’t been out. After the throat & sinus treatment of yesterday thought I had better stay out of the wind. My eyes are normal again after the refraction yesterday. I am to go Fri. (19th) for recheck and another nose & throat treatment.

The Zells went to Indpls. today. Clara M. is there today working and got lunch for the girls, but they are coming here to spend the night. C. Shirk is going to take care of the brooder house stove this eve.

[page 2] It won’t be long until they will have frys to sell. They want to have them all sold by Christmas so they can go home for the holidays. The brooder house is situated so I can see the chickens from the dining room windows – John says he doesn’t care so much for them because he can taste the cod liver oil. The mash they eat is highly treated with cod liver oil. However I notice he usually eats his share when we have “hot house” chicken. There was an announcement over the radio this a.m. that farmers can butcher and sell pork without a permit to get the present supply taken care of. There is at present more than the markets can handle so I am going to try & get a hog or half to put in the locker – Portteus promised me half of one they

[page 3] were to butcher but they haven’t mentioned it recently so may have disposed of it. As yet the locker that was to be built here hasn’t gotten thru Washington yet. I owe Brand’s our present rent but didn’t want to pay a whole year if Kent’s locker will be ready soon – but it won’t be soon if the plans have to wait in Washington for approval.

I am to go to Mark’s room tomorrow to help teach the children to knit. Mark wanted me to start him last night but my vision on close work was still too blurred. Buddy had a birthday yesterday & I forgot to get him a gift so must get a “doghouse” card and a gift for Mark to take to him this evening. Buddy asked Mark to dinner tonight. He wanted to have him last night but

[page 4] they were busy in the restaurant and didn’t get around to it. They are closed from 11 to 3 p.m. & then they are usually swamped. I suppose the people who used to eat lunch at noon just wait till evening and eat an early dinner.

The wind today is blowing any loose leaves around. They cling to places like our terrace in the back. I left leaves around the shrubbery and they seem to be staying put. David is in the nursery in the play pen. He jabbers so much and manages a few words. He can say kitty, wave & say bye-bye. Has said Dada & mom mom for a long time. Has another tooth almost thru. When left alone can be good for quite a while but if he sees me wants attention.

J. & M. both fine too.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/06/17/brooder-house-gladys/